The Sound of Quasi-Silence

Really intense silence, gang. Not much at all to post today.

But first off — if you head over to Phil’s chat right now you can join today for a very limited tme, then he will be making it private again.


Also, from Phil this morning:

“Message to my private chat earlier today” (meaning around 5am today)

Phil also posted a very strange thing yesterday about a close colleague in his PSI business that I found disturbing, but it could be something to take only at face-value. It was similar in tone to his strange video in his car the other day — creating this feeling that everyone is sort of “turning” on him, which I don’t believe is true. Optics.


I’m guessing everyone knows this by now– (I believe the Liz Truss thing was a psy-op of some sort from start to finish)–

From JFK TV:

“BREAKING: Liz Truss resigns after 44 days, making her the shortest PM in history, amid the collapse of her government due to gross economic mismanagement

Liz Truss lasted less than two months as British PM. You could say she made “herstory” with this incredible feat.”


A new interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, this one in Sweden, but interview is in English–



The interviewees in this interview are Reiner Fuellmich and the Swedish founder of KNAPPTRYCKARNA Uffe Bejerstrand

In this interview with Reiner Fuellmich, the realities we live in are shared, including court rulings, ”plandemic”, fear and the future.

The effects of the PCR TEST FRAUD and the effects of the so-called ”vaccines” that harm and kill humanity in general and systematically is also in focus in the interview.

The depopulation agenda, the genocide, is a planned agenda, the facts and evidence are fully traceable, this is the reality. Very important information emerges, spread the interview further in all your networks.

The interview also raised the issue of genuine direct democracy, including back to basics, humanity clearly wants to survive this complete ongoing madness.

From Sweden, the founder of a direct-democratic FOLK MOVEMENT KNAPPTRYCKARNA Uffe Bejerstrand is present and in that part both Reiner Fuellmich and Uffe Bejerstrand have contact since earlier.”

Interview is HERE (1 hr)


From the Gateway Pundit

“The Real Reason Latinos Are Leaving the Democratic Party: We Are Not “Woke”, We Are Awake

Despite what you may have heard from CNN or some other leftist mainstream media outlet – the Latin community is leaving the Democratic Party in droves. CNN and the fake news media still think the left has a stranglehold on Latino voters stating “Republicans have demonized Latino immigrants to score political points” – implying that Latinos aren’t smart enough to make their own voting choices based on principles or that Republicans have somehow misled us to switch parties.

The problem with this view is that the media is still living in the pre-Trump world – a world where it was easier to hide the real Democratic Party agenda behind lies and government handouts. […]}

[full article here]


From Derek Johnson yesterday, 1:45 PM Eastern time:

“A lotta Military in the sky right now 😎🇺🇸”


SGAnon had lots of interesting posts — mostly Q-related — on Truth Social yesterday. you can follow him HERE

The most interesting one was probably this re-Truth between Devin Nunes and Kash Patel:

“I don’t even need to explain this decode to each of you.
11 Days left.
How many days of darkness?

And this was posted to SGAnon’s rumble channel

“Nuclear terrorism.
Russia – Ukraine
WeThePeople vs. the NWO
Stakes couldn’t be higher.


RussiaTV Reports Preparation for Nuclear False-Flag-Event by Ukraine | To be Blamed on Russia (57 seconds):


From Chris Sky

“This Dr in the UK is doing whats RIGHT. And people are listening!”


Nancy Drew” had a 40-minute video, showing just how EMPTY DC actually is:

“A tour of the Govt District in DC” [watch here]


And that’s really it , gang.

Once again, plenty of optics, psy-ops, chaos and noisy chatter out there. But actual “news” — ????

In other news, however….

Nick Cave posted a Red Hand File yesterday, wherein he spoke at length about his beliefs about the importance of music:

“...Music at its very essence is a force for good. It has an inherent moral magnitude. At its core music has the capacity to improve matters, to reform the condition of the heart by appealing to the better angels of our nature.”

You can read it in full HERE.


James Tabor had another great installment about the Jesus Dynasty, and Jesus’ Davidic bloodlines. After Jesus’ brother, James, was murdered in 63 AD, his brothers Simon, then Jude, take over the Jesus Movement. Incredible stuff, gang, but violent & not for the faint of heart.

