Looking Good, Gang!

The spike proteins in the tart cherry juice (see yesterday’s post) were down by a good 75% this morning! So I am happy, gang. Even though the alfalfa bath likely jump-started their retreat, I can now say with certainty that the pine needle tea does indeed work, especially if you catch it early. (Meaning that va x ed people in your vicinity are shedding spike proteins and they’ve infected you; catch it early to avoid blood clots, blindness, deafness, and other horrific stuff.)

If you want to make your own pine needle tea, I am re-posting the video below. Please remember that not all trees that you think of as “pine trees” are safe for consumption. Some can be toxic! Use this link to make sure you have the right kind of pine needle. (7 mins):

I posted yesterday that I was using a stronger version. It can also be toxic but I know it is making a difference for me. I’m going to post it here, since I believe it has been helpful, but this is just something I am doing and not recommending, since it can be toxic.

When the tea is steeping, I add 1-2 drops of 100% pure pine needle essential oil. I keep the tea covered for 5-8 minutes. Then I add a squeeze of fresh lemon, for additional detox. (Pine needle oil is toxic if it is not 100% pure, gang!!)

I increased the colloidal silver nasal spray to twice a day now, and I also increased my zinc back up to 50 mg., along with the 50 mg of L-Glutathione. (Some people do not believe L-Glutathione is absorbed without NAC, but I am taking it, along with the diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal powder, daily.) L-Glutathione (to help liver detox) can be very expensive in higher milligrams, but 50 mgs is reasonably priced. So we’ll see.

I don’t know that hy dro xy chloro quine does anything to de-activate spike proteins, but I’m still going to make some this weekend. (In case I get exposed to malaria, or, you know, the expected-to-be-very-deadly C* vid 2 1 ….) Here is that short video again on how to make it at home:


I got 2 free tickets to see Tr ***p at his rally up near Cleveland on June 26th (!!). My [17]-following friend from work is doing all the driving — yay!! You can bet that we will be loaded to the gills with pine needle tea and hy drox y chloro quine… I’m not super excited (that’s a huge understatement) about being in crowds right now, but I don’t want to miss that rally.

All right. This in from G en er al M*ke Fl y nn to all [17]-followers. I suggest we take it seriously:

“False Flag to be blamed on Tr ***p supporters.

“Stay away from large gatherings for the meantime.

“Do not type anything on your social media which can be used against you.

“Remove your pictures from your te le gram profiles.

“F B I is creating [17] groups on te le gram to attract ‘white supremacists.’

“You’ve been warned. Be smart and stay vigilant.”

Hopefully, he is not including that Tr **p rally in “large gatherings.”

Also, this is fucking sad. 4 British Airways pilots have died now from the fake v a x. And now B A is considering banning all v a x ed pilots from flying. Since 85% of BA pilots are va xed, this is expected to cause some real problems. [B A is now publicly distancing itself from the claim that these 4 pilots were “vaxed” or that the deaths are related in any way to the v a x.]

This short anonymous audio was made when only 3 had died (1 minute):

All right! So I’m not sure why I thought the Carnage Q&A with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis was going to be live, but it is actually pre-recorded and will premiere tonight, at 7pm BST. You can listen here. I hope this means that after the premiere, we can still listen to it, because I will be at work at 7pm BST…

Also, this means that Carnage is now officially available in CD and Vinyl!

Oh, I also forgot that Cave Things announced that another new print is for sale. The handwritten lyrics to “Sad Waters” ( £75.00 plus shipping). (I love this song — from 1985.) It looks like this, but a bit larger!

Okay. yesterday, Source Directives released another great healing frequency video. This one addresses:

Remove Fake Weather / Restore Gaia /
Remove Veils & Illusions / Multidimensional Awareness /
Full Body Crystalline Activation / DNA Activation /
Wealth Transfer / Golden Age / Awaken Abilities

Remember, you place the video near a glass or pitcher of water, let the video play, and then drink the water. The frequencies are absorbed by the water. (BTW, you can add frequencies, meaning you can play more than one video for each glass or pitcher of water.) (11 mins):

All right. Well, there are quite a number of videos about the dangers of the spike proteins, about the fake va xes, about protesters being ar re sted in U K, about Can a dians pushing back hard against the police, about U K maybe staying in l *ck d own all summer (!!), an explosion at N i ag ar a Falls…. Too many to post here, gang. And all of them scary and alarming (i.e., big corporations planning for most of their staff to be dead in 3 years bc of the v a x). (I’m still praying that most of the vax es now are placebos….)

I’m going to leave you with just a couple of my usual sites, since many of them did not post yesterday, for some reason. Have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. Stay alert and stay safe. See ya!


Below: UFO Man interviews Gra nt Ca meron, W H/ UFOs, Ufologist (1 hr 30 mins):

Below: UFO Man: UFO over Lake Michigan in Chicago (1 min):

Below: David N * no Ro d ri gue z update ( 25 mins):

Below: From 2 days ago: Nich ol as, Tom Numbers, and Brice talk bloodlines — fascinating stuff (40 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Red Alert! ( 51 mins):

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