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let the Games Begin!!

Okay, gang. As near as I can tell, things are at long last beginning to look good!

Watch out for o p er a tion lon d on bridge, but get ready for them to finally announce that q u e e n e liz a beth is dead.

This death will sound like a sudden occurrence but she was allegedly e x e c ut ed quite a while ago. For months now, ch * r lie w * rd has said they would announce the qu e en ‘s death in September, and from intel I’m hearing that is still on track.

And once that is out of the way, make way for the return of d i a n a. (!!) Frankly, it won’t be a moment too soon, in my opinion.

Also, this week tr i bun als for 9 1 1 are supposed to be underway at gitmo. Press has been invited. And on 9 1 1 itself, something momentous is supposed to occur! Something really good. So we shall see!

I’m hearing the return of m * ch a el j * ck son is also imminent, so maybe that will be on 9 1 1 ?? Along, of course, with the announcement that j f k jr is still alive and working with Tr ***p. (And perhaps is now his V P? We shall see!!) And also the return of j f k himself. We shall just have to see, gang!

I am also hearing from several sources (cir sten w and others) that Tr **p was indeed re-instated as p r e s id ent in late August. Behind the scenes, though.

Also from Neg 4 8 (j f k jr) — John Lennon is also still alive. (?)

So this makes, John Lennon, David Bowie, Prince, George Michael. Apparently there are 900 well known political figures and entertainers thought to be dead who are still alive and in protective custody. That will be amazing to see.

And since Pry me M in i ster sent out that video about Neg 48 being j f k jr (along with a couple of other videos Neg 48 did recently where he basically said the same thing — but in the language of Gematria), it sounds like he is now just being very above board about being heavily involved on the Tr ***p train.

(And as an aside: I re-watched that documentary that I re-posted here yesterday: From JFK to 911: A Rich Man’s Trick. And if j f k is still alive, I just don’t see how they managed to save him. It is going to be very, very interesting to see what is revealed if, in fact, they did.) (And if you have not made time to watch that 3-hour documentary, you really, really should. It will open your eyes to everything that was planned and manipulated and carried out against us, from WWI to 9 1 1. You owe it to yourself to try to come to grips with all this. It will enrage you but ultimately empower you, and it will prepare you for the truly glorious days that are finally up ahead.)

S * mon P * rkes sent out announcements through the regional connecting consciousness groups that he is now ready for all of us to submit our suggestions on what could be improved in our areas and benefit the lives of people in our various regions. (Humanitarian projects.)

In my opinion, this is another formidable sign that things are at long last underway and moving forward.

If you have not yet read the document I posted to the blog late yesterday afternoon, please take a moment to read it. It is the starting gun, gang! We are to expect more documents to follow, sometime this week.

This is a very exciting time, gang. Finally.


Nick Cave & Warren Ellis will resume their tour of Carnage tonight at 8PM in Stoke-on-Trent at the Regent Theatre, UK. Buy tickets here.

It looks pretty, doesn’t it?

BBC - Stoke & Staffordshire - Places - Photo history of Regent Theatre

And here is another shot from the concert Sunday night:

All righty!

So, there were 250,000 protesters in Amsterdam over the weekend, protesting the v a x pass port man date. Even the police had come over to the protesters side! (World Alternative Media, 49 mins):

This was a fantastic news update from last evening. Shari Raye, Digital Soldier. All you need to know in under half an hour! (25 mins):

And if you haven’t seen this little slip up, it’s very, very telling. It’s been circulating for a few days now. If you think white hats aren’t controlling these people, think again. (59 seconds):

This video below, of course, was fantastic. Please read the document I posted yesterday afternoon. Then this video will make you very excited. The line has been drawn now, so let the games begin! (35 mins):

Nich o l as v en ia min chatted with ge ne de c ode (1 hr):

“Nancy Drew” took a look at the Korean War Memorial in D C and the C a p i tol (both 4 mins):

P* trio t stre e t fighter also chatted with g e ne de code (2 hrs):

We have two more great roundtables with Neg 4 8, Tom Num bers, S*mon P * rk es, M iki k l a n, Pryme M in i ster, br ice, et al. (1 hr 36 mins) and (2 hrs):

X*2 r * port: message received! (44 mins):

Okay, gang. I’m leaving out a ton of stuff about the poisonous v a x es, about af g h a ni sta n and the continuing insane lock downs in a ustra lia (allegedly white hat clean-up ops but the cops have gotten out of control there, so hang in there everyone). And even though I am hearing a lot about the upcoming black swan event, stock market crash, and communications black out, in my opinion the vibrations overriding all of it have absolutely shifted, gang. They truly have. And so eyes on the next wave. It looks like it is finally going to take us out of the darkness.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

Enjoy that Holiday!

All right, gang!

If you live State-side, I hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend!

Today is a light news day. I mean, besides the usual: the v a x is killing people worldwide; a us tra lia is off the charts in every way imaginable now ( but it’s ultimately a huge white hat clean-up op, so hang in there!); the A Z a u di t reports should drop, oh, any day now… j f k j r is alive & well (and he’s Neg 48!!), d i an a is alive, mi ch ael j ack son is alive, j f k is alive, seth r * ch is alive (!!)…

And 70% — yes, 70% — of b * den voters apparently are still glad they voted for him….

We’ve still got one long fucking haul before we wake these darn people up.

Okay. This was very interesting. I can’t embed it here, though, so watch it at the link below. It is 23 mins. And please, if you are still shopping at w *l m * rt, just STOP. They are heavily involved in human tr a f f ick ing and in ch ild s * x tra ff icking. (Refer to s u e z c an al and the ever given container ship, if you have any doubts about that.)

And apparently, the stores are connected for thousands of miles in all directions by underground tunnels. These tunnels are being cleared out by the m i li itary (watch at link below). And also apparently, W * l m * rts were going to be turned into F E M A camps, had our beloved and now quite dead h * ll ar y only managed to get her quite comely behind into that oval office…

Dodging bullets, anyone? I know I feel that way. (A lot of people still don’t believe that the o b * m a plan for F E M A camps existed, but if you watch the little video, you will likely change your mind at last!)


Okay. I posted this video here many months ago, but it was featured again on Ne g 48 ‘s te le g ram page this morning, so I thought I’d post it again. It is a 3-hour documentary, but it will tell you all you need to know about, basically, every lie we were ever told (3 hrs 27 mins):

From L a u ra A b o li’s te l e g r am channel early this morning, a downloadable doc from ch * r lie W * rd:

“Ch * rli e W * rd passed this on to me just now, it’s a denunciation of the crimes against humanity that we are enduring, but more importantly, it’s a declaration of the sovereignty, the power and the God given freedom that we must all claim back. It’s time for all of us to do what we must to end this.”

