Wow! Hunker Down & Prepare!

I know. My 4th post of the day. When do I ever do that?

But Phil’s livestream was amazing. And he corroborated what Simon Parkes announced earlier today:

All of the main “truthers” will be going silent for at least the next 3 days.

Which, I’m guessing means that there won’t be much for me to report on, gang. A holiday, of sorts?

Maybe “holiday” will be the wrong word for it.

Anyway. Phil said to “hunker down & prepare.” Ominous, indeed.

And the final act — within the next 30-45 days: Trump will be back in the “White House,” which will likely be a different White House. Not DC.

Phil also warned us to expect some type of major confusion to start happening here very soon, and that could last a week or two. So if we start to see some seriously strange events causing confusion in the mainstream news — I think it will be best for us to ignore it all. And just let it play out. Because clarity will come, followed by major panic among the elites.

You can listen to Phil’s replay on rumble — most likely before morning. And the replay is probably already on DLive, which is where I watched it, live.

Phil also recommended re-watching “V” for Vendetta, and the movie Snowden — for obvious reasons.

Okay! Sleep tight, gang! I might be on here only sporadically for the next 3 days.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

Very Interesting, Indeed!

Simon Parkes had this very curious update this afternoon:

Taking A Few Days Off…

I am taking a few days off while a few things play out on the world stage 🙂

The Dinar Chronicles will also be on vacation for a few days.

Some of your favourite intel providers have quite by chance also booked their vacation same time as me.

I look forward to re – connecting in a few days.”

Wonder what’s up, gang? Hmmmm.

Also, Phil is going live at 7pm tonight, Eastern Time. Watch him on Rumble or DLive.

From his channel today:

“NSA in full control.

If there were no White House administration right now, it wouldn’t matter.

The NSA and FEMA have been running our country since January of 2021.

More to come on this topic in tonight’s Live

You better buckle up.”

Oops! Almost Forgot!!

Two happy things from yesterday that I just loved, gang.

Dana Petty shared this yesterday, on her birthday –a birthday card she received from Tom a long time ago. (Dana was Tom Petty’s second wife, they were married until he died.)

And my favorite poet, Frank O’Hara, in the Sculpture Garden at MoMA in NYC, a long time ago. (I know this garden and these sculptures very very very well. I worked part-time at MoMA for 9 years, in the 1980s.)

And that’s it!!! Enjoy your day, gang! See ya!

A Day in the Life!

Okay, gang. Welcome to Thursday. The shift in focus that I’ve been blogging about lately indeed seems permanent.

On one level, it seems like absolutely everything is a psy-op right now — from all these enforced “shortages,” to putting all these fake body doubles right in everyone’s faces (i.e. Bush on Iraq — oops! he meant Ukraine, etc.) and from Johnny Depp’s trial, all the way up to the Durham- Sussman thing.

For instance — from Tracy Beanz:

“I have a COMPLETELY different take on this. This happens all the time, just usually on objection and not in a motion. That leads me a few ways.

  1. Do you think for a second that Mark Elias, the democrats #1 henchman and skilled trial attorney, didn’t know that he wasn’t supposed to say what he said when he asked replied “ask him” FOUR times?
  2. Do you think that Durham didn’t know that you shouldn’t ignore a sustained objection THREE TIMES?
  3. How do you think the judge will rule?”

(In my opinion, that’ s a big “well, hmmm….” right?)

But on another level — I guess that level where people are awake — everything, absolutely everything, feels really exciting right now. Almost as if we have even had some closure here, lately.

I hope you are experiencing your life at that level, gang.


From Simon Parkes — a link to this video: NESARA GESARA Global Reset Simply Explained (10 mins):


And I don’t remember if I posted about this or not — one of the customers at the store bought the Terahertz Frequency Wand and brought it in last week to show it to us and to let us try it. It was incredible, gang! It really works!!

I don’t suffer from any type of chronic pain, but one of my co-workers does. And from less than 2 minutes of having the terahertz frequency wand blowing on the arthritic joints in one of her fingers — the pain went away for about 6 hours.

With me, I just breathed the air up into my sinuses for less than a minute and it sort of “lit up” the whole inside of my head and also made my skin look incredible. Glowing. It lasted through the following day.

