Do All Roads Lead to the Gates of Hell?

No, gang. They do not. But all of it — all of it — hinges on what you believe.

Believing something makes it true. For you.

You can believe as hard as you can in something, and it can become the foundation of your life. But if I don’t believe it, it will never be true for me. And vice versa.

And that is what underscores our entire country right now:  Which side are you on?

I get so worn out by it, folks. How long can we simply continue to preach to the choir? (If you are using a translator to read this, it means you talk only to people who already believe what you believe.)

I can come on here and tell you things that I find out through research, day after day, week after week, month after month.  Back in October, I put the brakes on my entire career because it became imperative to get the word out about what is really going on in the world. And yet I know that the chances are, if you keep coming back here, you already agree with me.

We already know that the c o ro na vi rus from late 2019 was a planned event.  It was a bio en gin eered weapon; it came complete with a patent and a fake test to provide worldwide panic. The virus itself sort of fizzled out by the end of last April. Even though they banned hyr dr o   x   y chlor o quine, it became apparent that it could still be cured by easily obtainable  things like chl o r ine d io x ide and high doses of Vitamin   D  3,   zinc, C, qu er ce tin.

At this point,  I’m almost tempted to bet that no one died from it at all — that everyone who died had complications from other co-morbidities, or were killed by the ventilators they were forced onto, or had their death certificates falsely labeled “C* VID.”

The fake pan de mic was not only an opportunity for certain people to get wealthier, but was more importantly targeting an opportunity to chip people through a fake and really dangerous v a x.  (And then other dangerous vaxes got onboard that perhaps aren’t chipping you but are seriously fucking killing you.)

It seems that lots more people, worldwide, are dying now from the fake vaxes than ever died from the co ro na virus.

Depopulation of the world, and control of whoever was left, seems to have been the primary goal here.

Millions of us, the world over, are on that page now.

Millions of others, are still lining up for the death knell and getting the vax. Asking for it. Willingly.  And even if they don’t actually die from it, who the hell knows what atrocities they have opened themselves up for? The nano-particles are allegedly controllable by 5 & 6 G.

I’ve been blogging about this for a long time now. And it is so frustrating to go outside and still see people — even little children, the ones most at risk psychologically from all this m * sk-wearing — sealed up in stupid fucking m*  sks.

And then I go into the health food store and hear these elderly customers so excited because they got their shots. And all I can do is stare at them and think that it was nice knowing them, ever so briefly, you know? Jesus.

And speaking of Jesus… Lots of people are bringing Jesus into this conversation now. The conversation of Dark vs. Light, Good vs. Evil, B* den vs. Tr **p, Ba a l vs. God.

Obviously, being a minister, I believe in the message of Jesus of Nazareth.  But it’s been, and continues to be, sort of a life-long journey trying to learn what his message actually was. Because things like the supposedly well-meaning guy Paul and then the absolutely not well-meaning Vatican, over the course of about 2 thousand years, have made it really, really difficult to easily figure that out.

And even the English Holy Bible (known as the Old Testament to non-Jews), which has  been seemingly free from the heavy-handed re-scripting by the Vatican,  is a translation of a language — Biblical Hebrew — that is notoriously chockful of nuanced verbs that are extremely difficult to translate into any language, let alone modern English. There are all sorts of memorable phrases from the Holy Bible that we repeat all our lives long, which never actually  meant what we think they mean.

Still, we’ve given them meaning in English that means something to us now.

And when it comes to the New Testament. Wow — you know? Really? Do you have any clue how tightly controlled that thing is? Do you have any clue about the awesome stuff they left out?

Do you have any idea how awesome Yeshua/Y’shua/Joshua/ Ἰησοῦς/Iēsous aka “Jesus of Nazareth” actually was??!!

Of course you don’t. None of us do. Because they tried to erase it and replace it with less Hasmonean – (pre-Rabbinical)-Jewish  thought and more Pagan-friendly stuff.

“Controlling the narrative” is not something the main stre am me dia just thought of this past year…

In order to make any headway at all in that area of trying to know what “Jesus Christ” actually taught and believed, you have to turn more to History and turn down the volume on Theology; while keeping in mind that History has its control mechanisms, too.

I’m willing to bet that a lot of  everyday Christians still don’t know that a lot of the writings in the New Testament attributed to Paul — especially the truly moving and inspiring Epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Ephesians — is not thought to have been written by Paul.  There are only 7 books in the New Testament that are thought to have been written by the actual Paul.

It doesn’t mean that Ephesians is not extraordinary.  I’m only pointing all this stuff out to underscore my point that 100% of your experience of being alive on Earth is scripted by what you believe to be true.

And that is why it is so frustrating to have to belabor how sinister the vaxes are; how horrific the m*sks are; how fake the B* den admin is… we have to free Am er ica and the world  from dangerous beliefs!!

Well, yes, we do.


