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An Ashwagandha Kind of Morning!

We have a little snow and it’s extremely cold, but what we really have here in the Hinterlands this morning is more of those intensely high winds. So my PTSD is in high gear and has been since about 4am.

So, ashwagandha it is! I have all these days off for Christmas and I don’t want to spend it all quietly freaking out.

Well, actually, I spoke to Sandra yesterday and we are beginning work on the new play on Monday, which means my notes for the new play have to be ready by Monday, and — in anticipation of being an actual writer again — I got a new printer that I have to figure out how to connect to the laptop, etc. …

So, my 5 days of “vacation” are kinda disappearing. But it’s all good, gang.

Phil had to cancel his livestream for last night and, instead, will have it at 8PM Eastern tonight. I hope so. We’ll see!!

Not much new “news”, today, but some items of interest!

Posted to Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s channel from Dr. Mike Yeadon (includes brief video):

“I just stumbled on a short (15 minute) presentation I gave in late summer 2021, describing why I was concerned about the potential impact on fertility of the c19 “vaccines”.
I noticed it’s been viewed just 13 times in 15 months & there are no comments.
I’ve no proof or knowledge of technical IT matters, but that strikes me as a recording that should have “gone viral”.
Would several of you please post this link on Twitter?
You won’t get banned because it’s true. I list the journal articles that underwrote my concerns. I made no firm predictions. It’s in the drug company to prove it’s safe, used according to the indications section of the package insert. It’s not on critics to prove actual harms or risks. That’s simply the way it’s worked for many decades.
The risks presented are for accumulation in ovaries and for generation of autoimmune attack on the placenta.
The consequences if these occur would be a reduction in the numbers of live births and an increase in spontaneous abortion in some & miscarriage in others. Some will probably be OK.
We’ve since learned that the Pfizer vaccine when given to pregnant rats results in skeletal malformations in rat pups.
Rule-of-thumb in toxicology is that unless you’ve data which supersedes these observations, you must assume that these risks to humans are real.
You’ve been lied to about so many things. This one is a particularly barbaric series of lies, in my opinion.
Best wishes




From Aquila early this morning:

“Impending – THE LARGEST missile attack on Ukraine should be expected in the next 48 hours, or (Christmas Morning)

We have witnessed extremely heightened movement of the 🇷🇺 Black Sea fleet, all Submarines are out of port.

Unusual divergent movement of the Russian Destroyers, Sevastopol is Completely empty.

Russian Strategic Bombers are all out of its bases & Hangers.”


Posted by Yellow Vest Ireland:

New Zealand Documentary Memorial Day (Silent No More NZ) (25 mins):


From Derek Johnson:

“Ruh Roh. That’s a no-no. Flag is wrinkled 💯✅

And a whole lotttt more to this dog and pony show.

It’s a simple Continuation of Government. And the trolls grow rampant.

But there ain’t a THING in the world they can do to stop what’s coming.

Martial Law and Military Tribunals will be 🔥☠️💯🇺🇸”

“Andddddd it’s damaged.

But I’m the crazy one hahahahahaha ☠️🇺🇸”


And this was posted by Phil yesterday. (In his chat, the photo was enlarged to show that the man in uniform, circled at the far left, was President Trump):

“I spy with my little eye…😂”

And also this — (from President Trump‘s Truth Social account just now):


Also, please make time to watch this 12-minute video, gang. There was stuff here that even I hadn’t known about before — mainly, the truth about the Council on Foreign Relations. It’s kind of staggering.

From Michael Jackson (includes video link);

“Proof the MSM is scripted”


Take a deep breath and then make of it what you will…





Restored Republic news update (15 mins):




And that’s it for today, gang.

I hope you have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!


On a humorous note —

The other night at work, I had my iPhone on airplay so that we could have Christmas songs playing while we worked, but I had to crank the volume way up in order to hear it even just a little bit.

After 4 hours of listening this way, I stepped outside to take out some trash and discovered that my iPhone was only hooked up to the outside speakers and they were fucking BLARING!! All over the otherwise dark and starlit night. It was so funny. Apparently, the folks at the gas station across the street were the only ones truly enjoying the Christmas serenade.

And here is what was playing at full blast! So play it loud and enjoy, gang. I love you, guys. Merry Christmas!

Focus on the Mission

Okay, 2 new Q drops yesterday.

From SGAnon:


From Intel Slava Z:

“🇹🇷🇸🇾 The Turkish army has almost finished preparations for a ground operation in Syria, waiting for the president’s decision – media, citing officials”


“🇺🇸 🌋A few hours ago Mauna Loa, the world’s largest volcano. Erupted on the island of Hawaii.”


