Things Continuing to Brighten Around Here!

Okay, gang. I’m gonna be brief today because I’m working on that new short story for the kind folks in Sweden. I want to turn it in this weekend.

Yesterday ended up being just a really great day, folks. (And a really super-duper thank you to Val in Brooklyn for being a great friend throughout all this insanity.)

So, one thing that really made my day yesterday — remember how, several weeks ago, I wrote to my State-level S* na * tor, and I encouraged all of you to write to your own local government representatives and tell them how you feel about the really dangerous experimental gene therapy being passed off as a ” v a  c  c  i ne,” and how you feel about the useless m*sk-wearing, and the  relentless curfews and l*ck d*wns, etc.?

Well, check out this headline from here in Ohio yesterday:

Ohio Senate passes bill to let lawmakers strike down health orders

The Ohio Senate approved a bill Wednesday that would give lawmakers the authority to strike down public health orders, potentially setting up yet another pan  de  mic showdown between Gov. Mike DeWine and legislators within his own party.

All 25 votes in favor of Senate Bill 22 came from Re pub li  cans, who say the bill would provide legislative oversight of the executive branch’s handling of a health crisis. Eight De  mo cra  ts in the minority voted against. […]

[full article is here]

And guess what else?? My S*nator, from way out here in the Hinterlands, was one of the co-sponsors of that Bill, gang! It made my day.

It still needs to be approved by the Representative-side of the Ohio Assembly, and the Bill is getting the hue and cry from all the various health departments across the State, since they are still hampered by an inability to think for themselves and not simply “follow orders”  from the indescribably corrupt and meaningless c  d  c, but still. How awesome, right? To know for sure that not everyone in this country is brain-dead and corrupt. And that it really can make a difference to express yourself.

Okay, so that is really it for today. I have a few news videos posted below.  (And I am still really happy about that Press Release out of Russia yesterday. It really is true, gang, that P * t in is a White Hat.  (A couple months ago, I saw a micro-short video of P * tin alone in a small pool, genuflecting and then baptizing himself in the water and I thought : What the fuck???  Is this real??) Things are all shifting into place, world wide. Even though it feels like it’s taking forever.)

And if you caught the Robert David St e  e  le interview with P* tri o t S tr eeet fighter last evening, those books & documents that RDS was talking about are available to read for free  here on one of his many websites.

But please keep in mind that if you are either new to all these horrible things that are being revealed, or if you haven’t yet learned the true depth of the horrors that have been going on world-wide for decades, the stuff that RDS shares will be very disturbing and it is hard to come back from it once you know what’s really been going on. (RDS is ex – c  i  a.)

All of it can be really hard to process. Personally, one of the reasons I enjoy listening to S e an S t o ne, S ach a S t one (no relation), G e ne d e code, and Ch * r lie  W *rd, is because they bring a spiritual-awakening element to this whole time in our life right now, on Earth and within the Universe, and it gives me so much hope.

But I’m noticing within myself that there are still deep-rooted elements of mind-control going on (for instance, it has really been hard for me to let go of the idea that we need fluoride in our toothpaste. I know it seems like a silly thing to cling to, in comparison to the really awful shit we’ve been mind-controlled over. But fluoride is not only a poison, it calcifies the pineal gland, and it was put into our water and our toothpastes a long time ago for just that purpose– to block our pineal gland. Well, yesterday, I finally threw out the toothpastes around here that have fluoride in them. And even though I eat a lot of foods that decalcify the pineal gland,  I’m still kinda thinking that my teeth are going to decay without fluoride…)

Oh! Today is the big day at the S u pr e me  C o u rt.  Pray for L*n W ** d, S*d n ey P * w ell, et al, as things get underway with that. It will be intense, folks.  Not to mention that the J * dge there is allegedly being bl * ck m*iled beyond our wildest dreams over his horrific part  in the P*do ph i lia stuff, even within his own family…  (How does that guy still get up in the morning?)

All righty. Have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world.  Thanks for visiting.  I love you guys. See ya.


Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 News: (25 mins.)

Below: And We Know: ( 39 mins.)

Below: Ch * r lie W * rd and Jason [17]: (55 mins.)

Below: X * 2 R * port: Financial. (17 mins.)

Below: X * 2 R * port: (44 mins)

From Russia, With Love, Gang!

First of all, don’t miss the Robert D* vid St e  e  le interview with the P * triot Stree t fighter, tonight at 7pm EST!!

Also: Check this out! From National File,

 February 17, 2021

Russia Blasts B* den Regime For ‘Persecution’ Of Tr **p Supporters, Political Dissidents

Russia calls on the United States to observe the human rights of political opponents.

The Russian Foreign Ministry has issued a statement lambasting the United States government under J* e B*  den for the “ongoing persecution campaign” taking place “against anybody at all who does not agree with the results of the latest pr* iden ti  al el* ct i on.”

In the statement, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova delivered a scathing assessment of the human rights situation in the United States under President J* e B* den.

Zakharova described the ongoing crackdown against Tr** p loyalists in the United States:

“The FBI has reportedly opened more than 400 criminal cases and applied for more than 500 search warrants and subpoenas for suspects; it has also brought charges against and detained around 200 people. Only several dozen defendants have been released on bail or placed under house arrest. The others are being subjected to harsh pressure, with members of their family and social circle being coerced into giving a ‘convenient’ testimony. Moreover, people who have not even been officially charged are losing their jobs; they are being banned from social media and publicly ostracised.”

She also questioned the “objectivity of the law enforcement agencies” involved in this campaign, noting that they were acting under orders and “in line with the narrative of the current administration who declared the events of January 6, 2021 a  r* ot and everybody who was near the U  S Congress on that day all but plunderers.”

