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A New Way of Looking at the HUmanity of it All!

The Br i ght e on podcast yesterday made an unfortunate comparison.

It is estimated that the atomic bomb killed 140,000 people (mostly women and children) in h i r o sh ima at the end of WWII.

And the fake vax has now killed way more people than that worldwide. The estimated death total in the U S alone is 50,000, and that is said to be only about 10% of the actual number, since it is next to impossible for doctors and health professionals to get their data posted on the c d c.

<a href="http://" data-type="URL" data-id="<iframe src='https://www.brighteon.com/embed/19d99bd7-27e3-4518-b489-803c92d022f6&#039; width='560' height='315' frameborder='0' allowfullscreen>You can listen to the broadcast here.

And in terms of the deeply humanitarian c d c ‘s new “Shie ld ing Ap pro ach” and “Gre en Zo ne s,” which are internment camps for the un v a xed and the elderly and the seriously ill (the good news, though, is that we’re going to be given cleaning supplies to keep our little latrines cleaned. You can read it all here if you’re feeling skeptical), the B r igh t e on podcast also points out:

“The internment of Japanese Americans in U.S.-based concentration camps is yet another crime against people of Japanese descent, and it proves again that the United States government is ready and willing to throw its own citizens into concentration camps in order to achieve its own strategic aims.”

If you aren’t aware of what the US (De mo c r at-led) government did to Japanese Americans during WWII, you can go research it on duckduckgo and then come back here and continue reading…

On another auspicious note: Suddenly the NY Times is willing to throw c u om a under the bus! Too bad it’s coming too late to save thousands and thousands of lives — and that’s just in NYC alone.

Yesterday on te le g ram, G en f l y nn shared a link for a free movie online about the r i gg ed 20 20 el ec tion. You can watch it here.

In celebration of the horror and carnage all over the world right now, Cave Things announces the sale of a very cool looking t-shirt in support of the album Carnage. It comes in white or black, and it comes with a pricey price tag: £295.00 plus shipping. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t cool looking!

Okay, so overall, the news is sort of good –ish. M s m is losing its narrative, as more and more people in the U S tune it out and finally at least begin to wake up to the lies about the massive e l e c tio n fr * ud and the fake c*vid l* ck d* wn nonsense. (Once again: this is not flu season. The folks who are getting seriously ill from a c* vid like virus are the fully va xed — and anyone near the fully va xed who manage to get the sp ike prot eins the v a x ed are shedding.)

G e ne de co de explains the real flu season fully, in the very informative (and encouraging) video below (40 mins):

In is r ael, the news is still really bad, gang. Not exactly sure how that country is supposed to survive this. They are now onto their 3rd “shots” — those “boosters” that are coming for the U S v a x ed (12 mins):

This went viral yesterday. C*v id fake-science hoax completely explained by — guess who? — an immunologist. Listen!! (6 mins):

I’m not sure if I want to add to the many voices continuing to say that you need to stock up on food, water, essentials, and prepare for a very long communications black-out. There are definitely other scenarios creeping up on the horizon — the main one being that the M s M might be gearing up for admitting that they “made a mistake” and were “lied to”. Sort of like what B i l d did in Germany. “Oops! We’re sorry. We perpetuated a very dangerous hoax and helped harm society, especially the children.”

If the M S M does not do that, then it’s looking like a full-on communications black out– no Internet, no TV, no radio. Just EBS blaring for 72 hours straight.

We shall see.

in addition to A Z au dit revealing enough fr*ud to give Tr **p a victory, P A , W I, and GA also have unearthed enough fr * ud to flip the win to Tr ***p. So, some folks are reporting that the m * litary will announce him the legal winner between late August and early October. With not much bloodshed except for the truly horrifying an ti fa attacks. (Still going full-scale in Portland OR. Why anyone continues to live there — or in C A, for that matter — is beyond me. All of my friends and colleagues have moved out of CA, by the way. The New Yorkers are hanging tough, though.)

Warning: violent content (17 mins):

Resistance builds in U K: open your eyes and see what’s coming (2 mins):

A call to all nurses and health workers in Australia: are you helping humanity by staying silent? (2 mins):

Voice of Reason U K update (3 mins):

Mon key W *r x with more flight tracking: who’s going to git mo and points south? (33 mins):

Tarot by Janine looks at m s m narratives falling apart (18 mins):

Very cool look at a portal releasing an orb over NYC: UFO Man (2 mins):

And my most favorite topic of all, since I live in an area filled with sacred burial mounds that revealed skeletons of giants that the Smithsonian swooped in and gathered up and then made “disappear”! Beyond Belief chats with Jim Vieira about the uncovered bones of the lost giants of the ancient earth (25 mins):

X*2 R* port: Where’s Dur h am? He’s coming! (1 hr 15 mins):

And that is it for today, gang!! Thanks for visiting! Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are on the world! I love you guys. See ya!

(“White Elephant” from Carnage, by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis):

People, Just Get Ready

The news is a bit disturbing today. So I’ll just jump right in.

