A Time To Every PurPose Under The Heaven!

All righty, gang.

The kicks keep coming. I am now considering this to be online bullying and a cyber attack on my career. A third eBook has now appeared, and is selling great on Amazon, that has my name on it as the author but which has nothing to do with me. DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK. I did NOT write it:

Daddy Dominated Sex Stories: Forced By Daddy | Shared & Humiliated | Humiliated in Public | Filthy Fantasies Collection & ...

If you thought I was on CBD oil before yesterday, wow. Have I upped the ante on that. I’m getting thrown under the bus from all sides. (In my personal life, too.) (I even had to leave work after only one hour yesterday. It’s getting really intense.)

I also want to mention that Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File yesterday that was absolutely appalling to me in its cavalier approach to the lives of his fans. You can read it and decide for yourself. Either way, I’m hoping he sells plenty of tickets to his upcoming U K shows. (And I’m hoping that he and his many fans have gotten placebos, otherwise, come flu season, they could have some regrettable issues.)

I am so, so sad about this, gang.

And for the record: I v er me c tin is primarily for people and for horses. And according to the noted dr. z e l e n ko, about 9 million doses of i v er mec tin have been successfully given to people since it was discovered in Japan in the late 1970s. Only 6 known adverse reactions (fatalities) occurred in, like, 44 years. Unlike the millions of known adverse reactions and hundreds of thousands of deaths from the m R N A experiments that have been out for less than one year.

AND — nowhere on any big ph * rm a web site or on any packaging does it state that the experimental m R N As will cure c * vid. What it does seem to do, though, is cause c *vid. Whereas, if taken immediately upon feeling a sore throat or a runny nose, i v er me c tin is an actual cure for c or on a viruses and the common cold.

All right.

Pretty much everyone online who isn’t a fear-porn-mongerer, agrees that a f gh a n i stan is a false flag, regardless of the apparent deaths. It is also pretty much considered a white hat op, to force attention on the (fake) b * den’s incompetency. And force the much predicted 25th am m end me nt. (Yes, that is correct: we need to remove an actor for mental incompetency.)

And please note: There are STILL smiling, happy, stress-free faces on all members of the Tr **p family (and even on Kay leigh Mc enany, whoever she really is!), so let’s keep that in the mix when looking at any footage from af gha n i st an. (Also note that the leader of the t a li ban, in a press conference yesterday, pointed out that b*g t e ch and soc ial media are “really censoring those Americans….”)


Also: Next up on the false flag front: t a i w an and i r an. So stop looking in those directions, and keep your eyes on the results of the A Z a u d it reports. It’s getting ready to drop. That is the main thing that matters in all of this, gang. Getting that information out and to the people will start the whole house of cards to collapse.

Okay. That’s it. Below are some very, very interesting videos. (Although, I couldn’t help but notice that Mel K was singing a bit of a different af gh an i st an tune on Nich o las V en ia min’s chat yesterday than she did with ch * r lie W *r d and S*mon P*rkes, so Methinks she might be a bit of a mouthpiece for people like g en eral fl ynn. So be it. It’s all the same side.)

Have a good Wednesday, gang. And thanks for visiting. I love you guys! See ya!

[“Emotion” by the Bee Gees, 1977]


Below: (hint hint) The t a li ban misses Tr **p on tw * tter (26 seconds):

Below: r ichard c iti zen journal ist sees black hawks in virginia (1 min):

Below: UFO Man: really cool UFO sighting in MN (1 min);

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at a f gh an i stan (again the video cuts out but audio is fine) (14 mins):

Below: This was SO COOL but too short! Beyond Belief looks at non-terrestrials who lived in Italy back in the 1960s. They drank, they smoked, they drove cars!! And all they wanted in return was love. ( 14 mins)

Below: Going viral. San Diego man calls it like he sees it! It’s Nuremberg 2.0 ( 3 mins):

Below: 5 very important minutes: The war against consciousness. Please watch (5 mins):

Below: Banned video of vax injured Australians (13 mins):

Below: Nic h o las V en iamin chats with Mel K (17 mins):

Below: Incredible! “Medical fellowship” ep. 1; Drs. Z e len ko and Feinstein; U S & i s r ael; va x and psychosis (47 mins):

Below: S t e w p e t er s stands with un ite d airlines pilots and personnel! ( 15 mins):

Below: S t e w p e t er s chats with prof ess or clements: v * t e fr aud, v a x fr aud, bad actors (24 mins):

Below: X * 2 r * port: the truth is about to shine (57 mins):

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