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My love affair with trains is about to go up a notch!

We had the inspection for the new house this past Tuesday and it passed with flying colors. The house is 106 years old, and it needs only the most insignificant repairs.  It is so exciting! I am finally going to have a new home.

My new friend that I’ve been seeing out here in the Hinterlands came to see the house with me, and he mentioned that an old coal train goes by on the tracks near my new house and it makes a lot of noise. (Even though he was born & raised in, yes, CLEVELAND (!!??), he’s lived out here in the Hinterlands for about 30 years and seems to know every square inch of it.)

Loyal readers of this lofty blog will no doubt recall that I absolutely LOVE the sound of train whistles. Well…

During the home inspection, the train did indeed go by “near” the house and, YOWZA, was it loud! It sounded like it was in my living room.

ME (thinking with alarm): Whoa, so this is what he means by “noisy”!

It was too funny. No one seemed to notice it but me — the fact that the train sounded like it was heading straight at us. Everyone just kept right on talking.

I’ve taken one of the photos of the side of the house and blown it up a bit so that you can see the train tracks. They are literally half a block from my new house.

Railroad crossing is in the background on the left.

By the way, that porch is right off my kitchen door.  And the house has 22 windows!! My cats are going to be in heaven.

Anyway, lots to do here, with Christmas right around the corner, so I gotta scoot. Thanks for dropping by, gang!  I leave you with this! It’s been playing in the Honda Fit as I go hither and yon to far away counties, where my new happy home abides!

See ya!