This new medical technology is going to be such a blessing. It will change everything.

Nicholas Veniamin chats with John Baxter and Sean Callahan about the Terahertz Wand Technology (33 mins0:


Nancy Drew” was in DC yesterday and saw something big going on behind the Supreme Court:

“12pm. Currently parked, within the metal gates, behind the Supreme Court. Woah….thats an awful lot Federal Protective Service agents, amongst others. Whats going on in there today? 🤔🧐”

She also linked to this over at Breitbart:


Phil did not do a livestream last night, but will be live at 7pm EDT tonight. Check his channel for updates later. Or follow Phil Godlewski on Rumble or DLive to get automatic alerts whenever he goes live.


From Ultra Pepe Lives Matter:

“Elon Musk has left the D party.
Q himself said you are watching the systematic destruction of the old guard and the end of D party.”

And also, he posted a shot of that billboard in Times Square that Kash promised:

“Times Square today. Patriots are on the offensive. It’s time to red pill the world!”


From Ezra A Cohen yesterday:

“Panic at the DNC.

End of the Democrat Party


The Bird Sang

Climate change doesn’t exist in Guantanamo Bay.”


From Dr Reiner Fuellmich — the 7th Session of the Grand Jury Proceedings:

7th session of the Grand Jury Proceedings
Court of Public Opinion

Topic: Psychology & Propaganda

May 19 – 11:00 a.m. CDT 🇺🇸
May 19 – 5:00 p.m. BST 🇬🇧
May 20 – 2 a.m. AEST 🇦🇺

A group of intern. attorneys and a judge are conducting a criminal investigation modeled on the grand jury proceedings to present to the public all available evidence of past crimes against humanity related to Covid-19 of the “leaders, organizers, instigators, and accomplices” who assisted in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic. This investigation is of the people, by the people, and for the people, so YOU can be part of the jury.

By presenting a complete picture of the factual situation, including the geopolitical and historical background, the trial aims to raise awareness of the collapse of the current hijacked system and its institutions.”

Go HERE for links to the livestream, or follow on DLIVE.


World Freedom Declaration
by Health Freedom Defense Fund

“We, the undersigned, oppose the proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR), an attempt to implement the public health equivalent of a “one-world government” in violation of individual nations’ and citizens’ inalienable rights and sovereignty.”

[link to Declaration]


Crimes Against Humanity Tour
Next stop: Houston, TX

🗓 Saturday, May 21st 2022
🕙 10am to 7pm

Apply this Coupon Code: CAHTHDC and receive 15% off all listed ticket prices!

Lots of breaks between sessions to network and connect with other like-minded people!”


From Quantum Stellar Initiative — a quick how-to:

“In early October, MoneyGram International announced a partnership with the Stellar Development Foundation to integrate the Stellar blockchain into MoneyGram’s network and enable cash funding and payout in local currency with Stellar USDC, complete with near-instant backend settlement”

MGI Pilot Demo (MoneyGram International Launches a New Pilot on Stellar) (4 mins):


Also from Quantum Stellar Initiative:

“Join us on Thursday 5/19 for a chat with the Russian Military @stellarrussia

Call hosted in @QuantumStellarInitiative and will be recorded

“Indus is not only one company. Indus is the Mother company of all the other affiliate to global mining programs and represented on the [Stellar] network”

-Russian goldmining contract
-Russian assets
-RV and more

👉3pm CST
👉9pm London
👉11pm Moscow
👉6am Melbourne”


From XRP Nesara Gesara QFS 3.0:

“New Elementary coaches We’re talking 1rst and 2cnd grade level, everybody can learn, the rise of the Lobstr here!

Amy Sever is absolutely gravitating towards becoming the new generation of Elementary Lobstr coaches, and we are getting a whole new genre all teachers, who are Elementary in nature, so that everybody can learn, we are going to make the transition foolproof. The biggest transfer of wealth is here, and you can learn for free.”

Mel Carmine and Amy Sever (41 mins):


And that is it for today, gang! Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world!!

Thanks for visiting!!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning — more from “remembering Holly” — The Rivingtons with their phenomenal hit, “Papa Oom Mow Mow” from 1962. Forever awesome!! Enjoy, gang. I love you guys! See ya!


