It has arrived. An actual snow storm that accumulated quite a big bit!!

It was so lovely here last night and first thing this morning, before the sun was even up.

Here is a wistful comparison.

The hydrangeas at the height of summer, and how the bush looked this morning!

It’s sometimes hard to believe it’s the same plant. But it always comes back…

Okay, gang.

Yesterday was quite a big news day. Much of it kind of depressing, as more and more information comes to light.

More and more ironically-timed “leaks.” All of it is below.

One of the more promising things is that all those swing States that were unbelievably loaded with v* t*r fr* ud have now certified their fraudulent  b* ll ots and are now officially on record as being part of the c * up.

I wouldn’t want to be any one of them for anything in the world.

And Z * ck *r b*rg? What do you suppose the inside of his stomach looks like right now? $500 million and documents to prove he was influencing the el * ct* on in worse ways than initially surmised…

Funny how, now, all of the sudden, t w * tt *r is reversing their recent c*n c* r ship decisions… A little late. (I get the distinct impression that a heck of a lot of people are going to prison.)

And on Christmas Eve, no less. (upcoming E O)

Of course, I could be wrong about that. But everything is just getting crazier and crazier — Bill B* rr is not “resigning” but “stepping down” on Christmas Eve to spend Christmas with his family??  Being replaced by prosecutors with military experience and experience with the death penalty??

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like that, gang. WTF, right??!!

And speaking of Orwell’s 1984 (I wasn’t speaking of it just then, but in a sense, I am always speaking of it nowadays): how about that certain Lincoln High School in San Francisco, trying to get renamed because Abraham Lincoln didn’t do enough for the lives of black people…

Holy fucking McMoly.  (Hopefully, you already have a ring in your nose because it’s gonna be so  much easier for them to lead you around by it.)

Remember what the main guy in 1984 does for a living?? He constantly rewrites history so that no one ever knows what really happened in the past…

If you think it’s annoying that I keep telling you to either read or re-read 1984, this is why, gang. It is all happening right in front of our very eyes.

But we still have time to douse everyone in gasoline and set them on fire, burn baby burn!!oops! I meant to say: we still have time to change all this!

Why the Bronx burned


That’s what I did, indeed, mean to say.

All right. Well, so far it’s a peaceful morning here in the Hinterlands (where 99.9% of the people don’t wear m* sks, do carry guns and voted for Tr** p). Snow everywhere here. The laundry is almost done. And I’m getting ready to make another pot of soup!! Yay!! Perfect weather for that. And then I will do a little bit of writing. So it should be a nice day, all things considered.

Please, people. If you live in Airstrip One (NYC), do not give in. If you choose to take the vaccine, there is no way that it takes 8 or 9 months to be truly effective; and that you still have to wear a mask and/or stay at home.  Turn off the fucking mainstream news. Stop buying the NY Times. They truly are the pathway to Orwell’s Big Brother. They are purposely trying to break your spirit, and to bankrupt you, and to dis-inform you.

Hospitals across the US are nowhere near full capacity.  There are no infected dead bodies piling up in the streets. There is no p* nd* m*c. There are only m* sks to muzzle us and l* ckd* wns to keep us from freely comparing notes about all of it with our friends and families.

But remember this all-important fact:

    • New York’s indoor dining ban isn’t stopping Gov. Andr *w Cu* mo from filling a campaign war chest or celebrating his birthday in style. [article here]
    • Cuomo is celebrating his 63rd birthday after an order forcing New York City restaurants to close for in-person dining: High rollers who raise or donate $10,000 will get a code to join a half-hour pre-party Dec. 17, along with “flex tickets” that friends can use to join the main reception later on. [full article and video]

AND, of course, THIS:

Okay, folks. It’s all true. It’s all horrific. It all has to stop.

Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a good Thursday, if at all possible. I love you guys, see ya.

Guess who else is in bed with you-know-who??

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The leaks just keep on leaking, gang!

When it comes to Mitch McConnell, we should hope for the best — but be prepared for the worst | MinnPost

“Disneyland in Sh* ng h ai” + “Concentration Camps in Ch* n*” = a no-brainer great move for fun-loving America!! How do these fucking people sleep at night? Watch this one, gang. You will not believe it.

Awesome stuff happened yesterday, gang. A brief recap:

This will make you absolutely sick. But still watch it anyway:

Holy McMoly. It’s always worse than we expected:

Watch this again and ask yourselves: How are these people managing to not be in prison?? I mean, for real.

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