She went on to correctly note that far from being violent rioters, most of the attendees of the January 6 rally were peaceful protesters.

“In fact, the majority of those people were ordinary citizens concerned about the situation in their own country,” she said. “These were 74 million voters who voted for their president and defended their views.”

[full article here]

Okay, see ya, gang! Have a good night!!

Crazeysburg! Land of the Future!!

Okay. So, yesterday morning, after spending an hour and a half chiseling my beloved Honda Civic out from under 3 inches of solid ice in 2 degrees-Fahrenheit weather, I got an alert on my phone that a woman and her children had frozen to death in Houston, T  X, where it’s not ever supposed to get that cold. And I absolutely cried.

I, personally, love snow, but weather war^ fare is a whole different story, gang. I am just so over this shit. I know we are getting closer to the end of all this stuff, but yesterday morning was rough for me.

After the “ice all over the car” debacle  — due to something that was absolutely not my fault, my wee bonny bank account alerted me that it was overdrawn! And that if I didn’t come up with $3.45, pronto,  my car insurance payment was going to bounce.

So I consulted my Olaf coin-bank on the top of the refrigerator, only to learn that he only had $1.14 to contribute. And then the dashboard in the car yielded only a meager 75¢ in quarters — still not enough to pay the balance left on my fucking car insurance for something that wasn’t my fucking fault.

Disney Frozen Olaf the Snowman 8" Ceramic Coin Bank Collectible | eBay
Not my Olaf, but mine looks just like him!

You know? Fuck. Honestly?? Really?? It’s 2 degrees outside and I have 1 dollar and 89 cents to my name?? And — really, really soon — no car insurance?? WTF, right? I am 60-fucking years old.  I have had the most unexpected writing career for the last 31 years. And this time last year, everything was going really, really great…

I try really hard not to personalize what is going on in the world right now and I try really hard to stay positive and look to the future, when all this will be behind all of us and a new dawn will be upon us


I, for one, am so seriously over this stupid fake year-long p an d e m ic and all its atrocities and all its secret war ^ fare already.

By the time I got to the health food store, I was really having trouble keeping it together. And a woman I barely know, asked me if something was wrong, and I blurted out, ” A woman and her children froze to death in Houston yesterday! And if I don’t come up with one dollar and fifty-six cents, I won’t be able to pay my car insurance!”

And even though that should have sounded insane to her, what she did instead was open up her wallet, take out $40 and then give it to me, saying, “I knew this money was going to come in handy today! I found it in my purse last night and I didn’t even know I had it. I want you to have it.  Please. You don’t have to pay me back.” Oh my god, right?

It’s those tiny miracles that just turn everything around in a heartbeat.

And then by evening, things really were so much better.

Well, listening to P * triot str ee t fighter during my dinner, caused me to look up a video from a few days ago — a chat between Mike  J   a k o and Gene D * code — that just really turned everything around for me.

Anytime I listen to a Gene D * code chat, I feel like my consciousness has grown in quantum leaps.  This time, the idea that the Med Beds (which I posted about yesterday) will be used to help reverse the devastating effects of the fake v a  c  c  i ne (which was supposed to be a world-wide geno cide) really began to help things make sense for me right now.

However, I still have trouble wrapping my mind around this idea that a secret s pa c e ^ f or ce has managed to build communities of humans on Mars and the Moon; that humans have actually already been born on Mars… You know, what is that? And now, all these D **p St * te people from all over the world, the ones who haven’t been hanged but who are guilty of atrocities that we couldn’t even imagine before — these monsters are now in some sort of prison on the Moon for the rest of their lives because the m * li tary didn’t want a bloodbath  down here in the streets (once the general population awakens to what these monsters are guilty of).

Okay. SO. That is just really hard for me to wrap my mind around.  They’ve all been transported to some sort of prison on the Moon?

Well. Everything is turning out to be a lie in every other area of life right now, why not on the Moon and Mars, too? Who’s to say at this point that everything isn’t in fact teeming with life up there?

You know, I’ve had to wrap my mind around our beloved monster h  i l l ar y, torturing and eating children. Getting past that makes it easier to accept that I’ve been told outright lies about Mars and the Moon, as well.


The good news, of course, is that people have been a r  r e s ted the world over, some of them have been ex  e c  u ted, and the rest, I guess, are on the Moon, far from us. Med Beds will help reverse this ho rr i fic fake v a c  c ine. And now it’s looking as if there will never be another p  o p e again…

Thinking about all this during Lent, as I study the possibilities of a different Jesus of Nazareth altogether (see yesterday’s post) — well, it falls together and makes good sense.

And through the generosity and kindness of a veritable stranger, I now have $38.44 to my name instead of -$1.56.  And car insurance. It’s those kinds of miracles that assist me in believing in everything.

Okay. So. Even the Bad Seeds are in need of some financial support! Nick Cave’s official website announced this morning that there is an upcoming auction to help support their stage crew, who are also suffering financially from this fake p an d em ic, since all tours have been canceled. You can read about it here. There are some very cool things up for auction, folks.


And over at Cave Things, there is a new Polaroid Photo up for sale. It looks like this!!


And here in Crazeysburg, where the snow is once again falling, and temperatures have once again plummeted because of that polar vortex-weather war ^^ fare, I have been able to turn my whole world around and feel really excited about the future of this planet, Earth.

