Ignore It, Will Robinson!! Fake Fake Fake!

Happy Friday, folks!

Well the quite curious news is that the (fake) police officer at the (fake) U S C a p i t ol in surr e c tion, who was  involved in the (fake) shooting of the (fake) As hli Babbit has basically been declared not guilty of shooting her (in her absolutely entirely fake and staged death) and the case is now officially closed.

Well, hmmmmm. Wasn’t that just awful — the weeping and wailing of her family and friends, decrying how unjust that decision was and that something has got to be done to somehow justify her innocent death….

Wait — you didn’t see that footage??

That’s because there wasn’t any. As we shared with you here back in, like, late January — the entire thing was staged and FAKE.

Hmmm. Much like that weird C* VID scam dem ic. And the (seriously dangerous) fake vaxes.


Watch out for the new buzz word meant to induce fear far and wide: Climate EMERGENCY.

Since “global warming” bit the dust, once it became clear that the global wasn’t warming. And now no one is paying attention to the “climate change” because about 100% of us who have been alive on Earth for any length of time have noticed that the climate always changes… they have now struck on the climate “EMERGENCY” idea so get ready for them to pulverize what’s left of your poor beaten intellect with that new attempt-at-control concept.

Also, if you live in the U S — the idea that r u ss i a is on the verge of attacking U k  raine is fake. U S sanction threats against r u s s ia because of the fake fear of the fake attack on U k  raine are fake. Any notion that it was r u ss ia who was involved in the U S 20 20 e l e c tion fr au d is fake. And the idea that there were bounties placed on U S soldiers by r u ss ia is also fake. (It was ch i n  a that did that.) (In the event you are still asleep: p u t in is a white hat…)

But hey!! Here’s something wonderful that isn’t fake!! A chat with

Rei ner Fu ell  mich on suing the W H  O

My indescribably annoying new blog editor will not let me embed this 1-hour video-chat from South Africa, but you can watch it at the above link there. According to Rei  ner Fu ell  mich, we are getting very very close to being able to launch the class-action suits against everyone involved in creating the fake  scam dem ic, and launch Crimes Against Humanity cases against them worldwide, as well. (The second Nuremburg trial, as it were — which, hopefully, this time will find more than 17 patsies “guilty,” while letting everybody else move happily to Argentina…) (or into the American Space Program, as the case may be.)

More good news. In the video down  below, X * 2 R * port chats with Charlene and Ty Bollinger regarding the truth about cancer. We sell their groundbreaking book at the health food store:

Cancer: Step Outside the Box: Ty M. Bollinger ...

And I can also attest to you, gang, that we have many, many customers who frequent our store who have been cured of cancer without radiation, chemo, or surgery. Cancer is curable and manageable through nutrition, lifestyle changes, and plant-based supplements. This is an absolute fact. We see it every day at the health food store.

The Bollingers have a new video installment on the truth about cancer, Quest for the Cures, that you can watch for free, between April 21st – April 29th at this link.

Okay. back to other fake news…

No, Ch * rlie W *rd did not ex e cute Robert David St**l*. Was that the weirdest fucking thing you’ve ever seen?  (Or maybe just one of the many weird things we’re seeing right now.) But rest assured, he’s alive and well.


And there is a big P * triot conference in Tulsa right now, with mega-guest speakers, such as Lt. Gen Fl y n n, and S y d ney P o w e ll. So a lot of the bloggers are off in Tulsa right now… and none of them are wearing m*sks!! (I think this means that about 6000 attendees of the conference are going m*sk-less. Hallelujah.)

Okay. I keep meaning to tell you about this. If you want an affordable water-filtering pitcher that actually filters out fluoride, try ZeroWater. It has a ten-cup capacity and is reasonably affordable. (In the $35 range.)

Be aware that those cheaper, better known models of water-filtering pitchers do not filter out fluoride — and it is fluoride that calcifies your pineal gland, obscuring the effectiveness of your third eye. The only drawback to Zerowater is that, based on where you live and how many chemicals and heavy metals are in your tap water, you have to replace the filters more frequently than in the cheaper pitchers. (But they include a bunch of coupons to save on the filters when you buy the pitcher.)

Zero Water 10 cup Pitcher Unbox and Review - YouTube

So. Filter your drinking water, and get rid of your fluoridated toothpaste, and you will be surprisingly psychic in no time, folks.

I have been psychic my whole life, but I’ll tell you what — since switching my diet to a hardcore detoxing, decalcifying diet, and simply using baking soda as my toothpaste, and getting the Zerowater pitcher, you would not believe the receptivity of my third eye now, gang.

We are all psychic. It’s just that some of us don’t believe we are. But we are. And you can very positively affect that inner dialogue with your Higher Being, your Higher Source, by decalcifying your pineal gland. Talk about clarity. You will gain a better understanding about everything in your life, folks, including who you actually are!! So hop to it.

Okay. I guess that’s it. I hope you are enjoying your Friday, wherever you are in the world. Please keep in mind that many sources were expecting that April 16th (today) could bring some sort of significant occurrence — perhaps involving Space Force, or something like that. I don’t really know, but stay mindful of your surroundings if you live in a big city!! And also keep in mind that B L M (Buy Large Mansions) ri ot s are still happening in key swing-State cities! (Oh, and I’m still hearing to expect the stock market to crash hugely soon, so just be aware of all of this, gang.)

So, thanks for visiting. I love you guys!! See ya.


Below: Michael J * co Update — Oops, if you can believe it, his YT channel seems to be fucking banned again!! I was just watching it a couple of hours ago!!!!!

Anyway. (aaarrrgh….)

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 News update (25 mins):

Below: Ch * r lie W *rd and Ni ch olas V en ia min chat (22 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (42 mins):

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