Just Go AheAd and Try!

Yes, that’s right. I’m gonna try to have a happy birthday today, despite the fact that the world resembles nothing I have ever seen before.

And I don’t mean that in a good way…


There are still really kind people in the world. There are still plenty of people in the world who care, and who are trying hard to keep their boots on the ground every day, going out into the world to try to help.

Don’t ever feel isolated, or as if you are fighting alone. That’s how they want you to feel — so that you feel powerless — but that is never how it is.

There are still really, really good people and they probably live right next door to you.

Okay. First, let me say that it is the most beautiful day here today!! It’s cool and really sunny. A blue sky with just a couple of puffy clouds. A splendid birthday, for someone born in July. Normally, my birthdays are hotter than heck and really humid. But not today. Today is glorious.

So, I’m doing some laundry and after I post this, I’m going to take the rest of the day to just relax and chill out and try not to think. The job has steadily been getting harder and harder, as more and more va x ed people are getting sick and they are coming into the store, looking for help.

Most are starting to realize that the v a x was a bad idea; they are having unsolvable health problems and their blood has actually changed. And their doctors are not helping them, and they are scared.

A rare few are still in lah-lah land, unwilling to believe it’s the va x that is causing their problems. A case in point (and I’m not making fun of her)– a very well dressed and obviously educated, older woman came in yesterday, wanting help with a sudden rash she’d gotten. She told us that she is perfectly healthy because she got the v a x so she knows she is fine, still, she has a terrible rash down her back and what can we do to help her?

As soon as I heard she was v a xed, I instinctively stood behind one of my co-workers, in an effort to shield my ovaries from the woman who was likely shedding spike proteins all over the place (and we all know now that I am a spike protein magnet, so even my co-workers start shielding me from va x ed people). Anyway, my other co-worker suggested to the woman that she might have the v a x side- effect known as the C* vid rash.

The woman insisted that it was impossible, and that she thought she was getting the rash from eating spirulina, even though she admitted that she’s been eating spirulina for 4 or 5 years and it never gave her a rash before…

Obviously, she is unwilling to believe what could really be happening, so it’s very sad. But still, it’s so frustrating to see how hypnotized some people still are.

But the ones who are waking up to what was done to them, or what they agreed to have done to themselves. Wow, that is just so emotionally exhausting, gang. I can’t even tell you. To try to help people, in any way we can, without going so far as to tell them the really bad news — that they could be dead within a few years.

So what I say instead is that I’m certain the m*li tary is working on something that will fix all this and don’t worry, we’re all in this together. You’ll get through this.

And then we send them home with NAC and encourage them to try to get a prescription to i v er me c tin.

What else can we do? It will at least help a little bit.

And the ones who are suffering, like I am, from spike proteins shed by others — wow, we get a lot of those people now. And it’s kind of awesome how well informed most of them now are. Alternative news sources are really making headway over M S M, thank god.

And that is something to really celebrate, gang. It really is.

Okay. Nick Cave sent out an RHF this morning that was a little ironic, wherein he tells a very strange story about meeting Nico, a hero of his, and how she did not disappoint! You can read it here. (And I still really, really want to believe that this v a x passport nightmare in the U K simply will not come to fruition and that it’s just some terrible, regrettable coincidence that Nick Cave & Warren Ellis announced an upcoming U K tour that requires people to adhere to C * vid restrictions.)

All things aside today, though, since it is my birthday, I laid in bed for a little bit, after reading that RHF, wondering if I had any heroes left at all that did not disappoint.

One by one, I ticked off the list of the many who have disappointed me — some of them, posthumously but hugely, like Bowie (for shamelessly ripping off Marc Boland and Iggy Pop) and John Lennon (for allegedly having a very violent temper that caused him to be abusive to women and possibly even to have caused the fatal head injury to Stu Suttcliffe).

But I realized that, even though Tom Petty had a couple of iffy years, when he was involved with Dave Stewart and made those awful videos (“Don’t Come Around Here No More” and “Last Dance With Mary Jane”), overall, I think he was a man with integrity, who fought really, really hard for the rights of the average people in the world. He went up against the Machine several times, put it all on the line, and won.