Download it here. 6 pages: https://t.me/LauraAbolichannel/6059

The family of a British man killed in the t w in t o wer s on 9 1 1 has 3000 pages of e v id en ce that the to wer s were blown up from the inside:

“Family of Brit Killed on 9/11 Presents Gov’t With 3,000 Pages of Evidence ‘Towers Blown Up from Inside’

“[…]For the last several years, Campbell’s family has been working to expose evidence, which they say shows the towers were blown up from the inside. Campbell’s family, supported by a team of scientists who have been studying the collapse of the buildings, claim the towers were laced with explosives which is what brought them down — not the airplanes […].”

[full article is here]

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis were at the Waterside Theatre in Aylesbury, UK last night. Here are a few of my favorite fan photos from last night on Instagram:

My favorite fan photo so far! Warren in the background and Nick’s famous shoes!!

The tour resumes tomorrow night, Sept 7th, in Stoke-on-Trent at the Regent Theatre in Staffordshire, UK. Show starts at 8PM, buy tickets!!


So. Amazon has once again banned the print version of 1954 Powder Blue Pickup (this time the LULU version). And yet they still have three erotic eBooks posted for sale that list me as the author but which I did not write.

They are refusing to remove them. Interesting , right?

Not only that, but all the royalties I made on 1954 Powder Blue Pickup and Half-Moon Bride (also banned on Amazon for “offensive content”) have mysteriously disappeared.

Yes! Now I won’t even get my royalties from the books I already sold before they were banned.

So I am considering this a cyber attack on my career and also as cyber bullying, since I am certain that whoever is publishing those fake books under my name is the entity responsible for getting all of my new books banned.

So I am respectfully asking you not to purchase any of my actual books from Amazon. I have pulled all of my self-published titles from them, but other publishers and sellers still have books by me available for sale on Amazon, all over the world.

You can find my books on Smashwords, on LULU.com, in the Apple store, the Kobo store, at Barnes & noble.com. If you have trouble finding a title you want, just get in touch with me. I would really appreciate you avoiding Amazon when buying my books from now on.

Okay. So that’s it for today. Enjoy your Monday, whether or not it’s a holiday where you are! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

Breakfast-listening music! Tom Petty “Alright For Now” 1989:


Below: 2 UFO sightings from UFO Man: Over Sao Paulo Brazil (1 min) and Puebla Mexico (3 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at bizarre upcoming Canadian elections (17 mins):

Below: R i chard C i ti z*n journ a list at Tr *** mparilla in FL yesterday (1 min):

Below: Inside an a u str a lian quarantine “hotel” (2 mins):

Below: Canadians love the heck out of that (fake) Tr * d eau! (45 seconds):

Below: cir st en w: ch ief ju st ice Cl * rence Th *mas is now #1 since p e do R*berts was finally arrested in July (1 hr 34 mins):

Below: Chrs i st ian P * trio t News: D e vo lution m*li tary is the only way; A fg ah an i stan is red-pilling America (44 mins):

Below: D oc tor won’t prescribe i ver mec tin but admits that 99% of incubated die (hidden camera) (4 mins):

Below: In To ron to, it is the va xed not the un va x ed who are in the hospital. (I’ll mention here that when I spoke to my mom yesterday, she said that my Uncle’s in-laws — her youngest brother — both died in the hospital recently from C*vid and they were both fully va x ed.) ( 2 mins):

Below: In Portland OR: Pr ou d B oys chase an ti fa through the streets; an ti fa flee, one PB gets shot in leg (2 mins) (1 min):

Below: X * 2 r * port : Red October (50 mins):

Another happy Freedom Day

C on d e out in g u * nea; mi litary in. Another completed c o u p.

You can view video footage here on [17] the storm rider’s tele gr am.

I am having a rough morning here. Dealing with family stuff. The good news, though, is that my mom has had no bad reactions to the v a x es at all, so with luck & prayers, she got a placebo. We shall see, gang.

Some lovely photos from last night’s show in Croydon, UK — Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’s Carnage tour:

And judging from the feedback on Instagram from concert-goers, these shows have been incredibly moving. A combination of Carnage, Ghosteen, and a couple Grinderman songs.

Tonight, they will be in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Show starts at 8PM, at the Waterside Theatre!! Buy tickets!

Okay. I’m gonna jump straight to videos, gang, because it’s just a really rough morning here and I need to find some sort of way to chill out. My roof sprung yet another new leak and I have no way of fixing it right now, so I am trying to just remain positive and look to the future, but it gets so difficult.

I did do Holy Communion this morning and I have now finally dispensed with the “wine being the blood” and the “bread being the body” because I know this has nothing whatsoever to do with what Jesus of Nazareth believed, because he was Jewish and would never have promoted an idea that basically promotes cannibalism…

Instead, I dedicated the wine and the bread as a celebration of the fruits & grains of God’s Earth. It feels a little empty — doing away with 2 thousand years of tradition. But everything else we can possibly imagine has changed, why not Communion?


P * trio t stree t fighter, Neg 48, and Miki Kl an (2 hrs):

“Nancy Drew” had a longer D C update: sand bags and empty buildings everywhere! (23 mins):

Coast to Coast AM: UFOs in Appalachia (40 mins):

Below: UFO Man Saturday night livestream: Founder of CERO. Very interesting!! (1 hr 20 mins):

Below: J * co update (49 mins):

Below: Mike Ad ams: herbal help if you took the v a x (15 mins):

Protests in I t a ly (29 seconds):

Police flee protestors in f r a nce (57 seconds):

Qu ar a n tin e c amp in a u str alia?! (45 seconds):

A u d it updates: L *n dell on W a r R oom (6 mins):

Gold from the V a t i c an (4 mins):

Debunked! No i v er me c tin over doses in OK (7 mins):

Justice is coming C a n a d a (20 mins):

Clif High update (1 hr):

Okay, gang! Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world! Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

Breakfast-listening music!! Tom Petty & Stevie Nicks, 1984, “Apartment Song” demo:

How’s That New Timeline Working Out For You??

I don’t know, gang, is it just me — or do you feel like we’ve jumped onto yet another new timeline??

