How’s That New Timeline Working Out For You??

I don’t know, gang, is it just me — or do you feel like we’ve jumped onto yet another new timeline??

Everything just feels so fucking different today. And I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. But on we go, right?


The victorious K im j * ng u n tells UNICEF that they can take their effing c*vid va x e s and, well, let’s say “deliver them instead to nations low in supply with surging cases,” because he’s fighting the scam de mic in his own style.


Kremlin says Kim Jong Un will visit Russia this month - POLITICO


Here in the lofty U S for A, the C D C has now declared that anyone who dies within 2 weeks of receiving the va x, has not died from the vax.

After all, they have until December (when the P C R goes bye-bye and they have to start using a test that actually tells you something) to convince us that only the un- va x ed are at risk here. The v a x ed are completely not dying all over the place. So, in order to make that seem even remotely true, they have to constantly — well, lie.

Good luck with that. Here on this new timeline, nobody gets away with anything.

In West Virginia, fully va xe d cases, deaths and hospitalizations are up 26% over the last 8 weeks (1 min):

More allegedly v a x ed pilots are stroking out midair and/or dying, worldwide. Fly the friendly skies, baby (8 mins):

Police in South Kensington U K are off the charts insane this morning; they attempted to barricade thousands of protestors in the underground (subway) station and what do you suppose happened? (1 min):

Hey, nothing like good old-fashioned funny TV (Masonic blood ritual on S N L) (3 mins):

A new song in London and it’s quite catchy (1 min):

In honor of Kool Aid drinkers everywhere: The C* vidian C*lt (5 mins):

Oh, and the P M of Japan stepped down, so that’s good news. How many does this make, worldwide, gang? Too many to count…

Oh, and the aus s ie truckers were successful.:

“Aussie Truckers Victorious: South Australia Drops Mandatory Jab For Interstate Drivers Following Blockade Protest

“Australian truck drivers threatened a strike with a blockade on August 31 and actually engaged in a brief one on the 30th on the Queensland border, along with huge numbers of people protesting the unlawful mandates that truck drivers should get at least one of the unsafe and inefficient C* VID shots.  This is a pretty big victory, as South Australian government has backpeddled on their mandate, which just shows you they are not holding all the cards.  The people are holding them because they truly have the power not only to stop that, but to bring the tyrants trying to mandate such things to justice.” [full article here]

“Nancy Drew” had a strange D C update yesterday: “Something about Sleepy Joe-And German Accent?” (2 mins):

Sadly, champion boxer Oscar de la Hoya gets fully v a x ed and is now hospitalized with c * vid (22 seconds):

Victory: U K bans c * vid va x for children under 16, and E U bans the boosters! (7 mins):

Cuo m o’s tr i bunal has allegedly been scheduled for Sept 20! (2mins):

Ch * r lie W *r d, Jason [17], S * mon P * rkes (50 mins):

Ni ch o las V en ia min and S *ch a St *ne (39 mins):

X * 2 r * port: z e r o day (53 mins):

Well, here in the Hinterlands, I am once again astounded by the people I love. I spend 8 hours a day in a tiny health food/supplements store in the middle of nowhere, trying to help more and more and more v a xed farmers and rural people survive that v a x without going into the murder palaceoops! I meant, hospital. It’s exhausting. I am finally in another time of respite, though, where the spike proteins that invaded my own body are now thoroughly dead (again). That’s exhausting, too, gang — trying to stay on top of that. It took ten weeks of HCQ and i ver mec tin and pine needle tea and dandelion leaf extract because they kept coming back every time v a xed customers kept coming back.

Then I woke up at 3am yesterday morning with the profound sense that my mother was fully va x ed now and that I needed to send her the Zel en ko protocol supplements plus N A C, ASAP, only to discover, when I called her at a more reasonable hour in the morning, that it was fucking true. How could my family allow her to get that fucking v ax?

Free will, baby. Free will.

I am just beside myself, gang.

