And What A Fine GoOd morning It Is!

I’m full of those fucking spike proteins again, gang. So it’s been quite a busy little morning here today.

The one positive thing of note, though, is that it wasn’t affecting my vision or hearing this time. Maybe they haven’t been in there long enough this time? But yesterday, driving home from work, I was not feeling well overall, and I was feeling that strange twinge in my ovaries again (both of them this time), like I had felt the first time I did the ionic detox foot bath last month.

In basically a few moments, I will be 61 and I’ve been post-menopausal for 15 years already, so there is no reason whatsoever for me to feel any sort of anything in my ovaries. So I was thinking, oh crap not again.

And then during the night, I had that acute feeling of being suffocated, like I had felt last spring when I actually had C * vid. I had started taking L- Glutathione yesterday, just to help keep my liver detoxed along with all the other stuff I do all day long to stay as inhospitable as possible to the na no bots. and when I awoke in the throes of suffocation and headed straight downstairs to go stand out on the kitchen porch and get some air, I realized that something was really wrong again.

I was wondering if the L-Glutathione had actually stirred things up inside and caused the spike proteins to get moving somehow and that started the suffocation feeling. I don’t actually know. But I do know for sure that I’m full of some stranger’s spike proteins again.

I did that test where you take a swig of tart cherry juice (yes, I actually have things like organic tart cherry juice in my house because I have become this weird sort of super foods lunatic, and if it’s a “super food” it’s likely in my kitchen). Anyway, you take a swig of tart cherry juice, swirl it in your mouth for a second, spit it into a white tea cup (white inside the cup, that is), and if you have spike proteins — voila! — those hideous tiny black strands that are so full of A. I. life begin to go wild in the tea cup.

It’s enough to make you hate every person on Earth who either created the fake vax or who took it and then came into the fucking health food store where I work every day and then shed in my general vicinity…

So I did the alfalfa bath — not what I was expecting to do first thing this morning (the bath is quick, but cleaning contaminated alfalfa mixed with diatomaceous earth out of your tub is, well, invigorating is a really nice euphemism for it). And no black ooze came out of my ears this time, so that was nice. And my ovaries feel calmer. And for some weird reason, washing my hair in organic dish soap and Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap actually made my hair look really good this time! I have no idea why but I will just take whatever blessings come my way now.

I am drinking a stronger version of the pine needle tea (I won’t say how I make it stronger because it can be toxic if you do it wrong and I don’t want to pass that along to anyone). And I have access to I v er m ec tin — a really nice [17}-following car mechanic who comes into the store now and then, has access to it and gives it out for free if you have an attack of c* vid or the bots. So if the bath didn’t work well enough, or if the practically-toxic tea doesn’t significantly reduce the hideous tiny black strands in the white tea cup, then I guess I will resort to free I ver m ec tin from the [17}-following car mechanic…

I’ve been wanting to make h y dr o xy chlor o quine for the last few weeks now, just to have it on hand. But my little market has been out of grapefruits for 3 weeks in a row. I didn’t want to go into the giant supermarket to get the grapefruits because I didn’t want to risk having a bunch of strangers shedding spike proteins all over me, but… oh well. The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft agley…

So. I’ll go get grapefruits among the mighty spike-shedding throngs. It would be nice to just have it on hand and take it once a day — or week, if things inside me calm down. Because the alternative (attractive as it might seem!!), is to just hibernate here in my house, give up a job that I love where I can really help people, and avoid contact with anyone at all and never go out again!

I’ll tell you, gang, it was really hard not to get depressed about this. I need to finish writing that new short story and turn it in and I had set aside today to do that. And now today is literally half over.

But, allegedly, the AI in the spike proteins are programmed to get more tenacious within low vibrational frequencies — fear, depression, anxiety. I have no idea if this is true, but why tempt fate, right? It is really hard to feel those joyful, high frequencies when you know darn well that your body is full of hideous tiny black strands that are squiggling around like crazy and seeking out your ovaries.

But joy is what you’ve got to muster if you want to stay out of the lower frequencies. I also loaded two pitchers of filtered water with “c*vid and vax recovery” frequencies from source directives. I’ve posted a few of their videos here on the blog and I find that those videos really work. And this one seems to be working, too. My mood improved in leaps and bounds after drinking just one glass of high-frequency water (the video below is the one I used today, “Repopulation Agenda”):

So, I guess we just move forward and be courageous and empathetic and not give in to any desire to hate everybody, etc., etc. Put on the full armor of God and all that, and remind yourself that the full power of Christ sustains you.

It is a really beautiful day here today, so I am hoping that I can get my mind into that groove of working on the short story.

Meanwhile, there are a couple videos below from last night. And I want to point out that David N * no Ro d ri guez says that the updates regarding tr* bunals and e xe c tu tions on git mo and tiera del fuego are not true.

I can’t say if they’re true or not. And basically anything I re-post here is prefaced by “allegedly”. (And some things that I’ve posted as “alleged” were said to be not true by podcasters, but then turned out to be entirely true, so we can only wait and see.) But I do believe that, based on info from Monkey Werx, re: constant air traffic to D C and to gi t mo, and info from J *co, t r* bu nal s are in deed happening. And even though there are many conflicting reports of how and when key d**p st* te players were taken out, I think that at the root of it all is a white hat agenda to get an assessment of how the public is responding to even the idea of these high profile e x e cu tions.

And I, for one, respond real positively! (And I do honestly believe the white hats are tracking all this stuff, gang, to see when the timing is right to bring back Tr ***p.)

Okay. So have a happy Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. And don’t forget, tomorrow is the Carnage Q & A online with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, to celebrate the album’s release on vinyl and CD. At 7pm BST. All righty! See ya, gang. I love you guys.


Below: M i ch ae l J * co: D C in total l * ckdown, m * li t a ry moving in (47 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at the D C l* ck do wn (15 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 news update (20 mins):

Below: D a v id N * no Ro d r i gu e z: M S M mouthpieces (30 mins):

Below: Di gi tal Warr iors: G 7 insanity — U K/ Spain (43 ) mins:

Below: I had a really hard time following this one, but I was listening in the car while driving home with 2 ovaries apparently brimming with spike proteins… Ni cho las V en ia min chats with psychic Michelle F ield ing (1 hr 19 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Hold the line, p a trio ts ( 45 mins):

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