Everything just feels so fucking different today. And I don’t know if that’s a good or a bad thing. But on we go, right?


The victorious K im j * ng u n tells UNICEF that they can take their effing c*vid va x e s and, well, let’s say “deliver them instead to nations low in supply with surging cases,” because he’s fighting the scam de mic in his own style.


Kremlin says Kim Jong Un will visit Russia this month - POLITICO


Here in the lofty U S for A, the C D C has now declared that anyone who dies within 2 weeks of receiving the va x, has not died from the vax.

After all, they have until December (when the P C R goes bye-bye and they have to start using a test that actually tells you something) to convince us that only the un- va x ed are at risk here. The v a x ed are completely not dying all over the place. So, in order to make that seem even remotely true, they have to constantly — well, lie.

Good luck with that. Here on this new timeline, nobody gets away with anything.

In West Virginia, fully va xe d cases, deaths and hospitalizations are up 26% over the last 8 weeks (1 min):

More allegedly v a x ed pilots are stroking out midair and/or dying, worldwide. Fly the friendly skies, baby (8 mins):

Police in South Kensington U K are off the charts insane this morning; they attempted to barricade thousands of protestors in the underground (subway) station and what do you suppose happened? (1 min):

Hey, nothing like good old-fashioned funny TV (Masonic blood ritual on S N L) (3 mins):

A new song in London and it’s quite catchy (1 min):

In honor of Kool Aid drinkers everywhere: The C* vidian C*lt (5 mins):

Oh, and the P M of Japan stepped down, so that’s good news. How many does this make, worldwide, gang? Too many to count…

Oh, and the aus s ie truckers were successful.:

“Aussie Truckers Victorious: South Australia Drops Mandatory Jab For Interstate Drivers Following Blockade Protest

“Australian truck drivers threatened a strike with a blockade on August 31 and actually engaged in a brief one on the 30th on the Queensland border, along with huge numbers of people protesting the unlawful mandates that truck drivers should get at least one of the unsafe and inefficient C* VID shots.  This is a pretty big victory, as South Australian government has backpeddled on their mandate, which just shows you they are not holding all the cards.  The people are holding them because they truly have the power not only to stop that, but to bring the tyrants trying to mandate such things to justice.” [full article here]

“Nancy Drew” had a strange D C update yesterday: “Something about Sleepy Joe-And German Accent?” (2 mins):

Sadly, champion boxer Oscar de la Hoya gets fully v a x ed and is now hospitalized with c * vid (22 seconds):

Victory: U K bans c * vid va x for children under 16, and E U bans the boosters! (7 mins):

Cuo m o’s tr i bunal has allegedly been scheduled for Sept 20! (2mins):

Ch * r lie W *r d, Jason [17], S * mon P * rkes (50 mins):

Ni ch o las V en ia min and S *ch a St *ne (39 mins):

X * 2 r * port: z e r o day (53 mins):

Well, here in the Hinterlands, I am once again astounded by the people I love. I spend 8 hours a day in a tiny health food/supplements store in the middle of nowhere, trying to help more and more and more v a xed farmers and rural people survive that v a x without going into the murder palaceoops! I meant, hospital. It’s exhausting. I am finally in another time of respite, though, where the spike proteins that invaded my own body are now thoroughly dead (again). That’s exhausting, too, gang — trying to stay on top of that. It took ten weeks of HCQ and i ver mec tin and pine needle tea and dandelion leaf extract because they kept coming back every time v a xed customers kept coming back.

Then I woke up at 3am yesterday morning with the profound sense that my mother was fully va x ed now and that I needed to send her the Zel en ko protocol supplements plus N A C, ASAP, only to discover, when I called her at a more reasonable hour in the morning, that it was fucking true. How could my family allow her to get that fucking v ax?

Free will, baby. Free will.

I am just beside myself, gang.

But off to the post office I went with all the supplements (and the recipe to make H C Q), because even though I can’t afford it, she can’t afford it, either.

My beloved birth mom, as a wee bonny lass.

Okay, so now I have to try to take care of my mother as well as myself (and 7 cats) on the smallest amount of $$$ that you can possibly imagine. Most days, I lose the thrill of living, gang. I seriously do. But on we go.

Don’t forget, tonight in Croydon, UK, at 7:30pm, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis continue their Carnage tour. I believe it is already sold out, though.

Okay, gang. I gotta scoot and head out to work!! I am gonna be late.

If you live Stateside, enjoy your Labor Day weekend!! If you live elsewhere, enjoy your Saturday, and thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

Breakfast-listening music!! Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers “Rebels” 1985

The News is Oddly the Same

Okay, gang. It is getting a little ominous.

Aside from a p f * zer lab burning to the ground in Madrid, Spain (yay!), and horrible Hurricane Ida- related flooding in NY that wiped out the offices of pr o jec t v er i tas, there is not much new news.

But we are still expecting some sort of f *lse fl * g or black sw an event at any moment, so stay alert and, as always, question everything.

And remember to stay out of D C on 9/11. That is a definite f*lase fl*g trap for P * triots!!

The news has shifted away from a f gha ni stan and is now back to focusing on the A Z audit results — a couple of those auditor guys had that bio weapon attack, more affectionately known as c * vid. But they are back on track and all is moving forward there again.

This is a map of how the trucker blockade in a u st r alia is going! Apparently, they have all the main roads shut down. Red dots were “police incidents”.

The other news, of course, is that — in the event you hadn’t heard — the m R N A “v a x” is another bio we a p on and is “extremely dangerous”. But seriously… There are nothing but endless horrific videos about that, gang. I’m going to stop posting them, because they only get worse and worse. Although they estimate that 80% of the v a x e s are placebos, please DO NOT tempt fate. Do not get the v a x… do not get the booster. (And an update on the recalled M o d er n a va x in Japan: now 1.63 million doses have been recalled due to “contaminated vials.”) (Hey, can’t we go ahead and contaminate everything and just recall the whole darn world?? Hmmm… I’ll check into that!)

I am really hard-pressed to give you more concrete news than that today. Videos are, of course, below.

Meanwhile, Nick Cave & Warren Ellis launched their Carnage tour in Poole, England last night! One fan posted a really cool review of it on Instagram last night. This is part of that review (I don’t know the actual name of the guy that wrote it):

And a couple of photos from Instagram, as well:

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis in Poole, UK 9/2/21
Nick Cave in Poole, UK 9/2/21

I don’t know who the photographers were. Sorry.

The next show is tomorrow night, in Croydon, England.