Restored Republic news updates (21 mins):

RedPill 78 news update: The Coming Depression: Stocks, Crypto & Twitter Collapsing (37 mins):

James Tabor: The Jesus Dynasty–Why the Royal Family of Jesus was Forgotten (52 mins):

X22 Report: Conspiracy No More, Treason At Highest Levels, It’s A Marathon Not A Sprint (41 mins):

Real Life Back in Fashion?

Honestly, gang, this was the sole piece of news in the last 24 hours that seemed important enough to post here.

From Phil:

“Hearing this from several sources:

‘Several clerks working inside the Supreme Court have confirmed that the Justices will be hearing the case to reinstate President Trump to his rightful place in the White House.'”

Phil will be going live this evening. Be sure to check his channel later today for the exact details. If you cannot access his channel, search Rumble or DLive for Phil Godlewski and join the channel. It will alert you whenever he goes live.


The rest of the news is either about Durham, which I know is important, however, I can’t help but think about our beloved Hillary having been executed already…and many, many others already under arrest, and a few others also executed already — including but not limited to the highly treasonous, sick pedophile, Joe Biden.


It feels like 95% of what is happening in the world right now is either just for show to wake up the normies, or calculated to terrify the normies into waking up. For instance:

  1. Food shortages — absolutely no food shortages where I shop, and all the farms around here have crops already growing.
  2. Baby formula shortages — plenty of baby formula in the store where I work.
  3. Rising inflation. (Yes)
  4. Rising gas prices — they go up & down constantly in the areas of the state where I live & work, but are generally right around $4.

I either live in a dream world (could very well be!!), or these “news topics” are bordering on more fear porn, so I don’t post them here.

And I realize that several areas of the world are still exploding in violent political unrest. but I am not seeing that anywhere around here.

The rest of the actual news is crypto currency — even Whiplash347 dedicates about 95% of his posts now to crypto/digital currency. Seriously. Gotta learn this stuff.

Hands down, the most important topic is still overturning the rigged election of 2020. Which apparently is right around the corner, gang. Finally.

So, I’m thinking I might be spending less and less time on the blog in the mornings. Which means I can spend more & more time working on my new play-in-progress. And tending my garden — a co-worker gave me two zucchini plants yesterday! I usually only plant flowers and herbs. However, all my ancestors (biological) worked the land, so I guess I will be calling upon them to help me raise two zucchini plants.

So. You know.

It almost feels like my real life is coming back.

I hope it feels the same way for you, wherever you are in the world.

I’m still listening to podcasts. Still checking telegram and the various alternative news headlines. If anything comes up, I’ll still post it here.

Otherwise, that is it for today, gang.

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning!! I am still in “remembering Holly” mode around here, so it was “Five O’clock World” by the Vogues, from 1965!! Listen and enjoy!! Such a cool song.

Okay, thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!


James Tabor: Erasing James the Brother of Jesus from the New Testament (46 mins):

David Straight “Confirms it all! Lobstr QFS XRP RV Gesara Nesara, it’s Here! We MUST Demand it! (1 hr):

Amazing Polly: Raise Your Life Expectancy! (25 mins):

RedPill 78: Sussman Trial Triggers UFO Hearings – Occam’s Razor Ep. 185 with Zak Paine & Thomas Ulmer (1 hr):

Restored Republic news updates (33 mins):

XX22 Report: When Do Birds Sing? Durham Is On The Hunt, When Does Your Enemy Expend Ammunition? (43 mins):

A Terrific Tuesday So Far!

Wow, gang. It is interesting, to say the least. The amount of videos from yesterday and this morning, each of them with a slightly different take on things but when you stand back and get the broad view, you can just see that all kinds of good stuff is coming!! Finally.

This is a tiny bit late, but I think you can still join in because it is ongoing, every Monday night for 5 weeks.

From the Convention of States team newsletter:

Tonight (yesterday) at 8pm Eastern is the first night of the five-week course hosted by Kirk Cameron, Rick Green, and Mark Meckler entitled American Campfire Revival. It’s not too late to join in on this virtual class! It’s designed to guide you through the beginnings of America, revealing its life-giving secrets and forgotten covenants, while setting the road map for defeating the darkness and stirring up a passion for liberty.
Remember, revival doesn’t die if there are enough liberty-loving people to fuel it”.

