A Breakthrough!

All right, gang. There is much going on now.

Things got really ugly with the police in Melbourne yesterday. A couple of short “recap” videos are down below.

It is interesting to note Tarot by Janine’s take on it (also below), since this is what I have been feeling, as well. Harsh as it is. Because it makes no sense whatsoever any other way. I guess it takes a whole lot to get any of the long-time “U K-influenced” people to really wake up to the situation (i.e., the monarchy is gone, commonwealth is over, everything they’ve ever been told is a lie, etc.).

The same way I feel that a f gh an istan is to wake up people in the U S who have refused to let go of their belief that b * den beats tr ***p.

Look at it logically. Why go to such boisterous extremes to blame the t a l i ban for overtaking the d**p st * te government of their own country on a criminal who has already been arr ested and e x ec uted? The man pretending to be b*den is sometimes c g i, often an actual actor. A pr e s id ent has not been living in the w hi te house since the morning tr **p left it on Jan 20.

So none of this makes any actual sense if it is not to wake more sleeping people up in the U S.

Also, by the way: British and French troops went in to escort the stranded Am er icans out of there.

(And once again, please do research on any videos or photos you are being shown and be certain you know when and from where these images are coming.)

This a f g h ani st an debacle seems to have done the trick, btw, as more and more A m er ic ans (including our troops) are finally realizing b*den is “dangerous.” (Or the actor playing out the script is showing you a “fake” version of how dangerous b*den is, because the real b* den was actually much more dangerous and much more destructive. And not just to Americans but to innocent men, women, and children all over the world.)

(And I am honestly one of those people who believes that the late H un t er b * den purposely left his laptop in a pawn shop because he finally wanted to bring that “big guy” monster down. Why else would someone like H un t er b *den be stupid enough to leave an “explosive” laptop in a pawn shop? He was ready for the torture to stop.)

Yesterday, I had to be brief because I had to get to work and I wanted to focus on a u str a lia, since it was “blowing up”, as it were. A very VERY interesting thing happened on Friday, though. The m s m and the f b i flipped their script! FINALLY. And they are hanging this new public dialogue on “b*den’s” fall from grace with the Am er ic an people because of a f g h an i st an. ( f b i publicly declaring that Jan 6 was “not planned”. Well, they have yet to point out specifically that it was not planned by the P * trio t s, but it was indeed planned by the f b i , p e lo si, and other d**p st* te players in c*n gress.)

Even though the f b i and the m s m still have a long way to go to land on something that resembles the full truth, it is the beginning, I think. It is turning around. Finally.

Ch * r lie W * rd had some very interesting things to allude to first thing this morning. The next 7 days are going to bring big changes. (Good ones!) In terms of the Q F S. And he also warns people to do the research on the m * sks and c *v id — and, consequently, the alleged need for a dangerous “v a x”.

Apparently, time is up on that, gang, and we must now move forward.

But speaking of c *v id and the spike pro t eins in the v a x. This is extremely interesting.

Remember how they have been telling us that the spike proteins are nanobots connected to artificial intelligence? And that if we get invaded by the spike proteins, it is imperative to keep our frequencies as high as possible, to focus on the best possible thoughts that we can manage right now because — we were told — the nanobots are programmed to feed on our negative frequencies. A thing I am totally willing to believe but never fully understood. (I am continuing to be plagued by spike pro teins, gang — and these are coming from others who have been v a xed, since I am an extreme anti-va x er nowadays.)

Well, check this out. It is from bluewater (video is below).

“the spike proteins attach themselves to the nano in the graphene oxide and triton and jump….Nano jumps from person to person and perhaps from person to thing to thing as well… in essence travels, ‘flies'” […] (quoting Kerry Cassidy)


“AI nano can ‘jump’ from a car engine onto a military base from anything that is electrical…a toaster a computer etc many years ago before c* vid was ever talked about” […] (quoting Mark Richards)


“they never needed everyone to take the VAX…just a critical mass…

“Nano… and AI…this is all about the human race coming to terms with dealing with the advent of nano and AI in our lives…. So learning to deal with it is major. Basically the sum of it is this: we are Telepathic and so is Nano!
Nano takes direction not just from the AI but also from US… so if the infected learn to communicate with their bodies consciously and direct the nano NOT TO CREATE INFLAMMATION OR RESPIRATORY OR OTHER ISSUES… it should obey! Assuming you keep your body away from 5G and other wireless levels including TVs… that are preprogrammed now to carry instructions to give everyone ‘c*vid’ making people receptive… prior to contact

“these people who are dying are programmed to accept and not fight the nano/spike protein combo

“they think they are ‘helpless’ and only the doctors can help them…doctors who believe in ‘viruses’ old school germ theory

“they must change their beliefs to get well”

Is that not really fascinating, gang??

So it isn’t just that we need to keep our frequencies high because the AI is pre-programmed to feed off of negative thoughts and emotions and direct the nanobots to these negative outcomes. We are also communicating our own thoughts to the nanobots telepathically.

By keeping our thought frequencies high, we are actually directing the nanobots to engage in positive outcomes.

This is like really incredible, right?

Since I am one of those people who already believes that our cells respond to our thoughts and emotions, and when left to their own intelligence, will guide us to cure all diseases naturally, without pharmaceuticals — well — there is so much to contemplate here regarding artificial intelligence getting inside of us and how to manage it.

It points to this growing belief that the “Medbeds” and the “frequency wands” will cure the v a xed (and all other diseases, but I’m primarily focusing on the va x ed right now) through the use of vibrational frequencies and not pharmaceuticals.

I’m guessing that Medbeds and wands assist the natural abilities of our cells to respond positively to high vibrational frequencies and heal (or change the vibration of) the perceived problem.

I find this extremely exciting.

Okay. In other news…

Tr **p’s rally in Ala ba ma last night was off the charts. The crowd was HUGE. I honestly could not believe how many people were there.

Photo from RSBN

I watched from the beginning, to hear all the speakers. Since this was Al a ba ma, which is deep south conservative, I don’t resonate with some of their views, but the crowd really exploded when one of the speakers suggested that everyone get onboard the elections for “2022 and 2024”. The crowd was having none of it. They wanted change NOW. Fix 20 20 !! (Which I agree with. I want the pre s i d ent who actually won 20 20 to be the pres id ent, here & now. If you don’t fix 20 20 now, then 22, 24, and anything else after that, is meaningless.)

If you missed Tr **p’s speech, you can watch it on his r um ble channel (96,674 views so far):

All right, gang. I guess that’s it for now. I’m going to enjoy my Sunday. I hope you’re doing the same, wherever you are in the world. Big changes are coming, gang. We are in the midst of them as I type!!

Okay, thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: 2 recaps of a u str a lia from yesterday: Vi c to ria police need to be held responsible; Me l bou rne police tactics (6 mins & 8 mins):

Below: 3 short updates from Ch * rlie w *rd (2 mins, 4 mins, & 3 mins):

Below: From Friday: Ch * r lie W *r d chats with Jason [17] (54 mins):

Below: If you didn’t already see this, it was so weird. From a us tr alian news show the other day, sudden sat an ic ritual pops up and no one acknowledges it. If this isn’t a white hat op, what is? ( 38 seconds):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at who is in control in au stra lia (29 mins):

Below: UFO Man livestream from Friday night (55 mins):

Below: Meditation, Binaural tones: 15 trillion HZ for happiness (1 hr):

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