You’re Kidding Me, Right?

Wow, yesterday was EXHAUSTING.

Even though I wanted to see the m i l i t a ry step in and halt the proceedings yesterday, we had been alerted time  & again that it was not likely to happen that way, or in so public a way. Because it would lead to a TON of violence, nationwide. (And there are rumblings that the m i l i t ar y already did take over, and in fact they even announced it on Good Morning America the other day but it seems to have slipped by most people.)

That said, though, even though I was disappointed that we still have to wait, I could not believe how many people totally abandoned ship and gave up on even having faith yesterday. Dealing with that, and trying to stay upbeat and trying to find the voices out there who were not giving up — that was what was so exhausting.

However, everyone seems to be feeling renewed this morning and getting back on the “fight to save A m e r i c a” train.

I have so many things to post here this morning. As well as a ton of those declassified docs to read over once I’m done posting.

First and foremost, though, it is really important that you go to this link and sign this petition!!

The site is getting heavy traffic right now, but keep trying. It is from Americas Frontline Doctors dot com, and the petition is to stop forced experimental vaccines. For instance, any airlines who demands people be vaccinated before you’re allowed to fly with them — this petition will be presented to CEO’s worldwide, to show they will be boycotted if they don’t rethink their dangerous policy.

You can watch this alarming video first, then sign the petition:

The C * VID vaccines are still experimental and can be very dangerous, especially for anyone under 70.  And women who are still in their child-bearing years risk lifelong infertility and the possibility of very serious, permanent placenta problems during pregnancy.

“We need your support to prevent people from being intimidated or pressured into taking experimental vaccines.

SMD & AFLDS is NOT “anti-vaxx” or in any other form to be considered or mislabeled as disapproving of established, reputable vaccines when taken voluntarily without coercion.

SMD will actively blacklist and boycott any business, employer, or school that mandates or otherwise attempts to force a vaccine.”

Again, watch the video, then visit the link and sign! Be patient, though. Heavy traffic at the petition site.

And on a related note — A massive fire has just broken out at the Serum Institute — India’s biggest vaccine maker. (Related? Hmmm….)

And on another related note — about 17 seconds after the fake in   a  u  g  u  r a  tion yesterday, the w h o made a grand proclamation!

An Hour After J*e B* den Is Sworn In, W H O Admits Their Testing Grossly Overstates Individuals Testing Positive for COVID

[full article here] This is to ensure that people around the world think that somehow the B * den  fake p r e s i d e nc y will bring blessings to all of us!!

And on another note  — Just hours after B  * den was sworn in, a n t *  f a mob swarmed Seattle — and also Portland. Some of the stuff they did was pretty horrific, folks. Some of it, absolutely terrifying. I could not even watch the videos.

And then the night before the fakery, a n  t  *  f a staged a r*ot in Airstrip One (NYC) and nearly a dozen cops were seriously  injured.

However, this was interesting!  From L*n W**d on  t e l e g r a m:

“Biden “live” inauguration was seen 11 hours earlier in Spain? Amazing. Or just more B*  den/Cabal/ch * na fraud . . .”

Fake in a  u  g u r a  t i on anyone? (I didn’t watch it, but there were reports that none of the fencing and razor wire provided through the courtesy of the N  a  t  i  o  n  a  l   G u  a  r d, was anywhere to be found in the background during the “televised/virtual” in  a  u g u ra tion… Hmmmm.)

And the ex- c  i  a  director, J  B r e n n  a  n, announced on ms  n  b  c yesterday that they were going to move in “laser light fashion”  to identify Tr **p supporters and root them out of the population.

Them’s strong words, folks. Sounds like a plan for ge n  o  c  i  d  e.

Okay. I have resisted the urge to propagate rumors, but remember what I posted the other day about Fancy-Nan possibly actually having been ar  r  e s ted? Well, this was based on a photo circulating the platforms of Nan surrounded by 5 female (se c r e t s e rvi c e agents) that people were saying were guards.  (Also, after she threatened to begin the im p e a c h m e nt proceedings against Tr ***p, she didn’t show up to work for 3 days.) Anyway, the rumor is still alive and well. And, you know, simply judging from the intensely distraught and wild look Fancy-Nan is sporting these days, you gotta wonder, gang.

You might have to join clouthub to watch this, but check out the short video. Allegedly Fancy-Nan being taken into custody by female US Marshalls.

This is some really disturbing stuff L * n W**d posted the other day, regarding the c r i m e s of J  * dg e R * ber ts. You will have to join t e l e g r am to see the videos. A whistleblower. In 4 short videos from Tuesday.  The whistleblower has already been brutally tortured and he and his wife’s lives have been threatened, but his evidence is sealed in a federal court in M D.  (This is about murder of a s  u  p  r  e  me  c * urt  j * dge and the continued rape of illegally a d op ted ch i ld ren by high-profile politicians.)

Here is a link to a collection of declassified docs so far. There is a TON of stuff here, gang. I’ve found that if it was originally located on the W H site it has now been removed. But the other links still link to declassified docs:

I was also able to download the court doc of La t h am in her suit against e p st e in’s T  ru  s t. The list of the several dozen high-profile defendants in the case are all over social m * dia right now. This is part of declassifying the max w e l l court docs. Part of this specific claim:

Plaintiff accuses the named defendants, and hundreds of unidentified defendants, of “establish[ing] a lucrative, but sociopathic, criminal enterprise,” and “engag[ing] in decades of human trafficking, sexual assaults, and various abuses including financial and economic exploitation, drugging for abduction, and taking Plaintiff(s) #1 and Plaintiffs John and Jane Doe (1 – 10) hostage.” (Id. ¶ 5.) She also alleges that the defendants engaged in “sexual harassment,
extortion, physical torture, and revenge targeting” her mother “for her refusal to sell her” children to them. She further alleges that the defendants “drugg[ed] the children” for “sex trafficking, hostage taking, and related abuse but also began exploiting the Plaintiffs for thefts of trade secrets, intellectual property and tortious interference in the Plaintiff’s career and economic opportunities.” (Id. ¶ 7.)

Plaintiff #3 [Plaintiff’s mother] agreed to an out of court multi-million dollar monetary settlement in the late 1980s/early 1990s to avoid a public criminal and civil prosecution for E p ste in’s sexual abuse of several of the Plaintiffs 2 & 3s children; Plaintiffs 2 & 3 share 6 children together (3 sons, 3 daughters, and approximately 14 grandchildren.
After misappropriating Le sl ie We x ne r’s money to pay the settlement, J* ffrey E p st* in devised a scheme of revenge and recovery of the money by targeting the Plaintiffs for drugging and trafficking the children for continued abuse at his various orgies around the world where he was paid large sums of money by “elite” attendees of the salacious events and then used the money from abusing the Plaintiffs to repay his debt to W ex ne r.
The decades of abuse and sexual assaults were equally to the benefit, entertainment and economic enrichment of the Corporations as well as facilitated, in whatever capacities, by the Corporations/their managers and personnel as by any Person named as defendant.
(Id. ¶¶ 9-11.)

It states that her complaints were dismissed as frivolous… I guess we shall see.

And moving back to yesterday, this is very interesting. A very short audio file. LISTEN TO IT!! B * den is the pr e s * d e n t of a corporation (the united states) that doesn’t exist any longer…

This link here explains the history of all of it:  Read it!!

“Washington DC was established as a city-state in 1871 with the passage of the Act of 1871, which officially established the United States as a corporation under the rule of Washington, which itself is subservient to the City of London. […]

[…] The Papal States are the territories on the East Coast of the former United States under the sovereign direct rule of the p o p e, from the fall of the United States around the turn of the twentieth century to the present. The Papal States are one of the regional powers of the Chesapeake Bay, controlling the city of Washington, as well as much of the surrounding area. Several towns, baronies, and other holdings outside Washington are also held by the p o p e, creating an intricate network of holdings which pay tribute directly to the p o p e.[…]

The claim that the corporation of the un ite d sta te s was dissolved at 12:01am on Wednesday morning is a huge deal, gang. So please listen to the audio, read the texts, etc., and get an understanding of the 1871 Act. The U  S  is allegedly already under mi li t ar y rule right now, D  C  is being viewed as a hostile outside entity in the center of the sovereignty of the un i t ed st a tes, and that the U  S  is being returned to its former state of being a true C*n st * tu tion a l Re public.

In my opinion, this also explains the black out at the v a t * c an, the p op e claiming he is resigning,  and the massive amounts of (alleged) arr  e  s t s and liquidations that have already taken place (43 bishops there, plus 9 bishops here dying from C * VID in one week). And in relation to all that is written in the doc, here is a current summation of the world:

Italian Government has resigned:

Poland Government has resigned:

Russian Government resigned except Putin:

300 Italian politicians and police charged along with Italian mafia:

The entire Kuwait Government has resigned:

Dutch government of the Netherlands resigns:

German Chancellor Angela Merkel steps down:

Malaysian Government steps down:

Baron Benjamin de Rothschild dead at 57:

Estonian Prime ministers fired:

Ob * m * gate documents  declassed – fully loaded with incriminating facts:

25,000+ National Guard and Military in DC and 10 state capitols guarded and locked down:

Washington DC in lockdown and panic:

And here’s an interesting phone call that was recorded. J * e B * den and u k r a i ne in 2016 — hide the fucking money!!

Okay, people. Enough is enough. Tr **p and his team have uncovered massive v * ter fraud, have declassified everything, have begun arrests worldwide and possibly even exe c ut ions through mi li t ary tri bunals. He did not just walk away to go live in F L and play golf. It makes no sense whatsoever.

So have faith that all of this is still in play! It is not over yet. Not by a longshot.

Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: “Good bye. We love you. We will be back in some form…Have a good life. We will see you soon.”

Below: R  * d P * ll 7  8 news. Very encouraging and informative. (30 mins.)

Below: Very encouraging! This has already had about a million views across all platforms since last evening. “The [**]/MSM have now completed the crime, J  B was inaugurated he took a private jet to D  C. J  B is now the illegitimate pr e s * d e n t of the U S. The military has been monitoring the el* cti ons they know exactly what has occurred. 11.3 is the first marker, then entire operation is going to be completed in 30 days.” (19 mins.)


Fold Your Hands & Pray For Rain

So far, so good, gang. Now all we need is a weather report. Storm warnings?

Sit tight. Stay safe. I love you guys.

“The Best Is Yet To Come”

Out of the tree of life I just picked me a plum
You came along and everything started to hum
Still it’s a real good bet the best is yet to come

The best is yet to come and, babe, won’t it be fine?
You think you’ve seen the sun but you ain’t seen it shine

Wait till the warm-up’s underway
Wait till our lips have met
Wait till you see that sunshine day
You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

The best is yet to come and, babe, won’t it be fine?
The best is yet to come, come the day you’re mine

Come the day you’re mine, I’m gonna teach you to fly
We’re gonna taste of the wine
We’re gonna drain the cup dry

Wait till your charms are right for these arms to surround
You think you’ve flown before but you ain’t left the ground

Wait till you’re locked in my embrace
Wait till I draw you near
Wait till you see that sunshine place
Ain’t nothin’ like it here!

The best is yet to come and, babe, won’t it be fine
The best is yet to come, come the day you’re mine

Out of the tree of life I just picked me a plum
You came along and everything started to hum

© 1959 Cy Coleman, Carolyn Leigh

Sit Back & Enjoy the Show!

Yes, it’s at long last National P*p c * r n Day!!

Expect some serious shit to hit some serious fans today, gang. I’m not entirely sure I’m up for it,  but whether or not I am, it’s coming anyway.


T r  ** p is expected to pardon about 100 more people today and everyone is waiting with baited breath to see if j  u  l  i  an  a  s   s  a  ng   e  will be among them.  (My guess is yes but we’ll see.)

Also, at 10 am EST, they are expected to unseal the G his lai  ne Max  well documents. (She’s a dead girl walking, so I hope they have her in a more secure place than ja  il,)  (She was  e  p  s  t  e  * n’s L  o  l  i  t  a  procurer for “black ma i l  island ” .  She knows everything about everyone. And as far as I know, as of right now, she is in ja  il but still alive.)

And this afternoon,  o  b  a  m  a  ga t e is set to be de  classified. This will make public everything that we already know but this time for the benefit of those who are still under the mind control of the main stream m* dia and have no clue any of this shit happened. (It’s great to be an American! You either know how to turn off your TV or you don’t.)

Some fun facts I have learned since yesterday:

50,000 restaurant owners in  i  t  a  l  y defied the l* ck d * wn over the weekend and opened all at once!!! Yay!!! Finally.

J* hn m c c a   * n was exe cuted for  t   r  e  a  s  on. He did not actually die from that particularly hard-to-pronounce form of aggressive cancer. (This is one of those things that I was suddenly seeing everywhere yesterday — you can also see it in the K O video pt. 2 below.)

This worries me a little because it brings the reality of all these sudden C * VID deaths into tighter focus. They no longer need to use cancer, gang. They really are turning the weapon of C  * VID against them because, as we know, C * VID can take you quite quickly, especially if you have a lethal g  u  n shot wound.  And I have been contemplating for weeks now, whether or not they would really exe  c  ut  e some of these extremely high-profile high tr  e a  s on  perps, and it is starting to seem like they will. Perhaps a whole slew of  them will be dead from C  *  VID very soon. (Maybe this new head of the c  d  c  knew what she was talking about when she predicted 500,000 new deaths from C  *  VID were coming this year…)

This is perhaps a little late but still worth thinking about:

“Ye hath heard that it hath been said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth; But I say unto you, That  ye resist not evil ;  but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.”   Matthew 5:39 – 40, KJV, The Beatitudes 

Head’s up: Watch out for o  b  *  m * to suddenly admit he was, in fact, born in  k  e  n   y *…  (Personally, I don’t think it’s gonna matter anymore.)

A  m  e  x  i  c  an  cardinal was banned from f  b  for denouncing the new  w  *  r ld  * rder.

The k  r  e  m  l *n has joined other nations the world over in denouncing b* g t * c  h c * n sor  ship. (Methinks @  j * ck is gonna have nowhere to really hide. Pr * j* ct  v e  r  i t  *s dropped yet another under cover v ideo about t  w  * t  t   *er yesterday.)

This was a little long but unbelievably awesome. You should read it! (From m* nk ey w * r ks.) Pay attention to where it says that 43 additional bishops in i  t  a  l  y  died from C* VID last week…

And the W  H  released this doc yesterday.  Get ready for American public schools to start actually teaching again, and not just spewing m  a  r  x  * s t rhetoric — created by long-ago r  o  t  s  c  h i ld s, btw, who wanted to control the world… ( and more and more, I have been thinking about the alleged familial connection from r  o  t sc  h i l d , to h * t l  er, to m  *  r k *l , may, h * s p *l… A lot of people do not actually believe these are just rumors.) (And then there’s  the  q  p * st that n e w w o is actually N* zi w * rld o  r d * r.) (It just gives me a lot to think about.) (As if I don’t have enough.)


Sign the petition to demand that your s e  n  * tor stop the U  N   g  u  n b  a  n at this link. (It finds & contacts your s e  n  *  tor based on your zip code. It will also ask you for a donation, but that is up to you.) Don’t let them take your g  u  n   s.  It is your C * n st * t * t * on al right to keep and bear arms in self-defense. Lose that right and T  o t a l a t a r i a n ism more easily sets in. No joke. Even if you don’t personally own a g  u  n, fight for every Americans right to do so.

And this just in from Cave Things! The Valentine’s Day Collection! T-shirts, note pads, love pencils, his famous love poem to Anita Lane written in blood, Polaroids of beheaded saints — and he promises a special recorded love poem on Valentine’s Day itself (which I think I will skip, since that’s a guy who seriously loves his wife… heavy sigh). But don’t let me stop you from enjoying it!! Sign up for the Cave Things newsletter at that link.

“We are taking Valentines Day very seriously at Cave Things and are dropping a whole lot of different stuff. A beautiful t-shirt based on a drunken love letter I wrote back in my drunken love letter writing days; a Polaroid of Saint Valentine – who was, sadly, beheaded; a nutty Valentines Day card; a beautiful erotic silk screen print involving a deer; love themed pencils – and more. Ive also recorded a Valentines Day message, in the form of a poem, that will be posted on the day itself.”  Nick Cave

Okay, gang. Just get ready. Today is probably going to be intense and tomorrow will be off the charts. If you’re a praying kind of guy or gal, now would be a good time to do that. I love you guys. Thanks for visiting. See ya!


Below: K O (short):

Below: KO Pt. 2 with Q & A (short):

Below:  The next economy is on its way! (short)

Below:  “The p* tri ots are in total control and we are now ready to take back the country. The clock is ticking down and T r** p and the p*  tri ots have put everything in place.”

The Calm Before the Storm?

Last night was unreal, gang. The build-up of stress from such an intense weekend. Relentless news. Hour after hour after hour, for two solid days.

And now, this morning : Nothing. Deadly calm. So strange. The first quiet morning in weeks…

Yesterday, though, communications blackouts along the East Coast — first CBS, and then all cellphone carriers went down. We can only guess that more arr  ests were made. But who, where, how? (The ‘why’ is probably high t r  e  a  s  o  n.) (I guess we should check our local Ritz Carlton and see if any of the conference rooms have familiar faces lodged there…)

Lef ti st’s and our beloved c  n   n  publicly called out last night for ALL s * c * al m* dia hubs where Tr **p supporters gather to be shut down, literally. All of them — so that we can’t communicate.

They are so blatant about it.  It is astonishing to me that anyone is still out there in America’s TV-watching land who could support this as sas sin a tion of our C * n st * t * tion. Even a non-profit (c * a l i t i o n for a safer w e b) is now suing A  pp pp l  e to take down T  e l  e  g  r  a  m because we “in  c  i t e violence.” Which is so far from the truth it’s laughable.  w  e  t  h  e  m  e  d  i  a  got 100k followers in just a handful of days. And everyone on that feed prays. Literally. Not real big on in ci ting violence, but apparently prayer terrifies the l  e  f  t. But we are feeling the heat. Any day, the app could be gone.

r  u  m  b  l  e  is suing g  ** g l * though, so that’s cool.

And p  a  r  l  e  r  is officially back online, although nothing is there yet but a message from the CEO on the front page.

And the stupidest most craziest piece of crap news  is that the new head of the C D  C  is declaring she expects at least 500,000 deaths from C * VID this year! Oooh, aaaahhh…. What planet is she on? More interestingly — what planet does she think we’re on??

Her declaration comes on the heels of the entire country of Peru accusing b * l l g * t es, s * r * s, the r *  c k e f e ll ers  and other elites, worldwide, of inventing  the v*rus; that it has an “unpredictable” nature except to its creators, who “direct it with extreme secrecy.”

So methinks the entire world is gearing up for the c r i m e s against h u m a n it y trials…


Many na tion al g ua rd tr ** ps were on duty at many state cap i t al buildings across the country — including here in Ohio. And as far as I know, there was only minor violence and a few random arrests.  (Here, we had an  a  r  c h  i st pro t e st er s from out of town, but I don’t think it led to any real r * o ting.)

Everyone is staying closer to home, steering clear of potential problem areas. So that is a really great thing. (Although Keyboard Operator thinks the whole plan was  to get the N  G in place.  Video is below.) And yet more and more tr **ps arrive in D  C … (and the le  f  t is trying to convince their viewers that these tr **p s are all “unarmed” — meaning they have g u ns but no am  m  u n i t i on.  And if you believe that, then watch out for those 500,000 v*rus deaths — they’re coming you’re way, too.)

It is so obvious that something huge is up.  Yesterday,  d  n  i  released the report that C * P interfered and “sought to influence” with the el * c t * on. And that the c  i  a  tried to diminish this assessment. So it’s all out there — all the official documentation from far and wide, that the e l * c t * on was r * g g ed, that several other countries were involved in various ways, that some of our most powerful c * n gr e ss people and b* g t * ch c  e  o’s are literally in bed with c  h  *  n * and having a seriously dangerous influence on this country.

There is simply no way Tr ** p lost the e l * c t * on.  He is never gonna  concede; the game was r  * g  g  ed; he knows it and he showed it.  And there is no way the m i li ta ry, with their sworn oaths to uphold the C * n st * t * tion, are going to let B * den take o  f  f  i  c  e. Many people are even surmising that Tr ***p has already been in  a  u  g  u  r a  ted.  That all the rest of this is just for show, and what a show it is likely to be. Although what that show is going to look like is anyone’s guess.  But never, ever, ever, in the known history of the world, has the c a p i t o  l bldg or the entire city if D  C   looked like it does right now, for a “virtual” in a u g  u ra  tion, no less.

Luckily, I don’t have television, and haven’t had it for years. It is a lot easier for me to tune out the arguments on either side and simply look at what is in front of me.  If you are able to do that, too, you’ll see that none of it fits any of the narratives currently fighting for your attention.

And, honestly, that “broken foot” and how quickly it healed no longer makes any sense… I’m serious, gang. If and when you see that guy in public now, he looks like he’s completely falling apart. Ditto Fancy- Nan. And where is h  *  n t  er ? The charges against him are completely public now.  Will they give them all  the option of getting C* VID? (I believe C * VID is the new “cancer.” Instead of people suddenly dying from cancer, perhaps they get to “die from C * VID” and save face… while they are quietly dispatched, neat & tidy. All over the world. Turning their current weapon of choice against them. )

And also that r  o t  sc  h  i l  d and his “heart attack” — and then m  e  r  k  e  l  stepping down right at the same time — and choosing a successor who will likely upset the e  u.  (Did she choose or was he chosen for her?) While g  er  m a  n  y  declares that if people don’t stop violating the c  * VID rules, they will be put in detention c * mps! What is with this death c * mp crap everywhere now???

Not to mention a whole bunch of other governments stepping down everywhere. And while I do not wish to get into that really messy argument about the p  o  p  e  , it was curious that he announced he was planning to resign , like right now — doesn’t anyone remember that? It was only, like,  a few moments ago. And then suddenly blackouts at the v  a t  i  c  an  and roads blocked all over r  o   m  e, and then nine b i s  h  o p s  die in one week from C* VID. And the i  t  a  l  i  an  gov seems to be imploding.

And where oh where in the world is o  b  *  m  * ? A massively circulated re  port  now shows he is involved in high  t  r  e  a  s   o  n by funding  m *  s l *m t e  r  or  * sts with U  S  tax pa y er $$.  And an interesting photo is circulating online,  listing all the wars the last 5 p  r  e  s  i  d  en  t s  got the U  S involved in, and o  b  *  m  * had seven — all related to the m  i  d  e  a  s  t. Tr **p, btw, has had NONE. Not only no wars, but peace treaties all over the m  i  d  e  a  s  t , instead. So where the heck is Ob?  i t  a  l  y claims he was behind what happened there with  l e  o  nar   d o… Is he seriously just gonna stand back and  let B  *  den break his foot and fall?

Where's Waldo? | Waldo Wiki | Fandom

This is all just stuff I think about, gang.  Because the things they are trying to get us to believe either make absolutely no sense, or point to a particular pattern, even if we can’t put our finger directly on it. Yet.

But methinks we will find out soon enough. Tomorrow ( jan 19 th) is National Popcorn Day. I suppose we’d better get ready for anything.

All right. I can’t imagine this is related to anything political — Phil Spector, the incredible record producer of some the 1960s’ greatest hits,  died in the prison hospital yesterday, from natural causes. The last act of his life ended badly, but those early years were priceless.

I leave you with that today. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.

RIP Phil Spector, 1939-2021:

Below KO (short)

Below: KO Pt.2  N  G  deployed at many state capital buildings — a false flag. (short)

Below: “The i n surg en cy is real, the news is fake.” (36 mins)

Below: R * d P * ll 7  8 Comfy Sunday (2 hrs)

“Traitor! Jackal! Judas!” Liquidation Sale! Going Fast!

Wow, gang.  Talk about news.

Sorry I’m getting here late this morning, but I was awake from 1am – 3am, catching up on   w  e  t  h  e  m  e  d  i  a posts on t  e  l  e  g  r  a  m, and then went back to sleep for two more hours, then caught up on podcasts during breakfast, and so now I am here.

Right before I went back to sleep, around 3, I began to feel in my bones that indeed, some of the t r  a  i  t  o  r  s  [ or: d  s  ] have already been arr * sted and some have been l  i  q  u  i  d a  t  e  d by m*l * tary tr i b u na l s. Here and in the  e  u  .

This is just my gut feeling, gang. Nothing I can prove. But s u i c i d e Saturday was intense yesterday.  And I use the word “s u  i ci d e” to mean a number of things: heart attacks, leaps from rooftops, the ever-popular sudden “C* VID” death, “self-inflicted” gun shot wounds in those hard-to-reach bodily places least of all when you’re trying to aim a loaded gun…

And also all the unusual  federal arrests and/or convictions over the past couple of days — a surprising number of them for p * d  *  p h * l ia.

And a side-street to that: the L  *  n c  *  l n P r o  j e  c t  co-founder admitted (in a resignation letter?) that he was indeed gay and that he had s  e x  t ed  those young men, gr  oo m ing them for s * x.

Two federal  docs also became readily available during the night so I also wanted to peruse those before posting here:  the S * n * te committee findings that O b * m  * admin pushed through approval of funds to a sanct* on ed m  i  d  e  a  s  t organization that funded t e r  r  o r * st  a  l  q  * e  d  a with U  S  tax  p a y  er  $$. And the S * n * te  f  i  n  a  n  c  e  re p *rt re: B  * den family and u  k  r  a  i  n  e  c* rrup tion. (84 pages — that one will take awhile, but I was able to get the gist of it.)

The saddest thing I read last night was about  l  i  l i l  u  o  in h  * n g k * ng who “leapt to her death” while clutching her infant daughter. She was naked when she ” jumped”. Both died. l  i  l  i  had a previous connection to our beloved h  i  l  l  a  r  y .

There are at least 4 very high-profile folks who died suddenly in the past 2 days,  A combo of alleged ” s  u  i  c  i  d  e  s” and medical causes. And these four people are in various countries, not just here. And they have no obvious connections. Not to the naked eye, anyway.

The other very strange thing that came to light: In the space of one week  9 bishops have died from C* VID.  Strange that they were all bishops, who are much more powerful than just the average priest. (C* VID’s handiness just keeps getting better and better.  In fact, para tro ** p ers jumped from a US military transport yesterday in  i t  a l  y. It had something to do with C * VID — and nothing whatsoever to do with i  t  a  l  y ‘s g o v  having a hand in our r  i g g  e d e l * c t * ons.)

C * VID also claimed the lives of many nuns in Dem states. In N  Y,  9 nuns died in a single convent.

In M I, 13 nuns have died, but that seems to be a collective total, and not in one week.

Also, 5 more nuns died in a single convent in s a f r i c *.

As we have since learned, it is not that easy to die simply from C * VID. Most healthy people have an extremely high survival rate — 99.99+ %. It is either the co- morbidities that get them OR the falsified death certificates…

For instance, people with lethal gun shot wounds have a very high chance of dying from C * VID.

On another topic — other r* ports are  stating that Fancy-Nan was ind eed ar  r e s t e d  over last weekend but is not in custody any more, merely being accompanied by something like 5 female guards now wherever she goes.  Passing them off as ” s  e  c  r  e  t  s  e  r  v  i  c  e “. It seems we may have removed our party hats prematurely.

Also, I’m not sure if J S actually was released from ja il.  No follow up seen yet. But he was def  involved in the r * ot WITH c  n  n  “jou r n a l ist”.  His video proves it.

LOTS and I mean LOTS of  U  S  military action going on, here and overseas — e  u and s o  c  h  *  n a seas.

Allegedly, d  e  l  t  a  f  o  r  c  e r ai d ed the B* den com  pound in u  k  r  a  i  ne  and seized  l*p tops, 300 m  i  l l i on $$$  gold bu l  l  i  on, 5 duff l e bags of bl a ck tar    h e r  o  in, thousands of rounds of a  m m u n i t ion, crates of c  h  *  n *  s  * a ssault r  i  f  l e s, and miles and miles of underground tunnels with ankle and wrist sh a c k l e s bolted to walls some with flecks of dead human flesh attached. (I have so far only seen this reported once in the last hour.)

There was quite an awesome ex plo sion in  sterling V A last night.  Watch for more and more and more ex pl o s ions  & burning c a  r s to catch people’s attention now that C * VID panic mode no longer works as a distraction.

Disturbing Hollywood connections coming out now, too. Involving rings worn by extremely high-profile famous people. If it is all true, it is sickening.

And yet what I also could not help but notice — on that now legendary date,  Jan 6 th , the current issue of the h ol l y w o o d r * p o rter arrived in my mail and the hatchet job they did on j o h n n y d * p p was unbelievable. Just off-the-charts.

Talk about dead man walking. Talk about target on your back…

Considering D  * s ^n e * y’s connection to the C * P, and how D * s ^n e * y is doing all it can to not only kill that guy’s career but douse it in gasoline and torch it beyond recognition, and also the r * m * r s that J  D  might be a con ser v a t ive — hmmm. All I know is that he’s not wearing one of those rings.

And here is something else I was thinking about last night, in regards to how the U  S  c a  p  i t  o l bldg is clearly being turned into some sort a high s e c u r i t y prison. Everything about it looks like it is being fortressed to keep people IN and not OUT.  What fear of r * ots??? Right?  All we have there is an endless, endless, ENDLESS arrival of s o l d * ers.

[Gang, I am guessing that once you set foot in that place now, you will not be able to get out; I mean, just fucking look at it now, and upwards of 30,000 armed tr ** ps are now there, with checkpoints everywhere  to stop people from easily leaving  D  C  now, too.]

Anyway.  I was reminded of the s  a  u  d  i  p  r  i  n  c  e  who had all t hose other wealthy pr * n c es and business men arr * sted in the middle of the night for high  t r e a s o n and corruption and an at temp t ed c o u p, but kept them  confined in a conference room in  the Ritz Carlton hotel.  An extremely luxurious hotel. The irony of that never ceases to fuck with my head.   [ They were hung by their feet  daily and h * m il i a ted and  t * r t * red, allegedly by the U  S  m e r c en ar y company owned by the brother of our beloved head of the  U  S  Dept of  Edu ca tion, V o s. She has since resigned, btw. Just this past Friday, I think. ]

(Now we can finally kiss that M * r x * st c o m m o n c or e goodbye and get children in the U S public school system an actual education. Imagine what it will be like when a whole nation of people are no longer indescribably undereducated… Feels almost like a D  *  s n ^ ey movie…)

And last but not least…. BIG HAPPY NEWS!! k  *  m  *  l  * at long last intends to re s i gn from her s * n  a t  e seat  on Monday — a national holiday, oddly enough. I’m guessing she will dedicate her decision to  m  l  k… Rumor has it that s h e expects B * d e  n to be either ar r* st * d OR exe c u t ed immediately after his f * ke  in a  u g   u  r a  tion, and so plans to be sworn in as our new  f * k e p  r  e s  i  de   n  t in  W I or M N, and so she will not be setting a delicate foot in the c  a  p  i t  ol high security prison compound on Jan  20  th… (Just a rumor, folks. Not actual news.)

All righty! I hope you are having an amazing Sunday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang.  I leave you with Nick Cave,  Idiot Prayer: Alone at Alexandra Palace ( 2020).I love you guys.  Stay safe. See ya!

Below: R * d P* l l 7  8 from last night. This was absolutely jaw-dropping, gang.  If you are pressed for time, you must listen to at least the first hour, before the  Q &A. ( 2 hrs.)  Also, please download t he f o x ho  l e d ot app today.

Below: K O (short) pt. 2:

Below: K O (short) D  C   l* ck d * wn goes to next level:

Suicide Watch, Now Underway!

  1. Well, okay.

I think everyone knows that nothing is as it seems, or as they are saying. No way on earth is that military l*ck d* wn in D  C  because of a virtual in  au gur  a tion. They  are not only keeping everyone out, but as of late last night, they are not letting anybody leave — they must show ID.

S  e  a   n  S  p * c  e r posted a short video around midnight, showing what it was like there on the streets.  It is unreal.

And other footage of ambulances and bomb squads surrounding  the c  a  p  i  t  o  l. All lights flashing. Sirens.

Borders between U  S  and C  a n  a  d  a, and U  S  and Mexico now will remain closed until Feb. 21. Can’t get out…

Many more States are now in a state of emergency, including here in Ohio. Na t  i  o  n  * l G u a  r d.  Should be an intense weekend all over the country.

A  r   o t  sch i ld has died from a “heart attack,” age 57. Right as Merkel (alleged off spring of the mighty you know who) steps down in Germany. (Sorry for using the quotes, gang, and sorry for posting a highly debated rumor, but I don’t believe anything on the surface anymore.)

the following governments are having serious issues right now:

G e  r  m  a  n  y

Nether lands



I   t  a  l  y

Here in the U  S, yet another l ef t ist mouth piece backpedaling on the virus. N  e  w  s w  e  e  k now says that “l * ckd * wns don’t work.  Natural ways are better.”

No lie. This makes C * u m  o; mayor of c  h  i  c  a  g   o; the N  Y  Times, and now n  e  w  s  w  e  e  k — all in just a handful of days! No coincidence at all.

What are they gonna do on National Popcorn Day ( Jan  19  th), when the virus is supposed to suddenly surge out of control? Their narrative simply no longer works.

Jan  22  nd — rumors of another ar m ed  ra  lly. Another t  r  a p. Avoid at all costs!

b  l  m  guy, J  S, was released last night. No ja  il, no b a i l.  After his brother tw  ** t *d that he (the brother) turned in names of over 200 a  n  t * f  a / b  l  m’s who stormed the c  a  p  i  t  ol.

Methinks J  S  is a dead man walking…

TONS  and I mean TONS more p *  d * poh il e stories coming out this morning. Huge names involved. Won’t print names here until I know for sure. S u * i c* des underway now, too.

And PLEASE: if anyone emails you photos of H  *  n t * r B * den having  s  *  x with that little g  i  r  l , delete it and do not share it.  It is illegal to do that!! Even if it’s not your photo.

Okay. Lots of military action. Watch Key board Op er ator’s 2 short videos from last night, below.

I’ll touch base later if things get intense. Stay safe. Stay close to home.  Fill your gas tank. Get a little extra food and water, just to be cautious. Question everything you’re being told right now…

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: Watch and share. We have to help each other. (short)

Below: K O  from last night (short):

Below: K  O pt. 2 (short):

Below: “The MSM is now reporting that it is very important to open up the economy. Clouds are now forming over D  C, the Storm is coming, Tr***p  just ordered the Declass of everything, either today or Monday. The [**] is pushing FF events to change the news cycle. The declass will just happen, the [**] will be caught off guard, all three movies will be playing. The [**] is doing exactly what Tr*** p and team want them to do, bring in the N  G, it is now being done in many states, the show is about to begin.” (38 mins.)

Below:  “The [**]/[**] are now prepared to bring the economy down, [**] is now putting all the policies back into place where this will help people in the short run but in the long run kill businesses.” (short)

Here We Go, Gang!

I’m going to try to be brief here today because I’m getting kind of a late start.

As predicted, yesterday was quite an intense news day, from start to finish. (And by “finish” I mean that, when I awoke at 3am, I had no less than 200 new news posts on my phone from W e t h e M e dia over on T e l e g r am.


So, I’m guessing we all know that the  f   b   i  has now arrested about 100 people who participated in the c  a  p  i  t  o  l riot, and the main two in the news are a  n  t  *  f  a / b   l   m  guys.  The paltry charges against j  s  yesterday make it seem like they will offer him a plea deal to sing about who was funding it.

We shall see.

Then the top m  s –  1  3 leaders were also arrested and charged with t*rror*sm.

An MIT professor was charged with working with the c  h   * n * s  e. Ditto,  a  top guy at NASA.

Tr** p pardoned more people yesterday, too. A ton of them.

It was announced that either today or Monday, he will declassify O b * m* gate and unleash that hideous truth on the world.

He signed a new E  O  re: anyone with assets in c  h   * n * s  e companies that benefit the c  *  p military, cannot sell any of it. This means that the B*  den crime family and likely Fancy-Nan and many other upstanding pillars of p*triot ism in our c*  n gr * ss, are seriously stuck, financially — to the tune of millions and millions of dollars, gang.

Another un der c over video yesterday from the kind folks at P  r  o  je c  t  V  er  *  tas exposes j* ack at tw * tt er.

Merkel stepping down.

Italy falling apart.

Belgium up in flames.

And yet  r  u  s  s  i  a announces it is following suit with the U S  exit from the open skies t  r  e  a  t  y, and establishing a program of unarmed surveillance flights over participating territory. (Sort of a follow-up to that very interesting stuff g  o  r  b  a  chev said in that short news video I posted the other day.)

The Mayor of c h  i c  a  g  o has also decided that l* ck d*wns should probably be done away with immediately.  Bars ands restaurants must open.  Are you keeping track of how fast this is turning? (Did you feel that rush of wind? That was the fake p* n d* m*c rushing past you and right out the door…)

Now, if only someone could tell the  u   k   & f  r  a  n  c  e that the plans have changed…

There might be a pardon of j  u  l  i   a n a  s  s  a n   g e this weekend. We shall see.

R   *  ger St * ne’s wife was horribly beaten up yesterday by lef t i st s while walking her dog in her own neighborhood. She’s in the hospital.

More armed t r ** ps arrive in D   C   and they’ve put miles of barbed wire atop that wall they’ve built around the c  a  p  i t  o l for that “virtual” in  a u gur a tion…

Are you keeping track of that one, too? A curfew; almost everyone in D  C   sent home from work now; 21,000 armed tr** ps so far, with more arriving; a wall (fence) around the c  a  p  i  t  o  l now and now barbed wire on top of that. All for a virtual in  a  u  g  u r  a  t  i  on for a p  r  e  s  * dent – el * ct who supposedly got more v* tes than JFK and O b * m * combined. The most popular guy, ever.  Why all this?

People seem to think 2 things: a.) B * den and everyone else who allegedly committed high  t  r  e  a  s  on will be ar r est ed on that day, at the c a  p  i t  o l, and all these tr** p s and walls and barbed wire are to keep them from getting away; or b.) Tr ** p will be in  a u gu r at ed that day  as the legal winner of the e l * c t *on and the tr ** ps , etc, are to keep paid ri o t ers from killing him… (Because, he actually is the most popular pr  e  s * d ent, ever.)

It is so weird to be an American right now, gang. The entire world now knows the e l * c t * on here was rigged, and that places like g e r  m a  n y, i  t  aly, s  p  a  in, i  r  * n, c  h  *  na , r   u  s  * a, had some sort of participation in watching the v* tes get switched. And yet, there is still this swath of Americans, some of whom I consider friends although I don’t think they think of me as a friend anymore, they are still under that p  r  o  j  e  c  t  m o  ck ing  b i  r d mind control of main strea m m* dia.

They are buying it, hook, line and sinker, as the saying goes. Which is where riots, outrage, anger are likely to come from (in addition to paid r *  o ters, that is).

Everyone quotes this nowadays, but I think it’s true:

It's easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled." Mark Twain [1280x1024] : QuotesPorn

And…. v p – el * ct, k * m* l* h  a   r   r   i   s, still has yet to resign her s e na  t e seat. Weird, right? The deadline to do that was the 14th, although some have gone as long as the 16th to do it so I guess we shall see.  Still, for someone who has allegedly been the v p – el * ct  for well over 2 months now… hmmmm.

All right, well, God only knows what kind of news will spring up today. It just doesn’t quit now, folks. It is all coming fast and furious.

Now this is not news, just something I find curious and have been thinking about.  (Again, I stress this is not actual news; I saw it discussed on a web site yesterday, though.) How strange it was that B* den had that ankle boot recently, because of a hairline fracture in his foot (that he supposedly got while playing with his dog), and yet within a few days, he was walking just fine.

The ankle boot was on his right foot. And then the website showed  that, strangely, our beloved h  i  l ll a  r  y  had one of those, too, not all that long ago. Same ankle. And her beloved daughter had the very same thing… same ankle.

The website claimed these ankle boots are to hide those electronic ankle bracelets that keep track of criminals, and that once the ankle boots disappear, it means that the criminal has opted to get chipped instead of wearing the highly visible ankle bracelet indefinitely.

Just very odd, isn’t it?

We still have something like 222,000 sealed indictments waiting to be unsealed — and after o b * m* ga te gets declassified either today or Monday, all the shit will hit the fan over h  i  l  l  a  r  y ‘s em ail s and t  r  e  a  s  o  n  , and how the whole “get tr ** p” ball got rolling from there and simply never ever stopped. To this day. (She is now calling for all of us to be put in prison and deleted from the world, basically.) (Have you seen any of those videos she’s put out? She looks like a deranged little old lady now.)

New topic…

The great news is that Marianne Faithfull and Warren Ellis have announced a new album coming in April!! She Walks in Beauty. I can’t wait!! I really, really loved their last collaboration, Negative Capability.

Okay, I gotta scoot. I’m running late. Thanks of visiting, gang. For some reason, I can not imbed any of Keyboard Operators videos from last night — he had three. You can find him here on r u m b l e dot com. I love you guys. See ya!

Below: R * d P *l l 7 8 news update (30 mins):

Below: This interview will completely break your heart. “…we are seeing forced televised confessions, a mass surveillance state, the killing of F*  l * n G *  ng practitioners for their organs, and what many are calling a g e  n  o  c  i  d  e  of the u y g  h  u  r people. 83 global brands, including major U  S  companies, are tied to  u y g  h  u  r forced labor in  c  h  *  n *.  Over in  h  * n  g  k *  n  g, 53 pro-d *  moc rac  y ac tiv  ists, lawmakers, and lawyers were arr *  sted on Jan 6 under the draconian national security law. Despite all this, the  e  u   recently announced a major trade deal with  c  h  *  n *. “

Below:  ” […] The bribes, blackmail, treason and sedition are about to come out. The clock is now ticking down and Tr ** p will strike when the time is right. What happens at the end of a sting operation, arrest. During a sting op, those involved believe they are getting away with the crime, until the very end when they find out that is all over. ” (40 mins.)

Below:  Financial (short)

Wait, Did I Say That?

Put on your parkas, gang, and your wool hats and mittens!! Because we’re gonna go visit Hell today and see what it looks like when it’s frozen over!!

Yes, that’s right: Even that Tr**p-hating bastion of  the c  i  a  ‘s P  r  o  j  e  c  t  M  o ck in g B  ird — aka c  n  n  — says the rush to i  m  p  e  a  c  h Tr***p a second time was likely a little hasty since:

“Investigators believe the riot at the  C a  p  i  t  o  l  was planned and not inspired by P  r  e  s  i  d  e  n   t   D  o  n  a  l   d   Tr *** p.”

Oooh. How weird.

Also, according to the X * 2 R * p * rt from last evening, the N  Y   Times also stated yesterday that the C*  VID virus is likely to simply disappear and prove to be “just an infection, like the common cold.”

You know, aside from the very real fact that both of these outlets (and just about every single other mainstream outlet, except maybe the N  Y  P * st) have caused this country a lot of damage by knowingly feeding the country f  a  l  s  e information and refusing to report the actual n  e  w   s (for years now), I absolutely had to laugh when I saw that c  n  n  piece this morning.

Combine that with the dictator‘s backpedal on l * ck d* wns the other day (that they aren’t any good for N  Y’s economy, after 10 months of his relentlessly hammering N  Y’s small businesses), and now these new items today — well, clearly the winds of change are upon us.

And not all of it seems to be based on this idea that B *  den is going to actually get into the W  H. Something sort of resembling “rational thinking” seems to be going on, but how it got past the c* n sor s is a mystery. But I guarantee you — it was not by accident.

And to continue to maintain that nearly 20,000 armed tr ** ps will be occupying D   C  by Saturday (there are already about 10,000 of them there now, and curfews are in place), when B * d e n is having a virtual in a u g u r a t i o n,  is just super, super weird, gang. (They are saying the troops are there because they expect rioting re: B *  d  e  n’s in au gura   tion — personally, I don’t see that happening, unless the 20,000 armed tr ** ps are there to ensure that the 10 people who voted for B * den have the city to themselves…)

Anyway. Obviously, something is up.  (L*n W**d, unfortunately, is predicting we will be at war with c  h  *  n * by the weekend. I did see that some sort of huge explosion happened in c  h  *  n * last night ; one dead, many injured. But I have no clue if anything is related.)

Also —  b*g t*ch  is now going after ALL  s * c * i l m e  d  i  a hubs that attract Tr **p supporters: now g  a  b  is being threatened to be pulled; a  p p l * is set to pull the t  e l  e  gr  am app from phones (which I am new to but now I absolutely love it). Of course, p  a  r  l  e  r was already pulled ( lawsuits underway, though).   And podcasters are having their p a  t  r  e  on and p *y pal accounts  canceled, so that they can no longer accept donations or membership payments.

If you were raised during that version of America when they actually taught you stuff in school, you will recognize all this silencing and canceling and falsely accusing and freezing of income as something the S * c*a list total a t ar ian ist re gimes have always exceled at.

And for people who were raised in the newer version of American public education — well, I’m thinking we should make it mandatory for people who think that S * c * a lism is viable, to go live under a S * c * a lis t dictator for, like, 3 years, before they can come back to the U  S  and run for any public office on the  S * c * a lis t ticket.

If they live through that and still think that S * c * a lism is viable for Americans, well, at least we’ll be able to see clearly that they’re out of their minds and we won’t accidentally vote for them…

Okay. Anyway.  T  X  makes the first arrest in the e l * c t * on fr* u d.  It happened yesterday. The woman is now in jail and charged with four felonies.  Her arrest was made possible by the kind under cover videos brought to us by P  r  o  j  e  c  t  v* ri  t  as.

A J* dge in M  I  is demanding the Sec of S t a te there to “release all coomunications with D * m * n * * n, F  B, A  pp  ll  e, A m a z *n, and g ** gl*.” (In connection with the e l * c t * on fr*ud there.)

