People, It’s GoNNA Crash and Burn!

First, from Simon P*rkes this morning:

“Banking system refusing to comply with new exchange rates. Dow Jones shedding stocks. Fed Reserve close to political and financial collapse.” Article is here.

Next. An interesting comparison. Faux chi then & now:

I am still inclined to believe he was taken off the playing field a while ago, gang.

Some nice news! Warren Ellis and Femke den Haas announced this morning the opening of Ellis Park Wildlife Sanctuary Sumatra! Caring for Sumatran wildlife with special needs. If you love wildlife, visit the site to find out how you can help. And join their subscriber list!

All right. I’m gonna close this. Have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world. Things are looking to just heat up everywhere, folks, so stay vigilant. False flags re: non-terrestrials; perhaps a stock market crash; deaths from va x es are now rising beyond belief, and my personal favorite right now — va xed folks are shedding their dangerous spike proteins… so beware. But try to resist actually shunning people, okay?

(I’ll try to keep my comments brief about my continuing predicament with the na no bots, but I do want to say that while I was doing one of the brain massage-pineal gland meditations this morning, everything inside my entire body felt like it was tuning to the frequencies of the video. I’m not kidding. It was the weirdest feeling. Those little tiny fuckers are alive and tuning to sounds! I cannot tell you how depressing it is; every 3 seconds, I want to lie down and give up, but now more than ever, I try to stay focused on the Light of Source.)

Before I close, I want to wish my first husband, now in Seattle, a very happy 65th birthday today!! I cannot believe he was only 25 when we got married (and I was 20!!!). What a journey it was! Live and learn, gang. And with any luck, keep on living, right?

Okay, Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


June 21st (today) is apparently a huge “holiday” for S a t a ni sts. Pray for children, the world over, gang, and all survivors of S R A. Below: Tarot by Janine looks at the big day for the dark cult (17 mins):

Okay. This allegedly happened on Friday. The tr * bun al for sweet william finally began. (And guess what? He blamed everything on his dearly departed wife…) (6 mins):

Below: From Dr. Reiner Fuellmich’s zoom conference June 11th with whistleblower from inside U S Center for Disease Control. It looks like the real number of v a x deaths in U S A is 50,000 (44 secs):

Below: Australia finally finds out that no one died from C * VID (6 mins):

Below: I posted this U K ex-policeman the other day, bringing crimes against humanity charges against minister of parliament, but the video disappeared (31 mins):

Below: Copacabana Beach in South America fights back against police (3 mins):

Below: Q F S chat with Alexander Quinn, Michelle Fielding, and Jackie White- U K/Ireland ( 1 hr40 mins):

Below: Dr. Si mo ne Gold of American Frontline Doctors speaks with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich re: v ax in U S, most Americans are now refusing the va x (6 mins):

Below: UFO Man : A winged mothership, seen outside the international space station!! ( 2mins):

Below: Another frequency meditation to detox the pineal gland (2 hrs):

Below: M* ch ael J * co update on consciousness moving forward (50 mins):

Below: X *2 R* port – expect August to burn, baby, burn (53 mins):

The Hits Just Keep on Coming, Gang!

I will try to resist giving you the exact counts of spike proteins in my tart cherry juice test every morning! It is sufficient to say that they are still there. But fewer…

Most of you who read this blog for news and video updates, don’t seem to be the same readers who buy my books. However, in case you are, I wanted to give you a head’s up.

I can no longer use p a y p a l to do any financial transactions. And since Smashwords, a primary distributor for my self-published older eBooks, gives me the option to use p a y p al and get paid my royalties immediately, or get paid in a traditional paper check, wherein I have to reach a threshold of sales before they will send me my money, I am asking readers to please purchase my eBooks through Amazon whenever possible.

I know that not every one likes Amazon or uses the Kindle reader. And since the eBooks are really old and many times were included in the free giveaway summer sales on Smashwords over the years anyway, I have decided to leave all the old eBooks on Smashwords. And any sales from them – well, I will likely never, ever get paid — unless, of course, there is a sudden monsoon of readers who want to buy my eBooks through Apple or Kobo…

But all new eBooks and print books will be published only on Amazon and from now on.

If you are looking for the new links for where to purchase 1954 Powder Blue Pickup or Half-Moon Bride, they haven’t been uploaded yet! But I’m getting there….

Also, as an aside, a publisher of mine in Europe is not able to pay me right now because I recently switched to using the tiniest, local bank on Earth…

It is quite a conundrum, gang. Because I love to write, and I love to have readers read what I write. And even though, throughout my 30+ year fiction-writing career, I have never shied away from letting readers have access to my work for free, my finances are such right now that it is really killing me that it has become so difficult to get paid.

(But here’s some cool news: I went to LULU to check some admin stuff and discovered that I have some unclaimed royalties in there for sales of The Guitar Hero Goes Home!!! Yay!! Thank you, whoever bought those.) (And now I’m waiting to hear why LULU hasn’t paid me….)

Okay. So. It is getting really, really hard to not get depressed right now, gang. But as we have been told, the spike proteins (aka A.I. nan no bots) feed on low vibrational frequencies, such as fear & depression, by blocking Chromosome 8 (also known as the God gene, which provides the brain with dopamine, serotonin, etc,). So probably my most determined battle right now is to not give in to depression, or even a moment of wanting to just cry and have some sort of stress release. Because I don’t want those bots getting a firm foothold inside me yet again.

