Are you also feeling that intense foreboding, gang? I absolutely can’t shake it this morning. Even though we are getting comms that the White Hats are winning. Big Time.

From SGAnon on Truth Social:

“US Commander in Chief reminding digital soldiers and patriots today that this operation is bigger than we can imagine, and it is nearly complete in background_setup_stages.
What has <45> been doing the last 72hrs?”


And Dan Scavino posted the very best Ultra MAGA surfing/wipeout meme on Instagram. However, I can’t copy it to the blog. one frame of it is here, but it doesn’t compare to the whole thing. It really was just incredible:

“IT’S COMING!!!🥳🥳🥳”

Meanwhile, Scavino posted this on Truth Social early this morning. I’m having another really rough morning here today, so this helped me alot:


Phil posted this yesterday, which is something I thought was indeed occurring:

“Comms are shared across many truthers TG accounts.

The comms may be in the form of individual words, specific content, mis-spellings, capitalizations, or even simple type comms like rhyming.

It would be nearly impossible to contact each other without the risk of someone overhearing the conversation, recording the phone call, or disrupting the “plan” in some way, shape, or form.

For those of you that seem to be drawing connections between multple accounts across multiple platforms, you are not very far off.

EDIT: Oh, and let’s not forget Gematira.”


And this just in from SGAnon — so, yes, Kanye is a White Hat:

“Elon buys Twitter.
Kanye buys Parker.
Trump creates TS, may later own parts of MSM as well through defamation rulings.
Coordinated, MultiDimensional Alliance.
The Plan to Save the World.”


From “Nancy Drew” (& Phil) yesterday:

“Hmmm….this makes me question the World Bank Meeting, we saw Friday. They sure did have many city blocks, closed off for that meeting, and an enormous police presence. Why would there be a need to do that, for just a yearly meeting for every day bankers?🤔 Interesting.”


And that’s it, gang.

Things are just getting really, really intense — and yet we still seem to be on track for this being “over” by the end of this month. (And by “over” I mean things here in the USA could be out in the open for the sleepers, and we will be on to the next phase. Military & White Hats are in control.)

Stay safe, stay alert, have faith. Full armor of God and boots to the ground today!!

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!

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