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Back on Track, Gang!

The Internet is back. Yay. However, it’s not letting me load images within the post, which means that anything I wanted to share here that relies on an image, I cannot post. So, not-so-“Yay”.


The best news is that SWIFT is gone and the Quantum Financial System has been confirmed to be worldwide and active — with many satellites now up there in “space”. (My own bank here in the Hinterlands made many interesting changes over the last 10 days, including how it now identifies itself in my banking app when I make a deposit — meaning a new series of letters and numbers.)

Here’s just one of many indicators– from Whiplash347:

“London is Ready”


LONDON and NEW YORK, 7 March 2022: The Bank of London, the leading-edge technology company and the world’s first purpose-built global clearing, agency, and transaction bank, today announces it has become a Directly Connected Settling Participant (DCSP) of the Faster Payment System, the UK’s 24/7 real-time payments infrastructure.[…]”

[full article here]



President Putin Returns the Gold Standard to Russia
President Putin has announced the return of the gold standard in Russia which could make the Ruble the single most stable currency on the planet.

[…] As of this week, the Russian government is abolishing the VAT (tax) on bullion.

Nobody around the world will favor a US dollar, backed by nothing, from a nation $30 TRILLION in debt, versus a gold-backed Ruble.

Russia just completely SMASHED the United States and the EUROZONE.

[full article here]


Of interest — and please note: she’s still not dead but no one’s home.

From Whiplash347:

New York Post
Queen Elizabeth II will no longer call Buckingham Palace home

Queen Elizabeth II has permanently quit living in Buckingham Palace, according to a report.

The 95-year-old UK monarch, who called the palace home for most of her record-breaking 70-year reign, has decided to permanently reside in her weekend home, Windsor Castle, according to the Times of London.

The decision was based partly on an ongoing “reservicing” of the palace — but also Elizabeth’s preference for the castle, where she spent her last days with late husband Prince Philip, sources told the paper. […]”

[full article here]


From the Gateway Pundit:

HATE HOAX: Black Lives Matter Operatives Convicted of Arson, Vandalism After Attempting to Frame Conservatives for Their Crimes

Three Black Lives Matter devotees were convicted on federal charges after a series of vandalism and arson attacks. The three BLM activists tried to frame conservatives and “Proud Boy” members for their crimes. […]”

[full article here]


From Phil just now by way of Ezra A Cohen:

“Vladimir Putin is following the Just War Theory of Christianity.

The just war theory is a largely Christian philosophy that attempts to reconcile three things:

  • Taking human life is seriously wrong.
  • States have a duty to defend their citizens, and defend justice.
  • Protecting innocent human life and defending important moral values sometimes requires willingness to use force and violence.

Wag The Dog.”


From Insider Paper last night:

NEW 🚨 Internet blackout imposed in India’s West Bengal to avoid unlawful activities: Govt.”


From Dr Reiner Fuellmich — visit link to see the 9 US cities participating:

“🌐 Crimes Against Humanity Tour USA
The need for truth and healing has never been as important as it is now!

🗓 April 23rd to June 19th, 2022
Full day events, live on stage!

🔹Dr. Reiner Fuellmich
🔹Dr. Judy Mikovits
🔹Dr. Richard M. Fleming
🔹Patrick Wood

Book now at:


From IET17:

“US support of violent neo-Nazis in Ukraine: Video Compilation

You 117% need to watch this
If nothing else, watch the first 12 minutes.


From Whiplash347:

“UK Royals Fooked
EU Royals Fooked
Japanese Royals Fooked
Vatican Fooked
Iron Bridge Fooked
Romanov Wedding’s
Soros Wealth Seized by Myanmar
Soros Transfer Of Wealth (Q drop)
Rothschild’s dieing.
Rothschild’s Estate Sold.
Statues removed from Tiananmen Square.
Kazakhstan 2nd last Stronghold for BTC Fooked.
UK + Canadian Parliament, US Whitehouse Fenced off.

DANIEL 2.21.”


From Q The Storm Rider — (link has images of the documents):

BREAKING: Russia publishes documents which show Ukraine was working on biological weapons near russian borders — such as Anthrax and Plague & that the pentagon has instructed to destroy them”



Documents Reveal Hundreds of Media Companies Including Conservative Media were Paid by Federal Government to Promote the COVID-19 Vaccines
New documents obtained by The Blaze Media through FOIA request revealed that HHS paid major media organizations including cable TV news stations, publications, digital media companies, and many more to promote the Covid-19 vaccine narrative as part of a “comprehensive media campaign.

[full article here – the Gateway Pundit]



“The U.S.[ DS, CIA FBI ] is looking for a reason to create a FALSE FLAG… Blame the EVENT on the CONVOYS and bring in another new law that WILL cover Disinformation/domestic terrorism>>> which is what the CABAL/OBAMA/ UN wants to bring in FULL CENSORSHIP… And like Canada, Australia and many other countries can be Fined/ Banks finances seized or assets seized or ARREST or ALL..>>

Be careful FREEDOM FIGHTERS, TRUCKERS AND PATRIOTS out there in the front lines ..

Much love and respect and be very AWARE of your surroundings and report anything that is offhand (WARNING)🚨 … (and film with with your phones anything suspicious)”



“PUTIN is the first largest Major country to pull away from the .>Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)/ CIA ROTHSCHILD/ ROCKEFELLERS/ DEEP STATE controlled banking system> Switzerland< And RUSSIA went back to Gold backed System that JFK , TRUMP also planned to create to bring the down DEEP STATE CENTRAL WORLD BANKING SYSTEM… ( you don’t see the Real COLLAPSE of the world markets in the news happening faster than MSM can report or cover-up… But it’s happening….a GREAT COLLAPSE is happening of the CABAL controlled SYSTEM…. That’s why you see in every country organizations backed by ELITEs asking for money for >UKRAINE< donations donations donations donations donations donations donations donations donations …..// INFLATION is happening at a immense rapid Speed picking up pace…./// Millions of top investors from around the world have sold off their stock and pulled money!!!///>>>>
_China’s collapse in the world market was purposely done to help COLLAPSE the deep state SYSTEM (a huge internal coup is silently taking place in the CCP..)