After James: The Jesus Dynasty Survives and Continues (16 mins):


That’s it, gang.

Enjoy your Friday wherever you are in the world.

Stay alert!! Use discernment if at all possible, it’s not easy right now!!!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


In honor of Tom Petty’s birthday yesterday, I played the CD Into The Great Wide Open (1991) several times! I love that album, but here are 2 songs that are my favorites: “All the Wrong Reasons”, and “Built to Last”. Enjoy!

A Day & A Half

Okay, gang.

Based mostly on a curious update Phil gave on his channel yesterday, about recommending that Truthers take a break for a day or a day & a half (?), I’m going to go with that.

This is all I have for today:

From Phil’s channel:

“Q was telling us about the benefits of Martial Law.

And how Saudi Arabia used it to take out bad actors

Basically Q was showing us the roadmap of things to come elsewhere in the World


Now check today’s news
Russia martial law
Ukraine (Deepstate hub)”


“Anon Audio File 19

SGAnon breaks down comms from POTUS45 in real time, cross referencing them with gematria and other comms from Q-patriots; information is also disclosed regarding China’s preparations for all out war in Taiwan, Russia’s escalation in Ukraine, and the justice that is coming for the COVID Criminal Syndicates.

Nothing Can Stop What is Coming.


SGANon — #19 — Trump & Kash Decode | China Preparing for Blitzkrieg War in Taiwan | C19 Justice is Coming (49 mins):


And that is it for now, gang.

Enjoy your day & thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya.

Not Even Going to Touch it Today

Wow, gang. Ominous vibes out there this morning.

There are these 3 things: Dead silence; optics; psy-ops.

Last night from SGAnon — as we awaited his audio file that didn’t come:

“Prior Truth Redacted. I had just begun recording tonight’s File. Received 5 min ago on my end:
“Lots of chatter. Standby FFO”

In short, friends, I’ve been put in a holding pattern. Something big is in motion.

What I CAN say right Now:
>Things are going Full_Tilt in Europe much faster than you may be hearing
>The German gov/econ is collapsing. This begins the collapse in Europe
>Chinese factories exclusively producing war supplies for last 8 weeks.
>Qdrop for 10/19/20 = significant”

From Phil just moments before he was supposed to go live:

“I was just told I am not able to go Live tonight

I don’t necessarily know why. The directive was very short.

I can, of course, disobey the directive. But doing so would be disadvantages to my future line of intel.

To me, I believe this may be an indication of something much larger to come.

Tonight, I was set to reveal what “the event” that we waited for last week & this past weekend was going to be.

Just 5 minutes ago, I was told to not go Live. Not just stay quiet, but “dont do the show” at all.

This is frustrating for me, as I’m sure it’s frustrating for you as well.

There’s a positive reason for this. I’m not totally sure exactly what that reason is, right now. But I know it can only be a great thing.

My apologies, Pham. Something is definitely going on, and I have a very strong feeling I know what it is.

I’m just unable to report it at this time.”

“I will have an update very soon. I’m expecting clarification on why I was unable to go Live tonight.

Stay tuned.”


I found this curious, indeed, from President Trump — in light of all these SNL and Late Night personalities allegedly being hardcore pedos, and all pedos will be executed:

“Late Night Television is absolutely dying. The hosts are not funny, talented, or smart. Actually, it’s amazing that they keep their jobs. Ratings have gone south to a level never seen before. I could take the average person on the street, insert them in these loser’s place, and the entertainment level would be better. Stephen Colbert is drawing “flies,” Jimmy Kimmel is down almost 50%, and Fallon has lost 60%. Basket case Seth Meyers has lost most of his audience, BORING. Trump haters are DEAD!”

“I once hosted Saturday Night Live, and the ratings were HUUUGE! Now, however, the ratings are lower than ever before, and the show will probably be put to “rest.” It is just not, at these levels, sustainable – A bad show that’s not funny or smart. L.M. is angry and exhausted, the show even more so. It was once good, never great, but now, like the Late Night Losers who have lost their audience but have no idea why, it is over for SNL – A great thing for America!”


