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What A Glorious Day!

It is just the most perfect day here, gang. And I have the whole day off and all my trips to town and back are over.

There are several interesting videos below. I find them interesting because they are getting tons of views and they all seem to be aimed at waking people up.

I’m hoping this means that a lot of people are now out there, trying to find information about what’s really going on!


Regarding XLM–

If you listened to Phil the other night, and/or follow his telegram channel, you’ll note that some questions are being raised about the authenticity of the XRP-XLM crowd. (Emily, Mel Carmine, Whiplash)

Here were Phil’s comments this morning, in case you missed them:

“Hey guys

While I cannot confirm any of the above to be true (just yet), I strongly advise staying FAR AWAY from anything “QSI” or “LOBSTR” related.

On the surface, this appears to be one gigantic scam, orchestrated by Whiplash, and others.

I have no proof on that just yet, but knowing that Whiplash recently deleted all of his Telegram accounts is a major confirmation that what is said in the email above is correct.

Gold, silver, real estate.

That’s the only thing you should be interested in right now.”

Readers of this blog know that my ex-husband in NYC and I invested a small amount of money in XLM a couple years ago to see what it would yield after the crash. (XLM is the digital currency backed by silver)

It turns out, the other day, I was thinking I really wanted to get the money out of XLM and just buy actual silver. Usually, Wayne always tells me to just leave the money in XLM and see what happens. but this time, he said, okay, go ahead and leave XLM and buy silver…

Well, it turns out that it’s really complicated to get your cash out of LOBSTR. I’m still waiting for some assistance on that from LOBSTR. But then I saw Phil’s post this morning and I was, like -WOW. Even more truther-scammers???

It’s amazing how many there have been in this movement.

Anyway, I will keep you posted once I find out the safest way to get cash out of LOBSTR.


As always, Wayne made me laugh. When I sent him a text to update him on all this, he sent me this video! (I used to LOVE Bobby Sherman was I was about 9 years old!!)


(I love Bongino but keep in mind, he is not Q-related — at least, not publicly. He is helping to wake up Conservatives who are not yet ready to believe in Q. He does a great job at it.) (I, personally, am a Liberal, but not a neo-marxist. An extremely old-school Liberal who happens to be a Constitutionalist. Bongino always makes me laugh, though. He considers Liberals to be absolutely stupid, mindless, morons. Anyway. Keep in mind, he’s out there trying to help wake everybody up. There is always “way more” to the stories he reports on, but he does an amazing job.)

SPECIAL: Dan Bongino on The Megyn Kelly Show and Timcast IRL – 05/23/2023 (29 mins):


Videos that are trending this morning. Wake-up time:





Restored Republic (15 mins):




Other videos….







This is amazing, but I can’t embed it. Watch it on Phil’s channel (1 minute). “Africa Is Not Poor.”


Front Porch Live May 23, 2023 (52 mins):


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“Sucharit Bhakdi found not guilty.”

If you don’t know who Sucharit Bhakdi is, he’s a hero. You can tell this simply by reading his wiki page:

Sucharit Bhakdi is a retired Thai-German microbiologist. In 2020 and 2021 Bhakdi became a prominent source of misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, claiming that the pandemic was “fake” and that COVID-19 vaccines were going to decimate the world’s population…”

Wow. You don’t say…

“The physician and author Sucharit Bhakdi has been acquitted of the charge of incitement to hatred. In its verdict on Tuesday, the district court in Plön, Schleswig-Holstein, assessed the defendant’s speeches during the Corona pandemic as not punishable.”


James Tabor – How and When Jesus Identified with the Suffering Servant Idea (17 mins):


And that is it for today, gang.

The Internet is allegedly going down tomorrow. We shall see. If it does go down, remember that it will come back up — new & improved. But we’ll have to see if that actually happens tomorrow, gang.

Enjoy your Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


Some more amazing music from the Jeff beck tribute concert in London.

“Remember Walking in the Sand” – Jeff Beck Tribute – The Royal Albert Hall – 22nd May 2023 Imelda May, Ronnie Wood, Johnny Depp:

And for Valerie in Brooklyn!! (Where the fuck did it all go????? Speak to you later!):


The Fulford Report from yesterday indicates that Imran Khan was released from false arrest and that biometrics tests were performed on him to confirm it was not a body double. Apparently supporters of Khan set fire to just about everything in protest of his false arrest.

It also reports that Thailand is no longer under [DS] control. Shinowatra is now Prime Minster, after his father was removed by a military coup in 2006.

Also, news that “General Mark Milley is dead” have not been fully corroborated.

This is a computer-generated reading of the Fulford Report (the Report requires a membership).

