Harder then Ever to See through this Stuff

Okay. First off, S*mon P*rkes updated yesterday, and the news is very good, so you might want to watch it ASAP (47 mins):

And also this:

Nic h ol as V en i amin chats with Mi chelle F I el ding (1 hr 29 mins):

Sh ar i Ra ye news update (29 mins):

In Sh ar i Ra ye’s video above, she has an item about the alleged murder of Neil A r mstr ong in an Ohio hospital back in 2012, and that he didn’t really die in 2019. The hospital allegedly paid Ar mst ron g’s family $30 million to keep quiet (?). The implication is that he was getting ready — at age 82 — to spill the beans about the 1969 “moon walk” (?). Here’s hoping that one day we’ll know what’s true about that.

Aside from that question mark…

It is getting incredibly hard right now to discern anything that might be true. The amount of obfuscation going on out there — bitchute videos and especially te l e g ram — you really have to wade carefully to try to determine for yourself what you are willing to believe.

As far as I could see, M ic h ael J ackson was the first to report on tel e g ram very early this morning that the King of S au di A r abia was dead.

Whiplash347 gave more details about 3 hours later:

Sau di Ara bi an King Ab dul lah dies
Ally of U.S. in fight against al Qaeda had sought to modernize conservative Muslim nation”

(It’s interesting to note that a man who is allegedly dead — MJ — posts news faster than those who are allegedly alive — i.e., Whiplash, who is also allegedly D ee p S t ate, C a b al, C I A, and a pe do phile. etc., etc., etc.. Did I miss any monikers there?)


[Q] The Storm Rider is ill:

“I have been sick a few days PATRIOTS… Send some good vibrations and blessings my way… I dearly appreciate and Thank you 🌹”

[Q]tah is also ill.

From Pe pe Lives Ma tter:

I really pray for these truthers, gang, because I know too well how it feels to be unbelievably sick for two months with no one able to figure out what was wrong with me. (Until I went to a naturopath, that is — he had me cured in 5 days.) It is so hard to keep posting the news when you are that sick.


Some very good news (we knew it was coming but it sure took long enough)…

From RT News:

US judge shuts down B* den v ac ci ne mandate for federal employees

A Texas judge blocked the BIden administration from enforcing its executive order which requires all federal employees to be jabbed against C* vid ^^19. (CNBC)

Judge Jeffrey Brown wrote in a 20-page order that the mandate “amounts to a presidential mandate that all federal employees consent to va cci na tion against C*vid ^^19 or lose their jobs.”

The ruling is the latest set back to B*den’s va cc ine mandate plans which comes on the coattails of the Supreme Court’s ruling to strike down the admin’s broader vaccination plans for private employees.”


In my opinion, this was incredibly suspicious. Why take out an entire prison? Who was in there?

From RT News:

“⚡️At least 70 killed in air strike on Yemen prison – AFP citing aid agency


And if you’re still shopping at W a l mart, after everything we have learned about them (all of it evil), consider this:

“Have you heard about the underground tunnels across the world? Here is the machine used to make them. Oh, and the W al M art logo.”


From RT News

Still more record snowfalls in I r an:

Record Snowfall Blankets Iran – Army assisting on the roads

A number of northern, central and western provinces in the country are completely blanketed with record-breaking snow, as huge storms sweep in from the mountains.

Even army vehicles, including BMP-2s, had to be deployed at the Asadabad Pass in Hamadan province to help civilian vehicles stuck.” [videos at this link]


And how about Ireland, gang??!!

From il d o nal do tr **po:


And from RT News:

“❗️Irish PM Micheál Martin announces majority of coronavirus restrictions will be lifted Saturday

The Republic of Ireland has announced it will drop almost all C*vid curbs with only mask rules and health passes to be kept in place for hospitality venues from tomorrow.”

And this is making the rounds:

(I have no idea if that is true, but, regardless, all this back-peddling is thanks to the white hat version of C*vid, better known as Omi c r on, and allegedly identical to a common cold…)


Aside from that, the narrative around Lt Gen M Fly n n continues to shift — now they are saying he has been ar r est ed.

I have no way of knowing which narratives are true because there is so much disinformation on te le g ram right now about everyone that it is mind-boggling.

However, as with everything else imaginable, we’ll have to wait and see.


There was no Restored Republic news update this morning, so I share this with you, instead:

Awaken with JP: “Learning the Masterful CHARM of Kamala Harris!” (8 mins):

And that is it for this fine Saturday, gang!

Have a great day, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with this incredible song: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “Oh My Lord,” from the album No More Shall We Part, 2001. And also, this truly great photo of Nick from God only knows when:

Fog and Rumors of Fog

Okay, I’m not going to comment on Geneva because it seems like a whole lot of those people have got to be actors, except for the Russians, so we’ll just have to see how they want that movie to play out.

And other news is a little slim today. “Nancy Drew” had car trouble and couldn’t get to D C yesterday. Phil’s grandmother passed away, so he’s offline for awhile. Sh ar i R a ye posted a very short news update that centers primarily on the G C R, because she had to go into town.

