Good Stuff, Good Stuff!

Okay, gang. Underneath all the chaos, floods, explosions, v a x p ass port s and v a x deaths, internment camps, and threats of WWIII…

The limited intel that’s available is STILL pointing toward this god-awful movie coming to a successful close really soon!

To access S*mon P * rkes‘ Christmas update for Connecting Consciousness, it looks like you have to go directly to his web site. You can watch it here. It’s 2 hours long. [UPDATE: I found a mirror of the video, it is posted down below.]

One of the key things he says (he explains a lot of white hat stuff in detail — for instance, why there might not be an E B S — but this detail really stuck out to me): If the U K goes into l* ck down on Dec. 27th, then it is a white hat op and the white hats are in control. If it happens before Christmas, then it’s bad news.

From all signs as of today, the U K l * ck down is set to begin on Dec. 27th! So, even though people in the U K are angry about this, it is actually really, really good news. (The remaining d**p st * te players will be removed during the l *ck down.) (And I’m hearing to expect this same procedure in other E u ro pe an countries around the same time. This equals what Ch * r lie W *rd said recently: “worldwide” lockdown will end the movie.)

FYI: From last night:

Voice of Reason U K: No Lockdown BEFORE CHRISTMAS 🎄 Confirmed By Hypocrite Boris (3 mins):

S*mon also had this to say about the D as vo s Forum being cancelled again:

Davos Economic Forum Cancelled…

“The World Economic Forum has cancelled DAVOS.

“They say it’s due to new virus variant… So nothing to do with the US being bankrupt on the 15th then? Or the partial collapse of the d**p st*te middle managers? This is a very positive report.”


From A Z Sen a tor W e ndy R ogers:

“[…] You recall PA? When Pre sid e nt T ** p was up over 600,000 on election night? Where Philly excluded observers, even when ordered to allow them by the U.S. Supreme Court?

Now we have receipts.

In Philadelphia County:

792 out of 1,703 precincts had more votes than voters

These precincts account for 346,484 votes for President

It is against the law to certify these results without an investigation, which has not been conducted

It is literally illegal to certify an election in Pennsylvania if the books don’t match. And the quantity of precincts where the impossible took place, make it clear: PA should never have been certified. ” […]


Wow. So some shills are really attacking “Nancy Drew” after her post yesterday (re: 9 1 1 trials at gitmo):

She had this to say in reply (go, Nancy!):

“Like Daddy T says….

FAKE NEWS!!!!💥💥💥💥💥💥

If I fail, ‘Ill be the first to tell ya. But just so you know, I am registered with the Maryland Board of Nursing, was cleared for hand gun training, am a sharpshooter, and am licensced to own my weapons, in,the state of Maryland. I do not, however, know if my arrest at The White House, by the Secret Service, will affect my clearance, or not. What I do know, is while I was in jail, for 24 hrs, a VERY thorough investigation was completed, on me, by the Secret Service. Very thorough, and I am still in DC, every day, with those same agents. I was facing Federal weapons charges, as I had my sons BB gun in my car, however all charges, were dismissed against me. At this time, I have completed all paperwork necessary, to be vetted, and am waiting, for a response. I will certainly share, those results, as soon as I got them, either way. I have NOTHING to hide. And BTW, I DESPISE fake news, and that is exactly why, I go to that city almost every day. Good night y’all.”


In an utterly surprising move……

A mi li tary tr i bunal found G W B*sh guilty of treason and murder. He is sentenced to hang on Jan. 4th 2022.

From Real Raw News (fyi: G W B was allegedly ex ec uted quite a while ago.) (5 mins):

Also in the news….

Much hoopla yet again over Tr **p and his support of the v a x e s. He is, in fact, in support of your freedom to choose. If he says he got a “booster,” that derails the Left’s agenda. No one can accuse him of being anti-v a x and adding to the mounting death toll (mostly of the va xed, as it turns out). So use your brain and THINK! It will feel refreshing!!

And in non-related news:

Gift vouchers are now available over at Cave Things. You can get them in digital or physical formats. Get them here!


Nick Cave sent out another beautiful Red Hand File yesterday, this one about hope, optimism, and Christmas. You can read it here. He concluded his thoughts with these remarks:

I want to thank everyone who has supported The Red Hand Files through this difficult year. This week has seen our 50,000th question and each and every one fills me with that very hope and radical optimism. Have a peaceful and blessed Christmas and may all your dreams — those points of momentary light — come true in the New Year. See you then.

Love, Nick

Okay, that’s it for today, gang.

Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang! I love you guys. See ya!!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning! Johnny Mathis singing “Sleigh Ride”, 1958 (from one of the best Christmas records, ever.) Enjoy!


Voice of Reason UK : Flatline Stats 👏 Bad For Journalists & Troublemakers (8 mins):

davidji: 15 Minute Guided Meditation for Manifesting More TRUST in your Life (Let Go of FEAR!) (15 mins):

Oh! here’s a mirror to the S*mon P *rkes video!! (2 hrs):

Restored Republic news update (9 mins):

Sh ar i R aye news update (33 mins):

cir st en w: THE STAGE IS SET #TAKEDOWN (37 mins):


It Was A Great Night For Good Signs, Gang!!

I didn’t post here yesterday morning because the only real news was the daily video update from Restored Republic. But by evening and into the night, it seemed like lots of things were publicly shifting, gang. I do indeed think that it is already a good Christmas.

First of all, if you had forgotten, Tr **p was in TX over the weekend. He spoke in Houston and twice in Dallas. Everywhere he went, he was greeted by incredibly enthusiastic crowds.

From Tr **p’s t e le g ram page. He is in Dallas, being interviewed once again by Bill O’Reilly:

However, in the evening, Sh ar i R aye (who lives in TX), suddenly posted a quick audio, that had some very great intel. The link is here, but essentially she says:

The RV is underway; Ne s ar a in the US is underway, and the US Treasury is going to be located in Houston, T X. And the US Government, new W H, etc., will also be located in T X. (not sure if that will also be Houston, though.)

Wow! how exciting is that?? (For many months now, Ch * r lie W *rd has been hinting that the new U S Government and W H would indeed be located in T X.)

Dan Sc * vina posted this, from the earlier talk in Dallas, at a church. He posted a warning that this image could cause Tr**p Derangement Syndrome (too funny):

And here you can listen to Tr **p’s full speech at the Dallas Church. It is on il Donald Trumpo’s rumble channel. (il Donaldo is also Tr **p, but the more candid, funny, & usually scathing Tr **p, rather than the “official” U S Pre s id ent Tr**p.)

Then Cod e Monk ey Z posted on te le gram:

C N N is closing their offices.

Due to a pandemic of the vaccinated?

Or damage control for a pandemic of pedophile producers?

PNN’s Pandemic of Pedophile Producers:

How many more Pedos is PNN hiding?
How did a PNN favorite Perv, Toobin, get his job back so fast?
Will PNN bring back the others presently suspended?

Will Cuomo disavow his Pedo Producer?
Will Tapper?
Do they care?
Does Acosta have a Pedo Producer in hiding?

Why haven’t they addressed their pedo problem on-air?