You can register for free HERE.

On a perhaps similar note…

In DC yesterday, “Nancy Drew” thinks there might have been a Convention of States event. She is investigating:

“Here are some screenshots from my live earlier, to check out some of the flags. Very interesting! This is the first I’ve heard of a Convention of States. Gonna look a little more in to it. The video was at 2:45”


From Ultra Pepe Lives Matter — link has video footage:

“Kash bought a billboard advertisement slot in Times Square and is going to run a ‘Durham Watch’ ad 100 times a day for the next week!

“What better way to go after the left, than go to the heart of the enemy’s kingdom?”



This was everywhere yesterday!

From Ezra A Cohen — brief videos of Durham entering the courthouse:

“Ghost no more”

And from il donaldo trumpo:


Various stuff from Phil:

If you have had trouble joining his chat channel, you can join it RIGHT NOW:

“Also, the Telegram chat channel is now OPEN for joining. 24 hours only.”

And a head’s up:

“Disinformation & misinformation, such as the bullshit above that’s been circulating, is what the Left/Cabal does when someone is DIRECTLY over the target 🎯

I don’t let it bother me in the slightest, and neither should you.

We are in a war. A very different war. The war is a hybrid of cyber, politcal, and dis/misinformation.

The enemy will use tactics (like the above) to discredit someone that’s really getting close to what -they- do NOT want you to know.

If you want to win this war, stick with me.

If you want to let them deter you, well, I’ll still be here when you come to your senses 😎”

And I loved what this follower had to say. She was spot on:

“Anyone else think it’s ironic that the people slinging mud at Phil , are perfectly fine with the Child Sex Trafficking Cartel ? They are silent about John Podestas emails proving John is a pedophile , they ignore the pictures of Chuck Shumer kissing children .
Yet they are SO DEEPLY concerned about some random Phil guy on the internet …
These operatives attacking Phil DO NOT care about the girl (who was NOT A VICTIM IN ANY WAY) they ONLY care about tricking YOU into thinking Phil is a fraud.
If they CARED AT ALL about exposing criminals , they would be exposing the Clinton crime syndicate and all the IN OUR FACES child sex trafficking by our OWN government …”


The replay of Phil’s livestream last night, Part 3 of Ewaranon’s series on Flat Earth (2 hrs):


Simon Parkes had an update yesterday for Connecting Consciousness members. It had some mixed responses. Simon replied:

“Dear All,

Not for the first time so many people have misunderstood my latest podcast. Please be reassured that my comments are not about the patriots or the spiritually aware, it was aimed at the millions of people who do not and will not see the truth. I am surprised that people think that I am criticising patriots or the awake and aware. I couldn’t be clearer. In my podcast I referred to people sitting on the fence. This is clearly not CC members or any patriots who’ve clearly seen the truth.

[complete message here]

And here is the video (1 hr 47 mins):


Laura Aboli had a great reminder:

“Mr Evil Schwab has done a great job with his faithful disciples. They follow the narrative like parrots!

Whenever you hear the following words run as fast as you can in the opposite direction:

  • Build Back Better
  • Agenda 2030
  • The Great Reset
  • Sustainability
  • Equity
  • Stakeholders
  • Gender equality
  • Diversity

They have hijacked these terms because they sound nice but the agenda behind them is pure evil. Don’t let them fool you.
They want us all to be equally poor, equally dumbed down, equally ill (if not dead) and equally enslaved. You will be a stakeholder of nothing and I promise you – you won’t be happy.”


Dr. Reiner Fuellmich posted some more disheartening news about the boosters:

Ryan Cole reports a striking clustering of once-rare cancers

“These are not normal cancers” – Doctors around the world are noticing that “something is wrong”

Florida physician: “I’ve seen five kidney cancers in young patients. I usually experience one kidney cancer per decade of my practice.”

Head of oncology at a large hospital: “In young people, I see maybe one astrocytoma brain tumor per year. After the introduction of boosters last month, I saw five.”

Another doctor: “My 21-year-old son got the booster. Now he has salivary gland cancer.”

