Here Comes that Weekend!!

Okay, gang. It is almost here.

The 20th anniversary of 9 1 1 , as well as the expiration of the e x ec t u ti ve order for 9 12.

S *mon P * r kes has sent out a general warning to all of U S :

“Do not attend any outside gatherings or indoor functions where the public are not searched. Particularly on September 11th, but also during the weekend.”

So be safe, gang, if you live State-side.

There has been all kinds of good news worldwide regarding the revaluation of currencies and the Q F S. Here is a terrific news update, in general, but it has other stuff besides market news (37 mins):

Ch*r lie W *r d also had a news roundup this morning (25 mins):

And ni ch o las ven ia min and alan fount ain chatted about the de v o lution end game (35 mins):

Overall, gang, there is still plenty of bad news, if you’re looking for it (v a x, weather, upcoming sa t ani c holidays for child r * pe and sa cr ifice). But I am still standing by my gut feeling that we are in the light at the end of the tunnel now.

Still stay alert and question everything — if things look “unbelievable” then we need to ask ourselves what might be at play underneath that. The fog of war is lifting but there is still a war going on, all over the world. Especially, keep your eye on children and report anything suspicious.

Don’t forget that Nick Cave & Warren Ellis continue their tour of Carnage tonight in Blackpool! 7pm at the Opera House, buy tickets here!

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis is Nottingham

Of course, there are now rumors all over the place that the UK is going into another total l* ck d *wn. As well as an imminent v ax pass port man date. Who knows if this is true. Could be related to oper a tion lon don bridge and finally announcing that queen eliz a beth is dead. We shall see. But I hope nothing happens to disrupt the Carnage tour!!

Neg 4 8 is not only everywhere but is now stepping away (slightly) from being j f k jr. But oddly enough, now his still-alive siblings are all over te le g ram, including the long-thought-dead a r a bella k enne dy.

The timing of all this is just too peculiar, gang, so I’m still kinda thinking he’s j f k jr. But we’ll see. Meanwhile, see what you think of this. It’s interesting — how it’s trying to wake people up to his not being dead, but we still have a legally elected pres i d ent out there:

Also, here’s a roundtable from last night with Neg 4 8, Ch *r lie W *rd, Sabrina, et al. It was extremely interesting. I’m not sure where I stand on the whole Jesus Strand stuff. Readers of this blog know that I ardently follow Jesus, that I went to Divinity School, am an ordained minister, but that I do believe that Jesus of Nazareth was a man, first and foremost. I do believe in the Talpiot Tombs — that it was the resting place of Jesus and his family, including his brothers, his wife, one infant child, and his mother. I believe in the Jesus Dynasty and that Jesus was married to a highly regarded woman named Mariamne — who I believe was Mary Magdalene. And I believe that they had other children that lived.

I also believe Paul was way too connected to the Herodians and the Romans and that he helped shape a Pagan version of Christ’s life that wasn’t actually the life Jesus of Nazareth lived while on Earth.

Whether or not Jesus’s lineage includes Abraham Lincoln and then two of the original Kennedy brothers — I don’t know. We shall see, gang. There are certainly a whole lot of coincidences to consider. Meanwhile (1 hr):

There was also this. Similar to the above chat, but much more in depth (2 hrs):

I also think it’s very interesting that Tom Num bers is suddenly in D C for the 9 11 weekend… especially considering how difficult it is to fly right now between UK and US because of the v a x situation. Is he there to meet up with Neg 4 8?? (The man who is maybe not j f k jr?? Hmmmm….)

Speaking of D C, “Nancy Drew” had footage yesterday of the W H getting really spruced up!!! Fountain on, lawn looking good, surrounding roads fixed and looking great. US Marine guarding the door (4 mins):

And she also said that the Annapolis parking lot was suddenly filled with cars (2 mins):

St ew p e t ers had a chat with gen mich ael flynn (remember, he’s m* litary, gang, so don’t expect him to tell you what’s really going on until this war is over) (42 mins):

Tr **p announces more rallies(3 mins):

Ele c tion in tegrity is law in TX (3 mins):

Some senators are now calling for the arrest of Faux chi. Not sure why they waited this long, since the guy is already under arrest. Maybe even e x e c uted…

And get ready for ho w ard st ern to head to gitmo. Possibly. They are now demonizing him because of his views on the un v a x ed, and this is usually a signal that this “news-casting personality ” is loathsome and we’re supposed to hate him (or her) now. Which usually also means they might already be at gitmo. Or tiera del fuego. Honduras, Etc.

We’ll see.

Sadly, Bob Dylan is now being accused of drugging and raping a 12-year-old girl in 1965. We’ll see how that goes. But his medal of honor from o b am a and his nobel prize are going to seem highly suspect again. Which sucks. We’ll see.

Okay. I gotta scoot, gang. Here is the x 2 2 r e p or t from last night. Have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

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