REPORT FROM BENJAMIN FULFORD 2023, May 19 – (16 mins) (they are not letting me embed the video. click the link. it is extremely informative so please listen.):



From this morning-



An interesting and very lengthy post from Michael Jackson this morning:

MILITARY COUPS… Unveiling the Tug of War

Anticipated developments are unfolding worldwide, as I have long warned. In numerous countries, a conflict between the entrenched Deep State and the White Hats will escalate into a series of arrests and military coups. Both factions will hurl accusations of treason and military intervention, while the mainstream media, revealing its allegiance, will engage in biased attacks against individuals, groups, or regimes.

In recent news, former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was apprehended by paramilitary police. Khan had vocally alleged a CIA-backed military coup within his nation, vowing to expose corruption within his own government and military, implicating their collaboration with the CIA. Reliable sources indicate that he possessed significant intelligence on illicit activities, including the CIA’s involvement in heroin drug operations, covert arms sales from the United States to Pakistan and China, and intricate money laundering systems. Disturbingly, the heinous practice of male child trafficking in the region, particularly between Pakistan and Afghanistan, involving complicity from military, police, government officials, and elites, has persisted for decades—a matter even depicted in the film “Dancing Boys of Afghanistan.”

Consequently, Pakistan has descended into chaos, with violent clashes erupting between security forces and Imran Khan’s supporters, resulting in casualties, including one fatality in the city of Quetta. Such events, characterized by the ARREST WARS phenomenon, are anticipated to spread across several countries by 2024. The United States, facing an imminent civil war plot orchestrated by the Deep State, an agenda that has been discussed by U.S. generals for the past two years, serves as a precursor to this global unrest. Over the past year alone, countries in Africa, South America, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, and Myanmar have already experienced military coups, with further incidents expected to occur and escalate.

In this brewing storm, corrupt nations are plotting to overthrow countries under CIA influence. The disclosure of mounting deaths associated with the virus and vaccines has sparked outrage, with leaked reports on gain-of-function research and corruption permeating all nations. Governments and corporations linked to the CIA network are being exposed, triggering a silent yet resounding worldwide revolution. Behind the scenes, a military alliance is orchestrating these events, catalyzing the storm and heralding the great awakening.

During these challenging and dark moments, let us maintain faith, dear patriots, for beyond lies the light. The best is yet to come as we navigate through the tempestuous storm, forging ahead towards a brighter future.”


Apparently Charlie Ward is in the hospital and expecting to be released today. We are being told to ignore rumors that it was a heart attack.

Mahoney says it was “exhaustion” but that the full details would be given on an upcoming Insiders Club broadcast. (Membership required.)

Brief video from Mahoney this morning is here (3 mins).

And a very brief video from Charlie himself, in the hospital is here. (He has since just been released from the hospital.)


Mahoney with Nick Silvester (1 hr):




A needed fundraiser– I believe this is to help with Nick Alvear’s legal funds, since he has been re-arrested.

At GoodLion TV–

For a limited time, if you subscribe for one year, you get 7 months FREE, plus you get to choose one merch item for free, as well.

(If you missed the new series, “Elegantly Wasted,” on the murder of INXS singer, Michael Hutchence– subscribe and watch it! They are up to episode 23.)

Subscribe here.


Dan Bongino on the FBI whistleblowers–

Chilling Words From An FBI Whistleblower (Ep. 2015) (58 mins):


Phil finally got to do his livestream last evening, but I was very frustrated by it. I think he was aiming his information at the many new people who are waking up to what is going on in this country and in the world, thanks to the Durham report.

He had over 20 million viewers last night.

For those of us who follow him regularly, he did not really divulge anything we didn’t already know. He did say there were two more [DS] suicides, but again, he did not divulge who the people were. (A total of 3 now.)

He also stressed that this upcoming E.O. from the fake Biden — that, soon, we won’t be allowed to make withdrawals from our bank accounts — is true. Whether or not this is a ruse to cause a bank run — I don’t know. But, regardless, the situation will be very serious soon.

So please, gang, just get your cash out of the bank. Leave in whatever you need to pay bills, keep the rest at home for now. Or buy gold or silver, if you can afford it. Go here for help with that: goldquiz.com.

Here is the replay, if you missed it–

Durham – May 19th, 2023 ( 1 hr 49 mins):


Again, things here in the States seem to be barreling toward a very great outcome, very soon — but expect total chaos to hit right before the good stuff comes. (Arrests, banks collapse, military takeover, 10 days of darkness, EBS, etc.)

As for the rest of the world– Russia has allegedly done an incredible job at liberating pretty much the entire world. But that is behind the scenes — in front of the scenes, everything is just total noise and chaos, gang.

Hang in there.

I’m working all day tomorrow, so I probably won’t post again until Monday.

Enjoy your Saturday, if you can.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


The very educational discussion on the Ten Commandments continues–

The Ten Words with Ross and Jono – Word Three (1 hr):

Who Knows, Gang?

Still no word whether or not Imran Khan is still alive.

