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Wow! What A Difference Not Eating Broccoli Makes!!

First of all, I’m in a much better mood today, gang — like, 1000%.

Part of it was that I wasn’t actually feeling so great yesterday. (In addition to the emotional weirdness brought on by the chairs — see yesterday’s post, if you so desire. Otherwise — onward; don’t look back!!)

I take a lot of digestive enzyme supplements and probiotics  in order to be able to digest broccoli. I don’t actually like broccoli, but I have noticed an amazing difference in how my brain focuses after eating broccoli, so for YEARS, I have tried to eat broccoli (blanched) at least once a day. But I can’t digest it.

Well, then I noticed that none of the digestive enzyme-type things were actually helping — and in fact, some new ones I was taking seemed to be making matters worse.  I was in abdominal pain for about 24 hours. And then, finally, yesterday, it occurred to me to just stop eating broccoli. So I didn’t eat it. And without eating broccoli, I no longer needed all the extra enzyme stuff to try to digest it.

And today, I feel 100% fine.

Can you believe it took me that long to figure out that I should just stop eating broccoli??? It is so weird, the things we force ourselves to believe sometimes — i.e., broccoli is good for me so I need to eat it.

Anyway. Even though I felt truly horrible all day yesterday, I did get some great work done on the new erotic short story, “Novitiate,” so I’m hoping that today will be the same.

It’s turning out to be a very interesting story — it’s taking on a shape and tone that I hadn’t really expected at first. So my decision to get out of the story’s way, and stop being an emotional roadblock to it, turned out to be a really good idea.

I tell you, gang — stories really do know how to tell themselves if we can get out of their ways and just write.

I’m also finding that The Monkees’ records make a terrific soundtrack for writing “Novitiate” by — the story takes place in the summer of 1966, on the cusp of Free Love and those kinds of ideas. And for me, those old Monkees’ records have the perfect sound for that era, since I listened to those records a lot from 1966-1968.  I’m finding that the second album, specifically — More of the Monkees — just lets the whole story open up in my head. (More of the Monkees is actually a really, really great album. It was recorded in 1966 and then released in January 1967. It’s the album that has their fantastic version of Neil Diamond’s “I’m A Believer” on it.)

The Monkees -- More Of The Monkees (1967) Full Album | The monkees, Rock  album covers, Album covers

So I am once again in a really good place.

I did get a chance to listen to the first piece off the upcoming Nick Cave – Nicholas Lens collaboration, L.I.T.A.N.I.E.S (due in December). The piece is titled “Litany of The Forsaken.” It’s quite hypnotic, although I’m not 100% sure, yet, what it’s about.

Nick Cave and Nicholas Lens Collaborate on New Opera L.I.T.A.N.I.E.S |  Pitchfork

I also rented the new documentary film on Ronnie Wood, the Mike Figgis-directed  Somebody Up There Like’s Me.

Somebody Up There Likes Me - The Fellowship and Star

I watched about 20 wonderful minutes of it last evening, when suddenly the buffering would not cease. I’m guessing thousands of people all over the place were streaming it at once. (Saturday night, 8pm.) So I’m going to try to watch the rest of it at a less popular movie-streaming time. I was really enjoying it, so, that on top of not feeling well sort of sucked.

But ever onward we go, right?

Okay. So, I’m gonna get started here. I hope your Sunday is shaping up to be a really great one, wherever you are in the world!! I’m leaving you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning, “Mary Mary” from  More of the Monkees. It was actually written by Mike Nesmith in 1966 — he was one of the Monkees. It’s a great song, guys. So turn it up! Listen and try not to dance!!!! (Full disclosure: I was dancing all over the kitchen this morning at 5am, in my PJs, while listening to this and feeding the cats!!) All righty. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

Who Knew I’d Turn to Ronnie Wood for Serenity??!!

If you don’t know who Ronnie Wood is, he’s a guitar player who’s been a member of the Rolling Stones since the mid-1970s, and was a member of the British group, The Small Faces, & then just The Faces, with Rod Stewart, before that.  He ‘s had a life-long reputation for being intensely “fun loving” (drugs, alcohol, high energy, funny). But several years back, he became clean & sober.  And now, on Instagram, during this pandemic, he frequently posts little videos for other members of AA or NA about serenity and taking it one day at a time.

I’m not in any type of substance-abuse healing program, but I have always been a huge fan of Ron Wood’s so I enjoy watching his little videos. And I think it’s just so sweet (I honestly do) — you know, all these years later, this frenetic rock & roll guitar player is helping us find serenity…

Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood, 1980 – LA MAISON REBELLE
Keith Richards & Ronnie Wood, pre-serenity…

All righty!!