Would it shock you if I said that they think that as many as 10,000 recent deaths in the U K attributed to the “new variant” of  C * VID are actually deaths from vaxes?  Would it surprise you to know that it looks like Italy is taking a stand and attempting to prosecute A  s  tr a  Z e n e ca for manslaughter? Would it alarm you that the official address of the kind folks in the U K who are bringing you the deadly A- Z vax , also brought you made-to-order shipments of A  d  r e  no c h r ome?

No, no, and no — why? Because you’re reading this blog.  So you know. You know?

It does get frustrating.

The folks who might be shocked and might need to know this stuff are never gonna read this blog. (And sadly, this includes people who used to be my closest colleagues and friends.)

But what else can you really do, right?  Keep at it. Hope it makes a difference. Somehow. Somewhere.

But also… focus on the really awesome stuff that is on our horizon, gang, and let those others who are resisting the calls to wake-up, to just wake-up in their own time.

Because we have amazing things to contemplate now. We truly do. There is so  much to be enthusiastic about. And our enthusiasm in that can help build momentum in that direction. It really can.

Specifically n  e   s a  r a / g e  s a  r a, Q  F  S, quantum healing, quantum energy sources — the m * li tary finally saying, “Hi, we’re here. We’ve been here the whole time. Let’s finally get this show on the road!”

And there’s also this, courtesy of Babylon Bee:

P u t in Challenges B* den to Stair-Climbing Contest:

And along those lines … you probably found out yesterday that now I r  a q and even c  h  * na  (?) are on the Q  F S (joining Switzerland and R  u  s  s  i a and I’m not sure who else). It’s on its way, gang.  Perhaps you have even seen samples of what the new U S  Tre as ury N o t e s will look like? If what I saw was true — man, they are awesome looking.

(Plus, yesterday I saw a school bus filled with little children who were not wearing m* sks!)

To me, it is all getting exciting — Life. I’m starting to wake up, day after day now, feeling really excited about what’s coming, even though I can’t quite put my finger on what it all is.  But that sense of relief is in the air, even while all over the place, are seemingly millions of A  m er  ic ans wearing their telltale m* sks,  still stuck in the tractor beam of the C  a  b  a l.

All right. Well. If I must preach to the choir, I will preach to the choir. You guys are a really great & loyal choir, I must say. I will close this now and get started on my Saturday around here. It is going to be a lovely day. I hope you have the same kind of day underway, wherever you are in the world.  Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Dave S  n e d ek er chats with cir sten w and P * tr iot S t reet f ighter (2 hrs):

Below:  Da v e N * n o R od rig uez  goes nuclear(14 mins):

Below: And We Know.  Awesome. (42 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port Financial (22 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (39 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * por t chats with Cl au d io  G r as s (46 mins):

“Go Out And Love Somebody Today!”

“Because the world is getting better, not worse!”

That’s how Alan Fo un ta in ended his chat with Nicholas V e n i a min this morning.  It was a great chat, gang. It is posted down below.

All signs (including more & more drops from D *n Sc * vino, and Sid ney P o w ell being back in the spotlight with hard evidence of v o t er f r * ud) indicate they are setting the stage for Tr **p to finally return.

(From Sc * vino on t w * t t e r):

Also, white hats like P   u   t  in  and Kim Yo J on g getting more and more vocal about not supporting the fake B * den,,,, really all we need now is the supreme white hat of all time (apparently) — Xi  Ji n p in g — to come out against the fake B * den and the whole house of cards will at last tumble down. (The E po ch T im es is reporting this morning that c  h i n e s e diplomats are publicly clashing with U S  Dems for the first time — maybe the first time ever….)

Okay. Well. I actually overslept this morning! I was having the most amazing dream about Johnny Depp. I won’t go into it on the blog, because it was very elaborate and detailed. But also quite simple and really beautiful.  And I just kept dreaming away…

Then, suddenly, Doris & Huckleberry (two of my cats) were walking all over me, alerting me to the fact that I was way oversleeping. And so I went springing out of bed, never a fun way to wake up, and now I am trying to play catch-up around here.

So, how do we say this? While there is indeed dire news, at least on the surface, all over the place, there is also incredibly good news bubbling up from other places.  Other sources. And it has me feeling incredibly optimistic  about where we are headed as a planet, and about how quickly we seem to be (finally) getting there.

And in terms of what’s going on with ETs and quantum healing methods, which are indeed already arriving, folks — well, I hope you are doing your best to decalcify your pineal gland.  Remember: you can do this with food. Food that is easy to obtain that you can eat every day without feeling like you’re some sort of esoteric guru or something.

And also get rid of fluoride!!

It’s easy to detox from heavy metals with the same foods you need for decalcification.

And you don’t need to be a vegetarian or vegan to  detox and decalcify. You can still be a meat-eater.  It’s all about being really mindful of what you’re feeding your cells — where the food is coming from.

