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This Tells Us All We Need To Know!

An actor in the Oval Office… dark winter, indeed, gang.

I saw that photo on Johnny Depp’s Instagram feed the other day and it really made me smile.

Okay, so, if you’re wanting to re-watch that chat between c ir s tenw and P * tri o t Str eet fighter, from a couple weeks ago, wherein they discussed what our weather would be like on this very day,  replete with power outages, and if you’re wondering how come they knew….

All righty.

I am really sorry that so many people are without electricity and heat, when the weather is so incredibly cold and snowy right now, but I do think that it is very, very interesting — how those solar panels are proving useless  beneath the layers of ice and snow, and the wind turbines are icing over and freezing up and not working…

Sort of putting a real spotlight on just how fake the “going-green” idea actually is. (In case you’re still a step behind us, “global warming” gave way to “climate change” — since, clearly, the globe isn’t warming. And no matter what they call it, it’s all fake. The sun is the sun, and it does stuff and the weather changes and it has always been this way.)

I’m of a mixed mind about it all, though, because I don’t want people to be out of work (coal miners, pipeline workers). But I also think it’s time that we get access to all the 5th-dimensional sources of energy that are out there for the m * litary (but completely hidden from us). I guess we’ll just see.

All right. So. Yesterday, here in the US, it was p r * s i den t’s day.  That’s a holiday they made up decades ago, in order to give us a 3-day weekend, but also help us to forget that Lincoln’s birthday is February 12th and George Washington’s birthday is February 22nd, and assist us in forgetting to honor them in any way whatsoever as time goes on.

That said! It was curious that there were no parades, no motorcades for the fake B * den yesterday — a man who allegedly received 80 million votes — yet thousands  of flag-waving, ecstatic p * triot s lined the streets in F  L  for a chance to wave at Tr**p for even a few seconds. Says so much, doesn’t it, gang?

Oh — before I forget. P  a  r  l e  r is officially back online (web), although I have not been able to access anything yet  on my phone accept my profile.  But it is indeed back, folks. Try to support pa r l er, if you aren’t already, because we really need to support free speech on the Internet.

Okay. The rest of the news is still horrible and those wretched people that pass for c  o  n  g  r  e  ss  down in D  C are still up to their insanity.  And the main str eam m * dia more and more makes me yearn for our own M y  an mar to happen soon.

(As hard as I try to keep my vows when I became a minister and to be a steward of the sacred life God gave to the entire Earth,  my exhaustion just gets to me sometimes, gang, and I long for the m * litary to just swarm in and shoot them all…)

I will let the videos below keep you caught up on all the events that happened yesterday. Try to stay warm, gang.  I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning. Enjoy. And thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.



Below: Accordin’ to Jordan: ATJ #28: P*rler is Back, My an  mar Removes the Bankers, Nancy’s Commission, Crazy Bill G* tes [2.15.21] (12 mins)

Below: R * d  P * l l 7 8 News: “Today we take a look at some of the many failed policies and plays by the D*ms and their allies to examine how they are set to boomerang back against them. The biggest of which may be the SCOTUS setting a date to hear 3 high profile El * ct*  on Fr * ud cases by some big names!” (35 mins.)

Below: And We Know: L  T  is so passionate. This one broke my heart, gang. You gotta listen. (44 mins)

Below: P * tr * ot S t r  ee t fi ght er: This will move to r u m bl e later today, you will find it here. 2/15/21 #50.  (1hr 37 mins)

Below”: X * 2 R * po rt, Financial. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the new currency, gang.  “The push is on to put pressure on the [CB]. People will now start to wake up to the fact that the fiat currency is worthless. The people are now being exposed to a new currency. The [CB]s are in trouble, the Great R * set is in trouble. The [CB] in My an  mar has been taken over, this is just the beginning.” (15 mins)

Below: X * 2 R * po r t:  Intense, gang.  “The p * trio  ts are now pushing the plan forward, the [**]/MSM have lost, the people see it all and many more are waking up. The global power structure is being dismantled. The day of reckoning is upon us. Tr ** p let everyone know that in the months ahead he has something to share. The DOD put a pic of GW crossing the Delaware, message received. Dan S ca  vino sends another message.” (42 mins.)


Still More Snow!!

All right. More snow. Not uncommon for these parts. But Texas? And Seattle?

Need I draw your attention to that video from 2 weeks ago ( c i r st en w and p * tr * ot stree  t f ighter), about n a s a creating a polar vortex expected on Feb 16th?? And how it would cause power outages? There are nearly 2 million homes without power in Texas right now…

It is truly amazing how diabolical everything seems. But why do it to T X? N a  s  a is in fucking T X… (However, I’m guessing that if you’re effing n a s a, you don’t lose power.)

Okay. If you’re on t  e  l e  g r am, check out all the many declassed drops from thetruegreatawakening from yesterday, gang.  Truly disgusting stuff documenting how C  * VID was planned a few years in advance.

Here are some interesting things to note:

A   R o t hs chil d pa t ent for c*  vid testing filed in the e u, from 10/13/2015:


You’ll note that being psychic is incredibly important when filing your patent for a C * VID test 4 years in advance…

Some other psychic phenomena (these are all from thetruegreatawakening t  e l e  g  r  am drops, which also include videos and pdf documentation — if you can stomach it all):

 “S P A  R S”  P an d e  ic Future Scenario 2025-2028

This was sponsored by the J  o h ns   H  op kin s Center for H  ea  l th Sec u rity in October 2017, and it oddly reflects perfectly what happened during the thoroughly unexpected C  * VID panic of 2020. Below is taken from a 90-page pdf which you can download and read for yourself on t  e  l e  g  r  am.

Here’s the doc’s official Disclaimer, which is super cute [emphasis mine]:

This is a hypothetical scenario designed to illustrate the public health risk communication challenges that could potentially emerge during a naturally occurring infectious disease  outbreak requiring development and distribution of novel and/or investigational drugs, vaccines, therapeutics, or other medical countermeasures.

Scenario Purpose
The following narrative comprises a futuristic scenario that illustrates communication dilemmas concerning medical countermeasures (MCMs) that could plausibly emerge in the not-so-distant future. Its purpose is to prompt users, both individually and in discussion with others, to imagine the dynamic and oftentimes conflicted circumstances in which communication around emergency MCM development, distribution, and uptake takes place. […]


A Possible Future in 2025: The “Echo Chamber”
Chapter One: The SPARS Outbreak Begins
Chapter Two: A Possible Cure
Chapter Three: A Potential Vaccine
Chapter Four: Users Beware
Chapter Five: Going Viral
Chapter Six: The Grass is Always Greener
Chapter Seven: The Voice
Chapter Eight: Are You Talking To Me?
Chapter Nine: Changing Horses Midstream
Chapter Ten: Head of the Line Privileges
Chapter Eleven: Standing in Line, Protesting Online
Chapter Twelve: Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket
Chapter Thirteen: Lovers and HatersI
Chapter Fifteen: Are You Talking to Me, Part II
Chapter Sixteen: Antibiotics, HO!
Chapter Seventeen: Vaccine Injury
Chapter Eighteen: Acknowledging Loss
Chapter Nineteen: SPARS Aftermath

This stuff is sickening, gang.  But wait! There’s more!

You can also see the official gov document approving the B  i  l l G  * t es corona v irus patent from Nov. 20, 2018, and download the pdf doc! (Yes, he has a patent on a c o r on a virus! The patent is only 65 pages long! They began filing the paperwork for it on July 23, 2015.)

You can also watch videos from and read the various biographies of participants in  E  vent 2  0  1.  This event included executives from the UN, and corporations like Jo  h  n  s on &   J oh son;  Lufthansa; the c  d  c; the  A  N  Z  bank and the Australian Policy Institute;  the Mon e t ary authority of Singapore — and many more! (Gosh, they have a lot in common, don’t you think?)

What did E vent  2  0  1 do? Yes you guessed it! It was a pan d e mic exercise to illustrate preparedness, that took place on November 4, 2019.  The videos show how all these people from financial powerhouses all over the world proposed to handle all aspects of the “pretend” pan d e mic. (Good thing everyone was so prepared because, like, right away, we had one!!)

I wish I could tell you that it stopped there…

But no.

He dropped even more documents.

One on pl a c  eb o induction:

Our question is whether we can trigger that same sequence of events leading to the same response using an artificial inducer in place of faith. We also ask as to the nature of the inducer.
If effective, whether the inducer is a drug or other formulation, a thought, belief, or practitioner, as it has been developed to deliberately and independently stimulate an active response it is now a therapy and not a placebo. The ultimate aim of the project is to enhance the ability of responders and to induce a controlled response in non-responders.

The objectives of the project are therefore:

1. to determine the sequence of cellular and/or subcellular events initiated by a belief system plus a triggering agent, practitioner, device, technique, product, resulting in a healing response in the absence of a typical therapeutic substance;
2. to initiate the same sequence of events in the absence of, or in the place of, a belief system or learned behavior;
3. to study the effect of the successful completion of step 2 above on the patient’s belief system; and
4. to determine if people can be taught to become responders or increase their ability to do so.



Control much?

It got scarier.

Molecular Therapies: This is all about gene regulating, and survival factors, growth factors, death…

Then they moved on to Energy Medicine:

The portrayal of the role of energy in physiological processes is also becoming more apparent as research has grown to include topics including cellular communication, neurobiology, and the role of electrons and photons, including investigations that are beginning to map the range of bio-photonic activity in the body. […]

That sounds perfectly safe, right?

The crowning piece to all these declassed drops, however, explained how — oh, let’s say a gene therapy passed off as maybe a v  a c  c  in e  during an entirely unexpected p an de  mic could perhaps actually introduce, I don’t know, stuff like nano-particles into your body that simply shouldn’t be there, but that devices can communicate with to determine if a task has been performed and then the heat from a moving human body can trigger a sensor that  – how should we put this? — it can award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity can be verified.

This was a C * VID – ^^ 19 Patent update, regarding a “cryptocurrency system using body activity data”

It was filed on June 20, 2019.

Trans human ism, gang. It’s not just a myth anymore.  (Again, you can view the complete docs and download them from thetruegreatawakening on t e l e g r am.)

Really. Seriously. I’d avoid that ” v a c c ine” if at all possible, folks.

And just to cheer you, here’s an article about

The Ch *  n ** se Co mm  un ist P * rty’s Unrestricted Biological War  f*re: Looking from A Key Overlooked Angle and Four Attack Possibilities

In Dr. Y **  Lime  n*’s two published reports, she thoroughly demonstrated that not only the C * P virus came from the C * P laboratory, but also defined it as a biological weapon from the C * P military in the aspects of science and intelligence. However, under C* P’s operations of full cover-up, obstruction, and slander, the two heavyweight reports have not provoked a unanimous worldwide awakening and counterattack.

[full article here]

I guess, you know, add to that the report in the N Y mag that  F * u ci gave his bio-engineered v i r us research to the lab to use, and that B * l l g * t  e s allegedly owns that lab in w * h  an, and we have a nicely rounded-out picture.

Saturday at the health food store, I was with this guy who also follows [17] and he has a pilot’s license.  We were trying hard not to stare at this poor little old woman who was literally freaking out because so many people in the store were not wear m * sks.  She was really losing it, saying really sad stuff, like, “This is never going to be over if we don’t all wear our m*sks!”

And my friend whispered to me, “I’m flying you down to D  C  and we’re going to bring our own rope and start hanging those people.”

(Just fyi, here in the US, the death penalty has gone back to hangings; it’s no longer death by firing squad.)

It is really just sickening what they have gotten away with. I’m not really sure how much longer I can take this, folks, but on we go.

Okay. I hope you have a good day, wherever you are in the world. I’m gonna put on my mukluks, head out into the snow and go pay my water bill!! Thanks for visiting, gang! I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning. If it doesn’t make you happy, nothing will, I’m afraid. The Rivingtons, singing their monster hit from 1963, “Papa Oom Mow Mow”.  (I had it on repeat for nearly an hour!) All right. Listen. Relax. Try to forget all this. And take care of yourselves. I love you guys See ya.


The X * 2 R * ports from last night. They were awesome, gang.

Happy Hearts & Flowers, Gang!!

I hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day, wherever you are in the world!!

It’s still early here, but I’ve been eyeing that chocolate heart I mentioned in yesterday’s post — the vegan one that was a thoughtful gift from a friend, which is really really pretty and quite taste-tempting to the eye, but which — sadly –tastes awful!!!

I keep thinking that maybe today it will taste better because it’s Valentine’s Day…. so far, though, all I do is keep taking it out of and putting it back in to the kitchen cupboard.

But we shall see! The day is still young!

There is not a whole lot of news today because the news from late yesterday afternoon was truly fantastic.

However, now we are on two distinct courses: the upcoming trials re: the e l * c * on fr * ud, and the increasing push-back of the fake v  a  c   c ine. 50% of the world’s population doesn’t want it. And hundreds of thousands of doctors worldwide are refusing to give it to patients. And yet certain governments are still going full steam ahead, still trying to find a way to convince you to take the fucking thing!

Be careful, people. This is experimental gene therapy technology;  the kind of harm that can be done to you could be  irreparable to your body (i.e., a full-on failure of your immune system), and for a lot of people, it has already proven to be fatal. Once it’s in you, it’s in you and they have no real fucking clue what it’s likely to do to you — but judging by the track record so far of certain v  a  c  c  ine-megalomaniacs in the world, yet another  geno c  i d  e is the outcome they’re banking on.

(Also– If you’re gonna insist on calling it a v  a c  c  in e, which it is not, at least call it an experimental one, and make sure that people you talk to know that anyone who takes those shots is actually participating in a clinical trial  (check the  pf  *  z  er web site) and is doing nothing whatsoever to guard themselves against catching a co r o na virus. At this point, people at risk would likely be safer getting the regular flu shot. It is flu season, after all. Although you’d never know it… A lot of folks are still really brainwashed into thinking there is a terrible pan  de  m ic going on out there; but according to actual numbers, and not the inflated c  d  c and w  h o agenda, that c or o a virus from w * han played out at the end of last April. The rest of this has been about trying to keep people frightened and controlled and oblivious to the actual flu.)

Anyway. I hope I live long enough to see main stream m * dia mag nate’s going off to green land for the merciless part they are playing in all these crimes against humanity.

All righty. I’ll be brief today, since it’s a happy holiday today and we’re expecting another snow storm, starting later this evening! I’m leaving you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning — appropriately enough, it’s the love theme from Doctor Zhivago! C  o  mm  u  n i sm!! Love!! Snow!!! Enjoy, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Okay! Those of you who live in NY or know anyone who does: be on guard against Ta  ha  n  ie A  b   o  u s  h i, a far-l* ft,  D istrict A  t t or ney candidate in New York. She is launching a full-scale war against police… and calling all prosecutors “inherently harmful.”

Her goal is to put as many criminals as possible back on the streets… We’ve already seen this come to horrifying fruition recently in Los Angeles, folks. The threat is real.

From the Protect Our P * l i ce P  A  C :

If she wins her election, violent felons will roam the streets… no one would be safe. Take a look at her radical Criminal First agenda:

    • Replacing cops with “violence interpreters,”
    • Halt all prosecutions for heroin dealers, burglars, and prostitutes,
    • Cap all sentences at 20 years – even for the most grisly, depraved crimes.

Any reasonable American should realize this is insane… but she’s getting huge support from national politicians and major funds from S  o  r  os’ P  A  Cs.

It happened already in LA, folks.  Enough said. Here’s hoping s  o  ro s is not long for this free world.

I can’t imbed this video here but this is an important update with R  o  b  er  t  D * v id S t  ** le and Ju an O S  a  v   in, including a possible delay in the upcoming  in  a u g  ur a tion. (18 mins.)

Below: K O checks in, after being gone all week! This video was uploaded just prior to the ac quittal, but it is still a very informative quick listen! (11 mins)

Below: Accordin’ to Jordan: ATJ #27: TR** P AC  QUITTED, Lin  coln Project, Evil Cu * mo, Crypto Soars & Aliens in the MSM [2.13.21]

Below: Robert D*  vid St **  le update on el * l * c t I on  r * g g ing  and S* d  ney’s d * m i n * on lawsuit. (13 min.)

Dear Diary: So Many Things To Ponder!

Before I forget (yet again), my newest novel, The Guitar Hero Goes Home, is now available worldwide as an eBook, distributed through Lulu.com.

Since September, it was only available as an eBook through Kindle Unlimited, but now it has expanded into all other eBook markets.

The Guitar Hero Goes Home is adult experimental fiction.

You can find it here on Lulu if you so choose!!

(It is also still available in print here.) (Ooh! I just noticed it got a 5-star review from the UK!! Thank you!!!!!)

“GUITAR HERO GOES HOME, when coupled with NEPTUNE AND SURF and FREAK PARADE, reaffirms Marilyn Jaye Lewis’s standing as a preeminent writer of erotic fiction in the English language. Her depth and range, both on a literary and emotional level, is masterful.”

And, as always, you can read an excerpt of it here on my blog.

Thanks, gang!!

All righty.

Aside from C * o mo maybe getting booted out of his dictator spot, the rest of the news is getting leaner. Which I think is a good thing. The only “news” is the fake im  peach  ment trial and all things stemming from that, which I refuse to “cover” because I believe it is fake. I think it is only happening to try to get more people to wake up to the lies of the D ** p S t * t e and the main stream me d *a.

Since I already know all of those lies — and most of the lies from the last 16 years — I can’t stomach hearing it all over again, while also having to listen to those creatures-from-the-Black-Lagoon that pass themselves off as our c  o n g r ess right now.

Image result for creature from the black lagoon
To be honest, I hate to insult the Creature by comparing con gre ss to him, because he actually had feelings…


I’m still listening to the podcasts, though, and  I have some of them posted below, as always. But mostly, I’m trying to get my mind around what could be coming up regarding the new currency system. Crypto? Gold? Silver? All three? Or something still made of paper?

Obviously, I don’t really know what’s coming, but I do keep hearing that it’s going to be really good, and that our “money” is going to be worth more — or have actual value. I just don’t know what our “money” is going to look like.

Will everything be a sort of “block chain” thing? Will there still be banks? Or will everything be done online in some non-tangible way? Will “money” transfer between us more directly, without any middlemen? (Wouldn’t that be nice? I can’t tell you how much it pisses me off to make a story sale overseas right now and then when I get paid through a wire transfer, my bank takes their cut simply to put the effing money into my account. Will that stuff stop happening? I fucking hope so.)

Honestly, I have absolutely no clue, but it is a lot to think about. What is a bank, and why do we actually need them? It almost seems as if we don’t; that it’s just some construct foisted upon us that we’ve grown up believing in, and that all it really does is find ways to attach itself to our money.

But since the fake pan  de  mic wiped me out, I have absolutely no money whatsoever right now, so ALL of this is “figuratively speaking”.

I like to think, though, that one day, I’ll have actual money again! Regardless of what it looks like. So I keep pondering. And like everything else right now: we shall see.

Well, okay. Yesterday I got some really nice Valentine’s candy from a friend. It was really nice. A heart-shaped box made out of dark chocolate, and inside the chocolate box, are little pieces of more dark chocolate. Very elaborate. Very pretty. Very chocolatey.

I was so excited.  I love dark chocolate. I couldn’t wait to get it home and devour it in private!!


I’m vegetarian, not vegan. People often mistake that about me, though, And this Valentine’s candy is vegan. And so, while it looks really pretty, in my opinion it tastes awful… So. No chance of me devouring it all at once and having some sort of sugar-spike/crash.

I guess one nice thing is that it will likely remain here in my house uneaten, indefinitely. So I guess I’ll always have it to look at and to make me feel happy…

Okay, gang. That’s it for this happy Saturday.  I hope it’s a good one for you, wherever you are in the world. I leave you with my late-night listening-music from yesterday. One of my all-time favorite songs about being broken-hearted: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers “Even the Losers” (1978). Listen. Feel empowered. Enjoy! Thanks for visiting! I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Accordin’ to Jordan: Someone else who hates m*sks as much as I do!! ATJ #26: Scampeachmint, Cancel Culture & Censorship, Vacktheens & Dubble Masks [2.11.21] (21 mins.)

Below: This is from 2/11, P  *  t r oi t S t reet f ighter. The one from last night is not up yet. But this one has been moved to ru  m b le, so you can now watch it in case you missed it on YT!!



Below” X * 2 R * p ort, Financial: “The [**]/[**] are trying to regain control of the economic system. They cannot, [JY] is putting a treasury climate czar in place. P  u  t  in and X  i do not agree with the Great R* set. The new economic system is being born and slowly but surely the people will be moved into the new system.” (16 mins.)

Below: X * 2 R * po rt:  “The [**] has now had their im peach  ment tr i  al, Tr **p team exposed their lies and now the world was able to see the truth about Tr ** p. The im  peach  ment set a precedent that you can im  peach a former  pr  e  s  i  d ent. Everything is in motion, news unlocks and now the people have seen the truth.” (32 mins)

With All this Crap Going On, Who Knew There Were So Many Miracles?

Okay. Since the news is fucking bizarre right now, and the things they are trying to get us to listen to, let alone believe, couldn’t be more exasperating, I have decided to focus today on J   o r   d an S a th er ‘s video from the other day.

I posted it here on Wednesday, I think. It’s all about c h  l o r ine  d i ox ide. (Also known as M  M  S.)

If you have not yet watched the video, it will likely surprise you not one bit that the  f  d  a and big  ph * r ma want you to think M  M  S  is chlorox bl e a ch and extremely harmful to you.

If you stop using g  **  g le and Y ** T * b* as your sources for any factual news, you can actually find a whole lot of positive test im on ials from doctors, worldwide, as well as regular everyday people all over the world, who swear by its ability to heal a wide range of diseases very quickly. No prescription, no doctor visits required.

Imagine: The health of your own body, totally up to you!

Okay. It’s affordable and its everywhere.  People have been cured of  a wide variety of ailments, from malaria to herpes to allergies to cancer to autism. And this has been going on for decades, all over the world. So how come we’re not all using it?

The catch, of course, is that it’s an ordinary chemical compound and no one can really get rich off of it so they want you to be afraid of it, instead. Most importantly, right now, people with severe underlying health concerns, such as obesity and diabetes, have been cured of C * VID in about 48 hours after taking the chemical compound. So where’s the need for any expensive v  a  c  c  i ne?


Tr**p suggested using M  M  S  last Spring for C* VID and of course he was severely ridiculed in the press for trying to get people to “drink bleach”. (Of course, he was also really slammed down for suggesting that h y d r o chlo ro qu in e worked on C * VID, too, but where were the potential upcoming profits on the v a  c  c in e in that good advice? Nowhere!! Yet now, of course, all the evidence is surfacing that h y d r o chlo ro qu in e  does indeed work…)

Okay. So here is a link to a list of testimonials about the many, many diseases that people have been cured of, worldwide, thanks to M  M  S.

And here is where you can buy it online. Affordably. (Free shipping in the U S)

Chlorine Dioxide Kit with Citric Acid 2oz

You can watch the 30-minute  video again — J * rdan S * ther interviews An d r  e  as   K al ck er right here:

And you can watch a (1hr 49min) documentary, The Universal An ti d o t e,  right here. (Naturally all videos about ch  lo  ri  ne di o x id e have been banned from main stream and so cial me d ia.)

And here is the link for the pdf reference guidebook they recommend you download before taking M  M  S.

All righty!

Image result for vintage illustrations of cats in birthday party hats
Pick a party hat, gang!! It’s getting to be that time…

More intel indeed seems to point to our beloved h  i ll l  ar y’s death, AND that she’s allegedly been dead for about 6 months already. (Watch the online chat between Da v e Sc ar lett and S c ott M c Kay for more details on the prison  facility in green  land.)

In other — although non-related — good news, Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File today with very good advice about why storing your stash in a  jar of Vegemite and then putting the jar in the fridge, is a dead give away that your drugs are  in there… Read his advice while there’s still time!!

Okay, gang. What else can I say?

There is much to be optimistic about, when we see just how much is coming to light every day that returns our power to us.  It can be hard to focus on, when the news is so fucking off-the-charts insane.

And I also want to mention here that we should be mindful not to go off on our own witch hunts. For instance, there is a list of “celebrities” who financially and/or verbally supported the L in c oln  Project.  The implication of that list is that we should “cancel” the celebrities for being “p*do phile supporters,” when in reality what they probably are, are Tr **p-haters, which is in no way illegal.

Let’s reserve judgement on people until we know the facts, and resist the urge to make lists. Or let’s at least try.  We’re supposed to be legally allowed to have our own opinions in this country, and to express them, even if they totally piss other people off.  There’s also something known as “innocent until proven guilty.” Someone has to get back to setting these examples. Hard as it can sometimes seem.

All righty. Thanks for visiting today, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Okay. Well.  On a less cheery note: You can visit the c  d c dot gov  web site and search for the Va c c ine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), where there are currently 7 pages of listings of the people who have died here in the U S from the experimental v a c c ine, with details of the  complications they died from.

Okay. Let’s get empowered!!

Below: A must-watch video of c ir st en w speaking with g  ene d e c ode yesterday. Don’t miss it. He explains in detail the horrors of both the r o t h sch ild agenda in Africa re: v a  c  c  ine- genocide, as well as present day m y an mar atrocities and why the m * litary stepping in is a very good thing for humanity. (18 mins.)

Below: Don’t miss this one, either.  Dave S c ar  le  tt interviews the P * tr io t Str ee t fighter.  Both of these guys have great m * li t ary intel, gang. So listen up and prepare for more miracles. They are on their way! (1 hr 26 mins)

Below: The P * trio t stre e t fighter, from last night. It will be moved to r u m bl e later today and then you can find it here. (2.11.21 #48) (57 mins.)

Below: And We Know. Finally able to embed the video! Public Opinion Stage SET! Optics are important! Pray!  And make a note of the 120,000 doctors and nurses refusing to recommend the v  a c  c ine. (35 mins.)

Below: X * 2 R * p *rt: P * trio  ts Will Not Telegraph Moves To The Enemy, But Will Light A Fire To Flush Them Out (41 mins)


Where Do We Draw These Lines of Rage?

I don’t actually have an answer to that question, gang.

I really wish to believe that the intel from the P * tr * ot S t r **t fighter is accurate and that our beloved h  i l  l a  r y has finally left this realm. (See last night’s post.)

I have no proof of this, obviously.  It does seem that a lot of truly unsavory individuals, though, are reportedly being held there in green  land and/or being tried by m* l i t ary tr* bu nals and then either e x e cuted or given some weird plea bargain arrangement, wherein they get to participate, for a little while, in this indescribably insane charade going on all over the  world right now.

Until the body doubles take over, and then God only knows what happens to the originals.

I like to believe this is true. Even when I look at fancy-nan these days, she does not seem the same. She doesn’t look the same; she doesn’t speak in that same indescribably bizarre crazy way. She just seems different now; less off-the-charts, even while her mouth is moving and still spewing crazy shit.

Ditto, of course, the fake B * den in the fake W  H, with the quite inexplicable ears.

Or the sudden resignation and then seemingly utter disappearance of our other beloved fun-loving gal, who ran the most corrupt incarnation of the c  i  a, ever.  What really happened to her? Green land?

I cannot tell you if this stuff is true, gang. I can only tell you what I glean from many other alternative news sources, who seem to have truly uncanny intel most of the time.

But this kuru thing. Wow. (Last night’s P * tr * ot Stre ** t fighter video, below.) Allegedly, h  i  l l a r y died from kuru. And allegedly m *  r k l e also has it.

Kuru is extreme, folks. I mean, really. Come on.  Is this just to try to get us to understand the gravity of these charges of c a  n  n i ba l i sm among the e  l  i t e ? (Well, the s a t an – worshipping ones, anyway.)

(As an aside, I’m guessing you’ve all seen the news re: A r  mi e H a mm er… the renewed accusations, etc.)

None of this shit is coming to the forefront by accident, gang.  This onslaught of messages is definitely not a coincidence. It is timed, targeted, and planned.

You have to step back and look at it all in silence. Without anything to disturb the frequency your mind is tuning to — and you have to ask yourself: What am I looking at?

You know, being raised within a Jewish family (I was adopted as an infant by a family of Eastern European Jewish immigrants, who had escaped the pogroms, but who then had extended family members killed in the concentration c * mps),  it was hard enough to believe those familial-lineage rumors about m * r  k e l. Until I started to see photos of you-know-who’s face, super-imposed on hers; and then vice-versa. And I have to say, the resemblance was not only uncanny, it was also shocking.

And then, I couldn’t see anyone else’s face but his when I looked at her.

And now, she allegedly has kuru, too.

WTF, right? Am I being programmed to believe something, or is this really happening? When I look at all the other atrocious shit going on, or even the not atrocious stuff but the highly unexpected stuff (i.e. Space Force and what they’re up to and all that) — well, I have come to the decision that this shit is really happening.

Every day, the news gets more and more bizarre. For instance, the announcement yesterday that the (fake and incurably corrupt) C D C is indeed advising double m* sks now. A fabric one underneath the paper one.

I’m guessing this is the game-plan now: to give us all bacterial pneumonia. (The only thing that’s clear these days is that a whole heck of a lot of people want us dead and are willing to sleep right through the plot line if it gets them to the closing credits, without dying from pneumonia first themselves.)

I have to ask myself, is this really their push-back, or just more of the charade, to get the sound-asleep among us to just wake the fuck up already. It’s getting ridiculous, how soundly some people can sleep.

For me, a whole lot of it comes down to these m* sks. It’s almost as if it’s all they have left.  I can’t tell you the amount of rage I have over these m* sks and over how many people are believing it. Especially when I’m in town and see little kids wearing them — I want to shout at those mothers who are buying into this garbage and causing God-only-knows what kind of physical and psychological harm to all these children.

I cannot believe that so many people are spineless nowadays and simply tow the line, without using any common sense whatsoever.

This is one of the worst crimes that has happened in America, in my opinion. They removed our Spirit of ’76.  Systematically indoctrinated it right out of the younger generations.

It honestly fills me with nothing but rage — but then, that is what “they” want. To divide and conquer all of us. So where do you draw that line, so as not to give in to all-out hate of your fellow Am er ic ans?

Yesterday, after reading the news re: the new c  d  c m* sk guidelines, I had to spend about an hour reading and re-reading and re-re-reading Matthew, 5:39 (KJV): “But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

It is very hard to know what the true teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were because they have become inculcated with the doctrines of Pauline Christianity for 2000 years. Jesus was dead before Paul began teaching. And even though I am willing to believe that Paul and Jesus were tuned to the same frequencies, dead or alive, usually I really just want to know what Jesus of Nazareth, himself, believed, because he is the one who called me to my ministry and into Divinity School, etc.

And I feel in my bones that the Beatitudes give us the closest things we have to the true teachings of Jesus of Nazareth.

And yesterday, as I kept reading Matthew 5:39, and kept trying to find a way to sublimate my rage over not just the atrocities that keep coming to light, but all these endless sheep who are blindly dragging all of us to the slaughter…

Okay. I understand the Law of Attraction. I understand why Jesus would warn against resisting evil because it only attracts more evil right to you. Jesus knew that.

Okay. But Jesus was ex e c ut ed in the end.  If there is one thing we can know for sure about Jesus of Nazareth (and there really is only about one thing we can know for sure because theology has attempted to thoroughly wipe out the history of him and his family); the one thing we can feel certain about is that he was crucified by the Romans. (And yet we can’t be certain about why. Anyway, that’s yet another story…)

Anyway. There are so many parallels between now and the times of Jesus of Nazareth, or the Book of Esther, or the reign of the N a  z i’s, or the Romanovs and the Bolsheviks and the onslaught of C  o  m m unism,

The parallels are there, and they are real, and they are horrific, and so many people, in this country at least, are literally mind-controlled into not seeing it and into participating in it.  If you try to sublimate your rage over this by following the Prince of Peace, by trying to convince yourself “…I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also” — and then the one thing you know for sure about the guy who said that is that they killed him. I don’t know, gang.

All of this shit is just so hard to process.

I do not understand why we’re here. I am one of those people who believes we choose to come here and that we choose when we will leave. And that the entirety of the time we spend here is all about the energy of choices — learning to control the energy of the choices we are making so that we are ultimately choosing the energy frequencies we are at, and then controlling the experiences we are attracting.

But why we do this — I have absolutely no clue.

And I have no clue why people choose to be evil. I cannot get my mind around that and never could.  Even when people raped me repeatedly, and abused me in all manner of ingenious ways — I never once believed it came from an evil place. I never believed in evil. I believed in fearful, misguided people. Not in evil.

But now it seems like I am being asked to believe this, that some people choose to be absolutely evil. And when I begin to believe this, I begin to want them eradicated from the Earth; I want the “eye for an eye; tooth for a tooth” option instead. Which is everything Jesus did NOT teach.

It is so difficult. These dark days.

At this time in my life, at age 60, all I wanted to do was focus on my writing and all my many projects. The two plays getting ready for various stages of production, in NYC and in Canada.  The first script with Abstract Absurdity Productions getting ready to shoot in Los Angeles. A new novel coming out. A memoir in progress. A new collection of short stories in the works. An upcoming reading I was going to do, not to mention going to Switzerland to see Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds in Zurich.

All of it came to a screeching halt and now all that is in my world, all that is on my plate, is fighting to keep this C o n st i t tution from being wiped from the face of the Earth. I get about 5 or 6 hours of sleep a night, and then every waking moment is spent, in some way, on this enormous task. And it’s as if none of the other stuff matters any more.

If I die the moment we know for sure the C  o n st i t u tion is firmly secured, it’s like I don’t even care. If I die, I die. As long as I don’t go a moment before we know it is safe.

So I don’t understand — why do we come here? What the hell is this place? What is “here”? What do we really do while we’re here? I just don’t feel as if I have any kind of a clue anymore.


In other oddly-related news: Nick Cave has some new pencils available for purchase over at Cave Things: Madness and War. (Each collection is £15 plus shipping, and features appropriate lyrics by Nick Cave imprinted on each pencil.) Personally, I think these are rumblings of the upcoming Carnage album.  We’ll see!

Load image into Gallery viewer, MADNESS PENCILS

Load image into Gallery viewer, WAR PENCILS

And on that note, folks. I’m gonna scoot. I hope this finds you well, wherever you are in the world. I leave you with my listening-music from last night, while it was snowing yet again! And seemingly so peaceful…  while I was trying to process by candlelight this idea that our beloved h  i ll  ar y might actually be really gone. “Babe You Turn Me On,” by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. All righty. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: P * tr * ot S tre  ee t fighter:  Currently on Y** T * b* but it will be moved to r  u  m b l e d ot c om. You can find it here. 2.10.21 #47. (57 mins.)

Below: R * d  P * l l 7 8 News: “Today we take a look at the Shampeachment 2.0, expose the lies and hypocrisy behind it and delve into the mysterious death of Ca pit ol P *lice Officer Brian S * ck  n* ck.” (40 mins)

Below: X * 2 R * p * rt: “The im peach  ment trial is a trap for the [**]/MSM. If [**] won by millions of votes what are they worried about? Why are they im peach  ing someone who they cannot remove from office because he doesn’t hold an office? They are panicking. Everything they are talking about will boomerang back at them. The [**]/ c  o  r  r  u pt   p ol i ti cians opened the door to im peach anyone, and to el* ct * on fr*ud and in  su rre ^ c tion. Tr** p must prove his innocence, he must inject evidence legally.” (40 mins.)

Below: (From 2 days ago) Ch * r  l i * W * rd and Mel K News, Spain/US. (49 mins.)

Below: D * n B * n g * no: “In this episode, I discuss the shocking comments by a G*P S * nat or which perfectly encapsulate the attitude of the Swamp. I also discuss the tactics the D*m  ocr ats have used for decades to win messaging battles, and how we can adopt them to fight back.” (1 hr)

I Don’t Know About You, But I Think I Need More Popcorn!

All righty, so.

The im p each ment fr * ud has begun. It is curiously similar to both the  C* VID fr * ud and the e l* c t * on fr*ud, in that they make up the rules as they go along to ensure that you feel like making your head explode, if only to stop the onslaught of how indescribably arrogant and fucked up they are.

So that’s getting underway.

Watch for more mass sh oo t  ings, horrible fires and explosions, and maybe r*ots in an effort to give the main stream me * d i a something to show their loyal viewers, instead of giving any unnecessary airtime to the many curious and creative ways in which c  o n g r e  s  s is trampling all over the U S   C  on st  i t ution.

(I think there are actually some D * mo c r at s left who recall that we once had a c on st  it tu tion here in the U  S, and we wouldn’t want to bring any of those memories rushing to the fore of their brains too suddenly.)

So in addition to the triple fr*uds going on, I have been thinking a lot about:

    • Deep fake videos (Especially of O b * m * — where is he, exactly?)
    • Is the p op e really a hologram now?
    • How many movie stars and famous film directors have actually already been e x ec  ut ed for raping ch * l d ren? (i.e., perusing Variety shows that many “projects” are now being “delayed”.)
    • The  fake B* den in the fake W H, has really, really different ears from the real B * den who was V P in the actual W  H. Why is that? And their voices are different, too. Hmmm….
    • How many body doubles are actually out there right now?
    • How come the true M  A  G  A s smile a lot and don’t wear m * sks?
    • What is the New Physics, really, and how long has the m * li tary been perfecting it both deep under the earth and way up there in space?
    • When do we, the people, get to fully benefit from the New Physics? (And by “new,” I mean the stuff they’ve known about for at least 100 years…)
    • Just how many extra-terrestrials are down in those tunnels, working with us? Enslaving us??
    • Just how many extra-terrestrials are up there on those other planets, working with us? Enslaving us?
    • What the fuck is really up with the R o t schilds and was H * tler really an illegitimate R o t schilds (i.e., part-Jewish)?
    • Does he really have any artificially-inseminated offspring running around?
    • Did he really escape to A  r g e n t ina with the rest of them?
    • Just what type of science did those Project P a per c l ip guys actually know?
    • Is n a s a really fucking with our weather? Starting horrible forest fires, brush fires? Wiping out crops with too much rain and wind? Killing animals, people…
    • At what point do people decide that it’s okay to become unconscionably evil?
    • How come most people refuse to turn off their televisions?
    • Is there actually a new c o n st i tution already in place, that Tr **p allegedly signed back on July 4th, 2020?
    • Is there a new com m er ce already moving into place here in the U S? Is it the gold standard again?
    • How come D C is under m * li tary lo ck d* wn and everyone is pretending it isn’t?
    • Why are so many foreign governments crumbling to pieces right now and it isn’t headline news at all times?
    • Why do some people insist that no one is living in B  * cking ham P * lace anymore? That it’s as empty as the W H and that everyone imaginable has been ar  r * sted?
    • Why have the prices of the Tr **p hotel in D  C  skyrocketed to $6000 a night, but only for March 3rd & 4th?

Well, that’s just some of the stuff I think about, as I wait, along with everyone else, for March 4th to arrive and see what it brings.

And meanwhile, here on Earth, the abominations continue.


CDC illegally inflated the C * VID fatality number by at least 1,600 percent as the 2020 pr* side  nti  al el* cti on played out, according to a study published by the Public Health Initiative of the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge. The study, “C* VID 1^^9 Data Collection, Comorbidity & Federal Law: A Historical Retrospective,” was authored by Henry Ealy, Michael McEvoy, Daniel Chong, John Nowicki , Monica Sava, Sandeep Gupta, David White, James Jordan , Daniel Simon, and Paul Anderson.”

The groundbreaking peer-reviewed research…asserts that the CDC willfully violated multiple federal laws including the Information Quality Act, Paperwork Reduction Act, and Administrative Procedures Act at minimum. (Publishing Journal – Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge / Public Health Policy Initiative) Most notably, the CDC illegally enacted new rules for data collection and reporting exclusively forC* VID 1^^9 that resulted in a 1,600% inflation of current C* VID 1^^9 fatality totals,” the watchdog group All Concerned Citizens declared in a statement provided to NATIONAL FILE, referring to the Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge study.

“The research demonstrates that the CDC failed to apply for mandatory federal oversight and failed to open a mandatory period for public scientific comment in both instances as is required by federal law before enacting new rules for data collection and reporting. The CDC is required to be in full compliance with all federal laws even during emergency situations. The research asserts that CDC willfully compromised the accuracy and integrity of all C* VID 1^^9 case and fatality data from the onset of this crisis in order to fraudulently inflate case and fatality data,” stated All Concerned Citizens.”

[…] “Then on April 14th, the CDC adopted additional rules exclusive for C* VID  1^^9 in violation of federal law by outsourcing data collection rule development to the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE), a non-profit entity, again without applying for oversight and opening opportunity for public scientific review. On April 5th the CSTE published a position paper Standardized surveillance case definition and national notification for 2019 novel coronavirus disease (C* VID  1 ^^9) listing 5 CDC employees as subject matter experts. This key document created new rules for counting probable cases as actual cases without definitive proof of infection (section VII.A1 – pages 4 & 5), new rules for contact tracing allowing contact tracers to practice medicine without a license (section VII.A3 – page 5), and yet refused to define new rules for ensuring that the same person could not be counted multiple times as a new case (section VII.B – page 7),” stated All Concerned Citizens.

[full article is here]

That’s the only article that really jumped out at me this morning as something I felt like sharing. Everything is the same old, same old: the D*ms/Far Left are still acting dangerously insane and most people are still wearing the fucking m*sks for absolutely no reason at all…


It’s extremely cold here again in Crazeysburg — 16 degrees Fahrenheit. And more snow is expected. So I’m just gonna hang out and watch the weather for awhile and think about how unbelievably weird everything has gotten.

I hope you have a nice Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Accordin’ To J * r dan:  J* d * n S * ther. HighImpactFlix Fishing For Clicks, Hates On Me & [17] – REACTION (22 mins)

Below: J* d * n S * ther interviews Andre a s K a l cker about chlorine dioxide. (32 mins.)

Below: R * d P * l l 7  8 News:  “P o   p   e  Francis uses Cap it ali  sm as a scapegoat for Human Tr * ffick  ing but I’ll show you why that’s a garbage argument, B* den firing all Tr** p U  S Attorneys including Dur  ham. Weighted vote distribution is exposed and shows how they stole the el * ct  * on, Ma tz  ke reveals why he didn’t want to do business with Tr** p, A  O   C denies Cr* z attempted murder claim but we have receipts and more!” (37 mins)

Below: X * 2 R * p ort: “The impeachment hearing has started, the [**]/Corrupt P o li t i c ia ns  are opening the front door. This im peach ment trial is not going to be fair, they are now creating the precedent to try other Pr * side  nts, S* nat  ors etc… The flood gates are now open. The p* trio ts have it all, how do you inject evidence legally? How do you make it look like it wasn’t your idea? Will this evidence help Tr ** p or the [**]? Drip, Drip, Flood.” (31 mins)

Below: D * n B * n g * n*: “In this episode, I discuss the devastating video that decimates this ridiculous im peach  ment hoax. I also address the liberal’s indefensible push for a fifteen dollar an hour minimum wage.” (1 hr)

But Jesus said, Suffer the Little Children and Forbid them Not To Come Unto Me

Yes, even though today is a big day — the start of the im  peach  ment t ri al, which promises to be unbelievably insane…

Even though that is finally coming, I am having another rough morning here.

This stems from that fucking Super Bowl garbage.

It is so hard to know which end is up right now. Why would they have the w/end doing all his Satan-worshipping crap on the half-time show? Lucifer’s descent, and all those red-eyes, and of course the men dressed in red with the jock-straps on their faces…

Okay, so is this trying to tell us that all of us — just as the Satan-worshippers do — are now subjects of Satan because we are dutifully wearing our m* sks?

Or is it saying, “Wake up, idiots! Take the fucking m*sks off!” ??

We had three bombers flying overhead at the start of the Super Bowl, clearly a signal that the m* litary is indeed in charge. So who allowed that horrific half-time show?

I say horrific because it was foisted on to the whole fucking world. If people want to follow Satan and the w/end, let them pay their own good money to go see his shows. Don’t force them on to everyone, whose children are likely watching that fucking  Super Bowl…

But what bothers me most about this past weekend (not the singer, but the actual weekend), is the SNL fake commercial about Papa John’s pizza delivery (and how it doesn’t include ch  i l d  s * x  t ra  ff   i ck ing).

People on the hubs yesterday were claiming this was a “win” for the rest of us because SNL is finally acknowledging to the sound asleep main stream viewers that our beloved h i l l a r y took part in an elaborate system of r a p e and to r tu re of young girls. (Pizza – g*te.) (If you still don’t know what that was, “pizza” was the code word for young girls, and “hotdogs” was the code word for young boys, and our beloved p o li t ic ians placed their p  e   d   o  orders in  that way, and the r * pe and t or ture of the children took place down in the (now-flooded) tunnels under the W  H and Ca  p i t  ol. Our beloved o  b^ a  m^ a, himself,  spent $65,000 of taxpayers $$ on “hotdogs” during his lofty admin –flying little boys in from ch  * c * go to get  r  a  p  e  d.) (But if you are foolish enough to imply, anywhere, that b  a  rr  y  is g^^a ^^y, or that b i g m  i  ke is a “t r  a^n**n^y”  you could find yourself taken-out for good during a simple procedure of elective plastic surgery…)

So, yes, you can see why this is all really funny and we should make a joke about it on SNL. And the audience laughed, gang. You can watch it all over s o ci al m* d ia if you don’t believe me.

This shit — the fact that the audience is still laughing about all of it — is what makes it feel to me like the early days of N a  z  i  g  er  ma  n y are upon us. How easy it is to lead people  blindly down horrific paths.  These thoughts can make the morning around here a rough time to wake-up in…

Image result for images of happy german girls in nazi germany

All right.

Something cheerful from the u  k’s  Daily Mail:

El* n M*  sk says he WON’T get a cor*na  virus v  a  c  c  in e because he’s ‘not at risk’ and says the pan  dem  ic has ‘questioned my faith in humanity’ because people have become ‘irrational’
    • M* sk said large scale l* ckd  *wns were a mistake and only those at risk should have to quarantine ‘until the storm passes’
    • ‘It has diminished my faith in humanity, the whole thing…the irrationality of people in general,’ the CEO said on the public response to the pandemic

[full article is here]

I don’t have t  w * t  t * r, so I didn’t know this, but I read  about it on The Post Millennial this morning, and I think it’s fantastic (better late than never, right?):

New app blocks The New York Times to prevent spread of disinformation

A new app called “Block The New York Times” allows  t w* t t  *r users to block 800 corporate journalists for free with just one click in the “fight against disinformation.”

[full article is here]

All right. That’s it for today. I need to get started here and I am really running late. Thanks for visiting on this snowy morning, gang. I love you guys. See ya.



Below: Thanks to the anonymous p* tr io t, you can once again access the video about the fake sh ** ting at the fake cap bldg r*ot  now on r u mb le. It was, of course, deleted from Y ** T * b* because it is full of  un helpful dis information. (21 mins)


Below: Last night P * tr * ot S tr  e  e  t fighter talked with L   T  from And We Know.  L  T’s passion i s biblical, gang. You don’t want to miss it. It is still on Y ** T * b* but I’m guessing that will change sometime this morning, moving to r  u  m  b l d ot c om. ( 2 hrs total)

Below: R  * d P * l l 7  8 News: UP date on the jaw-dropping TIME magazine article; more evidence that the fake cap bldg r * ot was staged and well planned. (39 mins.)

Below: X *@ R * p *rt:  “The p* trio ts have the [**]/MSM exactly where they want them. When will this go down, it has been planned by Tr ** p and his team. This is about exposing and destroying the [**]/MSM system. The truth is shining bright and it is putting the light on those who have been hiding in the dark. The people are going to see the truth, the [**]/MSM will try to stop it, the people will demand to see it.” (38 mins.)


The Good News Is…

…if you’re reading this, then you’re still here!

So that’s pretty good news, right? I like to think so.

Man, the news is just so fucking frustrating today. The D **p S t*te, the world over, is really pushing back hard with this C * VID/m*sk/v ac  c in e/passport/ detention camp garbage. It is really horrific. Absolutely criminal. But they have nothing left to fight with.

Because we are making GREAT headway in the el* c t* on fr*ud stuff (three months after the actual el* c t * on, but hey); and C* VID cases in the U S are plummeting, folks — plummeting; down 50% since last month (because B* den’s handling it so well!).  And not that many people, comparatively speaking, are taking that fake v  a  c  c ine (they estimate 8% here in the U  S, and 13% of people world wide). So it’s not that va  c  c  i ne that’s causing those cases to plummet. Hmmm.  Anyway.

The best news is that, tomorrow, the im  peach ment fiasco begins and it should be stellar, folks. Absolutely stellar. They cannot legally  im peach him, so really all they will do is open the door for all the evidence of their corruption  to come pouring down on their wee bonny little heads like fiery rain, and of course, the main stream m e d * a will try like hell to black it out, nationwide, which we can only hope will FINALLY make those final sound-asleep Americans open their fucking EYES already and wonder: why are they blacking it out? What do they not want me to see? (Not sure that will ever happen, gang, but we can dream can’t we?)

Anyway. The Super Bowl took over the world, and so there was no real news last night, beyond the C* VID-related onslaught that I already mentioned. Including this:

Doctor with bioweapons expertise calls C* VID-1^^9 vaccines “weaponized medicine”

[…] Dr. Lee M*  rritt, a former president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, has admitted that she believes the current coronavirus v ac  c in e s are actually very dangerous bioweapons that are being deployed against the population.

Dr. M* rritt knows plenty about bioweapons, having studied them while she served as an orthopedic surgeon for the United States Navy for nearly a decade. She has also published several peer-reviewed papers and was on the board of the Arizona Medical Association.

In an interview with The New America, Dr. M* rritt said that she believes we’re living in a time of “fifth-generational warfare” where covert biological agents, propaganda and economic warfare are being used instead of weapons on the battlefield to turn the tide of power between nations. […]

[full article is here]

And there are a couple of videos posted down below. A light day for for me!!

Meanwhile, a very happy birthday to James Dean, one of my absolute all-time favorite idols, gang. Had he not died in an infamous car wreck outside of Salinas, California when he was 24 years old, he would have been 90 today!! (I just love this guy! Honestly — what is not to love??!!)

Image result for james dean

All righty. Have a good Monday. Get ready to hang on to your hats, folks. Starting tomorrow, it should be an unusual week… Thanks for visiting. I leave you with my morning-listening music, in honor of James Dean’s birthday, the all-out cry-baby love song: “Don’t Say You Don’t Remember,” a huge hit for Beverly Bremens from 1972.  Listen! Cry! Enjoy! Okay. I love you guys. See ya!



Below: c i r st en w and P *  t r i ot S tree t fighter discuss the polar vortex heading our way Feb. 16th with potentially hurricane-force winds; the purposeful killing of crops, animals, people, and why n a s a has got to go ASAP (very disturbing, folks.). (1 hr 18 mins.)

Below: X *2 R* port. “The p*triots have now allowed the [**]/MSM do exactly what need to be done, they explained how they r* gged the el * ct* ons. Why interfere with an enemy while they are in the process of destroying themselves? They believe they are in control so they let their egos take over. The [**] understands that Tr*** p is a threat and Tr *** p is not on so ci al me  d * a or making any moves, game theory.” (32 mins.)

Below: This international roundtable is a week old already, but I really enjoyed it.  The world-wide DUMBs are discussed in detail. (1 hr.)

I really enjoy this podcast, too — And We Know — but the guy does not allow it to be embedded on other sites. You can watch the newest one on r  u  m  b le at this link. (45 mins.)


A Frozen Day in Crazeysburg!

There is no new snow here, gang, but the ton of snow we still have from the other day is now frozen solid.  It’s sunny here this morning, but incredibly cold. (18 degrees Fahrenheit.)

My own good news is that a flash memoir I wrote, Seminary Avenue, (960 words) and submitted a few months ago to a new small, no-profit press — Kintsugi Books — for possible inclusion in their upcoming collection, We Make Our Own Light, was accepted for publication yesterday by the publisher!

It’s a brand new market for me — they are an LGBTQ+ small press, located in the American Deep South. And I’m always really happy to sell a nonfiction, non-erotic piece of writing.  Yay!

Which reminds me, I really, really want to thank whoever you people are out there who are buying my non-erotic historical novel about old Hollywood, Twilight of the Immortal. I got a royalty statement from Amazon yesterday and saw that, for some inexplicable reason, that novel was suddenly selling again! Another great big “yay!” — since I really, really love that book. Thanks, guys/gals.

Okay. Today is the Super Bowl. [17] followers are supposed to keep our eyes on the half-time show. Something, I have no idea what, could make it look like a “puppy show.”

I don’t have television, so I guess I will rely on  w  e  t  h  e  m e d i a on t  e l e  gr am for any potential live updates on that front. But I must say, gang, that the news, in general, has gotten almost eerily quiet over the last couple of days.

Even my general email address, which is usually absolutely overloaded with emails from both the R* pu bl i can and de * crat camps has been strangely sparse.

Hmmm. Wonder what’s up with that? More arr * sts??  Possible Internet outages? Pol i t i ci ans giving up and going home? A combination of all three?

I guess we’re gonna find out.

Some news items that are of interest, however.

The A Z State S  * nate is going to have the el * ction officials of M a r  i co p a County ar  r * sted for obstruction of justice in the 2 0 2 0 e l* ct *ons. (I’m guessing it’s that death penalty-thingie for helping to r * g  el* c t *ons that’s got those M a r  i co p a County officials a little spooked and that’s likely why they’re hemming and hawing about coughing up the evidence the A  Z State S * nate keeps asking for. To be fair, I’d probably feel the same way if I’d r * g g ed a na tional e l * c t * on…)

And —

It’s looking like Tr **p’s team will be showing videos of D* m ocrats inciting violence as part of his im  p ea c h ment defense. The complete article is here (and I cannot imagine the balls of steel these D*ms have; curiously, they must still think Tr **p is the legal pr  e  s * dent, since no one on Earth can im  pe a ch a private citizen…)

Also!! Pay close attention to this one, gang!

The V* rology J ournal — the journal of D  r  F * u ci’s  National Institute of  H  * a  l th — published a peer-reviewed report back in 2005 (!!)  declaring that ch  ol o ro  quine and hydro  chl o  r o quine  are potent inhibitors of S  A  R  S  coro n  a virus infection and spread…. The full article is here, but here is the “Conclusion” determined by the 8 scientists who worked on  the article:


Chloroquine, a relatively safe, effective and cheap drug used for treating many human diseases including malaria, amoebiosis and human immunodeficiency virus is effective in inhibiting the infection and spread of SARS CoV in cell culture. The fact that the drug has significant inhibitory antiviral effect when the susceptible cells were treated either prior to or after infection suggests a possible prophylactic and therapeutic use.

Hmmm. That’s just so weird. I wonder why F * u ci forgot all about this research, done 15 years ago at his own institute?? And, in fact, stated the exact opposite instead. Perhaps he wanted to one day be arr  *  s t  ed and possibly ex e c u t e d for crimes against humanity and he saw this as the quickest route to achieving that lofty goal. We can only guess, gang.


More ar r * s ts of truly horrific p*dos, nationwide. We’re getting there, folks. But we’ve still got a really long way to go.

All righty. Today at 1 pm, EST, the P * t r  io t  S  t r  eet  f i ghter and cir st en w chat live on her new ch an nel on Y ** T *b*.

The link is here.

If you tried to join the chat last Sunday, you no doubt recall that it got so overrun with viewers that it kept crashing the link and more and more links had to be created. Luckily, she is back on Y **  T* b* for now, so all that should be taken care of.

Okay. Well, I am going to get to work here, gang. I’m writing a new short story for the kind folks in Sweden. Only about a month past my deadline… But, thankfully, they are patient there.

I hope you have a terrific Sunday, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: The n a  v  a  l ny plot thickens and the  u   k  is  really not anybody’s friend any more…. (From 2/1/21) (9 mins.):

Below: c  i r st en w  and g ene d * c ode from Friday, Feb. 5th. (38 mins.)



Below: anonymous p* trio t has a 4-minute segment from the new l*n de ll doc, where l* n d e ll is speaking with Terry T*r  chie, Former D* puty Assistant Director of the Counter  t*rr or  ism Division of the   f  b  i, about why the f  b  i  did nothing to stop the e l* c t* on fr * ud:

And in conclusion — Here are a couple of interesting diagrams, that show how things in life are often connected, folks (click on them and they get easier to read):