O Canada! It’s Going Down, Baby!!

Crimes Against Humanity case will be heard in Canada’s Supreme Court!

Indictments have been served to J u s t in T ru d eau (aka b as tard  son of the late  F. Ca st ro), W H O, Gates, the cadaver formerly known as the P  o p e, the cadaver formerly known as the Q u e en, and many, many others!

Thank you, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and all the lawyers of the world who have stood their ground these many months and who have fought this fight all over the world.

Get ready for the dominoes to fall, gang.  Methinks that a “crimes against humanity” case will be coming to a courthouse near you, really soon!

(11 mins):

All right. More intel yesterday that the moment the A Z audit re-count reveals what we have known since time began, that Tr ****p was the legal winner of the 2 0  20 el * ction, the blackouts will rollout — perhaps Internet, M  s M, e  mer ge ncy broadcast system, m* li tary publicly takes over? Not sure which, if not all of them?

But prepare for it to be something big.

What blows my mind is that there are apparently STILL people here in the U S who think B * den won that e l e c tion, and also that B * den is even still alive…. I awaken every morning, wondering which world I’m living in. I’ve never known anything this insane. So many people, so out of touch.

Okay. Good news — Bad News.

I got the fucking bots.  God only knows who gave them to me, since I work among many fully vaxed customers every day.

But the good news is that  ge  ne de co  de’s bathing protocol does indeed work, folks.  It really does.

I first became suspicious that something was up when I did that ionic detox footbath, and felt it pulling something out of my right ovary and out of my uterus, and then my bones and joints — especially since none of my co-workers had ever felt anything similar to what I’d felt: an overall discomfort.

These nano-fibers from the vaxes lodge in the reproductive organs, in the bones and in the brain. (The so-called “booster” shots will allegedly then go after the primary organs, and that is allegedly when people will start to drop like flies.) (Oh, and I learned over the weekend, that it isn’t 5  G that took those people out in c h * na, it was 6 G. Remember how those people in ch * na were dropping dead on the streets from C* VID? They were allegedly full of na  no bo  ts from the P  C   R tests. The na  no bo  ts are microscopic  A.I. operating systems. The ch *n  e s e   6 G   s a te llite, which has since been taken out by Space Force (?), triggered the nano bots and people were instantly falling down dead. It was not c* vid.)

One of my co-workers is a big [17] follower, so we discuss everything. And even she suggested it to me over the phone; that something was weird about my detox footbath.  “Do you think maybe you caught someone’s  na no bots?”

The other weird — although “terrifying” might be a more colorful way to describe it — thing was that, not only was I having indescribably strange vision problems since Easter, but over the past couple weeks,  I was also literally going deaf.  Increasingly, I could feel a sort of veil of god-only- knows-what sliding down over my ear canals, inside my head, buffering sound.

And then the other morning, very early, not only did I have a return of the weird flashing light at the bottom corner of my right eye, but I suddenly had, across both of my eyes, a sort of wallpaper effect of countless tiny connected  hexagons, lit up around all their edges.

That fucking freaked me out, folks. I’ve never had anything like that inside my eyes before.  And then it simply darted away.

Jesus Christ, right? My eyes, my ears suddenly rapidly failing? And then that weird footbath on Friday, where I could feel something being pulled from my right ovary and from my uterus?

The brain, the reproductive organs, the joints and bones — what does that sound like, if not the favorite hangouts of the na  no bo  ts??

So, yesterday, I did the alfalfa bath. The whole thing took maybe 15 minutes from start to finish. and the first alarming thing I noticed was that the moment I got into the tub, that same pin-pricking sensation happened in my legs. It was nowhere near as bad as I’d felt it in the bottoms of my feet on Friday during the footbath. However, it was the very same sensation and I thought: Well, this can’t be good. Since there was only alfalfa and organic dish soap in the water…

I completely submerged myself a couple of times, then stood up, rinsed off, got out of the tub. I felt oddly exhausted — depleted of energy after a 10 minute bath — and even nauseated; but guess who wasn’t deaf anymore??!! My hearing was back.

And guess who used a Q-tip swab to clean out her ears and then found stuff leaking out of her ear canals that was the very same color as the water had been at the end of my ionic detox footbath on Friday??? Holy fuck, right? This weird brown-orange-y stuff. Definitely not blood. And definitely not like anything that I have ever had come out of any hole in my body, ever. Draining out of my ears.

So there we have it.

I’m planning to do another detox footbath today, since it’s raining and I won’t be able to take my walk among the ancient sacred burial grounds. I’m planning to do the footbath once a week for the month of May, anyway. And then I suppose I will do the alfalfa bath once a week, twice a month — who knows. We’ll have to see.

But what a blessing ge ne d e c ode and all his years of m* litary intelligence are — right, gang? You betcha!!

All right. So. On we go. This is May and apparently everything they promised would happen this month is indeed underway. An intense month, and it’s only the 3rd!

All righty. have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world and with whatever you’re doing!! (Oh, and I want to say that I am really happy to see that a certain a  m  b er  h  e a r d ‘s ca reer at least is tanking. You know, I’ll just say this. When I found out that she and that guy were going to get married, I was on a plane leaving the Austin Film Festival, and when I got off the plane, I threw up and did not stop throwing up for 2 days… That’s all I’ll say.)

I leave you with the unlikely song that was in my head upon awakening at 3:45am this morning!! I have no clue what the song was doing in there, but I don’t think na no bot s had anything to do with it!! (Although, to be honest, I did get the impression that my now deceased adoptive mother was trying to tell me something; 1975 was the year that I first attempted suicide.) Here it is: John Denver’s huge AM radio hit from 1975, “I’m Sorry.” Listen, Enjoy! And thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!


Below: We The People News update. Conflicts escalating, cyber attacks on the rise. (28 mins):

And, as [17] has promised: “Soon they won’t be able to walk down the street!”  El * t ion fr * ud panic intensifies! X*2 R * port (40 mins):

Below: UFO Man from Saturday, because it’s FUN! (1 hr 42 mins):

And in the event that, like me, you like to focus on living, growing things whenever possible, Ke y bo ar d Op er ator is back (!!), to update you on his current adventures in gardening!! (16 mins):

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