Okay, GanG, here We Go!

Wow, gang. I don’t know about you, but I am really feeling like great things are happening out there and all of it is right in front of our eyes. We just have to know in which direction to look.

(And by “great” I mean, starting to see the end of this war. And the outcome is still looking really good.)

I’ve been telling you for the last few days that I couldn’t get an accurate feel on this t a l i ban thing — it seemed rigged, or like it was solely a set up to make the fake b * den look like an incompetent (fake) pr e s i d ent so that the sleepers here in the U S would finally say enough is enough and bring on the 25 th amm en d ment.

We have to remember (if you’re old enough to, that is) that a f g h an i st an was never a U S “war”. It was only the c i a wanting to make “a killing”, as it were, off of their opium. So what are we really losing if they just want their country back? (Especially since Tr **p was on the cusp of doing just that.)

And here is a direct quote from C N N, of all places: “They’re just chanting ‘Death to America,’ but they seem friendly at the same time.”

So what’s really up with that? Obviously, I have no idea if people are really being killed there right now, or falling to their deaths because they were clinging to airplane wings in their desperation to get out. I’m guessing they are panicking, for sure. But the chaos could just be part of the “make it look like Saigon” smoke screen. Push everyone’s buttons.

This chat yesterday among Mel K, S * mon P * rkes, and Ch * rlie W* rd basically tells us all we need to know about the t a l i ba n. You wanna feel good, gang? Then listen to this! Truth bombs galore (43 mins):

And as long as we’re talking about truth bombs — check this out. The real point of the L * n dell sy m p sium. If this doesn’t excite you, gang, then nothing will: it wasn’t just a way to get lawmakers in all 50 States to finally wake up to the f r * ud (which they finally DID), but it was primarily a sting to catch the hackers who hacked the sy m p s ium, because they were also the hackers who hacked the e l * c tion. Gotcha! (15 mins):

I can’t guarantee the authenticity of these details below, gang, but I am so glad to FINALLY SEE some of the true atrocities that c u o mo is guilty of, coming to light! Not just the “surface” stuff about the nursing home deaths and the sex harassment stuff. But the depth and scope of how many thousands of New Yorkers he murdered, or had a hand in murdering, in the name of the fake c * vid plan demic, and all for MONEY.

Below: M * litary employs stealth in the ar r e st of an d rew c u o mo (4 mins):

So, it’s interesting that Aug 15th (Sunday) was allegedly the day that the U S would finally be free and clear from crooks and scoundrels in order to switch to the gold- backed Q F S… and this morning (Tuesday), most of the functions of my bank (online) ARE NOT WORKING…. a notice keeps popping up: WARNING: System failure. (And this on the heels of them having to replace my bank card, yet again, because it was “hacked”.)


And while this is also the day that I say goodbye to my final credit card — the late fees are so insurmountable on it now that I cannot afford to pay it in my wildest dreams; I also got a letter from my mortgage company saying that if I want to continue my moratorium (!!), I need to send them 2 more documents immediately.

Whoa, indeed! I had recently gotten a letter from them, with the new amount I was to start paying in September, and it was indescribably reasonable. And I mean, like, seriously reasonable. And yet, now, I still might not have to pay anything at all?

Either way, gang, this is just such a relief, and such an amazing development, that I am just so grateful to whoever is behind all of this.

In more good news!

Cave Things announces a new signed print by Nick Cave. This time it is of his all-time hero, Pastor Bob Joyce!! Oops! I mean, Elvis Presley!! Along with lyrics from Cave’s legendary song, “Tupelo.”

All right, folks. In many parts of the country and the world, the m*sk mandates are still looming large, v ax mandates are still looming large, and even martial law seems to be taking over (hardest hit seeming to be a u stra li a and now new zeal and). But this also seems to be that final hurdle of the war. It really does.

I am seeing a really bright horizon, gang. And it is so bright (to me, anyway), that it is obliterating any long-term veracity of any of this other stuff. Now, more than ever, we have to just hang in there as the sleepers all around us start to wake up and fight back. There are seriously some really good vibes in the air today, and I think we are only beginning to reap the rewards of L * n dell’s sym po siu m and all that it actually means. (It means “we caught them.” And it also means that if you were one of the culprits who has yet to be ar r e st ed, somewhere deep in the middle of the night, they are coming for you.)

Most Dangerous Special Forces Of The World. See How Your ...

Have a terrific Tuesday! I love you guys. Thanks for visiting. See ya!

[Theme from “The Sting,” 1974]


Below: “Nancy Drew” in D C. Marine definitely at the West Wing of W H and everything is looking good!! (3 mins):

Below: Tarot By Janine looks at Dr. J *l l ‘s fancy boot and f ox news stating Aug 22nd — on my phone, most of this video was blacked-out but I still got the audio (17 mins):

Below: Awaken with JP and learn about obedience: “If Authoritarians Taught Self-Help” (6 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: A Z a u di t ready to drop! Forget the ta l i ban for now, EYES ON AZ (43 mins):

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