Family physician from Ireland: “I’ve seen the strangest cancers after the introduction of vaccination.”


Chris Sky in Canada announces:

“This SATURDAY Edmonton!”


From Mark Steele in the UK:


From Project Veritas:

“BREAKING: Twitter Sr. Engineer Tells Undercover Journalist That “Twitter Does Not Believe in Free Speech”; Confesses Employees at Tech Giant are “Commie as F**k”; Admits Left Wing Employees “Hate” Elon Musk “Capitalist” Takeover Attempt” (7 mins):


Once again, banned on YouTube!

Nicholas Veniamin chats with Gene DeCode — Bluetooth From The Grave  (53 mins):

And also:

Nicholas Veniamin chats with Dave Mahoney — UKRAINE NEO-NAZI CONGRESS BILL APPROVAL (28 mins):


Once again, Governor DeSantis of Florida proves he’s the greatest Governor in the USA!

From il donaldo trumpo:

Also from catturd:

“He just gets better and better.”


And that’s for this terrific Tuesday.

Don’t forget!!

Nick Cave and the legendary Bad Seeds start their European summer tour in Denmark, on June 2nd!! Check tour dates and buy tickets HERE!!

No, they don’t look like this anymore, but they DID when I first saw them in NYC in 1987!

Okay. Enjoy your day, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning! Music inspired by my memories of Holly and how we always LOVED the fucking MUSIC!! (Holly was in AR and was an executive producer in the indie music industry for decades.)

From 1966, the Swingin’ Medallions, “Double Shot (of My Baby’s Love)” !! Listen, play it loud, and fucking ENJOY it, gang!! Okay, I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (30 mins):

X22 Report: Durham Is Ready To Expose It All, As We Prepare To Land, Please Fasten Your Seatbelt (48 mins):

Hold On! Almost There…

Wow, gang.

During the night, I found out from another friend in NYC about how my friend Holly died (see yesterday’s post). Fucking Fentanyl. Something to do with her having slipped on black ice during the winter and cracking her head on the sidewalk, and seeing a doctor who was zealously prescribing her opioids, which somehow led to Fentanyl. Which fucking killed her. (As it has done to so many thousands of others , including Tom Petty.)

What a fucking waste. That a life such as hers would come to that type of inglorious and horrible end.

Anyway. So I’m carrying that in my heart today.

There is still not much news, gang, which I believe is a really good thing. When you tune out the noise-carnage and the onslaught of fear porn, it’s really all about Trump returning — SOON. The election being revealed to be a fraud — SOON. It’s about Durham getting underway TODAY. It’s about the worldwide QFS and digital currency, already underway.

That is essentially it. And all of that is good.


Here’s something I found very interesting. (In my real life, I’m actually a non-woke producer, among other things.)

From QTSR — to compete with Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+:

Trump’s Media Company Hiring ‘Non-Woke’ Producers for New Streaming Channel” [full article here]


And I forgot to post this yesterday.

From Whiplash347:

UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan dies aged 73
Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the United Arab Emirates President whose modernization policies helped transform his country into a regional powerhouse, died on Friday aged 73″

“☝️ this DEEP STATE death is very important… In what’s happening behind the scenes<

_Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed is money laundering for Clintons and current money laundering operations of UKRAINE>AID ( US AND FOREIGN GOVERNMENT ASSISTANCE to many programs projects… Including Clinton foundation $$$$$$ the money often ends up in UAE )///….

CABLES:; bin Zayed was removed and replaced through [ INFILTRATION ]>>>
Black Hat > MOLD >Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan
is a placed ACTOR////

back story Bin Zayed is ( was) the keeper of foreign oil and several foreign aid money …. >One day after Biden calls off oil and gas leases in Alaska/gulf of Mexico bin Zayed dies.

Bin Zayed was one of the worlds richest rulers ( Forbes)… Had secret assets in shell companies across the world including BLACKROCK ( top investors names hidden from Public)….. He was Deep State agent inside the CABAL and went ROYAL Military academy in Britain and when Britain with drew governance in the region Bin Zayed was appointed leader of the UAE military and the department of defence.