Remember those United Nations armored vehicles in Canada that I posted about yesterday? How I said “that can’t be good”?

According to J * co’s intel in a conversation he had with ni ch o l as v en ia min yesterday, those U N vehicles are meant for the U S and we need to expect war, gang.

That doesn’t mean we need to engage. What it seems to mean is that what’s left of the D **p S t * te here in the U S, is still aiming to create a “race war” here, with heavy A n t i f a rioting in the key cities. These forced riots will “prove” that America has a terrible “race problem” and that the U N must call in its N A T O forces and stomp it out the old fashioned way, with guns and tanks. Conveniently, they are already waiting at the Canadian border.

Please, gang. Tell everyone you know — family, co-workers, friends– that if a n t i f a is starting to riot in your area of the country, STAY HOME. This is a trap. This won’t end well for p a tr io t s who engage, especially with guns. So stay home. It’s a trap.

(Remember how I told you back in December that Jan 6 was a set up and to stay away from D C?? Sadly, there are now truly peaceful attendees of Jan 6 who are still in jail, without any real charges brought against them, no trial, and they are being beaten by guards, and the safety of their wives at home is being threatened, etc. )

Please stay home,

J*co also says that conversations among U S congressmen (I thought they were all on g i t mo by now….) Anyway, leaked conversations indicate that even if/when A Z and G A and P A de-certify their el ec tion results due to proof of massive v* t er fr * ud, they will not allow a vote or a formal ruling on any of it.

Which means we are fucked.


It also means that the m * litary and Tr **p (the rightful winner of the pr e si d ential e l * c tion) will finally have to go public and take over.

So that’s the good news. Even though it is going to bring all this above-mentioned violence.

This is supposed to start coming down soon — as in, August.

So we can choose to maybe look on all of this as “good news.”

On another topic, D on a ld Rum s feld allegedly committed suicide during his tr* bu nal at Di e go Ga rcia U S mili tary base in the Indian Ocean. He was charged with the deaths of countless U S soldiers in ir a q and af g an i stan who were seeking imaginary weapons of mass destruction, as well as his involvement in 9 1 1 and trillions of dollars of misappropriated money. He did not die from “cancer” but by his own hand. (3 mins):

On yet another topic…

This morning, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis announced their UK tour in support of their latest album, Carnage, It will take place in September and October. Tour dates and ticket info is here.

Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya.

(Oh, and PS: Indeed, Amazon has banned the eBook sale of 1954 Powder Blue Pickup for “offensive content.” Please consider buying the print book here (on Amazon, oddly enough) for $7.99 plus shipping, or the non-kindle eBook here, on lulu.com, for $3.98. Thanks.)


Below: J*co explains it all to ni ch ol as (35 mins):

Below: N* no chats with Richard Citizen Journalist: D C is a ghost town (20 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 at the shooting range (15 mins):

Below: R *d P * ll 7 8 news update: Sharpiegate unravels the whole lie! (25 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las chats with ge n e de cod e (45 mins):

Below: A news update about horrible life in jail for innocent Jan 6 protestors (13 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las chats with Tarot by Janine (38 mins):

I keep forgetting to post this one. It’s from several days ago, but it was really good. Ni ch o las chats with Al an Fount ain about S R A and child s e x t r aff i cking (25 mins):

Below Ch * r lie W *rd and Mel K Monday intel chat (38 mins):

Below: Sheriff Mack and the Constitution at work (2 mins):

Below: Canadian doctor: 62% of va xed have permanent heart damage (8 mins):

Below: Jessie Cze bo tar (who I’m not 100% convinced isn’t a white hat plant at this point, gang) discloses upcoming reveal of M a c a fee’s dead man switch ( 2 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: All assets deployed (43 mins):

Looking Good, Gang!

The spike proteins in the tart cherry juice (see yesterday’s post) were down by a good 75% this morning! So I am happy, gang. Even though the alfalfa bath likely jump-started their retreat, I can now say with certainty that the pine needle tea does indeed work, especially if you catch it early. (Meaning that va x ed people in your vicinity are shedding spike proteins and they’ve infected you; catch it early to avoid blood clots, blindness, deafness, and other horrific stuff.)

If you want to make your own pine needle tea, I am re-posting the video below. Please remember that not all trees that you think of as “pine trees” are safe for consumption. Some can be toxic! Use this link to make sure you have the right kind of pine needle. (7 mins):

I posted yesterday that I was using a stronger version. It can also be toxic but I know it is making a difference for me. I’m going to post it here, since I believe it has been helpful, but this is just something I am doing and not recommending, since it can be toxic.

When the tea is steeping, I add 1-2 drops of 100% pure pine needle essential oil. I keep the tea covered for 5-8 minutes. Then I add a squeeze of fresh lemon, for additional detox. (Pine needle oil is toxic if it is not 100% pure, gang!!)

I increased the colloidal silver nasal spray to twice a day now, and I also increased my zinc back up to 50 mg., along with the 50 mg of L-Glutathione. (Some people do not believe L-Glutathione is absorbed without NAC, but I am taking it, along with the diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal powder, daily.) L-Glutathione (to help liver detox) can be very expensive in higher milligrams, but 50 mgs is reasonably priced. So we’ll see.

