We Have Nothing To Wear But Fear Itself!!

This is, of course, a play on Roosevelt’s famous advice to Americans during WWII: “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”

And Roosevelt’s advice is indeed quite timely today.

What we know about the v*rus is that there is no p*n d*m *c. It’s fake. It’s manufactured to scare people, to bankrupt them if at all possible, and to remove their constitutional rights.

And all of the scientists and researchers who write papers or give announcements about the proof that this virus p*n d*m *c is fake, get blocked and censored here in the US by social media and mainstream media.

(If you are new to the blog, you can scroll through the past couple of weeks and get links to all of those papers and videos  in places where they have not been blocked.)

Yes. There are indeed a bazillion more people allegedly testing positive, allegedly all over the world. Although more and more people have stories of testing false positive (meaning they immediately test negative) and then only the positive test is reported. Even nurses are seeing it. And saying — in utter exhaustion — “what the fuck is with these crazy tests?”

And most importantly, there are not tons of people dying from the virus. They are dying from other stuff, and sometimes the virus is part of it.

There are at least 4 therapeutics that will cure the average person of the virus. The virus is basically the flu.  And even the CDC’s statistics here in the US do not bear out that this is a p*n d*m *c. It is a flu, and people who would be compromised by the flu are in danger of getting really sick from C* VID. But if you’re an average person, you have a 99.997% survival rate, even without therapeutics.  It’s a flu.

And of course, we now have 2 very effective vaccines ready to hit the market. With a third (Oxford in the UK) gaining in effectiveness.

But there is, of course, a worldwide fear that, along with getting the vaccine, people will have a chip introduced into their bodies that will make them track-able by whoever it is out there that is seriously trying to control us through fear and by trying to violate our rights to free speech and to assemble (also known as m* sks and l* ck d* wns).

I personally do not take vaccines. A lot of people don’t because they have become deregulated (you can’t sue the kind folks who make them if something goes horribly wrong…). But a lot of people still believe in vaccines. It eases their fears. And so they have the right to have access to them.

However, yesterday, I heard two horrifying things. One was from the UK — that even with the 95% effective Pfizer vaccine that the UK has already approved, people in the UK should be prepared to continue wearing m* sks “for years.”

Okay. So. Rather than believe that insanity, that fear-mongering and that depression shit; instead, ask yourself whose payroll  that guy is actually on, and if he isn’t being bribed, is he being blackmailed?

Those are the only two questions we should all be asking now. The only two. Because everyone knows — the dictators and tyrants especially (here in the US, they are also called by titles such as “Governor” and “Mayor”) — that this is not a p*n d*m *c, it is fake, otherwise they would be too frightened to constantly break their own m* sk and l*ck d*wn rules.

A case in point — as always — is out in Los Angeles. This short video made me cry yesterday. This poor woman! It is similar to the video I posted yesterday about the restaurant owner in Michigan.

The virus is really, really smart. It knows to infect only small businesses and not huge movie studio companies.

People, this has got to STOP. Actual lives are at stake. And not from any virus.

And here’s a quick follow-up on the Staten Island protest, where it details how in  Airstrip One, if you voted for Tr**p, your establishment is in l*ck d* wn. If you didn’t, you get to  stay open (because that darn virus knows who votes for whom…).

The other thing that I found horrifying yesterday was that there is a new proposal here in the US from Federal Democrats re: that stimulus bill (which tyrants and dictators created the need for, since Tr**p left it up to the States to decide how to “manage” the virus), that if you are willing to take the vaccine, you could get a $1500 stimulus check.

Yes. They’re going to pay people — bribe them with maybe some money to buy food or pay some rent — if they will take the vaccine??!! Otherwise, you don’t get the money.

It made me truly fear, for the first time — what ARE they going to try to administer along with that vaccine???

Why do they want to pay desperate people to take it??

And the always charming, endearing, selfless Mayor of Ch* c*go is intimating that she wants to make the vaccine mandatory in Ch* c*go… (unconstitutional, btw).