In light of what SGAnon said the other night about Erdogan and Turkey aligning with Russia to free the Turkish people from centuries of tyranny–

From Intel Slava Z this morning:

“🇹🇷🇷🇺⚡️Erdogan said he agreed with Putin to create a gas hub in Turkey

Europe will be able to use Russian gas, which will pass through this hub.”


And this from Chris Sky, just because it’s amazing how successful they were (still are) at mind-controlling Canada:

“Riddle me this… do masks and jabs REALLY “save countless lives.” Would there really be “hundreds of thousands more dead!” Well now that we have billions of people experimented on we have some real world data. Lets compare Canada vs Haiti. Canada is supposed to be a world leader in our “pandemic response” and our “healthcare system” lauded all over the world. Wr are also wealthy and have a very vast land mass. Vs Haiti. Third world. Poorest nation in western hemisphere almost no pandemic response. Horrible healthcare. CROWDED. Canada had 90% jabbed. Mask mandates and jab mandates in place. Haiti has 2% jabbed. No mandates in place. Canada has over 45000 “covid deaths” for 37 million people. Haiti has 857 “covid related deaths” for 11 million people! Let that sink in! That doesnt even take into account the economic and mental health destruction of covid lock downs. Checkmate.”


And that’s it. I’m not touching anything else.

Stay alert, gang. Use discernment — hard as that is right now.

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!

Ever Onward, Gang!

The “news” seems to be compressing down into a couple of distinct stories.

The main one being war — Xi ready to take Taiwan (finally).

From SGAnon on Truth Social — the use of the word “public” could likely mean this already happened (?):

“Just received intel that I will be sharing today.
Public invasion of Taiwan is literally, imminent.

Back_chatter that I am able to share immediately:
The Chinese Armed Forces have officially apprised the US and NATO militaries that they are, and will remain, fully allegiant to Russia and Putin if the developing war in Europe goes global.”

And a comment from one of his followers:

“Compared to reported positions beginning of October. Mission accomplished?”

(If you visit this link and scroll down, you will be amazed by the number of fleets already deployed or underway to being deployed.)

ALSO from SGAnon:

“The hole runs deep.
Wonder what Putin and Xi spoke about at their last meeting?
Can you guess what kinds of paperwork trails China will find in Taiwanese L4-bioweapon laboratories?

They were going to genocide humanity, enslave our children and their children, and permanently end an entire species’ God-given immunoadaptive systems.

Be patient, Patriots.
This level of EV!L doesn’t die quickly.”


And all Hell underway for Ukraine:

From SGAnon:

Italy telling its citizens in Ukraine to leave immediately.
Various nations’ governments are already aware of what is about to happen to the entirety of Ukraine. Full scale ground invasion, and occupation.
The US-NWO-backed puppet government in Ukraine will fall.”

“The war in Eastern Europe is about to explode. Anons will hold the line.


Belarusian Rail Car Military Convoys Headed South to Ukrainian Border (37 seconds):

“Good find, anon.
Escalation into Open War.

On deck:
>WW3 for the masses to see.
>The utter destruction of the greatest evil to ever exist, for the anons and Patriots to see.”

From Shadow of Ezra:



“New Alliances”


And just two of many posts from Intel Slava Z:

“🇺🇦❗️Ukrainians must prepare for blackouts of electricity, water and heat – the situation in the energy sector is critical throughout the country – Deputy Head of the President’s Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko

Earlier, Zelensky reported damage to 30% of power plants in Ukraine since October 10. After the morning strikes, the energy situation across the country is assessed as critical.”

“🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡️The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that all the objects of the energy structure and military administration of Ukraine, which were scheduled over the past 24 hours as targets for strikes, were hit.”


And also a lot of blackout warnings coming for various other countries, including the UK. And still more terrible floods everywhere…


Apparently, the (fake) Kamala Harris has resigned?? We’ll have to see where that story goes.

Meanwhile, SGAnon will have a new update on rumble later today.

Phil will be live tonight at 8PM Eastern Time, on Rumble, DLive, and Locals.


From Phil last night:

“Why is Trump traveling to Hondorus?