I don’t know that hy dro xy chloro quine does anything to de-activate spike proteins, but I’m still going to make some this weekend. (In case I get exposed to malaria, or, you know, the expected-to-be-very-deadly C* vid 2 1 ….) Here is that short video again on how to make it at home:


I got 2 free tickets to see Tr ***p at his rally up near Cleveland on June 26th (!!). My [17]-following friend from work is doing all the driving — yay!! You can bet that we will be loaded to the gills with pine needle tea and hy drox y chloro quine… I’m not super excited (that’s a huge understatement) about being in crowds right now, but I don’t want to miss that rally.

All right. This in from G en er al M*ke Fl y nn to all [17]-followers. I suggest we take it seriously:

“False Flag to be blamed on Tr ***p supporters.

“Stay away from large gatherings for the meantime.

“Do not type anything on your social media which can be used against you.

“Remove your pictures from your te le gram profiles.

“F B I is creating [17] groups on te le gram to attract ‘white supremacists.’

“You’ve been warned. Be smart and stay vigilant.”

Hopefully, he is not including that Tr **p rally in “large gatherings.”

Also, this is fucking sad. 4 British Airways pilots have died now from the fake v a x. And now B A is considering banning all v a x ed pilots from flying. Since 85% of BA pilots are va xed, this is expected to cause some real problems. [B A is now publicly distancing itself from the claim that these 4 pilots were “vaxed” or that the deaths are related in any way to the v a x.]

This short anonymous audio was made when only 3 had died (1 minute):

All right! So I’m not sure why I thought the Carnage Q&A with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis was going to be live, but it is actually pre-recorded and will premiere tonight, at 7pm BST. You can listen here. I hope this means that after the premiere, we can still listen to it, because I will be at work at 7pm BST…

Also, this means that Carnage is now officially available in CD and Vinyl!

Oh, I also forgot that Cave Things announced that another new print is for sale. The handwritten lyrics to “Sad Waters” ( £75.00 plus shipping). (I love this song — from 1985.) It looks like this, but a bit larger!

Okay. yesterday, Source Directives released another great healing frequency video. This one addresses:

Remove Fake Weather / Restore Gaia /
Remove Veils & Illusions / Multidimensional Awareness /
Full Body Crystalline Activation / DNA Activation /
Wealth Transfer / Golden Age / Awaken Abilities

Remember, you place the video near a glass or pitcher of water, let the video play, and then drink the water. The frequencies are absorbed by the water. (BTW, you can add frequencies, meaning you can play more than one video for each glass or pitcher of water.) (11 mins):

All right. Well, there are quite a number of videos about the dangers of the spike proteins, about the fake va xes, about protesters being ar re sted in U K, about Can a dians pushing back hard against the police, about U K maybe staying in l *ck d own all summer (!!), an explosion at N i ag ar a Falls…. Too many to post here, gang. And all of them scary and alarming (i.e., big corporations planning for most of their staff to be dead in 3 years bc of the v a x). (I’m still praying that most of the vax es now are placebos….)

I’m going to leave you with just a couple of my usual sites, since many of them did not post yesterday, for some reason. Have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. Stay alert and stay safe. See ya!


Below: UFO Man interviews Gra nt Ca meron, W H/ UFOs, Ufologist (1 hr 30 mins):

Below: UFO Man: UFO over Lake Michigan in Chicago (1 min):

Below: David N * no Ro d ri gue z update ( 25 mins):

Below: From 2 days ago: Nich ol as, Tom Numbers, and Brice talk bloodlines — fascinating stuff (40 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Red Alert! ( 51 mins):

And What A Fine GoOd morning It Is!

I’m full of those fucking spike proteins again, gang. So it’s been quite a busy little morning here today.

The one positive thing of note, though, is that it wasn’t affecting my vision or hearing this time. Maybe they haven’t been in there long enough this time? But yesterday, driving home from work, I was not feeling well overall, and I was feeling that strange twinge in my ovaries again (both of them this time), like I had felt the first time I did the ionic detox foot bath last month.

In basically a few moments, I will be 61 and I’ve been post-menopausal for 15 years already, so there is no reason whatsoever for me to feel any sort of anything in my ovaries. So I was thinking, oh crap not again.

And then during the night, I had that acute feeling of being suffocated, like I had felt last spring when I actually had C * vid. I had started taking L- Glutathione yesterday, just to help keep my liver detoxed along with all the other stuff I do all day long to stay as inhospitable as possible to the na no bots. and when I awoke in the throes of suffocation and headed straight downstairs to go stand out on the kitchen porch and get some air, I realized that something was really wrong again.

I was wondering if the L-Glutathione had actually stirred things up inside and caused the spike proteins to get moving somehow and that started the suffocation feeling. I don’t actually know. But I do know for sure that I’m full of some stranger’s spike proteins again.