Zayed hosted >World Economic Forum and gave billions to the them, .. He also help and funded NATO to over throw Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi who would not join the world banks and was killed for his gold , Gaddafi was going back to a Gold back banking system …. The CLINTONS ,DS plan with financing from Zayed and money laundering / military munitions placements through Zayed help/ KILL Gaddafi.

Inside of WikiLeaks Zayed was named and was connected to foreign military contractors and was connected to funding BLACKWATER mil. ( Cia_ Clintons CABAL Merc. Military contractors).. eventually Zayed hired BLACKWATER directly to work for UAE ( this illegal move of Clintons/ state department and UAE working with the same military contractors involved allot of shared classified information and War crimes)///

Three us intelligence and military officials have admitted to providing sophisticated computer hacking and technology to the United Arab Emirates . This spy operation from the Clinton Blackwater agency gave UAE capabilities to hack into the TRUMP computers and other world leaders.
( Fortunately WHITE hats MiL. Were watching)..

What does ask this mean?

In the CABLES; Zayed was a TURN COAT and gave up all information two years before this death to white HATS Mil
Alliance… All data, information and servers were given to White HATS Alliance….. Bin Salman of Saudi Arabia, TRUMPs personal Allie and friend spearheaded the silent operations against ZAYED in the past 3 years…. And Turned HIM .. ( TURN COAT.> Think Bush before his death)///

The new leader . Is an installed
[ INFILTRATION ] leader…. To cause chaos in black hats operations / // /

Behind the scenes…. people are dying and being killed…. Some are turn coats playing ACTORS



And the rest, seriously, is all about crypto currency. Or about investing in gold and silver.


So have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.



RT: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf backers denounce ‘imported government’ (45 seconds):

RedPill 78 Saturday Night Livestream: Rise of The New Media with Brian Cates (2 hrs):

Restored Republic news update (15 mins):

X22 Report: The Wizards, Guardians Of Intelligence, [Midterms], Start The Storm (58 mins):

Sunday at its Finest!

Another gorgeous day here in the Hinterlands, gang. I hope it is equally nice, wherever you are in the world.

If you missed Phil’s Q&A last night, it was full of good news! You can watch the replay here (1 hr 41 mins):

There is next to no “new” news yet again today. And since I’ve had a bit of heartbreaking news here this weekend — I found out that a long-time friend from NYC died — I am taking it easy today.

My friend, Holly — Rest in Glorious Joy, Girlfriend!

The most important news, anyway, is in Phil’s Q&A from last night.

The rest of the news seems to once again be QFS-related stuff. Just a ton of it, gang. The SWIFT system is done. We are on our way to that much-anticipated better world. And I’m still trying to learn about digital currency…

Okay. And here’s this!

If you are as fond as I am of lion’s mane mushrooms, check out this great, easy, vegetarian recipe from North Spore:

Crispy Lion’s Mane Blue Corn Tacos

“Let’s be honest, mushroom culture in the US is booming. The conversation about medicinal mushrooms has helped Lion’s Mane take center stage as food for your brain. Maybe you’ve become enchanted by these toothy shrooms, too – even grown some on your kitchen counter? […]”

[complete recipe here]


This lecture was absolutely awesome!

James Tabor: How Does Hebrew Matthew Compare with Greek Matthew in the New Testament? (50 mins):


UFO Man Saturday Night Livestream: Interview of Don Schmitt (2 hrs):


X22 Report Spotlight interview: Lior Gantz – The Old Economic World Is Coming To An End, A New Economy Will Take It’s Place (48 mins):


And that’s it for today, gang.

I hope you are having a great day, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning– more Rudy Vallee! His huge radio hit from 1929, “Makin’ Whoopee!” A cautionary tale, as it were… Have fun! I love you guys. See ya.

“Makin’ Whoopee”

Another bride, another June
Another sunny honeymoon
Another season, another reason
For makin’ whoopee

A lot of shoes, a lot of rice
The groom is nervous, he answers twice
Its really killin’
That he’s so willin’ to make whoopee

Now picture a little love nest
Down where the roses cling
Picture the same sweet love nest
Think what a year can bring, yes

He’s washin dishes and baby clothes
He’s so ambitious he even sews
But don’t forget folks
Thats what you get folks, for makin’ whoopee

Another year, maybe less
What’s this I hear? Well, can’t you guess?
She feels neglected, and he’s suspected
Of makin’ whoopee

Yeah, she sits alone
Most every night
He doesn’t phone, he doesn’t write
He says he’s busy
But she says, “is he?”
He’s makin’ whoopee

Now he doesn’t make much money
Only five thousand per
Some judge who thinks he’s funny
Says, “You’ll pay six to her.”

