Officially Under Attack

All right, gang. Boots on the darn ground again.

The 4th eBook that is now on Amazon is yet again a book I did not write and have nothing whatsoever to do with. Please DO NOT BUY this eBook, either:

Daddy's Dirty Doctor Sex Stories: Gay Daddy Menage Doctor | Doctor's Survey | My Dirty Doctor | Ultimate Medical Collectio...

It’s starting to seem like someone is staying up nights to get these eBooks published on Amazon at a furious rate. Please do not buy them.

My actual eBooks and print books are available all over the Internet. Please do not buy them on Amazon.


I guess the most disturbing thing going on in my personal world right now is just how many people are coming into the store now, looking for help because they have gotten “really sick” with c* vid, or one of their loved ones at home has it and cannot get rid of it and is “really sick”. And a majority of these people have been v a x e d or have spent a lot of time around people who are.

The chickens are coming home to roost, I guess.

Even though, at this point in time, the v a x is not curable, I am hearing that if you catch it right away, it can be manageable. With N A C, (and L-Glutathione if you are older than 55), zinc, pine needle tea (or try 2-3 drops of 100% pure pine needle essential oil in plenty of water, if you can’t get the tea), and i v er mec tin. But you must do these things right away. Before you even get sick. (HCQ is good for when you are coming down with a co ro na v i rus or even a cold, but you have to catch it right away, and it doesn’t seem to help at all if the c*vid symptoms are coming from the v a x.)

In a video below, P * trio t street fighter is now saying that young adult va x e d males are reporting they can no longer get an erection. So if that doesn’t persuade you to avoid the v a x , gang, nothing will!

The other really disturbing thing around here — even though where I work is in a really small town (less than 5000 people) — if people are lucky enough to find a doctor who will give them a prescription for i v er mec tin, they are having trouble finding a pharmacy that will FILL it!

(Crimes Against Humanity, anyone??) (And if this happens to YOU, you can fill out this Pharmacy Plaintiff Intake Form at A m er i c a’s F ront line Do ct or s to make a formal and legal complaint against your pharmacy.)

Also, another interesting thing to note — a huge portion of the people who live all around here are farmers. And the ones who come into the store are all saying, “Fuck it! If they won’t give me my prescription, I’ll just go out to the barn and use my horse’s i v er me c tin. It’s all the same thing.”

Loyal readers of this lofty blog already are well aware of how I feel about that. I think it is the coolest thing — people thinking for themselves and taking their destinies into their own hands.

Research it. Don’t live on your knees, gang.

I’m also happy to report that I am now a full-fledged member of the Ohio regional group of S*mon & Becky P*rkes’ Connecting C * n scious ness. (It took two months for that to finally get underway! But I guess, here we go!)

In other local news: even though there are lots of videos and photos popping up of extremely bare shelves in food stores across America, in the market where I shop (in the town where I work), they had absolutely everything yesterday. All shelves & freezer cases were stocked full.

However, in the dollar store here in the village where I live, the food shelves and freezer cases were practically empty. (I don’t buy food from the dollar store, though.) Still, consider what this means. A dollar store, or chain super market, is usually owned by or connected to ch * na in some way and is therefore d**p st* te. Whereas a local market is, well, local. (Plus, I don’t eat processed food. I only eat non-GMO, organic, and mostly superfoods. I was able to buy everything on my list with no problem.)

Okay. So I have some very interesting videos for you below, today. Pay special attention to everything being said about what doesn’t add up about the t a l i ban.

Also: BEWARE. A lot of that really violent footage you are seeing all over the Internet is OLD news. Like, from decades ago.

Also: Don’t confuse the t a li b an with O b am a’s organizations: i s is and al qa e da, which were wiped out by tr**p and p u tin.

I’m just saying, take it all in with a circumspect eye, and look at the details surrounding the whole thing, and not directly at the “thing.” (i.e., Wasn’t that a bright red MAGA hat on the shelf in the background on that t a li ban zoom call? Hmmm. Are you noticing anything banging you over the head yet??)

And also, the biggest part of the puzzle, the one that looms too large to ignore unless you’re still hopelessly asleep: they need to get the fake b *den out of there. It’s been 8 months already…

This came out of the U K yesterday. Very disturbing:

“Lawyers send open letter to U K Gov., H an co ck, Whit ty, & Va ll ance demanding answers on alleged mass murder in care homes through the use of Mi da zo lam” [full article is here]

And from [17] the Storm Rider’s te le gram page:

“BREAKING NEWS: Protestors are claiming to have “seized” Edinburgh Castle after a gathering of around 30 stormed the entrance.

“One said: ‘We are using article 61 of the Magna Carta. We have had enough. The people of Scotland have had enough and today we claim our power back.’ A significant Police Presence is still in the area.”

Okay. I am somehow trying to keep myself together over here. The stress is through the roof now. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced, really. It’s coming at me from all sides. But I have to say that, all spike protein assaults on me considered, I am at least in really good health. Those superfoods are amazing, gang. And they keep my brain from going haywire, too.

And this just in: If you’re not willing to get the v ax but still like Nick Cave, stay home this fall and listen to this instead!

A new follow-up to B-Sides & Rarities by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Part II. The new songs extend up to 2020. There are many ways you can pre-order this (vinyl, CD, Deluxe, etc.,) so visit the official site to find out.

I’m going to go downstairs now and take care of the laundry. Have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Ri cha r d Ci ti zen Jour n a list discovers strange lot full of thousands of new cars in TN ( 1 min):

Below: Tarot by Janine asks just how many versions of the fake b*den are there? (18 mins):

Below: This was great, gang. Ch * rlie W *rd chats with Dianne Dunn. Great intel! (57 mins):

Below: Also great. Ch *r lie W * rd chats with Ann V an der st eel. More truth bombs. (40 mins):

Below: Ni cho las Ven ia min chats with P * trio t street f ighter. (37 mins):

Below: What really happened at the symposium (25 mins) (click link. bit chute is shadow-banning it):

Below: Bully Leftist school teacher threatens her students, but one of them gets it on his phone, it goes viral and she gets fired! (9 mins):

Below: R* d P * l l 78 looks at all angles of A f gha ni stan (18 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port : Follow the leader! (48 mins):

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