Well, guess who has inadvertently signed up for another year of the Mondly app?? Yes, that (really fun) app that was teaching me Italian for about 9 months, until I gave up on ever learning Italian in this life time!! (And as it turned out, the writer’s retreat, that I was supposed to be hosting in Italy this Spring…. well.)

So, yes!! The Mondly app auto-renewed itself because I wasn’t paying attention, even though I was actually looking at the app icon on my phone the other day, and really missing it. And sort of wishing that I hadn’t let the app expire…

Good news!! I didn’t….

Yeah, well. Actually, I thought that was kind of cool when I saw it on my bank statement, even though I wasn’t expecting it. But I don’t think I’m going to try to keep studying Italian, because I just don’t seem to have a head for it. I suppose I could go back to studying French and really try to learn conversational French, instead of that sort of  “formal business letter-writing French” that I actually know.

But it sort of feels like a wide-open playing field right now. An entire year in front of me to study a foreign language! I’ve studied French for most of my life, do I still want to keep studying it? Through the course of my life, with varying results, I’ve studied German, Portuguese, Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, Biblical Hebrew, and, of course, Italian. And French is the language that I keep coming back to.  But I just don’t know.

Anyway, it’s kind of exciting to think about.

Well, yesterday was interesting. I did spend several hours with my friend Kevin, which was nice — and it was such a beautiful day here. But he is very depressed about all this COVID 19 stuff and how it’s changing everything and how pretty much every area of our lives now is up in the air.

I’m not sure why it doesn’t depress me, but it just doesn’t. (I guess Ronnie Wood has me feeling too serene…) Seriously, though. I just take everything one day at a time. We have no clue what’s ahead — it could wind up being just spectacular, once everything settles where it will and life moves forward for those of us who are still here.

So I tried to encourage him and make him feel better. After all, he’s taking off for Montana in a few days, and it’s so beautiful out there and he lives out there every year until October.

Then I did my grocery shopping, came back to Crazeysburg, called my dad and he announced that he’s not moving to Florida. He changed his mind. So that was very nice to hear — and totally unexpected.

Peitor also called to talk for 3 minutes about the sets he needs to build for our film shoot in the cinematographer’s studio in Alabama, and then he explained the idea he came up with to make it more affordable when we have to shoot on location in — Sweden (he’ll shoot in Paris if he has to, but he’d rather keep it authentic and shoot in Sweden).

(Yes, that’s right — on location in Sweden, or in Paris, if we absolutely have to, for an 8 minute film.)

And I’m, like, “Well, this all sounds really good, but we still need to get the budget together and see who’s paying for all this.” (In addition to everything imaginable involving the shoot, actors also have to be flown to and accommodated in Alabama and Sweden…)

It’s probably hard for you to imagine that I’m actually the level-headed one in the production company. Still, I do share his vision for perfection. I really do. And I do research everything, constantly. Just constantly. And I’ve taken 6 webinars already about the best way to approach this financially, from all angles.

So, we’ll be talking more at length about all of that today.

On another topic entirely….

I’ve had more time to listen to the new Bob Dylan song, “False Prophet.” I do like it — I like it better than “I Contain Multitudes,” but still, nothing comes close to “Murder Most Foul.”

Which unfortunately reminds me that a colleague in NYC and I were talking about “Murder Most Foul” back when it first came out, and he had the audacity to point out to me that Dylan was singing about Nat King Cole’s famous jazz song, “Nature Boy,” and not  Nick Cave’s song of the same name. And I was extremely crestfallen about that. Of course, I could see he was right about it, still. I guess love is not only blind, but deaf, as well. And in my mind, forever, it will still be Nick Cave’s song mentioned in “Murder Most Foul”…

Overall, though, that new Dylan album should be very interesting. (And his tours, of course, in support of the new album have now all been cancelled.) (Which makes me wonder, where does Bob Dylan actually live? He’s always, always, always on the road, in that unending tour he’s been doing for the last 20 years… I know he got another divorce at some point, so where does he live?? I’d assumed he just lived in some sort of monster bus. Hmm.)

Well, all righty. I guess that’s it for today. I’ve got work to do here. I hope you guys have a nice Thursday in front of you (or on it’s way out, depending on where in the world you live!). Thanks for visiting.  I leave you with my favorite Faces song, from 1973, Ronnie Wood was one of the writers on this great song — “Ooh La La,” from the album of the same name. (A song that never goes out of date, as it turns out, because those gosh darn women never change!) Enjoy and have a terrific day. I love you guys. See ya!!