TWO QUESTIONS, that’s all. Just two fucking questions:  Whose payroll is that woman actually on, and if she isn’t being bribed, is she being blackmailed?


Well, after I listened to the X*2 R* p*rt last night, and once I got to approximately the 33 minute point in the podcast (posted down below), the fake virus information got seriously alarming. So I did some research on which article he was talking about.

You can do it, too. The article is readily available but I strongly suggest using d* ck d* ck go.

The article is all about the 22 internationally-based scientists who are currently asserting that the R T * P C R test that was “developed” specifically to test for C* VID, was purposely developed to create an 80 -97% false positive:

[…]due to a non existent gold standard which would be the virus itself.

[…] At the heart of the controversy lies the fact that the creators of the most commonly used test, the R T-P C R, published instructions for how to test for S* RS C* V 2 “without having virus material available,” in their own words, relying instead on the Ch* n* se scientists’ genetic sequence published on the internet.

[…] Dr. C* rbett, a Ph.D., and retired RN elaborated: “There are 10 fatal errors in this Dr* sten test paper. Public Health England is a co-author on it. All the public health authorities across the EU have co-authored this paper. But here is the bottom line: There was no viral isolate to validate what they were doing. The P C R products of the amplification didn’t correspond to any viral isolate at that time. I call it ‘donut ring science.’ There is nothing at the center of it. It’s all about code, genetics, nothing to do with reality, or the actual person, the patient.

You have to read the article, gang. Please. It is not long. It is right here. And the scientific details of it will enrage you.

It also sites an article I posted a link to here several days ago, about the paper out of Wu h*n that studied over 9 million test cases and determined that:

Virus cultures were negative for all asymptomatic positive and repositive cases, indicating no “viable virus” in positive cases detected in this study.

If you live in Germany, you likely already know all about this fake P C R test that was created to generate false positives,  because there is a team of lawyers suing the Government there, as well as starting a Class-Action lawsuit here in the US and in Canada, and probably Australia, as well. But the German lawsuit maintains that 2 of the 3 main perpetrators of this fr*ud are from Germany. The 3rd perp being the head of the W H O…

(And Tr**p pulled the US out of the W H O. Go figure…)

Please make time to watch the video directly below. It has been around for a month already, but other videos that interview this lawyer have been blocked already on Y *u T * be.

He has successfully sued Deutschbank and VW  in the past , and won, so he is not just a small-time lawyer. He is working with three other lawyers — together they are suing Germany for perpetuating this fake p*n d* m*c.

He goes into details about the fake positive test, how it got started and by whom and why, and he identifies who the puppets are, but we still need law suits to find out who is really pulling the strings. Thankfully, lawyers all over the world are preparing lawsuits against their own governments now, as well, based on all this information that the mainstream media is trying hard to block from you.

And my guess is that, whoever is behind the virus fr*ud is also behind the US el*c t*on fr*ud.


Also: LISTEN!! He explains it all again here — there is NOTHING to be afraid of! Except the fucking vaccine!!!!


Just How Much $$$ Are We Supposed To Follow Here??

Well, all righty!

I forgot to post here that Black Lotus Publishing, one of my new publishers, is still working on the cover art for most of their new titles and the site will launch ASAP!!

So we all appreciate your patience, but any day now, my new taboo erotic novella, 1954 Powder Blue Pickup and the new (really long) short story, “Half-Moon Bride” will be for sale!!

These are for adults only, gang. I cannot stress that enough! (But once you read them, you will not want to ever read any other writer’s adult titles ever again!!!)

Well, we shall see!!

And in other good news —

The new album by Nick Cave and Nicholas Lens, Litanies, was released during the night. I listened to it at 2:45am. It is really, really lovely, gang. You can now purchase it wherever you download your beautiful music!

Nicholas Lens, Nick Cave

And  I urge you to consider buying me this for Christmas:  just announced from Cave Things — it is only a mere £1,000,000 plus shipping!! (There are less expensive denominations, but hey…)

In all honesty, gang, I am a lowly writer-editor, living alone in the middle of nowhere Ohio now,  and the worldwide l*ckd*wns have all but ruined me financially. I rely on family to help me get through every single month now, but I still go to bed hungry every night. I’m 60 years old now. A thing like not being able to afford enough food has not happened to me since I was 19 years old and first left home.

But you know what? I don’t fucking care. I go to my room and listen to D*n B*ng*no and the X*2 R*p*rt every night and I am determined to hang in there and help people see that America is on the precipice of something truly horrible if we don’t get to the bottom of this eL*c t*on fr*ud and this fake virus panic.

For instance, if you visit the front page of the Ep*ch Times every day, you will see rows and rows of links that will give updated real-time information on all the hearings, the legal issues, the progress we are making on exposing the fr*ud.

And in all that, there are a mere 2 links from B* den: that he plans to make the whole country wear m* sks for 100 days (free speech anyone?), and a statement about how he broke his foot while chasing his dog…

I know that a lot of my readers live outside of the United States.  What you might not know, is that I post the political videos and news articles to help keep people in the US informed, because if they only rely on mainstream news they get NONE of this information. In fact, often they are told the exact opposite. (i.e., Orwell’s 1984.)

But I also believe that some of this stuff is headed for other countries, if it isn’t already there. (i.e., d*m*n* on v* ting machines, throwing elections; l*ckd* wns meant to ruin the local economy and not meant to save lives, etc.)

In fact, even though posting videos like the one below bring the very curious Ch* n*se straight to my web site, watch this video if you have the stomach for it.


And, in fact, you may or may not have noticed that I finally removed my memoir-in-progress, In the Shadow of Narcissa, from the Internet. I’ve been threatening to do it for months now, and I finally did. I get really fed up with getting all of my published books and erotic short stories pirated. It’s even more maddening when they get pirated while in-progress…(which was indeed happening by you know who).

And if you still think its fun to be on T*k-T*k and that you’re not being tracked, watch that video above and think again…

I have tried really hard for the last 6 years to not let this current blog get too political. My last blog was off-the-charts anti-Ob* ma. I wanted to have just a quiet little blog from now on. But I simply cannot let this stuff go. I know I’ve lost a lot of regular readers, but gained a bunch of new ones. I appreciate your patience if you are not really that interested in American politics.

On that note…

Once again, the NY Times (online) headlines this morning do not disappoint!!

As you might have seen by my post last night, there was a peaceful protest on Staten Island last evening, in support of a small bar owner who was defying the lockdown and getting fined for trying to stay open and earn a living.

Thousands of non-An t* fa, non-B L M protestors had taken to the streets, finally fed up with the random draconian lockdowns that are killing small business owners but not affecting the mega stores. There was no looting, no violence, no one was attacked or beaten up.

What you couldn’t hear (but which you can hear in the footage included in the longer version of the X*2 R*p*rt below), is that those thousands were loudly chanting “Cu*mo Sucks! Cu*mo Sucks!”.

Was any of that in the NY Times (online) headline this morning??? Of course not, they were only talking about riding the (now dangerous) subway…

And in a related story, this small business owner below  had a lot to say yesterday. He speaks for so many — both here and in other countries, I’m guessing.

This video from one of the el*ct *on fr*ud hearings yesterday in Georgia was all over the place. It shows poll workers taking suitcases full of illegal ballots out from under tables after everyone else  was made to leave for the night. Then they entered the illegal ballots into the voting machines.

You know, as horrible as this whole thing is — nationwide, coordinated v*t*r fr*ud — they hired true stooges to pull it off. Everyone of these people who ends up on video is looking at jail time.

And probably in an effort to avoid prison time himself, the Georgia G* Vern*r is finally telling the Secretary of State to fucking do something

And here’s a quick clip from the State Senator who got his account banned from tw* tt *r — that bastion of decency and democracy:

And from the B*ng*no Report, here are the totals of exactly just how  many dead people, underage people, felons, and people who moved away, voted in Georgia last month (HINT: The Corpse Vote is alive & well in Georgia!):

On a very serious note, D*n B*n g*n* interviewed Lt. General M*k* Fl*nn yesterday and you must listen to it.

I sat and listened to it at my kitchen table yesterday afternoon and cried through most of it. It’s no secret that I couldn’t stand Ob*m*, but it’s turning out that he was really worse than I had even imagined. What this country has come to is truly heartbreaking for me. How Tr**p has managed to continue running this country and improving our lives here all across the board, while O*b*m* and his cronies did everything they could to undermine him and all of America for 4 solid years — it is really hard to believe.

But in case you are still watching mainstream news, wherever you live in the world — Tr**p won by a landslide. This means that most Americans knew what was really going on and are totally  fed up, disgusted, outraged, etc. , with all of it.

So please watch B*n g*n*’s interview. you will learn  a lot about the American D**p State and about one man’s true character.

Followed by B*ng*n*’s regular show from yesterday:

The always on-the-edge-of-you-seat X*2 R*p*rt:

And his shorter version that focuses on world financial collapse and how to avoid it:

The Praying M*d*c had a “live” chat that will teach you everything you need to know about how the el*ct*on process works here in the US when el*c t*on fr*ud occurs. It is highly educational if you are too young to have learned this stuff in the current American public school system.

Wow, So This Is Cool!

In that same State where they are halfway to getting enough signatures to recall their governor and remove him from office (aka California and Governor N* s*m), this was announced today (push-back, anyone?):

Los Angeles Orders Residents to ‘Remain in Their Homes’ or Face Fines, Jail Time

And, btw, that link to the petition really works. If you live in CA and want to sign it, download it at that link.

And in the city that I used to call home for many decades, but which I now call Airstrip One because it has become indescribably Orwellian, this was the New York Times (online) headline (oh, and mind you — Tr**p gave a 45 minute speech last evening about el*c t*on fr*ud and the historic scope of it in the 2020 el*ct *on — not at all newsworthy, obviously) (and, mind you, this is the same vaccine that Governor Cu*m* at first steadfastly refused to allow NY to have because it was developed under Tr**p’s Administration):

Cornovirus Vaccine in NY: What to Know

Yes, not a peep about extensive, country-wide v* t*r fr* ud. It instead describes when New Yorkers can expect to get the vaccine (in a handful of days — btw, the UK is actually getting it first). But it goes on to state:

Still, Mr. Cu*m* warned of hard days to come. New hospitalizations for C* vid continue to rise, with 3,924 reported in the state on Wednesday, up from 3,774 reported the day before. Also on Wednesday, New York City reported a seven-day test positivity rate of 4.8 percent — its highest rate since May 29.

(This, of course, means that New Yorkers don’t get to celebrate Christmas…) (And if you want to have your heart broken — and who doesn’t??– all you need to do is take a look at the most pitiful Christmas tree ever in the history of NYC in Rockefeller Center this year. It truly is heartbreaking.)

This is the weird awful world Airstrip One is now living in. No mention that positive cases mean nothing in terms of deaths from the virus, which are extremely minuscule for people who aren’t elderly and/or who don’t have other extenuating medical conditions.

No mention that the CDC has now stated that people only need to self-quarantine for 7 days instead of 10 because the statistics are not bearing out anything at all that they’ve been talking about for 9 months.

And, keeping in mind what I’ve just said above, this article will astound and amaze — meaning, because it illustrates how awful life has gotten for people in Los Angeles and in Airstrip One:

Americans Are Suffering ‘Delusional Psychosis’ About C* P Virus, Psychiatrist Claims

And here are some of my favorite paragraphs. I’m sure they’ll be yours, too:

So much misinformation and exaggeration about the lethality of the C*P virus—also known as the novel coronavirus—has been broadcast by government officials and the media that many Americans are suffering from a “delusional psychosis,” according to Los Angeles child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald.

[…]“They don’t want to give up the mask, they don’t want to give up the social distancing,” he said. “[People] are impervious to reason, to logic, to education at this point. They are psychotically managed by their fear.”

McDonald says the condition is most prevalent in Los Angeles, where he practices, and New York, places that he described as “ground zero for this.”

The government-imposed controls that were initially temporary in March have been repeatedly extended for months and have now “become social controls exercised by us,” he said.

[…]McDonald said federal data on C*P virus deaths “are highly suspect” because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has acknowledged that “94 percent of the deaths had an average of three co-morbidities, meaning they were probably going to die within the next 6 to 12 months anyway.” The 94 percent figure refers to coronavirus death cases, in which the official certificate of death named the disease.

McDonald said more than half of those who died were 80 years old or older, while the average life expectancy, based on all causes of death, in the United States is currently 79 years.

“So, if half of the people who have died purportedly of coronavirus are over the age of 80 and they had three or more co-morbidities, that speaks to the fact those people died with it rather than of it,” he said. [my emphasis]

[…] McDonald said he views the CDC “as no longer credible, [because] they have issued so many reversals of their own policies and decisions.” He was referring to the agency’s initial denials that m*sks are effective at preventing the disease spread and subsequent reversal from that position.

Similar reversals have occurred by the CDC regarding the effectiveness of social distancing and on the issue of whether surfaces should be repetitively cleaned to avoid spreading the disease.

[full article –with substantiation links — is here]

And on a related note, here in Ohio, Articles of Impeachment against our Governor have been filed — for the same reason: his handling of the virus. Officially, it is stated:

Governor D*Win*’s mismanagement, malfeasance, misfeasance, abuse of power, and other crimes include, but are not limited to, meddling in the conduct of a presidential primary election, arbitrarily closing and placing curfews on certain businesses, while allowing other businesses to remain open. He weaponized the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation to bully and harass businesses and the people; to enforce a statewide mask mandate and other controversial measures of dubious ‘value,’ making Ohio a hostile work environment.”

Our Governor is a Republican, and yet the Articles of Impeachment have been brought by Republican lawmakers.

So, I guess Ohioans move with much rapidity away from so much as a hint of  Airstrip One status…

And I guarantee you, very few people here in Ohio seem to suffer from that delusional psychosis mentioned above.  Most of us are really angry and keep saying, “Why the fuck do we have to keep wearing these goddamn fucking m*sks??!!”

(Ohioans are also people who tend to own guns, and to say things like: “Just because the Governor tells us to do something doesn’t make it A Law. Legislators make the laws, not Governors. You show me where it is an actual law that I have to wear a m*sk.”) (Smarties with guns…)

Okay, so, if you’re interested in an update of Tr**p’s accomplishments while he’s been in office — you can visit this hugely long list. He is also one of the few US President’s who has donated his salary entirely to charity, since he is already crazy-wealthy. This means he doesn’t need the job; hewanted it because he hated to see what was happening to America. Unlike other recent Presidents and/or potential Presidents who hate to see America not become Ch*  na.

Other than that, gang, what can I say?

Operation C*VID Panic in progress…

More audio tape leaks on the propaganda machine:

The US economy is still doing good, gang:

Getting A Late Start Here…

I’m guessing that a lot of you were glued to the live testimonies of wh*stle bl* wers re: el*c t* on fr*ud at the various hearings yesterday.

It is incredible that all these people are brave enough to come forward and tell their stories.  The women in Michigan and the truck driver for the USPS were amazing (below) — and there were many others.  Truly fearless people all over the country, coming forward in public and fighting for our rights.

As you also probably know, one of S*d n*y P * w* ll’s forthcoming witnesses was beaten up over the weekend and is in the hospital. (She announced this in an interview where she said that the d*m *n *nion server in Georgia has been stolen.) These people are not playing games, folks. So these wh*stle bl* wers really are incredibly brave.

And after Wm B* rr allegedly made that astoundingly cavalier declaration yesterday, the DOJ has since  released a different announcement:

The DOJ is NOT Done Investigating El* cti on Fr*ud

Well, oddly enough, it seems that some “news outlets” incorrectly stated that the DOJ and Wm B*rr were done investigating because there was no e*l* ct* on fr*ud.

How, weird, right?? That a news outlet could put out fake and blatantly false news, right when all those live testimonies were taking place at State Senate hearings??

Go figure.

Even though this can all get very depressing, probably the highlight yesterday (and for many days to come, apparently) Pr* j* ct V* r* tas is releasing the taped phone conferences of the top brass  at C*N, allowing they themselves to tell us in their own words (they did not know the calls were being recorded by insiders/wh* stle bl* wers) how C*N does not “cover” the news but manipulates the information they are permitting their viewers to hear.

The first two tapes dropped last night at 7pm Eastern Time. The one that is getting the most press, is the one detailing how C*N has to not normalize “Tr**p but instead present him as erratic and desperate, a loser, and they called T* ck*r C*rls*n and all at F* X News white supremacists.

It will be really interesting to see the push-back on that remark.

Anyway, from J*mes O’K**fe, CEO of Pr* j* ct V* r* tas:

[WESTCHESTER, N.Y. – Dec. 1, 2020] Pr*j*ct V* rit* s released new tapes today of C*N’s 9 a.m. rundown calls that have been recorded for months, which expose C*N president J* ff Z* cker and several other C*N executives expressing their political biases against people and groups that oppose the network’s political agenda.

“This is yet another investigation Pr*j*ct V* rit* s has conducted into C*N, and once again they’ve demonstrated their partisan political agenda and total disconnect with journalistic ethics,” said Pr*j*ct V* rit* s founder and CEO J*mes O’K** fe.

[More info here]

Also on the Operation C* VID Panic front:

Operation C*VID Panic in progress…

It is interesting to note that, along with all the mindblowing testimony about v*t er fr*ud coming out of Arizona, the Tuczon City Council is now declaring a renewed C* VID curfew beginning Friday.

Just follow the backlash, gang, because it is always there. Exposing v*t *r fr*ud leads to renewed C* VID panics and harsher restrictions. In the words of Rep. Andy B* ggs’ posted on P* rl*r, “More pseudoscience from the radical left and health bureaucrats intent on destroying their city little by little.”

Which, of course, only makes you want to listen to more of those X*2 R* p*rts… (below). They do not disappoint.

In a similar vein, on D*n B*ng*n*’s show yesterday (below), he started the show, calling out the hypocrisy among the people making the C* VID mandates who don’t follow their own C* VID rules. Because it’s a fr*ud…

All right, on that joyful note, I gotta scoot, gang. Thanks for visiting, though.  Have a great Wednesday, wherever you are in the world!! I love you guys. See ya!


Nothing But Good News Around Here, Gang!!

Of course, that’s because I’m really good at finding the bright side to stuff when I really, really want to.

But, honestly, things in general seem to be getting more encouraging, in that more and more evidence of e*l*ction fr*ud is coming to light, along with the unbelievable amount of c*ns* rsh* p going on in this country; and more and more people are finding out that the virus is no longer a threat, and so more and more people are questioning what the actual reasoning could be behind forcing us to be muzzled (i.e., m* sks) and not gather in groups where we could easily share information and maybe get really, really angry

And so, in a sense, all of that is good.

And on the vaccine front — both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are on a fast track to getting approved and reaching the US public. And the Oxford vaccine has apparently reached a 90% effective rate in the UK.

The Oxford vaccine is the one funded by AstroZeneca, wherein a video went viral on F B re: the use of an aborted fetus in the vaccine.

This was a hoax, people — as I had tried to warn some of the women I knew who were falling for it.  I believe it was purposely aimed at Christians to keep them afraid of the vaccines, and therefore under the thumb of the powers that be who continue to want the masses to be controlled by the fake virus p*n d* m*c.

The Oxford vaccine is based on a chimpanzee adenovirus vaccine vector — an adenovirus that causes the common cold in chimpanzees…

So, um, that might not make you feel any happier. Still, we need to support these vaccines and get them to market as soon as they are deemed effective and safe. Having the vaccines is the only way to break the worldwide stranglehold they are placing on us with the fake p*n d* m*c.

And since there are now four therapeutics to cure the average person of the virus there’s no real need to take a vaccine unless you are still afraid of catching the virus.

Two videos below explain this very well. (X*2 R*p *rt and Tucker Carlson.)

And in v*t*r fr*ud-lated news, D*n B*ng*n*’s video goes into great detail about those urban v*te dumps that happened in the contested States.

So it won’t be much longer, gang, that the mainstream media will be able to keep insisting that it was a free and fair el*c t*on.

On other, sort of related fronts…

Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand Files yesterday addressing the BBC’s decision to censor words from the amazing Christmas song by The Pogues, “Fairytale of New York” (1987), on the radio.

A lot of non-Irish, non-NYC-Americans do not know this 33 year-old song, but it is a truly amazing song. And from Nick Cave’s response, I’m guessing the chief word the BBC wants to censor is the word “faggot.”

It’s kind of amazing to me to think that anyone, anywhere might accidentally hear that word in a legendary, 33-year-old song on the radio and have it completely destroy them, psychologically, for the rest of their lives. I mean, why else would you need to censor something?

In my experience, I’ve heard far worse things said about women in wildly popular rap songs and, rather than listen to them and have them scar me psychologically for the rest of my life, I simply turn them off.

You can read Nick Cave’s always eloquent response here, if you so choose. Among other things, he says:

“One of the many reasons this song is so loved is that, beyond almost any other song I can think of, it speaks with such profound compassion to the marginalised and the dispossessed.”

And Cave Things sent out a new item that would (seriously) make a great Christmas gift for me, so feel free to, you know, buy it and send it to me!!

It only costs £40 plus shipping!!!!! (I have been assured that in US dollars, this currently equals a mere $53.36, plus shipping….) (Yes, a book of Nick Cave quotes that you can also keep track of birthdays in. Yes, a sort of journal. Like the kind you can buy at the dollar store for, like, a dollar! But without any pre-printed Nick Cave quotes — you would have to add the quotes yourself to the dollar store version. So I think that a little over 50 x $1, plus shipping is a terrific price for a book with pre-printed NC quotes, which is allegedly handmade by monks in Denmark!!!!) (Honestly, buy it for me. I would love to have one!!)

Okay. So.

We did get snow during the night!!!! It looks kind of pretty!! It’s enough snow to be all over the lawns and the cars, but not enough to stay on the streets or sidewalks so there is no fear that I might have to break my “no-shoveling” rule!! Yay. So that’s pretty great.

And other than that, gang, there is just so much news going on right now that I have had little else on my mind. But I do have to start getting some more writing done here, because I have 3 short stories due in January, and I need to finish “Novitiate,” in order to turn in The Muse Revisited Vol. 4 to the publishers, and then get back to work on the new novel, Thug Luckless: Welcome to P-Town. (And then finish Girl in the Night: Erotic Love Letters to the Muse and turn that in, and then finish In the Shadow of Narcissa and self-publish it….)

So, you know. Lots to do here.

Okay, I’m going to get moving here. Thanks for visiting, gang! I love you guys. See ya!

If you have school-aged children, this video will not make you happy but please watch it anyway, it’s only about 7 minutes:

Both of these were awesome. Try to listen to the whole thing:

Terrific, as always!!