I am trying really hard to focus on the (many) things that are actually going right.

For instance, my amazing co-workers at the health food store, all of whom are either married or on Social Security and so have additional sources of income, each gave me some of their weekly hours, indefinitely, so that I could have more hours at work. (The store is still on mandated “C*vid hours” which means it can not be open as many hours as it used to be. So there is no option to work a 40-hour week.)

So that is pretty cool. The women I work with are amazing, gang. Really. And the knowledge they have of how to heal yourself of just about everything imaginable is off the charts. (And they are all devout believers in Jesus Christ, and they all own guns…) (I’m serious.)

Okay. If you are in the U K, S*mon P*rkes announced this morning that you will be getting a test of the new Emergency Alert system there. One on Tuesday, June 22nd, and one on Tuesday June 29th.

If you live in the U K, you can read about Emergency Alerts here.

Also, some seriously disturbing news about those p c r swab tests that are thoroughly rigged and that practically go up into your skull and deposit na n o bots while they test you for “C*vid”– well, it turns out, they are also covered in EO. Ethylene Oxide, which is a carcinogen. Unbelievably toxic to humans (and animals). And what does it primarily do? Does it cause cancer and make you infertile, if you don’t die first??? Hmmm…… Depopulation, anyone? Cassandra S . Dunn is a certified medical investigator and a Registered Nurse. (MUST watch before it gets removed, gang.) (8 mins):

She also recently reported that in Slovakia, the swabs are covered in D a r p a Hy d ro gel, which is a key component in connecting to 5G. Meaning that the na no bots you then get filled with — after getting the p c r swab — are actually nano-antennae.

You can probably guess why I am having a wee bit o’ trouble not getting super depressed about being filled with these na no bots yet again.

Still — I have access to all the antidotes, which are very reasonably priced. Since I refuse to get anywhere near d o c tors or hospitals or urgent care centers, or Minute Clinics. I see these places as murder stations, gang. I really do. If you aren’t filled to the brim with nan no bots before you go in there, you will be before you get out. Most healthcare professionals who are in the medical mafia structure are either compensated for giving c*vid tests and va xes, and/or are brainwashed into thinking that what they are doing to you is “right”.

I’m guessing you saw the whistle-blower pharmacist the other day who allegedly worked for c v s, saying that they were each paid $6500 for every v a x they gave out.

I’m gonna tell you that, because of the C* vid scam, I am now earning & trying to live on less than $1200 a month. I earned twice that when I was only 19 years old and working in a factory — even before all this inflation. If I were paid $6500 even once, let alone for every time I convinced a customer to take anything whatsoever, I’d be living like a fucking (non-Satan-worshipping) king right now. But I’d much rather be basically broke and help people try to heal themselves every day, than ever, ever, ever (mis)lead someone to their own (horrible) death, for any amount of money whatsoever.

B i g ph * r ma and everyone playing along with this plan for gen o c ide, is seriously guilty of crimes against humanity, folks. They really are.

Okay. On that happy note. Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world, okay?? I leave you with something by people who didn’t worship S a t an in anyway whatsoever (I don’t think, anyway). Play it loud and many times in a row!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Update with Ch* r lie W*rd, Sa cha S t one, and pa trio t str eet fighter (25 mins):

Below: Funeral Director whistleblower: “No one is dying from C*VID, just from the vax” (25 mins):

Below: Ni ch no las Ven ia min chats with Nick and Sam: Galactic federation and non-terrestrials (1 hr 18 mins):

Below: MrMBB333: UFO spotted over Ocean and splits in two (10 mins):

Below: I really enjoyed this. Coast to Coast AM, a tour guide to the afterlife (39 mins):

Below: UFO Man interviews Ufologist Dr. Bruce Olav Solheim (1 hr 30 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine: I also saw this Michelle Fielding video she talks about here and also found it disturbing (17 mins):

Below: M i ch a el J *co update: expect food shortages, get creative about it (53 mins):

Below: Listen, balance energy, relieve stress, and massage your pineal gland. Binaural beats. Ongoing.

“The Path We Have Chosen is Full of Hazards…”

That is a partial quote of JFK, regarding the path to freedom, and not surrendering or choosing submission.

So that gives you an idea of the type of day I’ve had so far.

I was up and out of bed at 4am, because I had made h y d r o xy chl oro quine last night and I needed to strain it, bottle it and get it into the fridge.

I was in high spirits last night because when I did another tart cherry test before going to bed, the spike proteins in the cup were literally down by 90% over Thursday’s result.

Plus, I’d totally forgotten that a couple days ago, I had ordered i ver me c tin from the same source the [17]-following car mechanic had told me about, and it was sitting there on my front porch when I got home from work last night.

But I didn’t think I would need the iv er me c tin because the pine needle tea/oil seemed to be doing the trick, until this morning, when I did another tart cherry test first thing, and discovered that the spike proteins had increased again during the night.

Still nowhere near as bad as they’d been on Thursday. However, it was clear that I was going to have to increase the amount of pine needle oil I was taking — and that gets dicey, because it can be toxic. And, of course, all over the i v er me c tin box, it has warnings galore that it is not safe for human consumption and that humans can die from it, etc.