I have searched all over the place, but the only thing I could find that was within the last 24 hours was this:


Phil just announced that he will be live tonight, but no time has been posted yet. Check later to confirm.

Mahoney was arrested yesterday –detained for 11 hours at the airport as he tried to leave Spain and get to Manchester.

When he finally got to Manchester, he learned that the Manchester Great Awakening event was suddenly canceled, for reasons he couldn’t speak about (sounds a lot like Phil being told he could not go live, only a few minutes before he was supposed to go live…)

You can watch the 2 short videos from Mahoney here.


I’m not going to bother posting about MTG and her impeachment filing against the fake Biden because an impeachment of an actor playing a role is, you know, fake.

I won’t post about the fake Biden getting ready to tell everyone they can no longer withdraw money from their own bank account — panic=bank run. Bank run is what the goal is. Just go get your money, gang.

Just tons of psy-ops, optics, signaling, actors, etc. I won’t waste your time. I do hope Phil goes live today or tonight, with something he is actually allowed to tell us. We will see!

Meanwhile, I do think that all this intensity is leading to something really positive, but what a lot of ugly noise, gang. And the stuff that isn’t just noise seems to be really, really ugly.

Stay alert and enjoy your Friday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


My childhood! I used to sing along to this song on the radio when I was 7…. who knew.

Some Important Updates

Shadow of Ezra posted this update yesterday morning, but there has been nothing else on the channels about Pakistan, or if the life of Imran Khan was saved:

“Military courts have been activated in Pakistan.”

Nothing on RT, which I feel certain would cover this if they could. The last time they posted anything about Pakistan and Imran Khan was on may 13th:


The Fulford Report last week indicated that really bad stuff was happening in Pakistan, but he didn’t say what.

I’m hoping that “Military courts” means martial law. We’ll have to see.


At the very last moment last night, Phil did not go live. So things out there are decidedly serious and intense:

“Well guys, I was just given the “no go” for tonight’s Live.

Not due to anything personal, I was literally told I cannot speak about anything tonight.

I asked if I could do a simple Q&A. The answer was no.

I could, of course, disobey direct orders, but I really think that’s a bad idea. Especially considering where we are right now.

I have so, so, so much to report, that I literally had to start writing all of it down. I haven’t done that in over a year.

I will get this Live scheduled as soon as I get the “all clear”.

I apologize for this. I think this should show you how serious things are starting to get.

This has been my 2nd “do not go Live” in the past 2 months.”

ALSO, from his group chat last night, he posted this:

“sorry guys, but your feelings come in a distant 2nd place to orders from the US Intelligence Community

my Live was loaded. Screen backround was made. Timer was set. Mic & cam were synced. Music loaded. boys were set for bed.

then last minute, I was given the kabosh.

nothing I can do about this one. again, I’m very sorry, but this is far, far above me.”


Woke-ism is Neo-Marxism.

From General Flynn — watch this, it’s only 5 mins, it will make your skin crawl:

CRA Policy Director Paige Agostin Testifies Before the House Budget Committee (5 mins):


From 12 years ago on TED.

From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

Beware online “filter bubbles” | Eli Pariser (9 mins):

There was also this from last year:

Filter Bubbles & Echo Chambers: How the Internet Affects Your Mind (19 mins):


Dan Bongino – It Could Destroy Us All (Ep. 2013) (57 mins):






And that is it for now, gang. Really silent out there this morning. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Stay alert. Enjoy your Thursday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys, See ya!


My late-night listening music from last night–

Stephen Bishop, “On & On”, from his huge hit album Careless, 1976. I remember when this song came out like it was yesterday– however, it was more like 47 years ago… enjoy this lovely little gem!

A Lovely Day — So far!

Not much news, gang. Mostly videos.

Except this, from Real Raw News – from yesterday:

Saltzman Granted ‘Stay of Execution’

Vice Admiral Darse E. Crandall on Monday made the unprecedented move of granting a “stay of execution” for General Chance Saltzman, who was scheduled to hang at Camp Blaz at 10:00 a.m. yesterday morning, a JAG source told Real Raw News. […]

[full story here]


Phil rescheduled yet again — for today at 1PM:

“Hey guys

Today’s LIVE will be moved to tomorrow, for a couple reasons:

1.) tomorrow is May 17th 😎
2.) My GEORGE Magazine’s are arriving later today, and I’m going to be holding a giveaway for signed copies
3.) Major announcement coming on the future philgodlewski.live, which won’t be ready to announce today
4.) even LARGER announcement on the future of Television, which I thought would be ready by today, but isn’t
5.) i’m tired from traveling 😲

I could have done the live with a couple of the listed numbers above, but not all 5.

