Hanging In There But I’m Not Sure How!!

Happy, Wednesday, folks!

The news is grim. And it is relentless. (As usual, though, Tr ***p and everyone in his family and everyone on is Admin team is looking good, rested, happy….I want some of what they’re having. Thanks!!)

Okay. I slept good last night. I had some interesting dreams. Although I’m still trying to come to terms with Nick Cave & Warren Ellis announcing a U K Tour, complete with C* vid compliance disclaimers, literally moments after the fake b * r i s J * hn son announces the vax passport mandate for all of U K’s pubs, events, group gathering type things… I would like to tell myself that they didn’t know. I’m not sure if I’m listening to myself yet or not… (mirrored from WAM, 15 mins):

Uh-oh, looks like I completely missed the government-sponsored training course! Surely, this entire course is aimed at people like me! “Homeland Security is training people to round up and quarantine unv a x ed rural Americans” (56 sec):

Meanwhile, I get closer and closer to buying a gun… My [17]-follower friend at work (a grandmother, no less) has 8 — eight!!— AR 15 rifles. I’m just saying, gang… Rural America. Ain’t it grand??!!

Yes! She owns 6 more than are pictured here!!

Over in Australia, they want you to believe that there is a C* VID outbreak. We know better, but is this still not horrific? Don’t converse with people, don’t be friendly, now is not the time to talk to your neighbor. And I’m fucking quoting her, gang!(BTW, they are in l*ck d* wn again, for no reason whatsoever.) (41 seconds):

In New Zealand, another spiffy gal who gives you more reasons to want to tear your hair out (1 min):

(You know, I think the de pop u lation agenda is actually a white hat op: once they shoot every single one of these fuckers in M S M and worldwide governments, the population all over the world is seriously gonna go down.) (What is that I smell? Fresh air??)

Speaking of which!! Another alleged reason to say, “Yay!!”

S u s an Ri ce — guilty, gets death penalty! (4 mins):

(Even if this tr * bunal coverage is a white hat op, it sure feels good to watch them for 4 mins. I always rejoice whenever I see another one of them pop up into my bitchute feed.)

Continuing protests in I r an over severe drinking water shortages due to worst drought n 50 years (videos are here at [17] the Storm Rider, from yesterday):

“WATER shortage protests in Iran continue for FOUR nights now amid record drought!

At least one person has reportedly DIED during protests in Iran’s oil rich Khuzestan province – as about 100 cities suffer severe drinking water shortages amidst south-west Iran’s reported WORST drought in 50yrs.

The country has been also suffering in the last fortnight from widespread electricity blackouts, blamed on the heat.”

And some more good news — this time from India (also from [17] the Storm Rider, from yesterday):

“POPULATION CONTROL: India proposes 2-CHILD POLICY with CASH INCENTIVES for sterilization (Report)

Indian states, Uttar Pradesh and Assam, have announced draft legislation for the controversial 2-child policy – rewarding those who stick to having two kids and PUNISHING those who have more.

Uttar Pradesh, with a population larger than Brazil, will offer benefits for voluntary sterilization and would BAR couples with more than 2 children from govt subsidies, state benefits, running for political office, and applying for jobs with the govt. (Times of India)

Assam, where 36MN people live, announced on Sunday that a ‘population stabilization’ roadmap will be developed by the state govt – withholding subsidies and benefits for those who choose to have more than 2 kids.

India is currently expected to overtake China as the world’s most populous country by 2027, per a 2019 UN report – UNICEF estimates India accounts for a fifth of the world’s annual births.”

Remember, gang: trusting the U N with anything whatsoever is insanity. They are part of the de pop u l a tion agenda.

Good Lion TV and Red Pill Cinema announce the release of Part One of The Murder of Isaac Kappy. You can watch it on their web site, but you have to join (small fee):

And just when you thought the world couldn’t get any more convoluted, strange, insane, unfathomable, evil, or just plain horrific — code monkey z put out a link to the brand new (and posting like crazy) t e le g ram site for j o h n m c a fee:

“The Mc A fee stuff coming out right now is curious and could be an OP, a marketing campaign, or anything else.

It is unfolding in real time and i am not sure what will come of it.

For now, i recommend staying cautious and observing from afar.”

OfficialMc A f ee already has nearly 23,000 subscribers. The posts are mainly [17]-oriented, with plenty of personal photos, and rabbit-hole type stuff. Very interesting.

In other good news…

THANK YOU to everyone who is buying 1954 Powder Blue Pickup, Half-Moon Bride, and even — YES!! — The Guitar Hero Goes Home!!!! I really, really appreciate it, gang. I seriously do. (And I also still really appreciate all of those folks who are downloading Freak Parade for free over at Smashwords this month!! It’s still happening…)

And don’t forget, tomorrow, July 22nd, is the Feast Day of Mary Magdalene!! Also — my birthday!! Yay.

Okay, gang. Gotta scoot! Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!


Below: Mel K and Ni ch o las Ven ia min — great chat!! (1 hr 14 mins):

Below: J*co update (37 mins):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at some pretty vicious “cli mat e cha nge” (18 mins):

Below: Meditation to free your body from infections; binaural beats (ongoing):

Below: N * no, down to the wire (34 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Year of the boomerang (48 mins):

People, Just Get Ready

The news is a bit disturbing today. So I’ll just jump right in.

Remember those United Nations armored vehicles in Canada that I posted about yesterday? How I said “that can’t be good”?

According to J * co’s intel in a conversation he had with ni ch o l as v en ia min yesterday, those U N vehicles are meant for the U S and we need to expect war, gang.

That doesn’t mean we need to engage. What it seems to mean is that what’s left of the D **p S t * te here in the U S, is still aiming to create a “race war” here, with heavy A n t i f a rioting in the key cities. These forced riots will “prove” that America has a terrible “race problem” and that the U N must call in its N A T O forces and stomp it out the old fashioned way, with guns and tanks. Conveniently, they are already waiting at the Canadian border.

Please, gang. Tell everyone you know — family, co-workers, friends– that if a n t i f a is starting to riot in your area of the country, STAY HOME. This is a trap. This won’t end well for p a tr io t s who engage, especially with guns. So stay home. It’s a trap.

(Remember how I told you back in December that Jan 6 was a set up and to stay away from D C?? Sadly, there are now truly peaceful attendees of Jan 6 who are still in jail, without any real charges brought against them, no trial, and they are being beaten by guards, and the safety of their wives at home is being threatened, etc. )

Please stay home,

J*co also says that conversations among U S congressmen (I thought they were all on g i t mo by now….) Anyway, leaked conversations indicate that even if/when A Z and G A and P A de-certify their el ec tion results due to proof of massive v* t er fr * ud, they will not allow a vote or a formal ruling on any of it.

Which means we are fucked.


It also means that the m * litary and Tr **p (the rightful winner of the pr e si d ential e l * c tion) will finally have to go public and take over.

So that’s the good news. Even though it is going to bring all this above-mentioned violence.

This is supposed to start coming down soon — as in, August.

So we can choose to maybe look on all of this as “good news.”

On another topic, D on a ld Rum s feld allegedly committed suicide during his tr* bu nal at Di e go Ga rcia U S mili tary base in the Indian Ocean. He was charged with the deaths of countless U S soldiers in ir a q and af g an i stan who were seeking imaginary weapons of mass destruction, as well as his involvement in 9 1 1 and trillions of dollars of misappropriated money. He did not die from “cancer” but by his own hand. (3 mins):

On yet another topic…

This morning, Nick Cave and Warren Ellis announced their UK tour in support of their latest album, Carnage, It will take place in September and October. Tour dates and ticket info is here.

Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya.

(Oh, and PS: Indeed, Amazon has banned the eBook sale of 1954 Powder Blue Pickup for “offensive content.” Please consider buying the print book here (on Amazon, oddly enough) for $7.99 plus shipping, or the non-kindle eBook here, on lulu.com, for $3.98. Thanks.)


Below: J*co explains it all to ni ch ol as (35 mins):

Below: N* no chats with Richard Citizen Journalist: D C is a ghost town (20 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 at the shooting range (15 mins):

Below: R *d P * ll 7 8 news update: Sharpiegate unravels the whole lie! (25 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las chats with ge n e de cod e (45 mins):

Below: A news update about horrible life in jail for innocent Jan 6 protestors (13 mins):

Below: Ni ch o las chats with Tarot by Janine (38 mins):

I keep forgetting to post this one. It’s from several days ago, but it was really good. Ni ch o las chats with Al an Fount ain about S R A and child s e x t r aff i cking (25 mins):

Below Ch * r lie W *rd and Mel K Monday intel chat (38 mins):

Below: Sheriff Mack and the Constitution at work (2 mins):

Below: Canadian doctor: 62% of va xed have permanent heart damage (8 mins):

Below: Jessie Cze bo tar (who I’m not 100% convinced isn’t a white hat plant at this point, gang) discloses upcoming reveal of M a c a fee’s dead man switch ( 2 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: All assets deployed (43 mins):

Let the Rains begin!

Wow, gang. As predicted: weather warfare all over the place.

Forest fires in Canada. Droughts in California.

And now, it’s time for Noah’s Ark.

Serious flooding in Yemen, India, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan, UAE, unbelievable flooding in Austria (hmm, that’s also the country where dozens of U S diplomats have gotten really sick from apparent microwave or radio wave poisoning and brain damage…)

In France over the weekend, floods of PEOPLE. Yes, more massive protests going on there against M ac ron (who is allegedly fake, at this point). And there are calls out for a massive protest in London this coming Saturday (July 24):

And a Roth sc h ild bank went up in flames in France, too! (I hope your money wasn’t in there, but I’m super happy to see stuff like that!):

And for some unknown reason, UN armored trucks are parked outside a pharmaceutical company in Toronto. This can’t be good, gang. There is serious talk on te l e g ram that they are going to try to force Canadians to get the vax, even though t r u d e au is long gone. So who is forcing this???

National lawyer, Thomas Renz, has been instrumental in getting C* vid-related laws and bills put forth in the Ohio Assembly. Now he has filed a federal lawsuit. Based on whistleblower intel: 45K Americans died within 3 days of getting the v a x. This is only based on info from one government-reporting system, and there are about 12 systems reporting. And this is only counting Americans. (This is equal to my small village times 45, dead in 3 days. And this doesn’t come close to the real number, worldwide. De po p u l a tion, anyone??):

And, at the same gathering over the weekend — Awaken America — G en f l y n also spoke. Watch this and see what two fed-up moms did to protect all children in Iowa from the heath horrors of wearing m*sks! (Children in m*sks is child abuse, gang! Mental, physical, emotional. Crimes against Humanity.)(29 mins):

I can’t find the video now, but I also saw some footage from the Ohio Assembly back from late June, where some Democrat Representatives (elected officials representing Ohio!), being unbelievably immature and “unruly” as they tried to drown out GOP Rep. Jena Powell from introducing a bill to ban transgender “girls” from participating in girls sports.

This type of behavior in a General Assembly is so wildly unbelievable to me. Have they even seen the videos of what happens to biological teenage girls who go up against transgender girls in a wrestling match? In any other scenario, it would be called assault & battery and cause for immediate arrest.

Why not put them both in the boxing ring and watch the biological girl get pulverized? An utter disrespect, disregard, and desire to wipe females off the face of the planet is what lurks beneath this current barrage of “transgender” insanity. Don’t kid yourselves, gang. This has nothing to do with any kind of “equality.” This is an unbelievable disregard for the rights of the female of the species.

Dr. V* rnon c o l e man puts forth that open, public debate with politicians is what will win this war; they have no sustainable facts, no science. (11 mins):

Here are some very interesting facts, protest footage, & memes re: va x es and the de pop u lation agenda, shown to the Tr ***p theme song, “We’re Not Gonna Take It”. A very informative 3 mins!! Watch it!

Be sure to share the video above, gang, because this stuff is not being shown in the M S M or press. People all over the world need to know this stuff! Especially about the people in C U B A, who are being isolated without internet or phone access. They are being beaten and terrorized there and cut off from the world.

Here is the easy link to share it: https://www.bitchute.com/video/mRMXz0CcsbEA/

Gemma O’Doherty is still fighting for her freedom — literally — to expose the v a x injuries and deaths, and for everyone’s lives in Ireland (23 mins):

Meanwhile, J * co thinks everything is lining up now for Tr ***p’s return! (1 hr 33 mins):

This was awesome! UFOs respond to laser pointers! UFO Man. Watch!! You will literally say, WOW!!!! (5 mins):

This was too creepy. John Lear explains all about what our moon really is. It sorta sucks, actually. (11 mins):

This was cool. Tarot by Janine takes a look at what might have been going on the other day at the U S Capitol building. Remember that intense 9 minute video? I posted it here on Saturday. (FYI, Janine is Canadian. She refers to the white house but she means the Capitol building.) (16 mins):

Just when you need it! Another binaural beats meditation. Remove all doubts, strengthen courage, remove negative energy! (ongoing):

And last but definitely not least– The Enormity of What is Coming. It’s intense, gang. X *2 special R* port (57 mins):

Thanks for visiting, gang. Hang in there. Make it a good day. It’s truly getting intense but signs everywhere are showing that it could be coming to a crescendo really soon. I love you guys. See ya!


From my favorite Nick Cave Instagram page bright & early this morning: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “I Feel So Good” !!

And, as always!!

People, Get Ready!!!!!!!

Another Sunday Morning in Spike Pr*tein paradise!

Yes, I’ve still got the little fuckers. I am loaded with them. And even though they appear to be dead, how can they be dead, when I always still have so many of them??

I have no idea.

But Sunday is i v er me c tin day, so I happily had my little dose first thing this morning and on we go. I won’t say that I’ve “given up,” because I am still doing everything possible, 24/7, to keep them from taking over my brain, my ovaries, etc. But I have indeed sort of acquiesced to the idea that they will simply be a part of me for the rest of my time on the lovely blue/green Earth.

And so on we go.

First things first, today.

Amazon is now blocking the publication of the eBook version of 1954 Powder Blue Pickup. I am trying to find out why. In the meantime, it is still available in print on Amazon. And as an eBook on lulu.com.

I am not going to give them an argument if they insist on blocking the eBook, because I’m done with all that censorship nonsense. I am hoping it’s just some weird glitch, but who knows.

It’s my “job,” while here on Earth, to write the books & stories. Whether or not they can be sold is not my job anymore. I am just so over so many things now.

Okay! Here I am this morning, gang!! 86 more hours until I turn 61!!

Oui! C’est moi!! No make-up, uncombed hair, summer PJs, chock full of spike proteins and so happy it’s Sunday morning!!

And in other good news!! Guess what??!! My Mexican Sundance Sunflowers are getting ready to bloom! I am astounded by this!! I thought they wouldn’t bloom until late summer. I will keep you posted. (And the hydrangea began blooming on Friday!)


I think we are still in that very unsettling arena where white hats are blasting us, worldwide, with the most insane stuff to try to get everyone, the world over, to fight back against the black hats. And some straggling black hats are still in the game, making life really fucking awful for a lot of people.

Trying to determine what is white hat insanity, and what is actual black hat stuff that we should be sort of alarmed by — that is the really tricky part, gang. Sometimes your guess is simply as good as mine.

L A is allegedly back under a m* sk mandate. But, according to J * co, L A County Sheriffs are refusing to enforce it. (36 mins):

And by the way: since they completely overhauled how you can use w or d p re s s, I have not been able to edit my “About” page. I am going to have to rebuild it from scratch and I don’t have time for that right now. However, Abstract Absurdity Productions is no longer based out of L A; it is now based out of Quebec City in Canada. We are nowhere near “back to work” with any of the film production stuff, but it has officially left L A and I don’t really care if I ever see L A again. But we’ll see…


There is some sort of weird quarantine involving people from Britain going to France (?), because the fully v a x ed are keeping the alleged C * vid cases really high. (This is either people sick & dying from the v a x and not from c* vid, or just plain bullshit on all fronts. Most likely, a whole lot of both.) (3 mins):

Truckers are protesting new l*ck d*wn mandates in Sydney, Australia (26 seconds):

And Ca na dians are also still having it really rough, even though restrictions there were struck down by the court, and a Crimes Against Humanity case has also been filed there (5 mins):

Dublin, Ireland protests (and some other intense stuff) (32 mins):

McAllister TV and Sarge take another look at e x ec utions, starlink, and all those go ver nors who were called to D C (was the much-detested rino Ohio gov one of the ones called? Allegedly 5 govs did not make a return trip home. Word is that the key 5 have been sent to some place like g it mo) (Think: worst States in e * ec t ion fr *ud and those are the govs alleged to be gone now.) (47 mins):


You’ve got to watch these two witnesses give testimony to Dr. Fuellmich for the upcoming Nuremburg 2.0 Crimes Against Humanity trials. One video is from back in March. Still, these people giving testimony are always riveting. The things they are experts at and the things they are doing to fight this tyranny is jaw-dropping:

First, German Concentration Camp survivor and medical activist, Vera Sharav (43 mins):

Next, American Dr. Peter McCullough, one of the few doctors telling it like it is on American TV: “At least 50K dead from fake v a x ” (48 mins):

And just a simple reminder from WWII:

This special X *2 R*port chat has gone viral. Only one weapon can bring down the whole corrupt system (41 mins):

Denise. Mel K, and Madyson chat (1 hr 17 mins):

Meanwhile, N*no is still uncommitted to Madyson’s intel, as well as to cir sten w’s. But he did do another chat with ju an o s av in yesterday (1 hr 20 mins ):

Tarot by Janine took a look at food shortages and Judges & Generals (15 mins):

UFO Man: Someone in Chile had a cool sighting (2 mins 22 secs):

And oddly enough, during last night’s UFO Man livestream, suddenly my Internet went out and I got a text from Spectrum (my carrier) saying that it was “estimated” to be out in my area until 12:02 am. Don’t you think the precise time estimate is really, really weird?? I thought so. (White hat satellite power outages, anyone??)

But I turned off the phone and just sort of laid there in bed in the dark. It was a cool and lovely, peaceful night, after a really rough day yesterday. (However! Today is the 3rd anniversary of when I met a man I really loved who changed my life completely and then died 2 months later… But he does still communicate with me from wherever he is now, so that’s comforting. And last night was no different. He was just suddenly “there,” and he was the one who reminded me — telepathically, in spirit — that we had met 3 years ago today. So I drifted off to sleep, listening to Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ Nobody’s Children, an album that he had once made me promise I would never listen to with anybody else…)

Anyway. UFO Man’s livestream from last night: Near death experiences, UFOs, ET contact with Barbara Jean Lindsey (1 hr):

And this was cool. Linked from code mon key z’s te le gr am channel. Hayo Pira Pyramid in Japan. Close encounters. I really want to see more footage from this! (8 mins):

And last but by no means least…

You know, sometimes when I’m doing my Inner Being Journaling in the very early morning at my kitchen table, some of the “Founding Fathers” come through, along with men who fought in the Revolutionary War. I do not get specific names, or even faces. It is just the telepathic voices, in a group, that start to fill my little notebook with encouraging words. They come through when I am feeling extremely exhausted (from this last year and a half specifically). (Not counting my years of hating the b * shes and despising o b a ma…)

When I am feeling at my lowest, both energy-wise and along with that feeling of despair, these voices come through and remind me that they had had it worse than I do and that they didn’t give up. Even though a lot of them were left with absolutely nothing by the end of the war. No family– children disbursed, wives dead; no money, fortunes ransacked; houses burned to the ground — nothing left. But they won, and we got our Independence and our Constitution.

Most of you know that my dedication to the [17] movement, and to this information gathering/chronicling, and to the fight to preserve the Constitution has cost me relationships with most of my family, and most of my professional colleagues, and most of my extremely Liberal friends. And the C * vid scam has left me, for now, in almost complete poverty. It has been an exhausting challenge, but the Constitution is, in my opinion, indescribably important. I could not have had the career I had if it weren’t for the Constitution, specifically that First Amendment.

Even though that career is sort of nebulous now and sort of “over,” the Constitution is still imperative for future generations. And I don’t really mind spending what’s left of my time on the blue/green Earth, winning this fight. (Although I hope this war is over before my actual life is…)

But, here is a cool book! From Coast to Coast AM, Suzanne Munson talks about channeling Thomas Jefferson for her popular new book, The Metaphysical Thomas Jefferson. It was a really cool chat. (35 mins):

And with that, I am going to try to enjoy this beautiful Sunday!!

Thanks for visiting, gang. Enjoy your Sunday, too — wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya.

(From Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers’ Nobody’s Children, “Waiting for Tonight.”)

Waiting for Tonight

I went walking down the Boulevard
Past the skateboards and the beggars
I was out looking in the windows
Just out walking, letting my mind roam
If she hung around too much I might take her for granted
But when I was away, she seemed an angel
The only one who really cared about me
The only one without an angle
For so long I’ve been lonely
Now I’m too weak to fight

I’ve been waiting for tonight
I’ve been waiting for tonight

(Good night my love, sleep tight my love)

Yes and I had a little time to kill
As I crossed the parking lot
And I was feeling lucky to have a place to go
Yeah my nerves were feeling shot
For so long I’ve been weary
There was no end in sight

I’ve been waiting for tonight
I’ve been waiting for tonight

(Good night my love, sleep tight my love)

Oh I’ve been waiting ’round
For a night like this
Yeah I felt it coming down
Since her first kiss

(Good night my love)

Yeah and I’m wrestling with my overcoat
Yeah I’m fighting with my thoughts
I’m gonna trust my intuition
I’m gonna hope I don’t get lost
For some time I’ve been lonely
I’ve been too weak to fight

I’ve been waiting for tonight
I’ve been waiting for tonight

(Good night my love, sleep tight my love)

c – Tom Petty 1988

Warning: Do Not Get Out of bed Today!

All right, gang. Could the news be worse? (Yes, of course it could! In fact, just when you think it’s getting better, the news, indeed, gets worse…)

It’s official! Along with Springsteen, now the Foo Fighters suck. (Honestly, if you’re giving any of your money to any of these American musicians who are demanding you get v a x ed before you can see them in concert, you are out of your fucking mind) (30 secs):

Pray for these dead pilots, their families, the pilots who are still alive — and listen to what S t e w P e t er s has to say at the end, about “pilotless” aircraft and the agenda to wipe out pilots entirely. 5 more pilots dead, now it’s JetBlue’s turn (17 mins):

Okay. I do not know what the fuck “Nancy Drew” managed to get on video at the U S Ca pitol on Weds., but I’d sure like to know. What the fuck is this?? Watch the whole 9 mins. (9 mins):

Digital Warriors: The world is at its breaking point, the people push back (42 mins): (For whatever reason, I cannot embed this, click link)


Iran joins the revolution (1 min):

More people fight back in France, cops get attacked (1 min): (They won’t let me embed this one, either)


Here comes another l* ck d* wn in U K. More v a x es , please, we’ve got c * vid here!! (4 mins):

Oh, and just in case you forgot: here’s what c * vid looks like; yes! a computer sequence:

Just one of many c o ro na virus U S patents

Update with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich (19 mins):

Interesting intel, watch it before it gets banned: J * co, p a trio t str eet fighter, cir sten w chat (1 hr):

UFO Man: Middle East; Wow, what was that? 3 fast UFOs as man videos strange lightning in sky ( 2 mins):

Tarot by Janine with Ashley: deep dive: is Robin Williams still alive? (16 mins):

Very interesting regarding pineal gland in humans and animals, also help with lucid dreaming (16 mins):

Awful shit is coming to U S. J * co (33 mins) and N*no (43 mins):

X *2 R*port: What happens when the public finds out the truth? Change is coming. (48 mins):

Okay, that is it for now, gang. I honestly got out of bed feeling chipper today — that was 7 hours ago…

Let’s still try to make it a good weekend, whatever comes our way, okay? Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya.

Here Comes the morning!

And so it is Friday, again.

The nice thing about this particular Friday is that I actually have the next two days off, gang, so I am really hoping to breeze right through this day and then get down to the business of relaxing for a while.

I hope.

Although it never actually works out that way. We shall just see.

First, before I forget: you guys are unbelievably awesome. Not only am I happily perturbed by the many sudden downloads (albeit, free downloads) of Freak Parade over at Smashwords this month, but also, while checking on stuff regarding the corrected uploads of 1954 Powder Blue Pickup and Half-Moon Bride over at Amazon last evening, I discovered that, for some reason, my novel about old, old, old Hollywood, Twilight of the Immortal — a novel that, itself, is 11 years old already — is suddenly ranked at #1400 in LGBTQ Historical Fiction. Out of millions of titles in that category. So this is astounding to me.

I’m super happy about it, because I love that novel, and it’s not erotic, it’s not experimental, it’s not short, either — in print, it’s over 600 pages(!!); it is in fact “regular” historical fiction and I have always loved that book. It was a complete and all-consuming labor of love for me to write it and research it (it took 10 years), and suddenly it has gotten really popular.

You have absolutely no idea how happy that discovery made me.

Okay. So thank you for that.

I am trying super hard here today get my mind back in shape. To get a grip on my own life and balance it with the relentlessness of the world situation right now, and maybe even see past it, to the amazing future that I know for sure is coming, worldwide.

For instance, the very beginning of the astounding amount of v * t er f r a u d that went on simply in one county in A Z came out yesterday afternoon. A livestream.

I’m guessing you all either watched it or have heard all about it by now. I don’t watch any M S M, so I don’t know how they are handling it, since “facts” are not generally something they deal with, but we can only hope that all this stuff we’ve known about for months regarding all the e l e c t ion fr * ud, is finally becoming indisputable to the M S M.

We shall see.

I’m guessing it’s still gonna take some sort of quantum satellite demolition of M S M in real time to finally get what’s left of the brainwashed old-school Dems to finally break free of the mind control and see the light.

Personally, I’ve sort of given up waiting on them. I’m making plans for a life lived without them, once the war is over.

Okay, so, this morning. Sunny. Birds singing. I was teetering on heartbreak again, but my Inner Being Journaling got me at least to an emotionally neutral place. I took my cup of coffee upstairs, got back in bed, took a look at what was trending on Bitchute and settled on Linda Paris. (posted below). More lists of holly wood and mega music stars who are alleged to have already been exe c u t ed. A topic that always makes me nervous because there are many, many names that come up repeatedly on all these lists: Courtney Cox, Cher, Beyonce, Gaga, Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Courtney Love (who, according to an exceedingly convincing investigative report from many, many years ago, allegedly murdered Kurt Cobain); and there is a certain name that I don’t ever want to see on that list (although I’ve already seen it on old lists that may or may not be true). Well, it wasn’t on today’s extensive list.

Anyway. Linda Paris is snarky and she is really, really good at being snarky. And she said something that made me choke in a little burst of laughter just as I was taking a sip of coffee!!!!! OMG.

I have these really nice, trillion-thread-count white cotton Italian sheets. They are my favorite thing about my bed in summer.

I spewed coffee all over them and my night table, my iPhone, my iPad.

So, here I sit, doing more laundry, trying to post to this blog, and then scurry off to work.

Before we discuss possible executions of famous people, let’s take a look at more concrete stuff. For instance, that fake va r i an t of a fake vi ral pan demic has once again put Victoria, Australia into l* ck d*wn. Melbourne erupted in chaos, as people took to the streets in protest when they heard the news.

[article is here, but it is from yesterday EST and could be outdated due to the time zone differences]

Again. In case anyone forgot or for some incredulous reason, doesn’t yet know: there was no “p a n d emic” — it was a type of flu that a ton of people, myself included, did NOT die from. And there is absolutely NO va r i a nt of it whatsoever. None. It’s a computer sequence. That’s all it is. And it looks a wee bit like this:

One of many c o r o na vi rus US patents

And the only other thing that “is,” is an incredibly dangerous fake v a c c i n e.

Unrest in France, South Africa, Cuba, U K, Brazil, now Melbourne — all serving two purposes. 1.) Create havoc to buy time for whoever is left of the d** p st * te; 2.) wake everyone up to the fact that, basically, storming your houses of government and dragging the d ** p st * te politicians out into the street could be the only way to stop all this fucking shit. OOPS! What I mean to say is that everyone needs to wakeup to the fact that they’re being lied to and stand their ground now.

Okay. Now. What about those sink holes in NYC??!! Hmmm. Underground s e x tr a f f icking tunnels being taken out there recently have anything to do with that??!!

We can only hope.

Okay. The clock is seriously working against me today, gang. I gotta scoot. The videos are below. Have a nice Friday, wherever you are in the world! Hang in there. Better days are truly coming. They are.

Thanks for visiting, gang. See ya!


Below: (McAllister TV) Linda Paris and also two of the videos she quotes extensively from today:

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at the lightning that struck the G Floyd memorial (in Ohio!!) and the forest fire in Canada (17 mins):

Below: Meditation: Heal and increase vital energy, binaural beats (ongoing):

Below: Anti-matter that powers E T craft (12 mins):

Below: Awaken with JP: Cubans protest that communism is working too well (6 mins):

Below: Ch ar lie, Kate, & Mark (49 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 news: A Z au d i t update (17 mins):

Below: X * 2 R * port: Dur h am and the pa ttern rev e aled. (52 mins):

Summer On Fire

The U K is on fire, gang. Everyone is being asked to st * rm P ar lia ment on Monday July 19 and hold them accountable (5 mins):

As we speak, they are trying to v a x your kids without your permission (U K ) (56 mins):

Below: In Athens, Greece: thousands protesting July 14 against c * v id v a x mandates for teens (4 mins):

Meanwhile, In France yesterday — Bastille Day– there were protests all over. In Paris, it turned to a tear gas assault on protesters, and in Lyon, the protesters turned and attacked the police.

In Germany & Belgium, severe flooding. Now reporting that at least 60 people are missing, dozens dead, houses are collapsing.

From [17] The Storm Rider yesterday afternoon — more details on that meeting in Idaho. I don’t know how many of these people are actually still alive. I’m under the impression that every single one of them has already been a r es t ed if not already e x e c ut ed. This could be a G 7 type-thing on U S soil, this time. All white hat optics to fuck with everyone’s head?? But maybe not?


“Secret meeting in Sun Valley, Idaho..

C I A > R*thchild>VATICAN>
Rock efel ler>World Bank>Kazarian mafia
G*TES/Z*CKERB*RG/YT Wojcicki/Anderson Cooper/CNN,NBC,ABC,CBS,NPR, <HEADS/G**gle PIchai/c i a f b i <<heads//and around 200 Mainstream media directors from across the world all attended the secret Idaho gathering in Sun valley.

Aside from the daily spirit cooking and sacrifices to honor M* loch The God of Child ren s acri fices in the underground room known as the Light room (an homage onto Luc if erian Light)… The meetings consisteted of the Tech Giants which also included Anthony Faux chi and members from NIAIH CDC NIH WHO .
The main topics were/
; How to hide all the patents that pertain to S A R S/C* VID patents and v a x patents that are public knowledge.. That date back to early 2002_2004. 2007(v ax patent for current C* VID ^^ 1 9)
; Weather modifications and influence of climate change
: Climate Change and influence on Cover-ups of El * ctions
; Climate Change and influence on Covering-up current v a x DEATHS
: Climate Change and influence on current U S & M * itary operations taking place to arrest their world partners & coming seizures of companies and properties and assets (and a plan to avoid the M* litary)
; Climate Change in conjunction with Delta Variant to control population and cause civil unrest.
: Taking complete CONTROL of the internet/phones and creating the Strongest Censorship to label those who oppose the Climate/V ax /C * vid narration as EXTREMIST
And releasing the newest program to Cancel/data mine/effect financial online accounts of EXTREMIST

“Everything happening had to happen.. To catch them all inside the moments of the crime..
What you see across the world.. The riots. Explosions. The pushing of the V a x.. The civil unrest growing.. Is being created by the D ** p S t * te… These are their last moment of desperation to stay out of prison or death squadron executions that are coming in through the Nürnberger code and crimes Against humanity trials… This chaos we are seeing now in the World in July and next week’s is being permitted by the M* litary because all the mistakes are being made now in every country by the d ** p st * te. They are trying to cover their tracks but exposing all their elements and sleepers within their ranks.
The M * litary is positioned in 80% of the World now… Believe me Brother!! The HAMMER is coming!!…”

Summer on 🔥

Stay strong Patriots



In better news: Last evening, here in Ohio, the g o v signed into law the new bill that bans mandatory v a x for school children and university students.

Next, we need to ban mandatory va x es for everyone, state-wide — especially for healthcare workers. That bill is coming…

In unfortunate news: Oops! A second little black book for Ep st ein!! And C h ri s C u o m o’s wife’s name is in it?? There are allegedly 349 people listed in the 2nd black book that are not named in the first one.

The full article, with some of the names, is here.

Okay, some happier stuff, although not actually news:

A new happy t- shirt announced at Cave Things!

And, Nick Cave also sent out a new Red Hand File this morning, wherein he talks about (and quotes) a favorite poem of his by Stevie Smith, about hanging around for people who are in pain, rather than going off in your own direction (sweet oblivion). I’m not actually sure. But I think that’s what he’s saying. I’m guessing this has something to do with the remembrance of his son’s death this week. You can read it here.

And tiny news on my own life; I did indeed correct those minor typos on 1954 Powder Blue Pickup.

And last but not at all least, happy birthday to Val in Brooklyn!! Here she is with her younger brother, Greg, who was murdered by faux chi (meaning he was one of the many we lost to AIDS). All things considered, though, Happy Birthday, Valerie.

Okay, gang. I’m gonna go do laundry, then try to work on some of my own writing around here. Thanks for visiting. hang in there, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya.


Below: R * d P* l l 7 8 news update; At least 50K dead in U S from v a x ; a u d it updates (17 mins):

Below: Undercover Dad finds proof that they are va x in g your kids ( St e w P e ter s) (22 mins):

Below: Ni ch ol as V en ia min and Jason [17] N C S W I C – BOOM! ( 26 mins):

Below: Super Soldier Talk with James Rink (2 hrs):

Below: UFO Man: airplane and 4 UFOs near miss? (1 min):

Below: Tarot by Janine looks at c h * n a and R uss ia (19 mins):

Below: X *2 R * port : No deals, no place to hide (50 mins):

And Once more We Carry On!

Wow. So, okay. A number of things to feel blessed about over here.

The top 3 things that happened yesterday after I posted to the blog: I got to work and the owner said not to worry about the $77 mistake I had made; that she was just going to delete it. And she didn’t care how it had happened (which was something incredibly weird, which I couldn’t explain, but it had my name on it.) Whew. Yay. That’s $77 I didn’t have and could not easily pay back.

Next: right after I posted, I got on te le gram and CJ Truth had posted something that really helped me a lot. I know that there are many [17] digital warriors out there who are really feeling the intensity of this relentless worldwide summer on fire. It isn’t just that we have to gather news all day long, all night long, but we have to sift through it and find which items we feel best help our specific audiences/readers. But this also means that we are exposed to just a non-stop onslaught of really horrible shit that is going on right now, or has gone on and is now coming to light, and we have basically no personal lives left because this is truly a 24/7 task. And there is no filter for us. I filter so much stuff from you readers here on the blog because I don’t think certain things are going to be of much help to you if you’re going to spend your day too sickened, horrified, or terrified. So I filter a lot of stuff out, but it remains in my own consciousness and it is starting to feel like this whole war is not gonna end anytime soon.

So CJ Truth had posted this and it really helped me get through a few more hours:

“Patriots we have to keep praying and fighting. Many of you are tired and weary. The fruit of all of your labor is coming. You are a part of the greatest spiritual war in our lifetime and you are on the front line by sharing truthful information and becoming active on a local and national level. The flaming arrows are coming at us but we have the whole of the shield of faith. Remember GOD HAS WON! As I have said numerous times, continue to put on the ‘full armor of God’ Ephesians 6.”

It really, really helped.

The third thing: we have little cubby holes at work where we keep any supplements we want to purchase for ourselves, or samples we get from sales reps, etc. And in my cubby hole sat my 2-month supply of raw CBD that I can’t afford to buy until Saturday. And meanwhile, for the first time in 9 months — well, not having raw CBD in my system each day was instantly re-acquainting me with the insane person I am inside when I am wracked with anxiety. I honestly did not know how I was going to make it until Saturday without the raw CBD. I was using GABA and a tiny amount of full spectrum CBD but it was definitely not doing the trick at all.

But then I was told by a co-worker: “You can take the pills from the bottle, you just can’t take the bottle out of your cubby hole and take it home until it’s paid for.”

Wow! Yay! So by mid-afternoon, I had my life back. I was totally back to feeling like myself again.

And when I got home from work, I saw that my Mexican Sundance sunflowers were really just shooting up. I am so relieved that they are firmly past the shock of having been transplanted into the ground. I think they are going to be just gorgeous by late summer.

(And every time it rains and I have to put the bucket under the hole in the bathroom ceiling, I sigh and tell myself that one day there will be money again to fix the roof, and meanwhile, my sunflowers are loving all this rain!!)

In my fog of extreme anxiety yesterday, I forgot to post that my print copy of 1954 Powder Blue Pickup had arrived and I am so happy, gang. There are a couple of minor typos that I will fix and then re-upload to Amazon, but it just thrills me to have this specific book in print. (If you don’t know me as a fiction writer, I have probably 60 or 70 print books from over the last 33 years that I’ve either authored, edited, or contributed to, and sales of all of them combined, in all editions and in all languages, comes to hundreds of thousands of copies of books sold; but for some reason, this little guy makes me super-super happy!!) (And I’m also really happy to see that you guys are already purchasing it!! And the eBook, as well! So thank you!!)

Here is the front and back of it from Monday, as it sat on my kitchen counter, right out of the package:

Also, please remember that this novella is only 107 pages ($7.99 + shipping) and is absolutely for adults only and contains many, many passages of “questionable consent”. You can purchase it here.

Well. okay.

E l o n M* sk is on trial over his Solar City acquisition, and Zero Hedge is keeping an ongoing account of the trial. You can read it here. (There is no indication of whether this is a clone on trial or the actual human man.)

And I forgot to post yesterday that M * ch ael J * c o had a very interesting take on what was going on in Johannesburg and how it related to this ongoing summer on fire. (24 mins):

Other than that, I guess I will close this and post the videos from yesterday. And just move forward, gang.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you enjoy your Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys. See ya!

[I leave you with one of my favorite summertime songs. Chad & Jeremy “A Summer Song”, 1964. Enjoy!!]


Below: Tarot by Janine looks at the chat between ju an o savin, gene d e c doe, and Ni ch ol as ven ia min (17 mins):

Below: Always good for a chuckle and a learning experience, too! Awaken with JP: This week’s propaganda and everything you need to be terrified of! (9 mins):

Below: Da vid N * no Ro d r i gu ez on fire! Also giving us hope just when we need it! (36 mins):

Below: UFO Man: Sighting over Lake Michigan (1 min):

Below: Coast to Coast AM: Latest findings in quantum computers and the Universe (29 mins):

Below: S* mon P * rkes chats with Billy Falcon, No Surrender! (33 mins):

Below: Nic h o las chats with Mel K — she is on fire, too! Awesome chat. (51 mins):

Below: R * d P * l l 7 8 news: a u d i t updates and a pep talk! (23 mins):

Below: Falcon’s CAFE: S R A survivor, Jean n e t e Ar ch er, outs P M ( 1 hr):

Below: Sheriff Mack on fire (16 mins):

Below: Both X * 2 R * ports, financial and political (14 mins; 53 mins):

What Becomes of the Brokenhearted, Gang?

The news is just kind of hard to even get your mind around today.

Some truly horrible shit is still happening out there. Especially in Johannesburg and Cuba. I’ll give you the worldwide rundown from [17] The Storm Rider from yesterday morning:

New York FLOODS (i had told you all..150 mini TUNNELS need to be cleaned… Small mazes all connecting to large tunnels that lead to Maglev tunnels & Sub tunnels)// MASSIVE Explosion of two power transmission towers of the Iranian Mirsad line in the area of quarries near Hamrin Lake in Diyala
Huge fire breaks out inside Iraq ministry of Health>>> CABLES Iraq>>finally looking into crimes AGAINST humanity and have had Top leaders inside the Ministry of Health computers, servers seized over the Weekend/) Fire today is inside Job to cover connections to CDC WHO WEF//) >>Iraq is starting to hunt it’s traitors>> Escalation [DS] IRAQ <<< _Georgia Tbilisi .. Protest turn into riots and Journalist storm the Parliament/Fight breaks out inside the Parliament/) One journalist reported dead.. MILITARY on stand by.. _Pietermaritzberg, South Africa: Brookside Mall PMB on fire after nightly RIOTS _Riots in Johannesburg becomes very Violent and Journalist attacked … CABLES: [17] has large increase in [17] followers the past 3 months and many people are turning on Media and Journalist _Cuba.. Military moving to Havana, Cuba: Tremenda Nota Cuba magazine reported. Special Forces along the Calzada de Diez de Octubre en route to Old Havana. Tomorrow the capital will wake up militarized. _Cuban president declares state of emergency _Cuba blocks INTERNET and shuts off electricity to large parts off the island _Amazon servers go down! Amazon facing a large-scale server outage in the United States. “HRC is gone away…’ TR***P says at C P A C
BANNER on TV under TR***P AT C P A C goes viral that reads [17] SENT ME”

Then he followed it with this:


UK Media Warns /Food chain cyber attacks imminent (when M S M is reporting. They are usually Telegraphing their FF moves) _IRANS transport ministry and railways hit and lines go down [MSM,]NBC reports Cyberattack specialist can no longer keep up with Ransomware /over 1500 organization hit on the weekend
_Eastern Germany hit with massive Cyberattack. German district declares disaster.
_Kaseya U.S. software company attack effected hundreds of thousands of companies around the world and repercussions are still being felt.. Thousands of computers still down in Germany
_Hundreds of thousands of companies hit across the world in July by Cyberattack…

////Summer on 🔥
When the lights go out

On the CLOCK!!”

He also posted a link to this video from 5 years ago. It is the former pr e s id ent of the h * i ti an s en ate, speaking at a Tr **p cam paign event in F L. . Exposing h i l l a r y and the c l * nton found ation and what they did to h a i t i.

Some people want to believe that m o i s e is not really dead. That he is hidden away now with white hats. His wife has allegedly been in F L, in tight white hat security, for several days. Obviously, I just don’t know, gang. It would be nice to think that these things are true, but I really don’t know.

And apparently in Cuba, the people are rioting because they are starving and don’t have enough food. Allegedly their pr e s id ent has fled the country. (?)

Everywhere, there are threats that less and less food will be available, especially as inflation sets in. We have also been warned that there is plenty of food, but that it is being left to rot in warehouses and on docks, in order to create scarcity, panic, starvation.

I did go to the market after work last night to get my weekly groceries and a whole lot of what I usually buy was simply not there. And some of the other stuff I usually buy was already rotten, so obviously, I didn’t buy it. A wee bit depressing.

And now some of the “truthers” are saying Tr **p might not be back until October or even January and I have to wonder, honestly, how will we survive that? How much of this is optics? To hear Tr **p and his Admin talk, he is basically already back and will be back publicly really soon…

Three men that I have always really relied on for interesting, if not amazing intel, did a chat yesterday that seems to me like a droning sort of “yadda yadda yadda.” Feel free to listen to it and let me know if you can figure out what the fuck they’re rambling on about:

Ni ch o las Ve ni a min chats with ju an o s a vin and g ene de code (1 hr 36 mins):

Then I switched over to 3 more people that I really love and didn’t feel like we made much progress there, either, but at least I could follow what they were saying!!

Ch * r lie W *rd chats with Mel K and S * mon P * rkes (48 mins):

Then I checked in on ma d y s on ma r que tt e’s te le gram channel, and she had posted a quick video re: David N * no Ro dr ig uez. He is one of the people who is not 100% certain that ma d y son is “real” or that her intel about tribunals held in the W H (or anywhere) is real.

I’m not certain that she is “real”, either. But I do believe that even if she is a white hat plant, she is speaking truth about situations that have happened in the porn industry and in holly wood and in the mega churches, regarding sex tr a f f icking and ra pe/torture. And she always names names. And does not get sued. So. Hmmmm.

(Sort of like how L i n w **d calls out top level s a t a ni c pe do philes and doesn’t get sued, either. v p p * nce and j u st ic e r * b er t s.)

Below: Ma d y son is ready to have a friendly chat with N *no about the reality of tr ibu nals (5 mins):

All righty.

It seems that things in Aus tra lia are getting more and more intense, even though D ** p S t * te players there have been allegedly taken out and many, many human traf f icking tunnels have been destroyed. I have no clue if this current state of affairs is true. Who the heck knows? But if it is true, it’s horrifying (2 mins):

And let me just remind people: There is no actual C*Vid pandemic. It is not any sort of an isolated, identifiable “virus” beyond a sort of “flu.” There is no new variant of it, anywhere. At all. It does not exist. It is just rigged computer sequencing and a numbers game. It is all about population control and trying to exterminate as many people as possible with an m R N A gene modifier injection that is loaded with gr a ph ene ox ide and A I nano bots that will kill you. And they’ve been perfecting it for decades.

That’s what it is. You can call it delta alpha omega gamma or dr. doolittle, it doesn’t change the reality of what it is. It is rigged and it is patented.

And m*sks won’t help; they will only help to ruin your health. That’s it. The fake v a x — if you aren’t lucky enough to get a placebo — will eventually kill you. It’s a time bomb. And it works.

Okay. So yesterday was sort of a disaster at the job, since I seemed to have managed to not charge someone for about $77 worth of supplements. I have absolutely no clue how I did this. But it is quite disheartening.

I hate when my brain does inexplicable things.

I am trying really hard to find positive things to focus on around here, but I am heading into one of my tailspins, gang. So the less I talk about it, the better.

Here is hoping that today harbors some sort of hidden miracle because I really, really need one. All prayers are welcome. Please have a very good day out there, wherever you are in the world. Thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!


Below: X *2 R * port: Tr **p at C P A C: We’re not gonna take it anymore. (We can only hope.) (47 mins):

Fingers Crossed, gang!

This is one of those week’s where I have to survive on .86 cents until Saturday…

For the most part, it’s okay because I have gas in the car, and my EBT (food stamp) card gets uploaded with my monthly allowance today, so I can go buy food after work.

But I’m all out of my CBD raw pills. Zippo. Took the last one last night and I usually take 2 a day to handle my anxiety, which is usually pretty much off the charts when left unattended by CBD.

“Raw” means that it doesn’t cross the brain barrier and make you sleepy. I have literally tons of CBD around here that is “full spectrum” because I get it free from the sales reps who come into the store. But that kind makes me so sleepy, it’s ridiculous.

So this week, we will go out into the world each day with .86 cents, no CBD, and a lot of prayers — and some high frequency water. We shall see how it goes!! (Below: Frequency download: Ends Meet: End Financial Struggle) (17 mins):

(Actually, though, these frequency downloads from Source Directives really work for me, gang. A new one was posted last night to help with vision problems and it began working for me in under 20 minutes! I’ve posted it farther below.)

As usual, these days, the news is sort of really promising, but also really really awful — as we make our way, all over the world, to the outcome of that “really promising” part.

I don’t know if you saw these photos, many months ago — around the days & nights of the (fake) in a u g u r a tion. When people were saying that there were gallows being built in front of the W H and that massive a r r es ts were being made in D C during the night (then there were those really odd fireworks after the a r re st s on the night of the fake in au gura tion). The photos re: the gallows were online then sort of disappeared. Then over the weekend, Rumor Mill News brought them back and did a handy recap, since M*n key W * rx is showing so many fucking planes these days going to g i t mo.

Anyway. Here are those photos again. I leave it to your own interpretation. It is indeed the W H. (From many months ago. The gallows are now gone.)

The full article is here. It’s intense and detailed. But if you are a regular follower of this blog, you pretty much already know all this stuff.

I also saw what I thought to be a really weird news comment on Ni c h olas Ve ni amin’s te l e gr am site yesterday. We all basically know that ex- U S S u pr eme Court J u st i ce Am y Con ey B ar re tt has been ar reted and taken to g i t mo, awaiting trial for tr e a son. But Ni ch o las is claiming that Amy is actually a “he” (hence all those adopted multi-racial children), and s/he is the thought-to-be dead daughter/son of j o e b * den. (The real one, not the fake one.) (j o e b * den had one daughter who it is thought that he killed, along with his late wife, in a staged car accident. Later, he had a son that also died.)

Ni ch ol as also goes on to talk about re p tilian hybrids and blood sacrifices of the S a t anic Cult, but that part, I can’t really say one way or the other. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see about that part.

I think that will have to be it for today, folks, because I am running out of time here! I’m hoping the news today will be a little more upbeat than it was over the weekend. I guess all we can do is wait and see…

But thanks for visiting, gang. Hang in there, since it could be a tough week. I leave you with a song that popped up on Y T this morning that I had forgotten all about but boy did I used to love this song, back in the late 1980s!! Dwight Yoakam, “Always Late with Your Kisses”!! Hillbilly, honky-tonk guitar twang. (NYC back then used to be so much fucking fun.) Okay. Enjoy!! I love you guys. See ya!


Below: New Source Directives frequency download. Play it near a glass or pitcher of water and then drink the water: Sight Restoration, Vision Repair (15 mins):

Below: This was so cool! I hope it’s an upcoming trend for M S M ( 3 mins):

Below: More awful shit about what happened to the p r e s i d e nt of h a i ti (not for the squeamish) (2 mins):

Below: Anti-c omm un is t protests all over C*ba yesterday (13 seconds):

Below: Please, PLEASE watch this horrible shit. It’s only 6 mins. These kids were to r tu red & ra ped and M k ultra’d with dis ney movies, then turned into $$ machines. D i sn ey has got to go, gang. (mirrored from ReeseReport.com) (6 mins):

Below: Violence and looting in Johannesburg yesterday (1 min):

Below: Tr **p at C P A C, in case you missed it (49 mins):

Below: This was really, really sad. Tarot by Janine takes a look at the disappearance of a little boy in Australia many years ago. (20 mins):

Below: Ch *r lie W *r d and Danielle Stotijn talk 5D — uplifting (38 mins):

Below: Yes, that’s right! Absolutely nothing is the way we thought it was! The Anunnaki were all over Southern Africa! Fascinating architectural discoveries. Coast to Coast AM (45 mins):

Below: UFO Man: Guess what?! They lied to you about Roswell. Go figure!! (9 mins):

Below: Part 3 of Italian clothing designer Antonio Urzi and his uncanny connection to UFOs (12 mins):

Below: Secret Space Programs and inter-dimensional beings (20 mins):

Below: X *2 R * port: facts are coming fast & furious (56 mins):