Here Comes Trouble, Gang!

 It’s getting weirder and weirder— can you feel it? The energy out there is getting intense.

Meaning, not only are we at war, the world over,  but actual visible combat seems poised to break out all over the place.

And several sources,  both here and in the U K, are saying that tomorrow, April 16th, could be a very difficult day.  That something decisive could happen. For instance, Space Force launching tungsten rods (aka “Rods from God”), wiping out key D ** p St * te structures, such as the U S Ca p itol building or Buck ing ham P ala ce. (Intel from P * trio t str eet fight er video down below.)

Would a space based rod weapon equal a nuclear bomb? - Quora

Places that were tunnel  hubs for  ch i ld s * x tra ff icking and all sorts of other horrors could turn to instant rubble. Bringing those still sleeping soundly to a much needed awakening so that we here in the rest of the world can FINALLY move on.

I’m guessing that, whatever happens or doesn’t happen, tomorrow would be an ideal day to stick close to home.

I’m also hearing that D C is flooding (?) . The tunnels have already been flooded there, but this time, the flood is happening in the actual streets. (?) I don’t know for certain because I’m not there.

But shit seems to be happening. So stay mindful.

But thanks to folks like pr  o je ct ver i tas, more truly evil M SM narratives are being blatantly exposed.  (Watch video if you haven’t already: “If it bleeds, it leads.” Thanks, C  n  N.) (People still sleeping soundly, though. Man, some folks just refuse to wake up.)

And I have a video below from Mi chael J * co — another place where you can buy high frequency jewelry. So this makes 3 places in one week.  Clearly, this is on our horizon: let’s do what we can to keep our best frequencies working on behalf of ourselves and the world.

Okay. Aside from that burst of goodness, there was indeed more bad news about the vaxes. More and more countries in the E U stopping the A str o Z e n vax due to blood clotting deaths.

There was a very strange video from Denmark, where a Health Department worker actually passed out and fell to the floor while announcing that the A Z vax would be withdrawn in Denmark.

I have no idea if this was staged or real, gang. It was the weirdest little clip. (I saw it on t e l e g ram so I can’t post it here.)

And more places in the U S are stopping the J & J vax, as well.

Hey!! Guess what??? That leaves ONLY the two mRNA vaxes left for panicking people to participate in. 

Couldn’t have worked out better, right? The most dangerous, DNA-altering fake vaxes are the only ones left right now to choose from.

WAKE-UP, cats & kittens!! Hydr oxy chlor  o  quine and Iver  mectin and zinc and D3 will cure the cor on a v irus, if you are unable to just get over it all by yourself. You don’t need a vax!!!!!

Even Nick Cave’s Red Hand File today was sad, or perhaps disheartening. I’m not sure of the right word.  And this, on the heels of his 7″ vinyl release –sadly entitled, Grief — the other day, and then word today that the vinyl and CD versions of Carnage are being delayed until June because of the fake C* VID pandemic. However, you can read his RHF at that link.

While it’s incredibly sad sometimes, life does indeed go on.

And the situation with my mother’s Will got even uglier yesterday, but we can now, for absolute certain, move on. She was a truly hate-filled, mean-spirited individual.  And she chose, with meticulous detail, to be remembered that way. But on we go.

All righty. Today is about trying to get a new outline together for Down to the Meadows of Sleep. I need to seriously focus. I am blessed to have a rather young male individual in Iran who checks in with me via text, every single morning at around 4am, to see how the writing is going on the new novel!! It keeps me encouraged. It really is a blessing, knowing that at least one person, in a far away land, is eagerly awaiting something new from my pen.

And I also have the old flame in Rhinebeck, texting yet again in the middle of the night, wanting to know if I’m “still working” and when am I gonna have time to call?

I guess I’m gonna call as soon as I can figure out if being in love with him makes any sense. Since I have been in love with him since 1987, and it hasn’t worked out in any way whatsoever except in the abstract, I’m guessing it doesn’t make sense. But, well. You gotta stay open. Heart-wise, right, gang? Otherwise, you could end up hate-filled and mean-spirited, and who wants that? Not I…

Okay. I’m going to finish the laundry here and get down to work on the new outline.  Thanks for visiting, gang. I leave you with one of my favorite songs of all time!!! I’m so serious. Enjoy!! I love you guys so very much. Stay safe. See ya.


Below: Michael J * co and high frequency jewelry ( 1 hr):

Below: P * trio t str eet fighter, somewhat disturbing intel ( 49 mins):

Below: Nich ol as V en ia min and Jason [17], even more intense than usual (59 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 News: Dominoes begin to fall! (20 mins):

Below X * 2 R * port Financial: The entire economy is now out of control, fuel prices are skyrocketing, lumber prices are increasing rapidly. The [C B] panics, their system is imploding and now they call for more stimulus. The people are now seeing the [C B] fiat system for the first time — millions begin to transition (18 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Step back and look at what is going on, look at the entire plan from a 40,000 foot view. You can see what’s really happening. Tr** p sends a message, we are not going to take it anymore. (53 mins):

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