And so what we have left is:

This went viral yesterday:

Along with this:

Exclusive: Gen. Flynn Tells The Western Journal in Next 24 Hours Massive Corruption Will Be Exposed

[…] But America is awakened. She will no longer tolerate election fr a u d, media propagandists who acquiesce to their puppeteers, nor the fraudulent, treacherous rhetoric cloaked as wokeness. Those days are over. This moment in time demands more from all of us. The Flynn Family and General Flynn are still on the field and will continue to fight for America with all our might to ensure that all citizens enjoy their God-given rights to freedom, liberty, and equal justice under the law without fear of retaliation.” […]

[full article here]


Sadly, this also happened. (Seems like retaliation for what the President of Ghana told his people on national TV, exposing the Ro c ke f ell er lock step plan?)

From RT News:

17 DEAD in Freak Explosive Accident in Ghana – 59 injured

A truck carrying a mining company’s explosives accidentally collided with a motorbike in Ghana’s Bosogo on Thursday. The devastating explosion claimed 17 lives and injured 59 – many of them hospitalized.

Dozens of buildings were also reduced to rubble, while police and army rescue teams reportedly averted a second potential explosion.”


And many interesting posts from Whiplash347. Here are but a few:

“China are going to a Republican Govt too if they aren’t already. Bit like we know the Queen has been dead almost 2 yrs. I believe there was an Air war US, Taiwan, Japan, Russia, India vs China.
Remember Space Force. War for Space Control. Xi then let ground forces in to extract CCP. Hence Xi making this announcement about leading forever under 1776. You have read those write ups. King Xi perhaps 1 of 7. Chongqing Northern Dams + 3GD + Wuhan Pharma Labs + Red Castle, Tiananmen Square (Humpty Dumpty)

Russia is interesting a recent Romanov wedding after a century + Melania factor.”

“Planes & Trains grounded
Lights/Power switched off
Changing over to Tesla Free Energy.
34 satanic buildings & dams bombed.
Bitcoin Servers turned off
99.5% of Crypto gone China Coins.
WW3 Scare Event. Nuke Sirens
Water Event.
Stock Market Crash
Global Martial Law.
CASTLE ROCK – Scenario
Quantum Systems. Project Odin Switched on.
Election Flipping via FISA Military Courts
Military Tribunals/Confessions/10 day movie. (3 × 8 hr Sessions)
Inauguration […]”

“See now the importance of the 1st Romanov Wedding in Russia in over a century??? The Flip. Russia is not the enemy. The Bolsheviks/Khazarians/Zionists are. The ones who have controlled Big Pharma, Insurance Companies, Big Tech & MSM. Who are the Govt of Israel that the Rothschild’s/UK Royals set up? Bolshevik/Khazarians. [ISRAEL IS LAST] Y? Balfour Declaration.”


Also from Whiplash, but on another topic…

The singer/songwriter, Meatloaf, died yesterday. His songwriting partner, Jim Steinman, died earlier in 2021. On tw* tter yesterday:

Rob Schneider:
“I tried to warn you…”

[ca ba l, baby, c a ba l — gone, baby, gone]

All righty.

Tarot by Janine took a look at the UK rolling back C*vid restrictions, along with the progress of other countries (18 mins):

davidji posted a new guided meditation on emotional healing yesterday (15 mins):


UFO Man: Fast Moving Object Passes Russian Cosmonauts During Spacewalk at the ISS! (2 mins):

Sha ri R a ye news update (17 mins):

Restored Republic news update (23 mins):

I forgot to post this the other day. I thought it was very interesting, in light of all these truthers casting aspersions on all these other truthers lately. Ch * rlie W* rd chats with J C K a y (55 mins):


And that is it for today, gang. (I’m seeing that the Gene va talks are over now — lasted 90 minutes, but no announcement yet about what was said.)

Enjoy your Friday. Stay alert, gang. Things are definitely shifting, worldwide.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys See ya!

The Intensity Intensifies!

Well. Not only was there a lot of interesting “news” to sort through early this morning and then (try to) post to the blog, but my laptop also decided it was time to update!

It took 45 minutes!!

I was able to get most of the laundry done, while still waiting for that laptop to update…

But anyway. Now it has updated. And the day is still young…

Probably the most important news from yesterday was that the (fake) Bo r is John son has finally let go of the c * vid and v ax hoax for all of the U K.

This is very good news.

From Phil’s channel yesterday (originating from RT News):

“It begins…

❗️Britain to ‘Treat Coronavirus Like a Cold’: Bojo readies to Scrap Plan B & End all C* vid Restrictions

PM Bo ri s Joh nso n is going to drop plan B and let C* vid measures expire come March. Here’s what you need to know:

▪️Working from home – DROPPED

▪️Mask Mandate – DROPPED from Thursday

▪️Compulsory C* vid certification – DROPPED (Jan 27)

▪️Self-Isolation to expire March 24

Westminster is now developing a “long-term strategy for living with C*vid-19.”

Phil followed that with this:

“Czech ✅:

Czech Prime Minister Ends Vaccine Mandates: ‘We Do Not Want to Deepen the Rifts in Society’


Another Phil post

(This is all I’m going to say about this topic because, as I posted yesterday, I think it is a huge distraction that is being done on purpose.)

“Anyone find it strange that S*d ney P * well just congratulated Li n W ** d on his victory in Delaware today?

Especially considering Li n’s recent public comments & views of S* dney?

I’ve never believed it. I still don’t and neither should you.

‘Appear weak when you are strong.’ — The Art of War”



An image from il do n aldo tr **po yesterday:


M i ch a el J ack son’s te le g ram channel had a 9 minute excerpt from the documentary In Lies We Trust — Bioterrorism, Genocide, Vac cin es, HIV and AIDS manmade origins. (Back in the 1970s.)