Tomorrow, same time! 1PM Eastern matinee”


Regarding the future of television — I hope it involves making them more affordable AND making them last longer than a few lousy years! My flat screen fire TV has been dead for a year already. I can’t afford yet to replace it. Plus I have to pay $35 to have it taken away and “recycled”! However, my digital TV, that is about 24 years old already, is still working just fine but I can only watch DVDs and old VHS movies on it!!

Anyway, I know Phil probably means the future of television programming, not the actual TVs…


I have no clue if this is accurate or not, but allegedly the Brunson case will finally go through the Supreme Court next week, Biden will be removed immediately and then Trump will be back on May 25th… we’ll just have to see, gang.

Restored Republic – (26 mins):






Dan Bongino – BREAKING: President Trump Joins The Show To Talk About The Coup (12 mins):


This is sad and frustrating to me, because I love Bruce Springsteen and I wish I could figure out what the fuck is up with him. I’m guessing he has come over to the side of the White Hats and is involved in some weird psy-op? Or maybe he’s under arrest and he’s being forced to do this weird shit? I just don’t know.

He’s on tour right now and here he is with the fake Michelle Obama (also known a Big Mike Robinson). Michelle was allegedly executed — by lethal injection — but I’ve also heard that (s)he is under arrest but not yet executed. Anyway, no way in hell is she onstage with Springsteen in Barcelona:

Ditto Tom Hanks — we know he was executed a long time ago, for Crimes Against Humanity, and yet here he is with his wife, enjoying Springsteen’s show in Barcelona:

So, WTF, right? What strange psy-op is this?

Also, when you consider that he has won those weird medals from two horrific “Presidents”–

Bruce Springsteen Receives Medal of Freedom from Obama (2016):

Bruce Springsteen Receives National Medal of Arts from (fake) Biden (2021):

Anyway. I like to think they convinced Springsteen to switch sides and work for the White Hats, but I honestly just don’t know, gang. Either way, he’s spending a whole lot of high-profile time with dead people…


Bix Weir – ALERT! Physical Silver WILL SAVE You From Debt Ceiling DEBACLE..Followed by Total Crash! (28 mins):


James Tabor – Does Matthew Support the Virgin Birth of Jesus? Let’s Take a Closer Look! (31 mins):


This is a great meditation. I used to do it daily, many years ago. It came with the book, Getting Into the Vortex, but now it is free online from the publisher–

General Well-Being Meditation by Esther Hicks (15 mins):


BTW, my issue arrived the other day —

From Phil just now:

“is that the highly sought-after issue 7 I see?!”


That’s really it, gang. Honestly, we are still just waiting …

Meanwhile, I have the day off — really off. no housecleaning chores to do, no grocery shopping to do, no laundry. I have the whole day to just write — and it is gorgeous out there today!!!

Enjoy your Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys, See ya!


Another shot of Johnny Depp at Cannes yesterday:

(Loyal readers of this lofty blog know that I went through a lot of anguish over what they were doing to this guy for several years. And even over what other Truthers were trying to convince us of — that he had already been executed at Gitmo for being a satanic child rapist. etc. I never believed it for even a nanosecond and it so fucking pissed me off, what people were saying. And that’s why moments like this in Cannes yesterday make me so fucking happy. And I just want to say to all of Hollywood — “fuck you, motherfucking fuckers.” And I hope I never have to work in Hollywood again.) (Thankfully, my business partner in Abstract Absurdity Productions has left West Hollywood and moved to the South of France…)

On that note–

Johnny Depp and Jeff Beck, “Let It Be Me”, from their album, 18:

Conclusion Phase Has Begun!

I’m not even going to attempt to re-post everything that’s been flying around since yesterday evening regarding the Durham Report.

And for those of us who have known this Report was coming for 2 and 1/2 years– and we already knew all this stuff was in it. And we already know that everyone who’s looking really guilty right now was likely arrested long ago, with the key players executed in 2018-2019, etc.

Well, it’s a little bit frustrating that it has taken this long to make even a fraction of this finally become public, and to have to pretend that we think our beloved Hillary is even still alive, etc…


It actually was pretty exciting hearing CNN admit yesterday that things might not be going so well for the Democrats right now. To put it mildly.

Proof that the White Hats really are in control of the MSM, finally. CNN never, ever, ever, EVER, ever, would have even reported on the Durham Report otherwise.

From Ultra Pepe Lives Matter:

“You now have CNN telling the normies that the Durham Report is devastating to the FBI and does exonerate Trump.
This is a slam dunk when it comes to narrative warfare.
When will establishment media finally mention the word treason? Because that’s what it is.”



Phil reminded us this morning, though, that back in 2019–

Guantanamo detainee trials could be broadcast online thanks to House measure
The House of Representatives moved Friday to make military commissions held at Guantanamo Bay more transparent…”


And don’t forget, Phil is supposed to be live today at 1PM. Check his channel to confirm.


