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The Good, The Bad, Everything Else is Ugly

Okay. The good news first.

I did get approved for help with my mortgage! They will cover my entire delinquent amount and make up to 6 months of payments for me. Hopefully I won’t need all 6 months, since my retirement checks will start coming in late September.

But what a relief! Now I can focus on getting caught up on the car. And maybe even be back to normal around here by Fall. Yay.

The bad news, which I was expecting–

The arborist came and the tree has got to go. I knew he was going to say that but it makes me so sad. The mayor already has my tree on the list of trees that have to come down.

However, the arborist also agreed that there is no merit to the lawsuit against me (my tree falling on my neighbor’s house and doing a ton of damage — Act of God).

And then, I guess the rest of the news is just plain ugly, gang.

I’m really really over it. I still check the channels, the paltforms, the headlines, the videos all the time, but I only want to post things here that are in some way truly informative, and are not just opinions, and not just meant to make us feel completely impotent and crazy.

I do find things that are edifying that I can’t always post here, due to their format. But it’s not “news” that is somehow going to help you get through your day, so I just move on now.

But, man, there is some truly, truly ugly stuff going on out there. And some of it is aimed directly at me. I’m not putting negative energy into “ignoring” it but I am trying to find the highest frequency from which to approach all of it. If that makes sense.

Anyway. I don’t want to let it get me down, but people are indeed quite sucky. It takes a lot of focusing to look beyond it to something better.


Phil has a new “Locals” community. You can join for free, but there is also a monthly subscription option with perks. Visit this link: https://philgodlewski.locals.com


Some good news for Alex Belfield (the Voice of Reason, UK) and his current lawsuit (The Crown vs Alex Belfiedl, 8 counts of stalking):

Day 19 👨‍⚖️ BBC Security ‘Agreed Fact’ “Non Threatening” “Don’t See…Any Danger” Disclosure (1 minute 38 seconds):


And if you live in Ohio— VOTE on August 2nd. Even if it’s still rigged, please VOTE.

Here is a very easy-to-use search tool for your new voter districts:


Here is the latest voter guide, released yesterday — where do your candidates stand on Medical Freedom??


Every single one of my current Senators/Representatives support vaccine mandates, mask mandates, allowing employers to mandate vaccines as part of your employment, and NOT mandating that schools need parental consent before vaxing your kids!

So that Guide above is incredibly informative. You’ll know who is already in office and where they stand on all this; and who is opposing them and where they stand on all this.

(Every single candidate opposing my incumbents are pro-Medical Freedom. It’s just so important to vote, gang. Even if your vote gets stolen, there will be a record of it somewhere and it will count eventually.)


And that is really just it, gang. Please enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!

Breakfast-listening music! Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, “No Second Thoughts” off their second album, You’re Gonna Get It, 1978. Enjoy!

Overwhelmed by the Woke-ness

Honestly, I have nothing to really say today that is “news”.

Everywhere I look, I am overwhelmed by woke-ness.

“In my day,” (if I may speak as an elderly person, now that I’m 62) people who regarded themselves as “liberal” (black, white, brown, Asian, gay, straight, or LGBTQ) were usually people who had read a lot, had actual educations, traveled, understood something about the actual politics & psychological make-up of the world — and they knew how to express themselves.

Currently, the people passing as “spokespeople” for the woke community of this country come across like illiterate idiots. Why anyone would want to get on that particular bandwagon mystifies me. It truly does.

I have known so many trans people of every ethnicity for most of my life and what passes for trans “spokespeople” now is an affront to the human dignity of all of them. Of everyone I ever knew.

This clip is only 10 minutes, but see if you can stand watching it for only 2 or even 3.

Brandon Tatum and Bryson Gray GO OFF On Black Trans Panel | PART 2 (10 mins):

I’m also overwhelmed by the thought processes behind those people who think the whole world should be Christian. For instance, the thing going on with GAB (social media platform) right now astounds me. Even though I can’t stand Rachel Maddow (who attacked Christian Nationalists on TV).

GAB sent out a statment that responded, in part:

“Christian Nationalism is not merely a political movement. It’s a social, cultural, and spiritual one. Christian Nationalism is not merely limited to the right wing in the United States. Our King has dominion over this entire earth. Every square inch. Christians around the world are rising up right at this very moment to claim what is rightfully His.

We are done being the footstool of the Enemy. We are done being pushovers. We are done with simply wanting to be left alone. Now we want to win. Win souls for Christ. Win elections. Win in the culture. Win in the education system. Win with our own technology. Our own media. Our own entertainment. Win for the glory of God.”

Wow — segregate much?

I’m not comfortable with “radical” anything, Left or Right. History has shown that it doesn’t ever work out too good…


President Trump spoke in DC yesterday. Here is a replay on RSBN:


As far as we know, Birx was arrested quite a while ago and, according to Real Raw News, which doesn’t always get the facts straight, she was allegedly executed already for Crimes Against Humanity. So keep that in mind when you’re seeing any of this in the news now. It’s just another White Hat psy-op:

Birx admits she and Fauci made up ‘the science’ on social distancing, lockdowns

[…] Birx recently wrote a book that contains numerous admissions about the crimes she committed while working as Donald Trump’s Covid-19 Task Force adviser, one of them being that social distancing and lockdowns needed just ‘two weeks to stop the spread..’ […]” [full article here]

And, as always, “Nancy Drew” has a timely reminder for us!! Birx, then & now:

“Pa-leeeez.🙄😂 Wakey wakey”

(Prison looks good on her, don’t you think??)