Where was he flying from?

Why would Hondorus be important right now?

connect the dots, draw the connections, and [G]et ready”




A reminder from General Flynn:

Operation Mockingbird EXPOSED by Trump Train’s JJ Flash (3 mins):


From Tony Lin — Ripped To R.I.P. – Safely & Effectively – Explained By Dr. Peter McCullough (10 mins):


From Yellow Vest Ireland yesterday:


Visit this link to watch the 10-minute video:



From Nick Alvear & Goodlion TV:

“The new film Twilight Language is out. Look forward to 3-4 part series written by Nick Hinton & myself.

Thanks for all your ongoing support

We are in a spiritual war… a war of death vs life. If you are reading this now you’ve most likely been chosen to spread the awareness that you have. Thank you for sharing Good Lion TV with friends and family. I appreciate you!”



And that is it for now, gang. It is getting INTENSE out there!!

Stay alert, use discernment, stay safe!

Thanks for visiting. have a terrific Tuesday — if at all possible — wherever you are in the world.

I love you guys. See ya!


I slept like a wee bonny lassie last night!! I really, really did. 8 uninterrupted hours!! Could it be because I listened to this on repeat about 3 or 4 times before drifting to sleep???

So lovely. Johnny Depp & Jeff Beck, “Let It Be Me,” from their album 18. (BTW, I already said okay about 12 years ago — not sure why he didn’t hear me…) (How come nobody ever hears me when I say okay?) Okay!! Anyway!! Enjoy!!


Are you also feeling that intense foreboding, gang? I absolutely can’t shake it this morning. Even though we are getting comms that the White Hats are winning. Big Time.

From SGAnon on Truth Social:

“US Commander in Chief reminding digital soldiers and patriots today that this operation is bigger than we can imagine, and it is nearly complete in background_setup_stages.
What has <45> been doing the last 72hrs?”


And Dan Scavino posted the very best Ultra MAGA surfing/wipeout meme on Instagram. However, I can’t copy it to the blog. one frame of it is here, but it doesn’t compare to the whole thing. It really was just incredible:

“IT’S COMING!!!🥳🥳🥳”

Meanwhile, Scavino posted this on Truth Social early this morning. I’m having another really rough morning here today, so this helped me alot:


Phil posted this yesterday, which is something I thought was indeed occurring:

“Comms are shared across many truthers TG accounts.

The comms may be in the form of individual words, specific content, mis-spellings, capitalizations, or even simple type comms like rhyming.

It would be nearly impossible to contact each other without the risk of someone overhearing the conversation, recording the phone call, or disrupting the “plan” in some way, shape, or form.

For those of you that seem to be drawing connections between multple accounts across multiple platforms, you are not very far off.

EDIT: Oh, and let’s not forget Gematira.”


And this just in from SGAnon — so, yes, Kanye is a White Hat:

“Elon buys Twitter.
Kanye buys Parker.
Trump creates TS, may later own parts of MSM as well through defamation rulings.
Coordinated, MultiDimensional Alliance.
The Plan to Save the World.”


From “Nancy Drew” (& Phil) yesterday:

“Hmmm….this makes me question the World Bank Meeting, we saw Friday. They sure did have many city blocks, closed off for that meeting, and an enormous police presence. Why would there be a need to do that, for just a yearly meeting for every day bankers?🤔 Interesting.”


And that’s it, gang.

Things are just getting really, really intense — and yet we still seem to be on track for this being “over” by the end of this month. (And by “over” I mean things here in the USA could be out in the open for the sleepers, and we will be on to the next phase. Military & White Hats are in control.)

Stay safe, stay alert, have faith. Full armor of God and boots to the ground today!!

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!

Quieter & Quieter

SGAnon had an interesting update last night.

SGAnon goes through a brief breakdown of comms with DJT and Dan Scavino, and also discloses some intel regarding US NG movements.

Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming (53 mins):

And also, if you didn’t see this from the other day , from SGAnon —

“13 Bloodline families (not all are contained in this short TikTok video by this creator)

Who were the Children of Canaan?
Children of [CAIN]an?
What were the Canaanites?
Why did G-D command Joshua of Old, to “utterly destroy” the people of Canaan, “…even to every man, woman, and child”.
Why did Joshua FAIL?
Who was the 2nd Pope, and why is it significant?