From Aquila just now:

“🇹🇷⚡️Turkish President could meet with Syrian leader Bashar Al-Assad”


From Shadow of Ezra yesterday evening:

“Kanye West visited Donald Trump in desperation because he was being set up for murder by the same agency that killed Aaron Carter.

Everything about his ’24 presidential run and beef with Trump is a fake mirage. He needed protection.

Nobody has dodged more assassination attempts than Donald J. Trump.”


Goodlion.tv’s weekly report video is up (subscription required):

Weekly Report #69: November 27th, 2022

Baalenciaga deletes all posts on Instagram after ads showing kids found to be promoting pedophilia.

‘Died Suddenly’: Great documentary shining light on fibrous clots caused by killer Covid jabs goes viral.

Hundreds of former Israeli surveillance agents hold top roles at Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon.”


From News Punch:

Brazilian Military Declare Bolsonaro ‘True President of Brazil’ – Media Blackout

The Brazilian military have shown their support for the Brazilian people by declaring Bolsonaro the ‘true President of Brazil’ following evidence of a rigged election. […]”

[full article here]


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:


In this episode of ☀️ICIC , Dr Reiner Fuellmich and co-host Dr Mike Yeadon have an insightful conversation with four experts on this explosive topic.

with: Dr. Ana Maria Mihalcea, Dr. David Nixon, Shimon Yanowitz & Karen Kingston

Dark-field microscopy blood tests reveal crystalline, unnatural and variable structures that exhibit characteristics of nano- or micro-technology.

It is also disturbing that the lipid nanoparticles found in the substances have been approved as “technical devices”.

Why do all the usual measures fail with regard to a functioning quality assurance management in the administration of novel, mRNA-based injections worldwide? According to the poor statistical data available and the unnatural phenomena reported, further administrations should be stopped immediately and the damage caused should be investigated.” (2 hrs 30 mins):


From Chris Sky in Canada:

“China is exploring expiration dates with its upcoming digital yuan, or DCEP, which means the currency will expire if not used in a certain timeframe. The digital yuan is programmable to the point that the currency can be made to expire, thus forcing consumers to use it up by a certain date.”Oct 4, 2022 meanwhile CANADA is trying to sell EXPIRING DIGITAL CURRENCY as a “safety feature”!”



Restored Republic — More details on the Brunson papers and SCOTUS (11 mins):




From Real Raw News:

Uncounted Vaccine Deaths on Our Highways and Railways

[…] The U.S. military began investigating these figures in mid-2022, after several recently vaccinated servicemembers perished in car accidents. White Hats had tasked their compatriots at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and at the Womack Army Medical Hospital, Fort Bragg, with reviewing seven wrecks—in each instance the driver died and was the sole occupant in the vehicle—that occurred between January-March 2022. While the Corps of Engineers examined vehicle accident reports, medical staff at Fort Bragg sifted through the medical logs and death certificates of the deceased servicemembers.

Preliminary reports revealed the following: the mean age of the drivers was 23; six were male; importantly, all took a Covid-19 vaccination within 10 days of death; none had illnesses or comorbidities that precluded their ability to enlist in the armed forces; postmortem toxicology screenings came back negative; all fatalities were attributed to “loss of vehicular control due to sudden onset myocardial infarction,” or heart attacks. […]”

[full article here]


Another new one from James Tabor —

Paul Does Not Think Jesus was a Preexistent Divine Being –The Surprising Meaning of Philippians 2 (43 mins):


That’s it for right now, gang.

I have the day off here today and, in addition to driving into town and speaking with my lawyer at Legal Aid about my latest legal nightmare, I’m putting up the Christmas tree!

Several wonderful and kind friends gave me so much enrouagement yesterday. I am ready to keep fighting. (This latest lawsuit against me is petitioning to freeze my bank account in10 days. They feel confident that I have assets in the account that I am concealing. If it weren’t so devasting to me to have no access to what little money I have, I would find it really funny that they “feel confident” I’m concealing my vast wealth….)

Also, because the bankruptcy is dragging on and on, my mortgage company is withholding the funds for my new roof. 7 leaks and counting, gang…. I was so hoping I would have a new roof by winter.


Have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world. The Brunson case looks like it could be the case that forces the Supreme Court to act, and if not, then the military will FINALLY have to step in.

We shall see.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!


My favorite protest song from my wee bonny girlhood. Joan Baez, “Carry It On”. Enjoy!!