He says, “Now judge, suppose I fail?”
Judge say, “Budge, right into jail.
You’d better keep her. You’ll find it’s cheaper
Than makin’ whoopee.”

Yes, yeah, you better keep her
Daddy, I think it’s cheaper
Then makin’ whoopee

c-1928 Gus Khan, Walter Donaldson

Getting Stranger by the Minute, Gang!

Okay, when you discount the massively huge Fog of War, there are basically two “news” stories that qualify as “news” this morning, and each of them are obviously complete white hat ops.

  1. Elon pausing his bid for twitter, in order to expose just how many accounts on twitter are actually fake (bots, trolls, spam), proving that the Far Left is actually a tiny minority. Especially when compared now with Truth Social.
  2. The off-the-wall weirdness of the Pennsylvania primary, and who is endorsing whom. (i.e., Trump endorsing Dr. Oz still has a lot of Anons in a kerfuffle. And Flynn and Pompeo each are endorsing other candidates.)

From Pepe Lives Matter:

Elon now looking to expose the egregious amount of bots on Twitter and expose the façade to sheep.
What percentage of users are bots? The number must be huge.”


From Ezra A Cohen — purposely creating confusion:

“Dr. Oz = Lindsey Graham + Kevin McCarthy”


“Mike Pompeo are you a Patriot?


Do you want to appear to be a Patriot?”


From Tracy Beanz — WARNING: contains actual journalism:

Does Kathy Barnette Really Support BLM & Defunding the Police?UncoverDC
Gaining in the polls, Pennsylvania Senate GOP candidate Kathy Barnette has fired back against the “crazy allegations” being cast against. [full article here]


And the rest of the “new” news — that isn’t carnage & chaos — is just a TON of crypto/digital currency, QFS stuff. It’s just everywhere. I’m trying to learn it but there is just a ton of stuff out there. It’s hard to find time to get through it all.


Phil did a livestream last night on his silver group, PSI. The replay is here (2 hrs):

He is supposed to do livestreams again tonight and tomorrow night, but we won’t know for sure if that’s happening until about the minute it happens. Check here for details later today.



I have the weekend off — AGAIN!! So exciting. (The last weekend off until early June, though.) I’m planning to take it easy, work on one of my plays-in-progress, and do a little housecleaning.

Also, some reading!

This arrived in the mail yesterday. I’m so eager to read it:

The Brother of Jesus: The Dramatic Story & Meaning of the First Archaeological Link to Jesus & His Family by Hershel Shanks & Ben Witherington III (2004)

I hope you enjoy your Saturday, gang, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys, See ya!


Restored Republic news update (19 mins):

RT News: At least 27 dead as building catches fire in New Delhi (27 seconds):

RT News: Protesters decry killing of journalist Francisca Sandoval in Chile (1 min 20 seconds):

RT News: DISTRESSING | Tensions rise at late Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh’s funeral (1 min):

XRP QSF Team: Bonita From AU Friends w/ Ricardo Bossi, all in on XLM LoBstr, Gesara Nesara, QFS, & Loves Silver! (49 mins):

Santa Surfing: HONK HONK! Twitter “suspends” execs! May 16 lots happening! (25 mins):

James Tabor: (Lost Christianities) Disparaging Jesus–Roman Gossip and Jewish Legend (1 hr):

X22 Report: It’s Time To End The Horror Show, The Truth Has Been Right In Front Of Everyone (49mins):

Choose Your Own Title Today!

Okay, happy Friday, gang. Please choose your own title for today’s post because I’m drawing a bit of a blank!

Yesterday was beautiful. It really was. Steve and I went off to the wilds of Muskingum County and scattered a small portion of Kent’s ashes.

The weather couldn’t have been more perfect, and since it was a Thursday in early May, most people were either at work or at school so it was really peaceful and almost deserted where we were.