I am just so tired of all these charades, aren’t you? Even if they’re intended to wake-up the sleepers, I’m just so over it.

But on we go, still waiting on the announcemnet of the decertification of 2020. And meanwhile, Airforce One is parked at Mar-a- Lago….hello. For heaven’s sake. How much more in our faces does it have to be? Trump fucking won. He’s the President. Can we get on with it now?


Yesterday, I had a very brief conversation, of sorts, that just stunned me. A woman, in her mid-50s, asked me if Chase was one of the evil banks, and I said, “Yes. In fact, the Romanovs were murdered just so that their gold could be used to start that bank.”

And she got angry and said, “I don’t care about that. I’m just so fucking sick of all these fees Chase is charging me.”

I was dumbfounded. I know she was only angry because she didn’t know who the Romanovs were and she felt intimidated by that. But this is a non-“woke” person, a Conservative, she voted for Trump, reasonably awake, etc.

It just staggers my mind, gang. I am so worn out these days because it comes at me on all fronts. She doesn’t care that the Romanovs were murdered. What the fuck, right? The ignorance. It makes me want to shoot myself. Literally — which is the sole reason why I don’t own a gun. Now more than ever, I just want to shoot myself. I think about it every fucking day. It gets harder and harder just to leave the house.

But I think that’s why God entrusted the welfare of all these rescued cats to me. He knew I would never leave them unprotected. That I would guard their well-being with my own life.

But I can barely stand it anymore. The Awakened Conservatives are dangerously naive. The woke Liberals are dangerously ill-informed.

I was trying to enjoy my dinner in peace last night — I had such a rough day yesterday, thinking about Kent’s passing, etc., and in the middle of dinner, a friend texted me: “Can you please pray? My 3-yr old neice was found face down in the swimming pool. They’re taking her to the hospital right now.”

How horrible.

Of course I can pray. I can drop everything and pray. I have powerful prayers. Still, it didn’t make for a peaceful dinner at home. (And this morning, I got word that the little girl was saved and is now back home.)

I just really need all this to be over now. They’re saying August now for the EBS. But I’m thinking they probably said that last August, too, right? I’m just over it, gang. I really am. I am so exhausted.

Meanwhile, I gotta scoot. There’s a monkeypox pandemic tearing across the country at breakneck speed so I gotta go back to work and sell a ton of supplements.

Have a good Wednesday, wherever it finds you.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

I leave you with this. From that breath of fresh air in my world–

James Tabor: Excavating Jesus Making Dead Stones Speak(1 hr 24 mins):

One of Those Rare “Me” Days

I’m only going to post the link to Phil’s replay from his Rapid Fire Q & A last night.

It was another great one and should make most people feel really encouraged that all of this is truly just about over.

REPLAY —Phil answers Yes or No questions from his LIVE audience across multiple platforms. (1 hr 20 mins):

I will let you listen for yourselves, but one thing I want to point out is that Phil confirmed that Putin is basically done in Ukraine, and will also be in DC this week, and will meet with President Trump there (President Trump is speaking in DC today, for the first time since he said goodbye on Jan 20, 2021).

I thought that was really awesome news.

Beyond that….

Today is the first anniversary of the death of my dear freind, Kent. I just want to kind of take it easy on the war today. (I have to say, I’m glad Kent did not live long enough to see NASA exposed for what it actually is. Kent worked for NASA for many years. He was a geologist.)

Other than that —

The hits just keep on coming, gang. Yesterday morning, in a rush, I got on Amazon to buy my boy-cat more of his homeopathic drops for his kidneys before I dashed off to work. I was in such a rush that I didn’t get on the VPN. (!!) Never again will I do that.

I think I was on Amazon for, literally, 3 minutes — and someone, yet again, hacked my fucking debit card.

Third time this has happened to me in 12 months (not online — this was the first time it happened to me online.) (And, yes, I have a metal wallet.)

If you think I feel targetted, you would be absolutely correct. I won’t give you a list of the various kinds of shit they have done to me in these last 2 and 1/2 years, since I turned my blog over to the Q stuff. But it has been considerable and it has been endless — my home, my phone, my Internet, my job. And it is exhausting, but on we go, gang. This shit is almost over, and, as always, I am really grateful for all the good stuff that has happened to me, too — keeping me from going completely under around here. I know someone looks out for me, don’t know who it is, but I am so grateful that they do and on we go.

So have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world right now.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!

I leave you with a song for Kent. One thing he and I always loved was music. We met in English class, when we were 13 years old (1973), and he died when we were 61. So that is a nice long time to share a love for music. (And literature and movies and art.)

Anyway — this is for Kent. I miss you, baby. You made my long & crazy life more bearable. Lou Reed’s “Crazy Feeling” from his 1976 album, Coney Island Baby. (I miss it all, Kent. I miss it all. I will see you again one day, amigo.)

