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What Mondays Look Like in My Refrigerator!

Yes!! It’s Monday!!

Me and Henry, my AI sexbot (pictured above in the driver’s seat!!), will be heading out to do our weekly marketing in the next county over within the hour  — the county that is no longer in Code Red! Yay! The county where we hope people are still wearing their fucking masks so that it doesn’t go back into Code Red again anytime soon!!

The summer is basically over, after all! School starts this week! No need to frolic around joyfully without our masks on, right?? We’re sad now. School is starting. Let’s wear our masks…

Okay! Re: the title of this post — here is what my fridge looks like on Monday mornings:

The taste-tempting options on Monday morning!!

It’s really ridiculous how things look first thing in the morning on Mondays, compared to how it looks a few hours later when I come back home from the store.

(And those packaged broccoli crowns are a week old, so I’m not really sure they’re even any good.)

So, Mondays are always exciting around here, if only that it means we get more food!!

Okay!! Two winners were selected for the Bad Seed TeeVee fan music video contest. (Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds.) I didn’t see either of the videos!! I wish I had, but there were just tons on there. (And wonderful, wonderful stuff, gang. I hope you got to see some of them.)

Anyway. The winners were: “Waiting for You” performed by Juldiz. And “Spinning Song” performed by Ilya Gruzdev. (Both songs are off of Ghosteen.)

I still just marvel at what people can achieve so economically these days when it comes to music and music videos and/or visual images set to music on a video.

I feel pretty grateful that I even know how to take a 5-second video with my phone.  Even though I have plenty of apps to help me make videos and also to make music, and even though I know how to read and the apps I have are in English, I still can’t figure this stuff out.

And I mentioned this last summer, too — how amazing it is that a lot of people learn how to play (often electronic) instruments on their phones.  For instance, a woman I know bought an inexpensive drum machine recently and learned how to play it through an app on her phone.

In my totally outdated opinion, those aren’t real drums, and to be a drummer, you need to know how to actually play drums. But that is no longer the case. She’s considered somebody who now knows how to play drums. Plain & simple. And every single bit of it is electronic and app-driven.

Well, I think it’s just incredibly cool. I’m on this tangent only because I think it’s amazing how quickly these Nick Cave fans put together such incredible videos. If I had wanted to submit something, I’d still be sitting here, trying to figure out how to work the app. And I’m a classically trained musician, with years and years of experience in audio engineering and multi-media production.

So, the Universe is sort of becoming this place wherein the less you know, the better equipped you actually are.

If you want to read what Nick Cave himself had to say about all the entries as well as the winners, his Red Hand File from today is here.

And on a related note — Cave Things Instagram feed announced today that it is adding more “coming soon” stuff so check that stuff  out here.

Okay, gang. So this is what I’ve decided to do.

Loyal readers of this lofty blog no doubt recall that I have decided to start self-publishing all my books from now on, and in anticipation of that decision, I will soon have a separate web site for Marilyn’s Room Books.

The books coming either soon or in the very near future are:

  • The Guitar Hero Goes Home
  • The Muse Revisited Vol. 4: Selected Erotic Fiction 1994-2012 (POD)
  • Twilight of the Immortal (POD edition)

And then, coming in a slightly more distant future:

  • Girl in the Night: Erotic Love Letters to the Muse
  • Thug Luckless: Welcome to P-Town
  • In the Shadow of Narcissa: An Intimate Memoir of Childhood

These books will be listed on the new web site but actual orders will be fulfilled by Amazon.

However, I have also decided to start selling new erotic short stories through that Marilyn’s Room Books site, as well. These are stories that I will post for sale as I write them, and they will sell electronically for extremely cheap (and I mean cheap) and the sale will be processed through Lulu.com (Paypal or CC), so I will not have access to any of your private info, gang. And once I accumulate enough new stories, they will be gathered into a new POD collection and the individual electronic stories will be  removed from the site.

I really, really love writing erotic stories, gang. I really do. But the economics of doing that for a living became just crazy once the publishing industry imploded back in like 2010 or whenever that was. At the height of my career, I was paid between $300 -$1200 per story, and each story would be 1000- 3000 words; I could turn those things around in a couple of days. And then I earned ten times that (and upwards) to edit anthologies of stories by other erotica writers. (And this was strictly through the small presses; a fraction of what the large presses paid.)

And this was not erotic romance, either. This was hardcore literary erotica by writers that would really just amaze you.

That market simply does not exist anymore. Not even close. Now, an original erotica story will pay between $5-$30.  And usually they do not come out as an actual print book that you can buy in the bookstore , they’re all eBooks or audio. Which is great, but still, you can readily see why writing stand alone erotic stories got pushed way to my back burner.

Yet, I feel bad that so many of you (those of you still willing to pay for them and not download them free through torrents from game boys in distant lands) keep buying that really old stuff, over and over. So we shall see how it goes: In between (erotic) novels, memoirs, screenplays and plays, there will be new erotic stories for you, and about 50¢ for me!!

