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Onward and upward, You Groovy Cats & Kittens!!

Happy Tuesday, gang!

First, I want to say how excited I was yesterday when I got the official notification that I was accepted into Simon Parkes‘ international organization, Connecting Consciousness.

I had applied a couple weeks ago and it will still be a couple more weeks before the coordinator will be in touch with me, so I have no clue yet what actually goes on in my region. But I was really so thrilled to be accepted.

Mostly because I have a pesky 3.6 seconds each day with nothing to do. And now that problem will be solved!!

Sort of just kidding, but sort of not, obviously.

Anyway. I’m really, really happy to have the chance to be involved at a grassroots level with everything he is doing to usher in the new quantum systems, the New Earth, the new consciousness — and, notably, the intergalactic nature of all that he does.

I also want to take a moment to wish my very best friend on Earth a happy posthumous birthday. Paul would have been 62 today. I know he’s thriving and digging the heck out of everything, wherever he is now. I miss him everyday. This photo of him is from around 1981, or so. I was already living in NYC and he was getting ready to move to Washington DC, where he would be the set designer for the Woolly Mammoth Theater Company.

All righty.

I can’t go into too much detail because I don’t know what actually happened — but I can say I’m not 100% surprised. Pa trio t S tr ee t f ighter has officially left the “Arise” national tour. And there is some sort of retaliatory shit going down now because of that.

I’m guessing certain ex- c i a people are proving to be a little less on the “ex” side and a little more on the “c i a” side. That would be my guess on that.

Okay. Yesterday, it was made clear far & wide that the following main stream newspapers and magazines in the West are (or were) in the pocket of the c c p:

Full List Of Western Media Outlets Participating In C h * n *se C* mm un ist Propaganda Events

• Vox
• Slate
• Boston Herald
• Boston Globe
• Huffington Post
• The Atlantic
• Fox News
• New York Times
• Newsweek
• Los Angeles Times
• Baltimore Sun
• Chicago Tribune
• The Guardian
• The New Yorker
• The Financial Times
• Foreign Policy
• The Philadelphia Inquirer
• New York Magazine
• Yahoo Finance
• National Journal
• Washington Post
• Forbes
• Bloomberg
• Minneapolis Star Tribune
• U.S. News & World Report
• San Francisco Chronicle
• Philadelphia Inquirer
• Harvard Business Review
• The Hill
• Chicago Magazine

This is evidently a list from a few months back, but it was circulating widely on te l e g r am yesterday, so I’m posting it here. And also adding that there are some M S M online news outlets that were/are experiencing outages this morning, oddly enough:

From te le g r am:

“Major global internet outage ongoing. Reddit, Twitch, CNN, The New York Times, The Guardian, The Financial Times, and many more are down….”

“CNN and France’s Le Monde also started showing error messages that appeared on the websites at around 10:00 GMT.
Separately, Amazon.com Inc’s retail website also seemed to face an outage. Amazon was not immediately available to comment.
Britain’s Guardian newspaper said its website and app were being affected. Sites of some other British news media were also not immediately loading.”

The error seemed to be located with Fastly, “a cloud computing services provider”. And they are “fixing the problem.” Well, hmmmmm…..

And also, apparently due to remarks made by the previous, current & future pres of U S ( Tr ***p) regarding b it c oin in his speech in N C on Sunday, bit c oin is now tanking. (His remarks underscore some stuff ju an o s a vin also made a few weeks back, which had everyone up in arms.)

So I guess it’s a good thing I had no money whatsoever to invest in any of the cryptos….let’s just wait and see what happens with the whole Q F S thing, right?

Well, on a personal note — those kind folks in Sweden have requested another erotic short story from me (gay male erotica), so I’m super excited! Hopefully, I can get that written before the week is out. (Another good way to use up those spare 3.6 seconds I have each day…)

But, honestly, I am really excited. And the stories they buy are always really short, so it’s not difficult for me to get one of those written in a couple of hours.

Nick Cave sent out a really wonderful Red Hand File this morning that I just loved. It was about getting old. It really was great — what he had to say about being in his 60s now. You can read it here.

(I just love Nick Cave!! Most people don’t know that because I keep it very well hidden….)

All righty.


I’m extremely upset about this new edict from a State Representative in the state of O K. He is offering a bounty of $3 million for the “safe” capture of a Bigfoot.

It makes me so sick, the idea that human beings think other beings are meant solely for financial gain and for curiosity exhibits.

Here are some famous audio files made by Ron Morehead a few years ago, in the event you are interested in hearing what Sasquatch (Bigfoot) sound like when they are communicating with each other. The first is 4 mins;, the second is about 3 mins.

And it is followed by a current discussion yesterday on Coast to Coast AM, regarding the Sasquatch creatures and their superior physical strength and their sophisticated way of communicating, etc. (27 mins.)

Okay. I better scoot. Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!! I love you guys. See ya!


Below: M * ch ael J * co galactic star seeds chat (1 hr):

Below: M * chael J * co and Ni cholas Ven ia min chat (51 mins):

Below: Ch * r lie W * rd and Mel K Monday update (28 mins):

Below: Dr. Rei ner Fuell mich: European pension funds are completely broke and EU is completely broke. Theya re hoping the vax will kill off the people before they find this out (58 seconds):

Below: X *2 R* port : Prepare for Zero Day and cyber attacks. Patriots are in control if power goes out. (Kind of odd, considering what happened this morning with all those news outlets online.) (39 mins):

Summer is Basically Here, Gang!!

Yesterday was just amazing! Such a beautiful day. I was able to keep the windows open all through the night.

And for me, nothing beats that feeling of waking up just before dawn to wide-open windows. All that fresh air.  All those birds singing. All that peace.