All right. So.

Here, the weather is simply beyond perfect. I can’t even tell you, gang! it is just so amazing, after those many days of heavy rain, high heat, and about 90% humidity… All of it is gone now. The nights are cool and clear, the days are sunny and mild. Perfect weather for sitting out on the kitchen porch, staring at the flowers and/or thinking about stuff!

That said, life is still pretty darn stressful around here. Depending on the financial situation in this country, I am now planning to take early retirement next summer. Between that and working at the store, I should be able to survive. (Yes! I need to retire in order to be able to afford to work! If you think that I’m over this already, gang, you’d be right!)

And on anther sad note — my absolute favorite summer PJs have now bitten the dust! But I refuse to throw them out. I will continue to wear them until it is officially Fall, which is in about 3 weeks. Seriously, they are so full of holes now, it is ridiculous, and the fabric is so thin now, I can’t mend them. But I really love these cotton pajamas. I have worn them for 5 summers in a row and they have such great memories for me now. I might actually press them into a scrap book rather than throw them out!! Luckily, the online company I buy them from, always has more. So I will buy a new pair for next summer. But still…(heavy sigh) sp sad to see them go.

This is what they look like!

100% cotton, from India

Okay, on that cheery note!! Have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: “Nancy Drew” D C update (6 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks t a f g h an i stan: done on purpose? Absolutely! (17 mins):

Below: P * triot Stree t fighter intel update (1 hr):

Below: c ir st en w news update (38 mins):

Below: Mi cha el J * co’s update from 2 days ago (32 mins):

Below: No illegal immigrants in Poland!! “If you import a 3rd world country, you get a 3rd world country!” (3 mins):

Below: M ark S t e e l e: Update on I s r a el and the va x b oo sters (5 mins):

Below: Watch Al e x Jones take i ver me ctin — and survive!! (19 mins):

Below: The Salty Cracker: CA an ti f a teacher now fears for his safety (9 mins):

Below: X * 2 r * port: We are here for a reason (52 mins):

Oh, For Heaven’s Sake!

Okay, gang. Here we are again. Obfuscation on all sides!

If you have been listening to any of the many videos featuring our beloved ju an o s a vin over the last couple of days, you are probably: a) thoroughly disgusted with everything that’s important to you in this movement; b) 100% certain now that r o be rt d a vi d s te el e was an evil man who was likely taken out by the white hats; and c) really wishing you could listen to Ne g a tive 4 8 all the fucking time!!


So. By yesterday, we had ge ne d e code assuring us RDS was alive. Ch* r lie w * rd assuring us RDS was alive. Even Tarot by Janine weighed in on Beyond Mystic with the cards, which said RDS was alive (and likely under ar r est at gitmo). We have already had several days of p * trio t str eet fighter basically saying nothing — always bringing the storyline back to the recent death of his own father. We have S * sha St *ne being so dismissive it was dumbfounding: “Divine geometry.” We had the true expressions of loss from Sean St *ne, N*no, Nicholas Ven iamin.

And then we had ju an o s a v in yesterday morning (or Tuesday night, really), trying to dismiss it all by adding his convoluted bullshit weirdness about double pneumonia and how intubation will then basically kill the patient and it happens to people all the time… (I am hugely paraphrasing.)

We saw that same thing with j u an and the pancaking apartment, surf side, in Miami, when he said “that kind of structural thing happens to buildings all the time, all over the world.”

Well, um. No.

But when he pipes in with that weird ass stuff, it can only mean the white hats are trying to get you to look in another direction.

So when ju an said that weirdness yesterday about double pneumonia and how basically everybody always dies from that intubation, etc., etc. It was so insane, out of left field and off-point, that it sounded like huge bells & whistles to me. And so I decided that it was likely true that white hats took RDS out in some way.

I didn’t follow RDS so I did not know any of the particulars with his career. What little I knew, did not resonate with me, so I steered clear of him. Although I did feel like those books he published online were incredible, though. For one thing, they really opened my eyes about the V at i c an.


If you listened to ch * rlie w*rd, Pryme Mini ster, Negative 48 and ju an last night, you probably now know the current version of the truth about RDS: that he was a bad guy who changed his tune and did some really good things at the end, re: bringing light to sa t anic child s * x tra ff icking, but that he “found Christ” the other day and then died.

So he’s either on gitmo for the rest of his life, or he’s already been exe c uted for past crimes.

Either way, I think Jesus would feel really warm & cuddly inside, knowing that “finding him” before you die is now synonymous with hidden ar r est s and/or possible e x e cu tions…

But I digress. Back to the aforementioned video…

Ju a n’s comments throughout were so maddening, that honestly, I was on the verge of leaving the movement altogether. So many lies and obfuscations on all sides now. Just mountains of it. Heaps of it. They are just piling it high now.

I realize it’s war and that its the Art of War and that it’s the art of encoding and of secrets and of playing chess. But I’m just really, really tired of it. It feels like any time you get close to something that might be actual news (or intel) right now, another good guy comes by with a huge pile of words to stamp out that train of thought entirely. (Small example: On a video with J*co, cir sten w, and g e ne d e c ode yesterday, cir sten releases some intel about “the 13th – 18th of September” and before she could say another word, J * co piped in with “I’m hearing this will all be done by the end of December. What do you hear, Gene?” And then it was sort of case closed; we never got to hear what cir sten’s intel was. And frankly, I’d rather know that something really interesting was happening in 2 weeks, rather than hearing that all this garbage is gonna drag on until the end of the year.) (I know it’s war; but can’t we get a little peanut now and then just for morale?)

And all of that digression is a round-about way of saying: How come ju an made every conceivable effort imaginable to cut off every single thing Ne g at ive 4 8 was trying to say in that video last night???

Methinks it’s curious, indeed!

For instance, when neg 4 8 was implying m i cha el j* ck son was still alive, ju an jumped in with the most amazing gobbledy-gook from the Bible that you’ve ever heard, and which was in no way related to m i cha el ja ck son at all. Dead or alive.

That happened every time Neg 4 8 tried to speak. So, that, to me spoke volumes and only made me want to hear Neg 4 8 a whole lot more.

And early on in the video, Neg 4 8 said “let’s face it, Joe’s shot,” which can be construed as “B* den’s mind is gone now; he’s played out.” But which probably really says that the real b * den has already been executed by a firing squad. Wouldn’t you rather listen to that then jump into some more weird non sequiturs about the Bible?

I know I would.