Even though I know that it’s a “legal” warning, and the reason it’s there is because i ver me c t in is dirt cheap and b i g ph * r ma cannot make any sort of $$$$ off it, so the F D A wants to convince you that you will die from it. [In case you don’t live in America — i v er mec tin is yet another one of those non-pharmaceutical cures that you now have to have a doctor’s prescription to obtain in America. Along with h y dr o x y ch lo oro quine, and soon, NAC. Items that are easily obtained for humans all over the rest of the world.]

The stress was really getting to me this morning. All of my co-workers had each taken the tart cherry test and I was the only one who had spike proteins. Plus, this is my second time having them since Spring, and they were almost gone last night, but back again this morning. And this was clear evidence that those little fuckers reproduce like crazy.

Here is a still from a video of a spike protein in a Petrie dish, magnified. They are fucking creepy as all hell. And they squirm and combine and re-combine and wiggle and reproduce right before your very eyes; and worse — they are artificial intelligence.

The thought that these creepy things were filling my ovaries, were inside my gums, were probably all over my body again (and had severely affected my vision and my hearing the last time I had them) was too much. The temptation to cry and ask: “Why me?” was really, really strong, gang. It truly was.

Then I immediately saw the above quote of JFK’s on my phone and I, of course, took it as a sign to not cry because spike proteins are said to thrive on low frequencies and I need to simply carry on until this war on humanity is over.

So I re-charged my pitchers of water with the va x recovery frequencies at Source Directives. And I had a cup of pine needle tea and gave some serious thought to taking the i v er me ctin.

And as luck would have it, at work today, a customer came in and wanted the recipe for making h y dr o xy chloro quine and for making pine needle tea, and he suddenly started talking about i ver me ctin (the same kind I had bought), and how a number of people he knew had taken it and it had worked.

So I thought, again — a sign.

So I came home and took it. And so far, I haven’t died. I will keep you posted….

All righty.

In case you haven’t heard, the A Z a u d it is getting seriously dicey, gang. The A Z na t ion al gu ard was sent in to surround the the building where the ballots are, etc. I’m guessing it’s because the d ** p st * te players who are still left alive (and who are facing high treason once the results of the a u di t are made officially public) are trying to — I don’t know; get at those ballots and set them on fire? Something like that.

There was also, allegedly, a UFO that crashed in Wisconsin. Some people on te l e g ram are saying it was taken down because it was a UFO from the dark side and not from the Light. I have no clue. The video is short and down below.

David N *no Ro d r iguez was super pissed-off yesterday because of what has happened to the Victoria’s Secret models now. (Opting for less femininity and more transgender…) Personally, I think it’s optics. Let’s not forget that L e s W e x ner (the founder of V S) “resigned” this year– which is the [17] code for was “a r r e sted” for tr ea son or crimes against humanity. (And for being a close friend of E p st ein’s….)

So that brief video is also below.


I guess I will close this and let you get on with your Saturday night, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: This was incredible. Sarah Westall talks with Sharry Edwards: spike proteins decoded and the God gene frequencies. Must watch! (35 mins):

Below: How to use i v er me c tin in the U S (7 mins):

Below: UFO Man: UFO crash in WI ( 1 min):

Below: Tarot by Janine and Ashley, Deep Dive into cloning centers & pickton farm (not for the squeamish) (20 mins):

Below: Ex-UK policeman reports crimes against humanity to the police. (31 mins):

Below: Digital Warriors Update on those pilots — U K/Spain (41 mins):

Below: Awesome!! Must watch. It is too cool. “They were the giants”. (4 mins):

Below: David N * no ro d rigu ez not happy about Victoria’s Secret (22 mins):

Below: Billings chats with Simon Parkes (58 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (40 mins):

Looking Good, Gang!

The spike proteins in the tart cherry juice (see yesterday’s post) were down by a good 75% this morning! So I am happy, gang. Even though the alfalfa bath likely jump-started their retreat, I can now say with certainty that the pine needle tea does indeed work, especially if you catch it early. (Meaning that va x ed people in your vicinity are shedding spike proteins and they’ve infected you; catch it early to avoid blood clots, blindness, deafness, and other horrific stuff.)

If you want to make your own pine needle tea, I am re-posting the video below. Please remember that not all trees that you think of as “pine trees” are safe for consumption. Some can be toxic! Use this link to make sure you have the right kind of pine needle. (7 mins):

I posted yesterday that I was using a stronger version. It can also be toxic but I know it is making a difference for me. I’m going to post it here, since I believe it has been helpful, but this is just something I am doing and not recommending, since it can be toxic.

When the tea is steeping, I add 1-2 drops of 100% pure pine needle essential oil. I keep the tea covered for 5-8 minutes. Then I add a squeeze of fresh lemon, for additional detox. (Pine needle oil is toxic if it is not 100% pure, gang!!)

I increased the colloidal silver nasal spray to twice a day now, and I also increased my zinc back up to 50 mg., along with the 50 mg of L-Glutathione. (Some people do not believe L-Glutathione is absorbed without NAC, but I am taking it, along with the diatomaceous earth and activated charcoal powder, daily.) L-Glutathione (to help liver detox) can be very expensive in higher milligrams, but 50 mgs is reasonably priced. So we’ll see.