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

1988:Biowarfare(Lederberg), PNAC(Dov Zakheim), Kissinger, Tom Rona( Bill Gates/ information warfare) (3 mins):


From GEORGE News — by way of Kanekoa The Great:

The FBI is a “domestic terror organization” that ran a disinformation campaign against the American people to rig a presidential election.

@seanmdav: “What happened here was our own government, our own federal law enforcement agency, perpetrated a hoax directed at conning and gaslighting the American people. I think the most important thing you can gather from this report is that the FBI is a domestic terror organization.

They use their power, they use their influence to try and lie, try to gaslight the American people to try and rig an election. And I have a hard time looking at this and coming to any other conclusion than that the FBI has to be defunded because this wasn’t one or two rogue agents.

This happened from the very top. This was directed from the very top all the way down. And it was a lie in a coup against our government against our democracy.”

@JonathanTurley: “The amazing thing about this report is to see the origin of this false story. Durham went on the issues like the salacious hotel story and found that there was no source there.

In fact, the people who apparently started the story said that they had no basis for it. They often conflicted in their memory as to how it came about.

And yet when that story was given to Steel, three days later, it was in the Steel Dossier. That shows really what a clown show this was…

You had a terribly salacious and damaging story put into that report by a group that was funded by the Clinton campaign. And that then took off and as you noted, it succeeded…

As you know, all of these people are advocates of fighting disinformation, because it’s a danger to democracy. Well this is that danger. They actually used disinformation against an elected president.”


From Mark Steele UK:

“🇬🇧 600,000 Americans Per Year Are Dying From COVID Shots Says Top Insurance Analyst! Those vaccinated against COVID-19 have a 26% higher mortality rate on average compared to those who declined the jab (https://t.me/iSTiNiTO/1091) – and the death toll is even more staggering for vaccinated people under 50 years old, where mortality is 49% higher than for those unvaccinated.”


UK: Excess Deaths Continue To Rise – Experts Baffled

The mainstream media has started to report on the UK excess deaths at last, but lo and behold everyone’s baffled as to the cause of increase in all cause mortality in all age groups.
The silence is deafening and speaks volumes. They know why, and we know why. Their silence is compliance.
Includes excerpts from: Mark Steele, Dr John Campbell and Stew Peters.” (8 mins):




Christian patriot News – MAY 19TH [D5] INDICTMENTS! PAIN COMING! WATCH THE NEWS! (35 mins):


James Tabor – An Unnamed Father of Jesus (17 mins):


This episode was great —

Ross K. Nichols – The Good & The Bad Figs – The World and Words of the Prophet Jeremiah (Episode 21) (50 mins):


From Just the News:

Gender identity athletics rule ‘literally impossible’ to follow, encourages sex changes: critics

Second Department of Education rulemaking on gender identity draws 130,000 comments, with some citing threat to free speech, religion. Feds drastically understate compliance costs, critics say.

The Biden administration’s proposal to ban schools from “categorically” excluding males from female sports teams would not only dissuade girls from athletic competition but inevitably spur more children to start puberty blockers and socially transition to a new gender identity, according to radical feminists who oppose gender ideology.

The Women’s Liberation Front (WoLF) joined right-of-center organizations in urging supporters to file comments supporting the preservation of female-only competition in the Department of Education’s Title IX notice of proposed rulemaking on “sex-related eligibility criteria.” […]

[…] Because the feds frown on sex-related eligibility criteria when girls are starting puberty and “very self-conscious” about their bodies, females would likely opt out of sports rather than participate and share locker rooms with malesWoLF said, leaving fewer girls who “go on to participate in higher levels of competition.” […]

[…] The proposal “dangerously encourages” boys to start puberty blockers “as early as possible” by making the “false oversimplification” that early hormonal intervention preempts “any potential advantages” from increased testosterone, the gender-critical group said. […]

[…] The feds’ prediction that gender-confused males will not “substantially displace” females on women’s teams flies in the face of growing evidence of “social influences” driving an explosion of transgender and nonbinary “tweens and teens,” the groups wrote.[…]”

[full article here]


And that’s it for now, gang. I’m guessing today will be explosive. We’ll have to wait and see.


Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


Yes! Part of my “mental soundtrack” as my new memoir gets underway…

“Rocks Off” by the Rolling Stones from their indescribably legendary album, Exile On Main St, released May 12th 1972. (A mere 51 years ago…) Enjoy!

Good Stuff in the Air!

We’ll start with this happy affirmation–

From Shadow of Ezra:


George Soros. Gone, baby, gone.


Also from Shadow of Ezra, over the weekend:

“Watch Elon Musk for the next 60 days.”


