Still More Boots on the ground, Baby!

Okay. I think this is going to be brief. And it’s also going to be part good, part alarming.

The alarming part first, I guess. S*mon P * rkes sent out an alert last evening to expect a bl a c k s w a n event this week from de**p st*te players — with a white hat retaliation.

This is because g e s a r a has officially arrivded in i r aq, and so let the beautiful ne sa r a/ ge s a ra games begin.

This (good) alert came late last evening from ni ch olas ven ia min:

“The Sovereign Nation State of I r a q is now a settled nation, with 1 currency. K u w a it has had their debts settled, their Agreements settled, under the World Court, in cooperation with the IMF, and the K uw a it dinar rate of $3.85 is the national rate – to start. The rate of I r a q dinar will shoot straight up like a rocket ship. It’s all happened and is now a fait accompli. Congratulations to the Sovereign People of I r a q! This happy news will be announced to the world shortly.”

So this is really great news, but likely to bring on the bl a ck sw an event. So stay alert, gang. All over the world.

Truckers in a u str a lia announce they are shutting down the country! Be prepared and have at least a week’s worth of food and supplies on hand — get that today. (If today is still today over there; I get the au str a lia n time zone difference screwed up all the time.) It’s ON!! Watch! (1 min):

And here’s a tip that one of my customers gave me on Saturday at the store. (I work in a health food store/vitamin supplement shop). I don’t usually buy powdered mixes because I prefer real food, but he told me that he keeps one of the large containers of protein powder on hand in the event of a food shortage. Each serving is a meal, and if things get bad, you can at least have one of those a day. The organic, non-GMO ones are actually loaded with amazing ingredients.

I am not endorsing SUNWARRIOR, but it is our most popular organic brand:

Sun Warrior Blend Vanilla Powder, a natural raw protein mix

Okay. Sadly, co d e mon key z posted this on tel egram today:

“The Indian Bar Association (IBA) sued W H O Chief Scientist Dr. Soumya Swaminathan on May 25, accusing her in a 71-point brief of causing the deaths of Indian citizens by misleading them about Ivermectin. […]

“Specific charges included the running of a disinformation campaign against Ivermectin and issuing statements in social and mainstream media to wrongfully influence the public against the use of Ivermectin despite the existence of large amounts of clinical data showing its profound effectiveness in both prevention and treatment of C* VID ^^ 1 9.” […]

[full article is here]

If you follow the De v o lu tion , chapter 9 has been posted and X 2 2 r e po rt goes into detail about that on last night’s video (below).

It is not happy stuff, gang. Several of the people I follow, including p * trio t str ee t fighter, are expecting the madness in this country to continue to build throughout September, and up until October 1st, when there will likely be a 60-70 point crash in the stock market and another stock market panic (to then usher in Ne sa ra). Everyone is strongly advising to get your savings out of the market and into gold and silver as soon as possible, folks. (They have been stressing this for a few months already.)

I am really hoping we don’t have another two months of this garbage to go through just to “wake people up.” V a x es, m *sks, a f ghan istan, b*den/h ar r is/pelosi charade. I am just so over it!!!

The video from Tarot by Janine (below) indicates that gitmo is indeed full. And I also saw some photos of an enormous (alleged) prison ship that is supposedly going to be permanently anchored off the coast of Florida because gitmo is so full. (We also have a prison in Honduras, and allegedly in Tiera del Fuego, and also on Diego Garcia. Lots of a r r es ts have been made, gang.)

Here in Ohio there was good news last night: the State Central Committee has decided not to endorse our g o v er nor for another term. Apparently this has never happened to an incumbent go v er nor here in Ohio before.

The next win we are seeking here is HB 248, making v a x ma nd ates for medical personnel illegal. (We already won for children and college students.)

Okay. That’s it, gang. Hang in there. I think this week is going to be kind of crazy. Again. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: J * co quick update (6 mins):

Below: UFO Man; UFO sighting over London (2 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at how to stay calm and grounded right now (22 mins):

Below: “Nancy Drew” revisits the flooding manhole in D C (3m ins):

Below: This was so cool!!! Coast to Coast AM chats with author whose 4-year-old son has vivid recall of building the railroad in Wyoming in 1800s, and being on the Titanic when it sank in 1912 (15 mins):

Below: UFO Man Saturday night livestream chats with Kerry Cassidy! A good way to learn the background of UFO Man and Tommy Highway and what they believe (1 hr 22 mins):

Below: Judge issues gag order after investigating 28 pedo philes in a us tr alian parlia ment (4 mins):

Below: Advice to aussie truckers on how to keep your truck from being moved or towed away! (34 secs):

Below: A look at Leicester U K this morning! (3 mins):

Below: X * 2 r * port: D ev o lu tion part 9 (1 hr):

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