I don’t know that hy dro xy chloro quine does anything to de-activate spike proteins, but I’m still going to make some this weekend. (In case I get exposed to malaria, or, you know, the expected-to-be-very-deadly C* vid 2 1 ….) Here is that short video again on how to make it at home:


I got 2 free tickets to see Tr ***p at his rally up near Cleveland on June 26th (!!). My [17]-following friend from work is doing all the driving — yay!! You can bet that we will be loaded to the gills with pine needle tea and hy drox y chloro quine… I’m not super excited (that’s a huge understatement) about being in crowds right now, but I don’t want to miss that rally.

All right. This in from G en er al M*ke Fl y nn to all [17]-followers. I suggest we take it seriously:

“False Flag to be blamed on Tr ***p supporters.

“Stay away from large gatherings for the meantime.

“Do not type anything on your social media which can be used against you.

“Remove your pictures from your te le gram profiles.

“F B I is creating [17] groups on te le gram to attract ‘white supremacists.’

“You’ve been warned. Be smart and stay vigilant.”

Hopefully, he is not including that Tr **p rally in “large gatherings.”

Also, this is fucking sad. 4 British Airways pilots have died now from the fake v a x. And now B A is considering banning all v a x ed pilots from flying. Since 85% of BA pilots are va xed, this is expected to cause some real problems. [B A is now publicly distancing itself from the claim that these 4 pilots were “vaxed” or that the deaths are related in any way to the v a x.]

This short anonymous audio was made when only 3 had died (1 minute):

All right! So I’m not sure why I thought the Carnage Q&A with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis was going to be live, but it is actually pre-recorded and will premiere tonight, at 7pm BST. You can listen here. I hope this means that after the premiere, we can still listen to it, because I will be at work at 7pm BST…

Also, this means that Carnage is now officially available in CD and Vinyl!

Oh, I also forgot that Cave Things announced that another new print is for sale. The handwritten lyrics to “Sad Waters” ( £75.00 plus shipping). (I love this song — from 1985.) It looks like this, but a bit larger!

Okay. yesterday, Source Directives released another great healing frequency video. This one addresses:

Remove Fake Weather / Restore Gaia /
Remove Veils & Illusions / Multidimensional Awareness /
Full Body Crystalline Activation / DNA Activation /
Wealth Transfer / Golden Age / Awaken Abilities

Remember, you place the video near a glass or pitcher of water, let the video play, and then drink the water. The frequencies are absorbed by the water. (BTW, you can add frequencies, meaning you can play more than one video for each glass or pitcher of water.) (11 mins):

All right. Well, there are quite a number of videos about the dangers of the spike proteins, about the fake va xes, about protesters being ar re sted in U K, about Can a dians pushing back hard against the police, about U K maybe staying in l *ck d own all summer (!!), an explosion at N i ag ar a Falls…. Too many to post here, gang. And all of them scary and alarming (i.e., big corporations planning for most of their staff to be dead in 3 years bc of the v a x). (I’m still praying that most of the vax es now are placebos….)

I’m going to leave you with just a couple of my usual sites, since many of them did not post yesterday, for some reason. Have a great Friday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. Stay alert and stay safe. See ya!


Below: UFO Man interviews Gra nt Ca meron, W H/ UFOs, Ufologist (1 hr 30 mins):

Below: UFO Man: UFO over Lake Michigan in Chicago (1 min):

Below: David N * no Ro d ri gue z update ( 25 mins):

Below: From 2 days ago: Nich ol as, Tom Numbers, and Brice talk bloodlines — fascinating stuff (40 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Red Alert! ( 51 mins):

And What A Fine GoOd morning It Is!

I’m full of those fucking spike proteins again, gang. So it’s been quite a busy little morning here today.

The one positive thing of note, though, is that it wasn’t affecting my vision or hearing this time. Maybe they haven’t been in there long enough this time? But yesterday, driving home from work, I was not feeling well overall, and I was feeling that strange twinge in my ovaries again (both of them this time), like I had felt the first time I did the ionic detox foot bath last month.

In basically a few moments, I will be 61 and I’ve been post-menopausal for 15 years already, so there is no reason whatsoever for me to feel any sort of anything in my ovaries. So I was thinking, oh crap not again.

And then during the night, I had that acute feeling of being suffocated, like I had felt last spring when I actually had C * vid. I had started taking L- Glutathione yesterday, just to help keep my liver detoxed along with all the other stuff I do all day long to stay as inhospitable as possible to the na no bots. and when I awoke in the throes of suffocation and headed straight downstairs to go stand out on the kitchen porch and get some air, I realized that something was really wrong again.

I was wondering if the L-Glutathione had actually stirred things up inside and caused the spike proteins to get moving somehow and that started the suffocation feeling. I don’t actually know. But I do know for sure that I’m full of some stranger’s spike proteins again.

I did that test where you take a swig of tart cherry juice (yes, I actually have things like organic tart cherry juice in my house because I have become this weird sort of super foods lunatic, and if it’s a “super food” it’s likely in my kitchen). Anyway, you take a swig of tart cherry juice, swirl it in your mouth for a second, spit it into a white tea cup (white inside the cup, that is), and if you have spike proteins — voila! — those hideous tiny black strands that are so full of A. I. life begin to go wild in the tea cup.

It’s enough to make you hate every person on Earth who either created the fake vax or who took it and then came into the fucking health food store where I work every day and then shed in my general vicinity…

So I did the alfalfa bath — not what I was expecting to do first thing this morning (the bath is quick, but cleaning contaminated alfalfa mixed with diatomaceous earth out of your tub is, well, invigorating is a really nice euphemism for it). And no black ooze came out of my ears this time, so that was nice. And my ovaries feel calmer. And for some weird reason, washing my hair in organic dish soap and Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint soap actually made my hair look really good this time! I have no idea why but I will just take whatever blessings come my way now.