And in my own personal opinion, I think this weird “Elon stepping down from twitter and being replaced by an alleged lunatic” — that’s some weird White Hat psy-op. We’ll have to see if it makes whatever is left of the normies go absolutely nuts…


I also think that Trump being on CNN was a weird White Hat psy-op, designed to make whatever was left of the normies go absolutely nuts…


Ditto the thousands of migrants allegedly storming the open borders (many of them grown men — YES! — identifying as women and children…)

(You can’t make this stuff up, gang, which is why I think these are White Hat psy-ops, designed to make whatever is left of the normies go absolutely nuts.)


Okay. In not so funny news — from the UK:

Posted to Charlie Ward’s channel:


Luckily, I don’t have children who could feel threatened by my constant Q-related blogging these last 3 years. It’s been scary enough just trying to protect myself, without worrying about the safety of others.

From “Nancy Drew” over the weekend — visit link for complete post:


From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

“Injections from hell

In this episode of ICIC, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich talks with Karen Kingston, a former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries and Hedley Rees, managing consultant of PharmaFlow in the pharmaceutical supply chain industry, about the unconventional manufacturing processes of the genetically engineered covid injections sold by the pharmaceutical industry as ‘vaccines.'” (1 hr 40 mins):


Due to bad weather and tornado warnings, President Trump had to cancel his appearance in Iowa over the weekend.


Sadly, according to SG Anon on Truth Social, children are still being trafficked for sex online through places like eBay.

On eBay, 2200 EST USA 5/14/2023

$13,964 for “boys red track shorts”
SZ -> 10-12″

On eBay, 2150 EST USA, 5/14/2023

For reference: other “Kamik” snow boots on site are less than $30″

On eBay, 2157 EST USA 5/14/2023

$5000 kids Nikes?
SZ 6-years?
1 available?


Back to happier news–

From Johnny Depp on Instagram — in honor of the Cannes Film Festival getting underway tomorrow with his new film Jeanne du Barry:


And happy news from Nick Cave this morning, too–

From his Red Hand File:

I am going to take a few weeks’ break from The Red Hand Files as I am back in the studio from today working on songs for the new Bad Seeds record….”

you can read it in full HERE.

“Current office abandoned”


And I think that’s it for today, gang.

The fact that there is still not much real news, and basically no intel at all– I think this is a really good sign.

On the personal front — I have the next THREE days off! Then I also have FRIDAY off! At some point this week, the official final rewrites on the play begins. In the meantime, I’m undertaking a new short memoir. I’m so excited to finally have some serious time to myself!! Yay.

Enjoy your Monday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!


This morning, Bill Wyman’s official Instagram page recommended listening to this cover version of one of his songs. I really love it!

Jeffrey Halford and the HealersMississippi Flyer

Les Chapeaux Noirs

When I awoke this morning around 4am, I realized that I’d been having a very intense dream — it was night time and crowds of people were pouring into my house, into every room. It was so frustrating because I couldn’t find a spot to just be by myself and breathe. And I noticed that all of them were wearing black hats, and a lot of them (the women, mostly) were wearing black berets…

I laid there in the dark, half-awake, and thought about the dream and then realized: ooh, Black Hats!


So the news is quite interesting this morning, although most of it– well, I have no real idea what the news actually is.

But it does feel like the White Hats are making swift & incredible progress and are now moving full speed ahead. Things are supposed to come to a full head, in public, by mid-June (according to a couple of Truthers), with Phil adding that tribunals will indeed be underway by late July, the world over.

Some news that I found very disturbing, however–

It seems that a couple weeks back, when President Erdoğan of Turkey maybe had a heart attack and died, but then maybe didn’t — perhaps he actually died, gang.

According to the Fulford Report from yesterday, both Erdoğan and President AMLO (Andrés Manuel López Obrador) of Mexico have both been murdered by electromagnetic weapons and are currently being replaced by body doubles. (Electromagnetic weapons can be used from a distance to cause lethal heart attacks.)

But the “White Hats know who the murderers are and where they are”.

(Remember, though: Fulford is not overtly Q-related but has very interesting information. You have to listen very closely to how he phrases things; he chooses his words carefully.)



Phil’s live last night was very positive, very upbeat — although I can never feel celebratory about anyone committing suicide. Even though Phil has not yet told us who committed suicide, he assured us that it was the game-changer the White Hats had been waiting for.

And as I mentioned above, things should come to a public head by mid -June, with tribunals underway in late July.

Phil also discussed the high percentage of Americans, regardless of political leanings, who now believe the 2020 election was rigged. (72%, and that’s only the people who replied to the poll.) White Hats are now going to attempt to wake-up the remaining 28% with a vengeance…

If you missed it, here’s the replay.