And at another point, Ne g 4 8 was once again going into that stuff about j f k, j e s us and a “resurrection” of sorts (meaning: j f k didn’t die in the hospital in Dallas, but was brought out of a coma 4 days later, and went into hiding and is still alive today.) At that point, ju an literally cut him off and jumped in with stuff about time zones and clocks and Big Ben and sundials… etc., etc., etc.

You decide, gang. Does that make any sense to you whatsoever?

I’ll tell you; I was really at that point where I was ready to just walk away from the movement, go back to what life I have left and just let it all play out around me and stop giving a shit. I get so tired of obfuscation and lies, on all sides. But then early this morning, at my kitchen table, I was doing my daily journaling with my Inner Being and the forefathers came through again, unexpectedly, and said, “We are all here. We understand your frustration. Infuse joy into the Message and it will help not only you but ALL .”

And so on we go, gang. On we go!

And here it is an absolutely stunning morning! Cool, sunny, full of hope. So I’m going to get started on the laundry and try to have a really beautiful day. You do the same, wherever you are in the world! (Perhaps minus the laundry part.)

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. Videos are below. See ya!

And don’t forget tonight, gang! Live in Poole, England! Nick Cave & Warren Ellis kick off the Carnage tour!


Below: You might want to listen to this and listen just below the message. A word to the wise is usually sufficient, gang. Does the G O P really respect women? (1 min):

Below: P atr io t str eet f igh ter and nich o las ven ia min (40 mins):

Below: 27 U S Air Force pilots resign over v ax ma nd ates. Awesome! Say goodbye to the d**p st*te a ir for ce… (3 mins):

Below: Ch * rlie W *rd, Juan o sa vin, Prym e Mi ni ster, Negative 48 (1 hr):

Below: J *co, gen e de code, cir sten w (1 hr):

Below: cir sten’s intel (40 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 78 (actual) news update (22 mins):

Below: “Nancy Drew” update in D C (5 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine and Jean-Claude; Beyond Mystic livestream (1 hr):

Below: David n * no ro d ri guez, the end of the beginning (36 mins):

Getting Way Too Dark in this Tunnel!! Light or no light…

There is a lot to post about today, gang. I want to divide it between the U K and the U S. I’ll start with the U K because I think it is the most dire.

I’m not entirely sure which scenarios are which, but I know two things for certain. 1.) Folks in the U K are getting redpilled beyond belief. Can it be possible that anyone in the U K is still asleep? It would be like sleeping through, well, let’s say a condo building suddenly pancaking in s u r f s ide at 3am; and: 2.) some of this shit is real and it’s black hat.

I’ll start with the most alarming: The upcoming food shortage in supermarkets there. Apparently it has already begun. Sunday Express (UK) headline:

Supermarkets ‘weeks away from gap in shelves’ as supply chains fail ‘It’s at crisis point’ [full article here — but minus any “facts”]

Below: At the pro t est in London, Kate Shem ir ani (a naturopathic nurse) talks with a farmer from India, who warns that the farmers produce plenty of food, but that the d **p st* te is letting it rot in warehouses, in order to starve people. (3 mins):

And this next piece, is a tough call. Is it a redpill, meant to cause absolute panic and scare the shit out of you so that you finally wake up and fight back? Or is it an actual warning (which will scare the shit out of you and hopefully wake you up and make you fight back)? Here is the page of the document — U K headed for permanent l* ckd *wn in three weeks, with mandatory va xes — refusing to be va x ed equals having your children permanently removed from your home, and having the deed to your home confiscated. Plus much more. It is followed by a video of the document being read aloud, in case you can’t read this too well.

photo courtesy Ni ch o las Ven ia min te le gr am page

Below: video of same document, but read aloud:

I’m sure you know by now that M * t t Han co ck resigned yesterday because of inappropriate C*VID behavior (however, had it happened during a non-scam d emic, it would have been totally suitable).

My best guess, is that this is indeed redpill, white hat maneuvering. That Han cock has likely been taken out (or perhaps was a long time ago; I don’t know). And this headline below is definitely redpill (and it would be laughable if it weren’t also being used as a distraction to present U K with another l* ck d*wn…):

And this could also be redpill, but, regardless, it is seriously BAD NEWS. H an cock has already been replaced by S a j id J * vid — former Home Secretary, with former ties to one of the most compromised banks in the world: D eu ts che, and long-time R* th s child pawn, J P Mor gan.

On a positive note, though, there was a massive freedom march in London yesterday. The city was overwhelmed by the turnout of marchers. Here are 4 minutes, showing the size of the crowd:

All righty. On the U S front:

I’m glad we didn’t go to the rally yesterday because we would likely have had to stand about a mile away from the stage! Hundreds of people camped out overnight to be the first to get in, and thousands of people were there by the time the gates opened at 2pm, with more and more and more people arriving up until he went on at about 8pm. (Tr ***p is that teeny tiny dot on the raised platform in the middle.) (But isn’t Ohio beautiful on a summer night??)

I watched the rally primarily on his new r u m b le channel. which indicates that over half a million viewers also watched it on r u m b le. But I also watched parts of it on the R S B N app and their YT channel, until the Y T channel got hopelessly fucked up by black hat satellite interference (over 2 million people watched it on the Y T channel, and hundreds of thousands watched it on the app).

The bad-player interference was constant throughout the rally, on all platforms. Meaning, constant loss of video feed and/or sound. It was discouraging but I stuck it out and I know that a ton of other people did, too.

They are trying really hard to make this pre s i d ent disappear, gang, and it is only going to get worse real soon. All indications are that they will finally have Tr **p arrested (NY) and issued with a gag order to keep him from being able to speak to the Am er ic an people, or continue with his rallies.

This kind of shit, gang. It just gets to me sometimes. He won the fucking e l * c t ion. And the closer it gets to revealing the A Z and G A a * dits (and the other States getting onboard), the more viciously they are pushing back. For instance, S ur f si de and all those innocent people killed over alleged Mc a f ee s er ver in building (?) . (And if for some reason, that document out of the U K is real — that is exactly what they have already done in ch ****n *** and is worse than n a z i ger many.)

It was one of those mornings that I woke up crying, because I can see that we are in the very middle of the darkness in this tunnel of war. Even though I know for certain there is a light at the end of it.

But I cried through breakfast. I just felt overwhelmed. And not just by what the d **p st* te keeps doing to stop Tr **p, but the fact that so many people still have no clue we are at war adn that they have not only been lied to, but that they are willingly in line for their own mass ac re. That’s how successful they are at mind control.