Strangely Quiet This Morning

Not only is there not much news, gang, but the key channels I visit every few hours for news updates are totally silent right now.

Even Phil was offline the entire day/night yesterday, and nothing yet for today.

It’s been intense around here, regardless.

We had another terrible high wind come through here Saturday afternoon. Not only did it take down a little bit more of my poor maple tree, causing minor damage to my own house this time and also sending more branches right back over to my neighbor’s house, planting themselves against the windows it smashed the last time (nowhere near as bad as last time, though, thank goodness, because he hasn’t gotten the windows repaired yet). But also — a 50-foot pine tree in my nieghbor’s backyard was taken completely down by that wind.

Can you imagine how much that tree weighed? And now that has done a ton of damage to my neighbor’s backyard and the yard of his other neighbor — demolishing his fence and God knows what else. I seriously don’t want to get involved. It’s all too heartbreaking. (This is the neighbor that’s suing me for the damage done to his house by my tree last month.)

These storms are making a nervous wreck of me, that is for sure. And that is an understatement.

However, an arborist is coming out here this afternoon to do an inspection of what’s left of my maple tree (which is still considerable) and I will at least feel better about what he has to say — whatever he says.

On another topic–

Yesterday evening, they began a weekly prayer circle for Dr. Simone Gold, founder of America’s Frontline Doctors, who is getting ready to serve 60 days in federal prison because she gave a speech on the steps of the US Capitol building on Jan. 6th.

Sadly, as we now know, the Jan 6th prisoners are treated really atrociously in prison, including physical abuse and continued isolation. So much abuse, that already 2 people have committed suicide rather than face their sentencing. We are all praying for Dr Gold’s safety while serving her completely inexcusable prison term.

For me, it was the most moving prayer circle I’d ever participated in. People all over the country — nurses, doctors, psychologists, and regular people (like me) — were giving their testimony about how Dr. Gold helped them find their way through the fake pandemic and the ban on ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and the murder protocol of the vaxes and Remdesivir.

I was crying through everyone’s testimony, because Dr. Gold’s constant information also helped me help so many customers and their families at the height of the MRNA “vaccine” onslaught.

She helped save so many people’s lives. And now she is going to prison. And it was such a profound revelation for me, to hear how many people felt just the same way that I did about her helping them survive what we all went through.

Eventually, she came on the livestream and she was so upbeat, so brave, so completely wearing the full armor of God, that it wound up being an incredibly uplifting prayer circle. Like nothing I’ve experienced in years.

If you would like to participate in the weekly prayer circle on Sunday evenings for the next 2 months, sign up for text alerts HERE. I think they will be about 15 minutes or so.

You can also send personal encouraging emails that will be delivered to Dr. Gold while she is in prison: freedrgold@AFLDS.org

The prayer circle last night was supposed to be a zoom call but it soon got overwhelmed by the number of people trying to get on the call, so it turned into a livestream. I believe this will be the link from now on (aflds.org/live)



I have no clue if this is real or not, gang, but my jaw dropped when I saw it and I literally wanted to throw up.

From Stew Peters:

“They’re just saying it now. Kids will grow up knowing it’s “safer” to deal with the effects of the Bioweapon than to have ‘Covid’.”


What is the matter with half of Canada? Please, people! Masks do not help or protect you in any way, they only harm your immune system!!

From Chris Sky:

Canadian schools announce MASK MANDATES. Bec “half of canadians want it!” If you been watching… what did i say they would announce by end of july? Mask mandates. You re welcome


On a similar note!!

Sad news fom DC Clothesline:

Vaccinated population accounts for 92% of COVID-19 deaths in Canada

(Natural News) Recent official figures published by the Canadian government revealed that the vaccinated population now accounts for 92 percent of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) deaths across Canada. Nearly half of those deaths are among the quadruple jabbed population.” [full article here]


Ohio!! Don’t forget to vote on August 2nd.

Here is a downloadable voter guide for where your candidate stands on Medical Freedom! (Masks, vaccines, parental consent)


Rick Green of Patriot Academy had another Front Porch Live last evening:

REPLAY (1 hr):


And , as always, just unbelievably awesome!! Don’t miss this one, gang.

James Tabor: Skeletal Remains at Masada–New Emerging Evidence (1 hr 15 mins):


And that is it for today, gang.

Have a good Monday wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning! Dalida, and the haunting, lovely, “La Petite Maison Bleu”. Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya!

Don’t Forget Do Not Comply!!

Here it comes, gang. The tyranny is real. It’s more important than ever that we push back against it. I know for a lot of people, it will mean that you could lose your jobs.

Due to a fake decision by the fake W H O, mask mandates are being unfurled again all over the place. Please, wherever possible, do not comply.

From Michael Jackson:

“WHO’s Tedros: “I have decided that the global monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern.”

Tedros and WHO leadership overruled a panel of advisers who voted against the declaration (8 against, 6 in favor).”




From Chris Sky:

“SURPRISE. Chris Sky was right… again. MONKEYPOX is now OFFICIALLY “global public health threat” remember when I told you this was their next step? Followed by masks, more jabs and INTENTIONAL food shortages and a planned recession.”


