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“Traitor! Jackal! Judas!” Liquidation Sale! Going Fast!

Wow, gang.  Talk about news.

Sorry I’m getting here late this morning, but I was awake from 1am – 3am, catching up on   w  e  t  h  e  m  e  d  i  a posts on t  e  l  e  g  r  a  m, and then went back to sleep for two more hours, then caught up on podcasts during breakfast, and so now I am here.

Right before I went back to sleep, around 3, I began to feel in my bones that indeed, some of the t r  a  i  t  o  r  s  [ or: d  s  ] have already been arr * sted and some have been l  i  q  u  i  d a  t  e  d by m*l * tary tr i b u na l s. Here and in the  e  u  .

This is just my gut feeling, gang. Nothing I can prove. But s u i c i d e Saturday was intense yesterday.  And I use the word “s u  i ci d e” to mean a number of things: heart attacks, leaps from rooftops, the ever-popular sudden “C* VID” death, “self-inflicted” gun shot wounds in those hard-to-reach bodily places least of all when you’re trying to aim a loaded gun…

And also all the unusual  federal arrests and/or convictions over the past couple of days — a surprising number of them for p * d  *  p h * l ia.

And a side-street to that: the L  *  n c  *  l n P r o  j e  c t  co-founder admitted (in a resignation letter?) that he was indeed gay and that he had s  e x  t ed  those young men, gr  oo m ing them for s * x.

Two federal  docs also became readily available during the night so I also wanted to peruse those before posting here:  the S * n * te committee findings that O b * m  * admin pushed through approval of funds to a sanct* on ed m  i  d  e  a  s  t organization that funded t e r  r  o r * st  a  l  q  * e  d  a with U  S  tax  p a y  er  $$. And the S * n * te  f  i  n  a  n  c  e  re p *rt re: B  * den family and u  k  r  a  i  n  e  c* rrup tion. (84 pages — that one will take awhile, but I was able to get the gist of it.)

The saddest thing I read last night was about  l  i  l i l  u  o  in h  * n g k * ng who “leapt to her death” while clutching her infant daughter. She was naked when she ” jumped”. Both died. l  i  l  i  had a previous connection to our beloved h  i  l  l  a  r  y .

There are at least 4 very high-profile folks who died suddenly in the past 2 days,  A combo of alleged ” s  u  i  c  i  d  e  s” and medical causes. And these four people are in various countries, not just here. And they have no obvious connections. Not to the naked eye, anyway.

The other very strange thing that came to light: In the space of one week  9 bishops have died from C* VID.  Strange that they were all bishops, who are much more powerful than just the average priest. (C* VID’s handiness just keeps getting better and better.  In fact, para tro ** p ers jumped from a US military transport yesterday in  i t  a l  y. It had something to do with C * VID — and nothing whatsoever to do with i  t  a  l  y ‘s g o v  having a hand in our r  i g g  e d e l * c t * ons.)

C * VID also claimed the lives of many nuns in Dem states. In N  Y,  9 nuns died in a single convent.

In M I, 13 nuns have died, but that seems to be a collective total, and not in one week.

Also, 5 more nuns died in a single convent in s a f r i c *.

As we have since learned, it is not that easy to die simply from C * VID. Most healthy people have an extremely high survival rate — 99.99+ %. It is either the co- morbidities that get them OR the falsified death certificates…

For instance, people with lethal gun shot wounds have a very high chance of dying from C * VID.

On another topic — other r* ports are  stating that Fancy-Nan was ind eed ar  r e s t e d  over last weekend but is not in custody any more, merely being accompanied by something like 5 female guards now wherever she goes.  Passing them off as ” s  e  c  r  e  t  s  e  r  v  i  c  e “. It seems we may have removed our party hats prematurely.

Also, I’m not sure if J S actually was released from ja il.  No follow up seen yet. But he was def  involved in the r * ot WITH c  n  n  “jou r n a l ist”.  His video proves it.

LOTS and I mean LOTS of  U  S  military action going on, here and overseas — e  u and s o  c  h  *  n a seas.