CHINA is also headed to a FULL Gold back standard /))
Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia is uniting the middle East and preparing them for a GOLD backed precious metals banking systems

_ each of these countries mentioned… Including almost every nation….. Is in the middle of cleaning their DEEP STATE CABAL CONTROLLED COUNTRY

Everything is on schedule… TRUST THE PLAN


the Fall of the CABAL”


And unfortunately, gang, that is it. I can’t post any of the other stuff today because it relied on off-site images that won’t upload.

Have a good Tuesday, wherever you are in the world.

And don’t forget, tomorrow night, March 9th, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis play their first of two LA shows. Buy tickets HERE.

Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!


[UPDATE: I’m also having trouble getting certain videos to load. Sorry!!]

Restored Republic news update (34 mins):




A Quick Monday Post

Okay, well, the Internet on my laptop is out so I’m posting from my phone, which is a colossal pain — but there wasn’t much I was going to post today, anyway.

The main news was that Phil went live last night. It wasn’t working on rumble, so you can only watch the replay on D-Live for the next 72 hours.

He deconstructed the fake State of the Union address and if you have no stomach for that, fast forward to the 1 hour 24 minute mark and get his intel on the current timeline.

He basically says that Putin has accomplished what he needed to do in Ukraine, so that should be over either this week or next, then Xi goes in to liberate Taiwan. Meanwhile, the States here should start decertifying the election. And depending on what the Supreme Court does, we either proceed smoothly or go into Martial Law. Either way, the fake Biden will be gone and Trump presents his PEAD as a President in Exile and should be “back” by summertime, NESARA begins, and then Trump’s re- inauguration happening in January at the usual date.

There is a chance that the US will ”invade” Israel to liberate the people there after Xi is done in Taiwan, but it depends on if there is any Deep State left in Israel or not.

I had heard something similar would happen in Australia, too, but I’m not hearing that anymore, so we’ll see.

But it is all looking really, really good gang so hang in there!!!

Here, it is now relentlessly raining, which means 3 buckets to catch all the water from the leaking roof. But the good news is that in 4 weeks, I submit my application for early retirement, which means that between retiring and still working at my job, I will finally be able to afford to live again!!!!! Yay!!!! And get a new roof!!!!!!

So. Let’s all just hang in there, gang. Better days are on their way.

Yesterday, I made a mistake re: Nick Cave & Warren Ellis— they had already played Austin on Saturday. But they will be in LA beginning March 9th. You can buy tickets at nickcave.com

Okay. That’s it.

Have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world!! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys, see ya!!

Getting Ready For Spring??

Wow, gang. Another stunning morning here in the Hinterlands. I even hung my Easter wreath on the kitchen door already. It’s supposed to get cold and rainy again this coming week, but still…

Okay! A lull in the news once again, so this will likely be brief.

BTW, Phil did not do a livestream last night because of issues with his Internet at the hotel. He will be going live tomorrow night instead — Monday, March 7th, 7pm EST.

All right.

First, from DC Clothesline. This is curious, indeed [implication is that the pilots were vaxxed]:

What’s going on? Unusual number of private plane, helicopter crashes kill nearly two dozen in two weeks

A blog that tracks COVID-19-related “Great Reset” incidents has reported that at least 20 people have been killed over a two-week period in February due to private plane and helicopter crashes.

“The U.S. Helicopter Safety Team (USHST) reported 122 helicopter accidents, with 51 fatalities, in 2019. There were 92 accidents and 35 fatalities in the first year of COVID dystopia (2020) when aircraft were grounded for months. In fact, there was a 107-day period in 2020 with no fatal helicopter accidents, which is unusual compared to other years,” The COVID Blog reported. “Further, small, private aircraft crash relatively-frequently, even before the COVID-19/vaccine era. But the difference since 2021 – more people are dying in said crashes.” […]

[full article here]


From Q The Storm Rider:

“Every time you see MSM narrative that RUSSIA is losing the Battle or significant Loses and the Russian forces are quitting or receding. Or being pushed back…..

This FAKE NARRATION and propaganda is created and pushed so more innocent civilians join the military quickly and feel like it’s the final moment to Win … But they are being played and tricked and used inside 4rth generation warfare and old tactics to keep a WAR running….. Get sympathy from the public ( who are also being played)


PUTIN is playing very important
♟️ Chess ♟️ moves that has kicked off the RISE OF THE DEEP STATEWAR>>SURFACING
____remember last year when everyone was complaining” Nothing IS HAPPENING 😭”

and I told all these EVENTS of WAR coming.. And we were going to go into NUCLEAR STANDOFF….
Nash equilibrium=Game theory= Near Death Civilization_EVENT.

these EVENTS happening must happen…. It will connect everything in the world at the END… THE JUSTICE…

Unfortunately many have died from the vaccines, Bioweapons virus release and a century of deep state controlled companies organizations deliberately> poisoning our foods , water, air ,land and killing hundreds of millions through Cancer and other well placed products and poisons that we consume daily…. Even our children crawl on the floor where chemicals disinfectant and cleaners are used but were deliberately contaminated with poisons to effect the children crawling>>>> YOU BEEN IN A STATE OF WAR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!!!…..