(Yes, there’s still this great big e l * c t * on fr * ud hanging over us, gang. Which makes me wonder if B* den’s virtual in augur a tion will require us to wear Virtual Reality goggles in order to actually “see” it…)

(Methinks that many high profile folks in M I could be decorating personal c  e  l  l  s  at G*tm * soon. I guess we’ll find out.) (BTW: Visit this web site on a vpn, gang. It is awesome. Use judgment, though.)

On a serious note — don’t forget to err on the side of caution this weekend: stay close to home; do NOT attend ANY ra ll ies in St * te Cap it *ls; have extra food and water on hand and fill up your gas tank; expect maybe a power outage if you’re in a bigger city. Have cash on hand in case ATMs have no power. Just be prepared.

All righty. Nick Cave sent out a Red Hand File this morning! He eloquently explains how he knows when he has written something worthwhile and what his songwriting process is. He also quotes the Bible regarding Mary Magdalene and Jesus — 2 of my favorite people ( 3, if you count Nick Cave). (And btw — my birthday and the Feast of Mary Magdalene fall on the same day: July 22nd. Coincidence? I think not!!) You can read his Red Hand File from today here.

From the Red Hand File 1/14/21

All right. I’m gonna scoot. I’m expecting today to be another exhausting news day.  Plus I want to make another pot of soup!

Thanks for visiting, gang. Remember to resist the Kool-Aid at all costs.  I love you guys. See ya!

Below: Listen to this, please. It’s 1 minute. (He suggests what everyone else on Earth knows: that Fancy-nan was in on the ri *t at the C  a  p  i  t  o  l):

Okay, for some reason, I’m no longer allowed to link the actual video from R*d P*ll 7 8 news. I can link you to the page, but you will need to go there yourself.  They are always really informative, gang. They are on r  u  m  b  l  e dot com, if you can’t catch them live on Dlive (or a couple of other live streams). And they last 30 mins.

Below: K O, from last night — jam-packed with amazing politics and military, as always (short).

Below: K O also from last night (short).

Below: The P  r  e  s  i  d  e  n  t’s speech last evening, after the House im  p  e  a  ch  ment vote, and also warning about the upcoming violence expected nationwide this weekend.

Below: I loved this (40 mins.):

Below: “[…] people understand that the great re   set is not in their best interest. The next phase of the global economy will be decided.” (short)

Let’s Be Brief!!

First off — that news re: D* n B *n g*no and M * rk L * v*n and their podcasts possibly getting dropped — that was F  A  K  E news.  What a relief it was to hear that, gang. Honestly, that degree of potential c * n s * r sh *p was very distressing to me and I am truly relieved to know it is not true.

Okay. I’m hearing power outages now in W a  s  h  i  n g   t  o n  S tate and  P  o  r  t  l a  n  d   OR. Please stay close to home if you live there.

Also — PLEASE  DO NOT pay attention to the call-to- a  r  m  s  rallies at all 50 statehouse ca p i t a l s on Sunday Jan  1  7  th . Around noon.  this is a t  r a  p.  These are expected to be a n t * f * r  i  o  t s. Stay close to home on Sunday just to be safe.

A reminder: a  n t * fa are professional a n * r ch * sts. They are paid to fuck you up. And if you show up a  r  m  e  d , the f  b   i  will be on hand to arrest you, take your g u n s a w a y and classify you as a d o m e s t i c t * rr o r * st.  This is not a joke. This is a t  r   a   p.

I don’t own any g u n s but I believe in the C * n st * t * tion and it is the God- given right for all A  m e r i c a ns t o keep and bear a r m s to defend themselves. As long as A  m e r i c a n  s remain a r m e d it will always be that much harder to over  throw our C * n st * t * tion.

Also, just fyi if you are new here — I  am not a R*p u b l * can or a D e m * cr * t; I’m a C * n st * t * tion al ist.  Which means that everyone who is an A  m e r i c a n (and, frankly, everyone all over the world) has the God- given right to be f  r e   e.

A disturbing trend is bubbling up all over the east coast. And that is this idea of concentration c*  mp  s for followers of Tr **p.

First we saw it on N o v  4 th, when students at Harvard were calling for “enf * rced re-education c  * mp  s” for anyone who supported Tr *** p.

Then it was that insane bill proposed in the NYS Assembly the other day, calling for it to be legal for the State to decide if you were the potential carrier of a contagious disease so that they could essentially detain you as long as they wished and wherever they wished, and then force medical treatments on you, including potentially life- threatening  v * cc in e s.  It absolutely wreaked of r e l i g i o u s  and p o liti cal p  e  r  s  e  c  u  t  i on.

(And if you think “enlightenment c * mp s” and “enf * rced re-education c*  mp  s” are not concentration/ death c* mp s, ask the  u y g* r s and f  a  l  *  n  g  *  n   g , who are getting their or g* ns brutally harvested, among other atro  cities, how much they’re enjoying their enlightenment c * mp s…

And on that horrible topic: Yesterday, P  r  o  j  e  c  t  V * r * t as released another und * r cover video, this time of a mid-level attorney for p  b  s  (who got fired yesterday), saying that even if B * d e n wins the W  H, all Tr ***p supporters should have their children taken away from them and sent to re-education  c*  mp s.

He said many other horrific things. And even though I loved that show “Professor T” and even though “Endeavor” is my most  favorite TV show on Earth, I picked up the phone yesterday, after watching that video, and I cancelled my membership to p  b  s. I’ve been a supporter of p  b  s  since I was 18 years old — back in 1978.

That adds up to a lot of money given to a company that hires people who want to see us in con centration c* mp s.

And the reality is that many people are losing their jobs  right now — or their spouses and family members are losing their jobs — because they are known to support Tr ***p. Their b*  nk acc  ou  nts are being frozen. Their lives are being destroyed. Meanwhile, keeping to the c  i  a  m o ck in g bird plan, all of mainstream m* d * a is urging their Kool-Aid drinkers to believe that this is somehow a reasonable idea.

We’ve seen it all happen before.

If we don’t stay mindful, it all starts there. And leads here…

75 years after liberation, site of Auschwitz's concentration camps opens  doors to survivor families - Photos News , Firstpost
Gas chamber at A u s    c h    w i t z

All right, gang. Please just stay mindful for the next few days, stay aware of your surroundings if you live in a larger city that was involved in the r  * gg  ed e l * ec t * on in any way.  Keep in mind you could get a power outage. Stay close to home if at all possible. Avoid crowds!!

If you are feeling like panicking, hold the line. Distract yourself. The com man  der  of  the U  S  S p a  ce  F  o r  ce recommends watching the movie, Midway (2019 version), and take it to heart. By Saturday, they are estimating almost 20,000 ar  med tr  oo  ps in D  C . We will win this thing.

I’m gonna scoot now. Thanks for visiting, gang! I love you guys. See ya!

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