Apples dont fall far from the tree.
There’s something foul over at PNN.”


And here’s another Wow.

So, “Nancy Drew” had some really interesting things to say last evening!

First, she noticed that the POW flag is rather suddenly no longer flying at the U S Capitol. But it is still flying at the W H:

“Sun. Dec. 19, 2021
The Capitol Building

“So guys, all of a sudden, the POW flag, is no longer hanging at The Capitol!!!! What in the world? I came to check out the fence. Funny things is, I went and checked out the live cam at the WH, and its still flying. Hmm…..🙏”

A little later, she added:

“Ok. So after noticing the POW flag has been removed from The Capitol, I checked the live cam and saw the one at the WH still flying. I drove here to confirm. Could this potentially mean, that those within the Capitol have already been “dealt with”, yet Sleepy, has yet to be? Why else would it have been removed it the Capitol, and not the WH? Its also still flying at the Wright building that I showed you the other day. Its still, fenced in. Hmmm…. 🤔 Now THIS, I find, is very interesting. 🤔”

POW flags still flying at the W H
Wright building fenced in, and still flying the POW flag

Then, later, she posted the most amazing news of all!! She’s going to gitmo to cover the 9 1 1 tri bu nals! WOW!


More good news!

This is from the Restored Republic update this morning. It specifically says that members of the E U and N A T O were arrested in a sting on Friday, December 17th, as they were trying to flee to Antarctica. They are now being held there for tri bun als. (It’s about halfway into the video.) (11 mins):

And here is a great update from [Q] The Storm Rider last night:

“its all happening…..
Connecting to GREAT _EVENTS
if you still don’t know..XI is getting ready to pull the switch on the CCP / PUTIN is getting rid of ALL KAZARIAN/ROTHSCHILD influence banks in his country./TRUMP. MILITARY is getting ready for 11.3/ GERMANY UK. CANADA are inside their own Continuity of Government plans //// many head Nations are inside a silent Mil.Operation <<<<<<
_The Works is CONNECTED<

Russia and China’s announcement of an independent financial trading platform will free nations under US sanctions from western intrusion into their commercial activities…

Vladimir Putin got straight to the point. At the opening of his one hour and fourteen minute video conversation with Xi Jinping on 15 December, he described Russia-China relations as “an example of genuine inter-state cooperation in the 21st century.”

Their myriad levels of cooperation have been known for years now – from trade, oil and gas, finance, aerospace and the fight against Covid-19, to the progressive interconnection of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the Eurasia Economic Union (EAEU).

But now the stage was set for the announcement of a serious counter-move in their carefully coordinated ballet opposing the relentless Hybrid War/Cold War 2.0 combo deployed by Empire.

As Assistant to the President for Foreign Policy Yuri Ushakov succinctly explained, Putin and Xi agreed to create an “independent financial structure for trade operations that could not be influenced by other countries.”

Now we’ve come to the crunch. And the catalyzing EVENT…..

We are coming to the>PRECIPITOUS





Oh, and I have my own great little update. In addition to my paycheck on Friday, I got an unexpected and quite wonderful Christmas bonus from the store! Over the weekend, I was able to get caught up on 90% of my bills. What a fantastic feeling, and right before Christmas, too.

Another little personal update, but this one is weird.

For the second time in the past 6 months, a strange vehicle was parked in front of my house.

Back in July, late evening (but the sun was still up, since it was summer), a huge tour bus with blacked-out windows stopped in front of my house for several minutes.

Tour buses never, ever, EVER come to Tiny Town (least of all, with blacked-out windows) — because, not only are we off the main highway, we are barely even on the map. 1300 people live here. And my house is not in the center of the village. You have to drive 3 streets over. I found this very curious indeed. I watched it from my upstairs window. Later, my [Q] – following friend at work said: “Why didn’t you take a picture of it?!!”

Well, last night, after it was dark out, I sat on my bed and looked out the window. My bedroom was lit only by candlelight and my Himalayan salt lamp. And I noticed a very strange car, parked down the block, in front of where the Methodist minister’s house is. It had it’s parking lights on and I noticed this because they were a strange orange color. It was kind of creepy looking, so I decided to stop watching it because I figured it could see me up in my window.

But then, suddenly, it drives up the block , still with only its parking lights on — and where did it stop for several minutes?? Right in front of my house. This time I did take a picture of it. Whoever was in there had a GPS lit up and they were doing something on their phone. It was also a brand new car. there was no back license plate. There was a temp tag taped inside the back window. But even that was a strange tag — it was too small to read!

Again. I can’t stress enough how small this village is and how my house is so NOT at the center of the village. It wouldn’t be the first place (or even the second place) to stop to get your bearings in the dark.

Then, when a pickup truck was heading toward it, coming the opposite way, the car suddenly turned on its headlights and took off down the street.



I think that’s it for the really interesting news. I leave you with some interesting videos below, though, as well.

Have a great Monday, wherever you are in the world, gang!

Thanks for visiting (except for maybe that guy in the strange car last night). I love you guys. See ya!

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning. (Oh, and there is allegedly a really great new tribute album to Nick Cave out there now, but the band are known Satanists with an underage girl singer (not the best combination in this day & age), so I’m not going to link it here. However, in the event you like bands that are known Satanists with underage girl singers and you also love Nick Cave, feel free to search for it online!!) (HINT: the band also had a disturbing connection to (at the time, also underage) M il e y C y rus, one of the most aggressively M K Ultra-abused gals in show business…)

Meanwhile, my breakfast-listening music! Johnny Mathis, from the 1960s, “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot like Christmas”! Enjoy, gang.


Okay. Well, I found some great footage (52 seconds) of protesters surrounding the PM’s house in Israel but the footage is GONE! Hmmmm.

Tarot by Janine did a cool deep dive on Al ex C o ll i er, and also another great December update (14 mins):

Awaken with JP lets us know why we need a BO O STER life jacket!! (7 mins):

Another great live Sunday night phone-in with Voice of Reason U K : (1 hr 48 mins):

UFO Man Saturday Night livestream!! (1 hr 30 mins):


Looks Like A Quiet Saturday in the Hinterlands


So everything the world over is exploding in flames, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other forms of HA A R P havoc. The old money is crashing . Bio weapon v a x es are still killing people, including children now. And Christmases overseas are suddenly no longer cancelled because the fake omi crom failed to impress (I’m guessing all the needed arr est s were made?), but the policy reversal didn’t come soon enough as many holiday-based businesses in the UK especially are tanking.

But other than that, it’s another quiet news day.

Nancy Drew” uncovered some very great news yesterday at the W H Visitors Center:

“Fri. Dec 17, 2021
The White House Visitor Center
I have to say, this is absolutely amazing!!! Im so happy to have seen this today! So dang happy! If this doesnt confirm, our beliefs, Im not sure what will. No picture of Sleepy Joe on The Presidents Wall. Almost a year later. And, Daddy T’s date, in office, is still open. Thank you, God!!!!🙏💖”

And in non-related news…

Today, Keith Richards is 78 years young!! Happy Birthday to one of my all-time, life-long guitar heroes (it is seriously hard to believe that he was only 28 years old when I first fell in love with him!!):

Keith Richards

Aside from that, gang, I’m gonna spend a few hours at the store this morning, then come back to the Hinterlands and do some work on Thug Luckless: Welcome to P-Town — the novel-in-progress that is rearing its lovely head again in my life.

I hope you are having a decent Saturday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

I leave you with Tom Waits & Keith Richards — the brilliant song, “Last Leaf,” 2011, from the album Bad As Me.

“Last Leaf”

I’m the last leaf on the tree
The autumn took the rest
But they won’t take me
I’m the last leaf on the tree

When the autumn wind blows
They’re already gone
They flutter to the ground
‘Cause they can’t hang on

There’s nothing in the world
That I ain’t seen
I greet all the new ones
That are coming in green

I’m the last leaf on the tree
The autumn took the rest
But they won’t take me
I’m the last leaf on the tree

They say I got staying power
Here on the tree
But I’ve been here since Eisenhower
And I’ve outlived even he

I’m the last leaf on the tree
The autumn took the rest
But they won’t take me
I’m the last leaf on the tree
I fight off the snow
I fight off the hail
Nothing makes me go
I’m like some vestigial tail

I’ll be here through eternity
If you want to know how long
If they cut down this tree
I’ll show up in a song

I’m the last leaf on the tree
The autumn took the rest
But they won’t take me
I’m the last leaf on the tree
I’m the last leaf on the tree
I’m the last leaf on the tree

c- 2011 Tom Waits


Amazing Polly news update from the Brave New World (black pills!) (28 mins):

Restored Republic news update (12 mins):

Sh a ri R aye news update (33 mins):

Real Raw News: G W B*sh ,mi litary tri bun a l Day 4 (4 mins):

Awaken with JP: Metaverse! Sign Your Life Away Now! (7 mins):

Very interesting! Paola Harris, the founder of StarWorks USA Expo, presents latest UFO Cases from Spain. One of the cases stand out indeed, is Robert Limos’s close contact with “Space People”. (29 mins):

Tarot by Janine and Ashley do a deep dive on zombie movies (creepy) (14 mins):

Voice of Reason U K: SHARE Official 5% RISE 🤬 Scaremongering Lies HAVE TO STOP 🛑 Not DOUBLE Every 2 Days BS (4 mins):


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…

I don’t know, gang. WAY too much stuff is going on that makes it feel like it might actually be a good Christmas. But we really gotta look beyond everything that’s right in our faces in order to see what is going on out there.

Before I forget —

Today starts the Christmas Sale at Smashwords. It runs to January 1st. All 4 of my titles that are still on Smashwords are free to download throughout the sale.

These are old titles: All 3 volumes of The Muse Revisited, and Freak Parade.

(I see that my books are now being categorized by Smashwords as “Taboo Erotica.” Not sure when that happened, but interesting. For the first 30 years, it was just called “erotica.”)

Anyway. Freak Parade, an award-winning novel, has had many really good reviews over the years. Including:

Freak Parade chronicles the slow and sometimes painful resurrection of a previously-famous recording artist, Eugenia Sharpe. Her world is populated by those who are compromised in any number of ways, and that is perhaps the most refreshing part of this novel — nothing is clear cut and very little is as it seems at first blush. Although the novel does feature a happy ever after ending, the road to that conclusion is deliciously fraught and convincingly realistic. The writing is clear and compelling. A very enjoyable read.”

And this:

“[…] As I was reading this novel I thought to myself: this is the real Sex and the City. I felt as if I had lived Genie’s tough days in New York, because the streets and the people were so real and vivid in my senses. I wanted Genie to survive, to pull through and shine like the brightest star again, and she does, but there’s no triumph for Genie without initial hardship.

“Marilyn Jaye Lewis is one of the few writers who can pull off this type of novel. As an author she doesn’t shy away from issues of gender and sexuality, the realities of abuse, racism and poverty. She shows us the seedy underbelly of the city as well as its luxurious and privileged side.

“The book is intensely erotic with scorching sex scenes. It’s shocking and raw in places. It’s also warm and funny and sad and deeply emotional. It’s about destruction and redemption, friendship and desire, love and hate, pain and pleasure. It’s also a powerful romance. All of these things make Freak Parade an unforgettable read.”

Anyway. It’s FREE now, if you haven’t already read it. But it is intended for adults only.


So, “Nancy Drew” has been doing some Gematria! And she also posted some thoughts about how the W H is lit up at night in purple and gold, and sometimes it even has “wings” — like a Phoenix!

“So, for several nights, we watched on the live cam, the WH lit up light purple, and on this particular night, below, we clearly could see the image of wings. I honestly did not know what they represented. I still am not sure, but, I have been decoding all the Gematria, from Il Donaldo, for the past couple of days, working on something else, when it actually showed me something else, that caught my attention. These two, below came up, that made me jump back, to this going on it the WH. JS 🤔🤔

The rising of the Phoenix
And you will see violet light when he is near”

To read her Gematria about H i ll a ry and Tr **p, follow this link and scroll. It extends over several posts and it is very interesting.


All right.

So the most interesting thing I’m reading right now is about N A T O, Moscow, U S, and this draft security agreement they are writing. Read it carefully.

First, from RT News:

❗️Russian Foreign Ministry publishes draft proposals on Russia/US/NATO security guarantees

Moscow has proposed to NATO that an emergency hotline to resolve urgent issues be set up, and that both sides confirm they do not consider each other adversaries in draft security guarantee proposals, which include:

▪️Russia and NATO members only deploying armed forces in other countries with the consent of all parties to the agreement, with no missiles to be deployed within range of members

▪️NATO members committing to excluding Ukraine and other countries from joining the alliance, and to not conducting military activities in Ukraine and ex-Soviet states.

▪️Both sides committing to not establishing military bases in post-Soviet countries or develop military cooperation with them

▪️Nuclear weapons to not be deployed by members outside their territory, with existing nuclear assets to be returned inside their country’s borders”


Whiplash347 had some very interesting things to add, though. I had to read all these posts several times to try to really process this:

“I have shown 7 Presidential Msgs = 7 Trumpets = 7 Kingdoms. Russia are about to take back former Soviet States.
Naturally when they announce the collapse of the Commonwealth/Crown there is need for a new make up to share wealth.
The reversal of the 1871 Act Of England means massive things for the make up of the World.

“Like i mentioned Russia is taking back all Soviet states

“Turkey becomes Turan which are states like Uzbekistan, Kazak, Turkmenistan etc

“Australia & Pacific Islands go to the USA.

“Russia taking back former Soviet States.”

And then Whiplash posted this (you should probably visit the link in order to read everything posted about this):


The other thing that stands out is that there seems to be a lot of stuff going on in the U K– cancelling Christmas, London Tube system shutting down (being called a strike), uptick in Omi c ro n, which is fake, so I find the statistics really curious indeed — I’m guessing they are getting ready for a lot of arrests. White hat m i litary has been in control there for a while.

I guess we will see.

Other than that, everything remains the same: wars & rumors of wars, v a x deaths mounting, governments in key cities worldwide acting like full-on lunatics, more and more pe d o ph iles getting arrested all over the place. I don’t want to tell you to ignore all that, but the “real” news is underneath all that.



In other news…

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis’ original soundtrack for La Panthère des Neiges is out now. You can stream it through the links here.

About the film:

High up on the Tibetan plateau. Amongst unexplored and inaccessible valleys lies one of the last sanctuaries of the wild world, where rare and undiscovered fauna lives. Vincent Munier, one of the world’s most renowned wildlife photographers takes the adventurer and novelist Sylvain Tesson (In the Forest of Siberia) with him on his latest mission. For several weeks, they’ll explore these valleys searching for unique animals and try to spot the snow leopard, one of the rarest and most difficult big cats to approach. The film by Marie Amiguet and Vincent Munier will be released in the U.S. on December 22.


And that’s it for this fine Friday, gang.

I hope you are enjoying your day, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


3 from Voice of Reason U K, each approximately 3 mins:

What A Day Of Bullshitery 🤦‍♂️ It’s Gonna Get Worse Before It Gets Better:

NOW I’M P!SSED OFF 🤬 This Is Ludicrous…

88,376 Infections Is NOT DOUBLE In 2 Days 🤬 Lies, Lies & MORE Scaremongering Lies 🤥


Restored Republic news update (21 mins):

Sha r i R aye news update (44 mins):

Ch * rlie W * rd and S *mon P * rkes chat with Chas and Dallas: BANKRUPT FIAT SYSTEM, MEDIA SILENCE ON KOREA PEACE (40 mins):



Lots to Ponder Today, Gang!

I will try to keep this concise today because there is a lot going on that is of interest. Or at least, items that stand out from all the various WWIII stuff underway all over the world.

Code Mon key Z posted this good news yesterday morning:

“Australians with a big win. They brought charges of ‘concealing treason and fraud’ against the Premier of Victoria (equivalent to a US state governor).” [link to UK article here]


InEvitableET posted some interesting [Q] comms by Flynn:

Yesterday General Flynn posted on OIG

Which hit 2 year Q Delta

Which also mentions Flynn & FISA


Todays 2 year Q Delta

Mentions FISA

What did Flynn just post about?

Q 12/15/19

FISA = The Start

Read all the 2 year Deltas right now

Flynn is sending very direct Comms


S*mon P*rkes posted a comment that lends credence to the intel I heard re: N & S K o rea, Ch*na, and U S (see my post from 2 days ago re: Ko re an War being declared officially over). From S*mon:

Reuniting K or e a…

“Ch* na has played a key role in reuniting the two K or e as. A gold backed currency was the key.”


Ch * rlie W *rd chats with 2 football legends about the many footballers worldwide dying from the v a x: HOW MANY MORE HAVE TO FALL? FOOTBALL LEGENDS MATT LE TISSIER & BRYAN ROY SPEAK OUT  (23 mins):

And S*mon P*rkes chats with Hugold: More info on their exciting collaboration with Julian Lennon’s White Feather foundation (27 mins):


AZ Sen at or W end y R og ers had an update on the 20 20 el e cti on hearing regarding Pi m a County A Z :

Witness testified that labs used to certify voting machines in Arizona were NOT accredited as required by both State & Federal law. Specifically the “Help America Vote Act”. They also failed to submit docs re: conflict of interest, major shareholders, etc.

Liz Harrington reports:

Canvass of 172 homes in Pi m a County found 62 early ballots where voter is not a resident

45 PERCENT were potentially fraudulent 

And only 52% of houses responded

In fact, there were a number of towns with more registered voters than voting age population!

Topawa, Arizona

Voting Age Population: 182

Registered “Voters”: 288

158% Registration Rate

With single locations having 173 registered “voters”

Then there’s this town:

Welcome to Sells, Arizona

Voting Age Population: 1,375 

Registered “Voters”: 2,762 

More than DOUBLE registered voters than population

Frat house in Arizona has 27 registered voters.

Their average age?



Proje c t V er i tas had another whi stle blow er come forward.

BREAKING: Source-Provided Video and Texts Show C N N Producer Fantasizing About Sex Acts with Fiancé’s Young Daughter

  • The producer in question solicited sexually explicit photos of the source’s underage daughter – in addition to fantasizing about his fiancé’s daughter.
  • The source told Pr oje ct Ve rit as she “felt disgusted” and was compelled to come forward, because “these people with power seem to get away” with this behavior.
  • The source went to the authorities, but then came to Pro je ct Ve ri t as after she was uncertain proper action would be taken.
  • Pro je ct Ve rit as has reached out to C N N for comment and at this time we’re awaiting a response.

12 mins:


Dr. R e iner Fuell mich had a very interesting update regarding Can a da, Nuremburg 2.0 and the world:

“❗️Nürnberg 2.0 up and running in Canada? Fake News!

Once again, false reports are circulating that Dr. Re in er Fu ell mich would be leading hundreds of lawyers and medical professionals and would have initiated a Nuremberg 2.0 in Canada.

Here different half-truths are mixed and combined to a, in the total view incorrect, message.

On the one hand, the lawsuit filed in Canada in cooperation with colleague Michael Swinwood is mentioned. However, this is a lawsuit that is intended to become a class action for European victims as well and is about compensation for damages.

On the other hand, the fact that Dr. Re in er Fu ell mich was one of the first to identify the measures that are only pretended to serve the containment of Sars-CoV-2 as “crimes against humanity” and pointed out that this term originates from the Nuremberg Trials, makes the claim that a Nuremberg Trial 2.0 is being realized.

🟢 It is true that we have to initiate an even greater degree of unsparing legal reappraisal of only pseudo-legal deeds than the Nuremberg Trials were able to do (many high-ranking Nazis escaped conviction and took up very important positions in the USA and Europe, among other places – this must not happen again); but society and especially the German judiciary – unfortunately – are apparently not in a position to do so. As Catherine Austin Fitts says, things will probably have to get much worse before they get better.

In order to reach this point of reversal more quickly, the Committee and a team of lawyers are actually currently engaged in planning an event that we refer to in the planning phase as the Court of Public Opinion, which will be fed by the findings of countless expert hearings held by the Committee over the course of more than a year and a half.

In this criminal trial, which will take place in early 2022, we will use real judges, prosecutors, lawyers to hear real experts and real aggrieved parties and conduct an extensive evidentiary hearing.

The goal is, on the one hand, the detailed presentation of evidence to the international public regarding the facts already established (which can indeed only be described as crimes against humanity) and, on the other hand, the structured collection of statements from vaccine victims, whose statements will then be included in a human rights complaint, on which two human rights defenders working together with us have already been working for months.

🗓 We will inform about concrete scheduling and the further course of planning in due course via this Telegram channel.


From JFK JR & Kennedys R Alive:

Allegedly Patrick, grown, and as a boy:

And speaking of K enne dy s:

More details on the J FK assassination were released yesterday (?). I have not had time to read them yet:

J F K Assassination Records – 2021 Additional Documents Release

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) is processing previously withheld John F. K en ne dy assassination-related records to comply with B * den’s Memorandum for the Heads of Executive Departments and Agencies on the Temporary Certification Regarding Disclosure of Information in Certain Records Related to the Assassination of President John F. K en ne dy, requiring disclosure of releasable records by December 15, 2021. The National Archives has posted records online to comply with these requirements.”

[government archives here]


Another nation declares sovereignty??? Sure sounds like it!

From RT News:

Armed militia in Libya surrounds Presidential Council building

The al-Samud Brigade have reportedly warned “There will be no Presidential elections in Libya and we will close all state institutions in Tripoli.”


Just to refresh your memory….


From Whiplash347. I found this extremely interesting:

RT German TV Broadcast LAUNCHES

RT has launched its long-awaited round-the-clock German language TV channel on Thursday, focussing on news bulletins, documentaries, and talk shows – including “Fasbenders Woche” with prominent German journalist Thomas Fasbender.

RT’s German-language audience online has grown steadily since its launch in 2014, with RT DE the top German language news outlet on Facebook in the last 12 months, outstripping media heavyweights such as Der Speigel, Bild and ZDF.

YouTube has twice banned RT’s German channel on the platform this year, but you can follow the broadcast here:

P.S. The media was generated using Deepfake technology for the purpose of parody. [this comment refers to a video on the te le gram post]


“Like i mentioned when everything goes down, Telegram is last.
We have to follow RT News they are part of DECLAS etc that will guide us too.”

Zero Day = Mass Cyber Attacks to shut everything down before DECLAS.
11.4 could be 11.22 the day before Supreme Court.

2moro’s Delta talks about a reminder
Unclassified Setting
Monitored & Analysed in RT.

Then 2nd drop on Zero Day

Countermeasures in place.
Think Emergency Alert System.
Think WH controlled new RT ‘news’ website
Think WH controlled new video stream platform
Think Here.
Should this occur, immediate steps will be taken to classify each as ‘Public Utility’ (essential public services) to gain appropriate gov regulation (control).
Why do we make things public?


And then, just for fun. Because when you know, you know:


And in non-related news…

The Nick Cave official website announced yesterday:

Invada Records and Lakeshore Records are set to release the original score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis to the forthcoming film La Panthère Des Neiges digitally 17 December. From the film: (5 mins):

And that’s about it for Thursday, gang.

I hope you have a good day, wherever you are in the world.

Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!


Sh ar i R aye news update (29 mins):

Restored Republic news update (14 mins):

Ch * rlie W * rd chats with J*co: THE RISING OF THE NEW GOLDEN AGES, GENERAL FLYNN & THE MILITARY  (44 mins):

M il tary Tri bunal for G W B*sh Day 3, Pts 1-2 (4 mins; 5 mins):

Voice of Reason U K shares his Christmas gifts, FUN: Alex + 🍺 = I’m BLOWN AWAY ❤️ Live @ Lambley BIGGEST Santa Sack EVER 🤩 Thank You 🙏 Everyone 👏 (14 misn):

More with J*co: Advanced Quantum Technology for Combat Missions in Space Detailed by a Retired SEAL Team-6 Insider (15 mins):

Are you a vibrational match to your desire? Abraham Hicks classic (14 mins):

davidji guided meditation classic: 15 Minute Guided Meditation for Deep Relaxation (Good for Sleep!) (15 mins):


So Now We Know. Onward!

Okay, There seemed to be a massive effort yesterday to make sure everyone knows that the devastation in Mayfield, Kentucky was real. That the alleged “fake footage” being shown was actual footage of Mayfield. (See my posts from the past 2 days.)

Even our First Lady (well, in my world, she’s still the First lady) Me la n ia Tr **p, made a formal statement about Mayfield and ALL the areas hit by the devastating tornadoes.

So that got cleared up, too. (Meaning, I couldn’t understand why people seemed to be only talking about Mayfield, when a 200-mile path had been hit by tornadoes.)

It’s interesting, right? Well, it’s devastating but also interesting.


The next thing that seems to be coming right at us — we are supposed to brace ourselves for the worst of the fake WWIII because allegedly it will be terrifying, but we are being told to not be afraid of whatever awfulness is going to be presented to us. That it will simply be a way to get the sirens blaring for all mi li tary, worldwide, which will signal the true end of the D **p St * te and that the white hat-mi li t ary will formally and publicly be taking over.

So just sit tight gang, and try not to panic over whatever the heck it is going to be (fake worldwide nuclear threat?? I honestly don’t know.)

I do, however, know that this is happening — by way of some sort of high-level zoom call: Part of Our Allied forces, gang!!

Hang in there, gang. Peace is coming.

Well, everyone imaginable is reposting this PR from Tr **p, so I suppose I should do it, too.

In case you weren’t already aware:

Tr**p Media & Technology Group Announces Partnership with Rumble Inc.

PALM BEACH, FL – December 14, 2021 — Tr**p Media & Technology Group ( (‘TMTG’), today announced that it has entered into a wide-ranging technology and cloud services agreement with Rumble Inc. (‘Rumble’). As part of the partnership, Rumble will deliver video and streaming for TRUTH Social. TMTG and Rumble are also in exclusive negotiations for Rumble to provide infrastructure and video delivery services for TMTG’s Subscription Video On-Demand product, TMTG+.

Pre sid ent Do n al d J. Tr**p, Chairman of TMTG, commented, “As part of our mission, TMTG continues to align with service providers who do not discriminate against political ideology. Therefore, I have selected the Rumble Cloud to serve as a critical backbone for TMTG infrastructure. TMTG has already launched Truth Social on the Rumble Cloud for invited guests only, and the initial Beta launch has been excellent. America is ready for TRUTH Social, and the end to cancel culture.”

Chris Pavlovski, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Rumble, said, “Rumble is excited to provide technology and cloud services to TMTG. We continue to build the infrastructure to deliver a free, open, and neutral internet. Rumble was designed to be immune to cancel culture, and we are at the forefront of a movement that believes everyone benefits from access to a neutral platform that hosts diverse ideas and opinions.”

Rumble is a high-growth neutral video distribution platform. Rumble has created rails and independent infrastructure that are designed to be immune to cancel culture. Rumble’s mission is to restore the internet to its roots by protecting a free and open internet. Rumble recently announced the execution of a definitive business combination agreement with CFVI (CF Acquisition Corp. VI). See the announcement here:


This was interesting. From DC Clothesline last night:

Resistance Is Working: Hospitals Regret Firing Workers For Refusing Jabs, Now Hiring Them Back

“[…] In an article this week, the Wall Street Journal reports that va cc ine mandates fueled this “mass exodus” of doctors, nurses, and other health care workers who all risked their lives during the pandemic without a vac cin e, only to be fired after one became available and not taking it.

Now, the hospitals who fired them are asking them to return amid a rise in cases and a massive labor shortage.  […]” [full article here]


From Dr. R ein er Fu ell mich’s tel e gram:

Just a harmless test swab?
Werner Bergholz | COMMENTARY #28 SPECIAL

“Werner Bergholz, former professor of electronic engineering and consultant for the German parliament, presents laboratory results from examining test swabs and discusses the finding of ethylene oxide in that context.” (German with English subtitles, 3 mins):

And that was kind of it, gang. Everything else was explosions, fires, deaths, v a x es going horribly wrong, wars and more and more rumors of wars. (And so far, the fake B* den is still the fake Pre s id ent — today is the day they were supposed to remove him. I guess we’ll see.)

I leave you with a little bit of unrelated news–


Nick Cave sent out a beautiful Red Hand File this morning, all about love. You’ll want to read it and you can do that here!


Other than that, the videos are below! Let’s pray for the best today, gang. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!

[Breakfast-listening music from this morning! Andy Williams, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” 1965] [So beautiful!]


This was great! I chose stack #3 and I couldn’t have been more excited by the reading! (Choose between stacks 1, 2, 3 and get a “personal” reading.)Tarot By Janine: GATHERING CALM & PEACE IN AN UPSIDE DOWN WORLD: GUIDANCE & INSIGHT NAVIGATING THROUGH THE STORM! (27 mins):

M on key W * r x: Breaking News last evening. Lots going on in the skies worldwide! R135 Spybird Activity (5 mins):

Restored Republic news update (18 mins):

Another brief but very interesting interview with M i ch ael J * co: Retired SEAL Team 6 Insider Details the SSP Combat Missions on Jupiter and Saturn… DRACO Troubles (13 mins):

Sh ar i R a ye news update (40 mins):

Ch * r lie W * rd chats with Mel K (42 mins):

Cir st en w chats with J*co and C60Evo (52 mins):


What Is True?

I sure don’t know, gang. All I can tell you is what I hear, and it gets more intense and/or insane by the minute.

The stuff getting posted about Mayfield, Kentucky continues to perplex and amaze.

As I mentioned yesterday, Mayfield is named after my ancestors (the Mays). So this town stands out for me, personally. (my great-great-great-etc. grandfather settled Robinson Creek, Kentucky, by the way.)

Old US 62 Robinson Creek
Robinson Creek, KY. Kind of remote, right?

Actually, it’s really weird how similar Robinson Creek looks to the tiny village I live in now, here in Ohio.

Anyway. I digress.

I think it’s strange how only Mayfield seems to be in the news. Those tornadoes cut a 200-mile path…

Ju dy B y ing ton apologized yesterday for saying that the “tornadoes were fake”. She is now saying that the images used on M S M might be fake (old footage from devastation done in Italy many years ago), but the tornado in Mayfield and its devastation “was real.” (see the Restored Republic video below.)

Then we get this strange news item:

From Real Raw News, and it’s just horrible. And yet Real Raw News is known for embellishing the truth about everything. Whether or not it’s true — well, I just don’t know, gang. But I keep asking myself — how come it’s only Mayfield?? Watch it anyway and decide for yourself.



In other truly bizarre news (you’ve most likely already heard this because it is TRULY bizarre)…

Can we say: “It’s wake-up time, silent sleepers!”??? That w i t ch from N ew Z ea land, Ja ci n da, has some really good news: in green light zones, Tinder sex hook-ups can now resume, but in red light zones, only sex orgies of a maximum of 25 people will be allowed.

From RT News yesterday:

“FINALLY: 25-Strong Orgies Allowed as New Zealand Lightens C*vid Restrictions

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Ja cin da Ar de rn has given the go-ahead for sex parties of up to 25 people as part of the newly relaxed C* vid ^^19 restrictions, based on a ‘traffic light system.’

While explaining some of the finer details of the system, Adern did not forget about the more amorous Kiwis:

“I can confirm that Tinder liaisons have reopened,” she stated, adding, “it’s not strictly embedded in the traffic light system but um, it is a given, up to 25 actually, in a red area.”


in not-so-funny news…

You can visit this site for details about the B en gha z i cover-up, “Fast & Furious” (2014) (if you have a strong stomach, that is):

“[…] The Benghazi Situation is more then just a group of guys who wanted to kill some Americans as Mrs Hi ll ar y Cli nt on, Mitt Romney, and President Ob * ma would lead you to believe. […]

“[…] The Truth Is Bengazi and Fast and furious are the same thing, in fact, “Bengazi”, “Fast and Furious” and “Iran Contra” are all the same exact thing to a “T”.[…]

“In 2010, Hi ll ar y Cli nt on went to south America with a bag full of Satellite phones. At first it seems like a nice Gesture but in reality there is a more insidious situation. My Sources told me that Hi ll ar y Cli nt on handed out satellite phones for the purposes of conducting political assassinations, law enforcement employee assassinations, assassinations of Judges, Teachers, Students, and anyone who opposed Ob * ma and his regime’s plans. I was told many acts or drills run by FEMA called “EX-Plan ACTIVE SHOOTER Drills” would be run simultaneously as ordered killings of particular american citizens would be happening and the FEMA DRILLS would be the stories placed in the news to Propagandize the population and keep them from finding out about the real killings that would be taking place directly ordered from the US Government.”

And it goes on, gang.



A very –shall we say “encouraging”? — update from [Q] The Storm Rider from yesterday:

“Everything is on Point 👇



CONTINUITY OF OPERATIONS (COOP) is a United States federal government initiative, required by U.S. Presidential Policy Directive 40 (PPD-40)<(DEVOLUTION plan), to ensure that agencies are able to continue performance of essential functions under a broad range of circumstances. PPD-40 specifies certain requirements for continuity plan development, including the requirement that all federal executive branch departments and agencies develop an integrated, overlapping continuity capability, that supports the eight National Essential Functions (NEFs) described in the document.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency provides guidance to the private sector for business continuity planning purposes.[1] A continuity plan is essential to help identify critical functions and develop preventative measures to continue functions should disruption occur.[1][2]

Continuity of government (COG) is the principle of establishing defined procedures that allow a government to continue its essential operations in case of a catastrophic event such as nuclear war.

Both plans keep the U.S. systems from collapsing(fully) and keeps the public perception from fully knowing what’s happening behind the scenes for the reasons of Public Panic and Civil War outbreak<<<<
As MILITARY OPERATIONS are taking place behind the scenes to secure/reverse the Three Branches of Government from a foreign captured Operation. Military is helping in public dissemination of information through several key sources/EVENTS and including several civilians who become operators inside the Atonement Military Operations.

The Military must first exercise all legal avenues (>done by the book Q) through all 3 BRANCHES of the U.S system before FULL Military action and OVERT/COVERT Operations can be DECLASSIFIED

The Perfect STORM is colliding Patriots…


OPS <<<

MIKE LINDELL HAS U.S. AGs in his pockets // TRUTH SOCIAL//
] DURHAM [ //TRUMP….. are all colliding together in a perfect placed PLAN<<<

THE [DS] plan is to manoeuvre between Russian CRISES and TAIWAN/CCP CRISES/ man made weather WARS (weather weapons over 3,000 patents exist..1500 Classified)// The PANDEMIC..

Keep watching all the deaths of the Elites coming up… resignation/firings in major orgs around the world///>>>>

It’s not coincidence

UK is currently under CONTINUITY Of Government Operation

Similar operations are happening in

Deep state in PANIC<WORLD WIDE<

[SOROS]<inside the KILL BOX

People must rise across the world and feel like they are taking back their countries ( not just complaining in internet media posts . But actually physically demanding their RIGHTS!!!!//////

We are in the final moments where white HATS MILITARY is giving the DEEP STATE Controlled minions (courts, lawyers Congress, high officials) to make their decisions to change their NARRATION of what’s happening world wide
(This is called>By the books<\legal avenues)/// this important EVENTmoment must happen to show all legal resources and avenues were taken and denied by a foreign occupied system.
, So when/if the branches of government do not comply with the Military (Classified) orders to correct the PLANDEMIC/Elections/Fraud/bioweapon release…… The HAMMER DROPS. Keep watching the news it unlocks the maps.<


Okay. Those are the very few things that stuck out as particularly interesting to me in the maelstrom of truly bizarre news that is mounting out there, worldwide.

Oh, here is something to note! Apparently Nor th K o r e a, South K or ea, Ch * na, and the U S are officially announcing that the Ko r e an War is over…. (Keep that in mind as you watch a veritable WWIII “breakout” the world over: Peace is actually the true undercurrent of all this.)

All right. Have a terrific Tuesday — if you can! Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Ch * r lie W *rd chats with Richard C i t i zen Journalist (16 mins):

Restored Republic news update — some very interesting stuff today (29 mins):

Sh ar i R aye news update (37 mins):

A LAWSUIT FOR GLOBAL CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY HAS BEGUN (In English, you have to read it, but it’s important)(4 mins):

THE G E O RGE W. B*SH MILITARY TR IB U NAL: DAY 2 (Mirrored from Real Raw News) (6 mins):

Tom Num bers: Am eric a debrief #2 (16 mins):

Very, very interesting! Full UFO Disclosure & Open E.T Contact – Psionics is the KEY (16 mins):

Amazing Polly: Everything Old is [Q] Again! “Several current news stories relate back to subjects and themes brought up YEARS ago by the Q posts. Let’s explore!” (54 mins):

Ni ch o las Ven i amin chats with Mr Tr **p tastic (21 mins):


A New Week! A New Reason to Be Excited!

Yesterday morning, there really was no new news.

Even Restored Republic’s update was short and closely resembled the update from Saturday, so I didn’t bother to post anything yesterday.

Today, already, the news is feeling decidedly upbeat.

I mean, the undercurrent of news — not the more obvious news.

An example of obvious news: I’m hearing weird & conflicting things about those horrible tornadoes that hit not far from here in Kentucky. There’s even video footage that is allegedly from Mayfield, Kentucky, which is the town that was named after my ancestors (the Mays). It looked really devastating.

But then! Intel that the footage is “old” and actually shows some sort of tornado damage done in Italy, a few years ago (?). That it’s not footage from Kentucky. And that it is shielding the reality — that the N a tio nal Gu ard is actually in these towns with alleged “tornado damage.”

I have no clue if this is true, gang. I’m just saying what I’m hearing.

But juxtapose this against cir sten w’s update — Bunker fuel from tankers in the ocean is causing these horrific tornadoes, and to expect a terrible cold front to come in next, similar to what hit TX many months ago and caused many deaths:


Only time will tell, I guess, what the truth of it all is.

Meanwhile, Tr **p did a chat with Bill O’ Reilly in FL yesterday that was very well attended and well received.

And the fact that he will be in TX next, has the NEG 4 8 crowd extremely excited. (i.e.: TX = J F K assassination = J F K J R return) So it will be very interesting to see what happens there.

And by next weekend (meaning, Tr***p in TX), the alleged upcoming removal of the fake B * den will have already occurred. (Let’s pray!!)

There is even video footage all over te le gram, showing Tr **p singing along to the song “Hold On, I’m Coming”, either at the start of the interview with O “Reilly or at the end of it. And it is very easy to see that Tr**p is actually singing “Hold on, I’m coming back“.

You can see the quick footage on Pepe Lives Matter on te le e gram here.

Sorry that I don’t know how to embed videos from te le r gr am. But there is also another great video going around this morning, of an M P in the UK, Steve Baker. You really have to watch it and see what he says! It’s extremely uplifting. Even exciting.

It is also on Pepe Lives Matter. HERE.

Nancy Drew” was in D C over the weekend, which is unusual for her — she mostly takes weekends off. She got more Marine 1 footage (it seems like M1 and various Black Hawks are in D C every day now, gang.)

Anyway. She said yesterday:

“Obviously, some sort of big to-do, is gonna happen tonight. Between the M1, and everything we’ve seen. Whoever the people are attending, needed some pretty major security though. Absolutely nothing, on the schedule, though. 🤔 Couldnt catch up with that guy, who snapped pics.🥺 Wonder whats taking place here?

(This was taken directly after my last live) very interesting day”


Before I post the videos, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about a new supplement I’ve started taking that is incredible!!

I love the Master Mushrooms, gang, and I’ve been taking a master mushroom blend from OM for well over a year now and I can’t believe how great it is for clarity, mood stability, energy. I add it to my food everyday. (In fact, it was the only supplement I was able to continue taking the entire time I was sick with that awful bacterial infection.)

Well, on Friday, I discovered another Master Mushroom powder from OM — one specifically for clarity and focus. It its primarily Lion’s Mane. You can add it to organic milk, or to water, or even to coffee. (It already has caffeine, so you have to be careful about that). But, wow, the Lion’s Mane goes straight to my brain and it really increases my ability to focus, etc. (I’m preparing to work on a new novel here.)So, check it out if you are into Master Mushrooms (it costs around US $20):

Buy Brain Fuel+ Mushroom Powder Supplement | Om

Okay. That’s it for today! I’m feeling like this week could be a big week, gang. Here in the U S and possibly in the U K, even Au str a lia as well — news from there saying that police stations are now flying the Aussie flag upside down — perhaps joining the protest, finally?? We have to wait and see, of course. But I’m finding the overall vibrational frequencies, worldwide, to be very interesting. The energy of the people does not match what the M S M is trying to say, at all.

So. Have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!!


As promised, Tarot by Janine did another update on December: MID DECEMBER WORLD ZODIAC UPDATE: UPHOLDING THE NARRATIVE? TURNING THE TIDE OF THE INVERSION! (23 mins):

Voice of Reason U K (In Nottingham, they’re still planning to have Christmas!): “Doddy Meets Santa 🎄 I WILL NOT CANCEL CHRISTMAS 2021” (2 mins):

UFO Man: Saturday Night Livestream roundtable. Very interesting. International participants: Rendlesham Revisited – From a New Perspective/UFO Review/Open Roundtable Discussion (1 hr 25 mins):

Binaural Beats: Good Vibes : 1111 Hz Raise your Vibration – Cleanse Hidden Negative Energy – Deep Healing Music (ongoing):

Restored Republic news update — very good! (9 mins):

Ch* rlie W *rd catches up with Steve L: THE FOUNDATION OF THE RV, THE FINAL DRAINING OF THE SWAMP (32 mina):

Real Raw News. G W B ush mi litary tribunal Day 1 (Reminder: GWB & his wife were allegedly already e x e cu ted a while ago) (5 mins):


The entire world is getting a late start

Good morning!

For some reason, both Restored Republic and Sha ri Ra ye posted really late today — just a little while ago, in fact. So I got involved in my own stuff, and now — finally — here I am.

Before I forget — if you are interested — I am participating once again in the Smashwords Christmas sale. I only have 4 eBooks left on Smashwords — I moved all the new stuff to However, beginning December 17th and lasting until January 1st, all 4 of the eBooks on Smashwords will be available for you to download for free.

This includes my erotic novel, Freak Parade, which took home the Silver Medal in the Independent Publishers Book Awards 2011. And all 3 volumes of The Muse Revisited.

If you are not familiar with my erotic fiction, please be forewarned that it is graphic erotica and could be offensive to the average reader.


Nancy Drew” had some more thoughts on Bob Dole (the actual funeral was yesterday, at the cathedral). It was quite interesting. She asks:

“Is that the ‘tunnel machine’?”

(Meaning Cern, and then Dole lying in State at the U S Capitol. It can’t be just a coincidence, gang. Methinks these are all signs that Dole was taken out.)

Then, a little bit later, she tried to get to the cathedral before the funeral motorcade did, but she was held up in traffic. However, in the Vice-Presidential car, she spotted something very telling indeed! But, as she was filming it, the satellites blocked her!

“For the first time ever, they shut me down. They did not want me showing you something! I thought I was still live for a bit and was pointing into the back of the VP car. I could see clearly. It was packed inside.”

She is not talking about our beloved fake k a m a la. She is hinting at our actual beloved & not dead J F K, Jr. ( We can still pray, gang!!)

All right.

From D C Clothesline yesterday came this very interesting update:

Judicial Watch Sues Government To Obtain Plane Hitting The Pentagon – Where Is The Plane? Decide For Yourselves

[…] One such theory by the government was that of the American Airlines Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. A plane that is 155 feet and 3 inches long.

Judicial Watch, a watchdog group that had to sue the government (The Justice Department had previously blocked demands for their release) for its release, reveals a surveillance camera in a Pentagon parking lot caught the moment that American Airlines Flight 77 allegedly slammed into the southwest side of the military headquarters.

A huge ball of flame rises from the building and black smoke starts gushing out.

The lack of film evidence of the alleged attack had fueled assertions suggesting that the attack had been faked or engineered by the Pentagon against itself.

[…] “Finally, we hope that this video will put to rest the conspiracy theories involving American Airlines Flight 77,” he said in a statement.

Sadly, it did not. If anything, at the least, it opens up more questions, and at the most it proves the conspiracy.

Where is the plane?

Conclusion: When one recollects September 11, 2001 one must come to the conclusion that no foreign government could have dreamed of doing to Americans what its own government has, in fact, been responsible for doing. [full article here and you can also watch the video]


Okay, that’s sort of it on this quiet Saturday morning in the rainy Hinterlands.

I hope you’re having a good day, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Voice of Reason U K: SHARE 😳 BBC News TOTALLY Misleading 🤬 ‘Worst Day Since Jan 9th 59,000 Infections (4 mins):

Tarot by Janine and Ashley did a deep dive on precious metals (20 mins):

Tom Num bers caught up with Ma h o ne y (1 hr):

Restored Republic news update (10 mins):

Sha ri R a ye news update (30 mins):

X * 2 R * port: SC* VINO MESSAGE RECEIVED, A S S AN GE KEY TO DNC ’SOURCE’ ‘HACK’ ‘187’ (47 mins):

Another Friday in War Time

I have to make this brief today, gang, because I need to run errands before I go into work.

First off, it’s interesting to note that, as predicted last Friday by S * mon P *rkes, there has been a pause in the M ax we ll trial. We’ll see what happens next.

From RT News:

“Gh is la in e Max well trial cut short after lawyer gets sick

The federal sex-trafficking trial was abruptly cut short Thursday after the judge reported one of the attorneys working the case was ill. (Guardian)

“We have no reason to believe it is C* vid-related,” judge Alison Nathan said, adjourning the trial at 10:30 am – the sick attorney was not identified.

The curious revelation came as both prosecutors and the defense met in the judge’s chambers, at the request of the prosecution.”


As you likely already know, J u ss ie S m oll ett was found guilty of faking his own hate crime and blaming fake Tr **p supporters.

And A s s ange is coming back to the U S. Although, I heard months ago that that had already been decided and that A s s ange is already back and has been in protective custody.

Also, As s ange is allegedly Tr **p’s cousin. I don’t believe anything nefarious will happen to him here in the U S.

From RT News:

“⚡️ Julian A s san ge: US Govt WINS Extradition Appeal for WikiLeaks Founder

A judge at a British lower court blocked the extradition in January, assessing that A ss an ge was at risk of suicide in the US justice system.

Lawyers for the US govt argued in October that the judge had not given sufficient weight to other expert testimony about A ss an ge’s mental state – the UK Supreme Court agreeing with their argument.

A ss ange can now be extradited to the US pending a final decision from the UK Sec. of State.”


From the Epoch Times:

Astronomers Discover Massive Planet 10 Times Bigger Than Jupiter

A group of astronomers has discovered one of the biggest planets ever found orbiting a massive and extremely hot two-star system, despite previously believing that such an environment was too inhospitable for a planet to form in.

The planet was discovered by Markus Janson, a professor of astronomy at Stockholm University, and colleagues, according to research published Wednesday in the science journal Nature.” [full article here]

And also this, from RT News:

“New exoplanet – which shouldn’t exist – leaves scientists puzzled

Researchers have been left perplexed after discovering a massive planet orbiting the hottest two-star system known to date – and more than three-times larger than the sun. (Independent)

Located 325 light-years from Earth and three-times bigger than Jupiter, the exoplanet is orbiting around b Centauri and should, as scientists say, not be able to exist.

It was previously believed that no planet could form in its orbit due to excessive X-rays and UV radiation… until now.”


Nancy Drew” had her doubts yesterday about whether Bob Dole had died of natural causes, or had been “dealt with” (i.e., taken out):

“Someone showed me the video of Bob Doles funeral. I had my doubts on him. My heart was beating very quickly seeing his hearse the other day, I mentioned it in my live. His flag is not worthy of a hero, here. Immediately I noticed the way they were “seated”. I’ve showed you the “star” on the Rotunda floor. His coffin is covering it. It appears as if they are seated like it. The star, represents the roads “tunnels”. I also read the “star” also represents an anus, however, I cannot confirm. Was someone, “dealt with”?”

The star that shows which roads in D C followed the sex- trafficking tunnels:

Bob Dole’s casket placed directly over the star:



The restored Republic news update today had some disturbing details about the Satanic 9 th Circle, and every Pope involved in that since 1967, including (the late) Pope Fr a ncis. It will probably turn your stomach, but at least it is all coming out now.

Also, they are still saying that (the fake) Pope Francis and the (fake) Qu e e n are dying…. we shall see just how long it takes. (Remember the old Monty Python sketch? “I think she’s dead.” “No, I’m not!”)


Restored Republic news update (19 mins):

Sh ar i R a ye news update (37 mins):

This bit of good news just in from Voice of Reason U K: Its Over For B * ris EXCLUSIVE ⚠️ He’ll RESIGN By Christmas Torries Are Planning Replacement & REVOLT (7 mins) :


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