Be strong Patriots ANONS for the hardest part of the WAR COMING ….{hope lost}>the part that’s been WARNED many many times ….

FULL CENSORSHIP/countries are now finding ways to create laws to stop all disinformation (ideas they dont agree with that goes against their NARRATION,)
they will pass these laws through infection laws in some countries already, Through FALSE FLAG terrorist staged EVENTS and blame the Patriots world Wide
As the FULL CENSORSHIP is inserted Quickly in many major countries, .. all MAJOR media, social networks, news station , will go down in succession and those breaking the [DS]laws will be fined. Imprisoned and Banks accounts blocked seized…
After the FULL CENSORSHIP the Deep state Will push their final AGENDA on their controlled unchallenged mainstream news, outlet media and world sources to heavily Brainwash/ MKultra the last regimen of humans dedicated to the MAINSTREAM MEDIA mass mind control… [ DS] will encourage CIVIL Revolt/Was against those who do not comply with MSM/DS gov. Laws>> their plan was always to create civil war…. For many reason.. Including bring UN to major countries for control and use left wing military parties,/generals to help with the [DS] UN ops….
( CHAOS/mass protest,riot’s panic/ATMs down, grids fully OFF for days.. Panic..
-__- = [ DS] Military marshal Law…
This is what [they] PLANNED….

I have been stressing this _EVENT for over a year now ..

But IN the END>>> END GAME


//// between this time and the END GAME… Cyber-Attacks continue and many countries will have short blackouts, ATM problems , shortages, deplatforming ,FULL ON PROPAGANDA CONTINUING EG ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT >


All humans must see the END GAME and experience the PAIN and near death civilization_ EVENTS.. EVENT <<<<<<

NOTHING CAN STOP WHAT IS COMING ( it’s not a slogan… Your inside the Storm of the century….)


The end won’t be for everyone.

“Coincidence the Matrix (movie) grew people as a crop, used for energy, and controlled their mind?
Sound familiar?
Wonder where they derived that idea from.
Now comes the ‘conspiracy’ label.
Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes.
The end won’t be for everyone.
That choice, to know, will be yours.

I advise everyone to buy a CB radio and learn to use .. Important when grids go down
/ No censor ship/ people will move important info local and domestic / you will know what’s happening during collapse/blackouts/or riot’s to stay clear of/ marshal Law times/many reasons for CB radio

Survival Radio kits

Police scanners

You still have time to get important things>>>>
Deep State still has AGENDA to keep the lights on and take FULL MEDIA control and FULL CENSORSHIP control before the FULL ON CYBER-ATTACKS ….

These EMERGENCY protocols and stocking up food, goods and supplies… Should always be a normal habit as it was for generations… Keep your family safe and ready…”


And in the event it matters soon: I am @marilynjayelewis on Truth Social, and Marilyn Jaye Lewis on the Signal app.


From Whiplash347:



Patrick Bouvier Kennedy has a 15-minute video explaining the differences between Admiralty Law and Common Law (we will all be reverting back to Common Law when this war is over, so you might want to study-up!!).

Video is HERE.


And in other news, that actually is related–

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File yesterday, addressing his views on what is happening in Ukraine. It will be obvious to you that he has a very different view from the anons’ views on Ukraine, but this entire war has been about preserving our human rights, including our rights to free expression, so you can read it here.

And don’t forget, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis will be playing Austin TX tonight! [SORRY! This concert happened LAST NIGHT. ]

Next show will be in Los Angeles on March 9th! Buy tickets here.


And that is it for now!!

During this Lenten period, I am studying up on the alternative view of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and on Judas’ alleged role in the arrest of Jesus. (Nothing is at it seems, gang. Absolutely nothing.) So that’s what I’ll be up to today.

Have a blessed Sunday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting.

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning: one of my all-time favorite “live” songs by Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, “Anyway You Want It” — from their LIVE Anthology, 2009. Yes — you gotta play it LOUD! Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (18 mins):

Awaken With JP: Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World? (15 mins):

UFO Man: Saturday night Livestream: Interview of Thom Reed Part Two Featuring Judge Kevin Titus/Berkshires UFO Encounter (1 hr 37 mins):

X22 Special Report: Dr Vladimir Zelenko (1 hr 20 mins):

Freedom Weekend Begins

Richard Citizen Journalist had many videos yesterday of trucks beginning to pour into the DC area — by the thousands. The Freedom Convoy is over 70 miles long.

He also mentioned, though, on March 3rd:

“Tours buses are back and all over downtown. The fencing is all pretty much down.”

Including that street-level fence that was quickly put up around the Capitol building in time for the fake Biden’s fake State of the Union Address on Tuesday.

So what was that fence for, if not in preparation for the convoys? Who the heck knows, gang. And I’m hearing from other sources that all of the over-the-top security is gone — the stuff “Nancy Drew” was reporting on several days ago. Now it’s basically just the National Guard and — the NYPD (??!!), for some reason.

And since all mask mandates and vax mandates and COVID emergencies are now apparently over in the US, I’m not sure what the convoys will be protesting. We’ll just have to see if something weird goes off the charts…

Also — Phil did not do a livestream last night, but will do one tonight at 7pm EST instead. Go here at 7pm for links to the live.


Not a whole happening. But I found these to be of interest.

First off — head’s up, America: This re-post from 4 years ago is definite signaling from Trump:

Then a curious thread from Whiplash347:

South Africa

Now look up what i showed you with Ripple/XRP
In the last couple hours.

Wake up
This tells you so much that i have shown you with everything.

The war is vs the Khazarian’s.
The new Financial System.
India/Swiss connection etc”

“Why India?