You have to visit this link on his channel to watch it but it is an extremely enlightening 9 minutes. Especially if practically everyone you knew in NYC in the 1980s died a horrible death from AIDS…


Dr. Re i ner F U ell mich has more individual videos of guests at the 87th Co ro na Investigative Committee (click the main link to watch the individual testimonies):

➥ Prof. Mattias Desmet:
Mass Formation explained and about the fuss about the new term after Dr. Robert Malone popularized it as “Mass Formation Psychosis” on the Joe Rogan Podcast.

➥ Riccardo Bosi:
The political and social situation in Australia, smear campaigns and the role of China.

➥ Deanna McLeod:
On the Pf* zer va c ci ne trial: what went wrong and how adverse outcomes that put the risk-benefit ratio in a bad light were masked.

➥ Aurelian Popa:
)A Romanian activist who mobilized to local protests across the country, pushing back against green pass legislation.


Whiplash347 posted this from Law of the Storm, for everyone who is expecting things to change dramatically either today, or tomorrow:

“Re: subchapter 11.3.2 ‘Duration of GC Obligations in the Case of Occupied Territory’, the Geneva Conventions last for 1 year after the end of occupation in a territory (after the military occupation was ended there).
The occupation hasn’t ended yet, therefore 1/20/2022 bears no significance because 1/20/2021 – when B* den was inaugurated as President – was the beginning of occupation, not the end of occupation.
What will happen when 1/20/2022 passes and nothing happens?
Will you stop following the clowns pushing this date?
Or will you keep following them?
Just actually read the 11.3.2 subchapter, it’s honestly not that hard to understand.
People have been pushing dates since the very beginning of this movement, but it was never about dates (see proof), but about MILITARY LAW, and the Q Plan, which is based on military law.
Since the Law of War/Q proof connections are far too strong to ignore or refute, clowns have changed their tactics to mislead gullible anons about the Law of War. These clowns were unable to contain the spread of the Law of War/Q theory aka my LOWTS proofs/videos, which shows how big this decode has become at this point (i.e. too hot to handle). These channels/personalities are trying to mislead anyone they can at this point by presenting a half truth and half falsehood and getting their followers’ hopes up, only for their hopes to be inevitably dashed once these dates/time frames pass, in an endless cycle of an abuse relationship.

18.18 Reprisals by the US Military will trigger 11.3 End of Occupation, which is when the US Military does a military capture (arrest) of the B* den administration for violations of the laws of war by pretending to be, and acting like a sovereign power, when they are legally an occupying power; when this happens the US Military will take over the government and White House, instituting military government and martial law in America. The B* den administration is a puppet government for China, the occupying power, holding control of the White House in Washington DC (the occupied territory) via election fr a u d since the 2020 Presidential election.

If this occupation is taking too long for you, then FORCE the Military’s hand.
Call on them to remove the B* den administration/occupying power.
Tell them that if they don’t end the military occupation of China, then YOU will.



There were more very strange lights at the W H during the night. Whiplash posted this short video from the W H live cam. 24 seconds. The lights are fucking strange.

Also — there are now concrete walls going up around the C a na d ian Parliament — exactly like the concrete wall erected last week around the W H.

A lot of people are speculating that these walls are for the upcoming Rods of God demolition of S at a nic buildings worldwide, but honestly, I have no clue. We have to wait and see.


And on the heels of the exe c ut ion of the truly repugnant B o b S a get last week for Crimes Against Humanity (he was the star of the popular “family” tv sitcom, Full House)…

This even more repugnant bit of news… The producer of Full House has put his home up for sale. (Hmmm. Wonder if he’s on a permanent vacation at git mo?)

You’ll note that he lived in the house where Sharon Tate and her guests (and her unborn baby) were brutally murdered by the Ma n son F a mily — and it is now priced at $85 million, as if it were a shrine. I’m not understanding why they didn’t demolish this really sad building decades ago.

However — a timely [Q] drop!


These following posts have to do with cryptocurrencies, which I know next to nothing about, along with the Doomsday Clock.

All from Whiplash347:

“The Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations of the Committee on Energy and Commerce will hold a hybrid hearing that includes both in-person and remote attendance on Thursday, January 20, 2022, at 10:30 a.m.”

Congress Announces Hearing on Bitcoin’s Energy Use
The U.S. Congress will hold a hearing on the energy use and environmental impact of bitcoin mining on January 20, its Energy and Commerce Oversight Subcommittee announced on Thursday”

“This Oversight Committee hearing lines right up with Doomsday Clock time.

ELON MUSK👨‍🚀(17)
*10:45PM EST

Do you believe in coincidences?
“Blunt & Direct Time”
Think Currency
Think fireworks.
Message delivered.
These people are sick!

EU regulator calls for ban on energy-intensive Bitcoin mining

Erik Thedeen said the bloc should weigh a ban on Bitcoin mining as it is doing harm to the environment and was setting back efforts to fight climate change. (New York Post)

Thedeen told the Financial Times the EU should ban “proof of work” mining in favor of more efficient “proof of stake.”

“Proof of work” is an energy-intensive form of Bitcoin mining, which competes against other rigs to crack the code of an algorithm using high-powered computers.

“Proof of stake” is where miners pledge a stake of digital coins before validating transactions.

Nothing is over until Wall Street says it’s over
And guess what: shares of Moderna and BioNTech are cratering

The hedge funds have finally realized there will be no fourth shot. And that mRNA technology, erm, still has a few issues to work out. (1 billion people aren’t gonna love hearing that, but too late now. Mistakes were made, stuff happens, amirite?)
Moderna and BioNTech are down 8-10% today, 60% since August. Oh, how I wish I could have shorted them.

Fire up those Memes!
Please stand by.
Ready to play?
MOAB incoming.
QFake pic push by MSM.
Videos / backup.
Google kill.
YouTube kill.
FB kill.
Twitter kill.
Yahoo kill.
Bing kill.
Instagram kill.
Net will be paused.

Since its founding in 1947, the clock has been moved forward 16 times, and back just eight. Its initial position was seven minutes to midnight

This would make it “17”

Starts at 1500 GMT

Just under 9 hrs away.

Law of War 11.3.2 could be 11.5 Activates January 20/21
Bidan 114 minutes 11.4 warning Mass Cyber Attacks – Swift Stock Market, Social Media, Internet etc
Atlas V511 = 11.5 (2pm Washington D.C)

Doomsday Clock 2022 to be unveiled today as scientists explain if Earth is closer to apocalypseMirror Online

NOW – Doomsday Clock set once again at 100 seconds to midnight, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists announced. — DiscloseTV


So there we have it.

And that was what I found to be most interesting today, gang.

I hope you have a great Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning: “The Witness Song” by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, from their awesome album, The Good Son, 1990.


Sha ri r aye news update (32 mins):

Restored Republic news update (20 mins):

A happy Real Raw News update: DICK CHENEY CONVICTED OF TREASON, HOMICIDE (5 mins):



The Lunatics are Running the Asylum!

Well, that’s how it feels this morning, gang. There are so many truthers turning on other truthers right now, that it feels nothing short of planned chaos.

A plan by the white hats, perhaps — to add to that feeling of WW3?

Create as much doubt as possible, throw everyone under the bus, cast aspersions, and leave no stone unturned in the quest to create all-out chaos in the truther movement? Making it next to impossible to ferret out actual intel?

I don’t honestly know, gang, but that is how it feels to me right now so I am going to leave all of that alone.

Even the Restored Republic news update today felt like nothing but fear mongering (I would focus on their Ben j a min F ul ford update today, instead — it’s down below).

If you step back from all the noisy name-calling, the one thing that is standing out as really, really alarming is that darned W H and, also, the US C a pi tol building.

What the heck is going on there?!

That alone tells us that something truly intense is going down now, gang, and that all the other noise is trying to get us to look away from it.

I’ll focus on “Nancy Drew” today.

This was the most alarming:

“1/1822. 😳😳💥💥💥

Woahhhhhh….I do not know, what in the world was going on here, but listen for the mans voice in my video. Hes a Reverend, and he was calling about me videoing!! I gotta a wee bit scared so I abruptly shut down, and got the hell outta dodge. Im safe, on the outskirts of the govt district, and am heading home. I usually dont get nervous like that. What in the world?????? 🧐🧐🧐🧐🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

[Watch this ASAP in case it gets deleted] “DC-Video 3-Capitol Again-Lady w/ Zip ties & Reverend Calling on Nancy Videoing” (5 mins):

She also had more footage of the W H, and she had some thoughts about what looked like gunfire at the W H Sunday night:

 “DC- Video 2- Second Stop WH- Thoughts on Nighttime Happenings/Front Door” (9 mins):

And at the end of yesterday, she uncovered something truly amazing:

Il don aldo tr **po had posted a brief and very odd tweet: “I’m Batman”:

And then “Nancy” received a text from a viewer, who said that she got an E B S (!!) that was very strange. The woman lives in Missouri, not in Gotham City (Gotham, after all, is where Batman lives!! A “head’s up” perhaps??):

This is what “Nancy” had to say:

And, this was Phil’s comment yesterday about “Nancy’s” W H footage:

“Never, in the history of the White House, has there been a “glass door” enclosure over the front door of the structure.

Still think nothing is happening?”


Phil also made some comments about the 5G hysteria going on in the US right now involving airplanes:

“For the record, I 100% DO NOT believe the Boeing issue has anything to do with 5G.

That’s just another cover story for the MSM narrative.

Stay tuned. Plenty more to come on this particular topic 💯”


“Bank of America coming into the spotlight very soon 😘”

(He also asked for prayers for his grandmother, who is very sick right now and in the hospital.)




And as for those endlessly endless rumors of wars…

In light of everything we’ve been hearing from Whiplash347, this doesn’t sound like war to me. (FYI: apparently Whiplash will be leaving soon, meaning, I think, that the war is indeed almost over, gang.) Anyway.

From RT News:

⚡️Russia & Ukraine leaders invited to Turkey by President Erdogan to “settle differences” – Turkish President’s Spox


And in my opinion, gang, that is the news for this morning.

And on a personal note….

While we did get a ton of (beautiful) snow dumped on us on Monday, we did not have any power outages, and the next county over (where I work), got a fraction of the snow that we got.

And as far as the grocery store — I went after work yesterday and, honestly, gang, we have no food shortages here at all. None. Everything I always get, is always there. (I shop at a small market that specializes in affordable organic and non-GMO food — but it’s still an international chain grocery store.)

The only thing that is getting complicated to get around here is cat food. So I’ve been stocking up on all kinds of high-end brands that I don’t usually buy. But the cats are loving it…

So that’s it.

Enjoy your Wednesday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


This originated from Real Raw News (which means be mindful how you listen — the messages lay beneath what’s being said) (4 mins):


Sha ri R a ye news update (38 mins):

Oh, For Heaven’s Sake!

You’d think that even for someone like me, at the lofty age pf 61 and a 1/2, that having a snow day would still be a blast!!

Well. I did technically go out into it — but only to spend about 20 minutes uncovering my car from under a foot of snow so that it wouldn’t be a frozen mess this morning.

And since I’d thought that Sunday would be my only day off, I got everything done on Sunday that needed to be done. So yesterday, I had nothing to do and nowhere to go. I spent a lot of time reading. And I also spent a lot of time on t e le g ram, but there was no real new news

And then — yes! when I awaken this morning at 3:30am, there is suddenly more news than I have the time to keep up with. Today is not a snow day.

Oh well. Okay. Here we go.

In my humble opinion, this was the most interesting bit of news from yesterday. It was on Phil’s te le g ram channel, and it seems to have been from Sunday night (?). Footage from the W H live cam. What the heck is it?? It looks like gunfire on the second floor of the W H. Some sort of firing squad/ ex ec ut ions?

You must watch the whole thing — 2 minutes. Also note that there is clearly someone standing down below, outside right by the steps.

Phil comments:

“Anyone have an explanation to this?

Watch those windows..” [video is here]


My next favorite thing from yesterday, was on il donaldo tr **p’s channel, wherein he basically admits (in my opinion) that it was a body double at the A Z rally:

“I KNOW.😎”

Then on the official Tr **p channel, a press release was posted. Even I can tell that it’s full of comms, however, I am not very good and decoding comms.

Luckily, Phil is super good at it and he promises to pick it apart sometime today:

“Silver and Gold, eh, Mr. President?

How interesting 😎

This entire statement is LOADED with Comms, with the silver & gold reference of NESARA being only one of them.

I’ll pick it apart tomorrow and post the results here.”

In case you did not see this yet, regarding the rally in A Z on Saturday night, “ne s ar a / g e sara” was sort of randomly sent across the screen during the fake Tr **p’s speech:

S*mon P*rkes posted the image:

“New Change Announced In The Most Unlikely Way!

Ch * rlie W *rd, S *mon and Mel k discuss it, among other things, here (53 mins):


In an awkward sort of homage to Martin Luther King Day, RT News reminded us that in 2020, an already fake B *d en compared the impact of the alleged death of G eo r ge Fl oyd (who is not really dead, or at least he didn’t die when or how they wanted you to think he did — he was a C I A psy op) with MLK Jr:

“FLASHBACK: B * den said George Floyd’s death had a greater “worldwide impact” than Martin Luther King’s assassination

As the United States celebrates MLK Day in remembrance of the late civil rights leader, it’s worth looking back at when the now-President B* den compared King, to George Floyd.

During a roundtable economic discussion on June 11 2020, B* den said “even Dr King’s assassination did not have the worldwide impact that George Floyd’s death did.”

Floyd’s death triggered international protests and months of violent rioting.”


Tarot by Janine now has a tele g r am channel. And she posted a very interesting undercover video from the UK. [Video is 2 minutes and is here.] DESCRIPTION:

“The doctor recorded in the call below, whilst diagnosing an adverse reaction, advises the patient seeking advice that the entire vaxxtermination programme is about to be pulled. Because justice is coming for everybody who has participated in the crimes of C*VID-1984. The phone number checks out too as St Richard’s in Chichester. A call back from 111 service”

[the doctor on the phone clearly states that the patient should get no more v a c c ines because new information has to come to light that the v a cc in es are dangerous and the program will soon be stopped.]


A very important reminder from Whiplash347, as sleepers all over the USA are suddenly becoming terrified of the “upcoming” 5G towers:

Co V Fe Fe

[…] Trump signed two EO’s, one for the ENERGY GRID and the other for 5G PROTECTION!

[…] Trump is passing his EO ensuring it is SAFE (*and it is understood by using COBALT (Co), IRON (Fe) AND VANADUIUM (V) (CovFeFe) Covfefe is a FORMULA!

CoVFeFe is already used in TELECOMMUNICATIONS DEVICES, and also in Directed ENERGY WEAPONS and other MILITARY DEVICES that use electromagnetic radiation. TO REDUCE THE HARM AND PROMOTES HIGHER ENERGY USAGE: (IE; 5G)

[full article here, from 2019]


From RT News [link includes video news footage from Iran TV]:

❗️Unprecedented & Heavy Snow Falls on Iran”


An update from Co de Mon key Z :

“I am driving down to the border wall between ARIZONA and MEXICO tonight to try and help identify ongoing human trafficking and smuggling.
I talked with border patrol and they were very cordial and are doing a fantastic job out here.

I am anti-trafficking and PRO-WALL.
Please contribute to my congressional campaign, if you want someone who will always fight for you and the future of our country.

You can donate here.”


From Whiplash347:

Tonga Volcano Aftermath: Undersea Cable Breaks Cutting Island off from World

Operators who run the undersea cable carrying 99% of Tonga’s connectivity say $250k+ damage to it could take weeks to fix, while satellite coms are disrupted by ash clouds. Update:

▪️At least two reportedly dead after Hunga-Tonga-Hunga-Ha’apai eruption, the largest recorded in decades
▪️Capital Nuku’alofa blanketed in volcanic ash and dust preventing aid planes landing
▪️Tsunami warnings in Japan & US, oil spill in Peru
▪️Two remote islands have sent distress signals after surveillance flights captured extensive damage


“I will get posts out on the 777 books soon, when they get back to me.

Subs break underwater Internet Cables.
You know why DUMB taken out that links to Australia, US & Asia. + the new quantum internet”

[By “777” he is referring to the hundreds of “books” that were deleted from the Bible, which were found in the tunnels underneath the Va tican. These are not necessarily books, though. These are likely the religious texts that became illegal in the 4th Century, when it was dictated by Constantine’s Vat ic an what we would be allowed to know about Jesus’s original teachings from then on (i.e., not very much. What we mostly know are Paul’s teachings. And Paul and Jesus’s family, who was continuing the Jesus Movement after the Crucifixion, did not get along, at all). (In my opinion, The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas likely tells us more about Jesus than our entire current New Testament.) (Yes, this is one of the reasons why, even though I graduated summa cum laude from Divinity School, they told me I would make a great Chaplain — because no one in their right mind would ever give me my own congregation…) ]


In other news…

Nick Cave sent out another really great Red Hand File this morning, about the nature of Spirit and imagination, and are our creations ever really our own? You can read it here.

And Cave Things announces a winter sale!!

Here is just one of the items on sale (use code SUCKMY22)!


Okay! That’s it, gang. Now I am gonna be REALLY super late!! Gotta scoot.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

Restored Republic news update (24 mins):

Sha ri R a ye news update (37 mins):

Looking Like A Snow Day!

Well, not only is it Martin Luther King Day, a national holiday here in the States, but here in the Hinterlands of Ohio it is also looking like an all-out snow day!!

We’ve got about 5 inches already, with several more predicted over the next several hours. So it”s looking like I might not be going anywhere today. We shall see!!

Meanwhile, there is not really any new news to report since yesterday. If that changes, I’ll get back on here and post it.

Enjoy your day, gang! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. see ya!

About Last Night

I guess the most interesting thing that was said about Tr **p’ speech last night in A Z — aside from the fact that he wasn’t wearing a tie, which was a code that means ” it’s done” — is that “it wasn’t him.” It was allegedly a body double.

I usually watch his rallies on his rumble channel, but since we were expecting this to be an unusually exciting rally, I didn’t want to watch it “alone,” so I watched it on Phil’s D-live broadcast, with thousands of other people instead.

About halfway into the speech, Phil responded to some comments, saying that he “also didn’t think it looked the real Tr**p” and so afterwards, he posted this:

“Idk guys..

I’m literally just unsure 🤔

stuff like this makes me unsure…

“Something is wrong here.

I shall do a deep dive.

His #10 tooth is different. This isn’t him. I know teeth…”


“Kendra says #10 tooth is not the same. Who has more pics of Trump’s #10 tooth?”

This morning, I saw this on Whiplash347‘s channel:

“President Tr ** p held a speech in Arizona tonight. I think that everyone can see that it is NOT President Tr ** p but a double. It is understandable that Tr ** p is well protected. A lot of people have noticed on TV that on the screen it showed up ‘Nesara-Gesara’. This was the White hat’s way of announcing it. I have stated a while back that they decided to announce Nesara, and this was their version of doing so.

Talk on the rally was about 55,000 people which referred to a Q post mentioning 55, which means ‘the storm is upon us’. This means Martial law, EBS-It’s happening!

I have also stated that an important time frame will be between January 15-18.

We have the National Guard activated in 48 states.

We are looking at switching to the Starlink Internet on January 18.

A Tsunami warning was issued for the west coast. This is in connection of taking out DUMPS in the ocean.

A tsunami warning has been issued for Japan’s entire east coast, as well as the southern Amami island and the Takara island chain.

The tsunami follows a major eruption from an underwater volcano 65km south of the island nation of Tonga.

The Queen of England’s death is expected to be announced very soon. We are no longer under the British monarchy’s control or the Vatican’s control. They pretty much were the ‘head of the snake’; the top of the Pyramid.

The Queen of England used to own Australia. Her assets have been confiscated. Australia and the USA are like twins; Australia belongs to the USA.

I have stated a while back that Prince William will live a normal life as a ‘Winchester’; meaning a wanna-be prince. He will hold on to his title ‘prince’ that is in reality meaningless. It has as much meaning as you or me calling ourselves queen or king. Prince Andrew has been already extradited to the USA and is already ‘taken care of’. When people say he will be ‘arrested next’; they don’t have real intel. While officially the story plays in the past; in reality things have already happened a while back.

Just with Bob Saget’s death; he texted his family member before his death among some other words: “showtime”. It is all a show and nothing is what it seems! He did not die in the hotel room, he was executed at Gitmo after a tribunal. The family members are supposed to play along. Nothing is what it seems these days. Don’t belive the appearance.”


Okay, yesterday this was on [Q] the Storm Rider. There is a video that is at this link:

“Bulgarian people have stormed the government palace! 🇧🇬



From Whiplash347 today:

“Australia is loaded up with Foreign Special Forces over last 2 weeks
US, Russian Spetznaz, German GSG 9 etc”


And this, but it originally came from RT News:

“Ukraine says Russia not responsible for massive cyberattack – claims a ‘cyber espionage’ group backed by Belarusian intelligence hacked Ukrainian government websites”


This was from yesterday’s news (there is a PDF of the verdict that you can download at the link):

Global Breaking News: January 15, 2022 — Big Pharma, China, Vatican convicted of Genocide and Criminal Conspiracy by International Court – COVID vaccines prohibited as arrest of leaders and seizure of assets ordered!!! 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

This is the actual Verdict & Statement PDF from the International Common Law Court of Justice! 💣👀💣


Pfizer, China indicted for genocide as Kevin Annett dodges assassination”


And yesterday, from “Nancy Drew”:

I watched the video, but it goes by so fast (looks like those hangings? we saw other photos around that date):

And here is the Restored Republic news update for today (16 mins):

And that is it for Sunday, gang!

We are going to get a snow storm here, starting later today. So I might be stuck here for a day or two. We shall see!

Meanwhile, enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!

Almost Over, Gang

At least here in the U S.

There are two narratives going. One is that the final marker was met here in the U S (the SCOTUS ruling regarding the fake v a x mandate, which was released on Thursday, but was allegedly taped at an earlier date), and now white hats are in control. Tr **p will be back anywhere from tonight’s rally in A Z through the end of January. And high profile deaths will begin to be revealed to the general public.

The other narrative is overseas:

From [Q] The Storm Rider:

“RUSSIA>Eyes Africa and starts division of the UN forces<<

Russian military advisers are reportedly helping Mali train its security forces. Western countries have criticized Mali for allowing mercenaries from the Russian Wagner Group to operate in the West African nation.

Tensions are mounting in West Africa as Mali resists pressure from the region, the EU and US, to come up with a firm timetable on how civilian rule will be restored after two coups and a military takeover.

The day after France’s withdrawal, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken weighed in on Mali’s looming deal with the shadowy Russian private military company. He stressed that the Wagner Group “will not bring peace to Mali”.
PUTIN aint playing///
Trump is smiling..

AND, most importantly for Europe:


Will start 66 attacks (FF_ FALSE FLAG ATTACKS) in the coming weeks ⚠️

will be blamed on noncompliant / Resistant citizens/groups/orgs/ that will COMPLY with the Deep State Vaccines/lockdowns/E_vaccines passport

These [DS] events are to trigger new laws in Europe for full control

We all know this was coming!..

REMEMBER I told you…. The white HATS will let these events take place….. There are>counter measures in place that will activate MASS AWAKENING<<

The DEEP STATE plan to create FAKE COUPs will have many unstable variables that will be EXPOSED<

Keep your heads up EU< Patriots


[Q] The Storm Rider also posted this:

Next steps in the _EVENT
will be to close ports < China
( Their BETA test last year is complete/ Now is the time to Squeeze the supply chains world wide<)



Russia has hands in Cuba> Venezuela, Africa, SERBIA,
Belarus, Kazakhstan, middle East<

China has military Battle ships with Nuke capabilities in over 60 countries<
China set to COLLAPSE the supply chain< [Taiwan]

Events Events Events Events

TRIGGER all tectonic weapons
; Weather Warfare
: Supply chain disruptions
-oil, gas, natural resources


The silent covert WAR

The year of Marshal law.

Military is the only way

Buckle back up buttercups 😎”


S*mon P *rkes posted this (I believe this is in regards to the U K, where white hats and mi li tary are in control but we’re not supposed to tell you that):

Investigation Into C* vid Va c cin e…

Metropolitan police start official investigation into the c* vid va cc in e after receiving evidence from the complainant via the High Court of Justice.”


I’m posting this, because I like it:

Dr. Z e le nko and Lt. Gen er al Mike F ly nn

And in other news….

Nick Cave posted this:

This Much I Know To Be True, a new feature film from Andrew Dominik, featuring Nick Cave and Warren Ellis is set for release in 2022… [it captures their] exceptional creative relationship as they bring to life the songs from albums Ghosteen and Carnage.”


There are still more volcanoes and tsunamis, massive fires breaking out, more deaths-by- va x of many young people — athletes and airline pilots, in particular. Many, many, MANY innocent people are dying and have died. This has been a war. But the end is now in sight, gang.

Don’t forget to watch Tr **p in AZ tonight. It will start at 9PM EST. You can watch it here (popcorn strongly suggested):


Tarot by Janine gave her input on Phil’s livestream intel from Thursday. (I posted the link to the replay here yesterday. If you haven’t seen it, you should watch it.) (23 mins):


Restored Republic news update (18 mins):

Sh a r i R a ye news update (31 mins):

Ch * rlie W *rd chats with Chas C ar ter and Luke: THE YEAR OF THE TIGER, THE WAR MANUAL (1 hr):


And that is it for this fine Saturday in the Hinterlands, gang.

On a personal note…

Considering that the US Corporation is bankrupt and there is no more real money left here in the US — it was with a happy, and albeit stunned heart, that I read an email from the gas company yesterday morning, which read that my “$528 payment” for my heating bill had been processed. (!!) (At that moment, I had $14 to my name.)

Wow, gang. N e s ar a/ G e sa r a is already in action. I knew some sort of vague “grant money” was coming to cover my heating bill for, like, an entire year. But I was not expecting it so soon, and I had been wondering how on earth I was going to pay my heating bill for January…

What a blessing. What a miracle.