They have fooled, controlled, and waged war on Mankind for thousands of years. They have annihilated entire species, nations, and cultures for money and power.

It is now time for THEIR PA!N.


The Phoenician Families Who Own/Control the World (27 seconds):


Cafe Locked Out —The No Goat Show asks, has the Tide Turned? Is Their House Of Cards Falling? (1 hr 18 mins):


Nick Alvear at GoodLionTV announces that the pre-order for the entire first season of Pervywood on DVD is now available!

Order it HERE.


From Chris Sky — a word of caution in Canada:

“Lip fillers” “botox” “nose job” “veneers”….lol ive heard it all about me. As usual THE TRUTH vs “what people say” as you can see… I was unbelievably cute from the get go! :D…7 whats the REAL POINT of this post? DONT GET DISTRACTED. One of the “bad guys” that almost NEVER GETS MENTIONED are known as “the whisperer. And they intentionally spread doubt and division in order to allow controlled opposition to gain legitimacy and power. Unity is now MORE IMPORTANT than ever. Heads up! Mask “recommendations” will be coming in a few days and we know what follows after that. We also know they are moving full steam ahead with UBI, digital ID and CBDCs. Remember the lessons you’ve learned and be ready to #justsayno”


President Trump posted this yesterday:

“‘Taxes Have Consequences’”’ uses in-depth research to tell the real tax history of the United States. My administration built on this history when we cut taxes in 2017. Here is the full story from over a century of our American past.” Purchase HERE.


A new interview with Dr. Reiner Fuellmich:

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich on Jerm Warfare with Jeremy Nell – 14 October 2022

Known by his pseudonym Jerm, Jeremy Nell is an award-winning political cartoonist from South Africa, whose work has been featured in numerous publications, in various languages, around the world since 2005. His podcast, Jerm Warfare, in which he discusses counter-narrative ideas, has featured some of the greatest minds in the world, such as Robert Kennedy, David Icke, Victor Davis Hanson, Peter McCullough, John McAfee, and Scott Adams.

GUEST OVERVIEW: Dr Reiner Fuellmich is a German lawyer specialising in corporate fraud. He has gathered extensive evidence to expose world leaders and bureaucrats of crimes against humanity in the response to COVID-19.”

NewsTalk Radio Podcast is HERE (55 mins)


From Secret history — curious, indeed:

What happened between the 6th and 10th centuries when the “Dark Ages” occurred in the West?

After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, hundreds of nations poured into the West. There are only brief accounts of a few key figures such as Charlemagne.

Then official history jumps to the early Middle Ages. The period from the sixth to the tenth century remains a blank spot in the historical chronicles.”


And a quick update on Phil’s intense distraction yesterday — and if you missed the intensity of this, gang, it was INTENSE:

“The beef with Thad Rucker is now squashed. A conversation was had, and any further action or conversation on the matter is not needed.

Please cease ALL investigation and stop ALL inquires into this matter.

Please delete ALL messages in public and/or private Telegram (or other social media) channels.

Thad and I are good.

There is a winner of the $5000 which I will announce later today.

Thank you all!”


Phil also posted this

“great upload by a fellow Pham member

Great job, Heath. Very well put together.”

Whispers Of War (click link, can’t embed it) (25 mins)


Awaken with JP — Today’s Kids in 40 Years (7 mins):


FBI whistleblower tells all to Dan Bongino (9 mins):


And that’s it for today, gang. Just super quiet (I mean, except for war everywhere…).

Enjoy your Sunday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting.

I love you guys. See ya!


Yesterday was the first official Tom Petty Day in Gainseville, Florida, where Tom was born & raised!

FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!! Everyone in teh stadium knows every fucking word & musical note to Tom’s song ‘I Won’t Back Down’!!!!–

The Swamp (Football team) belts out ‘I Won’t Back Down’ in tight game vs. Alabama (song starts at the 1:15 minute-mark (3 mins):

Strange Days, Indeed

There is really no “new” news today, gang. But it feels like the pressure is just off-the-charts intense everywhere — across all formats, on all channels –being applied primarily to people who are still sleeping. It seems also to be aimed at people sleeping primarily in the Western world.