I am drinking a stronger version of the pine needle tea (I won’t say how I make it stronger because it can be toxic if you do it wrong and I don’t want to pass that along to anyone). And I have access to I v er m ec tin — a really nice [17}-following car mechanic who comes into the store now and then, has access to it and gives it out for free if you have an attack of c* vid or the bots. So if the bath didn’t work well enough, or if the practically-toxic tea doesn’t significantly reduce the hideous tiny black strands in the white tea cup, then I guess I will resort to free I ver m ec tin from the [17}-following car mechanic…

I’ve been wanting to make h y dr o xy chlor o quine for the last few weeks now, just to have it on hand. But my little market has been out of grapefruits for 3 weeks in a row. I didn’t want to go into the giant supermarket to get the grapefruits because I didn’t want to risk having a bunch of strangers shedding spike proteins all over me, but… oh well. The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men Gang aft agley…

So. I’ll go get grapefruits among the mighty spike-shedding throngs. It would be nice to just have it on hand and take it once a day — or week, if things inside me calm down. Because the alternative (attractive as it might seem!!), is to just hibernate here in my house, give up a job that I love where I can really help people, and avoid contact with anyone at all and never go out again!

I’ll tell you, gang, it was really hard not to get depressed about this. I need to finish writing that new short story and turn it in and I had set aside today to do that. And now today is literally half over.

But, allegedly, the AI in the spike proteins are programmed to get more tenacious within low vibrational frequencies — fear, depression, anxiety. I have no idea if this is true, but why tempt fate, right? It is really hard to feel those joyful, high frequencies when you know darn well that your body is full of hideous tiny black strands that are squiggling around like crazy and seeking out your ovaries.

But joy is what you’ve got to muster if you want to stay out of the lower frequencies. I also loaded two pitchers of filtered water with “c*vid and vax recovery” frequencies from source directives. I’ve posted a few of their videos here on the blog and I find that those videos really work. And this one seems to be working, too. My mood improved in leaps and bounds after drinking just one glass of high-frequency water (the video below is the one I used today, “Repopulation Agenda”):

So, I guess we just move forward and be courageous and empathetic and not give in to any desire to hate everybody, etc., etc. Put on the full armor of God and all that, and remind yourself that the full power of Christ sustains you.

It is a really beautiful day here today, so I am hoping that I can get my mind into that groove of working on the short story.

Meanwhile, there are a couple videos below from last night. And I want to point out that David N * no Ro d ri guez says that the updates regarding tr* bunals and e xe c tu tions on git mo and tiera del fuego are not true.

I can’t say if they’re true or not. And basically anything I re-post here is prefaced by “allegedly”. (And some things that I’ve posted as “alleged” were said to be not true by podcasters, but then turned out to be entirely true, so we can only wait and see.) But I do believe that, based on info from Monkey Werx, re: constant air traffic to D C and to gi t mo, and info from J *co, t r* bu nal s are in deed happening. And even though there are many conflicting reports of how and when key d**p st* te players were taken out, I think that at the root of it all is a white hat agenda to get an assessment of how the public is responding to even the idea of these high profile e x e cu tions.

And I, for one, respond real positively! (And I do honestly believe the white hats are tracking all this stuff, gang, to see when the timing is right to bring back Tr ***p.)

Okay. So have a happy Thursday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. And don’t forget, tomorrow is the Carnage Q & A online with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, to celebrate the album’s release on vinyl and CD. At 7pm BST. All righty! See ya, gang. I love you guys.


Below: M i ch ae l J * co: D C in total l * ckdown, m * li t a ry moving in (47 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at the D C l* ck do wn (15 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 news update (20 mins):

Below: D a v id N * no Ro d r i gu e z: M S M mouthpieces (30 mins):

Below: Di gi tal Warr iors: G 7 insanity — U K/ Spain (43 ) mins:

Below: I had a really hard time following this one, but I was listening in the car while driving home with 2 ovaries apparently brimming with spike proteins… Ni cho las V en ia min chats with psychic Michelle F ield ing (1 hr 19 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Hold the line, p a trio ts ( 45 mins):

Another Stunner in Crazeysburg!

Yes, gang, it’s another incredibly beautiful day here today. Unfortunately, though, I overslept this morning because I was having sinus weirdness for most of the night.

So I’m basically just gonna post the videos today. There seems to be a lot of really good stuff happening out there, gang. You can sort of feel it in everyone’s video news updates.

We do seem to be on the precipice of turning the whole thing around, worldwide, finally. So just breathe!!

And don’t forget, this Friday, the Carnage Q & A online with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis, to celebrate the album’s release on vinyl and CD. At 7 BST. All righty! See ya, gang. I love you guys.