Allegedly, d  e  l  t  a  f  o  r  c  e r ai d ed the B* den com  pound in u  k  r  a  i  ne  and seized  l*p tops, 300 m  i  l l i on $$$  gold bu l  l  i  on, 5 duff l e bags of bl a ck tar    h e r  o  in, thousands of rounds of a  m m u n i t ion, crates of c  h  *  n *  s  * a ssault r  i  f  l e s, and miles and miles of underground tunnels with ankle and wrist sh a c k l e s bolted to walls some with flecks of dead human flesh attached. (I have so far only seen this reported once in the last hour.)

There was quite an awesome ex plo sion in  sterling V A last night.  Watch for more and more and more ex pl o s ions  & burning c a  r s to catch people’s attention now that C * VID panic mode no longer works as a distraction.

Disturbing Hollywood connections coming out now, too. Involving rings worn by extremely high-profile famous people. If it is all true, it is sickening.

And yet what I also could not help but notice — on that now legendary date,  Jan 6 th , the current issue of the h ol l y w o o d r * p o rter arrived in my mail and the hatchet job they did on j o h n n y d * p p was unbelievable. Just off-the-charts.

Talk about dead man walking. Talk about target on your back…

Considering D  * s ^n e * y’s connection to the C * P, and how D * s ^n e * y is doing all it can to not only kill that guy’s career but douse it in gasoline and torch it beyond recognition, and also the r * m * r s that J  D  might be a con ser v a t ive — hmmm. All I know is that he’s not wearing one of those rings.

And here is something else I was thinking about last night, in regards to how the U  S  c a  p  i t  o l bldg is clearly being turned into some sort a high s e c u r i t y prison. Everything about it looks like it is being fortressed to keep people IN and not OUT.  What fear of r * ots??? Right?  All we have there is an endless, endless, ENDLESS arrival of s o l d * ers.

[Gang, I am guessing that once you set foot in that place now, you will not be able to get out; I mean, just fucking look at it now, and upwards of 30,000 armed tr ** ps are now there, with checkpoints everywhere  to stop people from easily leaving  D  C  now, too.]

Anyway.  I was reminded of the s  a  u  d  i  p  r  i  n  c  e  who had all t hose other wealthy pr * n c es and business men arr * sted in the middle of the night for high  t r e a s o n and corruption and an at temp t ed c o u p, but kept them  confined in a conference room in  the Ritz Carlton hotel.  An extremely luxurious hotel. The irony of that never ceases to fuck with my head.   [ They were hung by their feet  daily and h * m il i a ted and  t * r t * red, allegedly by the U  S  m e r c en ar y company owned by the brother of our beloved head of the  U  S  Dept of  Edu ca tion, V o s. She has since resigned, btw. Just this past Friday, I think. ]

(Now we can finally kiss that M * r x * st c o m m o n c or e goodbye and get children in the U S public school system an actual education. Imagine what it will be like when a whole nation of people are no longer indescribably undereducated… Feels almost like a D  *  s n ^ ey movie…)

And last but not least…. BIG HAPPY NEWS!! k  *  m  *  l  * at long last intends to re s i gn from her s * n  a t  e seat  on Monday — a national holiday, oddly enough. I’m guessing she will dedicate her decision to  m  l  k… Rumor has it that s h e expects B * d e  n to be either ar r* st * d OR exe c u t ed immediately after his f * ke  in a  u g   u  r a  tion, and so plans to be sworn in as our new  f * k e p  r  e s  i  de   n  t in  W I or M N, and so she will not be setting a delicate foot in the c  a  p  i t  ol high security prison compound on Jan  20  th… (Just a rumor, folks. Not actual news.)

All righty! I hope you are having an amazing Sunday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang.  I leave you with Nick Cave,  Idiot Prayer: Alone at Alexandra Palace ( 2020).I love you guys.  Stay safe. See ya!

Below: R * d P* l l 7  8 from last night. This was absolutely jaw-dropping, gang.  If you are pressed for time, you must listen to at least the first hour, before the  Q &A. ( 2 hrs.)  Also, please download t he f o x ho  l e d ot app today.

Below: K O (short) pt. 2:

Below: K O (short) D  C   l* ck d * wn goes to next level: