A Little Good News, and then A Little Good News!

I know. People are still getting fatally shot all over the country. Including a 7-year-old girl in a McDonald’s in Chicago.  

An t * f* and b  l  m are still rioting. Torching businesses and seriously hurting people.

One nice thing in Chicago, though, is that b  l  m came out in protest against that horrific m*yor in Chicago on Saturday night, chanting “hey, hey, ho ho, Lori Lightfoot’s got to go”. [full article is here]

So that’s pretty cool. All over the country now, b l m and ant * f * are at least biting the hands that feed them. (Or it could be that the hands that used to feed them have either been e x e c uted or are permanently at G i t mo now.)

The health and freedom rally in Tulsa was an overwhelming success. 4,200 tickets were sold, but 50,000 people tried to get tickets. And it was live streamed to 500,000 viewers all over the country.

It was a m*sk-less event.

L in W oo d brought the house down, stating succinctly who the D ** p S t * te players were ( Hollywood, the Royals, Vatican, Cl in t ons, B u shes, O b * m as) and that they were ALL involved in child s * x tr a ff icking.

Actor James C a v i e z el blatantly stated that the trafficked child ren were supply ing the elite s with a d r en o chr ome, and almost immediately, M S M players, like V * nity F air got on s * cial m* dia and made a joke about it, pretending that adr e no chr om-ing of child ren does not exist…

Apparently M * ke L * n d ell also spoke, indicating he will have some big news this week. Most speculate it is related to Tr ***p, who was allegedly at the Dept of De f e nse just the other day.

S y d n ey p* w e ll also spoke via live stream. April 22 is a big day re: the el e c tion fr *ud recount in A Z. Here is part of her speech:

In a very detailed piece of intel on t e le gr am yesterday, over the weekend many bankers were ar r ested world wide for trying to thwart the launch of the Q F S. The intel indicated all the D ** P St * t* players in the banking systems have now been removed and we are one step closer to implementation of worldwide Q F S.

See Ch * lie W * rd video chat below with Simon P a r kes for lots of current exciting info on Q F S. (This video was made a couple days prior to the a r rests, though, so the news is actually even better now.)

Also, according to X * 2 R *port, even though bit c oin value is beginning to plunge, now is NOT the time to get out of crypto!! This is a d **p st* t * induced panic button. Ignore it.

Okay. So, from what I’m hearing: W H is boarded up in D C. B u ck ing ham P ala ce is boarded up in Lon don. Vat ican is boarded up in I t aly.

Down they all go…

Also, for [17] followers, it was amusing that the the exe c ut ed c a b al leader, aka pr in ce p h i lip, was “buried ” on the [17]th !!

If you are newly awakening, p r in ce ph i lip was ac tually e x e cuted last S p r ing for C rimes Against H umanity (i.e., child r ape, torture, murder). The toned-down “funeral” this past Saturday was fake, fake, fake, and also fake.

Word is that the q u e e n was cooper a tive during her ar r est last year, and when her “sudden death” is announced later this Fall, she will get a full-on M on a r ch’s funeral, to publicly preserve the (fake) story of her (fake) life. I’m guessing they will say that she died from a broken heart, after just losing her beloved bastard from Hell, I mean, husband, in “April”…

All righty. I’m gonna scoot. I know there is bad news everywhere, gang, but keep trying to look in the direction of the Light. Because some good things indeed are coming and coming quickly.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Great Q F S update with CH * rlie W *rd and Simon P a r ke s (41 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port Financial: The Crypto panic is right on schedule (16 mins):

Below: X *2 R * port: M S M credibility is finally tanking (49 mins):

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