“Go through the list of INDUS Assets & Search Latest News on all of those companies.
Think breaking up Corporate Monopolies as i mentioned.
Think 1955
Think Gesara
Act of England Reversal
Laws wiped
IRS wiped
Every system on earth gone and replaced.
13818, 13848, 13959
It is so blatantly Obvious now.


And I thought this was curious, indeed. Imagine the millions of people, civilians, citizens this includes —

Still Whiplash347:

“🇷🇺 Is Russia really is in isolation?

Here’s a list of countries that have already refused to associate with sanctions against Russia. Others are hesitating. Listings that are not exhaustive.

🔹 Moscow partners in the BRICS group (Brazil, India, China, South Africa). 41% of the world population.
🔹 The countries of OSC (Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan).
🔹 Azerbaijan and Moldova have abandoned anti-Russian restrictions. But the most surprising thing is Georgia’s position.
🔹 Latin America (Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Guatemala, Colombia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Chile).
🔹 The Middle East (Syria, Egypt, Turkey, Iraq, Iran).
🔹 The Balkans (Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina).
🔹 Hungary, yet a member of the European Union.


And I found this thread curious, too.

From Phil, yesterday (FYI: RT has now been banned from telegram…):

Russia bans several foreign media outlets citing ‘fakes’ about Ukraine conflict

Russia’s media regulator has confirmed to RT that it had ‘limited’ the online access to news outfits such as the BBC, Voice of America, Radio Free Europe, Deutsche Welle, and Meduza.

The agency claimed it found them purposefully publishing ‘fake’ information regarding the ongoing Russian ‘special operation,’ forms of combat it involves as well as military and civilian casualties.”

And then this morning, from IET17:

“The fact that CNN and CBC both stopped broadcasting on Russia after Russia said it would jail those reporting fake news about Russia



A couple of interesting tweets from Elon Musk this morning:

Along with:


And, of course, from RT News:

China makes Taiwan warning
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has reiterated that Beijing wants peaceful reunification with Taiwan, but rejects separatism and foreign meddling

[full article here]

And we wouldn’t want to overlook this foreign meddling:

From Mike Pompeo last night:

“Taiwan must have America’s support if freedom and democracy still have a chance to thrive and triumph in this region and beyond. This is as important for the Taiwanese people as it is for the American people.”


I thought this would be a helpful meme.

From Patrick Bouvier Kennedy‘s telegram channel:

“Once you understand this, you understand everything.”


And that’s it for now.

Here’s a photo from the Nick Cave & Warren Ellis concert in Dallas, TX last night!

And don’t forget, they will be in Austin, TX tomorrow night! You can buy tickets here.

All righty! I’m gonna scoot. Here, it has suddenly become Spring. The red-winged blackbirds are back, the robins are back, and the starlings are everywhere. It’s supposed to go up to 73 degrees Fahrenheit today, which is kinda insane for March 5th, but it should be a really nice day by the time I get off work this afternoon.

Enjoy your Saturday, gang, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning! Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, from their LIVE Anthology, 2009 — “Runnin’ Down A Dream” (one of those songs whose “live” version knocks it out of the park!!). Enjoy. I love you guys. See ya!!

Friday Again, Already

It is 6:15am here in the Hinterlands and it is freezing this morning. Wow.

I’m going to just be really brief here today, since most of the “new” news, I posted last night.

The main news is still Taiwan. And Pompeo.

But before that, because of posts I’ve been seeing on chat channels, I thought I would revisit some stuff I posted here last year re: Putin.

It is understood, or alleged, or however you want to say it, that the “original” Putin was taken out a long time ago. We base this on 2 things. One being that his wife Lyudmila left him and got a divorce in 2012, saying that he was no longer the man she married.

And then stuff like this:

From the UK Daily Mail in April of 2015:

What has he been Putin on his face? How Russian leader Vladimir’s appearance has changed dramatically through the years and he looks younger than ever ” [full article at the above link]

If you think that’s the same guy, allow me tell you that I think you need glasses.

Ditto with the fake Biden, gang. If you can’t see it, then I just don’t know what to tell you anymore.


According to two sources, Phil:

BREAKING: Russian Forces Targeting Europe’s Largest Nuclear Power Plant – Breaking911


Not really a power plant.”

And also Just Human:

“I am very skeptical of this story that Russia is attacking a nuclear reactor.”


“It appears the fire was at the museum/offices.”

Then from Qtah:

“Oh, I guess the Russians just stopped shooting at them 😂”


From Putin’s televised address:

🇷🇺⚡️⚡️Special military operation is proceeding in strict accordance with the schedule, all assigned tasks are being fulfilled – Putin”

From IET17:

“On the schedule
Check that date stamp [3 year] delta”


From Q The Storm Rider:

“I advise you all to watch the Film >>>UKRAINE ON FIRE by Oliver stone….
In the film you hear U.S officials and CIA and others all planning the Ukraine COUP and taking over their government… Lots of insight into what’s happening now

The other film> winter on fire< is propaganda film through deep state funding and Netflix ( we all know Netflix is CABAL controlled..)”


On Taiwan:

From Q The Storm Rider:

“TAIWAN> _EVENT / WILL happen…./// But the outcome has already been secured….. Those > Wars and Rumors of War*.must happen for the well placed domino staged effect to take course…
:;!;…( In the End… Many countries will unify , re-unify and some will//(D)e-unify)///

_EVENTS >>>not dates…”


“🇹🇼⚡️⚡️Taiwanese coast guard reports that a Chinese Warship is spotted off Lanyu Island.”


From Mike Pompeo‘s telegram channel:

“It is humbling to be honored by President Tsai for advancing the U.S.-Taiwanese relationship.
We stand with you. Always.