At the same time, Truthers — especially Q Truthers — are giving alerts and a “head’s up” all over the place: “this is happening and then this wil happen and it will seem like a world war and utter chaos but don’t panic.”

And, of course, if you also follow the Q Truthers, you see that this is exactly what is unfolding: utter chaos in the exact ways they “predicted”: Crashing stock market, corrupt DOJ, Ukraine, vax deaths & horrors, threats of energy blackouts, threats of nuclear war, fake Biden imploding, etc.

So the only thing “new” is probably President Trump’s 14-page letter to the Select Committee:


You can download it as a PDF here.

Of course, there is also this, from il donaldo trumpo (same person, different attitude):



Two things that strike me as peculiar–

A huge distraction going on over at Phil’s channel, In brief (go to the link to get the whole story):

“I am hereby offering the sum of $5000 to any private investigator and/or citizen journalist that successfully finds me the real name, business address, and home address of the gentleman known as “Thad Rucker”.

This is not his real name. I have spoke to several of his past business acquaintances, and they have told me his name is “Waylon”.

I need his last name as well, and addresses, as mentioned above.

If no one can find this information in the next 7 days, the reward will increase.

What we know:

“Thad Rucker Designs” is his “business”, which has something to do with automotive painting.

He used to live in Texas (Cypress area), but shut down his business and moved. Not sure if the old business was the same name, but presumably it was not.

When added to SnapChat as a contact phone number, his name shows up as “Thad Rucker”. The phone number listed for that to occur is 281-213-9622.

Anons – PLEASE no harassing.

I just want his full name, business and home address, so I can take this piece of human trash to court for the rest of his garbage life.

Thanks Pham 👊”


And, at the same time, over at SGAnon on Truth Social–

His new audio file (#18) will go up on rumble tonight instead of last night because his “recording was targetted by BootSys hacks.”

I’m not 100% sure how hackers can target a private recording on a computer that presumably has State of the Art protection against spies and malware and all things sleath and evil, etc. But oh well…

Perhaps somebody simply said: “Wait. Stop! Don’t say that until tomorrow!” Who knows, right?

Anyway, I find both of those things kinda strange.


Meanwhile, another great one from James Tabor, on my very favorite subject of all: James, the brother of Jesus.

James the Just–His Teachings and Tragic Death (13 mins):


And that’s kind of it. Except I’ll now make a brief mention about something that has been going on in my private/career life.

In addition to the play I’m working on with Sandra at a fevered pace, some other really staggering (good) stuff had come up at the same time, regarding two of my TV projects that I’d been pitching for, literally, years.

It was all good, and I’m not going to go into any of the details, but the other day, I came to a decision: I really, really, really don’t want to work in TV or movies or streamers, etc.

So I am letting that opportunity pass.

At this stage in my life, after everything I’ve already been through with my career — both good and intensely challenging — I really just want to focus on Abstract Absurdity Productions, the small micro-short video production company I have with my long-time friend Peitor Angell.

As well as focus on my plays (3 in-progress). And then all my various books that are in progress since before the plandemic — 2 memoirs, 2 novels, a novella.

But it’s been an amazing whirlwind around here for the past 6 weeks, or so.

And then rediscovering all those demos of my songs (literally dozens). Wow. That has been so much fun for me. (Peitor and I have also discussed for several years, getting an album out, once and for all, of all those songs. He is primarily a music producer.)

Anyway. It’s been quite an intense time for me.

Okay. Have a great Saturday, wherever you are in the world!

Thanks for visiting!

I love you guys. See ya!!

I leave you with my driving-home-from-work-on-a-gorgeous-evening-music from yesterday!! The Rolling Stones, from their amazing, legendary double-album, Exile on Main St.: “I Just Want To See His Face” 1972!!!! Play it incredibly loud!! Put ot on “repeat”!! Enjoy the groove!!!

(Click title in the video and it will take you directly to YouTube)

Better Than Yesterday!