Starting that Holiday Early

I guess it’s battle fatigue, of the digital soldier variety. But I’m worn out, emotionally.

I’m posting SGAnon’s audio file (#27) from last night, but it was rather discouraging. Still worth listening to, though, to stay informed. Especially if you live in Europe.

Turkey to Leave NATO | Putin and Xi Coordinating | German/UK Militaries Running Background Ops (52 mins):

Phil is not planning to do a livestream until possibly Friday night (11/25):

“Hey Pham

For the next few days, I will be spending most of my time surrounded by family for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Last year, I spent Thanksgiving mostly alone. I was recently released from prison, and just coming off of house arrest. It was a very difficult holiday for me.

This year, things have changed. I not only have my family, but I also have Keri’s. I am extremely grateful for the change only 1 year has brought.

I suggest everyone takes a slight break this week. Enjoy your family. Enjoy the food. Give thanks to God, and His good grace for allowing us to be alive in this amazing period of time.

I will return to my regular Live-streaming schedule starting Friday, November 25th. The time is TBD.

The next coming weeks will be very hectic, as far as the political maneuvering goes.

Rest up. Great things are on the horizon.”


I have to work today, but I have the holiday off. I’m taking a break from the blog, unless something truly important arises.

Have a great Thanksgiving, if you live State-side. Otherwise, just enjoy the next couple of days.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


Nick Cave & Warren Ellis in Adelaide:

It’s All Coming Together!

Such great stuff, right, gang? It’s all happening!

If you didn’t catch this last night– Derek Johnson and SGAnon explain it all, together on TruthStream (3 hrs):


Because of the above livestream last night, SGAnon has postponed his audio file (#27), that we have been eagerly awaiting– expect it to be posted sometime tonight. (Oh, and btw — his “little one” is once again, really sick… hmmmm.)


Not a peep from Phil!! We are all just waiting…. Exciting, though. Wonder what he’s up to?


Today is the anniversary of the assassination of JFK. Something significant could happen today because of it. I guess we have to just wait and see.


From Mel Carmine‘s channel — (a good sign, indeed!!):

“BQQM ! 💥💥💥

RIPPLE in the subway right under the BANK OF ENGLAND headquarters !

XRP 🚀🚀🚀”


From Stew Peters:


5 Billion Vaccinated Worldwide.

And They’re Dying Suddenly.

This is the greatest orchestrated die off in the history of the world.

We’re in a battle for the hearts and minds of the people.

Watch the #DiedSuddenly full movie Now, and share!”

BELOW is the movie. WARNING: It is not suitable for children (1 hr):


From Intel Slava Z:

“🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇮🇷 England vs Iran

To understand who is who, and not to confuse, is possible only by the flag painted on the face.”


So, gang. CBS News quits twitter, re-joins twitter, and now — ????

Yes, that’s right. They think the Laptop from Hell is legit. A couple of years too late, but I guess better late than never…

From “Nancy Drew” and il donaldo trumpo:

“Oh chit!😳 CBS?? If you havent seen this, watch!! They’re being exposed BIGLY now! This is absolutely amazing. The whole world is seeing the truth, and will know the horrific crimes this entire family has committed. Conspiracy, no more. Its time for justice to be served.”


From Marco Polo:

“Marco Polo is printing 3,000 physical copies of the Report on the Biden Laptop . We have been inundated with requests of how to acquire them, so be sure to secure yours when the page is posted later in the month.”


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and Dr. Naomi Wolf:

United Kingdom Health Agency Gets FOIA Requesting All AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Data

A legally-produced, effective Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was sent to Dame June Raine, Chief Executive of Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), on behalf of the Health Advisory and Recovery Team (HART), requesting that the MHRA fully produce all the data, information and documents submitted to them by AstraZeneca that underlies the Conditional Marketing Authorisation (Temporary License) of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine (a non-replicating viral vaccine also known as Vexzevria and Covishield)”


The BLEXIT Foundation is seeking donations to feed families in need on Thanskgiving. To donate — CLICK HERE.

If you are a f amily in need and would like to apply for a meal for you and your family — CLICK HERE:








And don’t forget–

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis will be back onstage in Adelaide again tomorrow night, November 23rd. You can buy tickets here. But all the rest of the tour is sold out until Melbourne, on November 30th!


And that is it, gang.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


A Course In Miracles With Keith (Zoom Meeting November 20th 2022) — We continue our reading of the Forgiveness section in the Song of Prayer pamphlet of A Course In Miracles. (2 hrs):

The Sunday News

Not much “news” to post, gang, but it is obvious that the stuff happening behind the scenes is incredible.