Okay. Due to some lusty air force gal, our beloved billy boy clin ton’s m*li tary tr * bun al which began yesterday, had to be postponed for a few days (2 mins 48 secs):

Below: A very interesting round up of upcoming m* li tary tr* bunals for movie stars and politicians (3 mins):

Below: David N * no Ro d ri guez Developing Stories (30 mins):

Below: What can we say, gang? A heck of a lot of people are idiots. Heavy, heavy sigh. (3 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine: Just like the fake B * den in the fake W H, G 7 was a green-screen hoax?!? kek! (15 mins):

Below: M * chael J * co: Too awesome! Even Pu tin is trolling the fake b * den! And fake Ashli Babb *t is just a player who, as we all know, is NOT dead ( 1 hr):

Below: Good news comes to Ireland; The Irish Light (2 mins):

Below: Marj o r ie Tay lor Gr een e! Americans were duped; vaxes not FDA approved; m* sks don’t work (2 mins):

Below: This man needs to be honored worldwide, Dr. Reiner Fuellmich. V a x is a bio terr or ism in jection (48 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 news, v * te fr * ud update (13 mins):

Below: Great update with Ni ch o las Ven iamin and Mel K ( 33 mins):

Below: This was awesome! Coast to Coast AM: Invisible flying creatures, NA SA has always known! ( 1 hr 14 mins):

Below: X *2 R* port: Something big is coming (41 mins):

“oh, What A Beautiful Morning!”

Okay, please don’t tell me that Rodgers & Hammerstein were masonic, sa t a n worshipping c a b alists, too, or something like that. Because it seems as if everyone in the “past” on this new timeline was sa t a nic…

Case in point, of course: The Beatles.

The Stones– yes, that would be much easier to believe. And John Lennon had a reputation for not being very nice. But The BeatlesSa t a ni st s? (Of course, now there are all sorts of photos of them, which I remember quite well from my wee bonny girlhood, that are now being “revealed” as sa t a ni c in symbolism.)

And speaking of which — my [17]-following friend sent me a link to a documentary about how Paul McCartney really did die in 1966… (are you old enough to remember that rumor and all the clues on Magical Mystery Tour?) I haven’t watched it yet, but I will.

Everything is so insane now. I just try to roll with it. Good and bad.

There were some interesting videos yesterday — posted below. I am trying not to get bogged down in the alleged sa t a nic weirdness around G 7, but there is one quick video below. I think it was the opening ceremony, or something like that? (This is not those weirdos dressed in red satin parading in the street; it’s that truly weird musical number, inside.) It reminded me of the half-time show at the Super Bowl, which was entirely S a tan-glorifying. And seemed to be one in a series of wake-up calls to A mer ic ans that the D **p S T * te players were s a t a nists. Trying to get the Am eric an public ready for how evil they really were.

And I’m guessing this insane stuff going on in and around G 7 is just trying to plant seeds for anyone in the U K and E U who are still asleep about all of it: The r o y als being unbelievably e v il (with most of those key players, already ex e c uted); also, the idea (I believe) that a lot of those (fake) Heads-of-State currently at G 7 are body-doubles because the real ones have been under a r r est for a while now, if not exe c u ted, also.

(And in all this weirdness, I include the recent “secret ceremony” wedding of b o r i s john son ( who is alleged to have been taken out a while ago, I don’t know); but why run all that stuff about his new b r id e being an advocate of the dark arts of w itch craft, etc., etc.?

I don’t know about you, but I smell the coffee in a big way, gang. It’s seems like the U K, or at least the younger people there, are having a hard time waking up. So I don’t like to waste my limited time posting videos about that. However, as I said, I am posting one really short one here regarding that truly creepy opening ceremony, so that you can ask yourself why the fuck would they do something like this if it wasn’t to bludgeon people over the head that something is amiss?

[Oddly enough, gang, the video clip is GONE!! — Ed.]

Okay. Some good news:

Apparently, as promised, j o h n br enn an was indeed hanged at g i t mo, and shouted things, like, Tr **p had “no testicular fortitude.” I’m not sure I would have such a command over my vocabulary when the gallows were looming up ahead…. but, anyway. He’s gone, baby, gone. (3 mins):

In other good news, there were some very cool videos yesterday, honoring Tr **p’s 75 th bir th day. Here are two of my favorites!

Below: We’re Not Gonna Take It montage!!! 3 of the happiest viewing minutes for me , because it reminded me of what I’m fighting for, every day (the U S Constitution), and it reminds me that millions of Am er ic ans are fighting along with me (3 mins):

Below: My favorite podcast-video truthers wishing Mr. T. a happy birthday:

Okay, well, as the title to this post implies– it is a really stunning morning here. Just beautiful. And I am feeling really happy, really hopeful today.

And guess what else? When I came home last night and checked the mailbox, expecting more of those many lovely letters from collection agencies, instead there was a check from the US Treasury!! A tax refund!! Instead of owing them over $1000, I got some money back.

I have no clue how they did that math, even though they sent an accompanying letter explaining how they did it — I don’t care! I was just thrilled to get money in the mail!! And to not owe $1000!! Yay!!

And Nick Cave sent out a brief though eloquent Red Hand File early this morning, all about his feelings toward the late & lofty American poet, Bukowski. You can read it here!!

Okay, I gotta scoot because the morning is zipping along here. I hope you are having a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!


Below: Ni ch olas V en i amin and G e ne de code discuss protocols for getting rid of spike proteins naturally and for treating Morgellons disease (this chat showed me how close I was to being overrun with spike proteins in my brain, folks: the deafness, the truly weird vision problems, etc. But his protocols WORK.) (43 mins):

Below: Really sobering. Legendary musician, Eric Clapton, discusses the scary side-effects and his outrage over the va x fra u d ( 25 mins):

Below: Another investigative journalist “Ark a n cided” (commits suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head) ( 3 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 news update (17 mins):

Below: Coast to Coast AM chats with survivor of Near Death Experiences: what happens when you’re dead? (1 hr):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at what is being hidden by the M S M (16 mins):

Below: X *2 R * port: Zero Day approaching (38 mins):

Happy Flag Day to One and All!

