Pray, Baby, Pray!

I don’t usually post on Saturday mornings because I need to get to the store early and open it up. (The store is 25 miles away.)

However, things are reaching a fevered pitch in a u str alia today so I wanted to get on early and update you.

Melbourne: Protestors break police lines (19 secs):

Brisbane: protestors outside govt buildings (30 secs):

Melbourne: Protesters clash with police (12 sec):

Melbourne: Police resort to mace and rubber bullets (23 secs & 1 min):

Basically, just check in with this bitchute channel because the videos are coming too fast to keep up: Free Speech Warrior

In more sad a u str ali an news: a 3rd child died from that stadium fiasco where 24,000 children were herded in and forced to get va x ed without any parental protection.

Below: S t e w p e t ers spoke with R o y al Au stra l ian Air Force Veteran, Alan Hennessy, and found out just how horrible the situation is now in a u s tr a lia (30 mins):

Below: Insane tunnel flooding last evening near wh ite house with “Nancy Drew” (8 mins):

Below: Whistleblower RN : “This is medical tyranny”. She claims the medical establishment now are mostly the “zombie apocalypse”. Must listen (U S) (28 mins):

Below: Am azing Po lly has keen insights into a f g ah ni stan and the dots she connects will blow you away (18 mins):

Below: R* d p*ll 78 Friday Night livestream : escaping Cas t o r’s c u b a (2 hrs):

Below: David N * no rod ri gu ez: Agenda is falling apart! (38 mins):

Below: X * 2 r * port: the shot herar dround the world (53 mins):

Okay, that’s it for now, gang. have a good Saturday and just pray. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

(My highway driving music from yesterday, going 90 MPH and just having a mini breakdown… Tom Petty, 1982, “Keeping Me Alive”)

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