If you weren’t already aware, Twitter re-instated Trump’s account. but we saw that coming for months now. (And I still hate Twitter, no matter who owns it or who’s on it. But this is about “censorship.”)

This was interesting–

From Liz Crokin on Truth Social:

“Tom Pritzker, Chairman of Hyatt Hotels, was Hillary Clinton’s 2nd biggest donor in ‘16 via his Pritzker Organization giving her $16,626,207. (Count the 6’s!)

He was on Jeff Epstein’s flight logs & labeled “Numero Uno” in the pedophile’s black book. Epstein had 12 phone numbers for him including an emergency number. Why the nickname — was he Epstein’s no. 1 client or co-conspirator?

Pritzker fought hard in court to keep records sealed relating to he & Epstein. He lost.



From Real Raw News:

Moderna CEO Hanged at GITMO

Moderna CEO and eugenicist Stéphane Bancel lost his life Friday afternoon after a hangman for the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate Generals Corp’s put a noose around his neck and flipped a switch that opened a swinging door beneath the pharmaceutical mogul’s feet. […]

[…] As Bancel was led at gunpoint to the gallows, he insisted that he, a man of science, had conclusively proven that Moderna’s death shot was safe and effective and hadn’t killed a single human since it was made publicly in late 2020. Truth is, Bancel was not a man of science; he held an M.B.A. from Harvard as well as master’s in engineering from an obscure French university. He had no medication credentials, yet asserted himself as a medical professional, and officials around the world touted his non-existent contributions to medical science, namely the Covid-19 vaccine. The release of the vaccine saw Bancel’s net worth skyrocket from $657m to $5.04bn. When Bancel spoke, health authorities listened. As Bancel profited, people died. […]

[full article here]


SGAnon should have a new audio file on rumble today. You can check for it here.

He yet again posted a ton of stuff to Truth Social yesterday. This one totally broke my heart:


On a better note–

From Secret History:

“Sylphion (Ferula drudeana) was one of the most valuable and sought after plants. It was used in food, in perfumery, in medicine to relieve stomach pains and to remove warts, as a powerful aphrodisiac and an equally powerful contraceptive. Suffice it to say that seedlings of the plant were valued at the price of silver.

In his work, Pliny wrote that Emperor Nero ate the last stalk of sylphion, but just a couple of years ago, Professor Mahmut Miski, a researcher of medicinal plants at Istanbul University, discovered the flowering Ferula drudeana near Mount Hasan in central Turkey.

If Professor Miski’s findings are correct, the ancient plant, thought to be extinct, still exists.”


Phil is back on twitter, too. He had a couple of posts about that:

“I’m back 🐥

I had to be there for the storm tweet.


Blue check incoming.”

“The King of Twitter has returned.

Storm tweet incoming.



[Sounds like “My fellow Americans, the storm is upon us” is finally going to happen… we’ve been waiting for 2 years.]


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (link includes short video):


Sunday, 20th of November

The next episode of ☀️ICIC – International Crimes Investigative Committee

Hostile takeover through corporatism?

with: Alex Thomson & Rodney Atkinson”




Another great one from Chris Sky in Canada:

“People ask why im fighting and why I never ask for $ to speak. Its because THEIR FUTURE is OUR responsibility.”


From Bob Dylan. 3 days ago – Love Sick (Take 2 – Official Lyric Video)


And that’s it for this fine Sunday, gang.

Today, Sandra and I have to finish all revisions of Act Two of the play because we need to send it in to the folks at the theater in Toronto tomorrow.

So I gotta get started here, folks.

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya.


Just Unreal

I don’t have much to say here today, but only because my head is exploding.

Everything shifted so quickly into Bizzarro-Land, gang.

Tonight, though, Phil is planning a livestream at 8PM Eastern time. You can watch him on rumble, DLive, and Locals. Here’s hoping he will have something concrete to report.

Yesterday, he did a brief video in his car, attempting to explain what happened in Mar-A-Lago, and also explaining the difference between Trump’s filing the paperwork for his candidacy and actually “running for President” in 2024.

Knee-jerk Reactions (17 mins 17 seconds):


SGAnon has still not done his #26 Audio File, but he did post some very encouraging things on Truth Social yesterday, including:

“Irregular warfare
Pas de Calais
Today’s research on this end=VERY GOOD
Pieces paint the picture
I am compiling and aggregating information presently. File 26 will be next. TBD on the release at the moment
Sooner rather than later, for certain

Yesterday we had a moment of fear and confusion. Shake it Off. #POTUS45 is 17 steps ahead.
This is the War for Mankind’s future.