This was posted in a few places, but it was also on Michael Jackson‘s channel, so I’m linking it to there. Look carefully at how they do the mind control, gang. There is NO climate crisis. The numbers don’t lie. But notice how the color change affects how you feel about what you’re viewing, also what she’s wearing, her overall appearance is drawing you in more. Point this out to people who are still brainwashed by TV.

“2017 temperatures vs 2022 temperatures.

Dirty liars, you will soon be destroyed.”


From Ezra A Cohen:

“Who is Left in Control?

Now that the Israeli – Saudi alliance is public

Who to Trust?

Around 95% Trump supporters and Trump allies are Zionists.

Israel will be last for a reason.

Attacks will continue against those who tell you this information.”


I cannot believe we are letting this happen again. This is an atrocity. Those Jan 6-ers did nothing wrong:

January 6 Accused Dies by Suicide While Awaiting Sentencing

“Mark R. Aungst, 47, of South Williamsport, was declared to have committed suicide by Coroner Charles E. Kiessling Jr., according to PennLive. A gas field well service technician by trade, Aungst is survived by his mother, a daughter, and three siblings.
On Jan. 6, 2021, Aungst traveled by bus to Washington to attend former President Donald Trump’s “Stop the Steal” rally. He and a companion, co-defendant Tammy A. Bronsburg joined other people in the march to the Capitol.” [full article here]


From Gregg Phillips on Truth Social:

New Firefox privacy feature strips URLs of tracking parameters

[…] With the release of Firefox 102, Mozilla has added the new ‘Query Parameter Stripping’ feature that automatically strips various query parameters used for tracking from URLs when you open them, whether that be by clicking on a link or simply pasting the URL into the address bar. […]” [full article here — check out just how they track you]


Read this bit of awfulness and remind yourself why NONCOMPLIANCE is critical, gang. (i.e., they want you DEAD.)

From DC Clothesline:

“EXCLUSIVE: Self-assembling vaccine clot biostructures harvest conductive metals from your blood – preliminary ICP-MS analysis results released

(Natural news)In today’s podcast, I discuss an interview that I conducted with Dr. Jane Ruby yesterday, in which we explored early data from new laboratory test results that analyze the elemental composition of the post-vaccine clots that are being pulled out of the bodies of the dead. […]

[…] #1) The post-vaccine clots are not made of blood

It’s clear from the elemental composition that the clots are not made of blood. Thus, they are not “blood clots.” For example, in our human blood sample, magnesium (Mg) was at 35 ppm, while in the clot, magnesium was only 1.7 ppm.

Similarly, in human blood, iron (Fe) was measured at 462 ppm while it was 20.6 ppm in the clot. […]” [full article here]


Simon Parkes had a great update yesterday. It’s already been banned on YouTube, but it is here (1 hr 36 mins):


Nino had a great roundtable–



If you live in Ohio, do not forget to vote on August 2nd!!

Visit this LINK to find out which candidates support medical freedom.


If you missed President Trump’s speech in AZ on Friday, it is here (1 hr 43 mins):

And his speech in Tampa, FL yesterday (1 hr 40 mins):


And just to blow your little socks off!! This was great —

James Tabor: Can We Recover a Pre-Christian Version of the Book of Revelation? (12 mins):


Alex Belfeild, Voice of Reason UK–Watch this space later for the REPLAY:


And that is it for today, gang. Thanks for visiting.


they couldn’t have done this–

Or built this–

without the people’s COMPLIANCE.

I love you guys. See ya!

Does Anybody Have A Clue What’s Going On??

I guess somebody, somewhere does, but I can’t seem to find them on bitchute or rumble.

Just the weirdest shit is happening, gang — which usually means it’s covering up something else, or it’s just some sort of weird psy-op.

For instance, yesterday — what the heck was that fake arrest thing in DC? Was it just another way to demoralize people who want to see the removal of embryos from human uteruses kept safe and legal? I don’t know…..

From il donaldo trumpo:

“Never seen invisible handcuffs before…”

And from “Nancy Drew“:

“Today’s “situation” in front of the SC seems fishy to me. Arrested? Where’s the cuffs? How can she wave at the end? Why did they wait so long to do this, it’s been so quiet and roads opened again after 2 months. Why today?Why did they have what appeared to be yoga mats placed neatly spaced on the street to kneel/sit on? When I left today at around12:30 I drove between the Capitol and the SC to check it out. It was super quiet on the streets, no sign of any protestors around, and not a sign of anyone in green. No Capitol police around. Now sure they could have all shown up within about a half an hour, but normally protesters gather earlier than the actually scheduled time. It just doesnt add up. Could this be staged for optics or a distraction? Did Ilhan Omar look “different to you?🤔🧐 odd that Sean Feucht was at the Capitol, actually inside the building today, worshipping today? Who loves Sean Feucht? Hmmm……🤔

So, for some reason, my vid this morning from the capitol was removed completely. Gone🧐🤔


A couple of private channels posted this image yesterday, and I thought it was interesting. Keep in mind, they’ve said all along that Zelenskyy was a “puppet,” but they were never completely clear about which side…

“Those who shook hands with Zelenskyy were removed.”


From Phil’s channel by way of Secret History:

Why don’t we use magnetic field technology?