I did that test where you take a swig of tart cherry juice (yes, I actually have things like organic tart cherry juice in my house because I have become this weird sort of super foods lunatic, and if it’s a “super food” it’s likely in my kitchen). Anyway, you take a swig of tart cherry juice, swirl it in your mouth for a second, spit it into a white tea cup (white inside the cup, that is), and if you have spike proteins — voila! — those hideous tiny black strands that are so full of A. I. life begin to go wild in the tea cup.

It’s enough to make you hate every person on Earth who either created the fake vax or who took it and then came into the fucking health food store where I work every day and then shed in my general vicinity…

So I did the alfalfa bath — not what I was expecting to do first thing this morning (the bath is quick, but cleaning contaminated alfalfa mixed with diatomaceous earth out of your tub is, well, invigorating is a really nice euphemism for it). And no black ooze came out of my ears this time, so that was nice. And my ovaries feel calmer. And for some weird reason, washing my hair in organic dish soap and Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap actually made my hair look really good this time! I have no idea why but I will just take whatever blessings come my way now.

I am drinking a stronger version of the pine needle tea (I won’t say how I make it stronger because it can be toxic if you do it wrong and I don’t want to pass that along to anyone). And I have access to I v er m ec tin — a really nice [17}-following car mechanic who comes into the store now and then, has access to it and gives it out for free if you have an attack of c* vid or the bots. So if the bath didn’t work well enough, or if the practically-toxic tea doesn’t significantly reduce the hideous tiny black strands in the white tea cup, then I guess I will resort to free I ver m ec tin from the [17}-following car mechanic…

I’ve been wanting to make h y dr o xy chlor o quine for the last few weeks now, just to have it on hand. But my little market has been out of grapefruits for 3 weeks in a row. I didn’t want to go into the giant supermarket to get the grapefruits because I didn’t want to risk having a bunch of strangers shedding spike proteins all over me, but… oh well. The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft agley…

So. I’ll go get grapefruits among the mighty spike-shedding throngs. It would be nice to just have it on hand and take it once a day — or week, if things inside me calm down. Because the alternative (attractive as it might seem!!), is to just hibernate here in my house, give up a job that I love where I can really help people, and avoid contact with anyone at all and never go out again!

I’ll tell you, gang, it was really hard not to get depressed about this. I need to finish writing that new short story and turn it in and I had set aside today to do that. And now today is literally half over.

But, allegedly, the AI in the spike proteins are programmed to get more tenacious within low vibrational frequencies — fear, depression, anxiety. I have no idea if this is true, but why tempt fate, right? It is really hard to feel those joyful, high frequencies when you know darn well that your body is full of hideous tiny black strands that are squiggling around like crazy and seeking out your ovaries.

But joy is what you’ve got to muster if you want to stay out of the lower frequencies. I also loaded two pitchers of filtered water with “c*vid and vax recovery” frequencies from source directives. I’ve posted a few of their videos here on the blog and I find that those videos really work. And this one seems to be working, too. My mood improved in leaps and bounds after drinking just one glass of high-frequency water (the video below is the one I used today, “Repopulation Agenda”):

So, I guess we just move forward and be courageous and empathetic and not give in to any desire to hate everybody, etc., etc. Put on the full armor of God and all that, and remind yourself that the full power of Christ sustains you.

It is a really beautiful day here today, so I am hoping that I can get my mind into that groove of working on the short story.

Meanwhile, there are a couple videos below from last night. And I want to point out that David N * no Ro d ri guez says that the updates regarding tr* bunals and e xe c tu tions on git mo and tiera del fuego are not true.

I can’t say if they’re true or not. And basically anything I re-post here is prefaced by “allegedly”. (And some things that I’ve posted as “alleged” were said to be not true by podcasters, but then turned out to be entirely true, so we can only wait and see.) But I do believe that, based on info from Monkey Werx, re: constant air traffic to D C and to gi t mo, and info from J *co, t r* bu nal s are in deed happening. And even though there are many conflicting reports of how and when key d**p st* te players were taken out, I think that at the root of it all is a white hat agenda to get an assessment of how the public is responding to even the idea of these high profile e x e cu tions.

And I, for one, respond real positively! (And I do honestly believe the white hats are tracking all this stuff, gang, to see when the timing is right to bring back Tr ***p.)

Okay. So have a happy Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. And don’t forget, tomorrow is the Carnage Q & A online with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, to celebrate the album’s release on vinyl and CD. At 7pm BST. All righty! See ya, gang. I love you guys.


Below: M i ch ae l J * co: D C in total l * ckdown, m * li t a ry moving in (47 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at the D C l* ck do wn (15 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 news update (20 mins):

Below: D a v id N * no Ro d r i gu e z: M S M mouthpieces (30 mins):

Below: Di gi tal Warr iors: G 7 insanity — U K/ Spain (43 ) mins:

Below: I had a really hard time following this one, but I was listening in the car while driving home with 2 ovaries apparently brimming with spike proteins… Ni cho las V en ia min chats with psychic Michelle F ield ing (1 hr 19 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Hold the line, p a trio ts ( 45 mins):

Another Stunner in Crazeysburg!