I have been actively psychic my whole life. (I believe we are all psychic, but we don’t all believe in this aspect of our minds). And I have to say that in the last few years when I moved out to this house, even though I was healthy, when I started to pay closer attention to what I was eating, my inner life changed demonstrably. And in the last few months, when I really began getting intense about my diet — I would say that 95% of what I eat everyday is now in the super food category —  and then I finally forced myself to throw out my lifelong trusted toothpastes (full of fluoride!!). Well, in all honesty, the flow of what you would call non-physical information into my thoughts is now nonstop and extremely exciting, gang.

So I would really urge you to take those extra steps to get your mind ready for the new way of life, of feeling, of communicating that is coming. Indeed, is already arriving.

And as far as taking advantage of opportunities for quantum healing right now, you can visit  There are tons of free holograms you can download right now and print out on your printer, that charge your water or food with healing frequencies. You can also purchase jewelry from them that has more healing frequencies than your mind can even grasp.  This stuff really works, folks. It’s the same premise behind the Quantum Med Beds — which utilize the vibrational frequencies of your own thoughts to help heal you.

It’s available for free — if you don’t want to purchase jewelry (I’m personally saving for a pair of stud earrings).  And it really works.

They are already here, among us, and sharing this stuff now, gang. They are benevolent. So get ready for it.

All righty. So I gotta scoot!!  There weren’t too many videos yesterday because a lot of folks seemed to be traveling hither and yon. But a few are down below. Have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!


Below: Nich o las V en ia min  chats with Alan F oun tain (U K, U S ) ( 35 mins):

Below: Weekly Friday chat with Nicholas and Ch * r lie W * rd  (U K, Spain) (18 mins):

Below: Ch * rlie W * rd quick update on QFS  (Spain) ( 13 mins):

Below: Nich o las V e nia min talks about healing frequencies with King John Sm ar t y (U K, U S ) (24 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: “The avalanche has begun rolling down the hill…. Why interfere with an enemy while they are in the process of destroying themselves?” (39 mins):

I Won’t Say It Again!! (I Don’t Think…)

Turn off your effing TV, people.


So many people still so terrified of the fake p an d emic that, to them, the fake v a x (aka experimental gene therapy) seems like a good idea.

We’ve been telling people since before the P f * ze r curse was unleashed on the world, that this was  a bad idea, if only because a co ro na virus — even this bio en gineered one — is only harmful to people with other potential health risks. And for them, there are cures.

No need to inject your arm with nano-particles that will turn your entire body into a genetically modified organism with no natural immune system left…

But people are still stuck in the tractor beam of Op eration M o c k in g bird.  Even an hour from here, in the capital city, people are fucking nuts. They now want to vax 6000 small children.  Are they out of their fucking minds?

Apparently, yes.  There has been so much push-back on the legislative bills in the General Assembly.  (Although they are still fighting back, thank god.) (So fucking weird, though, right? Elected legislators trying to create laws to force the people to be free to take care of their own fucking lives. And the people don’t want it. They fight against it!)

Okay. So. You know– what are you gonna do? You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. (Even T r**p said it on F  o x the other night — if this is the only way we can put this whole fake C* VID garbage to bed and take off the fucking m* sks, then go get the effing v a x. (Of course, my language is a little more colorful than his diplomacy was. He said something more along the lines of: “I recommend people take it if they want it. Plenty of people don’t want to take it. We have the freedom to choose.”) (The video was viral on t el e g r am yesterday. “He’s recommending the vax!!!” No, he’s saying we’re free to choose.)

7 Minutes with Lee D a w son (below) shows that this M S M TV addiction is the real pan d e mic (starts at the 2 minute mark, after ads):

I think Lee did a great job of telling it like it is, how it feels to keep telling people not to get that life-altering v a x, but millions of people are doing it anyway.  (And wearing the useless fucking m * sks — nearly one year after the peak of the fucking virus is over. It is insanity.)

Any of us can research this stuff — and have. I even meet farmers in their 70s, at the health food store, who are better informed than the young people living in metro areas. Millions of people simply won’t research it.  So what else can you do? I guess, watch them line up for the Med Beds, if they live long enough.

So that’s how I feel about that, gang. People are free to choose. And I guess the bottom line is that freedom is truly the more important thing.


Things really seem to be happening at quite a pace out there. You can actually feel it. It seems like even the cleanup of D  C is done. They’ve  burned off what was left down in the tunnels (and it seemed like there was quite a terrible stench coming from the street grates, based on citizen journalists’ videos on t e le g r am.) Then they flooded the tunnels with the Potomac. More arrests were apparently made. And most of the troops have left.  Now all they need to do is raze those awful buildings to the ground.  And take out a few more D U M Bs. They are apparently making great progress. And I think that’s why we are starting to see more and more of Tr **p everywhere, constant comms from D a n S c * v in o, and more and more indications that a lot of the fake B * den stuff is blatantly enhanced by cgi.

