Still Waiting!!

Well, our little visitor has not come (yet). (See post about George from Saturday.)

Apparently the mom is trying to convince the dad that he does want a cat in the house! We’re gonna see how that goes. So, depending on whether or not the dad suddenly realizes that he loves cats, George may or may not be coming to live with us!

We shall see!

Meanwhile, Christmas is getting ever closer. And what an intensely strange Christmas it is, gang. But overall, I’m happy.

Yesterday (I guess after reading my blog) the Pr*s*d*nt tw ** t*d that martial law is fake news. (But, I mean, why would he confirm something like that??) (Okay, I won’t add to the martial law rumor mill…)

He also tw ** t*d that we’re also supposed to go to DC on January 6th. And he added that it will be ‘wild.’ YES — he used quotes.  (He might have even capitalized it, I can’t remember right now.)

Why the quote marks? What the heck?? And that’s the “choosing of the el*ctor*l votes” day in C*n gr*ss. Even if I could afford enough gasoline to get to DC and back, or even afford a motel room at this point (gone are those heady not-so-long-ago days when I could jump into the Honda and drive to NYC, or even hop on a plane and fly out to LA. Or to London or Paris, for that matter.). Anyway. I can’t afford to go to DC right now. But even if I could — DC is truly just a hot bed of Ant*f* violence. It seems to be that January 6th will be off-the-charts insane in DC. So I’m just gonna watch it online.

However, that said. the Pr*s*d*nt wants you to go to DC on January 6th. Because it will be ‘wild.’

Okay. Well.

I watched a jaw-dropping interview online yesterday afternoon with Attorney L*n W**d. (On NTD.) (If I’m not mistaken, NTD owns the Ep*ch Times.) It was an intense interview. At an “undisclosed” location. It was basically a Q& A with W**d and his answers were unbelievably candid.

One of the things he advised for all of us was civil disobedience. He told us to stop wearing m*sks. To open up our businesses again. To defy these insane l*ck d*wns. To stand up for our rights to free speech, and to assemble (and to bear arms).

Places — even entire towns– in America are starting to do just that — civil disobedience. My favorite headline yesterday was over at the Post Millennial.

    • NY Restaurants Ban Governor C*omo: “He can eat at some sh*tty restaurant outside of Albany”
    • Struggling restaurants in New York City have banded together to enact a ban against New York G*v. An dr*w C* omo from dining at their premises following his coronavirus lockdown measures in the city.

      “He can eat at some sh*tty roadside diner outside of Albany but he will not be served anywhere in NY City, known universally as the world’s greatest dining destination! If he has to use the restroom he can go pee on my street-corner,” said bar owner Larry B**rd, reported the Coney Island Blog.

    • Numerous members of the F B group “NYC Restaurants Open,” which is mainly made up of restaurant and bar owners, have come out in support of a lifetime order banning C* omo from being served at all New York City establishments.

      “Completely schizophrenic behavior! How are they coming up with these rules is beyond any logical reasoning,” […]

[full article is here]

I also liked this (unrelated) article from The Bl*ze:

    • The word “Latinx,” which is nearly a “term used exclusively within the United States,” has been rejected by the vast majority of actual Latinos. A 2019 poll found that a whopping 98% of Latinos do not identify with the Latinx term. Of those surveyed, 44% preferred to be called “Hispanic,” followed by 24% who would like to be classified as “Latino/Latina.”

      A 2020 Pew Research survey found that only 23% of Hispanics had even heard of the term “Latinx,” and a minuscule 3% said they used the word to describe themselves. […]

[full article here]

And in another vein:

    • Fl*nn: Foreign Intelligence Agencies Were Monitoring U S El* ct *on, Willing to Provide Information to Tr**p

    • “We have evidence now of foreign countries […] were watching the attacks on our election system, our election process, on the 3rd of November,” Fl * nn told F *x Business on Friday. “So we now have that evidence and we received that today,” he said.

[full article here –includes link to video interview]

So, you’ll recall that I posted weeks ago, that the Pr *s *dent of Brazil was aware of the extensive  el*ct *on fr* ud here in the U S. Other countries are coming forward now, too — with intelligence reports.

This means that foreign countries are better informed about what’s going on here in the U S than approximately 50% of our own country.  (But rest assured, that information divide is being done on purpose, folks.)

(A quick FYI — if you leave comments for me re: politics, I do reply, but the comments/replies only stay visible for about 20 minutes and then are deleted.)

Okay, well. There was just a ton of news-related stuff yesterday, gang. I cannot possibly post it all here. Things are getting decidedly intense here in the U S. I’ve posted just a small handful of things below. But always remember you can check online news sources throughout the day: B*n g* n* R* port, and the Ep*ch Times update constantly.

Thanks for visiting, gang. Happy Winter Solstice!! And have a great Monday. Don’t forget that tonight is the night that Jupiter and Saturn have that conjunction. I think you look at the southwest area of the sky (in the U S, anyway).  Okay, I love you guys.

Watch this 1-minute video below before they block it. It is so true. You will love it!

The last 15 minutes of the video below includes an educational video about everything you’re not being shown on mainstream media and how it is splitting the country in half:

My favorite quick update on daily politics and military:

Steve C* rt*s spoke with Host, Eric Gr** tens, on “Actionable Intelligence” stating why a special prosecutor needs to be appointed to investigate B* d en ‘s ties to C h* n *.

Wow, Lolita! Go, Baby, Go!!

You might wish to listen first to the song below — “Lolita Ya-Ya” by The Ventures.. It only takes 2 minutes and  it will set the lovely pace for today’s abominable post.

I will go grab another cup of coffee while you listen…

Okay, gang.

Here it is, Sunday morning, and I’ve of course been awake since 3:30am, gathering all the disturbing worldwide news so that you don’t have to!

The mere fact that there is so much disturbing worldwide news on a Sunday morning is both a bad and a good sign: Bad, meaning, well, there’s a fucking truck-load of bad news and who likes that? And good, because it seems we are lurching ever closer to some sort of arrests and decisive military action or martial law.

Upon opening my eyes this morning, my very first thought was of Nick Cave and which suit he might be wearingwait, no— my very first thought was of the UK and that horrible situation over there because it was the last thing I read about before drifting off to sleep last night.

Yet another useless l*ck d* wn to try to control people. (There was a protest in London yesterday and 29 were arrested.)

I told you they were going to try to double-down, gang. The fake p* n d* m*c was rapidly losing steam and so they were going to have to create yet another mysterious threat to try to scare the fuck out of everybody and try to keep them controlled and muzzled, and since that indescribably weird declaration that getting a vaccine meant you’d still need to wear a m*sk for 8 or 9 more months, or two more years (I think that’s how long the N*w W*rld Or d*r needs to completely crash the worldwide economy, but don’t quote me on that, what do I know?). Since that fucked-up m* sk declaration just plain sounded ludicrous, they’ve struck on the next best thing they could think of in a pinch.

Yes, a new strain of the fake p* n d* m*c that spreads much more rapidly.

Try not to trip over all those dead bodies in the streets as you rush home to the safety of your muzzled isolation. Happy Christmas!

Give me a fucking break. Jesus.

And what even makes me angrier is that, when I had the virus back in the early Spring, I had serious trouble getting my breathing back to normal even when everything else in my body was feeling fine again. And it was those medical reports from the UK, which stated that large doses of Vitamin D3 seemed to be what was helping people to completely kick the virus, that turned everything around for me.

I immediately started taking daily large doses of Vitamin D3 (that I bought at the Dollar Store) and sure enough, within one week, I was completely over the breathing issues.

The UK told me that! And it worked!!

And then, as the weeks unfolded and it became clear that D3 was playing a massive role in helping people get better and/or not even get sick at all, the UK declared that come autumn, people should seriously up their levels of D3, especially those older folks and people with compromised immune systems.

So what made the UK decide to tell people, instead, to go back into full l* ck d*wn and wear the m* sks that research shows are basically useless, if not in fact harmful?

Read this article here. (The article includes charts & graphs from the C D C that you are going to want to look at.) And perhaps even make special note of this (yet again):

    • […]an analysis by a J* hns H* pk*ns student of the total number of deaths by age bracket over the past year shows no spikes in any age group.
    • […] please explain how the human race survived all these millennia without buying or making face m* sks and barking at people who invade their 6-foot bubble. I’m not sure which is the bigger scam—the media telling us J* e B* den is Pr*s*d *nt-El*ct when he hasn’t achieved 270 el* ct* ral votes, or the medical industrial complex and its government bulldogs insisting we need a vaccine and that m* sks actually prevent viral transfer. A meta-analysis shows m* sks are statistically insignificant for viral transfer, and according to a 2015 study (prior to m* sks being a tool to leverage political power), m* sks were found to increase the likelihood of infections […]
    • […] What if I told you that studies show patients with adequate levels of Vitamin D are less likely to contract the infection? And, what if I told you those same studies show that if a person does contract the infection but he/she has adequate levels of Vitamin D, that person is less likely to have severe symptoms? And that adequate levels of Vitamin D also reduce the likelihood of death? […]
    • And what if I told you we have proof that Dr. An th* ny F* uci takes Vitamin D daily? And that he takes a lot of it? [6,000 I.U.s]

[full article is here. Read it. And also re-watch some of the videos posted below.]


The other news is even worse. You’ve probably already been reading about it, watching it, hearing it.

Remember what I posted the other day, about the suspicious death of G A gov.’s daughter’s boyfriend in an exploding car crash? And how the man investigating the suspicious death suddenly “committed suicide”?

Well, Attorney L* n W** d who is trying to get justice in G A, began a series of extremely alarming  tw ** ts yesterday, saying that he wanted to go on record that he was “not suicidal” and that he had security guards at all times (guard dogs, I think), and that many third parties had copies of what he says proves that U S S* pr*m * Court J*dge R* berts is compromised (and being black mailed) and needs to step down.

And confidential flight records were tw ** t*d out, showing that a certain R*b*rts took many flights on the Lolita Express to Ped * phile Island.

Meaning, gang: a.) sex with underage girls on the late Ep st **n’s pleasure island; and b.) now — complete obstruction of justice re: v*t* fr*ud at the highest level of the U S court.

You just connect the dots yourselves, okay?

And here’s another interesting article from Friday 12/18/20:

    • […] what if m* sks actually create more problems than they solve? That’s a question pondered in four peer-reviewed research papers published in the journal Primary Doctor.
    • In their last installment, researchers concluded that due to the extensive risk to m* sk wearers documented in these papers, “we urgently recommend that no adult or child be coerced to wear a m* sk under any circumstances.”
    • In a world in which people consider a m* sk a life-or-death issue, such a statement seems dangerous, blasphemous, and anti-science.
    • But according to co-author of the papers on the problems associated with m*sks, Dr. C* ll **n H* ber, forcing everyone to m* sk up doesn’t make sense.
    • “Respiratory droplets have been really exaggerated recently by those who advocate m* sks. As if we were spitting all over everything all the time,” H* ber said. “It suggests we’ve been lethal to human success of the species. However, for 99.999 percent of our existence on earth, we’ve been a relatively successful species from an evolutionary perspective.”
    • H* ber says there’s a concerted effort to censor any negative information about m* sks, even if the details might be important to public health.
    • “Those blue m*sks available at the grocery store, they’re sterilized with ethylene oxide, which is a known carcinogen. And they are made with PFOA in their fibers which is a known lung cancer risk,” Huber said. “I retweeted this on tw * tt *r and I was kicked off for seven days.”
    • Before this report went to print, H* ber was removed from tw * tt *r permanently.

[full article here]

If you think this isn’t a worldwide, concerted effort to control and to silence ALL OF US, you’re still sleeping in the farthest corner of your remote cave and there’s nothing more I can do for you.

Okay, gang. I’m gonna get my Sunday underway here. I’m hoping I will hear soon that George is indeed coming to live with us!! (See yesterday’s post.) I want to get things ready.

I suggest listening to the two videos below.  One from Friday, and one from last night. And see if you think military actions are indeed coming our way…

From Friday 12-18-20:

From last night:

Watch this again!! Especially readers in the UK. It is truly horrific:

And watch this again!! No p* n d* m*c, plus massive v* t*r fr* ud and how it was all accomplished:

And once again!!! And now for UK readers specifically. Crimes Against Humanity. Fake p* nd * m*c.

And again!!! And now for UK readers specifically. Crimes Against Humanity. Fake p* nd * m*c.

From yesterday. You can actually feel the military getting ready, can’t you? hash t*g we are the st * rm


At Long Last, A Visitor is Coming!!

Well, we shall see, gang. But tomorrow evening (Sunday),  a young guy named George is supposed to be coming to live with us!!

This is not a photo of George, but it gives you a hint of what George looks like:

Photo Of Black And Brown Cat Paw Picture. Image: 109920170

George is a rescued house cat, who was abused and abandoned and neglected, and has one bad eye and lots of anxiety, but we’re hoping to give him a loving home. The young girl who was sweet enough to rescue him and take him to a vet and get him fixed up, has a dad who doesn’t want cats in the house.

And since I am a person who doesn’t want a house without cats, George might be a good fit. We’re going to find out.

Sadly, George doesn’t have a job (I don’t think he even has any marketable skills) so he won’t be contributing to the household financially, but he has a reputation for being very loving when he is feeling safe. So that’s good enough for us, and we will simply try to make the food go far enough to feed one more tiny little mouth.


There was a cool article in Interview Magazine, about Nick Cave and his recently launched, somewhat controversial Cave Things.

Yesterday, I got the groceries in town and tried to get enough to last me until the week after Christmas, so that hopefully, I won’t have to deal with the craziness of the grocery store at Christmastime (it was already crazy enough there yesterday). And of course, the moment I got back from town, I realized I’d forgotten to buy one thing that I hadn’t added on to my shopping list because I’d thought to myself as I was heading out the door: No way am I gonna forget to buy that! But, in fact, I did forget to buy it. But here’s hoping I can just fucking deal with it. I’m not going to drive another 50 miles just to get one stupid thing… Lordy!

It’s going to be a quiet Christmas, since my birth mom won’t be here this year. But we’ll have George! I’m sure it will be very cozy, merry, and nice.


Things seem to be going in two equal directions in this fair land of ours: The extreme v*t* fr*ud will either be handled legally, in the U S S*pr*me Court, or by some sort of martial law stemming from the E O on or after Christmas Eve.

I, personally, am feeling it’s gonna go in the direction of the military in some way. Perhaps not all-out martial law. But we shall see.

If you’re following the actual news, and not the Disinformation Station, you are no doubt noticing that the amount of jaw-dropping leaks happening now just keep on multiplying and multiplying. You must listen to D*n B*n g* n*’s show from yesterday, below. Do not miss it. Finally — the truth is not only “leaking” out, it is a fucking tidal wave… It is really just kind of unbelievable. You must listen to it.

All righty. I’m gonna let you listen to last night’s round up, without going on & on about it here on the blog this morning. I’m leaving you with my drinking-my-coffee-in-the-dark-while-lying-in-bed music from this morning!! Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, “Are You the One that I’ve Been Waiting For?” from The Boatman’s Call (1997). Enjoy! And thanks for visiting, gang. I love you guys. See ya!

This will make you sick but you’ve gotta listen to it, gang:

My new favorite way to quickly catch up on the day’s events before the night begins:

Don’t miss this one, either, folks! The shorter X* 2 R* p*rt:  “The Governors and Mayors are now trapped, they were expecting a bailout if they followed instructions in keeping their cities and towns locked down, and now they are struggling….”  (This would feel good if it weren’t for all those poor people whose lives they have crushed.)

Always eye-opening! This is how I end every evening now:

Could it Get More Unmanageable??

Jumping Jiminy, gang!

First of all, for some weird, inexplicable reason, I keep thinking that yesterday was Sunday and so today must be Monday, right? The start of another overwhelming week of politics and c*up d’*tats and fake p*nd*m*cs…

But every time I realize that, no, it’s actually Friday, I feel like everything should just calm right down and be okay. Because there’s just something about the idea of Friday that always feels like: here comes the calm after the storm.

And yet…

What the fuck is going on with the cyber s* curity br ** ch? It sounds like all-out war and yet the only people who are sending out seriously alarming alarms about it are the folks at Fox News.

But supposedly, S* l* r W*nds’ back door had the most complicated password known to man: S * l *r W *n ds 123. WTF was up with that? Obviously, everybody knew…

There are the military podcasts saying that this br ** ch is the worst thing that has ever happened between the US and R * s s **

But then the q podcasts are cheerfully saying, sit tight P* tr *ots, this is just the calm before the st* rm…

Which makes me then wonder, is this another one of those keenly timed national security leaks? Because it sure does make B* den and O b *m * look really bad… For instance, trait *rs, tre * son, or at the very least inexplicable ineptitude.

But it makes me feel like I really am going to go down with this ship. Knock out my electricity and my house will freeze up and explode in some sort of ice geyser… There is no way I can possibly afford a generator right now. The fake p* n d*m *c wiped me out.

And then the outages online continue. First it was Y* u t* b* and g ** gl*, then g m a i l twice, then a big chunk of the back end of word p r e s s. All in less than a week.

And then I got contacted online, twice on the phone, and one text — all by one fake company, all within a matter of moments yesterday. As near as I could tell, they were out of H* ng K * ng, a money laundering scheme. I didn’t reply or answer the phone, but that’s as near as I could glean from a cursory search on a vpn.

And all this while the back end of  my blog was down. And so I thought: Oh crap. How quickly they pinpoint you, right? Is all this because  of what I posted about J*mm * L* i?

It is so easy to get super paranoid…

Then the staffer leak about US S*pr *me Court J* dge R* berts perhaps being a victim of blackmail and so that is why he’s screaming and fucking everything up…

Then the news that the man who was somehow involved in reporting the suspicious death (or somehow involved in the recent suspicious death) of Gov. K * mp’s daughter’s boyfriend — that guy just “committed suicide.”

Suspicious death.  Then suspicious suicide. And K* mp did that 180 in G A on a vote audit in the space of about 24 hours after his daughter’s boyfriend’s suspicious car crash…

Plus, I’d forgotten to post here that there is reason to believe that all these Judges in the lower courts are throwing out the legal cases not because the Judges are corrupt, but because their lives and the lives of their families are being threatened.

So that’s pretty horrible.

Okay, so anyway.  I’ve just been alerted that s* cial m* dia is now going wonky again (Instagram this time). Let me post this in case everything goes out.

I will let you try to sort out all the politics from yesterday.  I love you guys. See ya.

A great way to get a quick update on military and daily politics each night:

The usual awesomeness:

The usual jaw dropping stuff:

Reasons to hope:


It has arrived. An actual snow storm that accumulated quite a big bit!!

It was so lovely here last night and first thing this morning, before the sun was even up.

Here is a wistful comparison.

The hydrangeas at the height of summer, and how the bush looked this morning!

It’s sometimes hard to believe it’s the same plant. But it always comes back…

Okay, gang.

Yesterday was quite a big news day. Much of it kind of depressing, as more and more information comes to light.

More and more ironically-timed “leaks.” All of it is below.

One of the more promising things is that all those swing States that were unbelievably loaded with v* t*r fr* ud have now certified their fraudulent  b* ll ots and are now officially on record as being part of the c * up.

I wouldn’t want to be any one of them for anything in the world.

And Z * ck *r b*rg? What do you suppose the inside of his stomach looks like right now? $500 million and documents to prove he was influencing the el * ct* on in worse ways than initially surmised…

Funny how, now, all of the sudden, t w * tt *r is reversing their recent c*n c* r ship decisions… A little late. (I get the distinct impression that a heck of a lot of people are going to prison.)

And on Christmas Eve, no less. (upcoming E O)

Of course, I could be wrong about that. But everything is just getting crazier and crazier — Bill B* rr is not “resigning” but “stepping down” on Christmas Eve to spend Christmas with his family??  Being replaced by prosecutors with military experience and experience with the death penalty??

Nothing says “Merry Christmas” quite like that, gang. WTF, right??!!

And speaking of Orwell’s 1984 (I wasn’t speaking of it just then, but in a sense, I am always speaking of it nowadays): how about that certain Lincoln High School in San Francisco, trying to get renamed because Abraham Lincoln didn’t do enough for the lives of black people…

Holy fucking McMoly.  (Hopefully, you already have a ring in your nose because it’s gonna be so  much easier for them to lead you around by it.)

Remember what the main guy in 1984 does for a living?? He constantly rewrites history so that no one ever knows what really happened in the past…

If you think it’s annoying that I keep telling you to either read or re-read 1984, this is why, gang. It is all happening right in front of our very eyes.

But we still have time to douse everyone in gasoline and set them on fire, burn baby burn!!oops! I meant to say: we still have time to change all this!

Why the Bronx burned


That’s what I did, indeed, mean to say.

All right. Well, so far it’s a peaceful morning here in the Hinterlands (where 99.9% of the people don’t wear m* sks, do carry guns and voted for Tr** p). Snow everywhere here. The laundry is almost done. And I’m getting ready to make another pot of soup!! Yay!! Perfect weather for that. And then I will do a little bit of writing. So it should be a nice day, all things considered.

Please, people. If you live in Airstrip One (NYC), do not give in. If you choose to take the vaccine, there is no way that it takes 8 or 9 months to be truly effective; and that you still have to wear a mask and/or stay at home.  Turn off the fucking mainstream news. Stop buying the NY Times. They truly are the pathway to Orwell’s Big Brother. They are purposely trying to break your spirit, and to bankrupt you, and to dis-inform you.

Hospitals across the US are nowhere near full capacity.  There are no infected dead bodies piling up in the streets. There is no p* nd* m*c. There are only m* sks to muzzle us and l* ckd* wns to keep us from freely comparing notes about all of it with our friends and families.

But remember this all-important fact:

    • New York’s indoor dining ban isn’t stopping Gov. Andr *w Cu* mo from filling a campaign war chest or celebrating his birthday in style. [article here]
    • Cuomo is celebrating his 63rd birthday after an order forcing New York City restaurants to close for in-person dining: High rollers who raise or donate $10,000 will get a code to join a half-hour pre-party Dec. 17, along with “flex tickets” that friends can use to join the main reception later on. [full article and video]

AND, of course, THIS:

Okay, folks. It’s all true. It’s all horrific. It all has to stop.

Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a good Thursday, if at all possible. I love you guys, see ya.

Guess who else is in bed with you-know-who??

Vintage snack: 1950s lace sleeves and lots of sass (With images) | Vintage wedding photos, Vintage wedding, Wedding gowns vintage

The leaks just keep on leaking, gang!

When it comes to Mitch McConnell, we should hope for the best — but be prepared for the worst | MinnPost

“Disneyland in Sh* ng h ai” + “Concentration Camps in Ch* n*” = a no-brainer great move for fun-loving America!! How do these fucking people sleep at night? Watch this one, gang. You will not believe it.

Awesome stuff happened yesterday, gang. A brief recap:

This will make you absolutely sick. But still watch it anyway:

Holy McMoly. It’s always worse than we expected:

Watch this again and ask yourselves: How are these people managing to not be in prison?? I mean, for real.

Reasons to Celebrate!!

Don’t quote me yet, but it looks like Nick Cave and Warren Ellis (and presumably the other Bad Seeds) might have a Grinderman 3 album in the works right now!!!

Yes, even as I type!!

Grinderman, aka testosterone on speedballs, (well, okay, they’re only known as that by me, but still…) have made some truly awesome songs. So I am seriously excited by the prospects of round 3.


I will keep you posted, or you can keep me posted, as the case may be!!

Nick Cave Hints at New Grinderman Album to Complete the "Trilogy" | Consequence of Sound

Also, Cave Things announced this morning that pre-ordering for those cool Dread Tiles is now available. £20 plus shipping (each).

Here’s one!

Load image into Gallery viewer, THE DREAD TILES: STEP INTO THE VORTEX

I am getting a really late start here this morning, because I am in the process of transferring all my g mails to the new secure server and it turns out that it is not exactly an intuitive process. But it is now occurring.

In case you weren’t aware, g m a i l had yet another suspicious outage during the night! This makes 2, not counting the outage of Y* u t* b* and g* * gl* from Sunday night. So I am just getting worried, gang. And wanted all my old emails to be safe.

The outages could be a trial-run for the upcoming social m* d*a blackout (anticipated, at least). Or it could be white h*t h* ckers hacking their way in, but either way, best to just move to a safer corner of the online galaxy until the c* up has c o u p ‘ed itself out…

All righty. Since my morning is just about gone here (!!), I must scoot. I hope you have a good Wednesday, wherever you are in the world. Don’t forget the solar storm is supposed to begin today!! If you start getting wonky satellite reception and/or weirdly-acting electronics, keep it in mind. (And if night suddenly falls on the Earth for 6 days, it’s not the Devil — the solar storm is why…)

Okay. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

This one requires a strong stomach, gang. (I may never go back to LA)

Curious Network Outages and Bill B*rr is Resigning:

The Eagle Has Landed! Don’t miss this one, gang!! It is a must!!

Curiouser and curiouser… The President de-regulates just about everything!

Sobering, as always!

Fore-Warned is Fore-Armed!!

All righty, gang.

Wow. Yesterday had almost too much news. But a lot of it — assuming you’re getting the actual news — was very promising indeed.

WI, MI, AZ all had very, very interesting v*t* fr*ud -related news.

A really great, brief and succinct overview is here:

And other things are also brewing…

First off, I want to mention 2 important things that are celestially- based!

On the 21st, Saturn and Jupiter are supposed to align for the first time in something like 2000 years. Well, a really long time. People say this will create a truly magnificent bright “star” in the sky.  Other people are saying that this occurrence could be what the 3 Wise Men saw when Jesus was born. (Although, whether or not you believe anyone at all, besides Jesus’ family, knew he was being born when he was born, and/or whether or not you adhere to Jesus’ traditional birth date (in January), or you believe that Christmas Day was his birth date — whichever scenarios you believe could, of course, influence what you believe about stars and Wise Men, etc., today!)

Anyway. It is supposedly going to be quite a breathtaking sight, with or without frankincense, myrrh, barns, and babies.

However, seeing it might hinge on how much dust is in the sky that night…

Most of you probably know that from December 16th through December 21st, we are supposed to be having very intense solar storms. I believe NASA describes them as hurricane-strength storms, up there in outer space. Causing all sorts of debris and dust to block out most of the sun. Maybe even blocking as much as 90% of it — making it feel almost dark outside for 6 days.

I heard one report that said NASA is suggesting you have enough food and water at home, in case it is hazardous to go out. But I have no clue if that is factual or not. It could just be one of those “better safe than sorry” things.  They are also saying it could effect our electronics, our satellite reception, and all that.

Which is where it gets really interesting.

You’ll want to listen to the (longer) X*2 R* p*rt from last night, because he goes into detail about how the D** p St* te could use the solar storms as a way to pretend that all banking systems are down and compromised in some way, and use that as their new excuse for the great r*set, since the fake p* d* m*c is losing steam all over the world.

They need a new crisis in order to tank the economy. You’ll want to listen to how he explains it. It will be really interesting if we do indeed start hearing that the “banks went down”…

The other truly interesting thing is that the report for the E O from 9 1 2 1 8, is due Friday — while the solar storms will be allegedly underway.  A good time for that full-on social m* dia blackout, don’t you think??? The E O report. Solar storms.

However, also in last night’s X*2 R* p*rt, he believes the E O report has already been turned in and that this is why we are getting so many extremely interesting (or alarming — it depends on your take on all this) leaks about security problems, with full-color photos of who’s involved.  Just to name a few:

    • H* nt*r B* den ‘s huge problem with that laptop
    • emails where he specifically talks about his dad being in on all of it
    • the ever popular F*ng F*ng
    • then the awesome database leak detailing just how many C * P agents have infiltrated big business and governments around the world — especially here in the U S
    • the data breach of S* l* r w*nds software and everything that the US Rangers uncovered in Austin T X

These are just from the past couple of days, gang. And each of them, on their own, is huge. All of them together — wow.

Anyway. I guess — don’t be surprised if truly astonishing shit starts hitting the fan between, like, right now, and Christmas Eve (the next E O goes into effect 1 2 2 4 2 0).

Okay, on another one of my favorite topics.

