Wow! Another Happy Saturday is Upon Us!

Another glorious morning here in Crazeysburg! Birds are singing like mad and the sun is shining, the windows are open. The cats are HAPPY!!

First of all, did you guys happen to see that insane sunset the other evening? The one where it was a bright red ball sinking in the sky?? What was that?? I’ve never seen the sun so totally and brilliantly round, huge, and red. Awesome.

And last evening, we had a quick sprinkle of rain and then the most magnificent rainbow I’ve ever seen. Just like out of a movie, or something. The perfect rainbow. Perfect arch, perfect colors. It was so cool.

Okay!! So!!

A huge, great big THANK YOU to everyone who bought my new taboo erotica over at Black Lotus Books this first quarter!! My first royalty check with them came yesterday and I was really thrilled.  I really, really appreciate it, gang.

So far, there has only been one review posted on their online bookstore — for 1954 Powder Blue Pickup. And so I was feeling like no one was buying the new stuff at all. But I was — happily — completely wrong.

Very soon, 1954 Powder Blue Pickup will also be available in bookstores and in adult toy stores as a traditional paperback book. 

By the way, if you are willing to review either the novella 1954 Powder Blue Pickup and/or the (long) short story Half-Moon Bride, get in touch with me and I will get you complimentary review copies in eBook format. (But please be aware that these stories are “taboo erotica” — meaning that they push all sorts of boundaries and while they have my usual “happily ever after” endings, they are not for the faint of heart.) (If you visit the links there for the sale point for each book, you can read the brief synopses as well as excerpts.)

All righty.

So, I have been assured, even though I obviously can’t prove it because I’m just a gal in the Hinterlands of Ohio, but I have been assured by several sources that p  r  i n ce p h i lip was indeed exe c  tu ed last year for crimes against humanity, and that this idea that he died “peacefully in his sleep” is to make the whole thing more palatable for those who are still soundly and blissfully asleep.

So I’m really, really curious to see what eventually gets said about the q u e e n.  I have not heard that she was taken out, but I have been hearing for a long time now that she was at the very least ar  r e s ted. That all the n a z i – related mon archs are in fact gone now.

We shall see.

If you haven’t watched the documentary The Fall of the Cabal, which I finally remembered to post here last Monday morning, you seriously need to watch it. It is not only really well done, but it is easy to follow and to understand. The filmmaker included a short video clip from Y** T*be, which maybe you already saw, but it was taken by a tourist with her phone a couple summers ago, and it shows a naked young boy escaping by way of a bed sheet from out of a window on the top floor of Buckingham Palace. The boy eventually fell. And then there was narry a peep about it from the police, from the palace guards, etc. Nothing.  When questioned about it, when the tourists tried to get someone to help that boy, it turned out that the boy “didn’t exist.”

The documentary covers a lot of inter-related things that you need to know about, if you don’t already, but it does go into some sickening details about how certain European ro y als are directly connected to na z is and the horrific things they have done to ch ild ren in current times.

On a different note, I mentioned here the other day that on Tuesday nights now the P * trio t street fighter will be focusing on teaching us about the U S C on st itution. At some point, they stopped teaching the kids about the C on st itution in school, so there are these huge chunks of young Americans who have no clue what their rights really are, or how great this country really is — when it’s not being systematically deconstructed by Le  ft  ists. 

Well, now he has added something new to teach us about and I have to say I was completely bewildered by it: Canadian, Christ o ph er James, discussed the unlawful court systems of North America that are based on maritime law, or the law of the seas, and how true common law can defeat it.

The depths to which the d ** p st * te has removed our true liberties never ceases to amaze me, gang.  What they discussed on the video last night was just really unbelievable. Please check it out below. (And remember that it will eventually move to rum  b le dot com.)

Oh, I also thought I would share my own strategy for going m*sk-less in the event you are wanting to remove your m*sk but are still feeling intimidated.  You can try my method, but I don’t know that it will work in areas that are truly off-the-charts psychotic about wearing m*sks. I don’t live in that kind of place. Only a small percentage of people here have gotten psychotic about it (and most of them live in my beloved Granville, 25 miles from here, to where I will likely never return.  They are off the charts Kool Aid drinkers over there.)

Anyway. Here in Crazeysburg, m* sks are not a big issue. But in the next county over, where I shop, the stores are much more crowded. What I do when I go into a store that clearly says you have to wear a m*sk to shop there, is that I carry  my mask. I have it clearly in my hand, in plain sight at all times, so that if people notice it, they will think I either forgot and will put it on at any moment, or I am preoccupied and will put it on at any moment. Then, if I see that anyone near me is getting into derange-o m* sk mode, I begin muttering aloud to myself and I act sort of intense, so that I seem seriously unapproachable. And, voila, no one who is dutifully wearing a m*sk approaches me because they then think that I’m the one who’s a psychopath.

So far, it works.  It could work for you, too! Of course, I live somewhere where you’re not likely to get attacked or ar r ested or anything like that for not wearing a m* sk; you’re just going to get socially shunned, which is really different.

But we have got to stop wearing the m*aks, gang. We simply have to stop. So if it is at all frightening to you to be in public without one, try that approach or come up with something similar on your own.

What I do, personally, is I remind myself that for every m*sk-wearing man or woman who sees me without a m*sk — well, in spirit, I am helping another poor terrified Jew in n  a  z  i   g er  ma ny   who could not find the courage to not sew the fucking yellow star onto their own clothes.

The m*sks equal the yellow stars, gang. They really, really do. M*sk-wearers are heading to their own doom, so stop wearing one!!

I realize that na z i ger am ny is nearly a hundred years ago. But I believe that timelines can be fluid and that every positive action and positive thought can help shift the energy across past, present and future.

Whether or not you agree, you still have got to stop wearing the m*sk.  FEMA camps and concentration camps are not too far apart. If we don’t take a stand, eventually they will be coming for us.

On a lighter note! I forgot to mention this new Polaroid available for £100 (plus shipping) from Cave Things! It is appropriately titled “GOD”:

Okay. So. I gotta scoot. Enjoy your fantastic Saturday, wherever you are in the world, gang!! Thanks for visiting.  I love you guys. See ya!


Below: P * trio t street fighter and Chri st o pher James discuss common law (1 hr 46 mins):

Below: More super soldier, secret space program reveals with Michael J * co (1 hr 14 mins):

Below: Ni ch ol as V en ia min and Reece Oswald discuss some really amazing miracles (UK and Australia) (40 mins):

Below: Ch * r lie W * rd and Jason [17] connect the d **p st * te dots in the su e z c anal, princ e ph i lip, etc. (45 mins):

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