It is my view that the U.S. government should immediately take necessary, and long-overdue, steps to do the right and obvious thing, that is to offer the Republic of China (Taiwan) America’s diplomatic recognition as a free and sovereign country.

This isn’t about Taiwan’s future independence, it’s about recognizing an unmistakable already existent reality. That reality is, as many of your past & present leaders have made clear, there’s no need for Taiwan to declare independence because it’s already an independent country.

Its name is the Republic of China (Taiwan). The people and government of the United States should simply recognize this political, diplomatic and sovereignty reality. The Taiwanese people deserve the world’s respect for a free, democratic and sovereign country.


Then from IET17:

“Is this the signal for invasion? Every time someone says “sovereign & free country”…invasion comes next”


If you’re not seeing it, gang, there’s not much else I can say.

Okay, I’m going back to bed for an hour, while my coffee is still hot.

These are such challenging days. People, family, friends stopped speaking to me when I told them the election was rigged. Then people stopped speaking to me when I told them Jan 6th was staged. Then they stopped speaking to me again when I told them COVID was a scam and the vaxxes were intentionally deadly. They argued with me when I told them not to wear the mask because it only jeopardized their health.

But, finally, everyone was starting to see that I was right about all that stuff. And now these lies about Ukraine have put me right back in that position of people not speaking to me again. It sucks but on we go.

So when I saw this posted by Anonymous Patriot yesterday, it meant a lot to me — I have followed him for a couple of years, and I don’t even know him:

Enjoy your Friday, wherever you are in the world. Phil should be live tonight at 7pm. Check here at 7 EST.

Don’t forget, tonight in Dallas: Nick Cave & Warren Ellis on tour. You can buy tickets here.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.


Restored Republic news update (37 mins):


And So It Goes….

As of 5am EST time, from RT News:

“⚡️ Russia-Ukraine negotiations have started in Gomel

And just in case you missed me pounding you over the head with it for several days–

From Q The Storm Rider:

“WW3 is not happening.
Putin is not invading Ukraine.
Putin is taking out deep state black op bio labs with precision strikes, who have been trying to create killer diseases right on Russia’s border.
Ukraine is a stronghold for money laundering and the Biden crime family will be exposed with information coming out.
This couldnt happen under Trump as its bad optics and the media love nothing more than to try to get Trump and Putin to fight.
Zelensky (a Ukrainian Trump who was elected) is in on this too, but will do the optics dance.
Putin will come out with a peace deal soon.
Those of us who do pay attention to what happens on our planet know that Putin is an enemy of the Globalists and is well aware of the Deep State presence in Ukraine.
This all goes back to when the Neo Nazis took more control after the Maidan Square massacre about 8-9 years ago, where the deep state used snipers on roofs to wreak havoc.
China will kick off with Taiwan next like Trump told us.
Like I have been saying all along Trump , Putin and Xi are covertly working together to take out the deep state cabal.
You are watching a show.
The MSM will hype this all up and make people believe that WW3 is imminent, which is complete fake news.
The end result will be the exposing of the CIA’s role in “the virus” as an attack on USA and China via Fauci leaked emails.
This will expose the CIA’s funding of the CCP, Big Pharma and to the normies, that yes there is such a thing as the cabal.
Xi is like a Trump, and is not an ally of the CCP.
Xi was told not to bring Trump to the forbidden city when Trump visted but Xi did it anyway, which was such a huge deal as no one is allowed in the forbidden city , especially not someone from the West.
The Chinese people will soon be free.
This song and dance and show had to happen this way because your sheeple family and friends were too cowardly to wake up by themselves and refused to research or even question things even after the entire planet of healthy people were locked inside their homes because the media rebranded the flu and they were forced to get eperimental Big Pharma vaccines to live life, for the first time in history.
Our planet can never be allowed get this ignorant again.
It is shameful , especially by the Western men whose chosen ignorance will be studied for eons.
God bless the Truth Bombers all around the world fighting for humanity.
Our victory is inevitable.


Also, I thought these were of interest:





Nicholas Veniamin chats with Michelle Fielding: UKRAINE, PUTIN & THE PEOPLE’S ALLIANCE (55 mins):



This is also of interest. From Nicholas’ telegram channel:

The CIA – 70 years in Ukraine
A nine minute segment from Part 2 of Doug Valentine’s The CIA As Organized Crime (2020). For 70 years the CIA has been working to undermine and occupy Ukraine to bring down Russia (9 mins):


From Pepe Lives Matter:


This was pretty scary news, though. (I live in Ohio, but I won’t have anything to do with COVID tests, by the way. I’m also an anti-masker, anti-vaxxer.):

From the Gateway Pundit:

Ohio and Texas Issue Warning on Toxic Chemical Found in Mailed At-Home COVID-19 Testing Kit

The at-home rapid COVID-19 tests contained a toxic chemical that can be really harmful and even life-threatening when exposed to a large amount of the chemicals.

Ohio and Texas issued a warning after seeing an increase in reports related to sodium azide poisoning, a chemical found in test kits after Biden promised to give 500 million Covid test kits to Americans.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center released a statement regarding an “increase in accidental exposures to a substance in these kits.” [full article here]


This just in from Simon Parkes (video):

They Are Fighting For The New World Order.

Mind F****d government in Ukraine on MSM publicly calling for New World Order.

Putin is a White Hat!”


Richard Citizen Journalist had photos yesterday of a new fence around the base of the Capitol:

(Remember that item I posted yesterday, about the National Guard Lieutenant telling that guy at the gas station, “Buckle up, buttercup”, straight out of Q????)

Nancy Drew” had photos all day long yesterday of military vehicles parked on neighborhood streets all over DC. As well as police officers arriving from other states.