As luck would have it (not luck, ,but guided by voices), the first thing I turned to on t e le g ram this morning was a post from [17] The Storm Rider. I’ve pasted it verbatim below:

Q) The Storm Rider /Official Page You must remember.. Also the d** p st * te is getting ready to play their last cards [they] been saving>>[hope LOST]>>>>>

White HATS will emphasise on those major movements coming and people won’t understand the MOMENT (PAIN, HOPE LOST FOR ANONS P*TRIOTS)>>> Stay Strong!!!!! That moment WILL PASS!!!!….. THE MOMENT WILL BE USED WISELY BY GREATER GOOD WHs…//)..

I gave this ⚠️ WARNING many times!!! For a reason!!!!..>>
So you will be prepared in the weeks coming!!!..



>>>>>>>>MILITARY IS THE ONLY WAYt.me/qthestormrider777/41571.9Kviews

It helped to immediately center me and get me back on track. Even though I did notice that the NY Times headlines had nary a mention of Tr **p’s rally last night (!!), however, Richard Citizen Journalist on t e le g r am posted photos of the headlines from 3 Ohio newspapers this morning, with photos from T r **p’s rally all over them.

So, on we go, right? Expect the push back to get severe, gang. But keep in mind, wherever you live in the world, there is NO c* vid variant from India or anywhere else. It does not exist. Anywhere. It is only hay fever. There is no reason to panic and get a v a x. Even while some of those va x es are clearly placebos, the ones that aren’t are deadly. Plain & (not so ) simple: they will kill you.

And please check periodically if you have been exposed to spike proteins. It is simple to do and there are an ti dot es that work. (Take a swig of tart cherry juice, swish it in your mouth for 1-2 seconds, and spit it into a white cup or bowl. You will know instantly if they are in you: tiny black squiggly hair-like things will fill the cherry juice. The an ti dot es are pi ne n ee dle oil (must be 100% pure; 1-2 drops in a tall glass of purified water, 3 times a day) and i v er me c tin (dirt cheap and available on line).

There is no conclusive research yet if the spike proteins eventually stop replicating. But while they are active inside you, they replicate so fast it is unbelievable. And women — they love your ovaries and intend to make you sterile. And they are half-biological, half-A.I. They will track you.


Sadly, this meme sort of describes me these days!! (Honestly, when I see mothers come into the store now with their kids wearing Lion King t-shirts or Tinkerbell garbage, I really really want to alert them all that W D was a rabid pe do p h ile… but I bite my tongue.)

And on a lighter note….

Carnage, by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis, which came out last week on vinyl and CD, is #1 on several UK and Australian album charts!! Yay!!

I saw the news posted on Warren Ellis’s Instagram account yesterday, but when I tried to search for these actual charts to link to them, what I found instead was that pre-recorded video chat Nick Cave & Warren Ellis did back on June 18th, to promote the Carnage release!

And while I was really, really hoping this would happen — that the pre-recorded video would eventually be posted to You Tube so that anyone who might have been at work that day could watch it anyway — well, you know, after Nick Cave did that deconstruct of the song “Carnage” on his Red Hand Files last week, and forever changed how I respond to that specific song (i.e., I can’t actually listen to it anymore — but maybe someday that will change). Well, I became worried that if I watched that whole video chat about the making of the whole album, I would suddenly develop an aversion to the whole album. So I’ve decided not to watch the video.

However, here it is for your viewing pleasure, because I’m guessing you are nowhere near as weird about this stuff as I am!!

All righty! So that is that. Please just stay alert and try to discern for yourselves which events around you are redpills, and which are seriously awful shit that you need to pay attention to. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: Your govt is trying to kill you. Watch this weird fucking shit about the actual va x es. It will blow your mind. (52 mins):

Below: More really bad news about the va x es. Magnetic equals mind control. Astr o Z in U K contains the most. (please, gang – it is VITAL that you remove spike proteins from your system ASAP) (22 mins):

Below: Digital Warriors warn U K, they will use football match crowds to start another l* ck d*wn. (40 mins) :

Below: This is very sad, but I post it in honor of her parents. Don’t let your kids get the va x!! Their lives could be over in a “heartbeat”. School is not worth it. Travel is not worth it. Sports and concerts are not worth it!! (3 mins):

Ah, Yes! The Good Old Days!

When liberty used to cost only 5 cents! Unlike now, where the potential cost of it is the modification of your DNA…


Here is something that will be very handy for Americans — since I think we are the only country in the world that has made hy dr o xy chl or i qui ne illegal to sell without a prescription. Why not just make it at home??? Turns out it’s super easy! (So easy, that it only takes 58 seconds to tell you how to do it!!)

And here’s another very interesting update on the m * li tary tr i bu nals. Turns out that Git mo is full, gang! (Oh, and I learned yesterday that the tri bu n als cannot put anyone on trial for Crimes against Humanity — only for military crimes, like treason — which is likely why a d a m s c h i f f has not (yet) been found guilty of ch i ld s ex / mur der in places like the Sta n dar d H o tel in L A.) Crimes against Humanity get tried in places like The Hague.) (Are there places “like” The Hague, or is there only The Hague??)

Some of the info below contradicts other things we have heard about entertainers and movie stars who were said to have already been e x e c ut ed (i.e., Gaga, Hanks) …. but it is still very interesting info about Tiera Del Fuego. Worth 3 minutes and 24 seconds of your time!

And there was another quite interesting a rr est whose time had come! (Recognize scarf-lady?) (Don’t cry for me, Argentina, or anything like that…)

Also, U K podcasters caution you to disbelieve M S M statistics that tell you hundreds, or even thousands, of people joined the anti-l* ck d*wn protest in London over the weekend. The actual number was closer to one million protesters…. (that’s just a photo, so don’t try to “play” it!! kekekek)

And there was lots of great information in yesterday’s Di gi tal War rio rs update (U K/ Sp ain):

And before I go off on a veritable Nick Cave update spree… I want to mention a very interesting, albeit extremely sad, update.

Remember how certain airlines were saying you could not fly with them until you were vax xed??? Oops!! Since it turns out the vaxes cause life-threatening blood clots, and since folks who are at risk of blood clots are not allowed to fly in airplanes (don’t know, yet, about flying in TR-3Bs)… Well, turns out, vaxxed folks will now be banned from flying in airplanes, too.