Modern Mechanix magazine published the news about the invention of a unique weapon in 1932. The magnetic cannon does not use gunpowder. Powerful currents flowing through coils around the barrel magnetically affect the steel casing, pulling it
through the barrel at tremendous velocity.

Each coil has its own generator and projectile running through the barrel. It automatically feeds the coil. A rotary switch could be used to adapt this idea to machine guns.

Using such technology would lead to the collapse of the fuel market. After all, there would be no need for gunpowder, gasoline, or gas.”


Sheriff Mark Lamb of ProtectAmerica.Vote had an announcement yesterday:

“ProtectAmerica.vote is launching a National Election Integrity Voter Hotline to provide voters with a point of contact to report potential fraud and to connect them with their local sheriffs.

If citizens see something unusual, we are asking them call our voter integrity hotline and we will route the concerns to the appropriate Sheriff’s office in their community. Sheriffs are the last line of defense and they can help enforce election integrity. 

The Hotline goes live in August and we need your help to ensure the hotline is fully staffed.” [donate here]


Alex Belfield, the Voice of Reason UK, had an update from his current court case– (The Crown vs Alex Belfield, 8 stalking charges).

Day 12 Court Report 👨‍⚖️ Stephanie Hirst Witness R v Alex Belfield (55 mins):


And also from Phil by way of Brian Cates:

“Most of the public doesn’t understand how this works.

The President has full declassification authority. When he declassifies something, it’s declassified. Period.

Now, a lot of people assume declassification = instant public disclosure of that formerly classified stuff to the news media and the American people.

That’s not how it works.

If, for instance, Trump declassified a whole bunch of stuff related to the RUSSIAGATE SCANDAL that was the subject of it’s own ongoing Special Counsel probe – which is exactly what happened here – that means this newly declassified and unredacted documentation was given to the prosecutors in the Durham Special Counsel’s Office.

Which means none of these declassified documents will be publicly disclosed until doing so will not damage, sabotage, undermine or harm any of the criminal cases that Durham and his team have been building.,

But this is too complicated for the normies to grasp. So the people who still watch the MSM and trust it have to be given a narrative to explain what’s about to happen in a way they can understand it.

So here’s the narrative that’s being rolled out:

Trump declassified key Russiagate documents, but the DOJ thwarted the public release of the declassified documents for 2 years and finally Trump and Kash made so much noise about the DOJ suddenly is reversing itself, revealing it thwarted a direct Presidential order, and is getting ready to let DURHAM make the disclosures.”


And, honestly, that’s really all I can find that seems to be some sort of actual news, or something of interest that isn’t fake…

Go out and enjoy your beautiful day, folks, while we wait for them to announce the SCOTUS decision to decertify 2020.

Thanks for visiting!!

I love you guys. See ya!

Get Ready for Happiness, Gang!

It is most definitely coming — and maybe even today.

Oh, and my internet was out for about 7 hours yesterday — curious, indeed, gang. (See some of the items below.)


Okay, this is all from Phil or from posts to his channel —

“You all need to brace yourselves for the possibility of enormous news today.

It may happen, and so far this morning, it looks like it will.

It also may not happen, in which case, it will NOT affect the overall outcome.

We have won. Clarity phase turns to Conclusion very soon.”

Scavino on FB earlier….

1) Buckle up, things are about to get bumpy
2) Some people are about to get ousted
3) This ride is about over
4) All the above”


This next part really pisses me off but it is actually a really good sign! (Again, all from Phil’s channel today.)

“The only thing she’s wrong about is the timing.

This has already occurred.”


“Seems to me that the LEFT has been informed that SCOTUS OVERTURNED THE 2020 ELECTION.. So now they’re conditioning everyone by saying That SCOTUS allowed the MAGA SIDE to install its authoritarian take-over!!! That’s 😂 😃 hilarious”

(I don’t think it’s so “hilarious” because I still have really close friends & family who suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome and this will only make it worse… heavy sigh.)


“Phil was right again!!! The embassy in Kyiv appears to be abandoned!!! We love you Phil.”

“🚨Multiple reports have come to me regarding heavy, heavy Military vehicle activity in the South Eastern part of the US”

“As a precaution, it would be best to avoid the Denver airport today.”

“Patrol ☝️”


And there was also this, not connected to the above:



And here is a great summary of current worldwide events from “Princess Diana”:


It’s becoming more and more evident the fall of the world Deep State is taking place and we are inside the Storm!.>MILITARY OPS >green

*THE DESTRUCTION OF THE GEORGIA GUILDSTONES which was under 24 hour surveillance was destroyed by bombs and the full video has disappeared from the security company…. Hours later the GUILDSTONES were fully dismantled using heavy machinery.