The vaccine is now available in the U S. Whether or not you want to take it is up to you. But the fear – factor of the fake p* d* m*c can now subside. No reason to fear. With or without a vaccine, the CDC clearly states that the average person has a 99.97% survival rate. And there are cures for the virus. Problem solved. In record time, p*n d*m*c-wise.

Oh wait — how come the Mayor of Airstrip One is now calling for stricter l*ck d*wns?? How come Bill G*tes thinks we’ll be in l*ck d*wn through 2022???!!

Vaccine. Cure. Astoundingly high survival rate… Equals stricter L*ck dwns?

Remember Orwell’s math equation from 1984, folks: 2 + 2 = 5

And doooooon’t you forget it!!!!

And if you heard the report on the breakdown of the CDC stats on the U S death toll over the last 5 years, you will have already noted that in 2020, we actually had somewhat fewer deaths in the U S  than in the previous 4 years…

Overall, approximately 2,800,000 people die in the U S every year, from all sorts of things. And 2020 was no different, and in fact, it was a little less. (This is based on public CDC stats.) (I can’t help but wonder where it was, exactly, that the virus was killing people in record numbers…)

(What’s truly enraging are those numbers out of Italy, gang. Where they now estimate that something like 164 people under age 40, who had no other medical complications, died strictly from C* VID, with no co-morbidities (I’m estimating that number, gang, but it was really minuscule, although it was certainly still sad for the families of those people who died). Anyway. They fucking put Italy through hell for that. And then started more l* ckd*wn nonsense in the fall.)

Okay. Well, in case you didn’t know, you can always visit The B*n g* n * R* p*rt for updated news, all day long. Also, The Ep * ch Times. (But to get the full news there, you have to pay something like $1.)

I bring those sites up because, since word press is owned by g** gl*, it could likely go down in the blackout. And so my blog will disappear…

Meanwhile, on we go… Thanks for visiting, gang. Have a terrific Tuesday, wherever you are in the world. I love you guys, see ya.

Breakfast-listening music from this morning!!!!

Do not miss this one!! I am so serious!!

Gold is pushing back up. Great re-s e t is falling apart…

More about the solar storm, hacking, and the upcoming  attempts to provoke worldwide panic.

More astounding c*n s*r ship from the mainstream media:

Excellent details about what the heck happened here in the U S yesterday!!!! It was kind of an exhausting news day, gang.

Because I won’t stop sharing this!! Here it is again! Crimes Against Humanity C* VID lawsuits underway.

And this just because it was creepy and cool. A great song from my childhood!! “In the Year 2525” with German subtitles.

Our new Manchurian Candidate!


Thank Heaven for Sundays!

Since yesterday was Sunday, not a whole lot of news to post this morning.  Which is good because I gotta  be brief here today.

I’m of course assuming that you saw that awesome news from last evening, though — the (apparent) n s a database leak of Ch* n* s* infiltration worldwide.

Heads up: A str* Z* n* c* and Pf* z *r are on that list.

(Wow, really? That’s interesting!! A Ch * n* s * virus, followed by the enormous money to be made on, oops, I meant, the benevolent godsend of v* ccin es…)

Heads up: U S N*vy super carriers are apparently already stationed all along both the U S west and east coasts, also out by Hawaii, and it looks like off the coast of India, too.

Sit tight, gang.

And remember — to be better safe than sorry, look into getting a secure/encrypted email if you aren’t already on one. And as always, use d*ck duck go and/or a v p n.

That’s it for today, folks.  I think. Expect life to get intense this week.  Friday is D e c 1 8 th (deadline from E O 9 12 18). And the new E O re: Christmas Eve is too interesting to believe. (I’m staying the fuck home, I don’t know about you!!)

I leave you with my breakfast-listening music from this morning!! Ray Charles’ awesome “Hallelujah I Love Her So.” I hope you have a great Monday ahead of you. Thanks for visiting. I love you guys. See ya!!

Here it is  again, gang! Lest we fucking forget!!!! I told you I would not let up. There is no p*n d* m*c.

And here THIS is again!! There is no p*n d* m*c.

I found this video extremely interesting. It’s from a couple of days ago, regarding  current U S m* l* tary movement mentioned above.

The 2 videos below are new from last night.