Darn. And here they went and altered their DNA and filled their bodies to the brim with na no bots that will severely shorten their life expectancies in order to fly to Tiera Del Fuego. Oops! I mean, um, Ft. Lauderdale or someplace like that.

Okay. It’s actually not funny. At all. But who will the airlines be ferrying at this point? The unvaxed can’t fly. The vaxxed will likely die even sooner if they fly so now they can’t fly, either… And non-terrestrials have much more efficient modes of air transportation. Who is left???

On a more somber note — I spoke with my ex-husband in Seattle yesterday. He was feeling very blue about the vax situation because everyone is pressuring him to get it, but he refuses. He said, “I will be 65 in 3 weeks. I didn’t live to be 65 just to get a blood clot and die.” However, he told me that his entire family back home in Sing a p ore have had the c* vid PCR tests and the fake vaxes because it is mandatory in that country. An entire country. It is so sad. His mom is 86. Chances are high that she could pass away from that vax (or anything else, really) before he has a chance to see her again. (And not just because of the forced vax — but to visit Sing a pore right now mandates a forced vax on the visitor and a 3-week quarantine-hotel stay, at your own expense.)

This stuff does indeed keep me awake at night, gang, because it is so tragic. His entire family, forced to be vaxxed. So I continue to thank the entire universe for my CBD oil, otherwise, I would never sleep.

Okay. For some mysterious reason, I have neglected to post my many Nick Cave updates from this past week!!

The announcement that I found most disheartening was this one: In honor of Carnage finally being released on CD and vinyl on June 18th, there is going to be a live, online Q &A with Nick Cave and Warren Ellis about Carnage, on Friday, June 18th, at 7PM BST. (Info on how to submit your question is here.)

Sadly, this is the very same time when grown-ups in America who have jobs in health food stores actually have to work…. So that fucking sucks.

Also, Cave Things announced that you can now listen to “Letter to Cynthia” on YouTube! Which, oddly enough, you will find directly below!!

And, also last week, Nick Cave put out a Red Hand File that was really just amazing. Some great advice about how to get over yourself and just keep on living… (I am paraphrasing hugely. What he said was much more compassionate.) You can read it here.

All righty.

One more (sad) video. If you hadn’t kept up on this trend, there was at least one orphanage/convent in Canada where the remains of babies and children were dug up from mass graves. Very, very fucking sad.

Tarot by Janine looks at this sad situation this morning:

And then last night’s UFO Man Saturday night live stream:

Okay. I guess that’s it for this fine Sunday morning in cold and rainy Crazeysburg.

And in keeping with the holiday weekend, I leave you with “Stars & Stripes Forever” — a John Philip Sousa favorite from yesteryear!! (Listen at your own risk! Once this gets in your head, you will not get it out!!) All righty. See ya, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys!!

Another Great Day in the Hinterlands!!

Can you feel the energy shift in your part of the world, gang??

All over the place, pockets of people are gathering — and not wearing masks.  State Governors are declaring v a x passports unconstitutional.  That vaxes are choices.  That enough is enough.

Everywhere, all over the world, people are taking (mostly) peacefully to the streets.

More and more intel indicating that Tr ***p will likely be back for the 4th of July. (And also, that he never actually left…)

There are some great podcasts posted below today, too. Try to listen to them if you have time, gang. P *  trio t str eet fighter had great intel re: S u e z C ana l on his tipping point radio show Monday night.  He has also begun a Tuesday night special class on the U S  C on stit u tion, in case you are of the younger generations who were not taught about it in school.

Learn the Con st it tuion and KNOW YOUR RIGHTS!

N i ch olas Ven i a min had a great chat with a Pharma insider  (also below) that was very insightful re: all aspects of c * vid and the vaxes. But he also warns (as are other podcasters,  warning about SPARS) that a stronger strain of cor ona vir  us will be coming at the end of this year, and that this is where those folks who are getting vaxed  now (assuming they live through that) are going to get serious medical complications caused by the m R N As.  This will be where the depopulation aspect of the experimental vaxes will likely start kicking in.

(However, according to gene d e c ode, there are things you can do to remove the vax from your system, involving borax and activated charcoal. You have to search for it on duckduckgo.)

And people who did not get the vax need to maintain their immunity protocols:

    • High doses of Vitamin C
    • High doses of Vitamin D3
    • Zinc + Magnesium
    • Quercetin

In addition to the above, I personally add elderberry, echinacea, raw local honey, and organic apple cider vinegar (with the mother).

And FYI: stock up on elderberry now (!!), because there is going to be a worldwide shortage of elderberry next season (due to a crop shortage that already happened this year).  It’s going to be hard to get elderberry in the Fall and will also be expensive.

So by Fall, gang, you need to make sure you’re maintaining an immunity-boosting routine, every day.  (And also some sort of prayer/meditation/visualization routine, every day — starting right now.) (And don’t forget to add things to your diet that help decalcify the pineal gland, and also detox from heavy metals!!) (Yes, my life is truly that insane, gang. But this is war. Seriously.)


We have 10 of our 21 windows open here in the house and the birds are signing (also singing!!) like crazy outside and the cats couldn’t be happier. It’s going to get cooler again at the end of the week, but for right now, we’re remembering what summer is like and we’re getting excited!

I’m hoping against hope that I’ll have enough money to buy my flowers and plant them in May, and also be able to pay my lawncare guy all summer.  I hope that wherever you are in the world and whatever season it is in your hemisphere, that you are finding reasons to rejoice on the Earth today.

Okay. Check out the podcasts below, gang. They were really informative and inspiring. I leave you with the song “Carnage” again, from the great new album Carnage (2021) by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis!! Enjoy!! Have a great Wednesday, and thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Ni ch o las  Ve nia min chats with Ph ar ma Exec. VERY INFORMATIVE!  (1 hr):

Below: P *  trio t str eet fighter. First hour has great intel re: all aspects of the S u e z C ana l — do not miss!!; then U S C on sti tu tion (2 hrs):

Below: P o d e st a arrest and Tr **p back for 4th of July (28 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 78 News (will the truth about fake  c i a – g e or g e fl o yd  case finally come out? Can you say “fentanyl overdose” gang??!!) (25 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: This was awesome! Listen and SHARE!!  (48 mins):

Nothing We Know Is True

It’s just that kind of morning, gang.  At what point do we stop going down the rabbit holes and just resign ourselves to this new version of Earth; this new version of the past? Knowing that at least it’s finally leading to a much more interesting future, even though everything we thought we knew, up until about 2 seconds ago, was a lie?