“Ooh La La”

Poor old Granddad
I laughed at all his words
I thought he was a bitter man
He spoke of women’s ways

“They’ll trap you, then they use you
Before you even know
For love is blind and you’re far too kind
Don’t ever let it show”

I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was younger.
I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was stronger.

The Can Can’s such a pretty show
They’ll steal your heart away
But backstage, back on earth again
The dressing rooms are grey

They come on strong and it ain’t too long
Before they make you feel a man
But love is blind and you soon will find
You’re just a boy again

When you want her lips, you get a cheek
Makes you wonder where you are
If you want some more then she’s fast asleep
And leaves you twinkling with the stars.

“Poor young grandson, there’s nothing I can say
You’ll have to learn, just like me
And that’s the hardest way
Ooh la la”

I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was younger.
I wish that I knew what I know now
When I was stronger

© 1973 Ronnie Lane, Ronnie Wood

Buongiorno, Bella!!

Wow, gang. Yesterday was quite the amazing Instagram day!

The Raconteurs new album, Help Us Stranger, opened  at the top of the Billboard charts! I think it sold something like 88,000 copies in it’s first week.

Nick Cave made an appearance at the Glastonbury Music Festival, reuniting again with Kylie Minogue to sing their famous murder ballad from a million years ago, Where the Wild Roses Grow.

Really fantastic photos from that, gang. He should consider holding that gal in his arms for the rest of his life because I haven’t seen him look that happy in a long, long, LONG time. Just lovely.

Dana Petty uploaded a video from a concert Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers did on their final tour, 2 summers ago. It was footage of the song “Learning to Fly” where Tom is not even singing because the thousands and thousands and thousands of people in the audience are doing all the singing for him, and really joyfully and really loudly. It was wonderful. He looked really happy, too.  I think Dana had taken the video with her phone. (And he would be dead within, like, 90 days from an accidental overdose of pain meds, so of course, hindsight makes it all very poignant.)

Ronnie Wood was all over Instagram with before & after show footage from the date the Stones did in Canada. He was really adorable. Also a very happy guy. I think his wife was taking the videos with her phone.

Yesterday was also the month-ending review in my Italian lessons and I only got one wrong answer out of 100, so that was really cool. I have no clue how I did that, gang. But it was exciting.

It is a stunning day here. Some of the edits for Blessed By Light have come in from NY so I will focus on that and then, perhaps, just think about life! I’m supposed to teach piano later today but I’m not sure if that’s happening or not, because of it being a holiday week here. But we’ll see.


As promised, the Smashwords Summer Sale begins again today!  For the entire month of July, you can download any/all of my eBooks that are published on Smashwords — for FREE.

Posted below are the direct links. And, as always, here is my Extreme Cautionary Warning to those readers who have only known me as a script writer:

Freak Parade and The Muse Revisited Volumes 1-3 are exceptionally explicit (award-winning!) literary erotica, often with bisexual BDSM themes and with overtones of what is now termed  “questionable consent” (i.e. consensual rape). These titles are not aimed at the average reader and could be considered upsetting or extremely offensive.

However, Twilight of the Immortal is historical fiction, not literary erotica.

If you’d like to know more about any of these titles before downloading, use the drop down menu on the  upper right of this page, under “About Marilyn Jaye Lewis”.

Here are the links to my titles on Smashwords:

All righty! I’m gonna get an early start here. I leave you with this today. From Hypnotic Eye, Tom Petty’s final album with the Heartbreakers, from 2014, “Sins of My Youth.” I think it sort of sums up a lot of what happened all over the place yesterday.

Have a great day, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting, gang! I love you guys so much. See ya.

“Sins Of My Youth”

You will find no wicked way in me
Look me over, you will see
You will find no weary change
I’m worn and wounded,
but still the same

Let me tell you the truth
I love you more
Than the sins of my youth

When the past gets up in your face
Memories slide out of place
All those things that were hidden away
Ain’t so bad in the light of day

Let me tell you the truth
I love you more
Than the sins of my youth

You say you love me
wish you’d like me more
I’m no angel that’s for sure
Said you forgave me,
each time I was caught
But you still paint me as somethin’ I’m not

Let me tell you the truth
I love you more
Than the sins of my youth

I love you more
Than the sins of my youth

c – 2014 Tom Petty