Also, I keep hearing that it is a good idea to have at least 2 weeks’ worth of cash on hand, in case the Internet (banking) goes down for an extended period, making way for the QFS. For now, the larger  banks (i.e. Chase), the IRS, the Fed, have gone down for a couple of hours at a time, but days at a time could get really complicated.

Also — yay! — the IRS has extended the tax filing period to May. So here’s hoping the whole thing will be gone before I need to pay them anything.

Also, in terms of those forewarned mass-shooting events  to help push through anti-gun laws… Asian massage parlor workers in G A took a hit.  We’ll see who is next. (They described the “lone shooter” as a guy who loves God and guns. Honestly. How stupid do they think we actually are? ) (Well, seeing as how millions of people want a fake, life-threatening v a x, I guess they think we are still pretty darn stupid.)

You’ve probably already seen that pr  o j ec t   er i tas released another  undercover video. This time of an exec at  F  B  saying they need government intervention to break up F B. You can see it here.

Y ** T*b* seems to be pushing back very hard against  p* tr io ts. Dave N*no R od r iguez’s video went down last night before I could watch it, and P * tr i ot Street fighter’s video never got up — after hours of trying to upload it.

Meanwhile, Bitchute seems to be pulling out ahead of everyone. No censorship, and videos have become extremely easy now to embed in the blog — I think they are getting easier to upload for the podcasters, as well. So I guess we just have to be patient and see who ends up where.

Okay. On another note!  Nick Cave sent out a brief Red Hand File today. It was pretty cool. He talks about the songs he would like to have played at his funeral — both of them Elvis songs. “Kentucky Rain,” and “How Great Thou Art.” You can read it here. It was short but quite beautiful.

Oddly enough, I blogged once about the song I’d like to have played when I die — I don’t know if you can call what I want to have a “funeral,” though. Because I really want to have one of those Native American scaffold-type things from long ago, but they aren’t legal anymore. Health hazard, etc.

American Indian's History and Photographs: Native American ...

And the song I want (blasted really loudly) is “Wild Blue Yonder,” by the Screaming Blue Messiahs (1986).

And on that note, I leave you with that!! Have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world, gang!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

“Wild Blue Yonder”

A very good friend of mine said son
Dance to the moonshine
Dance to the gun

Me and the boy had some fun
Well we danced to the moonshine
Danced to the gun

And now that all that killings done
Dance to the good cash money son

Cus I know I believe
Country air is the only air
That’s fit to breathe

And all the things that I can see
Breaking up all around of me
Falling away

And I can’t see that star
And I can’t hear that thunder
I wonder just how long we’ll be
Out in the wild blue yonder
The wild blue yonder
The wild blue yonder
The wild blue yonder
The wild blue yonder

I thought I was right
But I must have been wrong
Danced to the moonshine
Danced to the gun

Me and the boy had some fun
Well we danced to the moonshine
Danced to the gun

And now that all that killings done
Dance to the good cash money son

Cus I know I believe
Country air is the only air
That’s fit to breath

And all the things that I can see
Breaking up all around of me
Falling away

And I can’t see that star
And I can’t hear that thunder
I wonder just how long we’ll be
Out in the wild blue yonder
The wild blue yonder
The wild blue yonder
The wild blue yonder

And I can’t see that star
And I can’t hear that thunder
I wonder just how long we’ll be
Out in the wild blue yonder
The wild blue yonder
The wild blue yonder
I know I was wrong
The wild blue yonder
But I must have been right
The wild blue yonder
The wild blue yonder
Go an live the Italian life
Leave your children
Shoot your wife
The wild blue yonder
The wild blue yonder

Head out for the country life

I thought I was right
I thought I was right

© 1986 Bill Carter


Below: Michael J *  c  o and G ene D* c od e. Awesome. Don’t miss!  (1 hr 7 mins):

Below: Cir sten w and Gen e D * co d e (25 mins):

Below: And We Know (40 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 News (27 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * p or t Financial (19 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (45 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port chats with Andrew Lee (20 mins):


A BIG Day Here in Crazeysburg!!

Yes, the many cats are tidying up in anticipation of receiving their catnip birthday presents later today!!

The 2 “mommy” cats are now 9 years old, and the 5 remaining “kittens”  are 8 years old. (We lost the daddy almost 2 years ago now from kidney failure, and one kitten died very early on, and two of the other male kittens found forever homes many years ago.)

So here we are! One happy family — 7 happy, healthy feral cats who find it in their hearts to tolerate me and allow me to live here; and me. A gal who’s allergic to cats!! Insane.

But on we go!!

Okay, gang. there was tons of good news coming out on the podcasts last night.  If you weren’t already aware, from coast to coast, all sorts of progress is being made in the courts and local legislatures regarding the e l e c ti on f r * ud,

The Was  h ing ton  P * s t issued a correction re: that truly damning story they ran re: Tr **p and GA and the private phone call.  They are now retracting what that phone call was all about, finding that Tr **p had done nothing wrong.  And, curiously, now the main network M ain stream news cha nn els are falling in line with retracting that.

