A Mixed-Bag Monday Here in the Hinterlands

Okay. Happy Monday, gang.

There are some reasons to rejoice and I will list them now.

Robert  Dav* d St**le announced yesterday that based on t el e g r am announcements from P * trick B * rn* and S*d n*y P * w ell, and intel from J   u  a  n  o  s   a  v  in, there is reason to believe that Tr ***p could be back in office by May 15th, and not wait until July 4th.

Obviously, the sooner he does this, the sooner we can stop the onslaught of awfulness the world over. I don’t believe they will risk bringing back his pr  e s  i d e nc y without the ca bal taken down worldwide.

The other good news is that the Q F S is awaiting the revaluing of the dinar in I r a q, and then it will be good to go.

For Americans, this means that once the Q F  S  is in place, especially if it happens before mid-June, that means we likely will not be paying income taxes. Ever again. So sit tight. Pay attention.  Thousands and thousands of people have already lost their lives over getting this Q F S to happen (the last time it was set to happen here in the US, oddly enough, was on September 11, 2001. Remember what happened instead?? Yes. We fondly refer to that as “9-11”.)

Thankfully, ex pres i d e nt, active n a z i  G Bush/Scherf was ex e c uted for high treason and crimes against humanity for his involvement in 9-11 (and other atrocities). Didn’t bring back those thousands who died, though. Or any of the others who have died since then trying to ensure that Q F S happens (see Rod Steel and Nich o las V en ia min chat below).

All right. So. Aside from c h * n a threatening to invade For mosa (and U S is in For mosa now to offset that threat), and aside from alleged submarines off the coast of F  L as a constant menace to ma r a l * go, the worst thing happening all over the world right now are those fucking fake vaxes.

I realize that some of you might live in places in Europe, Israel, and Canada where the threat of mandatory vaxing is very real, the one saving grace about all this garbage in the U S, though, is that having the vax labeled as “experimental” means it cannot be mandated here. Which yet again thwarts the efforts of the remaining d** p st * t e players to do us all in by 2030.

So not only did pushing the vax through 4 years ahead of schedule keep us from 5 years worth of planned l*ck d*wns and m*sks, it also saved us from a planned mandatory  poisonous vax.

(If you have been sleeping for a while, Agenda 21 has now become Agenda 30.) (When I see the fake f a u c i on TV now, in my opinion, he is clearly fake. Not the same man. I am hoping it is true that he was not only ar  r e sted already, but exe c uted. Hopefully hanged. We shall see.)

Sadly, sadly, sadly, though,  Prof Mike   y e a d on, an ex V P from P f * zer, who has been trying to warn us since last summer what P f * zer was creating with that fake vax, has recently released this:

urgent vax

This is so unbearably sad to me, gang. I, personally, am trying to remain hopeful that the med beds will miraculously arrive in time to save a whole lot of people. At the same time, however, I simply cry a lot about this. Why do people choose to ignore the research? Why don’t they turn off their TVs? Why do they choose to remain asleep?

I have tried to tell everyone I know about this killer fake vax — and have been trying for many months now. And still people I know, personally, are getting this damn vax.

Certain regions of Canada have indeed gone all-out N a z i on this. And the garbage about the volcano on St. Vincent’s — you can’t get off the island until you get vaxed? And no one is killing the people who are mandating that?

This astounds me. At what point will people literally take up arms against this and defend their lives? When it’s too late?

Of course, the m * li tary is working like crazy to keep the bloodbath of all of this from hitting the streets. So I guess I shouldn’t like, condone killing anyone, or anything. But in the famous words of the fake B * den: “Come on, man.”

Wake the fuck up. Not only will those vaxes kill you, they will make you catch everything imaginable beforehand. They turn your entire body into a nonspecific antibody machine, and it removes your “off” switch. Your body will no longer be able to stop fighting off everything.

“Excessive cor ona v irus cases again”, anyone??? Seeing that anywhere in the news?? Especially in places that have been heavily vaxed??

Look. Think. Process. Listen. Tell everyone what you know!!

Okay. Onward.

Today would have been my birth father’s 76th birthday.

It also would have been David Cassidy’s birthday today.

How fortuitous that two of the men I truly idolized when I was a little girl had the same birthday!! And then died…

Here’s my birth father at age 15, the year he not only dropped out of school, got arrested for stealing and went to jail for 6 months, but it was also that lofty year that I was born!!


Don 15

Okay. I’m gonna close with that. Only a couple videos this morning. Have a really good Monday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Nicholas Ven ia min and R *d S t eel discuss the current progress with the QFS (48 minds):

Below: W il P ar a normal. Royals biting the dust. (It kills me how many people offered online tributes to this evil guy.) (22 mins):

Below: Mi ch ael J * co vax horror updates (18 mins):

Below Mel K: trust your heart and common sense (1 hr):

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