I’m actually really excited because I do love writing that stuff, but I also do need to earn a living around here.

I will of course announce any new stories here on the blog, but if you want to be updated about new content, there will be an email sign-up on the other site.

Well, all righty. The grocery store is beckoning me!! So I will get going.  I hope you have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world today!! I leave you with my listening music from last night: Yo Yo Ma playing “Cantata BWV 147, Jesus bleibet meine Freude”. I had it on “repeat” for about an hour. Listen and rejoice!! Okay. I love you guys. See ya!

Oh golly, another one!

Man, life has been hard lately.  Everything has gotten so intense. In the main areas of my life that matter most to me: Love, Writing, Money.

In that order. Those are the Big 3 for me, and everything else in my life is a sub-genre.

Intense is not necessarily a bad thing. Intense is simply that: Intense.

I can’t go into the details of any of this right now. It is sufficient to say that my life astounds me and that I am so blessed, but all these many blessings bring unique challenges along with them that immediately give me a headache.

And along with the headache — I just wanna sleep. But how will any of the writing get written if I sleep? And if I’m always sleeping, how will I do yoga, which is pretty much the only thing that calms me down ?

I try hard to choose other routes besides the insanity route but most times I am not very successful. Or, to put a positive spin on it: I’m exceedingly successful at finding the insanity route in almost any intense circumstance that comes my way.

Yesterday was  a small day from hell for me. But it is over now. So on we go.  I am trying to ignore the headache that is merely the fallout from yesterday’s day from hell.  (And the day from hell was my fault, because there was the option to just ignore something, or to go down the insanity route. Guess which one I chose, for about 26 straight hours?)


The title of this post refers to yet another really cool song I found out about today on the Australian guy’s blog (AThousandMistakes). Several weeks ago, he turned me onto a Mark Kozelek song –an acoustic version of I Love Portugal — that I immediately fell in love with, had to purchase the entire album, and then had to listen to over & over.

Today, it was another song I’d never heard before which blew me away, Needles Disney. It is from a collaboration album of British band Jesu and American band Sun Kil Moon (Mark Kozelek), called 30 Seconds to the Decline of Planet Earth from 2017.

It’s beautiful. I love it.  I share it with you now!

Have a splendid Saturday, wherever you are in the world, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you! See ya!

I was in Seattle and you were there
Said you were in a methadone clinic
You came to my show and you talked the whole way through it
About how you couldn’t sleep and fuck
You kept me up, you asked me “please please Mark
Could you give me thirty bucks?”
So you could go out and score
And I gave it to you so I could get some sleep
And you ran off into the streets so fast like a little crack whore
Came back I told you I was playin’ in a couple of days in Orlando
You bounced up and down in the bed like a little yo-yo
“Please Mark, I’ve always wanted to go to Disney World”
I said sure, next morning we went to the airport
You saw me play my show down at the Sapphire
And we met a fan there who of all things played a Disney character
He was nice enough to arrange free passes and your smile was so bright
Some people we met at the venue took us

To Disney World
We went to Splash Mountain
I looked at the photo of us on the ride
We both looked so happy and carefree and oh
Later that day we were walkin’ and you dropped your purse
And you squatted down in your leopard-skin skirt
To pick up all your hypodermic needles, I helped you with it
Everyone looked at us like we were both pure evil
And on the way back we heard 10cc’s “I’m Not in Love”
And you got real close to me and at the same time we both said “I love this song”
And you fell asleep on my shoulder as we rode along in the backseat
Content and peaceful as a sleeping fawn
And the girl who was drivin’ was looking at me in the rearview
Like “What’s up, why the hell did you bring that crazy girl with you?”
I looked at her like “Mind your own goddamn business, fuck you, junkies are allowed to enjoy Disney World too”

Oh Disney World
A place for moms and dads and little boys and little girls
A place for everyone to have fun as far as I’m concerned
Some day I gotta go back to Orlando
And make some time for Disney World

Oh I never dreamed that you’d ever ever ever ever even turn thirty
You dated an illegal and you had his baby
He started robbin’ stores and he went to prison down in Mexico City
And all these years later you’re livin’ not far away
And I’m almost forty now and on the same day you’re gonna be forty too
You know something? I still have a lot of love for you
I still have a lot of love for you
I still have a lot of love for you
I still have a lot of love for you
I still have so much love for you
I still have a lot of love for you
I have so much love for you
I have so much love for you
I still have so much love for you

You still have a few drinks and you still smoke a little weed
But you’re off the junk and you work for an outreach program
Helping kids on the street
And though we only see each other maybe once or twice a year
When I see you your smile always manages to fill my heart with cheer
When I see you I never dare bring up that young girl
Who dropped her needles all over the pavement at Disney World

Oh Disney World [x12]

c- 2016 Jesu/Sun Kil Moon