Yes, gang, it’s another incredibly beautiful day here today. Unfortunately, though, I overslept this morning because I was having sinus weirdness for most of the night.

So I’m basically just gonna post the videos today. There seems to be a lot of really good stuff happening out there, gang. You can sort of feel it in everyone’s video news updates.

We do seem to be on the precipice of turning the whole thing around, worldwide, finally. So just breathe!!

And don’t forget, this Friday, the Carnage Q & A online with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, to celebrate the album’s release on vinyl and CD. At 7 BST. All righty! See ya, gang. I love you guys.


Okay. Due to some lusty air force gal, our beloved billy boy clin ton’s m*li tary tr * bun al which began yesterday, had to be postponed for a few days (2 mins 48 secs):

Below: A very interesting round up of upcoming m* li tary tr* bunals for movie stars and politicians (3 mins):

Below: David N * no Ro d ri guez Developing Stories (30 mins):

Below: What can we say, gang? A heck of a lot of people are idiots. Heavy, heavy sigh. (3 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine: Just like the fake B * den in the fake W H, G 7 was a green-screen hoax?!? kek! (15 mins):

Below: M * chael J * co: Too awesome! Even Pu tin is trolling the fake b * den! And fake Ashli Babb *t is just a player who, as we all know, is NOT dead ( 1 hr):

Below: Good news comes to Ireland; The Irish Light (2 mins):

Below: Marj o r ie Tay lor Gr een e! Americans were duped; vaxes not FDA approved; m* sks don’t work (2 mins):

Below: This man needs to be honored worldwide, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. V a x is a bio terr or ism in jection (48 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 news, v * te fr * ud update (13 mins):

Below: Great update with Ni ch o las Ven iamin and Mel K ( 33 mins):

Below: This was awesome! Coast to Coast AM: Invisible flying creatures, NA SA has always known! ( 1 hr 14 mins):

Below: X *2 R* port: Something big is coming (41 mins):

Ever Onward, Gang!

Wow, am I tired today. Just exhausted.

I’ve been hearing from multiple sources that there’s a ton of volatile stuff going on either astrologically or with the sun, or the upcoming eclipse, or with the Ascension stuff, or with the Schumann Resonances, or I’m not really sure what. But we’re supposed to expect huge mood and energy swings right now.

And I have to concur, gang.

And I can attest to the fact that I am also just off the charts exhausted today.

However, I have chores to do around here that must to be done because there are seven feral cats living here who always, always, always promise to keep their fur to themselves and yet I still find cat hair everywhere

And even though they swear that while I’m away at the store, they’re here vacuuming and dusting and just tidying up in general, I always come home and — I don’t know. I hate to be hyper-critical, since they’re just cats, but not only do things kind of look exactly the same as when I left, often it actually looks worse

So anyway. I gotta clean today and do laundry. And at least get some notes on paper for the new erotic short story to write and then turn in this weekend to the kind folks in Sweden.

Another thing I need to do is a little gardening! Digging dirt, moving it around, putting it back. Yes!

The owner of the health food store where I work brought in several Mexican Sundance sunflowers that are ready to be planted in the ground. I got three of them! They are each about a foot tall already, and they are very interactive. Just full of life. The three that came home with me were actually holding my hand at the store so I couldn’t bear to part with them.

At first. my co-workers were laughing at me when I said that the plants were holding my hand. But when my [17]-following co-worker friend tried it — she put the top of her hand under one of the leaves of the plant and the leaf actually curled around her hand and “held” it — she said, “Oh my gosh, this one actually likes me! I’m taking this one home!”

The owner looked at me like I was from Mars, but one thing I feel absolutely certain of, gang: Mars is not where I’m from. (I don’t know where I’m from, I only know that it’s not Mars.) (There are beings out there who are now trying hard to tell my where I’m from, but: a.) I’m not 100% sure that I want to know; b.) I can’t pronounce it anyway; and c.) I can’t spell it, either.)

Anyway, I’m super excited to have these three new living creatures here at my house and they need to be planted in the ground. Today, if possible, but it’s looking like it will rain. We’ll see.

Eventually they will each look like the photo below and will attract lots of butterflies! (Meaning that each of the three plants will expand like this one below.)

Tithonia, Sundance | Gardens | Mexican sunflower, Annual ...

Okay. Melancholy: The Little Book of Lost Gloves is now available for sale over at CaveThings.com. There is a regular book (£45.00) and a special edition book (£145.00) and in all honesty, I do not have a clue how the Special Edition works. It seems to involve geometry, trigonometry, and all sorts of higher math, but the Special Edition involves choosing one Polaroid from 100 Polaroid photos of lost gloves and then somehow it becomes limited to “10”. To ten “what,” I don’t know. I do not understand and I have no idea why that means it costs an additional £100.00. I feel certain I am totally missing the point on how this thing works, but I can’t afford it anyway so it doesn’t matter. However, if you’re good at math and can understand the instructions and want one of the books, the link is here!!