And you can bet your farm on it that they aren’t doing it because they suddenly want justice and to set the record straight. They’re doing it because they have guns to their heads now.

It’s all coming down.

If you listened to the P * tr iot Street fighter last night (I posted it here last evening), you found out a lot of amazing stuff. So much shit is finally coming down, gang. For instance, we’d been hearing for a couple months now that  N  e  t  an  y a hu had been a r  r e s ted, but allegedly, now he has actually been taken out for Crimes Against Humanity — most notably for his “tsunami” attack on J a p an in 2011 that killed at least 20,000 people.

And the Feds are also coming down now on all those “agencies” that have been harvesting and selling the organs of living fetal abortions. (If you’re among the remaining few who think that Pl *  n ned P *r ent hood is in the business of helping people, you really seriously need to wake up now. )

All this harvesting of living organs, with no regard whatsoever for the living bodies they are being cut out of, no matter how tiny. The horror of it. It is just beyond my mind’s ability to grasp.  And not just Pl * nned P * r ent hood, but the babies conceived through rape down in the tunnels, kept in cages;  born solely so that their a d re no chrome and organs can be  harvested. The Uy gh urs and the F*lon G*ng in the death camps in  c h * n  a — organ harvesting there, too.

How we could have ever gotten to this point in savagery and depravity is simply beyond me.  That organs have become more valuable than the sacred life that initially sustained them. However, slowly but surely, the evil is being rooted out and people are going to be held accountable. Here, and in the sweet hereafter, I imagine.

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have never been a fan of the  me d i cal compound in the West . I am a 100% believer in the consciousness of cells and the power of the mind, and that these innate powers in all of us — when left to their own knowing — have the supreme power of healing that comes directly, when unimpeded, from the higher Creative Realm of Source.  Our cells contain more hidden knowledge about how are bodies run than can ever be known by the physical human mind.

I am among the many, the world over, who cannot wait for the Quantum Med Beds and the other Quantum-based healing methods to become the norm, allowing  some truly astounding ideas about healing and health to eradicate the damage done by Big Ph * rma and the Medical Comp ound of the West.

And also, last evening, I got an update that here in Ohio, yet another piece of legislation is being introduced re: the fake C * VID p an d e mic, the m * sk mandates, and the fake v a c c ine. This piece of legislation is actually going nationwide, to every State in the Union. And it is about transparency and about publicly providing the science that backs up their highly debated claims.

“If the ‘science’ supports the actions being taken and all that the public is being told then let’s pass this transparency
legislation so we can put this to rest. If the other side has nothing to hide then let’s make it the law that they cannot hide
it,” said attorney Thomas Renz.

[full info is here at Make America Free Again: We’re Taking Our Country Back and Here’s The Plan]

And that was just the tip of the iceberg, news-wise, yesterday, so be sure to catch up on all of that today.

On the personal front…

Last evening, my friends Kevin and Ed stopped by so that Kevin could get his vintage 1966 VW camper-van from out of my barn!

I hadn’t seen either of them in almost a year.  As a gift, Kevin gave me a really beautiful cross-stitch that he actually made himself! I had no idea that he did anything like that. He’s so totally into video games, and playing with drones, and watching Zombie movies, etc. But check this out!!

Isn’t this amazing, gang? I absolutely love it!!

And Ed is  a mortgage broker for Chase Bank, and when he saw the problem I’ve having with my massively leaking ceiling in the downstairs bathroom, due to the roof needing to be resealed, he told me that Muskingum County has tons of grant money, for people who have been hurt financially from C *VID, to be able to make home repairs!! Wow.

So I will be applying for that tomorrow. Yay.

All righty, guys. I gotta scoot and get this happy day happening!

I hope you’re having a great Wednesday, and a great St. Paddy’s Day, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Mi chael J * co with disclosure news updates! (51 mins):

Below: P * triot Street fighter again in case you missed it!! (1 hr):

Below:  R* d P*l l 7 8 News (21 mins):

Below: X 8 2 R * port Financial (24 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (44 mins):


I’m posting this from the highway, gang, so I can’t include links. But check places like Gateway Pundit and Bluesky media. Israelis are being targeted for extinction. Forced vax during lo ck down — isolation from the world. Pregnant women infants young and old dying from a bio en gin eered  weapon being called a v a c c i n e . Research it. Spread the word. RESiST.

A Splishy-Splashy Spring Rain Sort of Day in Crazeysburg!

It really is feeling like Spring around here, gang.  That beautiful Spring rain; when you know that soon enough, everything is going to be green again!

