All Systems Go on this Sunny Sunday in May!

Okay, gang.

More wars and rumors of wars. (R u s s ia and U S embassies ev ac ua ting each other ) (that sounds like urine is involved, but it’s not)) (N or th k or e a thinks b*den is stupid) (and so they should, since we think so, too) (c h * na still threatening to invade for mosa) (intel from January said this would trigger the fall of c  c  p).

More awful shit that seems like optics but could actually be awful shit. (Afghanistan, and U S  tr  oo p s prepping to depart)

Some bad shit that is probably actually really good ( fr ance reaches the tipping point and tells government they want the m * l itary there to take over) (r io ts in  f r ance a nd g er many but a n t if a infiltrated by al lies)

Earthquakes that seem to actually be earthquakes this time and maybe not Rods of God taking out D U M Bs. (Japan)

In ter net black outs around the world that seem to be cyber attacks but could be Q F S related. (South Africa and other places that slip my mind right now)

So, it’s intense, but there is still a feeling of extreme hopefulness out there, gang. Can you feel it? The Schumann Resonances are still high off the charts, too. And more sources saying that Tr **p will probably be celebrating the 4th of July with “us”, but at the very latest — August 31st.

My favorite little snippet from yesterday was from UFO Man on YT. He posted an even snippier snippet about it this morning. 2 mins. Check it out. Non-terrestrials are as good as here and among us now, and no “evil alien invasions” are anywhere to be seen. (Oh, and trust the government.) (Wait — I mean, DON’T trust the government…)

There were a number of videos posted yesterday by a few of my favorite podcasters, but they were seriously difficult to take, as they focused on the tor tured, mur dere d, ca nn iba lized chil d r en. So I am going to not post those today. I’m guessing that if you visit this blog, you are already awake about that horrific stuff and are vibrating in that frequency of being on the side of the Light. So I’m going to trust you to keep vibrating at that frequency today.

And there is also more seriously bad shit about the fake vaxes, gang.  More and more people seem to be awakening to the idea that they should not take them, but that doesn’t help those who already have.

There is the full-on bathing protocol with the alfalfa pellets  from gen e de c ode. (It works, but people are reluctant to believe it works because those same people somehow managed to believe the m R N A was a vax even though EVERYONE on Earth including the makers of it said that it wasn’t.)

Also, he recommends drinking the diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal mixture that I posted here the other day (for several days running, actually.) (I drink it everyday just to keep everybody else’s spike proteins from invading me.) (Plus, I also have a seriously intense immunity-boosting regimen I follow everyday.  Keeping your immune system in top shape is really important now, folks, even though “flu” season is over.) (Remember the “flu” ?? That was a super quaint idea, wasn’t it?)


Plus, there is that info I was given re: BLACK Himalayan salt crystals under your tongue, throughout the day. The sulfur apparently helps either pull out or dry up (?) the spike proteins.

Anyway, the news re: the fake vaxes is still dire, but there is protocol to help — if not actually cure the problem. Also, I’m hearing that staying positive and vibrating at a high frequency keeps the nano bots from activating and wreaking havoc inside you.  They tune in and latch on to low frequencies , such as fear. So steer clear of fear. Aim for joy.

Okay, so I’m going to keep it at that today, gang, because I want all of us to try to have a  nice Sunday. Rest assured that good shit is happening and bad shit is happening, and sometimes we just need to pause and breathe.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I leave you with some of yesterday’s listening-music that spilled back over into today!! Listen and Stay empowered!! 

MEN: Just say NO! to estrogen-laced GMOs!

batman says no memes | quickmeme

WOMEN:  Just say NO! to all the other stupid fucking shit they want you to do!!

All righty. Enjoy! I love you guys. See ya.


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