Steve gave me an old photo of Kent that I just love. He is with 2 of his nephews, but it was taken long ago. Both of those nephews are out of college already:

And Steve also gave me some of Kent’s ashes to take home with me. And that part is a bit haunting. Here is my friend Kent now:

Another haunting part of yesterday was that Steve took me to lunch in Granville, a place where I used to spend a TON of time. I loved it there. I fell out of love with it during the pandemic when its truly strident Leftist mentality completely repelled me. But yesterday was just so beautiful. And everyone in Granville had finally done away with the effing masks. And at the restaurant where we had lunch — a Vietnamese place that had a great atmosphere — I saw someone I knew that I hadn’t seen since before the scam-demic and I had always really liked her. So that was really nice.

However, Granville was the last place where Kent and I had gotten together in person. He lived far away in Houston and worked at NASA, so for the last year and a half of his life, as he battled stomach cancer, he couldn’t get back to Ohio and we only spoke on the phone or texted. So being back in Granville with Kent’s ashes in my handbag was rather bittersweet, to say the least.

And then my friend Steve.

Steve married a much younger woman later in life and so now, at age 62, he has 4 young children — with the youngest being 10 months old — and he is in very bad health. We tried not to focus on that too much, we talked about happier things. Still, it was right there, staring at us. The chances of him seeing that youngest one even graduate high school are slim indeed and would border on a miracle at this point, for sure.

But it really was a very beautiful and meaningful day, as we decided to live in the moment. Steve and I have known each other since we were 11, and while our politics couldn’t be more different from each other’s (he’s basically a Socialist and hates Trump), he treats me with so much respect, kindness, understanding, and a little humor. And the memories we share of growing up together in the 1970s are simply awesome in scope and scale.

So it was beautiful.

Okay. Before I forget.

If you are a freelance writer or editor, I just wanted to give you a head’s up about the International Association of Professional Writers & Editors (IAPWE). They are a union, of sorts. but they are unlike any writers union I have ever encountered — and I was in several of them many years ago, until I decided to just be on my own and not be involved with unions.

This particular union, however, really skims that line between being of service to writers and editors, and being a scam. Be very wary if you are thinking of being involved with them.


All right.

In my opinion, the news is slim again today, but here we go.

Some curious info from Jason Q about the 4th Dimension. You can read it here. The document he shares is from 2011, from the Andromeda Council. The link was put out by my Ohio group of Connecting Consciousness.

The Facts About Life as a 4th Dimensional Human.

There is also this!

May 4, 2022 – HVU Wacky Wednesday, with Jason Q (2 hrs 28 mins):


Simon Parkes had a brief but very exciting update yesterday (11 mins):


Dinesh D’Souza 2000 Mules Exposing The Biggest Election Fraud in US History Chats to Charlie Ward (22 mins):


RT News: Sen. Rand Paul blocks $40BN Ukraine aid as inflation soars (3 mins):


This stuff is truly horrific. But if you don’t know about it yet, you should give this a listen.

Nino and Mitchell Nicholas Gerba discuss CCP FORCED LIVE HUMAN ORGAN HARVESTING (42 mins):


From “Nancy Drew” in DC yesterday — video here:

“This was amazing! We thought it was over so I got in my car to go, and all of a sudden, well over 1,000 officers in bikes came rolling in! So awesome! Tomorrow should be as well!🙏💖🇺🇲”


Il donaldo trumpo says that it is only a matter of time!

Also this:


Restored Republic news update (20 mins):


From ABS Military News:

“Dollar falls to 65 rubles, euro to 67 for the first time since 2017 as western currencies fall against the Ruble”


Phil will be doing livestreams tonight, and Saturday and Sunday nights, as well. You can check his channel for details. If you can’t access his telegram channel, search for Phil Godlewski on rumble or DLive and follow him there. You will get updates whenever he goes live.


Greg Paul Discusses Live By Your Own Law (Sovereign Law) with Nicholas Veniamin (31 mins):


X22 Report: Trump & The Patriots Built A Weapon & They Are Ready To Unleash It, MAGA King Returns (54 mins):


And that’s it for today, gang.

Have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!