And tomorrow is a big day around here.  Not only is it St. Paddy’s Day and not only are we hugely part-Irish — and we have not one but two lucky ginger cats in our household to prove it!! — but, as loyal readers of this lofty blog no doubt recall, it’s also the day that we celebrate all the cats’ birthdays!! (Lucky 7 !!)

They are the surviving members of a rescued feral clan, all of them related (most of them born in the basement at the old house), so I know when all of their birthdays actually are.  And they were all born either on or around St. Paddy’s Day, so it’s just easier to say that this one day of the year is their collective birthday.  And for their birthday, they get the same thing every year:  catnip toys! Because all 700 of the ones they already have, simply are not enough!!

Even though they usually ignore brand new toys, preferring the extremely old, chewed-up tried & true ones; it’s still fun to watch their bewildered faces as I toss 7 brand new toys out into the middle of the family room all at once. Like confetti.  They look at the toys and then, with supreme disinterest, they turn around and walk away!!

It’s too cute.


So it’s pretty much all bad news today, folks. So I won’t belabor it too much here on the blog. Lots more bad news about that fake v  a  c  c  in e, gang, so PLEASE, do not get it. Do not let anyone you love get it.  Because if you do take it, you should basically hope you die on the spot; since once you’ve taken it, it is pretty much guaranteed to alter your DNA, and affect your body’s ability to fend off viruses and diseases  for the rest of your life. And if you’re young enough to still be in your fertile years, you run the very high risk of becoming sterile. Guys and gals, both.

Of course they’re promising that the Quantum Med Beds can reverse all that damage, but why not just skip the mRNA in the first place? And if you live in one of those areas of the world where the D **P St * te is getting closer and closer to insisting that you get jabbed if you want to actually ever leave your house again — because in all honesty, they do indeed want you dead, regardless of who you did or didn’t vote for — then I would suggest this:

Taurus G2C 9mm Pistol, Black, 1-G2C931-12 - Hyatt Gun Store

(My personal favorite, only 200 bucks, brand new.)

(Seriously.) (And/or try turning off your TV!)

Your television is your absolute worst enemy. And they’ve always known it.

From Edward R. Murrow, in TIME Magazine, July 15th 1957 (!!):

“It might be helpful,” said Murrow, “if those who control television and radio would sit still for a bit and attempt to discover what it is they care about. If television and radio are to be used to entertain all of the people all of the time, then we have come perilously close to discovering the real opiate of the people” […] [TIME archive here]

And what else happened right at that same time in history??

[…] Since the 1950s, the C  I  A started recruiting journalists, editors, and students in order to write and promulgate false stories. The C  I  A’s stories were entirely propaganda and their employees were paid huge salaries in order to promote such fake news. Essentially, the C  I   A managed to control both national and international newspapers through a bribe.

During the ‘50s, C o  r  d M  e  yer and Allen W. D  ull  es devised and organised a propaganda outreach program. They recruited leading American journalists into a network in order to promulgate the C  I  A’s views. […] [full UK article here]

Operation M o ck in g bird is still in full force today, gang.  Worse than ever before. Turn off your fucking TV already!! It is no joke. And if your friends and loved ones are still watching it, I suggest this:

Zombies Can't Love - Your home for all things zombie ...

(To the TV, not to their heads!) (They’ll thank you for it, eventually.)

(Listen to this song and take it to heart! Use it as a mantra, even!!)

Okay. Well.  That said, I’m still posting the podcasts below that I think will give you information you can actually use in some way. Not just stuff to upset you that makes your world feel out of control.

It doesn’t mean that some of that stuff below won’t make you feel angry, but I guess there’s an important difference in continuing to find joy and meaning in your actual personal life right now, and hiding your head in the sand.

Okay. I’m gonna scoot. Have a really terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting, gang. I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning! “Midnight Man,” Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. Enjoy!! I love you guys. See ya!



Below: Keyboard Op er a tor checks in (9 mins):

Below: Nicholas V e n i a min  and  Dr. Chritiane Nor th rop. Extremely rough to listen to because it is all so horrific,  but if you still know people who are oblivious to what’s REALLY going on with that fake v  a c  c i ne make them watch this! (47 mins): (If it won’t let you watch, visit link here!)

Below: Michael J  a  c o and M  e L  K (1 hr 25 mins):

Below: P * tr i ot S t re  e t fighter.  This will eventually move to r  u  m  bl e a nd you can find it here.(52 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 News ( 27 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port Financial (19 mins):

Below X * 2 R * port (50 mins):

I’m Late Already and the Day Just Started!

Okay, I’ve actually been up for hours here, but I still feel like I’ve lost that hour from yesterday and so I’m scrambling…

Today is starting out as a really rough day.  Sometimes, I don’t know how much longer I can take this stuff — the fake C* VID, and the intensely intense sound asleep brainwashed Leftist drones who keep enforcing their fake C* VID fears onto the entire fucking world making us want to kill them.  The unending and truly staggering Disappearing Money Trick that won’t leave me the fuck alone. (I don’t necessarily want the old world back, but I need the money to start coming in again here in the new world. I don’t know how much more I can take…) (It honestly takes every ounce of mental strength I can muster every single fucking morning to not have a nervous breakdown before breakfast is even over, gang.)