>> 11/15/2022 was the day the “Republic of the United States” began the Public_Return process”

[It always saddens me when I see just how deeply Rolling Stone has sunk. They have become nothing but a puppet for the Cabal. 40 years ago, they were an incredible magazine, dedicated to actual investigative journalism. Doesn’t anyone at all remember Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers?]

SGAnon also posted this yesterday:


It was never about retaking Congress
Senate never mattered. Never part of the plan
Savory. Irresistible.
“My Candidacy for President of the United States” (when?)
It was never about 2024. It was about “historic 3rd term” narrative.
Irregular Warfare.
2022 Midterms appear to have been Pre_Op/GO “Test” of the waters of public sentiment.

“Future proves past”
“Who will put an end to the endless?
Taking control”


So, as we suspected yesterday, there is a lot more behind what President Trump unleashed at Mar-A-Lago on Tuesday night.

All we can (continue to) do is WAIT, gang. Frustrating and disheartening as it is.

However. Lest we forget…


From Simon Parkes yesterday:

President Trump’s Address…

Very few picking up the real reason for the Trump address.

Many commentators calling it a nothing burger, is to fail to see what is hidden within it.

Trump says of Nancy House speaker, she is on her way to another country to get fired.

Read that as shot in Gitmo

Trump did Not say he was running in 2024. He said, I am running for the Presidency.

And he referred to himself as C in C [Commander in Chief]

This last point is of Golden importance”


Some good news…

From Real Raw News:

Military Tribunal Convicts Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel

[…] The panel gave its verdict and held Bancel responsible for the deaths and injuries, suggesting he be hanged by the neck until dead as restitution for his crimes against humanity.

[…] Bancel is scheduled to hang on November 18, at GITMO.”

[full article here]


And then there’s this, if you can stomach it. Kanye West is one of the sanest men in show business right now. If you’ve missed it, look at what Western media is doing to try to destroy him — it will make you puke. Once they finally bring down the mainstream media, this war will be over. So fucking frustrating that brainwashed people everywhere will NOT turn off their TVs.

RT: The World of ‘YE’ (6 mins):


And check out this curious video from Bruce Springsteen’s latest release, from his new (terrific!) album, Only the Lonely. The song is “Turn Back the Hands of Time.”

What time is it on that clock in the background of the video??? Q-time, that’s what time it is!!!!! Curious, indeed…


And that’s it for now, gang.

Here’s hoping we can get something substantial from Phil tonight regarding what actually happened on Tuesday night. We shall see.

Enjoy your Thursday out there, gang — wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

Good God! What a Night…

Boots to the ground again, gang.

Whatever that was last night, I sure don’t know.

I was increasingly nervous as last night approached, because I couldn’t really believe that President Trump was finally going to do away with comms & optics & signaling, and simply speak in plain language about what was really going on out there. However, I was really hoping he was finally going to do that.

But I was also getting nervous about the prospects of full-on Martial Law happening because of it.

It even seemed like he might say something publicly about (fake) Biden being a pedophile :

From Phil — yesterday afternoon:

“I think this was not because of health.”

BREAKING: Joe Biden Abruptly Cancels G20 Meeting Amid Reports of Serious Health Concerns
‘They called an early lid. So we will keep you posted’…”

But I was also worried that the “announcement” wasn’t going to amount to anything at all. That it would just be more of the same — comms & optics & signaling that only the Q Patriots seem to grasp. Getting us no closer to being able to speak publicly about all the atrocities, the rigged elections, the satanists and cannibals that have been running (and ruining) this world.

Alas. It was, indeed, more of the same. A sort of rally loaded with comms, but this time in the luxurious ballroom at Mar-A-Lago.

It was depressing, to say the least. The chats exploded with all sorts of outrage and grief.

Phil said (among other things on his private chat):

“Over the past 2 years, I have learned to back away before making emotional statements.

Right now, it is best that I back away, process what I just heard with my own ears, and come back at some point tomorrow.

I will say this: There is something we are missing.

I just don’t have the answer yet.

But I will.”

SGAnon had a lot to say as the evening wore on, but his initial response:

“Like many of you, I am concerned.

Very interested to see where this goes”

And he ended the night with this:

“I share the concerns of All of you. This announcement has the potential to directly affect my young one re: the k!llshots

2 slow, peaceful deep breaths, and then read the rest

This is a moment.
To be better.
To be The Few.
This is that moment where pain from battle must be turned to logic and calm focus.