And this is something I find curiously curious indeed: My first collection of erotic short stories, Lust: Bisexual Erotica, which was published by Alyson Books in 2004, now ranks at #3,079 in the “Women Authors Literary Criticism” category, and #4, 208 in the “Women Writers Women’s Studies” category on Amazon. This is higher than it ever ranked in erotica when it first came out, even though it sold really well. Just how weird is that??? I do not know.

Okay. That’s it for now. I gotta scoot off to work. Have a great day, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with my favorite Saturday-morning music, the song dedicated to the man I loved more than anything in my world, who was one of the many who was murdered by F au c i (my best friend Paul, who died from AIDS back in 1999 — I miss him so much); The Sandpipers, “Come Saturday Morning,” 1970. Listen and let your heart break a little for someone you lost, too. See ya.

Storms and Rumors of Storms

I had such an intense dream last night, gang.

I was in D C. First, I was in my car and I instinctively knew the storm was on its way, so I rolled up the windows and locked the doors, and sure enough, it came.

Then I was walking on those wide cement sidewalks in DC, heading towards the W H. The streets were empty, the storm was gone, but everything was ominous. Then I awoke.

So. Perhaps the storm is really upon us — or pretty darn close, finally. Either way, the feeling I’m getting is not fun.

5638 of 5665 "What Storm Mr. President?' "You'll find out" Join >  @RealTrump19 TRUMP - 19TH PRESIDENT 31.10.21 at PM lI O - America's best  pics and videos

When I posted yesterday afternoon, I forgot to include this video. It was quite apropos to yesterday’s vibe:


I wrote and asked her what her thoughts were (if any) on the J FK Jr tel e gram channel (it’s also on twitter, but I’m not on twitter). I find that channel to be a TOTAL mindfuck, gang. I finally left it last evening. [I can get my mind fucked anywhere, man — thank you very much!]

I started following it because Sh ar i R a ye often shares his posts, and then she shared the link to follow him, so I did. But it’s an intense little channel, gang. Whether or not the info is true wasn’t the point. It was the undercurrent I was feeling that didn’t sit well with me.


I don’t have much to share. Not only because I posted here twice yesterday, but because the news so far this morning is curiously thinning out.

I liked this image below and wanted to share. You know, if you’ve been following any of my blogs over the last 22 years (!!), you undoubtedly know my politics by now. And in the period around 2012 – 2016, I seriously detested O b * ma (that was around the period of my 5th or 6th blog). Anyway. It doesn’t matter that my ominous feelings back then are getting vindicated now — I would have preferred people simply believed me back then, but on we go. (I am thoroughly accustomed to being treated like I’m crazy. That goes WAY way back. But I’m still standing.)


More comms to ponder from yesterday. (I’ll leave this large so that, hopefully, you can read it.)

From Whiplash347:

“Trump Activates DEATH SPIRAL”

We should expect ar r e st s and e xe c utions to continue, perhaps mi li t ary to be more out in the open. (?) And everyone is expecting some sort of announcement that “Tr **p is the legal Pres id ent” to be made anytime next week.

By the way, there are now 48 States that have activated their National Guards. This is under the guise of “helping with v a c c ines”.

And this ominous post came from il don aldo tr**p o last night:


And from [Q] The Storm Rider:

“Young >ARMY< soldiers will be battling ‘seasoned freedom fighters’ across two dozen North Carolina counties in a two-week ‘guerrilla warfare exercise’ where they attempt to overthrow an

Special Forces candidates will participate in the two-week Robin Sage training exercises in which they will practice overthrowing illegitimate governments
Robin Sage places soldiers in a ‘politically unstable’ fictional country and uses ‘unconventional guerrilla warfare’ to defeat a ‘numerically superior enemy’
Soldiers will face off against seasoned military members and specially trained civilians during the exercise, which serves as the Special Forces final exam
Several citizens, however, are concerned the exercise encourages soldiers to target civilians
News of the training exercise comes at a tense time in the US, just five days after the country celebrated the first anniversary of the Capitol riot
It also follows the DOJ’s creation of a new ‘domestic terrorism’ unit as the nation faces what officials said is an ‘elevated threat from domestic violent extremists”




If you missed Phil’s livestream last evening, you can watch it here: “An old-school variety Livestream, discussing the latest SCOTUS ruling on va cc in e mandates, and many other current event-type items. Phil also gives warning of some imminent things to come. ” (2 hrs) :

If you aren’t familiar with Phil’s livestreams, prepare yourself because his intel is also a bit of a mindfuck, only because it’s usually ridiculously spot-on.

S *mon P*rkes had several posts yesterday and today, which is kind of a lot for him. Including:

Something Is Coming…

Now 42 US states have activated National Guard. Something big is incoming.”

[I’m hearing it’s now 48 States.]

And this:

“Social Media To Go Down…

When all other social media goes down, Signal will still be the last to switch off. it’s worth getting, if only for the extra few hours it’s up while others are down.”


Sounds kinda ominous, right? Even the Signal app will go down.

All right, gang. That’s it. The vibe is not fun out there. Please stay alert and safe.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

And in keeping with all that is ominous right now and all that is heartbreaking — I leave you with this bit of loveliness. Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “Foi Na Cruz”. Enjoy.


Sh ar i R aye news update (and please note: Old B* den, fake B*den — not the same man, gang!) (41 mins):

Restored Republic news update (21 mins):