And the evil — I need all the evil to stop. Like, now. I need to stop waking up every single fucking day to some new evil that I’d been unaware of before going to sleep the night before. Okay? I really need that to stop.

The other thing is that I’m not going to post any more videos/podcasts here that I think are unnecessarily disturbing. I think we all know that there are dire circumstances out there, all over the world.  We don’t need constant reminders; we need to be reminded, instead, of our power to still live engaged and productive lives.

Also, any podcasters that I believe put forth a premise that I have known my entire life to be false — even though I know I’m not right about everything, there are simply certain things I know I am right about. Well, when I find a podcaster putting forth something as fact that I don’t believe is fact, it now makes me suspicious of everything else that person says. So I just won’t be posting it here anymore. Regardless of how interesting and/or thought-provoking it might seem. You can always find any of this stuff on your own and make your own choices, anyway.

Okay, that said, there weren’t too many of the usual  podcasters I follow who posted stuff yesterday. So between that, and my new policies, there are only the X  2  2 R e ports from yesterday below today, gang.

And now, I seriously have to scoot.  I need a new fucking (great) life, like immediately. So we’ll see how that goes today. (Methinks I’ll be reaching for that Pharma GABA any minute now…)

Thanks for visiting, gang. I hope you have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world. I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from today: the song, “Carnage,” from the the new album CARNAGE by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis. A beautiful song. Enjoy!! Okay. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: X * 2 R * port Financial (14 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (39 mins):

Dear Diary, Someday I Want Them To Give Me All My Hours Back!!

It is that day I truly dislike, gang — that day where we set our clocks ahead and lose an hour and then I spend the next month or so trying to pretend that the “new time on the  clock” feels normal.

But I always feel like I’m racing against the clock. Even though it’s still morning here, I feel like my day is half over!!


Okay. Well. For some reason, there were no podcasts to listen to last evening that weren’t about a liens, the c a b al, the  N W O, and all that good stuff of which nightmares are made.

It is actually kind of fascinating, when you can get past the awful stuff.  You know, this (until now) parallel world that was right next to us forever. And it’s all coming out into the light now.

One of the videos from last night (P h il S c h nei der)  is already gone. But if you have yet to watch a video featuring the late P h il S ch n eider, I have one posted below, however it is of very poor quality. I have seen others that are much, much better. So you can hunt around for them, if you’re interested.

He gave lectures on his years building d e e p under g round m* li tary bases ( DUMBs) , what they were actually about, what the a liens and the m * litary were up to inside them, the technology they’ve had for decades that was kept hidden from us (until now).

They murdered him, of course, after he gave something like 17 lectures in one year. (Back in the 90s.) Several were recorded, though, and have wound up online.

So check it out, especially if you are still on the fence about whether or not you believe in any of this stuff. He will likely change your mind.

And then Jessie Czebotar discusses what it was like to be a child growing up here in the US in the c a b al and the fascinating things she was taught to do with her mind. (By a N a z i, here in the U S, as part of that operation paper clip thing that was so wonderfully successful for all of us.)  And she talks about her life lived down in those DUMBs, tunnels, etc. What she discusses about the various members of our federal government as well as Hollywood and also the music industry — and their involvement in the c a b al; it will probably turn your stomach, but it is still worth knowing. Especially since most of these people have (allegedly) already been taken out.

It made for an interesting evening, though.  Left me very much lost in thought, as I laid in my bed, with my beautiful Himalayan Salt Crystal lamp glowing.  Wondering about all my own many involvements with spirits, and psychic phenomena throughout my lifetime — yet all of it, without question, was loving and helpful and kind. (Except for the people in my actual life, my family, that is. Odd, right?)

You know, now that we are learning all this awful stuff about people like the Bush family (actual Nazis), O ba ma, O  p r ah, our beloved h  i l l ary, Ma donna, l  a d y g a ga, etc., etc.; I find it sort of interesting that I have never actually liked any of these people, and most of them, I actually despised.

Turns out, it was for good cause.

Curious, isn’t it? That you just get that “gut reaction” to people on a spiritual level, and then it turns out that they are actually evil? Jesus, you know? I’m still really disappointed by T  om  H an  ks (to put it mildly), and the Mr. & Mrs. G  e o r ge Cl o  on ey’s, who seemed nice enough.  It, of course, makes me wonder who else that seemed “nice enough” — or whom I actually might really like— will be revealed to be part of all this s a t a  n ic stuff.

I’m still trying to get my mind around the idea that J  F  K Jr is still alive… (It turns out, our beloved cl in tons, who are apparently no longer of this world, I’m not sorry to say, will try to murder just about anybody.)