>The US NG remains forward deployed, fully federalized, and running ops
>Brandon has never set foot in the US Pentagon

We press forward, for the Children.

‘Night all


And from Derek Johnson:

“More Comms in the speech.

It’s a public DISTRACTION from the
Operations going behind the scenes.

NOW & 2024…

Especially with the New York Times reporting Military Tribunals coming mid-2023.

NOTHING is off the table.

He did NOT concede in this speech. Announcing 2024 isn’t conceding.

He also said something about 2020, Biden, and AMERICA can’t take two more years til 2024

It’s a “Look Here Not There” going on.

It’s ALSO another form of WAKE YOUR ASSES UP and make your voices known in your communities while the Military continue Operations.

More to come… 🇺🇸”

And he ended the night with:

“Keep jumping ship ‘Americans’ who don’t know your History and Optics 🔥 Nothing is a coincidence…

Lead, Follow, or Get out the way 💯🇺🇸 #Nov15″

There were also false flags going on late yesterday — Ukraine sent a missile into Poland and blamed it on Russia. CIA/Mossad set off a car bomb in Istanbul, which lit up the whole night sky.

And “Nancy Drew” was following something very curious in DC yesterday:

“3 Federal Protection Service Agents outside of the DOJ at 2pm.
Unfortunately, there is no way for me to know exactly what their business is there today. What I do know, is this is not a common occurrence. I am by the Capitol now, it looks just the same. That hotel I was talking about in my live is being carefully guarded. Chits hitting the fan here. I wish I could stay longer but have to head home now. Let’s see what this announcement brings”

So there were other things at play that we couldn’t see.

And it is still very worthwhile, listening to this short audio file SGAnon released yesterday afternoon, especially because of what he has to say about Putin and Ukraine (8 mins):

And — interestingly enough — Dan Scavino posted to Truth Social very very early this morning, for the first time since November 7th.

I can’t embed it here, but it’s an image of the Trump Derangement meter going off the chart. (You can see it at the link above.)

So, clearly, SOMETHING big really was going on but I sure don’t know what.

If you missed it, you can watch the replay here (1 hr 15 mins):

One nice thing Trump did assure us of, though — Nancy Pelosi is indeed gone, baby, gone. (“She is in another country — fired,” he said. Does this mean “firing squad at Gitmo”?)

Only time is going to tell us what the heck last night was all about. All I know is that for the last few days, I was extremely apprehensive and nervous. Yet, this morning, I woke up in the most incredibly happy mood…

So we shall just wait and see, gang.


In other news —

Nick Cave sent out an amazingly beautiful Red Hand File early this morning. It was a wonderful thing to wake-up to after such an insane night. He said, in part:

“…and it affords us, among other things, the great privilege of being wrong; we feel supported in our unknowing and, in the sincere spirit of inquiry, free to move around the sometimes treacherous waters of ideas. A good faith conversation strengthens our better ideas and challenges, and hopefully corrects, our low-quality or unsound ideas.[…]”

You can read it in full here.


And that is it for today, gang.

I imagine I will stay glued throughout the day to Phil and SGAnon and Nancy Drew and Derek Johnson.



Enjoy your day, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

Ay, Caramba!! Another Legend Falls!!!

I traded in the beloved red Honda Civic Sedan, for a brand new black Honda Civic Sport Hatchback yesterday.

I was planning to lease it, but it wound up being cheaper to purchase it. So I am now it’s proud owner.

However, gang. That is one fast little car! Unbelievable.

I don’t mind going fast in Muskingum County, because the Sheriff is almost never out & about. The next county over is a different story, though. I try not to speed in the next county over. Cops everywhere.

I didn’t realize that I was speeding in the next county over last night, until I suddenly saw the police car and looked down at my speedometer…

Holy Fucking-McMoly. I got my first fucking speeding ticket. Ever. In my life. Only hours after purchasing my very first, very fast brand new car…

Val from Brooklyn texted me her sentiments last night:


All righty.

Phil will be live tonight at 9PM Eastern time. You can watch him on Rumble, DLive, or Locals.

I’m very eager to hear what he has to say. His last couple of livestreams — not counting those short videos he does in his car — have been strangely curious indeed.

However, he started early this morning, with this interesting post:

“One day in the next coming week, you will wake up to a completely new world.”

[I am of course hoping he means a good one….]


From General Flynn:

“Our election system in America is corrupted, completely broken, and every single American should be totally embarrassed for our country right now, I don’t care which political party affiliation you are. Anyone who tells you any different is being dishonest. There should be a 100 percent hand recount of every single election that just occurred this past Tuesday to restore confidence. Otherwise, we stand to lose the USofA as we know it.”