  • THE FALL OF THE UK [DS] Gov. As Military
    Ops. Stand by in assistancing White HATS FBI raid/retrieve computers/hard drives/servers
    Inside the Royal government as several cabinet members RESIGN and several operations took place through London in the early hours before PRIME MINISTERS BORIS JOHNSON RESIGNED
    _OPERATIONS LONDON BRIDGE IS FALLING DOWN in Full EFFECT as the majesty regimen plans for the announcement of the Queens Death to be revealed which leads to a new new installed GOVERNMENT by the people. > Currently UK in 2021 had 22 Trillion in Gold delivered by the U.S. military from Cheyenne mountains military base operations////

SC “Tier 0” of the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid (WLCG), conducted via the LHC Optical Private Network (LHCOPN). Data is reportedly sent out from CERN via the LHCOPN to 11 “Tier 1” academic institutions in Asia, Europe ( VATICAN) and North America via dedicated 10 Gbit/s links. Translation: orders are sent out from CIA Headquarters beneath Lake Geneva to 11 CIA substations around the world, one of which is located in Langley, Virginia. More than 150 “Tier 2” institutions are subsequently connected to the CIA’s 11 “Tier 1”
_The VATICAN Tunnels over 1000 years old housed 2 Supercomputers that connected the world wide money laundering system to the CIA 4rth Reich regimen/ Jesuits/ ROTHSCHILDs /Rockefellers families (DIGITAL money laundering system that connected to Asia.U.S. And all of Europe.
Two different fire’s broke out through the city
Some reports say 3 area but Mainstream media only reports one fire with conflicting reports.

*ASSASSINATION OF PRIME MINISTER OF JAPAN who knew all the full reports and handed over SERVERS/COMPUTER to Military operations EXPOSING the truth of FUKUSHIMA EVENT AND PLANNED Invasion of China Through the EVENTS…. North Korean. Russia. Taiwan, Japan, U S. ( But Russia and Taiwan declined to be in the Bush/Obama planned intent)….> Sources report the prime minister was in close contact with TRUMP….. Was his death fake/planned/ a message?

The FALL OF SRI LANKA ( MAJOR plans are slated to use Sri Lanka as a Betta testing ground to see a regimen fall & quickly rebuild through gold backed GASARA D- CURRENCY.

Lebanon currently in media BLACKOUTS
The country is in current blackouts thru cities and villages.
_MILITARY OPERATION happening through the country. Connected to Arrests and [DS] generals

Largest KAZARIAN Mafia regime’s in U.S. FRANCE, CANADA ITALY … Are in current Military operations of COLLAPSE…>France falling as Macron crime syndicate regime start jumping ship and abandoning his position as criminal investigation into Macron has started./>
U.S. BIDEN REGIMEN in free fall.. As more mainstream media turn against him. Washington post. New York times Red PILLING
the liberals and questioning his authority and the whole administration.
Hunter BIDENS laptop leaks and phone leaks hit world stage as MSM NEWS reports on BIDEN and questions U S. Presidency

EU. IN FULL COLLAPSE as markets crash and small banks close and MSM reports on recession

Putin summed up the world situation as “the beginning of the fundamental collapse of the American-style world order…of the transition from liberal globalist American egocentrism to a truly multipolar world.”
_“Russia and its president Vladimir Putin are conducting this struggle in the name of humanity, against the terroristic and hostile alliance known as NATO,” Venezuelan Foreign Minister Carlos Faria”


And that is really it that I can see that is of immenent importance today.

Mr Pool had 2 comms that seemed quite harrowing, but I can’t post them here. I don’t know if it is connected to anything going on in Isarael right now, or if it pertains to the US.

But let’s just all stay alert and cautious. Regardless of what does or doesn’t happen today here in the States, things are coming to an end, gang. (THINK: President Trump giving a speech in DC in about ten days, when he has not done this since he left there on Jan. 20th 2021….???? )

All right, gang. Enjoy your Sunday! (Thunderstorms here all day today…) Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!!

A Fine and Happy Saturday in the Hinterlands!

Okay, gang!

It’s raining here today, but it’s that gentle summer rain — no high winds, mild temperatures. I can still keep all the windows open. No additional threats to my maple tree.

In fact, around 3AM, I heard the sound of the rain outside and I opened one sleepy eye — and there was Huckleberry, sitting in the open window opposite my bed. She was just watching the rain through the screen.

So peaceful.

It made me feel so safe and so happy.

Okay, yesterday, I forgot to mention that the new Johnny Depp & Jeff Beck album, “18,” was officially released!! It’s in MP3, vinyl, and CD. You can buy it everywhere!


So, in keeping with that feeling of peace I had at 3AM, Mr Pool posted two incredible comms late last night — even I can decode them!!

One said, “New Times” and the other said, “Stay Calm.”

And then Phil posted this, early this morning:

“God’s creation is so amazingly beautiful.”


Benjamin Fulford had a great update yesterday. Try to listen to it–

“MASSIVE FRIDAY INTELLIGENCE UPDATE! 7/15/2022. Macron is being indicted. Putins in Iran, while the fake Biden avatar visits Isreal, and Saudi Arabia. UN being disbanded for not representing the people of the world, the new one will include Africa,Russia, China, East Asia(Oceania) and the Middle East. This is only in the beginning stages at this time. Japan and Germany have removed their Khazarian overlords, and will return to their old national land holdings. Turkey, Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia ask to join BRICS. These groups will not be replacing Governments, they will tackle tasks to big for a single Country to handle. Thing’s are happening at the highest tier of finance, the IMF is bankrupt. US living style continues in a downward plummet, as the fake Biden regime act like junkies pawning off American assets to Stay afloat. The Rothschild’s family has split into two different warring factions, against each other. Take all your funds out of banks and buy gold. we are also hoping the fake Biden regime is arrested while in Saudi Arabia. This and more in this massive Friday Intel update.” (31 mins):


More good news–



As always — busting the myths about Black Americans.