Also, the official Nick Cave site announced today that there are now lyric videos for Carnage on YouTube. I’m guessing this is in preparation for the upcoming release of Carnage on vinyl and on CD, and also the Q & A with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis — all happening next Friday, June 18th.

Okay. Before I close this, I will post the following in the event it is of interest to you and you live in America. It comes with an official warning that this stuff could kill you, but there seem to be a lot of people who don’t think so and I’m just the messenger, gang. You are strongly cautioned.

$4.99 plus shipping; limit 100 per customer.

Okay. Have a nice Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang!! I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Latest update from Simon Parkes. June is looking really good, gang. (38 mins):

Below: Mi cha el J* co update. He concurs: June is looking really good, assuming you’re “awake.” ( 12 mins):

Below: Nuremburg 2.0. If you’ve participated in the scam demic or fake vax, GAME OVER in a big way. (5 mins):

Below: David N * no Rod riguez update (23 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine reveals some uncomfortable stuff about B * t c oin (14 mins):

Below: Super sad. “The joys of being tracked.” Do we have to keep saying it? Don’t get the va x (50 seconds):

Below: Ni ch ol as ven ia min and Jason [17] (43 mins):

Below: Both X *2 R* ports from last night (financial: 19 mins; political: 46 mins):

Doge, Utopia, and the Moon

Okay, gang. The news is basically the same as before.

Dogecoin is hitting another all-time high, and everyone is carefully monitoring every single solitary thing e  l on m us k  says or does and uses it as a reason to invest in more dogecoin.

Even though we can’t be positively certain anymore that e l on musk isn’t just CGI, controlled by the white hats…

Me and my [17]-following friend at work  (both of us are extremely broke and somewhat, although not extremely, old — plus we refuse to use any company that isn’t 100% p* trio t, meaning we won’t use anything that was involved in that reddit- Game Stop fiasco) — anyway, we are determined to come up with something that at least looks like money so that we can invest in dogecoin, too. I’ll keep you posted.

The other thing that sort of confounds me is this eco system that I downloaded and installed — Utopia.

I open it and stare at it, as it is spread out across my laptop, and I ask it: Okay. Why are you here?

This is some sort of very, very deep white hat thing. I can’t quite put my finger on why it is so important that I have it, but I get the feeling that it’s very important that I have it. That it has something to do with the upcoming quantum Internet.  With something that will be part of everything that will soon be utterly different in my online universe.

I use ProtonMail and I’m very happy with ProtonMail (and its VPN). Yet I still open Utopia and I stare at it and I wonder what the heck is up with it.  (Reminiscent of the black monolith- obelisk- thingy in 2001: A Space Odyssey.) (Except now we know that every obelisk on Earth is symbolic of Satanic fr ** m * s *n ry and needs to be blown to smithereens…)

2001, Monolith of inhumanity, and the human dregs (Lore ...


Loyal readers of this lofty blog no doubt recall that the long-dead musical icon, m * ch a e l j * ck son, recommended that we download Utopia. And that was because Tr **p mentioned the eco system in his brief and final tw **t before the entire world removed Tr***p from every social media platform known to Man.

Honestly. The whole thing amazes me. The main thing being that I am even following the long dead m * ch a e l j * ck son on te  le  g  r am (because D *n S c * v in o told me to– and mj has about 11K followers, btw). And I honestly feel, judging strictly by how insane things are these days, that there is no way on earth a man like D *n S  c * vin o would  suddenly announce that m * ch a e l j * ck son (and J *m  m *  r r i son) are not dead and that we should follow them on te l e g ram — if either one of these men were  actually dead.

I’m not a huge J *m  m *  r r i son fan, but I adored m * ch a e l j * ck son and I would be more than happy to discover that either: a.) he’s been in protective hiding this whole time; or b.) on this particular timeline, a whole lot of unexpected people never actually died.

And so I watch that mj te l e g ram account [ @MagaFighters ] for any indication whatsoever that life is going to suddenly get off-the-charts weird. And that Utopia will be some sort of secret (or not so secret) eco system from the white hats that we need to have  if we intend to survive whatever awfulness is sure to arrive very, very shortly.

Okay, so that’s going on.

And the almost-war escalates in Israel.

And rockets are targeting a bunch of other countries, the world over.

Mel K makes very good points regarding just how many countries are succumbing to the very same color revolutions right now, for the same reasons, basically.  (One of her videos explaining that is down below.)

All of it seems to be part of a white hat m * litary coup — a take-down of the c a b al — in country after country, all across the globe. (And as [17] said: “Israel will be last” — so this is looking like the end is finally in sight, gang.)

(Yes, party hats at the ready, gang !! But PLEASE: extra food, extra water, cash on hand, gas in the car. It could get really really intense here very soon.)

Mc Donald Parody Funny Spoof I'm Lovin' It Red Snapback ...

So that’s going on.

And there is a whole ton of fake weirdness going on in the U K right now.  It centers around the q u e  e  n being long gone from this earthly plane, and a tv news reporter there in the U K accidentally acknowledging her death on tv the other day…

Interesting, right?