I am going to be working on a new short story for the kind folks in Sweden today.  And I’m just gonna let it snow and pray for the world-wide transformation to come soon.  Meanwhile, I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning, “Roy Rogers,” from Elton John’s monster album Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (1973). Enjoy.  (And oddly enough, my biological grandmother was childhood sweethearts with the real Roy Rogers — Leonard Slye — back in the early 1900s. He was an Ohio native. Real small world, isn’t it???) Okay. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

“Roy Rogers”

Sometimes you dream, sometimes it seems
There’s nothing there at all
You just seem older than yesterday
And you’re waiting for tomorrow to call
You draw-to the curtains and one thing’s for certain
You’re cozy in your little room
The carpet’s all paid for, God bless the TV
Let’s go shoot a hole in the moon

Oh, and Roy Rogers is riding tonight
Returning to our silver screens
Comic book characters never grow old
Evergreen heroes whose stories were told
Oh, the great sequin cowboy who sings of the plains
Of roundups and rustlers and home on the range
Turn on the TV, shut out the lights
Roy Rogers is riding tonight

[Verse 2]
Nine o’clock mornings, five o’clock evenings
I’d liven the pace if I could
Oh, I’d rather have a ham in my sandwich than cheese
But complaining wouldn’t do any good
Lay back in my armchair, close eyes and think clear
I can hear hoof-beats ahead
Roy and Trigger have just hit the hilltop
While the wife and the kids are in bed

Oh, and Roy Rogers is riding tonight
Returning to our silver screens
Comic book characters never grow old
Evergreen heroes whose stories were told
Oh, the great sequin cowboy who sings of the plains
Of roundups and rustlers and home on the range
Turn on the TV, shut out the lights
Roy Rogers is riding tonight

© 1973 Bernie Taupin, Elton John


Below: Most awesome video you see all month, if you haven’t already seen it. From last Friday.  Mike Ja  ko talks with G* ne De  code. (1 hr 5 mins)

Below: P * t r iot S  t r ee t f i ghter2.17.21 #52.  (55 mins)

Below: Accordin’ to Jordan: News. (17 mins)

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 News (29 mins)

Below: X * 2 R * port Financial: (14 mins)

Below: X * 2 R* port: (48 mins)


A Glorious New Day Is Coming

Between Med Beds and this new economic system that is somehow “quantum” and somehow involves Space Force, life as we know it is already transforming beneath us, above us, and all around us.

It’s too exciting, gang, Really!

Yet, try as I might (and try as he might –meaning the nightly financial  X   2   2 R e p or t), I still can’t grasp what the heck  this new currency system is going to look like. But last night’s financial news video was once again extremely interesting, gang. It is posted down below.

The one thing I know for certain is that one Bitcoin is now valued at $51,000 — as of the latest update that came in during the night. So I’m basically even more poor in cryptocurrency than I am in the rapidly-tanking U S dollar, but I’m willing to believe all of that will change eventually.

As mentioned in the really brief Ch * r lie W *rd video (down at the end of this post), and the P * tr i ot S tr ee t fighter‘s video from last night, the Med Beds are soon going to be arriving here in America — in Texas and Florida, first.  The best way I can describe it in simple terms, the med beds are holograph pods that can address 3 primary physical areas:  make you smarter; heal you of “incurable” diseases such as cancer or AIDS; and let your body grow new limbs as well as decrease your aging process by twenty years.

They are already in use in Israel, maybe even other countries, too, by now. But once the new currency situation is firmly in place, the med beds are coming to America.

Yesterday, c i r s ten w’s daily video took another look at the weather war  fare that, as predicted 2 weeks ago, is currently underway here in the U S.

I am posting her video directly below, and under that, is the video she got her weather war f are updates from, so you can get more details. However, I wanted to draw your attention to c ir  st enw’s video specifically because she found that photo of the fake h  i ll  ary that I had been trying to find for weeks! She shows a photo of the actual h i ll ar  y (who allegedly died from kuru 6 months ago, while in a m* li tary pri son in g reen land), and then a current photo of the fake h i ll a ry so that you can see for yourself that this is not the same woman (aside from the additional fact that the fake one is a lot shorter than the old one was.) (It’s about a third of the way in to the video.)

Mike Morales from 2/14:

Also, regarding the kuru situation… there is a video on Y** T * b* from ABC News in 2016, showing that h i ll a r y shakes so violently that she has trouble getting into an SVU.  I don’t want to give “clicks” to main stream news, but you can search for it yourself.  It’s easy to find. At the time, the media was alarmed about the possible state of her health, but she passed it off as nothing.

And m  e r k e l is also allegedly in the advanced stages of kuru, and you can see quite a number of news videos of her from 2019 (BBC has some), showing her whole body violently shaking, uncontrollably. Again, she offered no real response about her condition, either.

It seems sort of like the kuru angle is kind of real, doesn’t it, gang? (Which, of course, is horrifically disgusting.)

P  r  o je c t v er i t as released some video of footage of F  B  c  e  o, M ar k Z * ck er b*rg (a R ock ef eller, btw!!), worrying about the impact a C* VID ^^ 1 9  v a  c  c in e would have on an individual’s DNA and RNA. (This goes back to July 2020, which just shows you that they were all already in on the  plan).

Anyway, F  B  currently has a policy to block your account if you so  much as question the  v a  c  c  ine. And yet, he himself said in an online meeting with his staff in July 2020:

“But I do just want to make sure that I share some caution on this [v ac ci  ne] because we just don’t know the long-term side effects of basically modifying people’s DNA and RNA…basically the ability to produce those antibodies and whether that causes other mutations or other risks downstream. ” […]

[You can see the video here]

In other news.

C  a n d a ce O w e n made a succinct point on t  e e l e gram yesterday:

Never forget the lies still being unveiled about Jan u a ry 6  th:

-No pipe bombs were ever placed on Jan  u a  ry 6  th.

-No Tr** *p supporter was behind those pipe bombs.

-Every person who died was a Tr ** p supporter.

-No police officer was ever beaten to death with a fire extinguisher.

Good things to remember, folks. Since the main str e am me d* a is  ignoring all of it, and still looking for ways to charge Tr **p with a crime for that day.

On a similar topic… It appears that JS actually charged the me dia for use of his v i d eo foot age of him, a c n n re porter, and a n t * fa “storming” the c  a p it  ol bdlg.  (And yes!! It does indeed state that he received $35,000 from c  n  n in a grant of rights for that video.) And just in case you never saw his mug shot after he was arrested for his part in Jan  6th, it is below. It lends credence to the notion that members of a n t * f and  b  l  m  are under the c  i a  mind control garbage.

Lie much, c n n ??
M K-  U l t ra much???



All right. Well, it is Lent. And rather than give up anything for Lent, I usually use it for a time of study and this year, I am studying the rather believable argument that Jesus of Nazareth, along with his brothers (and not the perhaps fictional Apostles), were actually part of the Zealot/Messianic Jewish Movement — a Revolutionary Movement that was connected to Qumran and which was also violent. The premise also convincingly portrays Paul as Herodian, which explains everything about his constant clashes with James and the Jesus Movement after Jesus’ death, and why Pauline Christianity won out over James and the Jesus Movement of the mid-first century, CE.

All of these topics are based on non-traditional assumptions about the group that occupied Qumran and when they occupied it.

I personally believe very little about traditional “teachings” of the times of Jesus. It all comes down to Occam’s razor– so little of the traditional teachings make logical sense, until you view it from a lens that is more in keeping with the actual history of that era in Jewish and Roman history.

It promises to be an interesting Lenten period.

All righty, gang!! I’m gonna scoot. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Financial (16 mins)

Below: X * 2 R * port (35 mins)

Below: Great chat between Nick  V e  n i * m e n and P * triot   st r ee t fighter. (1hr 30 mins):

Below: P * tr i ot st r eet fighter from last night (2/16). After is channel was once again taken down and we all had to hunt him down again! (55 mins)

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 News (32 mins)

Below: Ch*r lie W *rd quick explanation of med beds (5 mins).


This Tells Us All We Need To Know!

An actor in the Oval Office… dark winter, indeed, gang.

I saw that photo on Johnny Depp’s Instagram feed the other day and it really made me smile.

Okay, so, if you’re wanting to re-watch that chat between c ir s tenw and P * tri o t Str eet fighter, from a couple weeks ago, wherein they discussed what our weather would be like on this very day,  replete with power outages, and if you’re wondering how come they knew….

All righty.

I am really sorry that so many people are without electricity and heat, when the weather is so incredibly cold and snowy right now, but I do think that it is very, very interesting — how those solar panels are proving useless  beneath the layers of ice and snow, and the wind turbines are icing over and freezing up and not working…

Sort of putting a real spotlight on just how fake the “going-green” idea actually is. (In case you’re still a step behind us, “global warming” gave way to “climate change” — since, clearly, the globe isn’t warming. And no matter what they call it, it’s all fake. The sun is the sun, and it does stuff and the weather changes and it has always been this way.)

I’m of a mixed mind about it all, though, because I don’t want people to be out of work (coal miners, pipeline workers). But I also think it’s time that we get access to all the 5th-dimensional sources of energy that are out there for the m * litary (but completely hidden from us). I guess we’ll just see.

All right. So. Yesterday, here in the US, it was p r * s i den t’s day.  That’s a holiday they made up decades ago, in order to give us a 3-day weekend, but also help us to forget that Lincoln’s birthday is February 12th and George Washington’s birthday is February 22nd, and assist us in forgetting to honor them in any way whatsoever as time goes on.

That said! It was curious that there were no parades, no motorcades for the fake B * den yesterday — a man who allegedly received 80 million votes — yet thousands  of flag-waving, ecstatic p * triot s lined the streets in F  L  for a chance to wave at Tr**p for even a few seconds. Says so much, doesn’t it, gang?

Oh — before I forget. P  a  r  l e  r is officially back online (web), although I have not been able to access anything yet  on my phone accept my profile.  But it is indeed back, folks. Try to support pa r l er, if you aren’t already, because we really need to support free speech on the Internet.

Okay. The rest of the news is still horrible and those wretched people that pass for c  o  n  g  r  e  ss  down in D  C are still up to their insanity.  And the main str eam m * dia more and more makes me yearn for our own M y  an mar to happen soon.

(As hard as I try to keep my vows when I became a minister and to be a steward of the sacred life God gave to the entire Earth,  my exhaustion just gets to me sometimes, gang, and I long for the m * litary to just swarm in and shoot them all…)

I will let the videos below keep you caught up on all the events that happened yesterday. Try to stay warm, gang.  I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning. Enjoy. And thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.



Below: Accordin’ to Jordan: ATJ #28: P*rler is Back, My an  mar Removes the Bankers, Nancy’s Commission, Crazy Bill G* tes [2.15.21] (12 mins)

Below: R * d  P * l l 7 8 News: “Today we take a look at some of the many failed policies and plays by the D*ms and their allies to examine how they are set to boomerang back against them. The biggest of which may be the SCOTUS setting a date to hear 3 high profile El * ct*  on Fr * ud cases by some big names!” (35 mins.)

Below: And We Know: L  T  is so passionate. This one broke my heart, gang. You gotta listen. (44 mins)

Below: P * tr * ot S t r  ee t fi ght er: This will move to r u m bl e later today, you will find it here. 2/15/21 #50.  (1hr 37 mins)

Below”: X * 2 R * po rt, Financial. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the new currency, gang.  “The push is on to put pressure on the [CB]. People will now start to wake up to the fact that the fiat currency is worthless. The people are now being exposed to a new currency. The [CB]s are in trouble, the Great R * set is in trouble. The [CB] in My an  mar has been taken over, this is just the beginning.” (15 mins)

Below: X * 2 R * po r t:  Intense, gang.  “The p * trio  ts are now pushing the plan forward, the [**]/MSM have lost, the people see it all and many more are waking up. The global power structure is being dismantled. The day of reckoning is upon us. Tr ** p let everyone know that in the months ahead he has something to share. The DOD put a pic of GW crossing the Delaware, message received. Dan S ca  vino sends another message.” (42 mins.)


Important Update from Germany on Behalf of the World

[This was translated from the original German newsletter. Please excuse any errors.]

Newsletter law firm Dr. Fuellmich
Dear Sirs and Madams,
As communicated in the last newsletter, the hearings of around 100 internationally renowned scientists, doctors, economists, lawyers, but also those affected by the Berlin Corona Investigation Committee since July 10, 2020 have now shown with a probability bordering on certainty that the Corona -Scandal never involved health. Rather, it is about cementing the power of the corrupt so-called “Davos clique” - illegitimate because it was obtained through criminal methods - by shifting the wealth of the population to the members of the Davos clique, including by destroying the small ones in particular and medium-sized companies. As a result, “platforms” like Amazon, Uber, etc. can take over their market shares and assets.
Overview of newsletter topics:

1. Status of the investigations of the Corona Committee:
  a. Corona as a diversionary maneuver of the so-called corporate and political "elites" for the purpose of shifting the market shares and assets of small and medium-sized companies to global platforms such as Amazon, Google, Uber, etc.
  b. GEZ contributions for the development of a new, genuinely independent information-providing media landscape
  c. Securing the regional agricultural structures
  d. Ensuring a regional currency to avoid a new currency that comes “from above” and is allocated in good behavior
  e. Psychological consideration of the situation: How did it come to this?
2. Annulment suit against vaccination approval filed against the EU Commission
3. Status PCR test lawsuit in New York, German lawsuits, Canadian lawsuits, Australian lawsuits, Austrian lawsuits, lawsuits before the International Criminal Court, European Court of Human Rights
We have found this confirmed again and again: in fact, the danger of the virus is roughly equivalent to that of seasonal flu; regardless of whether it is a new (wholly or semi-artificial) virus or we are just dealing with the flu that has been relabelled as a corona pandemic. The Drosten PCR tests are not even able to say anything about (contagious) infections. To make matters worse, the health and economic damage caused by the anti-corona measures is so devastating that one has to speak of a historically unique extent of destruction.

The fact that it was never about health becomes particularly clear, apart from the fact that the injections with genetically experimental substances (disguised as “vaccinations”) now lead en masse to severe damage, including death.
The world's population was gradually introduced to these gene-experimental injections, but surprisingly extremely quickly. In order to panic the population, lockdowns (dangerous and harmful even according to the WHO), the (useless and dangerous) mask requirement and (senseless and counterproductive) social distancing were introduced. This made the population “ready” for the injections.
In the meantime, more and more people, not just lawyers - rightly - apart from an immediate end to the fatal measures, also demand a legal review by a truly independent international court in accordance with the requirements of the Nuremberg trials. An example of a calmly presented demand of this kind (and a moving excerpt from an address by the English doctor Dr. Vernon Coleman) can be found under the following link:

There is also an interview with a whistleblower from a Berlin nursing home, who says that out of 31 people who were vaccinated (partly forcibly) in the presence of Bundeswehr soldiers (who tested negative before the vaccination), 8 have now died and 11 are struggling with serious side effects [this is in German only - Ed.]:

Against this background, an extraordinary meeting of the Berlin Corona Committee will take place on Wednesday, February 17th, 2021 in live stream and with many guests connected via zoom.

The current situation will be summarized from 2 p.m. In addition, it is discussed how the GEZ contributions can be retained and used to build a new media landscape that really serves freedom of expression, and how the contributions that have already been paid for the senseless propaganda of the last 11 months can be reclaimed by dunning notice.

There will be contributions and discussions on how the food supply can be ensured, in particular by strengthening regional agriculture; but also how by building regional currencies (possibly with the dismantling of the EU to the EEC) it can be ensured that the policy of the so-called “Davos clique” based on money printing out of nowhere can be ended and stable currencies can be returned.


In the second part of the meeting, which starts at 7:00 p.m., world-famous, high-profile personalities will comment on the status of ongoing international legal disputes including various class actions, as summarized above. But it will also be discussed how those primarily responsible (also and primarily politically) for the crimes against humanity committed here will be held to civil and criminal responsibility within the framework of a new international court of justice to be established according to the requirements of the Nuremberg Trials can and must.

You will find the link to the special meeting of the Corona Committee announced here on February 17th. via the committee's website:
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 Also, thanks to a reader, here is an additional news item and supporting pdf's re: the experimental gene therapy being called a v  ac  c in e. 

Still More Snow!!

All right. More snow. Not uncommon for these parts. But Texas? And Seattle?

Need I draw your attention to that video from 2 weeks ago ( c i r st en w and p * tr * ot stree  t f ighter), about n a s a creating a polar vortex expected on Feb 16th?? And how it would cause power outages? There are nearly 2 million homes without power in Texas right now…

It is truly amazing how diabolical everything seems. But why do it to T X? N a  s  a is in fucking T X… (However, I’m guessing that if you’re effing n a s a, you don’t lose power.)

Okay. If you’re on t  e  l e  g r am, check out all the many declassed drops from thetruegreatawakening from yesterday, gang.  Truly disgusting stuff documenting how C  * VID was planned a few years in advance.

Here are some interesting things to note:

A   R o t hs chil d pa t ent for c*  vid testing filed in the e u, from 10/13/2015:


You’ll note that being psychic is incredibly important when filing your patent for a C * VID test 4 years in advance…

Some other psychic phenomena (these are all from thetruegreatawakening t  e l e  g  r  am drops, which also include videos and pdf documentation — if you can stomach it all):

 “S P A  R S”  P an d e  ic Future Scenario 2025-2028

This was sponsored by the J  o h ns   H  op kin s Center for H  ea  l th Sec u rity in October 2017, and it oddly reflects perfectly what happened during the thoroughly unexpected C  * VID panic of 2020. Below is taken from a 90-page pdf which you can download and read for yourself on t  e  l e  g  r  am.

Here’s the doc’s official Disclaimer, which is super cute [emphasis mine]:

This is a hypothetical scenario designed to illustrate the public health risk communication challenges that could potentially emerge during a naturally occurring infectious disease  outbreak requiring development and distribution of novel and/or investigational drugs, vaccines, therapeutics, or other medical countermeasures.

Scenario Purpose
The following narrative comprises a futuristic scenario that illustrates communication dilemmas concerning medical countermeasures (MCMs) that could plausibly emerge in the not-so-distant future. Its purpose is to prompt users, both individually and in discussion with others, to imagine the dynamic and oftentimes conflicted circumstances in which communication around emergency MCM development, distribution, and uptake takes place. […]


A Possible Future in 2025: The “Echo Chamber”
Chapter One: The SPARS Outbreak Begins
Chapter Two: A Possible Cure
Chapter Three: A Potential Vaccine
Chapter Four: Users Beware
Chapter Five: Going Viral
Chapter Six: The Grass is Always Greener
Chapter Seven: The Voice
Chapter Eight: Are You Talking To Me?
Chapter Nine: Changing Horses Midstream
Chapter Ten: Head of the Line Privileges
Chapter Eleven: Standing in Line, Protesting Online
Chapter Twelve: Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket
Chapter Thirteen: Lovers and HatersI
Chapter Fifteen: Are You Talking to Me, Part II
Chapter Sixteen: Antibiotics, HO!
Chapter Seventeen: Vaccine Injury
Chapter Eighteen: Acknowledging Loss
Chapter Nineteen: SPARS Aftermath

This stuff is sickening, gang.  But wait! There’s more!

You can also see the official gov document approving the B  i  l l G  * t es corona v irus patent from Nov. 20, 2018, and download the pdf doc! (Yes, he has a patent on a c o r on a virus! The patent is only 65 pages long! They began filing the paperwork for it on July 23, 2015.)

You can also watch videos from and read the various biographies of participants in  E  vent 2  0  1.  This event included executives from the UN, and corporations like Jo  h  n  s on &   J oh son;  Lufthansa; the c  d  c; the  A  N  Z  bank and the Australian Policy Institute;  the Mon e t ary authority of Singapore — and many more! (Gosh, they have a lot in common, don’t you think?)

What did E vent  2  0  1 do? Yes you guessed it! It was a pan d e mic exercise to illustrate preparedness, that took place on November 4, 2019.  The videos show how all these people from financial powerhouses all over the world proposed to handle all aspects of the “pretend” pan d e mic. (Good thing everyone was so prepared because, like, right away, we had one!!)

I wish I could tell you that it stopped there…

But no.

He dropped even more documents.

One on pl a c  eb o induction:

Our question is whether we can trigger that same sequence of events leading to the same response using an artificial inducer in place of faith. We also ask as to the nature of the inducer.
If effective, whether the inducer is a drug or other formulation, a thought, belief, or practitioner, as it has been developed to deliberately and independently stimulate an active response it is now a therapy and not a placebo. The ultimate aim of the project is to enhance the ability of responders and to induce a controlled response in non-responders.

The objectives of the project are therefore:

1. to determine the sequence of cellular and/or subcellular events initiated by a belief system plus a triggering agent, practitioner, device, technique, product, resulting in a healing response in the absence of a typical therapeutic substance;
2. to initiate the same sequence of events in the absence of, or in the place of, a belief system or learned behavior;
3. to study the effect of the successful completion of step 2 above on the patient’s belief system; and
4. to determine if people can be taught to become responders or increase their ability to do so.



Control much?

It got scarier.

Molecular Therapies: This is all about gene regulating, and survival factors, growth factors, death…

Then they moved on to Energy Medicine:

The portrayal of the role of energy in physiological processes is also becoming more apparent as research has grown to include topics including cellular communication, neurobiology, and the role of electrons and photons, including investigations that are beginning to map the range of bio-photonic activity in the body. […]

That sounds perfectly safe, right?

The crowning piece to all these declassed drops, however, explained how — oh, let’s say a gene therapy passed off as maybe a v  a c  c  in e  during an entirely unexpected p an de  mic could perhaps actually introduce, I don’t know, stuff like nano-particles into your body that simply shouldn’t be there, but that devices can communicate with to determine if a task has been performed and then the heat from a moving human body can trigger a sensor that  – how should we put this? — it can award cryptocurrency to the user whose body activity can be verified.

This was a C * VID – ^^ 19 Patent update, regarding a “cryptocurrency system using body activity data”

It was filed on June 20, 2019.

Trans human ism, gang. It’s not just a myth anymore.  (Again, you can view the complete docs and download them from thetruegreatawakening on t e l e g r am.)

Really. Seriously. I’d avoid that ” v a c c ine” if at all possible, folks.

And just to cheer you, here’s an article about

The Ch *  n ** se Co mm  un ist P * rty’s Unrestricted Biological War  f*re: Looking from A Key Overlooked Angle and Four Attack Possibilities

In Dr. Y **  Lime  n*’s two published reports, she thoroughly demonstrated that not only the C * P virus came from the C * P laboratory, but also defined it as a biological weapon from the C * P military in the aspects of science and intelligence. However, under C* P’s operations of full cover-up, obstruction, and slander, the two heavyweight reports have not provoked a unanimous worldwide awakening and counterattack.

[full article here]

I guess, you know, add to that the report in the N Y mag that  F * u ci gave his bio-engineered v i r us research to the lab to use, and that B * l l g * t  e s allegedly owns that lab in w * h  an, and we have a nicely rounded-out picture.

Saturday at the health food store, I was with this guy who also follows [17] and he has a pilot’s license.  We were trying hard not to stare at this poor little old woman who was literally freaking out because so many people in the store were not wear m * sks.  She was really losing it, saying really sad stuff, like, “This is never going to be over if we don’t all wear our m*sks!”

And my friend whispered to me, “I’m flying you down to D  C  and we’re going to bring our own rope and start hanging those people.”

(Just fyi, here in the US, the death penalty has gone back to hangings; it’s no longer death by firing squad.)

It is really just sickening what they have gotten away with. I’m not really sure how much longer I can take this, folks, but on we go.

Okay. I hope you have a good day, wherever you are in the world. I’m gonna put on my mukluks, head out into the snow and go pay my water bill!! Thanks for visiting, gang! I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning. If it doesn’t make you happy, nothing will, I’m afraid. The Rivingtons, singing their monster hit from 1963, “Papa Oom Mow Mow”.  (I had it on repeat for nearly an hour!) All right. Listen. Relax. Try to forget all this. And take care of yourselves. I love you guys See ya.


The X * 2 R * ports from last night. They were awesome, gang.

Happy Hearts & Flowers, Gang!!

I hope you all have a happy Valentine’s Day, wherever you are in the world!!

It’s still early here, but I’ve been eyeing that chocolate heart I mentioned in yesterday’s post — the vegan one that was a thoughtful gift from a friend, which is really really pretty and quite taste-tempting to the eye, but which — sadly –tastes awful!!!

I keep thinking that maybe today it will taste better because it’s Valentine’s Day…. so far, though, all I do is keep taking it out of and putting it back in to the kitchen cupboard.

But we shall see! The day is still young!

There is not a whole lot of news today because the news from late yesterday afternoon was truly fantastic.

However, now we are on two distinct courses: the upcoming trials re: the e l * c * on fr * ud, and the increasing push-back of the fake v  a  c   c ine. 50% of the world’s population doesn’t want it. And hundreds of thousands of doctors worldwide are refusing to give it to patients. And yet certain governments are still going full steam ahead, still trying to find a way to convince you to take the fucking thing!

Be careful, people. This is experimental gene therapy technology;  the kind of harm that can be done to you could be  irreparable to your body (i.e., a full-on failure of your immune system), and for a lot of people, it has already proven to be fatal. Once it’s in you, it’s in you and they have no real fucking clue what it’s likely to do to you — but judging by the track record so far of certain v  a  c  c  ine-megalomaniacs in the world, yet another  geno c  i d  e is the outcome they’re banking on.

(Also– If you’re gonna insist on calling it a v  a c  c  in e, which it is not, at least call it an experimental one, and make sure that people you talk to know that anyone who takes those shots is actually participating in a clinical trial  (check the  pf  *  z  er web site) and is doing nothing whatsoever to guard themselves against catching a co r o na virus. At this point, people at risk would likely be safer getting the regular flu shot. It is flu season, after all. Although you’d never know it… A lot of folks are still really brainwashed into thinking there is a terrible pan  de  m ic going on out there; but according to actual numbers, and not the inflated c  d  c and w  h o agenda, that c or o a virus from w * han played out at the end of last April. The rest of this has been about trying to keep people frightened and controlled and oblivious to the actual flu.)

Anyway. I hope I live long enough to see main stream m * dia mag nate’s going off to green land for the merciless part they are playing in all these crimes against humanity.

All righty. I’ll be brief today, since it’s a happy holiday today and we’re expecting another snow storm, starting later this evening! I’m leaving you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning — appropriately enough, it’s the love theme from Doctor Zhivago! C  o  mm  u  n i sm!! Love!! Snow!!! Enjoy, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Okay! Those of you who live in NY or know anyone who does: be on guard against Ta  ha  n  ie A  b   o  u s  h i, a far-l* ft,  D istrict A  t t or ney candidate in New York. She is launching a full-scale war against police… and calling all prosecutors “inherently harmful.”

Her goal is to put as many criminals as possible back on the streets… We’ve already seen this come to horrifying fruition recently in Los Angeles, folks. The threat is real.

From the Protect Our P * l i ce P  A  C :

If she wins her election, violent felons will roam the streets… no one would be safe. Take a look at her radical Criminal First agenda:

    • Replacing cops with “violence interpreters,”
    • Halt all prosecutions for heroin dealers, burglars, and prostitutes,
    • Cap all sentences at 20 years – even for the most grisly, depraved crimes.

Any reasonable American should realize this is insane… but she’s getting huge support from national politicians and major funds from S  o  r  os’ P  A  Cs.

It happened already in LA, folks.  Enough said. Here’s hoping s  o  ro s is not long for this free world.