Against All Odds Episode 34 – Gun Laws (6 mins):


This was extremely interesting.

When New Religious Movements Cause Harm–An Academic Discussion (2 hrs 43 mins):


Another sanity-saver!!

davidji — Infinite Possibilities – 28 Minute Guided Meditation (28 mins):


And we’ll close with “Nancy Drew’s” timely reminder about today, July 16th–


That’s it, at least for right now, gang.

Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning!! Vanessa Paradis’ “Marilyn & John,” — her loving homage to JFK and Marilyn Monroe, from M&J, 1988. Enjoy!! I love you guys! See ya!!

A Curious Friday, Indeed

Okay, as usual — I’m not sure what’s going on but things feel curious, indeed.

Ivana Trump passed away yesterday. For some reason, that strikes me as kind of curious. Not sure why. I thought I heard something about her having been poisoned the other day? I have no clue, at this point, where I heard that or if it was anything remotely true.

Regardless, RIP, Ivana.

This happened yesterday, too–

From Aquila:

Italian PM Mario Draghi announces his resignation after government loses backing of populist coalition partner
Breaking news from around the world.”

Then it was followed by this:

UPDATE – Italy’s president rejects PM Draghi’s resignation, asks Draghi to address parliament in order to gauge political situation.”


Then we had this from Whiplash347:

Breaking News.🚨

Estonian prime minister Kaja Kallas has just resigned.”


There were many comms from Mr Pool, a couple about the EBS, but then quite a few that seemed very upbeat and happy. Again — I cannot post them here, or even a link to his channel.


“Nancy Drew” reported that a lot of fencing and barricades in DC are now gone:

“I was pretty happy today. Seeing that all the concrete barriers which lined the streets and parking lots on the west side of The Capitol had been removed was a great sign. They would only remove those once things were completely under control there. They’ve been there forever it seems. Also, there were barely any DHS Protective Services Agents behind the SC bldg for the first time in a while now with minimal Capitol Police in the area. To me, these are 2 small victories which ultimately will lead to our Yuge and long awaited victory, CHECKMATE. Clearly, Patriots are in control!!🙌💥💯 Now we just keep an eye on all the fencing and see when they start removing it from The Capitol or the Supreme Court. I’d love to see the roads reopened, also.”


And I got a strange email (then, later, a text) from America First, saying that President Trump would be speaking in DC next weekend, and that I needed to register to receive the link for the livestream.

So I did, but I thought that was curious. Why not just send out a text to everyone with the livestream link next weekend?


Dan Scavino posted this — (Trump boarding Airforce One and returning to DC??):


And speaking of the Air Force—

Okay, I TOLD YOU SO, damn it!!!!!!!!! (This goes out to someone specific who will remain nameless but I begged him NOT to get the vax, but he didn’t want to stand down and so he got it.)

From DeSchlopes yesterday:

Judge Demands Answers from Air Force After Sending Its Vaccine Mandate Down in Flames
‘The Air Force now has 14 days to explain to the judge why he shouldn’t issue an injunction.'” [full article here]


From Ezra A Cohen — curious, indeed:

“Last name Kissinger.
First name Henry.”


Putin is definitely up to something big today–

From Aquila:

“❗️🇷🇺 Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for an operational meeting today with permanent members of the Security Council of the Russian Federation – Peskov”

“❗️🇷🇺 Putin is expected to make an announcement during this operational meeting.”

From Intel Slava Z:

“🇷🇺 At today’s operational meeting with members of the Security Council, Putin may make an announcement, information about which, obtained by US intelligence, previously caused an urgent appeal by the United States to its citizens with a call to leave Ukraine.”


Someone posted this curious photo to Phil’s channel — (this is the only fencing left around the Capitol, I think):

And Phil responded:

“I believe the photo has much to do with the EBS, and many happenings regarding many topics we spoke about in my recent Lives, including: SCOTUS overturning 2020 election, GESARA, arrests of congressmen, and martial law”


And then this was also posted on Phil’s channel:

And he replied:


Do you remember when it was said, “All 50 US States will decertify”?
Was it a guess?
A prediction?
A prophecy?
Or was it a [PLAN]?
Eyes on the Prize.
Trust the Plan.
[ALL] dominoes in their RIght[FULL] place, before we drop the First.
No mistakes.”


In case you didn’t know this, you’d better learn it, gang. This was no “ideology”. It’s about control and gold and depopulation and always has been. Wake UP:



There were some serious fires raging in both Spain and Portugal yesterday. I don’t know why.


COVID is now being called a BA5 variant. Please don’t be an idot and fall for this, okay?


And that’s it, gang. The rest is just the usual noise and hate-spewing chaos. Oh, and, yes, a TON of stuff about digital currency markets.

Things here are pretty good, btw. After an interesting phone call with my mortgage company, I filled out a bunch of paperwork online and it looks very promising that I will be able to get some help ASAP with the house. So that’s a big relief.

