Boots On The Ground, Gang!

First, let me say that I had the best birthday, ever. I really did. I got quite a number of texts from wonderful friends and family, and a few phone calls, and a couple of actual cards that came in the mail, the old-fashioned way.

My Mexican Sundance sunflower had it’s first bloom, with a couple more ready to blossom any moment now. The hydrangea began blooming. Even the little tabby cat with the little white paws, who occasionally comes by, came by while I was out on my porch and she hung out with me for quite a while, letting me pet her and even cuddle with her. She is such a cutie. Even that really cute young blonde guy from a few doors down who has that motorcycle — he rode by and smiled.

I just felt like the whole world was stopping by to wish me a happy birthday. And the perfect weather held for the entire day and night.

Here is a photo I took while sitting on the kitchen porch, midday:

And as I had said yesterday, as soon as I finished the blog post, I took the rest of the day off. I played music instead of podcasts & videos. I didn’t want any bad news.

I did see a couple quick things on te l e g ram — either a cyber attack, or a cyber “test” for some sort of later attack, occurred yesterday. Something like 45,000 sites, worldwide went down. And it seemed to be mostly banks. Then there was also footage of just horrible flooding, all over the world. In c h * n a , especially. Terrifying stuff.

But that was all I saw and then I stopped looking for news.

(I do want to add, though, that over the weekend, Gen fl y n n warned everyone to get their money out of any banks or financial institutions connected to rot h s child. Do your homework and see who really controls your bank. I left Chase late last year and switched everything over to my small local bank. It is a headache, for sure — going from state of the art, worldwide banking, to a bank from yesteryear, but all signs indicate it’s a safer move right now.)

Anyway. Other than that stuff, I had really just a beautiful birthday. (And I had texted that selfie I took very early Sunday morning, right out of bed, uncombed hair, etc., to one of my ex-husbands. He called at 8am yesterday morning, to sing “Happy Birthday” to me and he said, “You look beautiful in that photo, you really do.” So I will regale you with my 61-year-old self again!!!)

Okay. So.


When it came time to do yoga last night, I searched for the X 2 2 R e p o rt. I love listening to him while I do yoga. I immediately saw that last night’s video was over an hour. He never does that. For him, a really long video is 52 minutes. And I thought, uh-oh.

I would recommend listening to it, gang. I am only posting 3 videos today, and 2 of them are very long.

The x 2 2 r e p ort has a lot of information that we need to focus on now. Financial, military, a u d its, and a bunch of [17] drops, to refresh our memory about where this is all heading.

Watch out for the real estate bubble, stock market volatility, and consider transferring your assets to precious metals and certain cryptos.

The other thing to watch out for is what is up with those U N/N A T O armored vehicles. They are creeping into the States already.

And what is up with the alleged man da tory va x es that are coming? (And btw, it already looks like the pushback against U K vax passport is well underway. I believe that is not going to happen.)

And why, all of the sudden, is De Santis in F L saying the va xes are good and saving people’s lives???

What the fuck is up?

Something is. You can be sure. Someone like De S an tis doesn’t throw words around lightly.

So we have to be cautious, gang, and really study all this stuff. Meaning, with our eyes and ears, and our intuition, out in the world. What is happening? What are we sensing, seeing, hearing?

Something is up.

Then, J * co had a very long chat with ju an o sa v in, which is also below. So fucking frustrating.

I tend to listen to ju an when he is on j* co’s show, but none of the others anymore. Because he talks in riddles, won’t get to the actual point, won’t come right out and say something when you know darn well he knows everything. (He does insist that tr **p will not be back in August, but will be back this year.)

Please feel free to listen to the whole video, but I’ll tell you that, in the entire 1 hour and 38 minute video, the only thing he said that I didn’t already know is that we need to be on guard for another bio weapon, folks. Right now.

And I believe this could be the thing that will trigger those who have gotten the fake vax to get really, really sick and possibly die.

We know from p a trio t str eet fighter and sa cha stone, that they are getting hit with bio weapons at some of their larger events, getting targeted by some sort of intense virus that is taking them, and most of their entourage, out for a few days at a time. This has happened to them all, twice already.

So we know this is real. It’s happening. The M S M will likely call it a var iant of C*VID, but that is bullshit, gang. This is something new, something that’s flying under the radar of “C* vid” and aiming for the respiratory system yet again.

The best I can advise everyone is to stay vigilant with all your immunity-boosting supplements and superfoods. And get NAC. (Or if you’re already filled to the brim with spike proteins, get L-Glutathione, too, and don’t forget zinc!!)

I am not compensated or endorsing anyone, but this is simply my favorite brand for N A C. There are lots of good ones out there. But get 600 mgs (500 is pictured below):

Keep in mind that the F D A has been trying to make N A C a prescription-only substance, so get it ASAP.

Also, keep in mind that a shortage of elderberries is predicted for this coming fall, so stock up on them if you can (but don’t hoard!!). Get organic elderberries, propolis, organic echinacea, local raw honey.

Then the usual D3, vitamin C, L-Lysine, and, of course, zinc.

And if you can, keep hy dro x y chl or o quine on hand, drink a shot of that, once a week. (Below: how to make it at home, 59 secs)

That’s the main thing I’m hearing right now that is starting to concern me — that a newer, stronger bio weapon is likely going to be released, or is already targeting people.

Do not get the va x. I don’t know what’s up with De S an tis, but don’t do it. That is not going to help anyone, and there is no guarantee whatsoever that you’re going to get some sort of placebo.

Okay, gang. That’s really it for today. Shit is happening, Shit is coming. And I think it’s going to get incredibly evil for a few weeks. Or at least it’s going to look that way — try to stay close to home.

Thanks for visiting. Stay alert. I love you guys. See ya.


S t e w P e t ers: Cringe-worthy market! Free online class to navigate the upcoming panic (5 mins):

J* co and ju an o sa v in (1 hr 38 mins):

X * 2 R * po r t : Unity is strength. Must listen! (1 hr 10 mins):

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