Okay, gang. I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday. I think I’m over the whole shock & horror thing of these last 2 and 1/2 years.

For now, anyway.

I am only keeping track of news that doesn’t seem to be connected to the scare event — whatever that really ends up being. And I’m trying to focus on either things that stand out as interesting or worth watching.

SGAnon will have a new file sometime this evening on rumble, so watch for that. Meanwhile, he had a ton of interesting posts on Truth Social yesterday, but I have trouble posting anything from Truth Social here to the blog, so here is his direct link.

His gives some updates on what’s happening re: those explosions under the FBI building — it lines up with what Phil told us in his live the other night. (Getting rid of the trafficking tunnels/underground city.)


An excerpt from Restored Republic (6 mins):




UK & Australia —Banks Hit By Massive Outage After Central Bank Loses Record Amount Of Cash… (11 mins):

And posted by Santa Surfing on Phil’s channel:

WOAH…this announcement was today 10/12/2022!

Bank of England (BOE) Announcement!!!
They told pension fund managers they have 3 days to finish rebalancing their positions by Friday when the British Central Bank is due to end its emergency support for the country’s fragile bond market!!!



Also from Phil:

And just FYI, Phil is not planning to go live again until Monday.


From Tony Lin —

Unexplained Cancer Clusters After 2021 – Doctors Baffled (14 mins):

[Update] Congressman’s Teenage Daughter Mysterious Death Disclosed (2 mins):


From GEORGE News early this morning:

“⚡️France has 2,500 gas stations without fuel, and almost 2,000 gas stations with a partial shortage!”


From Derek Johnson:

“Gitmo Plane has been veryyy busy ☠️🇺🇸”

(Remember that Phil said literally thousands of wanted individuals had been hiding in those tunnels under the FBI, etc., escaping arrest, but that the current explosions were forcing them out from hiding — could account for all this massive traffic to Gitmo…?)


From Chris Sky:

“What happens when Remeece asks Chris Sky to work in a music studio with just hours notice and absolutely no pre planning? It goes so well they asked us to make a MUSIC VIDEO even though I was literally in my PJs never intending to be on camera. Lol who knew my voice was so catchy? 😀 let me enter your brrrraaaaiiiiinnnns. You will NOT TAKE THE VAX (or any other shit!) We already know to #justsayno … now you know what to say when they even TRY to talk… “SHUT UP” ! My man Remeece featuring Chris Sky”


And that’s it for now, gang. Trump has been very active on Truth Social but that, in my opinion, is optics. (The latest, of course, is that the Unselect Committee is finally getting around to subpeonaing (spell?) him re: Jan. 6th… and also that Durham is exposing the FBI’s $1 million bounty on Trump.)

Other than that, I guess we just have to stay alert and buckle up.

In other news….

Tonight, Nick Cave is in Cheltenham at the Literature Festival!

And that is it!

Thanks for visiting, gang.

I love you guys. See ya!

Breakfast-listening music! If you click it, you can play it directly on YouTube! CSN&Y “Ohio”.

One More!!

Thanks for listening to these old tracks, you guys. I really appreciate it!

Here is another one that I can’t believe! It is the original demo of “Try It Real Slow” that I did with my first band back in 1984!! 2 guys from Argentina (a drummer and a guitarist) and a bass player from the East Village. I had forgotten how much I loved this version, because I eventually turned it into a more “country” song.

Anyway. Here it is! (I really love this gadget (Dansrue cassette to MP3 converter). I am able to listen to demos that I haven’t heard in decades, and it turns them into MP3s on my desktop.

Try It Real Slow (1984)
Try It Real Slow

Driving in the dead of night
Coasting through a traffic light
Aiming for a back road
Where we could park it for the night
Thinking we would make it sober and
Try it real slow.

There’s music on the radio
Screaming bunch of white boys
Churning out the Black soul
But turning it to white noise
Well, we could learn to make it sober by
Trying real slow.