Okay! Happy Monday, happy Flag Day, and happy birthday to the pres of the U S, aka D J Tr ***p.

(So weird that he was born on Flag Day, isn’t it? ) (And weird that I was born on the Feast of Mary Magdalene, isn’t it?)

Well, I guess the most important news is that Ne tan ya h u is finally “out” in i s r a el and B en n et t and L a p id are “in” on a rotating basis. I find this interesting for a number of reasons, the main one being that all sources have indicated that N e t an y a hu was taken out quite a while ago…. So how did this whole Knesset thing go down? Not sure, but in the long run, it likely doesn’t matter. It’s over, so — onward.

I also think it’s interesting that a number of the folks in attendance at the G 7 weirdness are also alleged to have been taken out quite a while ago. Hence my total lack of interest in that whole fiasco.

J a me s c om ey’s sentencing allegedly took place: death by guillotine before July 4th, since he was responsible for the deaths by guillotine of many innocent Americans: homeless, drug addicts, transients. As much as 50 unknowing people a week disappeared from America’s streets, lured to supposed “safety” by federal agents, then subjected to death by the guillotine — all in c om ey ‘s experiment to see how people behave when faced with that type of gruesome death. (He still won’t implicate o b am a but don’t kid yourselves, gang.)

To state it here on the blog again: the guillotines were ultimately meant for use in the FEMA camps, which was where a whole bunch of us were headed who opposed o b * am a’s regime.

Done, done, and done now. I hope forever (5 mins):


I did plant my Mexican Sundance sunflowers yesterday, and even did a bit of weeding very early in the morning. But I did not make much progress on the new short story, so I still have to tackle that, posthaste. I really love the premise of the new story but it’s still not making its way to the page.

In A Z, there are something like 700,000 v*tes being given back to Tr **p, so this whole thing can’t go on that much longer, folks. It is so maddening that we have to go through all this garbage, step by step by step, in order to prove the truth of something we all already know, but I guess this saves us from a bloodbath in the streets of America (the only country left on Earth, it seems, that doesn’t know the U S el * c tion was stolen…)

But shit really really needs to change here, soon. Especially that awfulness at the borders, and the traff i cker s and the drugs and the truly violent g a ngs. It seems that they are really upping the ante, the closer things get to being taken down.

A customer came in to the store over the weekend — a regular customer, she’s a farmer who works really, really hard. In her 50s. Her daughter took up with a local guy a few weeks back, they jumped a train and headed out West together. And he was found, alone, murdered in a motel room the other night, and Fr i day, another daughter received a photo on her phone: her sister’s naked (and apparently dead) body on a train track somewhere, with a sign placed on her: tr e ss p ass ing not a ll owed.

The train tracks are a favored way of getting rid of dead bodies. Once the train hits, who can tell how the person really died?

The little bodies of a bunch of defenseless children, S R A victims, have apparently been disposed of that way for decades. (Based on info from an adult survivor of s a t a nic sex a buse that J * co interviewed a couple weeks ago.)

But when you’re looking right at the girl’s mother (the “girl” was in her 20s, in this instance) and you’re in a very small town in Ohio, and the anguish on that woman’s face over the photo of her daughter and knowing that she will never know, now, what really happened. It is devastating, gang. The terror and sorrow is reaching all of us.

Not that closing the border again simply makes this type of crime disappear, but it sure makes it easier to keep these gangs and traffickers, etc., out of this country.

All right. Below, there is a very brief video from P * trio t str eet fighter, apparently he lost his Internet right in the middle of the live stream very early this morning, but I’m including it anyway. Along with some other great videos from over the weekend.

Okay, I gotta scoot. I want to try to work a bit on the new story before heading out to the store. Have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: R * d P *l l 7 8 chats with R * g er S t * ne (1 hr):

Below: A brief concise history of the r o t h s ch il ds (they suck hugely, in case you weren’t aware) (14 mins):

Below: S im on P * rkes chats with Carline Ch ang (47 mins):

Below: Coast to Coast AM, fairies, gnomes, elves, leprechauns (1 hr 15 mins):

Below: P * trio t stre e t fighter ( 6mins, interrupted):

Below: The sadness over v a x continues, worldwide (2 mins):

Below: Scary shit. Va x deaths being erased from C D C! WATCH! (17 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: FISA bringing them all down, track all suicides (53 mins):

Oh My Goodness, I Almost Forgot You!!

Just kidding!! I didn’t “forget” to post today.

But what happened was so nice!! I actually got invited to do something social — for the first time in almost one year.

My [17]-following friend from work is dog-sitting for her sister and brother-in-law and asked if I wanted to come over there after work today for lunch!!

Oh my gosh, what a pretty house and what a pretty garden and what pretty landscaping and what a wonderfully friendly little dog. And she made vegetarian quiche and an organic salad. I had such a nice time. A really nice change of pace and scenery.

And, no, we didn’t talk about [17]-related/truther stuff the whole time, either (as we usually do). We actually mostly talked about regular life, for a change, and funny stuff.