I can’t imbed this video here but this is an important update with R  o  b  er  t  D * v id S t  ** le and Ju an O S  a  v   in, including a possible delay in the upcoming  in  a u g  ur a tion. (18 mins.)

Below: K O checks in, after being gone all week! This video was uploaded just prior to the ac quittal, but it is still a very informative quick listen! (11 mins)

Below: Accordin’ to Jordan: ATJ #27: TR** P AC  QUITTED, Lin  coln Project, Evil Cu * mo, Crypto Soars & Aliens in the MSM [2.13.21]

Below: Robert D*  vid St **  le update on el * l * c t I on  r * g g ing  and S* d  ney’s d * m i n * on lawsuit. (13 min.)

Dear Diary: So Many Things To Ponder!

Before I forget (yet again), my newest novel, The Guitar Hero Goes Home, is now available worldwide as an eBook, distributed through

Since September, it was only available as an eBook through Kindle Unlimited, but now it has expanded into all other eBook markets.

The Guitar Hero Goes Home is adult experimental fiction.

You can find it here on Lulu if you so choose!!

(It is also still available in print here.) (Ooh! I just noticed it got a 5-star review from the UK!! Thank you!!!!!)

“GUITAR HERO GOES HOME, when coupled with NEPTUNE AND SURF and FREAK PARADE, reaffirms Marilyn Jaye Lewis’s standing as a preeminent writer of erotic fiction in the English language. Her depth and range, both on a literary and emotional level, is masterful.”

And, as always, you can read an excerpt of it here on my blog.

Thanks, gang!!

All righty.

Aside from C * o mo maybe getting booted out of his dictator spot, the rest of the news is getting leaner. Which I think is a good thing. The only “news” is the fake im  peach  ment trial and all things stemming from that, which I refuse to “cover” because I believe it is fake. I think it is only happening to try to get more people to wake up to the lies of the D ** p S t * t e and the main stream me d *a.

Since I already know all of those lies — and most of the lies from the last 16 years — I can’t stomach hearing it all over again, while also having to listen to those creatures-from-the-Black-Lagoon that pass themselves off as our c  o n g r ess right now.

Image result for creature from the black lagoon
To be honest, I hate to insult the Creature by comparing con gre ss to him, because he actually had feelings…


I’m still listening to the podcasts, though, and  I have some of them posted below, as always. But mostly, I’m trying to get my mind around what could be coming up regarding the new currency system. Crypto? Gold? Silver? All three? Or something still made of paper?

Obviously, I don’t really know what’s coming, but I do keep hearing that it’s going to be really good, and that our “money” is going to be worth more — or have actual value. I just don’t know what our “money” is going to look like.

Will everything be a sort of “block chain” thing? Will there still be banks? Or will everything be done online in some non-tangible way? Will “money” transfer between us more directly, without any middlemen? (Wouldn’t that be nice? I can’t tell you how much it pisses me off to make a story sale overseas right now and then when I get paid through a wire transfer, my bank takes their cut simply to put the effing money into my account. Will that stuff stop happening? I fucking hope so.)

Honestly, I have absolutely no clue, but it is a lot to think about. What is a bank, and why do we actually need them? It almost seems as if we don’t; that it’s just some construct foisted upon us that we’ve grown up believing in, and that all it really does is find ways to attach itself to our money.

But since the fake pan  de  mic wiped me out, I have absolutely no money whatsoever right now, so ALL of this is “figuratively speaking”.

I like to think, though, that one day, I’ll have actual money again! Regardless of what it looks like. So I keep pondering. And like everything else right now: we shall see.

Well, okay. Yesterday I got some really nice Valentine’s candy from a friend. It was really nice. A heart-shaped box made out of dark chocolate, and inside the chocolate box, are little pieces of more dark chocolate. Very elaborate. Very pretty. Very chocolatey.

I was so excited.  I love dark chocolate. I couldn’t wait to get it home and devour it in private!!


I’m vegetarian, not vegan. People often mistake that about me, though, And this Valentine’s candy is vegan. And so, while it looks really pretty, in my opinion it tastes awful… So. No chance of me devouring it all at once and having some sort of sugar-spike/crash.

I guess one nice thing is that it will likely remain here in my house uneaten, indefinitely. So I guess I’ll always have it to look at and to make me feel happy…

Okay, gang. That’s it for this happy Saturday.  I hope it’s a good one for you, wherever you are in the world. I leave you with my late-night listening-music from yesterday. One of my all-time favorite songs about being broken-hearted: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers “Even the Losers” (1978). Listen. Feel empowered. Enjoy! Thanks for visiting! I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Accordin’ to Jordan: Someone else who hates m*sks as much as I do!! ATJ #26: Scampeachmint, Cancel Culture & Censorship, Vacktheens & Dubble Masks [2.11.21] (21 mins.)

Below: This is from 2/11, P  *  t r oi t S t reet f ighter. The one from last night is not up yet. But this one has been moved to ru  m b le, so you can now watch it in case you missed it on YT!!



Below” X * 2 R * p ort, Financial: “The [**]/[**] are trying to regain control of the economic system. They cannot, [JY] is putting a treasury climate czar in place. P  u  t  in and X  i do not agree with the Great R* set. The new economic system is being born and slowly but surely the people will be moved into the new system.” (16 mins.)

Below: X * 2 R * po rt:  “The [**] has now had their im peach  ment tr i  al, Tr **p team exposed their lies and now the world was able to see the truth about Tr ** p. The im  peach  ment set a precedent that you can im  peach a former  pr  e  s  i  d ent. Everything is in motion, news unlocks and now the people have seen the truth.” (32 mins)