“2 Philly police officers, just sitting in their vehicles, parked on seperate streets, one block east from the WH. I asked the one, why police from different states, were there throughout the city today, (remember I saw 5 NYPD buses) and his answer was, “to keep you safe”. 🤔 police from 2 different states so far? National Guard?”

(Remember, gang: We have the US trucker Convoy beginning to arrive in DC this week, and we have the fake Biden’s alleged State of the Union Address supposedly happening tomorrow…. so the White Hats are likely preparing for something to happen.)


Just another reminder, lest we fear that any of this Biden stuff is real:


Some thoughts from Q The Storm Rider:


I EXPECT in the FINAL moments of a world NUCLEAR STANDOFF…. >TRUMP < to come forward with a Peace PLAN>>>
PUTIN offers a solution to disarm..

China> TAIWAN.>> North Korea. Asia Pacific STANDOFF . . NUCLEAR tensions also to be quelled between TRUMP. KIM jung un> PUTIN XI. MODI

In the middle East STANDOFF , Bin Salman, TRUMP , PUTIN new president after the coups coming will reach Peace agreements and disarm

Similar models will happen in Africa…

But this is the>> AFTERMATH
of the CRASH/PAIN”


I have been experimenting the last few days with discarding the weird “code” typing I used to have to do here on WordPress in order to not get shadow-banned, and it seems that those days are officially over. Yay!! I have had the same stats as I always have, so it looks like I can now type like a regular person again! I can even spell out the deadliest shadow-banning word of all: Trump.

So that’s a relief. Yay.


This just in from Nick Cave’s official web site:

Stranger Than Kindness: The Nick Cave Exhibition opens Friday, April 8 at the Galerie de la Maison du Festival, Montreal, Canada. Tickets on sale this Friday, March 4 at 10am here.

And don’t forget!! The North American Nick Cave -Warren Ellis tour for Carnage opens in North Carolina tomorrow!! Check dates and buy tickets HERE.


And that is it for today, gang.

Phil should be going live tonight at 7pm (he had to postpone Friday’s livestream because his dad came to visit…). You can find the links to watch it here as soon as he goes live, at 7pm EST.

Have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

I leave you with my really odd listening-music from this morning. I love this song!! It’s addicting. Billy Walker singing “Charlie’s Shoes” from 1962. Enjoy!!


Restored Republic news update (21 minutes):

Simon and Becky Parkes had a CC intel, Q&A update yesterday evening, but so far, it seems to only be on YouTube. (2 hrs 24 mins):



And So It Continues!

Oh my gosh, what a barrage of fake fakeness — mostly awful. But we will continue to try to wade through it.

First off, in case you are managing to miss this — I posted stuff about this yesterday, and also it is explained in detail in Ch*rlie Ward’s chat with Chas from yesterday–

From Phil yesterday:

“Reminder, as I said last night in my Live:

Ukraine is NOT officially a country.

It’s a playground for the DS/Cabal.”

Also, a flashback to something S*mon P*rkes posted 4 days ago:

“Ukraine Is A Part Of Russia, Meaning Russia Can Enter At Any Time…

Ukraine is Not a separate country – It was not registered as such, it is a part of Russia, meaning Russia can enter at any time.”



From Phil by way of Qtah:

“Um isn’t this EXACTLY who Putin has been calling out? The Nazis & the Junta forces but the MSM wont tell you about it while it’s happening.

The CIA trained these radicals in Ukraine:

CIA-trained Ukrainian paramilitaries may take central role if Russia invades [Jan 13, 2022; New Zealand]

The CIA is overseeing a secret intensive training program in the U.S. for elite Ukrainian special operations forces and other intelligence personnel, according to five former intelligence and national security officials familiar with the initiative. The program, which started in 2015, is based at an undisclosed facility in the Southern U.S., according to some of those officials.

The CIA-trained forces could soon play a critical role on Ukraine’s eastern border, where Russian troops have massed in what many fear is preparation for an invasion. The U.S. and Russia started security talks earlier this week in Geneva but have failed thus far to reach any concrete agreement.

[full article here]


Also this. I posted about this yesterday. Russia is taking out bio labs set up in Ukraine by the US DoD.

From Pepe Lives Matter by way of IET17:

“Wow absolutely nothing to see here Patriots.
Deleting bioweapon lab documents from your website. The same bioweapon labs that were theorized to be targeted by Putin in a thread censored by Twatter.
Not suspicious at all.
Absolutely nothing to see here right Patriots?”

And from Q The Storm Rider by way of Laura Aboli (this article was from 2020):

“‼️U.S. biolaboratories in Ukraine: Deadly viruses and threat for population

America has allocated more than $ 2 billion to finance secret biological laboratories in Ukraine. And only the Americans have the exclusive right of access to the experiments carried out there … The Ukrainian authorities stubbornly hide even the existence of these laboratories. And people panic because of outbreaks of unknown diseases ..

[full article here]


More on the fakeness that you/we need to watch out for. (I posted links yesterday from IET17, showing that a lot of the current “war” footage is taken from video games.)


Also, watch out for professional “victims” who keep popping up:

And similarly from Phil:

“You are living through a movie 😎”


From il donaldo tr**po:


FYI, if you weren’t aware, the CDC has changed its m*sk bullshit to something slightly less bullshitty:

From the Epoch Times:

CDC Drastically Alters Key Measure That Influences Mask Mandates Across US

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Feb. 25 drastically changed a key measure that is used by officials across the country to determine whether or not to require mask-wearing.

The federal agency now says nearly three-quarters of Americans don’t need to wear masks because they live in areas with low or medium community risk from COVID-19.

The dramatic switch comes because the CDC switched from only using COVID-19 cases as a factor and are taking into account other metrics, including hospitalizations.[…]”

[full article here]

(none of this has anything whatsoever to do with politics….)


From Dr Reiner Fuellmich:

6th session of the Grand Jury Proceedings
Court of Public Opinion

Topic: Eugenics & Outlook

🕕 Start: FEB 26 – 6:00 p.m. CET [this is 6 hours ahead of NYC/EST)

A group of intern. attorneys and a judge are conducting a criminal investigation modeled on the grand jury proceedings to present to the public all available evidence of past crimes against humanity related to Covid-19 of the “leaders, organizers, instigators, and accomplices” who assisted in the formulation and execution of a common plan for a pandemic. This investigation is of the people, by the people, and for the people, so YOU can be part of the jury.

By presenting a complete picture of the factual situation, including the geopolitical and historical background, the trial aims to raise awareness of the collapse of the current hijacked system and its institutions.

livestream inks are here


This morning from Q The Storm Rider by way of WWW3.info:

NEW – 🇺🇦 No Russian occupation troops in Kyiv, the capital mayor Vitaliy Klychko said this morning”


And like clockwork, gang: here comes Taiwan… (see yesterday’s post that Taiwan is next in line to be liberated from D e e p State after Ukraine.)

Form Q The Storm Rider:

“🌏 Indo-Pacific ALERT – Scores Of ‘Dark Vessels’ Belonging To China’s Maritime Militias Are Operating In Contested Waters

Large fleet of specialized/military vessels are in the waters to the north & south of Taiwan Strait.”


If you’re following the whole thing about Q being back now on Truth Social (@q) — his arm, wearing a flannel shirt, was spotted in a post with Kash Patel so, hence, the new “flannel Fridays” — then you will find this really funny:

From Pepe Lives Matter:


If you’re still watching mainstream news… An FYI from Q The Storm Rider:

” ANONYMOUS” Hacking group was long ago infiltrated by the FBI and CIA and was taken over!>>>>that’s why almost every heavy hitter TRUTH Speakers and Patriot Podcasters stay away from the old ” Anonymous” hacking group<<<“


This just in from S*mon P*rkes:

Bonds & Process Of Compliance – Part Of The QFS

“This video gives a much better understanding of the Bonds and the process of compliance as part of the new gold backing of world currency – Part of the QFS

This video was made in 2017.” (English) (23 mins):


And yesterday evening, “Nancy Drew” had a lot to say about how the walls & fences around the Capitol building and the WH were not erected in one week’s time because of the US trucker Convoy:

[more of her photos here]



On a personal note…. Beginning March 6th, all of my old eBooks on Smashwords will be available to download for free, in multiple formats, for one week during the Smashwords’ Read An eBook sale.

Next Sunday, March 6th, I’ll post direct links here on the blog. The eBooks included will be all three volumes of The Muse Re-Visited and Freak Parade. All of these books are explicitly erotic and intended for adult readers only.

All righty.

I have the weekend off!!! And as luck would have it, I don’t have to drive all the way back into town to run errands today. I actually really and truly have the whole weekend off.

It’s not supposed to rain or snow or do anything but stay sunny all weekend!

I’m going to try to undertake some more housecleaning around here, but I also kinda want to just relax. We shall see how it goes.

Don’t forget, gang, if you live in North America, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis begin their tour for Carnage next week — March 1st. (That show is sold out, but check here to buy tickets for a show near you!!)

And I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning!! Marty Robbins singing his big hit from 1962, “Devil Woman.” Enjoy! And thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!


Restored Republic news update (19 mins):


Russia, Russia, Russia (Part 2)

Okay, the first page froze up on me again, so here is Part 2.

From RT News yesterday:

Italian Ambassador Dies in Freak Accident

Italy’s Ambassador to Australia, Francesca Tardioli, died on Feb 19 – apparently falling from a balcony of a house in Foligno.

“She allegedly lost her balance while leaning over her balcony,’’ Italian news agency AGI reported.

The incident took place in Tardioli’s hometown and is being investigated by police.”


Ge ne de code and Nich o las Ven iamin diuscuss N A T O, Ukraine, and human meat in fast food ( 40 mins):


This morning, I received detailed notes that I can’t share publicly regarding the US convoy of truckers heading to D C next week.

The one thing I can safely say is that it is astoundingly well coordinated!


And in still other news…

The Nick Cave & Warren Ellis North American tour kicks off next week, starting in Asheville.

Final tickets on sale now! Buy them here.

And that will be it for today, gang.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

I leave you with the song “Carnage,” from the awesome Nick Cave & Warren Ellis album of the same name!! Enjoy!! (And go see a show in a town near you!!) (sadly, though, you can’t come here — the show here in Crazeysburg is already sold out, the theater only seats 14….) (Just Kidding!!) Okay, see ya!


Restored Republic news update (24 mins):


Russia Russia Russia (Part 1)

Wow. I am having the best morning, gang. I hope it’s like that where you are, too.

Okay. Obviously, there is really only one news story today.

First, from S*mon P*rkes (yesterday and this morning):

Russian Special Forces Launching Attack Against Mafia Bases

I have been told that President Putin has just been given the Green Light by the White hats to go into Ukraine and round up the mafia who are holed up there, courtesy of the Ob a ma and B * den deals.

Russian special forces already launching attacks against mafia bases in Ukraine.

All records relating to B* den etc, are probably destroyed, but special forces have the locations and whereabouts of key cabal members…”

Deep State On The Run.

Looks like my intel was spot on…

Late yesterday the two separate provinces in Ukraine were recognised by Putin as part of Russia.

It is now legitimate for Russia to roll tanks into the two areas because their leaders have asked Russia to protect them.

Under this cover the deep state are on the run as their territory shrinks before their eyes.”