The world has gotten so weird in the last few years, hasn’t it? But along with all this bad stuff, came some really, really great stuff, too. That’s for sure. My life has never been happier. Even while it has gotten very simple and very quiet.

All right. So. I need to get moving here, gang. I just feel like my morning is disappearing and I want to do some writing today. It is chilly right now, but it’s a truly stunning day out there. I hope it’s similar wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting.  Hang in there. All sorts of good stuff is on its way! I love you guys. See ya!!


Below: Poor quality but still fascinating. Ph i l S c h n e ider talks about his experiences building deep un der ground m* litary bases, a liens, what the U S and a liens are really up to. (1995.  He was murdered not too long after these lectures.) (1 hr 10 mins):


Below: Jessie Czebotar talks in depth to Michael J  a  c o and C ar min St ut er about growing up in the C a ba l and what they taught her about using the power of the mind, energy frequencies, the dem on ic realm, etc. Intense. Don’t miss it.  (1 hr 37 mins):

Are We In That Cool Future Yet??

No, not yet.

However. One good thing about the future is that it always gets here somehow.

Speaking for me, personally, I can’t wait for that QFS to arrive!! (Quantum Financial System, aka NESARA/GESARA).  Because I know for certain that the current financial system ain’t working for me at all!!

How long, oh Lord, how long???!!!

Oh. That said, I just want to send out a reminder again that I’m still hearing intel that they expect the stock market to crash by the end of this month. I have no idea if it will or if it won’t, gang. I’m just passing that along so that you can stay mindful. I’m also hearing that it will crash to make way for the QFS.

Here’s hoping…

I haven’t mentioned this on the blog before, but they have been saying for awhile now  that T o m H an ks was already executed for Crimes Against Humanity ( p e do p h i l ia and mur der ).  If you listened to the P * t r i ot S t reet fighter the other night, he said that when TH was taken out, he was not remorseful at all.

When I pictured that in my head — that defiance — I don’t know. It sort of stunned me that TH really was evil. And apparently proud of it.

And another thing that I had heard yesterday on one of the podcasts ( God only knows which one, at this point) was that  H  * n t er B* den purposely made his laptop available to the world through that pawn shop, in order to finally bring down his father. (If you aren’t aware — the real J o e  B * den, the one who is no longer with us and is definitely not in the W H,  was married to his children’s babysitter. You now know her as Dr. J * l l B* den. And that prior to marrying the babysitter, his wife and daughter were curiously killed in a car accident. Apparently, what we were all thinking about that curious situation is also what H u n t er was thinking about that curious situation.)

Anyway. H u n t er is allegedly gone now, too.

Another thing I’ve been hearing — and perhaps you’ve all known this for a long time, but I have no real interest in the crowned heads of Europe, so I don’t follow any of that. But I’ve been hearing that not only is the current p  r  i n c e H a  r r y fake, but that he’s been fake for years. That they took out the original p r in ce as a little boy, because of a royal paternity question.  Just the thought of that is so sickening. However, you know, you can look at photos of the p r i nce as a little boy, and then look at other photos of him as a slightly older little boy, and his appearance does appear to suddenly change while he’s away “in boarding school.”

I have no idea if that stuff is true, gang, because I really don’t pay attention to any of those people.  I was really saddened when D i an a was murdered, but I was not a follower of hers, either.

Still. How do you deal with that at Christmas? Hanging out with your whole family and you’re all pretending that the fake little boy  sitting there at the dinner table with you is actually your brother…


You know, even though people can really be just evil, this stuff is also just so sad, gang. When human beings can’t come up with anything better to do with their time on Earth than wreck the lives of others. And/or murder them.

I still feel, though, that the second half of this year will be a lot brighter than it is right now.  We just have to somehow hang in there and trust that justice is already occurring  and that what we see playing out in front of us is, for the most part, fake.

Okay. It’s still super early here, gang, and I think I’m going to refill my coffee cup and go back to bed!!

For some reason, the X 2 2 r e p or ts were not posted last night.  But I have some other ones below that I enjoyed a lot.  So hopefully, you will, too. (I really love Jason [17], btw. That guy is just so awesome — so devoted, fixated, enthusiastic, positive, joyful. I wish he was my kid!! I would have loved to have given someone like that to the world.)

Okay. Enjoy your Saturday, wherever you are in the world, gang! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys, See ya!


Below: And We Know (30 mins):

Below: Ch * r lie W *  rd and Nicholas Ven ia m in  (25 mins):


Below: Ch * r lie W * rd and the awesome Jason [17}! (1 hr):

Below: Nich o las V en i a m in with Alexander Q u i nn (36 mins):

Below: P * t r iot S t r eee t fi ghter with  Victor A  v  i  l a. When this is removed from Y ** T * b * you can find it on r u m b le here.  ( 1 hr):