Toward the end there, he was one of the many entertainers who was invited to the White House and seems to have fallen under O b * m a’s very fake spell (I think the only one who was also invited to the White House but didn’t seem to fall for that fake O b *m a shit was Johnny Depp, but I could be wrong…)

Anyway. I think Tom Petty will remain a bona fide hero forever. I hope.

Okay. I’m gonna close this and try to enjoy my birthday!! The videos & info are below. Apparently, I am no longer allowed to embed any more binaural beats videos, so I’ll try to find some other high frequency videos for you, so that this blog isn’t just about what’s horrible in the world. Meanwhile, thanks for visiting! I love you guys. See ya.

[A few awesome men serenade me on my birthday: Harrison, Petty, Dylan, Orbison, etc.: “The End of the Line.” Enjoy!)


Below: A warning passed along by Ch * rlie W*rd:


orcs & Uruk hai army invading europe through communist spain!




Below: According to [17] the Storm Rider:

⚡️Madagascar President A n dry Ra joe lin a survives ASSASSINATION attempt, two French nationals reportedly detained.

Also, he reports on all the earthquakes. Watch out for fake climate change!!

Recent Earthquake & Today

_Magnitude 4.2 earthquake strikes near Iquique, Provincia de Iquique, Tarapaca, Chile
_Breaking: Earthquake of Magnitude 5.3 Felt in Rajasthan’s Bikaner
_Magnitude 4.3 earthquake strikes off coast near Eureka
_Kokopo, 5.4. Earthquake Papua new guinea
_Papua earthquake 5.8 felt 140 km from New Guinea
_6.1 earthquake in Panama
_Khesht, Iran 5.4 earthquake
_Nuku”alofa Tonga 5.4 Earthquake
_South Sandwich islands 5.7 Earthquake
_Tokyo Japan. 5.5 Earthquake
_Furtuna California 5.1 Earthquake
_Tristan da Cunha region 5.0 Earthquake
_191 km NE of Lospalos, Timor Leste 5.1 Earthquake
_47 km NNE of Otra Banda, Dominican 3.8 Earthquake
_28 km SSW of Mina, Nevada 4.0 Earthquake
_88 km W of Adak, Alaska 4.3 earthquake
_12km WSW of Petrolia, CA 4.3 earthquake
_south of the Kermadec Islands 4.7 Earthquake
_2 km WSW of Choco, Peru 4.1 Earthquake
_Kuril Islands 4.2 earthquakes
_7 km ENE of Asímion, Greece 4.2 earthquakes
_106 km SE of Pondaguitan, Philippines 5.2 earthquake
_141 Earthquake rattles Yellowstone National Park Over 35 Earthquakes around the world in the last hours<<<

CABLES:;;[They] are going to TRIGGER LARGE QUAKES…>>>


Below: Richard Ci ti z en Jour nal ist:

“I’ve been driving since 7 am. Since leaving Ohio weeks ago I’ve been looking at the fruited plain. Crops are everywhere. Today in California passing through Fresno I saw apples harvesting, Almonds, corn, and crops being irrigated. I’ve stopped at many stores and grocery stores. Plenty plenty of food everywhere across this nation.

“There will be people eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage all the way until the end”

Luke 17:27 “


Below: V a x victims speaking out — genocide agenda (2 mins):

Below: C D C is blatantly changing the death numbers (1 min):

Below: In case you still don’t know!! D i s n ey is all about c i a mind con tr ol ra pe tor ture of child stars! Spread the word!! (5 mins):

Below: Mirrored from Mark St e e le: Resistance is growing!! (6 mins):

Below: J * co: Tribulation times are HERE (1 hr):

Below: S t e w P e ters and Dr. McC ull ough tell it like it is: over 50K deaths in US from poison jabs (25 mnins):

Below: R * d P*l l 78 news update (27 mins):

Below: Mac All I ster TV tells it like she sees it: transhumanism (47 mins):

Below: UFO Man: Sightings in Austria (2 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at Oak Island (16 mins):

Below: “Nancy Drew” saw something weird at the White House last night (4 mins):

Below: N*no expects power moves on both sides; stay alert! (23 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Ran d P aul bringing justice(42 mins):

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