Loyal readers of this lofty blog no doubt recall that I am in love with the silver maple tree in front of my house. My house is 119-years-old and I’m guessing the tree is about the same age — it is easily twice as tall as my house.

The front part of my house is totally shaded by the tree — including my bedroom. Here is a view of the tree right now, as I’m leaning out from one of my bedroom windows and trying to look up. I’d say this is still only, maybe, 1/4 of the way up the tree.

My silver maple. God only knows how many people have been shaded by this tree in this bedroom over the past century.

My house is what’s called a “salt box” style house, so the front of it is flat — straight up and down. The ceilings inside are high, so the second story, where the two bedrooms are, is up pretty high.  It’s very difficult to see into the windows of the second story from outside — you have to be pretty far down the street to do that. In the summertime, the tree makes it just about impossible to see up into the windows from any angle, yet I still have an amazing view of the outside because the windows are really tall. All of the main windows in the house (10 out of 21 of them) are 6-ft, 4-inches tall.

The combined amount of privacy I get in my room from the enormous tree and the old-fashioned style of the house is kind of magical, gang.

Just one of the many reasons why I love living here. (And also why I hate raking leaves now — there are just a ton of them in the fall. It’s insane. I used to love the meditative process of raking leaves in autumn, but now it’s like — you’re kidding, right??!! Jesus.)


Another great thing that happened yesterday — I sat down at my desk to do some more editing on The Guitar Hero Goes Home, and suddenly — and I mean truly from out of nowhere — Letter# 8 for Girl in the Night: Erotic Love Letters to the Muse started to come out!!

I mean, it was not even on my mind, in the slightest way. And suddenly the words started coming. A whole stream of them.

I was literally in the process of editing Chapter 7 of the Guitar Hero, when a bunch of words came into my head. And they were kind of provocative, so I stopped what I was doing and wrote them down in my notebook. But suddenly a bunch more words came out, and a title: “The Choice to Kill.”

And I was, like — whoa; this is Letter #8 for Girl in the Night.

In total, about 8 paragraphs came out all at once. So I stopped editing Guitar Hero and gave my attention to Girl in the Night: Erotic Love Letters to the Muse. I hope to have it finished today but it’s kind of an intense section (as perhaps the title of it implies) so I’m not sure how long it will really take me.

I hadn’t even thought about Girl in the Night since February (when I wrote Letters #6 & 7) because I was so busy revising the play (Tell My Bones) at that point. And then, of course, I got completely wiped out by the coronavirus for nearly 2 months.

So this is exciting, gang.

(That whole time I was sick, I really struggled with thoughts that I was never going to write again. And so, now, to have it just spring up again — feels like old times!!)

Okay. Well, today is Bob Dylan’s 79th birthday. And in honor of that event, I went over to YouTube to find a song to post here for the occasion. However, I can never log onto YouTube without first checking to see what’s playing on Bad See TeeVee. 

This morning, I logged on just in time to hear Warren Ellis give an impromptu commercial for the channel over the phone, while, visually, there were these great little animated line drawings of Warren and Nick Cave “dancing” provocatively in their Y-fronts.

(That’s why I can’t ever get onto YouTube without checking Bad Seed TeeVee first, because you just never know what the heck you’ll be looking at!)

And then it went into the video for “Red Right Hand”, which is just so great — the video as well as the song (from the incredible Let Love In album, 1994). So I’m going to leave you with that song today, in addition to a Bob Dylan song, in honor of his 79th birthday.

I have chosen a song of Dylan’s that I absolutely LOVE — it won the Oscar in 2001 for Best Original Song — from the movie Wonder Boys, which I also totally love — to pieces!! (I think most writers loved that movie; it really captured just how fucking insane it is to be a writer, and also to struggle with the politics of academia, if you ended up choosing that route.) (I didn’t. I was always just a “hit the ground running” kind of writer, hoping I wouldn’t starve to death…) (I didn’t.)

All righty!! So, as the sun shines in on me, I’m going to close this now and get going. Have a great Sunday, wherever you are in the world — and continue to enjoy the holiday weekend if you live Stateside! Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

“Things Have Changed”
(from “Wonder Boys” soundtrack)

A worried man with a worried mind
No one in front of me and nothing behind
There’s a woman on my lap and she’s drinking champagne
Got white skin, got assassin’s eyes
I’m looking up into the sapphire-tinted skies
I’m well dressed, waiting on the last train

Standing on the gallows with my head in a noose
Any minute now I’m expecting all hell to break loose

People are crazy and times are strange
I’m locked in tight, I’m out of range
I used to care, but things have changed

This place ain’t doing me any good
I’m in the wrong town, I should be in Hollywood
Just for a second there I thought I saw something move
Gonna take dancing lessons, do the jitterbug rag
Ain’t no shortcuts, gonna dress in drag
Only a fool in here would think he’s got anything to prove

Lot of water under the bridge, lot of other stuff too
Don’t get up gentlemen, I’m only passing through


I’ve been walking forty miles of bad road
If the Bible is right, the world will explode
I’ve been trying to get as far away from myself as I can
Some things are too hot to touch
The human mind can only stand so much
You can’t win with a losing hand

Feel like falling in love with the first woman I meet
Putting her in a wheelbarrow and wheeling her down the street


I hurt easy, I just don’t show it
You can hurt someone and not even know it
The next sixty seconds could be like an eternity
Gonna get low down, gonna fly high
All the truth in the world adds up to one big lie
I’m in love with a woman who don’t even appeal to me

Mr. Jinx and Miss Lucy, they jumped in the lake
I’m not that eager to make a mistake


c – 2000 Bob Dylan