The Oranges – May 12th, 2023 (1 hr 12 mins):


Bix Weir – ALERT! Silver Riggers Take “Last Licks” as Ba*nks Declare DISAPPEARING Dep*sits TODAY! (27 mins):




Dan Bongino – What Is Going On At Twitter? (Ep. 2010) (1 hr):




I’m not sure how accurate this is, gang, because there are a couple of things here that don’t add up. However —

From Real Raw News:

“JAG Sentences Space Force Commander Chance Saltzman to Death for TREASON

The Biden regime’s Space Force commander, General Chance Saltzman, was convicted of treason and sentenced to death Wednesday morning at Camp Blaz, Guam, for illicitly stealing the branch’s 2023 budget—approximately $27 billion—and surrendering it to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the bequest of Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Deep State Gen. Mark Milley, and John Kirby, sources in Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall’s office told Real Raw News.

As reported last month, U.S. Special Forces on April 16 arrested Saltzman near Peterson Space Force Base in Colorado Springs. He was taken to Guantanamo Bay and, later, put aboard one of the two Arleigh Burke-class destroyers that ferried a bevy of Deep State criminals to Guam. […]

[…] Vice Adm. Crandall nodded in agreement. “The thing is, I believe that you believe you were just following orders. But as an officer, you should have realized those orders were criminal, and so this commission will not show mercy. You hang on Monday, detainee Saltzman.”

Saltzman suddenly got to his feet, shouting at the top of his lungs, “I told the truth and nothing but the truth and for that you want to execute me. You’re no officer, Crandall, you’re a damn coward.”

Military police restrained Saltzman, then escorted him from the courtroom.

Admiral Crandall said Saltzman would hang at 10:00 a.m. Monday, May 15.”

[full article here]


Vaccine Safety Research Foundation interviews Sasha Latypova.

Full Episode #76: Whose Military Made Covid? (2 hrs):


If you are like me and are seriously into herbal healing and herbal remedies, you might want to get this e-newsletter– is it incredibly informative.

Dr. Morse’s Herbal Health Club

This week’s newsletter is all about the benefits of pokeweed, which grows all over my yard:

The root, berries, and mature stalks of pokeweed are poisonous. That being said, all parts of the plant have been used historically as food and medicine. How is this possible? It is all in how you prepare and DOSE this herb. The young shoots are eaten as salad, but only once they have been boiled multiple times. The boiled poke water is discarded, and they are re-boiled again and again (5-6 times total) using fresh water each time. This implies that at least some of the toxic phytochemicals in the young shoot are water soluble. [,,,]”


And also — perhaps, like me, you NEVER get tired of learning about Masada!!

From James Tabor – Is Masada Myth or History–What Happened to the Skeletons? (1 hr 15 mins):


I’m loving this conversation about the 10 Commandments–

The Ten Words with Ross and Jono – Word Two (49 mins):


And upcoming tonight at 8PM Eastern time–

LIVE: President Trump in Des Moines, IA (watch here on rumble)


MAHONEY LIVE MAY 12TH 2023 (1 hr):




And that is it for today.

Have a great Saturday, wherever you are in the world. I have another early (& endless) shift at work tomorrow, so I will not be posting again until Monday.

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I love you guys! See ya!


This, as always, is dedicated to the one I love!!

No Post Today?

Sorry, gang, I’m really wiped out from all that driving I did yesterday to go see my dad. I have to head out for work now and, also, because of my work schedule tomorrow, I won’t be posting tomorrow, either.

Phil is supposed to do his livestream tonight. We’ll see. I was so looking forward to last night — I was NOT one of the ones who wanted Phil to cancel in order to listen to Trump on CNN.

I was really disappointed in that. But perhaps tonight it will work out.

Okay. Have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world!

Oh wait — I will post this, in case you have no idea this is going on (Biden Crime Family, specifically):

Dan Bongino – The Media Revolution Is Happening (Ep. 2008) (55 mins):


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Strange News, Strange Times

Not a lot of news, but more than yesterday.


Nick Alvear, of Good Lion TV, has been re-arrested for the Jan 6th nonsense!

“It’s with great regret that I must announce Nick Alvear has been rearrested by U.S. Marshalls in Tennessee. He is currently held in Grayson County, Kentucky. I will start calling federal lawyers in the area so they can put a stop to his extradition to Washington DC. The priority now is to get him the support he needs, legal and otherwise. In the meantime, Good Lion TV remains fully operational and under my care. The funds raised will be used for commissary, legal fees, and Good Lion’s operational costs. We will be giving away Good Lion TV memberships at a discount and other perks for your help! This may be over soon and might not be as serious, Nick wanted me to tell you there is a chance he will be out soon. I want to remain positive and second that opinion. Any inquiries should be sent to support@goodlion.tv or social media DMs. Any advice is appreciated.

-Alessandro du Chatel, Senior Producer, Good Lion TV.




From Sasha Latypova on substack — extremely informative analysis and background:

Analysis of mRNA Injections Lot-to-Lot

Note: this is a summary of my historical analyses of vax batches. Batches or lots of pharmaceutical products are supposed to be single production runs with traceability of all intermediate steps and raw materials all the way back to specific production lines and suppliers.

