It’s Old Fezziwig! Alive AgAin!!

The weird just keeps getting weirder.

Okay so, yesterday, on the heels of the Pastor Elvis reveal, what should D  * n S c * v *n o reveal but the official te le g r a m acc ounts for m  i ch ael j * ckson and j im m o rr * son.

I’m serious, gang. This was the actual D  * n S c * v *n o that revealed this, so what are we to think??

If you would like to follow these no-longer-dead guys on t e l e g r am and try to find out, well, here they are:

MJ – @MagaFighters

JM – @ProudAmericann

Methinks that way too much fucking weird shit is getting ready to drop, gang, and so these things are being revealed. (If you saw the footage of d i a n a yesterday, then you likely feel in your bones that it really was her and that she IS still alive; it was chilling and uncanny.)

Every single fucking day, more weird shit hits the fan — be that in a good way: i.e., everyone you thought was dead has only been in some sort of massively secret protection program. Or in a not so good way: people you thought were actually really good people are starting to seem sinister: i.e., what the fuck is going on with Bruce Springsteen and how come he’s suddenly popping up in really seriously not so good ways? Or people who always seemed evil, well, turn out to just be evil. I guess. (i.e., Nick Cave)

Time will tell, I suppose. But you know — time is moving at warp speed these days, and have you noticed that time just keeps revealing more and more and more shit, without bringing us to that much sought after feeling of “conclusion”? You know: “Ah! Here’s that ending where everything now makes sense!” It’s always still out there, just a little bit ahead of us.

And still there are people like Ch * r lie W *rd, who just keep getting happier and happier. Well, I guess I will just try to follow his lead, look for continuing signs of that Q F S rollout, and believe that everything imaginable is getting ready to work out just fine.

All right. So, a long-dreaded moment has apparently arrived for me!  You know how they say that when you are being abducted by aliens non-terrestrials, you suddenly can’t account for chunks of time during the night?

Well, I am someone who remembers everything I do at night.  Even if I’m sort of still half-asleep, I remember everything. But last night, at some point, I unplugged my cell phone when the battery was at 100% and I put the charger back in the drawer.

I know this trivial event seems insignificant to you — because you probably have a weighty life, filled with wonder and meaning. However, I find this simple thing unbelievably perplexing! I always remember when I unplug my phone during the night. And I rarely ever unplug it and then immediately put the charger away; I put it away once I’m really awake, in the morning, like regular people do.

So the fact that I did this and have no memory of it at all, perplexes me. And the only thing that makes sense is that a.) I still have some residual nano bots in me and they are making me do stuff while I’m asleep; or b.) the mother ship from the planet that I originally come from, came to get me last night and before going up into the ship, I noticed that my phone was fully charged so I unplugged it and put the charger away…

Who the fuck knows??? But it is making me a little crazy…

All right. This is gonna be brief today because I got a late start here this morning. But I wouldn’t want to leave you without sharing more of the awfulness. P f * z er admits that vaxed people “shed” infectious particles:

EXTERMINATION machine unmasked: Why va  c  cin  ate  d people are making HEALTHY people sick, P  f * zer document admits vaccinated people “shed” infectious particles, the spike protein is the bioweapon

[full article is here] I’m thinking that a heck of a lot of alfalfa baths are hovering in my future… 

I leave you with some important videos below:  Help with combatting nano bots. Help with combatting EMFs. Help with understanding what the fuck might actually be going on right now. And awful shit you’d rather not know about, ever.

Enjoy your Wednesday, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Ch * r lie W * rd update re: EMF protection (30 mins):

Below: Capacitor Reconstruct and Ionizers (de-activates nano bots) (45 mins):

Below: N ic hol as V e nia min and Mel K (46 mins):

Below: We the People News Update (43 mins):

Below: X * 2 R* port (38 mins):

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