Posted (in part) to SGAnon’s Truth Social page:

“[…] Why did the USAR transfer ALL command communications authority to the US Space Force?
Why has Cho Byedan never uttered the words “Space Force”, even once?
What was Space Force really for?
Who oversees Space Force operations?

“We have it all”

These people are doomed”


President Trump’s daughter, Tiffany, got married in Mar-A-Lago yesterday:


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“☀️Finally we are proud to announce that:☀️

The website belonging to the newly established ICIC (International Crimes Investigative Committee) is now online.


Here you will find all the broadcasts, news, scientific information and documents we collect as part of our investigative work.

These are available to anyone who wants to inform themselves and their fellow human beings and who would like to network with like-minded people in the future.”


From Stew Peters — (I used to love to watch this TV show!):


The Brazilian Report had some incredible footage yesterday of the peaceful protests still ongoing in Brazil. Most of them are videos that I can’t embed here, so go to the link and scroll. Here is but one image:


And that’s it for today, gang.

Even though I only post a handful of items these days, I am constantly on the channels and I find this whole Midterm thing stressful and curious, indeed. I know that “we won.” It is clear that “we won” because of the enormity of the calculated chaos being pummeled upon us by all sides right now. But how this resolves and what is coming up next is anyone’s guess.

President Trump is allegedly going to be speaking on Tuesday, November 15th at 9PM Eastern time. That may be very revealing, but maybe not. We have to just wait and see.

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world.

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Meanwhile, enjoy a little more “Fun, Fun, Fun”!

On We Go, Gang!

Let me just remind everyone that I don’t watch ANY mainstrem media news. At all. I haven’t had cable in over 5 years. While I have an actual television set, I only use it to watch (very old) movies.

So I have no clue what all the lies are that MSM is broadcasting about the elections. So, as far as I know, strictly from the channels, is that there was massive cheating, which is what we were told to expect if the elections were to actually take place, which they did.

I am confused about what actually happened, but I don’t really understand why so many people are so upset. Maybe they should just turn off the TV?

From my POV, alone out here in the TV-less hinterlands, everything happened exactly as they said it would happen. Elections would be held and massive fraud would once again ensue, but that they would all be caught. Again. Doesn’t mean I’m thrilled with it — like everyone, I am anticipating some sort of visible Martial Law and some sort of EBS. When that will happen, I just don’t know, gang.

Phil did a great impromtu livestream from his car yesterday (well, he did 2 yesterday, but the second one I really liked a lot). Here is the second one:

Treason is a bitch 😎 (25 mins):


From General Flynn on Truth Social:

Steady America—not over until it’s over.

We won the House.
Strong chance to win the Senate.
AZ GOP (and other state’s) leaders will prevail.

Our election system needs a complete and total overhaul.

Local Action and being very consistent and strong in one’s message won the day!

America First prevailed and now we start the recovery and accountability process.

Steady America! “


From President Trump:

“Incredible how dishonest the Fake News Media is. The Failing New York Times has gone crazy. So many of the people I Endorsed went on to victory on Tuesday Night, nobody was even close, and they literally make up a story refusing to write the facts, and only quoting enemies and losers. Almost all of the people I endorsed WON, yet if you read the story from two Trump hating writers (who only do as they are told!), you would not even recognize the truth. They truly are, THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!!!

219 WINS against 16 LOSSES IN THE GENERAL ELECTION, and yet the Fake News writes only unrecognizable junk. No wonder they are all doing sooo badly!”


From Real Raw News on Monday:

Special Forces Arrest Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel

U.S. Special Forces on October 30 arrested Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel on charges of murder as the pharmaceutical mogul and eugenicist exited a posh restaurant on the outskirts of D.C., where he had planned a business dinner with CDC Director Rochelle Walensky—but she never showed up. […]”

[full article here]


I was not able to watch episode 1 yet, because I fell asleep before it started last night. But here is the link to episode 1 of the new docuseries by Ty & Charlene Bolinger, Propoganda Exposed! [Uncensored]. (2 hrs 33 mins)


From Yellow Vest Ireland:

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Gives A Strong Message To Ireland

Health Conference Ireland 2022 took place yesterday in the City North Hotel where eminent physicians from all over the world came to present the evidence we were all waiting for.” (18 mins):


SGAnon had many posts on Truth Social yesterday, but he closed out the night with this one:

“Remember Patriots,

Q tells us to avoid “Pay for Play” within our movement.