Recently, the FDA “authorized” (fake-authorized as they do not regulate countermeasures) the continuous (non-batched) mRNA products. I noted that Pfizer have been producing non-batched “batches” even in 2022, such as lot FL0007 was produced over 6 months, has several expiration dates and 12+ million doses. That’s not a batch, that’s a production that is operating for several months where everything is labeled with the same number. Therefore, going forward we will not have the batch analysis method of finding manufacturing fraud anymore. The FDA has destroyed the consumer protections and nobody should trust them ever again with any product, until we can hold them accountable for their actions. […]

[full article here]


From SG Anon on Truth Social — includes 30-second video of ENORMOUS crowd:

1.7 Million Turkish patriots turn out at rally for incumbent Turkish President Erdogan, in the run up to the May 14 elections, Istanbul.

-> Important to Note: Erdogan and Turkey is working w/ Russia, Iran, China, Afghanistan, Syria and others to isolate and destroy CIA/FVEY/Mossad assets, capabilities, remnants, and the Israeli-based (Canaanite) “locus of control” in the Middle East.”


Very hypnotic new song!

Loza Alexander, “2024″ – Feat. Donald J Trump & Kanye West/YE ( OFFICIAL AUDIO )


Curious, indeed!!

From John Solomon (Just the News) on Truth Social:

“Department of Transportation to require airlines compensate stranded passengers

The department’s planned rulemaking process would make passenger compensation and amenities mandatory.”

[full article here]


For some reason, I found this incredibly funny. Gang, the “news” out there is just fucking ridiculous. All in an effort to piss people off and wake people up….

From Kash Patel on Truth Social, by way of the Epoch Times [pay wall barrier to full article]:

Biden admin prioritizes trans groups in Pakistan to the tune $500,000 instead of supporting our Vets… see the difference in priorities?”


This was an interesting comment I read by Clint Clark on Truth Social, regarding a new law or potential new law in North Dakota regarding allegedly “trans” children in public schools, and giving them their own bathrooms.

(I put “trans” in quotes because if you have not surgically transitioned to the opposite gender, then you are basically just wearing the clothing associated with the opposite gender. You haven’t transitioned to anything.)


“There are billions being made in the transgender industry. Billions from surgeries, pharmaceuticals, aftercare, books & entertainment, counseling, clothing, and much more. To really sell the idea of gender change and lend credibility, those profiting needed marketing gimmicks; such as participation in sports, changing your driver’s license, passport, pronouns, as well as using the locker room, showers, and toilets belonging to your newly acquired gender. So, it’s really all about . . . greed!”




Dan Bongino – Tucker Getting Ready To Take On Fox? (Ep. 2006) (54 mins):


Phil has re-scheduled his livestream matinee for Wednesday — possibly. Check his channel tomorrow to confirm.


Tomorrow, I’m taking a day trip to drive down and see my dad again. (He is very old and very ill. ) So I won’t be posting to the blog.

And starting next week, Sandra and I begin the final re-writes on the play, which goes into rehearsals in September. So here we go…

Okay, that’s it for now, gang. It is a really gorgeous morning here so I’m going to try not to sit at my desk the entire day.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world.

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Yes! I’m playing this again because sometimes it’s the only thing that makes me feel sane right now… Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, “Here Comes My Girl,” from Damn the Torpedoes, 1979.

“Here Comes My Girl”

You know sometimes, I don’t know why
But this old town just seems so hopeless
I ain’t really sure, but it seems I remember the good times
Were just a little bit more in focus

But when she puts her arms around me
I can somehow rise above it
Yeah, man, when I got that little girl standing right by my side
You know, I can tell the whole wide world “Shove it!” Hey!

Hey, here comes my girl, here comes my girl
Yeah, she looks so right, she is all I need tonight

Every now and then, I get down to the end of a day
I have to stop, ask myself why I’ve done it
It just seems so useless to have to work so hard
And nothin’ ever really seem to come from it

And then she looks me in the eye, says, “We’re gonna last forever”
And man, you know I can’t begin to doubt it
No, ’cause it just feels so good and so free and so right
I know we ain’t never gon’ change our minds about it

Hey, here comes my girl, here comes my girl
Yeah, she looks so right, she is all I need tonight

Watch her walk

Yeah, every time it seems like there ain’t nothin’ left no more
I find myself havin’ to reach out and grab hold of somethin’
Yeah, I just catch myself wonderin’, waitin’, worryin’
About some silly little things that don’t add up to nothin’

And then she looks me in the eye, says, “We’re gonna last forever,”
And man, you know I can’t begin to doubt it
No, ’cause it just feels so good and so free and so right
I know we ain’t never gon’ change our minds about it

Hey, here comes my girl, here comes my girl
Yeah, she looks so right, she is all I need tonight

That’s right
That’s right!

c – 1979 Tom Petty, Mike Campbell