Days of Thanksgiving Just Ahead!

So. Yesterday saw rolling internet outages and banking outages all over the world.

This is allegedly to enable Starlink internet and satellite to hook up but honestly I don’t know if that’s true. But what seems clear is that the outages are pre-planned white hat ops.


Today, I want to start with M * ke L *n de l l, the various state Attorneys General, and the U S Su p re me court case to decertify the 20 20 el e c tion, which was filed yesterday.

Beginning tomorrow (Thanksgiving here in the U S), through Sunday, M *ke will be livestreaming on F r a nk s s p ee ch. This will be a complete, step by step look at his case, including many of the lawyers who helped write the complaint.

This will detail all of the el e c tion fr au d, country-wide, and why the e le c tion results need to be decertified.

From the War Room yesterday (8 mins):

On Co de Mo nk ey Z’s tele gram channel, you can download L * n de l l’s S C O TUS complaint. It is 82 pages:

“It’s addressed in a way that allows any state AG to sign on.

“It includes complaints against machine fraud, vote flipping, unconstitutional voting procedures, and includes exhibits from Dr. Shiva, Jovan Pullitzer and others.

“To be clear this is just the complaint so it will be HIGHLY fascinating to see the exhibits once they become available but all in all, this is a very solid complaint with great detail and documentation.”


U S Fr e e dom Fl yers, the organization representing airline pilots and airline personnel fighting the v a x mandates, has filed their lawsuit.

Lawsuit Alleges Glaring Federal Overreach Which Threatens Critical Supply-Chain and Transportation Industries

“Health Freedom Defense Fund and US Freedom Flyers filed suit (Case 8:21-cv-02738) in US District Court against Jo se ph B* den and the federal government challenging B* den’s desperately overreaching executive order mandating C* VID ^^ 19 injections for employees of all federal contractors and subcontractors. The suit alleges, among other things, that “the President arrogated to himself general police powers over the lives of millions of people, which are contemplated by neither the Constitution nor any Act of Congress.” 

“[…] the Executive Order’s purported purpose to “decrease worker absence, reduce labor costs, and improve efficiency of [Federal Government] contractors and subcontractors” the mandate will likely have the opposite effect by forcing the termination of thousands of essential workers from critical supply-chain and transportation industries that are already over-stressed. As the country emerges from the C* VID ^^ 19 crisis, a serious workforce shortage has already wreaked havoc on the airline industry, resulting in hundreds if not thousands of flight cancellations. Empty shelves, a sight once reserved for times of natural disaster, are now a new reality for Americans throughout the nation. B * den’s mandate and resulting guidance from OMB and the FAR Council come at perhaps the worst possible time in our nation’s history, threatening to exacerbate an already-critical situation going into the holiday season.

“Further, the lawsuit alleges that as we have been living with C* VID^^ 19 for at least 18 months, no “urgent and compelling” circumstances justified issuing an intrusive, government-wide procurement regulation on contractor employee health, let alone without notice and comment…”


Good news for A u ss ies:

Daniel Andrews’ government thrown into disarray after three MP’s quit

“Daniel Andrews’ government has been rocked by a mass exodus that has seen three key MPs quit the Victorian parliament on the same day. 

“The Victorian Labor Party has been thrown into disarray after three parliamentarians threw in the towel on Wednesday.  

“Altona MP and former Attorney-General Jill Hennessy, Yan Yean MP Danielle Green and Ringwood MP Dustin Halse have advised they will not be seeking re-election. ” [full article here]


Good news for others (keep in mind that “testing positive for C * VID usually means an arrest is underway). From RT News:

Top EU ministers in quarantine over positive C* vid test

“French PM Jean Castex has tested positive for C* vid ^^19 after returning from a trip to Belgium. Five Belgian ministers, including PM Alexander De Croo, have self-quarantined as a precaution as well.

“Castex, who is fully vaccinated, announced on Monday that he tested positive for the virus. He will be quarantined for 10 days but continue to work, his office said in a statement.”


Great news for Barbados:

A new republic is born: Barbados celebrates ditching Britain’s queen

“Barbados, a former British colony, will next week ditch Queen Elizabeth as head of state, breaking its last remaining imperial bonds with Britain nearly 400 years since the first English ship arrived at the Caribbean island.

“Barbados casts the removal of Elizabeth II, who is queen of Barbados and 15 other realms including the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and Jamaica, as a sign of confidence and a way to finally break with the demons of its colonial history.” [full article here]


Good news for the rest of us!

Over at Cave Things, Black Friday starts early! Beginning today, and lasting until November 30th, many items are on sale!

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You can start shopping HERE!


Okay. That’s it for today, gang.

If you live State-side, have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow!! And if you live anywhere else in the world, have a truly wonderful day.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

And I leave you with a lovely new film soundtrack from Nick Cave & Warren Ellis: “We Are Not Alone (La Panthère des Neiges)”


Lots of money moving, worldwide! It’s happening, gang. Restored Republic news update (17 mins):

Sh ar i Ra ye’s news update (35 mins):

Limitless Creator: Abraham Hicks — Let Your Desires In (9 mins):

Source Directives new frequency download (play near water then drink the water): TARGETED INDIVIDUAL SANITY RESTORATION & ATTACK PROTECTION SESSION (RELIEF FROM GANGSTALKING) (4 hrs):


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