But off to the post office I went with all the supplements (and the recipe to make H C Q), because even though I can’t afford it, she can’t afford it, either.

My beloved birth mom, as a wee bonny lass.

Okay, so now I have to try to take care of my mother as well as myself (and 7 cats) on the smallest amount of $$$ that you can possibly imagine. Most days, I lose the thrill of living, gang. I seriously do. But on we go.

Don’t forget, tonight in Croydon, UK, at 7:30pm, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis continue their Carnage tour. I believe it is already sold out, though.

Okay, gang. I gotta scoot and head out to work!! I am gonna be late.

If you live Stateside, enjoy your Labor Day weekend!! If you live elsewhere, enjoy your Saturday, and thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

Breakfast-listening music!! Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers “Rebels” 1985

The News is Oddly the Same

Okay, gang. It is getting a little ominous.

Aside from a p f * zer lab burning to the ground in Madrid, Spain (yay!), and horrible Hurricane Ida- related flooding in NY that wiped out the offices of pr o jec t v er i tas, there is not much new news.

But we are still expecting some sort of f *lse fl * g or black sw an event at any moment, so stay alert and, as always, question everything.

And remember to stay out of D C on 9/11. That is a definite f*lase fl*g trap for P * triots!!

The news has shifted away from a f gha ni stan and is now back to focusing on the A Z audit results — a couple of those auditor guys had that bio weapon attack, more affectionately known as c * vid. But they are back on track and all is moving forward there again.

This is a map of how the trucker blockade in a u st r alia is going! Apparently, they have all the main roads shut down. Red dots were “police incidents”.

The other news, of course, is that — in the event you hadn’t heard — the m R N A “v a x” is another bio we a p on and is “extremely dangerous”. But seriously… There are nothing but endless horrific videos about that, gang. I’m going to stop posting them, because they only get worse and worse. Although they estimate that 80% of the v a x e s are placebos, please DO NOT tempt fate. Do not get the v a x… do not get the booster. (And an update on the recalled M o d er n a va x in Japan: now 1.63 million doses have been recalled due to “contaminated vials.”) (Hey, can’t we go ahead and contaminate everything and just recall the whole darn world?? Hmmm… I’ll check into that!)

I am really hard-pressed to give you more concrete news than that today. Videos are, of course, below.

Meanwhile, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis launched their Carnage tour in Poole, England last night! One fan posted a really cool review of it on Instagram last night. This is part of that review (I don’t know the actual name of the guy that wrote it):

And a couple of photos from Instagram, as well:

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis in Poole, UK 9/2/21
Nick Cave in Poole, UK 9/2/21

I don’t know who the photographers were. Sorry.

The next show is tomorrow night, in Croydon, England.

All right. So.

Here, the weather is simply beyond perfect. I can’t even tell you, gang! it is just so amazing, after those many days of heavy rain, high heat, and about 90% humidity… All of it is gone now. The nights are cool and clear, the days are sunny and mild. Perfect weather for sitting out on the kitchen porch, staring at the flowers and/or thinking about stuff!

That said, life is still pretty darn stressful around here. Depending on the financial situation in this country, I am now planning to take early retirement next summer. Between that and working at the store, I should be able to survive. (Yes! I need to retire in order to be able to afford to work! If you think that I’m over this already, gang, you’d be right!)

And on anther sad note — my absolute favorite summer PJs have now bitten the dust! But I refuse to throw them out. I will continue to wear them until it is officially Fall, which is in about 3 weeks. Seriously, they are so full of holes now, it is ridiculous, and the fabric is so thin now, I can’t mend them. But I really love these cotton pajamas. I have worn them for 5 summers in a row and they have such great memories for me now. I might actually press them into a scrap book rather than throw them out!! Luckily, the online company I buy them from, always has more. So I will buy a new pair for next summer. But still…(heavy sigh) sp sad to see them go.

This is what they look like!