From disclose.tv yesterday:

NOW – Putin: Russia recognizes the independence of breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine.”

NOW – Putin signs the decree that recognizes the independence of DPR and LPR regions. Separatist leaders are in the room.”

JUST IN – Putin orders Russian armed forces to enter rebel territories in eastern Ukraine for “peacekeeping operations.”

JUST IN – State Duma of the Russian Federation unanimously approved the ratification to recognize Donetsk and Luhansk regions in eastern Ukraine as independent.

UPDATE – Russia says recognition of independence for areas in east Ukraine extends to territory now held by Ukrainian forces, AP reports.”

RT News this morning:

“⚡️Russian State Duma votes unanimously for ratification of friendship treaties, cooperation and mutual assistance with LPR & DPR


From P ep e lives matter yesterday:

“Fireworks and celebrating in Donbas after Putin recognized their sovereignty.
Wut is going on here? 🤔🤔🤔” [visit link for videos of the fireworks]


“Today is yet another no good, very bad day for the D e e p St ate and the global C a b al.

-Russia is not backing down from N A T O
-Russia has recognized the breakaway Republics of Donetsk and Luhansk
-Putin got his wins (friendly buffer states, friendly port of Mariupol, permanent realignment of his forces West of Moscow
-B * den has taken an embarrassing loss here. He looks weak and incompetent at home and on the world stage. (because he is)
-Truth Social has begun its rollout
-The polling for Dems is HORRIBLE!
-Canada overreached last weekend. It’s a massive red pill to many who were still asleep.
-There’s about a half dozen or more stories of Swamp draining that I haven’t even gotten to yet

This is only Monday. It’s gonna be a GREAT week!

Blackpillers, Shills, and Trolls are sure to be out in force in an attempt to bring us down. Don’t let ’em. Count the wins and stay positive.”


From Whiplash347 this morning:

“Anyone who thought today, February 22nd, 2022, was a very special date didn’t realize that yesterday was the day of days… 💥
Putin set the truth about Ukraine, the evil c a bal, and history in front of the world on the same day that Truth Social launches must be a coincidence – what else. But how many coincidences does it take before it becomes mathematically impossible? Now fans of the film Matrix would probably say: red pills for the world❗️”


Okay. In other news…

From “Nancy Drew” yesterday:


From ri ch ard citizen journalist:


From RT News:

Australia finally opens borders after TWO YEARS

Australian borders were fully reopened to international travel Monday, 704 days after they slammed shut amidst some of the world’s most stringent pandemic restrictions.

The border closures have hit Australia’s overseas tourism industry to the tune of $2.8bn/month, but Tourism Australia has already launched a $28mn ad campaign in North America and Europe.

Last month Australia received just 265,450 international passenger arrivals, compared to almost 10 times that amount in January 2020.”


From il don aldo tr**po on rumble:

“Mi Pierre keeps speaking that TRUTH!!!” (9 mins):


From Bonds For the Win (surety bonds):

Lots of Activity in D C!

Okay, gang. You need to actually visit “Nancy Drew’s” te le g ram channel to get the full impact of all that is going on there in D C.

Yesterday, 7 flyovers of bl ac k haw ks within 10 minutes, including Ma r ine 1 and also a type of helicopter she’d never seen before.

Also this curious thing:

So perhaps all this activity has something to do with Mike L*n del l’s upcoming Supreme Court lawsuit to have the 20 20 elec tion results decertified?

L * nde l l also had an interview with Tr ***p on F r ank sp e e ch yesterday evening, but I could only access 2 minutes of it. I’m not sure what I was doing wrong. But, regardless, L * ndell does seem to be hard at work, once again, regarding exposing the massive el e c tion fr *ud.

We can only pray that this time the Su pre me C ou rt will actually listen. Since, allegedly, every Chief Justice except Clarence Thomas has been arr e sted and taken to gitmo, maybe we stand a chance of being heard now? We’re gonna find out — really soon.

Okay, well — more good news! Ex-CA gov, G a v in New som, is at gitmo, awaiting his tribunal! He’s blaming everything on P e l o si! (0ther sources are reporting that Ne w som committed suicide, and also that he is Pe l o si’s nephew.) From Real Raw News (4 mins):

UFO Man: “Three Witnesses that came forward to verify Calvin Parker’s Alien Encounter Claims on Oct. 11th 1973” (12 mins):

Ch * r lie Ward: KEEP CALM NOT IN FEAR (3 mins):

Okay. The news:

Another very interesting news update from Restored Republic. It hits all the high spots (once again mentions Hawaii returning to its sovereign Kingdom of Hawaii) (14 mins):

And Sh ar i Ra ye’s update from last night (46 mins):

Try to watch at least those 2 video updates every day, gang. I can’t post here all the various things they talk about because it would take me all day. But between these two channels everyday, and then “Nancy Drew”, you can get a real good feel for what appears to be happening behind the scenes — underneath the “news” that both M S M puts out, as well as the white hats. (Remember: the white hats, including Tr **p, put a really heavy spin on everything. You’ve got to dig deeper.)


In a surprising move — yesterday, Nick Cave announced North American tour dates for Spring 2022. This will be Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, bringing the Carnage tour to the US and Canada.

Tickets go on sale Friday, November 19th. You can see the schedule and buy tickets here.

And I leave you with that. Once again, just the weirdest news going on, the world over (including: the actress playing the fake Q U E EN is getting tired of playing the role and wants out (?!!). Apparently, at least one of the actors playing the fake B*den is wanting the same thing!). It is hard to discern the truth about any of it. I still believe the most important thing right now is L * ndel l’s Supreme Court case next week. We’ll see.

Enjoy your Wednesday, gang, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting! I love you guys. See ya!