It just goes on and on, doesn’t it?

Actually, I’m of the opinion that this new timeline the Earth jumped onto — taking all of us with it — does indeed have a completely different past from the one we had on the old timeline.

If we want a new future, one that doesn’t involve us having been nuked out of existence by our beloved (and thankfully departed) h  i  l  l a r y, and if it comes along with a different past that makes all of us right here, right now, feel like we’re losing our minds… well, then it still seems like a really good trade-off.

Okay. If you haven’t seen it yet, there is a disturbing video that originated on t  i  k  t  ok, that indicates if you turn over a can of P r in g l e s potato chips and enter the code stamped on the bottom of  the can, into an a l i ba ba search engine, it brings up pages and pages and pages of where to purchase a d r e no c h r ome.

I’m not going to waste my money on a can of potato chips only to then do something on the Internet that will make me want to throw up, but please feel free to try it and see what happens.

Even if it’s not true, I’m glad to see a video like that going viral because it is just getting more and more people to realize the atrocity of a d  r e no chr o  me. That it isn’t just some sick weirdness on a South Park  cartoon episode. (And if you saw that episode and didn’t want to gouge your eyes out, you might want to check and see if you have a pulse or not.)

And much speculation about “Ever  given” being loaded with tra  ffi  cked children, which is why it’s being held up in the S uez Canal at the start of Passover… Well, I guess we’re going to eventually find out.

But even if the kids — or even older human beings — are not on that particular run, that shipping line is alleged to be owned by the c l in ton foundation and Wal mart, and has been used for tra  f  f icking humans all over the world.

I am not a Walmart shopper because I have never been able to stomach what it stood for– and now, less than ever.

Word has it that in the U K, where they are relentlessly trying to kill everyone imaginable who lives there, young and old alike, through the very, very fake scam dem ic and the mind-numbingly dangerous v a x es, along with indescribably hard to fathom boatloads of really violent,  illegal im mi grants — allegedly their TVs will be taken over by an e mer gen cy broadcast system on march 30 th, but there is no way to know for sure if this is rumor or if it is true. They will find out, I guess.

But 8,500 doctors, nurses, and medical professionals from the U K and Ireland and the Netherlands are suing  the n h s and the w h o for all the many l o ck downs and falsehoods of the fake scam demic and very real vax.  So, even while they don’t allow us the joy of celebrating these brave people because they do their best to keep them far away from publicity, know that these things are indeed happening all over the world. People are indeed speaking out on behalf of all of us.

So the wind here yesterday was just unreal.  More damage done to the various soffits around my roof. I have a repairman coming tomorrow to give me an estimate.  Just in time for the stimulus check to arrive… but I was just going to pay bills with that money, anyway.

Little by little, it’s all gonna work out. I’m just not gonna let it get to me.

There have been some great podcasts over the last couple days that I wasn’t able to post for you. I’m posting some down below for today, though.

As I mentioned here recently, I’m focusing now on the people who are [17]-related, but who also are focused in an empowering direction. And also not pandering to the fake B* den thing.

It is such a waste of time at this point. If someone is going to present the “news” (for instance, the fake B* den press conference the other day, which we knew was going to present him as a loon because they are on the verge of taking him out) (and I’ve been hearing that the actor portraying the fake B* den this whole time has been James Woods but I don’t know if that’s true or not). Anyway, if you’re going to pretend, even for a moment that these people are real, or are in the W  H, or are making any sorts of “laws” that aren’t solely intended to upset the fuck out of everyone who voted for B* den… Well, then I have really no time for it. I just don’t.

I actually like sheep way, way better than I like sh-eople, at this point.

And of course, if you haven’t heard, more mass sh oo t ings are underway all over the U S.  And if podcasters want to report those without mentioning that these are psy-ops, being done on purpose, intended to force A mer i cans to give up their g u n rights, then who has time to listen to news about more and more people dying? More and more lives being destroyed and wasted?

I don’t. I’m just over it. Because there is a lot of amazing stuff coming, for all of us, and that is where I want to focus my energy, gang. Because the more moments out of each day that we can be focused at those higher frequencies, attracting the really joyful stuff — that’s what is going to arrive for us. Not just more and more and more of the same awfulness.

Okay. So. I’m still stuck in this truly weird editor here on the blog. I can’t tell you how annoying it is. It’s like you’re just blogging away into a huge white space. On your end, it still looks normal. But on my end, it’s like the Twilight Zone. Like everything else right now. But the amount of free time I have these days is zero. So for now, I just keep trying to adjust. To everything.

The other day, Nick Cave sent out a great Red Hand File, wherein he discussed the making of the new album Carnage.  Which was very interesting, in and of itself. But he also announced that there will be a documentary film of some sort,  where he and Warren Ellis will perform both Carnage and Ghosteen.  I don’t really understand what this means — if it will be just the two of them, or if there will be some sort of audience. But it sounds like it will be beautiful, whatever they do. So that’s exciting. You can read about it here.

Oh, and don’t forget that Warren Ellis and Marianne Faithfull have another new album coming out April 30th — She Walks In Beauty. You can pre-order it in the US here.

She Walks in Beauty (with Warren Ellis)

All righty.

It’s a beautiful Saturday here in Crazeysburg! I hope that you’re having a really nice day, wherever you are in the world.  Keep in mind, as you go about your lives today, that nothing you know is true and nothing you ever thought was true is true anymore. Then let it all just flow away from you like some river that’s going wherever it’s gonna go.

That should keep the decks clear for little bursts of unexpected happiness.  And don’t forget to be choosing foods that decalcify your pineal gland and detox you from those heavy metals, okay? The dreams you’ll start having  at night, and the pictures that will flow into you during the day will blow you away. I mean it, gang.

Let’s enjoy life on a whole new level. (Oh, and PS: I love Pepe the Frog! If you’re on t e l e  g ram, be sure to follow pepe lives matter for the best pepe memes around. He will always send you off to bed for the night with a kek and a smile.)

Okay!! Thanks for visiting!! I love you guys. See ya!!


Below: Nich o las  V en ia min and Ge ene De code (1 hr):

Below: Ch a r lie W * rd and Jason [17] (38 mins):

Below: Ch * r lie W * rd and Nicholas V en iam in (34 mins):

Below: Nicholas V en iam in and Alan Fountain (38 mins):

Below: P * tri ot Street figher and Dr J udy Mi k o vi tz (1 hr 16 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port (38 mins):