100% cotton, from India

Okay, on that cheery note!! Have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: “Nancy Drew” D C update (6 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks t a f g h an i stan: done on purpose? Absolutely! (17 mins):

Below: P * triot Stree t fighter intel update (1 hr):

Below: c ir st en w news update (38 mins):

Below: Mi cha el J * co’s update from 2 days ago (32 mins):

Below: No illegal immigrants in Poland!! “If you import a 3rd world country, you get a 3rd world country!” (3 mins):

Below: M ark S t e e l e: Update on I s r a el and the va x b oo sters (5 mins):

Below: Watch Al e x Jones take i ver me ctin — and survive!! (19 mins):

Below: The Salty Cracker: CA an ti f a teacher now fears for his safety (9 mins):

Below: X * 2 r * port: We are here for a reason (52 mins):

Oh, For Heaven’s Sake!

Okay, gang. Here we are again. Obfuscation on all sides!

If you have been listening to any of the many videos featuring our beloved ju an o s a vin over the last couple of days, you are probably: a) thoroughly disgusted with everything that’s important to you in this movement; b) 100% certain now that r o be rt d a vi d s te el e was an evil man who was likely taken out by the white hats; and c) really wishing you could listen to Ne g a tive 4 8 all the fucking time!!


So. By yesterday, we had ge ne d e code assuring us RDS was alive. Ch* r lie w * rd assuring us RDS was alive. Even Tarot by Janine weighed in on Beyond Mystic with the cards, which said RDS was alive (and likely under ar r est at gitmo). We have already had several days of p * trio t str eet fighter basically saying nothing — always bringing the storyline back to the recent death of his own father. We have S * sha St *ne being so dismissive it was dumbfounding: “Divine geometry.” We had the true expressions of loss from Sean St *ne, N*no, Nicholas Ven iamin.

And then we had ju an o s a v in yesterday morning (or Tuesday night, really), trying to dismiss it all by adding his convoluted bullshit weirdness about double pneumonia and how intubation will then basically kill the patient and it happens to people all the time… (I am hugely paraphrasing.)

We saw that same thing with j u an and the pancaking apartment, surf side, in Miami, when he said “that kind of structural thing happens to buildings all the time, all over the world.”

Well, um. No.

But when he pipes in with that weird ass stuff, it can only mean the white hats are trying to get you to look in another direction.

So when ju an said that weirdness yesterday about double pneumonia and how basically everybody always dies from that intubation, etc., etc. It was so insane, out of left field and off-point, that it sounded like huge bells & whistles to me. And so I decided that it was likely true that white hats took RDS out in some way.

I didn’t follow RDS so I did not know any of the particulars with his career. What little I knew, did not resonate with me, so I steered clear of him. Although I did feel like those books he published online were incredible, though. For one thing, they really opened my eyes about the V at i c an.


If you listened to ch * rlie w*rd, Pryme Mini ster, Negative 48 and ju an last night, you probably now know the current version of the truth about RDS: that he was a bad guy who changed his tune and did some really good things at the end, re: bringing light to sa t anic child s * x tra ff icking, but that he “found Christ” the other day and then died.

So he’s either on gitmo for the rest of his life, or he’s already been exe c uted for past crimes.

Either way, I think Jesus would feel really warm & cuddly inside, knowing that “finding him” before you die is now synonymous with hidden ar r est s and/or possible e x e cu tions…

But I digress. Back to the aforementioned video…

Ju a n’s comments throughout were so maddening, that honestly, I was on the verge of leaving the movement altogether. So many lies and obfuscations on all sides now. Just mountains of it. Heaps of it. They are just piling it high now.