Here, the el e c tion audit begins in NH. So eyes there, please!

And meanwhile, the A Z audit is off the charts out of control now, so that’s gonna fall — as we knew it would.  But it’s still going to take a couple of weeks, at least. They are wily, wily coyotes, those A Z el e c tion officials, but wouldn’t you be, too, if you were now facing charges of  H* gh Tre * son? (and its accompanying death penalty?)

Coyote vs. Acme Gives Wile E. Coyote His Own Looney Tunes ...

Okay. So I guess that’s it for this happy Friday. Hang in there, folks.  I leave you with “Lavender Fields” by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis (2021), appropriately enough from Carnage. Thanks for visiting.  Only a couple videos today.  Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Tarot by Janine: What’s up with q e 2 and all the fake babies? (18 mins):

Below: P * trio t str ee t figh ter, Mel K,  Mi cha el J*co roundtable– revolutions all over the world (1 hr 44 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (43 mins):

I’m Late Already and the Day Just Started!

Okay, I’ve actually been up for hours here, but I still feel like I’ve lost that hour from yesterday and so I’m scrambling…

Today is starting out as a really rough day.  Sometimes, I don’t know how much longer I can take this stuff — the fake C* VID, and the intensely intense sound asleep brainwashed Leftist drones who keep enforcing their fake C* VID fears onto the entire fucking world making us want to kill them.  The unending and truly staggering Disappearing Money Trick that won’t leave me the fuck alone. (I don’t necessarily want the old world back, but I need the money to start coming in again here in the new world. I don’t know how much more I can take…) (It honestly takes every ounce of mental strength I can muster every single fucking morning to not have a nervous breakdown before breakfast is even over, gang.)

And the evil — I need all the evil to stop. Like, now. I need to stop waking up every single fucking day to some new evil that I’d been unaware of before going to sleep the night before. Okay? I really need that to stop.

The other thing is that I’m not going to post any more videos/podcasts here that I think are unnecessarily disturbing. I think we all know that there are dire circumstances out there, all over the world.  We don’t need constant reminders; we need to be reminded, instead, of our power to still live engaged and productive lives.

Also, any podcasters that I believe put forth a premise that I have known my entire life to be false — even though I know I’m not right about everything, there are simply certain things I know I am right about. Well, when I find a podcaster putting forth something as fact that I don’t believe is fact, it now makes me suspicious of everything else that person says. So I just won’t be posting it here anymore. Regardless of how interesting and/or thought-provoking it might seem. You can always find any of this stuff on your own and make your own choices, anyway.

Okay, that said, there weren’t too many of the usual  podcasters I follow who posted stuff yesterday. So between that, and my new policies, there are only the X  2  2 R e ports from yesterday below today, gang.

And now, I seriously have to scoot.  I need a new fucking (great) life, like immediately. So we’ll see how that goes today. (Methinks I’ll be reaching for that Pharma GABA any minute now…)

Thanks for visiting, gang. I hope you have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world. I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from today: the song, “Carnage,” from the the new album CARNAGE by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis. A beautiful song. Enjoy!! Okay. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: X * 2 R * port Financial (14 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (39 mins):

Getting to the Bottom of This Will Take You A Lifetime!

Happy Saturday, gang.

There was lots of news yesterday — mostly in the form of video podcasts. All of them are below. Most of them are truly uplifting, in terms of what is coming, not so much what is already here. So try to watch them.

As usual, though, some of the news articles are not so uplifting, but they are below for your info.

Also — two chats with g ene de code are below. If you are familiar with him, you know that a lot of what he talks about can really push the boundaries of what you have been taught to believe about reality.

In the chat with cir sten w, he mentions one of the many c  i  a projects (all called “conspiracy theories” if you look any of them up on w i ki ped ia) — Pr o ject B l ue beam.

All of the c i  a  projects are disturbing, folks. But this one is truly sinister:

Through PROJECT B LU E BE AM,   C  I  A,   N  S  A,   U  S  AF,   N  A  S  A, and their affiliates are sacrilegiously projecting sacred images into the sky to manipulate good people [i.e., mostly Catholics — Ed.].

PROJECT BL  UE BE  AM involves the projection of religious holographs, so that gullible people think that Jesus, or the Virgin Mary, looks down from the clouds.

(Below: this was actually done in Chile. It’s  c  i  a mind control.)

blue beam jesus clouds

Also thIs:

mary in clouds

“Look at the beam in the picture above, from Abidjan, on the Ivory Coast, which looks a lot like the directed energy weapon N  W  O used to burn down Notre Dame.”

[full web page is here: PROJECT BL U  E BE AM, UFOs, & N W O Check it out, folks. It will make your jaw drop.]


Horrible news re: eugenics and Black women:

Over 1,000 Female Prisoners In California Forcibly Sterilized Because ‘It’s Cheaper Than Welfare’

Kelli Dillon was given a 15-year prison sentence after killing her abusive husband in self-defense; while in prison, Dillon says she was lied to about a medical condition and was then forcibly sterilized without her knowledge or consent. […]

[…] In California, over 1,000 female prisoners were forcibly sterilized, most of them Black. Many of these women were falsely told they had cervical cancer or had hysterectomies unknowingly performed on them after they gave birth.