Any disappointed stranger will tell you
Love is just a ball & chain
Oh but baby you’re the kind of man
That I like to talk to

You can play the wine & dine
Pick yourself a pretty wife
Gather all that you can hold
But drag it round your whole life
Or you could learn to make it sober by
Trying real slow


I turned it over, round and round
Chasing it the hard way
Until my dreams were just a white line
Sailing down the Interstate;
Well, love was gonna shake me sober
But I didn’t let it grow.

Any disappointed stranger will tell you
Love is just a ball & chain
Oh but baby you’re the kind of man
That I like to talk to

Oh, but you and me will be all right
By letting every yesterday
Go fading with the taillights
Sailing down the highway
And we can learn to make it sober
By trying real slow.

Yeah, we can learn to make it sober
By trying real slow

© 1984 Marilyn Jaye Lewis
First of May Songs, BMI


Wayne, my ex-husbnad in NYC, had requested that I send him MP3 versions of a couple of my songs that I wrote a million years ago, when I was a singer/songerwriter.

I transferred them from analogue to MP3, and they are just demos (from a long time ago), so the sound quality is not great. But here they are!!

(The first two take a few seconds to start)

Deep into Frost 1988
Handful of Pills 1992
Such A Thing As Fire 1992
Deep Into Frost

Here is a sound that I know
That cry in the fire is the rose
She tore off her petals and flew
At the blaze that would
Rage at her…

Here is a silence I know
It is frost creeping deep into snow
It clung to her petals like fears
That did quietly keep at her
Haunt her and lead us
To tears

His is the face we might turn to
To gather us in from this darkness
Hers was a garden of silence
Whose blooms turned to ashes
Petals to dust
A rose shaken deep into frost

Now, here is a sound I have heard
An echo of joy undisturbed
In the shadow of peace that abides
By the light that will
Linger here…

Here is a silence we know
It is frost creeping deep into snow
The rose tangled deep in her thorns
Ceases to weep
And surrenders to sleep evermore

His is the face we might turn to
To gather us in from this darkness
Hers was a garden of silence
Whose blooms turned to ashes
Petals to dust
A rose shaken deep into frost

© – 1988 Marilyn Jaye Lewis
First of May Songs BMI
Handful of Pills

It took an ounce of passion, a fifth of rage
To get that lonely mansion in that holy place
But when the thrill is gone
Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing
‘Cause a handful of pills is gonna keep you king.

You can wail all night
Yes, you can weep and pray
For the fool you’ve been
And ease your blues away
And you can try to stand tall
But who needs them things?
When just a handful of pills 
Is gonna keep you king.

Hey, you could try it, maybe you could go
To some shotgun shack outside Tupelo
But it’s more than this, not just suffering
That sets the girls on fire
And makes a poor boy king.

You can wail all night
Yes, you can weep and pray
For the fool you’ve been
And ease your blues away
And you can try to stand tall
But who needs them things?
When just a handful of pills 
Is gonna keep you king.

It takes a river of passion and a fifth of grace
To raise a mansion of dreams from a field of pain
But now it’s dust to dust, and just one of those things
‘Cause now a handful of pills is gonna keep you king.

Just a handful of pills is gonna keep you king
Yeah, a handful of pills is gonna keep you king
A handful of pills
Is gonna keep you king
Yeah, a handful of pills
Is gonna keep you king.

© 1992 Marilyn Jaye Lewis 
First of May Songs BMI

If the world were just beginning and the stars could not yet shine
And the sun was just a baby in a black and brooding sky
If everything about the Earth was starting over new
And the world was dark and empty, man, just me alone with you
Well, I could hold you to me with no words for my desire
Yet I’d know without a doubt that there was such a thing as fire.

Fire, such a thing as fire
Fire, such a thing as fire

I could wander through this world and give everything a name
Rustle up a jungle and then wash it down with rain
I could make the mountains rise and then I’d toss around the sea
Until every sound on Earth was saying: You were meant for me
Then I’d send the wildest wind to serenade you like a choir
And you’d know without a doubt that there was such a thing as fire.


When all the world has ended and the sun’s cold as the moon
And nothing but the sound of darkness slips across your room
Baby, will you think of me and remember our desire?
And how our hearts could burn when there was such a thing as fire?


© 1992 Marilyn Jaye Lewis
First of May Songs BMI
Big hair!! 1985