I realize it’s war and that its the Art of War and that it’s the art of encoding and of secrets and of playing chess. But I’m just really, really tired of it. It feels like any time you get close to something that might be actual news (or intel) right now, another good guy comes by with a huge pile of words to stamp out that train of thought entirely. (Small example: On a video with J*co, cir sten w, and g e ne d e c ode yesterday, cir sten releases some intel about “the 13th – 18th of September” and before she could say another word, J * co piped in with “I’m hearing this will all be done by the end of December. What do you hear, Gene?” And then it was sort of case closed; we never got to hear what cir sten’s intel was. And frankly, I’d rather know that something really interesting was happening in 2 weeks, rather than hearing that all this garbage is gonna drag on until the end of the year.) (I know it’s war; but can’t we get a little peanut now and then just for morale?)

And all of that digression is a round-about way of saying: How come ju an made every conceivable effort imaginable to cut off every single thing Ne g at ive 4 8 was trying to say in that video last night???

Methinks it’s curious, indeed!

For instance, when neg 4 8 was implying m i cha el j* ck son was still alive, ju an jumped in with the most amazing gobbledy-gook from the Bible that you’ve ever heard, and which was in no way related to m i cha el ja ck son at all. Dead or alive.

That happened every time Neg 4 8 tried to speak. So, that, to me spoke volumes and only made me want to hear Neg 4 8 a whole lot more.

And early on in the video, Neg 4 8 said “let’s face it, Joe’s shot,” which can be construed as “B* den’s mind is gone now; he’s played out.” But which probably really says that the real b * den has already been executed by a firing squad. Wouldn’t you rather listen to that then jump into some more weird non sequiturs about the Bible?

I know I would.

And at another point, Ne g 4 8 was once again going into that stuff about j f k, j e s us and a “resurrection” of sorts (meaning: j f k didn’t die in the hospital in Dallas, but was brought out of a coma 4 days later, and went into hiding and is still alive today.) At that point, ju an literally cut him off and jumped in with stuff about time zones and clocks and Big Ben and sundials… etc., etc., etc.

You decide, gang. Does that make any sense to you whatsoever?

I’ll tell you; I was really at that point where I was ready to just walk away from the movement, go back to what life I have left and just let it all play out around me and stop giving a shit. I get so tired of obfuscation and lies, on all sides. But then early this morning, at my kitchen table, I was doing my daily journaling with my Inner Being and the forefathers came through again, unexpectedly, and said, “We are all here. We understand your frustration. Infuse joy into the Message and it will help not only you but ALL .”

And so on we go, gang. On we go!

And here it is an absolutely stunning morning! Cool, sunny, full of hope. So I’m going to get started on the laundry and try to have a really beautiful day. You do the same, wherever you are in the world! (Perhaps minus the laundry part.)

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. Videos are below. See ya!

And don’t forget tonight, gang! Live in Poole, England! Nick Cave & Warren Ellis kick off the Carnage tour!


Below: You might want to listen to this and listen just below the message. A word to the wise is usually sufficient, gang. Does the G O P really respect women? (1 min):

Below: P atr io t str eet f igh ter and nich o las ven ia min (40 mins):

Below: 27 U S Air Force pilots resign over v ax ma nd ates. Awesome! Say goodbye to the d**p st*te a ir for ce… (3 mins):

Below: Ch * rlie W *rd, Juan o sa vin, Prym e Mi ni ster, Negative 48 (1 hr):

Below: J *co, gen e de code, cir sten w (1 hr):

Below: cir sten’s intel (40 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 78 (actual) news update (22 mins):

Below: “Nancy Drew” update in D C (5 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine and Jean-Claude; Beyond Mystic livestream (1 hr):

Below: David n * no ro d ri guez, the end of the beginning (36 mins):

Answered Prayers!

Well, almost…

Ra ch el ma d cow had her contract with ms n b c — well, not really cancelled. Just highly re-arranged. A year from this October (assuming she stays out of gitmo) she goes down to a once-a-month show, but for a lot more money: a reported $30 million to appear once a month.

I’m guessing that when m s m disappears from the face of the planet (we can only hope that it will happen ANY DAY NOW —please!), that $30 million won’t even buy her a cup of joe at gitmo, but we shall see!! (5 mins):

Before I forget….