Use discernment. Many of those persons you think you know in the Truth movement, are opposition. Others are defectors, individuals who made questionable decisions they later regretted, which caused their forced cut-off from genuine back_channel intelligence.

Others made mistakes that just weren’t permissible, however honest they may have been.

Exercise Wisdom.
Q is real. Q voices must also be “Real”


Just after midnight, Derek Johnson had no less than 21 images of various National Guards from various States out & about.

“So many Nation Guard out of their States today 😎🇺🇸”

Here is just one of his images:


And from Secret History:

Euclid’s Theorem, inscribed 1500 years before Euclid was born

This is a clay tablet with geometric and arithmetic calculations that repeat the theorem of the ancient Greek mathematician, the father of geometry Euclid. It was created in Shaduppum, Mesopotamia, around the 3rd or 2nd millennium B.C. Euclid was born around 325 B.C.”


Another new one from James Tabor–

What Did the Apostle Paul Really Think About Peter and James the Brother of Jesus? (30 misn):


And I’ll close with Phil’s final post from last night:

“Kari Lake won Arizona by over 1M votes



And that’s it, gang.

Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

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I leave you with this! Literally, my favorite song when I was 4 years old… Guess that explains a lot. Enjoy!!

Game Over (& Over & Over & Over)

SGAnon announced last night that his role is over now, as far as intel goes.

He will continue to help us decode comms, but only one Truther remains in the game now…

SGAnon had many interesting posts throughout the day/evening yesterday — you can find them HERE on Truth Social.

Here is his audio file upload from last night, with his final intel drop —

Kamala Has Left the Building | Military Brilliance in US Midterm Elections | Enjoy the Show (28 mins):


Simon Parkes had an update this morning to try to help all of us figure out what the heck just hapened, however he doesn’t actually tell us what the heck just happened —



And Phil kept us busy all evening with excel spreadsheets….and then his first few posts from this morning were:

“Wait until I we show you how bad the fraud was 😏”

“Everyone, relax.

We got this.”

“I warned everyone, for many weeks now, that the Midterms could not occur due to the same systems being in place. There’s simply no reason to believe any of the fraudulent mechanisms from 2020 would not still be present in 2022 (and beyond), without major election reform.

Just because there are some good candidates for office means nothing. Donald Trump was the most popular human being to ever run for office. Yet he “lost” to a geriatric who barely campaigned.

Why did anyone think this election would be different?

I gave you all 3 possible scenarios:

1.) the midterm elections would be canceled (most likely)

2.) the midterm elections were safeguarded, and accurate results would be tabulated (least likely)

3.) the midterm elections were still rigged, and the White Hats set up a major sting to expose ALL (moderately likely)

The WH’s have decided on option 3.

Now watch how this all plays out 😎”

“What happens if:

1.) The Republicans assume majority control of the House

2.) The Republicans assume majority control of the Senate

3.) Election fraud from the midterms of 2022 is revealed to the new Congress

What happens then? How do you think they will vote once it’s revealed?”


So, in summation — by Friday Nov. 11th, we are supposed to see the military make a move regarding the election fraud which took place yesterday, tying it to 2020.

Then Nov. 15th, Trump makes some sort of announcement.

I guess we will see. We’re still supposed to be really happy by Christmas….


If you want to follow what is happening on the streets of Brazil, go here:

The Brazilian Report


An announcement from Dr. Reiner Fuellmich — (watch video at link, 3 mins):

“☀️ ICIC – International Crimes Investigative Committee ☀️

The German-American attorney Dr. Reiner Fuellmich is determined, in continuation of his work over the last two years. To contribute to the investigation of these crimes with his new team and to make the perpetrators of these crimes visible.

At the same time, ICIC will track down and publicise alternative proposals for new ways of life, forms of social organisation and networks that are already sprouting like mushrooms worldwide from the creative potential of the many people affected by these crimes.

Thank you for still supporting us!”


From Candace Owens & Blexit, posted on Instagram:


And in other news–

Nick Cave sent out a really moving Red Hand File yesterday, about his son Earl and how his son has managed to thrive, even after the death of his twin brother.

“…I don’t know what lives inside of Earl, what he has had to endure, but he is a strong, funny, extraordinarily kind young man with a razor-sharp wit and a warm, generous laugh, and he seems to me to be doing well…”

You can read it HERE.


Okay, that’s all I’m going to post today. Lots of really unhappy, confused, dumbfounded Americans out there this morning. I don’t want to stir that pot.

I guess, we’ll just wait on Phil. How does that sound?

Enjoy your day, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

Never Forget.