The insurance guy called to say that an arborist is coming out next week to make a report on (what’s left of) my tree. And from there, the lawsuit against me will likely be dropped. We shall see.

I had a great phone conference with Peitor yesterday, regarding Abstract Absurdity Productions and our current micro-short script, Lita måste gå! (Lita’s Got to Go!)

I also got a bunch of editing done yesterday, and I put a bunch of old stories, short memoirs, and screenplays up on the blog (From the Vault2).

And I studied my French on the Mondly App (now the highlight of my evening). And I hung out with the many cats and I watered the flowers. And, overall, yesterday was a very calm and productive day.

Try to have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

“It’s A Hard Life Wherever You Go”

I am a backseat driver from America
They drive to the left on Falls Road
The man at the wheel’s name is Seamus
We pass a child on the corner he knows
And Seamus says, “Now, what chance has that kid got?”
And I say from the back, “I don’t know”
He says, “There’s barbed wire at all of these exits
And there ain’t no place in Belfast for that kid to go”

It’s a hard life
It’s a hard life
It’s a very hard life
It’s a hard life wherever you go
If we poison our children with hatred
Then, the hard life is all they’ll ever know
And there ain’t no place in (Belfast) for these kids to go
(This world)

A cafeteria line in Chicago
The fat man in front of me
Is calling black people trash to his children
He’s the only trash here I see
And I’m thinking this man wears a white hood
In the night when his children should sleep
But, they slip to their window and they see him
And they think that white hood’s all they need

I was a child in the sixties
Dreams could be held through TV
With Disney and Cronkite and Martibn Luther
Oh, I believed, I believed, I believed
Now, I am a backstreet driver from America
I am not at the wheel of control
I am guilty, I am war I am the root of all evil
Lord, and I can’t drive on the left side of the road

c-1989 Nanci Griffith

Global Ceasefire Coming Up!!

Wow, gang. Okay!

Yesterday was another miracle day — my state tax return finally appeared in my bank account! Just in the nick of time! Thanks for all your prayers!

I was able to buy all the cats all of their food. I could put gas in the car. Pay my water bill and my past-due electric bill!!

Yippee ki yi yay!

Plus, I got a notification from the electric company yesterday that I might qualify for some financial assistance on the next bill, so I have to apply for that today. That bill is due in 2 weeks — so everything is really easing up around here.

In my opinon, that is all part of NESARA. (The electric bill help, plus the letter I got yesterday regarding possible help with my mortgage; and my heating/gas bill has been covered for the last 8 months already, and my student loans seem to be in a permanent holding pattern — and they’ve disappeared entirely from one of my credit reports. )

If our “government” is broke, then how come there’s all this assistance available, right? To me, that just feels like NESARA already in the background.

And then Phil’s livestream last night had some of the best news so far — a global ceasefire is underway, gang. That is definitely one of the terms of NESARA-GESARA: World peace.

According to Phil, troops worlwide are being withdrawn from wherever they’ve been and ceasefires are underway, all over the world.

Phil also added, after his livestream:

“Regardless of the intel dropped tonight (good intel and VERY good news), the SCOTUS has -still-overturned the 2020 election.

The announcement of a new “special election” that we spoke about tonight is simply the finality of the SCOTUS’ decision.

Think of it like having the General Election in early November, but waiting for the inauguration until January.

Same concept here.”

And here is the REPLAY of the livestream, in case you missed it. It is under an hour this time.

Phil drops a NEW piece of intel regarding the next moves for our country, and the rest of the people around the world. (52 mins — 10 mins opening music intro):


Aside from all that great stuff, there was this bit of interesting news from Whiplash347:

Italy’s government on the brink as 5-Star threatens to boycott confidence vote
Populist party says it won’t back cost of living package and could withdraw from fragile coalition” [full article here]

And that is really it for today, gang.

As always these days, there is a ton of stuff happening in the digital currency world, but I am really just in over my head with all that stuff. However, here’s this, which is always informative, if you can keep up with it:

Mel Carmine roundtable– QFS XRP XLM, State Nationals cannot VOTE? True or false? Neg-48, Gesara Nesara: Trolls Destroyed: (1 hr):

The rest of the news is the usual subterfuge, misdirection, and/or chaos, which you can easily find for yourselves if you want to look for it.

But here’s this–

Outdoor Chef Life reaches Alaska! (And they spend a night in a hotel!! They’ve been camping all the way from California up to Alaska.)

WILD SOCKEYE SCOTCH EGG + ROE?! | Trip of a Lifetime with Subscribers Prt.1 [Warning: Not Vegetarian, but beautiful lakes!!] (40 mins):


And that is it.

Today is another really gorgeous day here. I’m trying to take full advatange of all this great weather, gang, because next week looks like we will have a few days in a row of rain — but I should add that the crops look fantastic around here. The corn is so green and getting so tall. I just love seeing all that.

This evening, I’m supposed to have a conference call with Peitor, my partner in Abstract Absurdity Productions, as we get back to work on one of our micro-short screenplays. He is currently on the Mediterranean in the South of France and he posted some beautiiful photos on Instagram of the Bastille Day fireworks from last evening.

So today should be a peaceful day.

Have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!