[full article here]

Update on the new kind of war, from Breaking Defense:

Northern Command is prototyping and testing a set of AI tools to support Joint All Domain Command and Control (JADC2) implementation… Most importantly, the new artificial intelligence will instantly pull together all sorts of data to give commanders a clear picture of the battlefield, enabling good, fast decisions.

The command is leading a virtual exercise, called the Global Information Dominance Exercise (GIDE) 2, March 18-23 to test three “decision aids” that use  artificial intelligence/machine learning software to speed commanders’ ability to act […]

[full article is here]

In Turkey, garbage collectors rescued books from the trash and created a library for the public:

The library operates in the Çankaya district of Turkey’s capital, Ankara. The library was originally intended as a resource for workers and their families to enjoy, reports Matador Network, but after word of the project spread, members of the public began donating books to the literary venture.

[full article here]

Bad news for the fake climate catastrophe agenda — recent N A S A satellite photos show carbon dioxide is greening the Earth:

The latest Vegetation Index data from N A  S  A shows that the Earth is getting progressively “greener” and lusher over time.

The planet is 10 percent greener today than it was in 2000, N  A  S   A says, which means better conditions for growing crops. Forests are also expanding while deserts are becoming more fertile and usable for agriculture.

All in all, the global Vegetation Index rose from 0.0936 to 0.1029 between 2000 and 2021, a 9.94 percent increase.

[full article is here]

Research in Israel and France weigh in on the deaths caused by the P  f * zer  v  a  c  c  ine specifically (so it’s kind of odd that Israel seems to have a total v a c  c in e mandate  right now):

[According to] re-analysis of data provided by the Israeli Health Ministry concluded that P  f * zer and Bio  N  Tech’s messenger RNA (mRNA) gene therapy injections have already killed “about 40 times more (elderly) people than the disease itself would have killed” during a recent five-week vac cin at  ion period. […]

[…] Dr. Hervé Seligmann, a faculty member at Aix-Marseille University in France demonstrated using a full mathematical analysis … that the situation is even worse for younger people who are jabbed with P  f * zer’s  c  h  i n  a  virus injections. Among those under the age of 65, the v a  c  c  in e s killed 260 times more people than would have died from the virus itself.

[…] “This is to be compared to the 0.19 per 100,000 dying from C* VID  ^^ 19 (who) are not vac  ci  na  ted … Hence the death rate of this age group increased by 260 (times) during this five-week period of the vac  cin  at  ion process, as compared to their natural C* VID ^^ 19 death rate,” they added.

[full article is here]

Okay. That said… the videos below are really fascinating, in terms of the upcoming Quantum Financial System, a possible complete stock market crash (to make way for the QFS), the current mini ice age (aka Grand Solar Minimum — Ohio has another snow storm coming next week.) (This is not the weather warfare stuff; this is just the weather. As far as I know we have zero  Zim -holders here in Ohio — Zim -holders are allegedly what caused the snow &  ice attack on T X — these are people who are holding old Zimbabwe dollars and likely to become indescribably rich under the QFS.)

So check out some great intel, and also just some great chats with some really interesting people (U  S, U  K, S p ain) and enjoy, gang.

Things are better for me here today. So far, I haven’t needed any CBD yet, and we’ll see if I reach for the Pharma GABA.  I woke up this morning feeling sort of okay about my mom’s death. But you know, that emotional stuff is really unpredictable.  Be that as it may (!!), I’m going to try to get some non-mood-stabilized writing done here today. We shall see.

I hope you’re enjoying your Saturday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang.  I leave you with the song I listen to pretty much nonstop right now: “Balcony Man,” from CARNAGE (2021) by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis. Okay. I love you guys, See ya.


Below: Nicholas V  e n i a min and Ch * r lie W * rd discuss the upcoming Quantum Financial System (30 mins):

Below: Cir st en W and G ene de c ode: War in the DUMB tunnels 200 Special Forces killed in d **p St ^ te suicide; Tr ** p visits W  H; DUMBs destroyed equals 20 nonstop earthquakes in Iceland; Project B  l u e be a m (25 mins):

Below: Nicholas V en i a  m in and Gene d e  code discuss c p a c speech with  Tr **p codes.

Below: Mi ch ael Ja c o: Predicting a  complete stock market crash, more about the mini ice age upon us (Grand Solar Minimum); smoke from the  Wh ite Hou se lawn (25 mins):

Below: Space Hurricane – Plasma Anomaly Observed Over the North Pole. Awesome images of hurricane in space over the North Pole. (In German) (10 mins):

Below: Awesome intel chat between David N  i no R od ri guez and Michael J a  c  o (40 mins):


Below: And We Know. This was AWESOME! (37 mins):

Below: X * 2 R* port: Always awesome (40 mins):