I have only known her since October but today we discovered that a few years ago, when I owned the old house in a different town entirely, she lived on the street directly behind mine and I used to walk past her little house all the time!

And now, for wildly different reasons, we each live in different counties, an hour away from where those houses were. Weird, right? We have next to nothing in common. She’s almost 70 and is a grandmother. She worked her whole adult life as the manager of a supermarket. She’s retired now and working at the health food store just to have something to do.

But when we get together at work, we laugh so hard. All the time. (Especially if the owner isn’t there!!) One Saturday, we worked together without the owner there, and we goofed around and laughed so much (even with the customers) that when it came time to close the store, our cash registers were so far off the mark that we had to stay over an hour late, trying to figure out all our mistakes. (i.e., I accidentally overcharged someone’s credit card $700… we were able to refund it right away, but still.) (Oddly enough, we have not been scheduled to work alone together on a Saturday since then. Hmmmm….)

Okay. So.

It is a really beautiful day here — such a nice break after so much rain. But since I got invited to spend time doing something else today, I still have not re-planted the Mexican sunflowers yet, nor have I made any significant progress on the new short story. I do have an outline, but I need to get it down on paper and send it off tomorrow.

So if you don’t hear from me again tomorrow, it’s not because someone else invited me to come over for lunch.

I have a few videos below. one exciting one was that Dr. Sherri T en Penny testified in Ohio at the general Assembly about the fake scam dem ic, the lack of science behind the m*sk mandate and l*ck downs (which are over now in Ohio), and the dangerous fake vaxes. And Ohio’s right to not get va xed. (The gov of Ohio is facing serious charges over abuse of power, etc.) So that’s exciting!

There is a great roundtable with Mi cha el j * co below, and I want to just mention that in the old days, in NYC, when I had my various online erotica publishing and production companies, I knew a lot of people involved in the porn industry. In those days, there were not yet actual porn movies online because the technology hadn’t progressed that far yet. It was still videos, DVDs and magazines.

And I also have to add that everyone I knew who was producing, writing, and/or directing porn, specialized in fetish porn, which back then, was not legally allowed to include any kind of sexual intercourse. Plus, everyone involved had to prove how old they were and also sign consent forms. And the producers tried hard to not create movies that were just run-of-the-mill, boring porn. So the porn world that exists now, which exploded all over the Internet once technology and things like wifi, etc., took off, was nothing at all like how the world was that I knew back in NYC. So the woman’s story at J * co’s roundtable is really shocking to me. On so many levels. How did the world get so incredibly ugly?

(I have seen this woman on J*co’s chats before — she has testified at many m*litary tribunals now re: elite names and being tortured and sex- tr * fficked by well-known people. And she does not hesitate to name names, gang. I still just find so much of this astounding and sickening. She is now involved in rescuing sex- tr * f ick ed ch ild ren.)

There is also a video with Simon Parkes, Pa trio t str eet fighter, and Sasha St * ne that was very refreshing. And a couple UFO sightings, to end the evening!! Plus other stuff!

Okay. I’m gonna take my shower, do yoga, chill out. I hope you have had a great Saturday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

My driving home from a late lunch on a really sunny Saturday music!! Play it loud and enjoy!!


Below: US S e nate announces today that C* VID is a LIE! (15 mins):

Below: Dr. Sherri T en penny testifies at Ohio Congress ( 55 min):

Below: M * chael J * co roundtable ( 1 hr 22 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at why the U K needs such a huge budget for moving and burying many dead bodies. Very sad. Watch! ( 16 mins):

Below: Simon, Scott and Sasha! (23 mins):

Below: David Adair talks about working on UFOs in U S and Secret Space Program (2 hrs 28 mins):

Below: UFO Man –UFO over Big Bear Lake, CA (1 min 34 secs):

Below: UFO Man — UFO over Pakistan ( 1 min 40 seconds):

Below: Last night’s X *2 R* port: Trap set, these people are stupid! 49 mins):

Rainy Day in Crazeysburg

Yes, another rainy day here. After today, though, we have some really good-looking weather coming our way for the next week. I’m really looking forward to it.

It did rain yesterday so the Mexican sunflowers haven’t been planted yet. And I barely got any housecleaning done yesterday because I kept going back to bed and sleeping.

I’m keeping this brief today, gang. I need to get some more notes together on the new short story. Gotta turn it in this weekend.

The good news is that the a * d it s are bringing the house down. Absolutely everything is finally being exposed. And several other States are waking up to the idea that they might just need a forensic a * dit, as well.

Here it comes. The dominoes falling in that pretty cascading thing they do!

Aside from the a * dits and the entirely weird (fake) B * den trip to G 7 (is anyone at all thinking that this is guy is real?), the news that I found most interesting is down below.

Have a terrific Friday, gang, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


FYI: P * trio t str eet f ight er is still on the road. His live streams should be back soon. He gives daily briefs and updates on his t e l e g r am channel.

Below: Looks like the U K doesn’t like this guy. Sounds like it won’t be long before they slap him in the street, too (a la Macron in France) (59 seconds):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8; great updates on the a* d its (15 mins):

Below: Excellent info! Jean-Claude, J * co, and Tarot by Janine. If you’re ascending or want to be part of the new SSP don’t miss this! (non-PPV version) (1 hr 20 mins):

Below: David N * no Ro d rigue z update: Cyber attacks. Expect anything!! (15 mins):

Below: M * ch a el J * co update ( 43 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (48 mins):