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis begin their Carnage U K tour tomorrow night, in Poole, England at the Lighthouse Centre for the Arts. I think there are limited tickets still available. (I have looked over the venue’s website and they don’t seem to have any specific C *vid mandates in place, just that you need a photo ID to get in (I’m guessing you also get to vote for the U S President if you bring your photo ID….) (Oh wait!! You usually don’t need a photo ID to vote for a U S President. You only need the ID to get into a concert,….)

All right.

So if you’ve been following the back channel reports on a f g h ani stan, it does really seem — as we have suspected — that the t a li ban is working with Allied forces, gang. They did liberate af gha ni stan (and not overnight but, apparently, county by county, until it was time t go in k * bul).

The d**p st * te govt is gone now and the bombs, attacks, etc., are indeed coming from is s is k, which is d ** p st* te C I A, Yes. Americans. But not Allied forces. And apparently the opium fields have already been burned away and will no longer be the bane of the existence of af g h an i stan. But — oops! — this will help to bankrupt b*g ph * rma’s once-massively lucrative opioid monopoly.

What the heck are they gonna do?

Who fucking cares….

Special forces, both current and retired, are working with Allied forces in a f gh a ni st an. So, yes, people are dying, and rogue Americans are involved in causing that. It is not the t a l i ban.

Really, gang — when will they get rid of m s m? This is just getting almost too hard to stomach for another minute. They cause so much misinformation, disinformation, danger, garbage, death. Get rid of that fucking m s m already and people would simply have to wake up.

At the very least, they would have to scramble to find their news somewhere else and — voila! — they will at long last find the actual news. Maybe even take off their fucking m * sks.


So. P r o ject ver i tas released another video yesterday that absolutely turned my stomach. The video went beyond viral, of course, so maybe you already saw it: G a bri el G i p e, a Sacramento CA high school teacher, discusses how he turns his students into communists/an ti fa/ fa scists (hidden camera) (10 mins):

The local schoolboard responded early yesterday that it is aware of the video and is “looking into it”.

And this little bit of good news came by way of the Br igh t eon podcast:

“The resistance begins now – Global non-compliance movement launched.

“All around the world, informed, passionate citizens are rising up against medical tyranny, from the truckers in Australia to peaceful protesters in France, the UK and Canada. In the United States, the Tea Party P* trio ts have announced protests in 60 cities.

“The people of the world are increasingly realizing the plan demic was a malicious scam to mass murder innocent people while enslaving the people under tyrannical government rule. People are waking up like never before, and they’ve seen people they know and love killed by the c* vid v a x (or the traumatic lockdowns). We are now seeing the beginning of the peaceful uprising against medical tyranny, and a true sleeping giant has been awakened.”

The video they are referring to is this one (48 mins):

There is also some sort of f a sl e f l * g pro test being planned for D C that is a trap. Refer to X 2 2 r e p o rt below for details. Do not attend!

D a vid N * no ro dr igu ez and j u a n o sa vin paid tribute to ro bert d a vid st e e le (sort of) & other stuff (1 hr 17 mins):

“Nancy Drew” had two videos from D C (both around 2 mins):

A quick UFO sighting on UFO Man (1 min 44 seconds):

Tarot by Janine looks at Rods of God (16 mins):

Se an S ton e and ju an o s a vin ( ju an talks circles again — hiding hiding hiding the real information — but at least it’s something): Death of R D S and his “Best Kept Secret” (1 hr):

Always enjoyable! Real R aw News presents Day 2 of the alleged tribunal of pe do b * l l g * tes (6 mins):

X * 2 r * port: Stay alert. Be vigilant (1 hr):

Okay, gang. That’s it for today. I am getting really, really fed up with this m * ck ing bir d med ia on ALL SIDES. It is getting next to impossible to discern the actual news right now. The best bet is to stand back, look at the surrounding facts from recent events and ignore what most people are saying today.

And then onward, right?

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys, See ya!